Steve Hofmeyr writes letter to Julius Malema

 Cape Town, South Africa – For those that had enthusiasm for the World Cup it seems to be vanishing fast among the threats of Julius Malema and other government officials in this country.

Cape Town, South Africa – For those that had enthusiasm for the World Cup it seems to be vanishing fast among the threats of Julius Malema and other government officials in this country. The threat to kill all white people and the support behind the genocide against the farmers of South Africa becomes clear, white people are under threat in this country.

Steve Hofmeyer posted a letter to Malema on his blog, this is most probably how many South Africans feel right now.


Dear Julius

As of today I withdraw my former World Cup enthusiasm with active endorsements of all warnings to potential visitors until your leadership rebuke you as we see fit.

Tomorrow, after you’ve shot the Boere you will still be a pitiful black African living in denial of your own impotence parading as a fake achiever without contributing to the world a single original idea.

Yours is mere envy disguised as hatred as nothing you say, wear, drive and steal alas, even your idiocy, is a luxury born of this continent.

You must appeal to base sentiment as Africa has yet to yield a single intellectual, a single thought school, a single intellectual thought not inspired by the very West you and Mugabe detest.

You have been a phony from the day you set out to champion a defiance from a period you we not even born.

You are still consuming from that productive era living in the lap of luxury thanks to the taxes of the very people you want to shoot, the only tribe to sacrifice a third of its population to breath in the African air.

In history South Africans will choose to forget you when the only thing you should be remembered for is you share in the falling short of a brilliant idea: a working South Africa.

You are a black man. To be proud you must pander to white ideas: you must drive cars, live in expensive hotels, wear suits, be Christian, do unions, be Communist, wear wigs, speak English and play soccer.

Although I know better, you will enforce the stereotype of how Africans are globally viewed… with pity.

Steve Hofmeyr


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  1. Thanks Julius for doing a great job.

    You have done what no white political party could ever have done. You have managed to expose the true face of the African beast. You are too stupid to be a sly, lying two faced pawn in the game. Your ranting and raving have incited the masses and it has exposed the truth of what the MAJORITY of blacks feel toward whites. No white “racist” could ever achieved what you have,you gave even the most hardcore liberal idiots a wake up call,thanks so much.

    For those who still believe that reconciliation is possible,WTF is wrong with you!!!!!!!!!!!!

    We as whites will always be hated even if some blacks can pretend to not mind us,mainly because they need us to support them. I hope everybody that handed in their firearms sleep well, don’t worry the police will protect you……….NOT!!!!

    The reason why Apartheid was instated was because of this attitude of blacks. The only way whites could ever survive in Africa is by living in a segregated community where we can protect ourselves from these wild beasts.

    Wake up white man you are on the hit list.

    Segregation now!!!!!!

  2. “You cannot legislate the poor into freedom by legislating the wealthy out of freedom. What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving. The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else. When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they do not work for,that my dear friend, is about the end of any nation. You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it.”
    ~~~~ Dr. Adrian Rogers, 1931

  3. @WPWW

    “The reason why Apartheid was instated was because of this attitude of blacks. The only way whites could ever survive in Africa is by living in a segregated community where we can protect ourselves from these wild beasts.”

    I beg to differ with your reasoning. The real reason why Apartheid was initiated was because the Afrikaner goverment thought they were superior to the ‘natives’ who seemed incapable of anything complex. The Afrikaners wanted to break the spirit of the black people and drive a point across that they are the ‘masters’ to the ‘natives’. I suggest that you should consider taking some history lessons.

    Now, coming the issues caused by the rantings of Julius Malema; I will have to concur with every white person who feels hurt and unsafe, that JM is being idiotic. The benefits of being black and only a year younger than him, puts me in a position where I could understand his starting point: frustration caused by a festering gudge. Drive around South Africa and you will see the majority of the people living in poverty are the blacks who were systemetically driven to that point of desperation by the previous Afrikaner (“Boere”) government. I for one do not agree with JM on just about everything he stands for. I thank God that I don’t harbour any bad feelings towards the white community.

    I did not experience Apartheid first hand because my parents shielded me by ensuring that I should remain in the township – the only time I saw white people in person was when I went with my aunt to the suburbs where she worked as a housekeeper for a white family. I cherised those moments because as a child I was able to play with white kids, nevermind the language barrier – I guess my aunt must have been working some revolutionary white folks who didn’t have a problem with the blacks. Oh… I must add that I also joined the family for supper as well, an experience I still vividly recall, I thought it was somebody else’s birthday party because there was plenty of food on the table – contrary to our supper back in the townships.

    I am not ashamed to admit that I am a product of colonization. Today I speak better English that most Afrikaners who can’t, for the protection of their own language and culture. I have no intentions to attack the Afrikaner culture or language – it is your God given rights. My only problem arises when some Afrikaners still insist on imposing Afrikaans on the supposed inferior blacks – a topic for another discussion.

    Steve Hofmeyr is entitled to his own opinions, the benefit of our wonderful constitution that awards the citizens and residents the liberties to express themselves however fit they seem. In comparison to the rest of the world, Africa does not have a glamorous record on Civilization, but this is immaterial to the issue at hand.
    I think that Steve Hofmeyr thought that bragging about his ancestors achievements would make him any better, when in actual fact there are black people today who are more creative than he could ever be. So in a nutshell, when you want to brag about something, brag about your own achievements, this gives you more credibility.

    I feel sorry for the majority of the blacks who always cry fowl whenever a white person reminds them of their ‘poor’ history. I won’t take offense at my forefathers inability to build prestine Eurocentric palaces for themselves, I won’t even feel bad that they couldn’t even build ships, no I won’t feel bad that we couldn’t record our history for ourselves on black and white, because we were busy passing down our history orally. You know what; I won’t feel bad that when the latest technology of our forefathers was a bow and arrow, their white counterparts were already killing each other with gun powder. My personal favourite, I won’t feel bad that out forefathers we so mesmerised by the ‘shiny’ objects brought in by the ‘people of the sea’ that they foolishly sold their land and livestocks.

    My parting words; Julius Malema is a moron who fails to use rational thinking to solve problems, so he resorts to insults instead. Steve Hofmeyr is a moron who thinks that bragging about his forefather’s achievements will earn him any credibility. To the two morons attacking each other through media rantings and worthless publicity stunts, I say that you must not let your emotions cloud your judgements. Deal with the issues at hand; poverty, crime and disease.

    Thank you,

    Black Coconut

  4. SH,u r no betta thn JM,u r obviously an extremist yoself.personaly,i dnt gve a flip bout JM,bt dnt paint al blak pple wit th same brush.i dnt knw a single Afrikaner who is an intelectual neither,u dnt lyk blak pple?get ova it!its our country and we nt goin anywhere!!

  5. Obviously you are no academic poster boy yourself. You cannot even spell properly,or typically you are too bloody lazy to strike a few extra keys on your keyboard. Retard!!!!!

  6. Black Coconut, thank you for sharing your views. I think you and i could have a good conversation, despite (some) differing ideas.
    How do we teach these less gifted with abstractions and reasonings? You are able to objectify your experience, and no doubt reap the rewards.
    But all these issues revolve around the unwashed masses, who truly do hold the power. But they don’t understand how to use it. How best to serve them and how to help them uplift theirselves?
    Violence and racism are both pitiful tools, oration they all mastered, but sadly not humility.
    White and black have both used violence in lieu of reason, and both were and are doomed to fail. How to convince the others that race is less important than personal attitude?

  7. Just because I have the ability to form an opinion does not make me an extremist. Do yourself a favour and learn to walk in someone elses shoes, get yourself surounded by inteligent people – it might rub off!
    It is NOT your country… South Africa is the country of EVERYBODY who lives here – BLACK AND WHITE, and the sooner you realise that – the better for all.

  8. Well Black Coconut I think you are the one who is in desperate need of a history lesson.

    The Boere ,who were the ones that took part in the Groot Trek, did not enslave anybody ever. They trekked from the Cape as they wanted to flee from the English rule and racial integration that was very common in those days. When they got to the Transvaal and Natal they saw how the natives killed each other in tribal wars and how they suffered from disease.

    The Boere or Afrikaners stopped the Mfekane and Difekane wars in which black tribes enslaved or destroyed each other completely very savagely. It was also the Boere that time and time again had to go and fetch cattle from one chief that was stolen by another tribe. This is documented history and not very typical behavior of a people who wants to break the spirit of another people now is it?

    When gold and diamonds were discovered in the Free State and Transvaal, by the Boere/Afrikaners all of a sudden the BRITISH led by the greedy JEWS started wars against the Boere to come and steal the mineral wealth. The black people were exploited by the British and Jewish Controlled (Rhodes,Barnato,Oppenheimer) companied like De Beers and Anglo American. Those companies and the British Governmet is the root cause of evil in this country as it has always been. You point to the Boere/Afrikaners as the oppressor but you are gravely mistaken. A Boer is exactly that someone who wants to work the ground to bring forth food. The Boere trade cattle and money for ground from black chieftains,they never killed and stole from blacks. Look at Piet Retief who did Dingaan a favour by getting his cattle back from Mpande,what did he get in return???? He and his commando was killed as they were accused of being wizards,because Dingaan could not get his own back from Mpande and they managed that. BTW Dingaan promised him large pieces of land as a reward for his cattle,instead of being honorable and keeping his promise he killed Piet Retief.

    I can carry on like this for many hours,why bother. The Boere only wanted to keep to themselves in areas that they righteously obtained, but the jewish manipulated British made sure that would never happen.

    Even today the jews are still sucking the life out of this country but you are too stupid too see that. It is not and it never was Boere/Afrikaners that became mega rich,it always was foreign companies even today.

    If all the whites are to be killed or leave the country today, you will have Zimbabwe or worse. The reason for that is when the evil white racists are gone the blacks will resort back to tribal wars and kill each other again en masse.

    There is no such thing as the extended african family or the “big brotherhood among blacks”. You know this as well as I do.

    Black culture dictates that there is one chief and the rest are servants that has to keep the chief happy. Only a select few will be rich at the top,the rest will be oppressed and kept in poverty.

    You can call me a racist or whatever,but at least I am not a liar.

  9. Great Letter.
    I have a question no-one could answer me. I lodged a complaint against a medical doctor in a Hospital in the countryside, and the reply I got was that I have to register twith the HPCSA before the 1st of April, because they do not acknowledge complaints from people they don’t know.

    How can I register if I am not a qualified nurse, doctor, specialist or any other medical practitioner for that matter. What will be done against this doctor that admitted at the top of his voice to us in a Casualty department, that he is a racist, take it or leave it, and that if I don’t f*&^off out of “his” hospital he will have me removed by security whilst holding his fist in my face. I am a middle-aged woman, in a wheelchair, as a result of negligence on their part, who came to casualty for treatment, and he tells me to f*ckoff, and he will make sure that all white bastards die, because of “my” forefathers that beat him when he was small. When I told him I had nothing to do with what happened to him during apartheid, and I went as far as to write a email to our Pres. Jacob Zuma, AND that he replied to my email, of which I showed him a copy of. He then shouted more, and said, F*CK YOU AND F*CK ZUMA!!!!

    Where should I go to whith this complaint????

    This country is pathetic, and if there is any injuries during the world cup, God help them, because our medical practitioners will not!

  10. Great Letter.
    I have a question no-one can answer me. I lodged a complaint against a medical doctor in a Hospital in the countryside, and the reply I got was that I have to register to the HPCSA before the 1at of April, because they do not acknowledge complaints from people they don’t know.

    How can I register if I am not a qualified nurse, doctork, specialist or any other medical practitioner for that matter. What will be done against this doctor that shouted to us in a Casualty department, that he is a racist, take it or leave it, and that if I don’t f*&^off out of “his” hospital he will have me removed by security whilst holding his fist in my face. I am a middle-aged woman, in a wheelchair, as a result of neglegence on their part, who came to casualty for treatment, and he tells me to f*ckoff, and he will make sure that all white bastards die, because of “my” forefathers that beat him when he was small.

    I told him I lodged a complaint to the Pres. Jacob Zuma because of this kind of poor hospital treatment. He then further shouted: F*ck you and f*ck Jacob Zuma!!!!

    Where should I go to whith this complaint????
    This country is pathetic, and if there is any injuries during the world cup, God help them, because our medical practitioners will not!

  11. Would you mind using the contact form and emailing your full story, we can then publish it here on the site and expose the doctor. You can also contact Afriforum i believe, they might be able to give assistance.

  12. Every person here has something bad to say about someone else, fact is that we are in this situation because we have been placed here. Our country has been played by the 1st world countries for years, the puppets in government for the past 40 years have us exactly where the likes of the CIA and their propaganda and influence have put us. The press is owned by the Illuminati “the wealthiest”

    Why is Africa a 3rd world continent?
    Why has Africa always got war?

    Lets take Angola. rich in oil and other resources, been at war for decades, then the war ends and who owns the country?
    There are many more same situations in Africa.

    You talk about Hitler, Do some research and you find he was part of the masons, he was jewish, and at the end of day he did what Albert Pike set out to be done in the 1700’s

    As for now, here, Julius has set a precedent for black people to murder whites, he calls for it openly, if we had to do same we would end up in serious trouble very quickly, the courts have now banned the slogan “kill the boer” the ANC wants to fight the outcome. The ANC believes in love i read somewhere here, if they do why do they want to fight the outcome?

    People we are being played like we are supposed to, this country will see war again, yes it will be white and black but it will turn out to be black on black.

    History repeats itself, before whites came to South Africa there used to be tribal wars over land etc, us white “boere” could never allow the next to be better, we could never accept the next to have better lifestyle, we are constantly trying to bring each other down. The only time we could stand together in some way was in war. I see we are trying to become one, what does this say? we are threatened, we are scared, we are unsure? What did this to us? We are out numbered, we are the bread winners but we are hated. It is time we stand together, not to make war not to start a rebellion but to do what we need, to teach our children morals and values, for to many years have we left the liberal thinking people stand in our way of our being. Being a true Afrikaner had nothing to do with racism, Afrikaners have been hunted for centuries, Afrikaners have been at war since we came to this continent, if we were not busy fighting the English, we were busy fighting the blacks, and if we were not busy with them we were fighting for our culture, we have been fighting for our culture to be recognized since the 1800’s.

    Now my question is why should we be naive?
    Why should we stand around and be trampled on?
    Why should we stand around and see what we built going to ruin?

    Fact: Under the apartheid birth father as he was known and still is. Hendrik Verwoerd started the separation, but what no one seems to want to put in play and what no politician wants to tell the country, is that the black population had a 2% better growth financially in his governance than the whites.

    The ANC fought for apartheid to stop, they “tyred” and murdered their own, Winnie Mandela started the necklace for the people who did not do what she wanted, in the state archives you find that more black people were murdered in violence against them selves under the apartheid then what were shot or murdered by police and army together.

    Today apartheid is to blame for everything, the boer is the evil the racist behind apartheid the people who made sure you have better growth than their own, the people who schooled you, the people who made decent health care possible. the people who had to go to war against you brothers who were busy murdering you on tv the ANC the PAC, the people who come in the dark of the night to burn your house down because your mother did not want to join a rally because she wanted to work to feed you.

    i dunno maybe it is me who thinks this picture is strange. I take my hat of for the black people who want to rise above and become something, but unfortunately i will have to generalize and say that 99% of them have been brought up to think the whites have money and they should be given everything.

    This country can only be a decent country again after we have gotten rid of the bad apples, when we have a population that understands the meaning of the word “work” When we have a population that understands the word “respect” the word “justice”

    Freedom is to be free

    free from fear
    free from racism
    free from murder
    free from hatred
    free to live

    we can only be free when when people are free to work are free to respect each other

    damn you know most whites my age were brought up by a nanny because some clever ass in nedbank told john voster that the only way to enslave and belittle the boer is to make them poor. This was in the late 70’s so we had our maids look after us and you know the fact is those days when your mom and dad were at work Maria was the boss what she said goes and us litle white “klein basies” did what she said because our parents had the utmost respect for her.

    Ok i have been rambling on but let me get back to my point

    search the internet for the enlightened, the Illuminati, the scout movement, the round table, the lions, the free masons, most are known as organizations that do good but look who established them. these are the people holding us for ransom, the people fueling the flames in our country, the owners of the press, the owners of the propaganda we have to hear every day

    why do the press feel the need to tell us every word Malema idiot has to say?

    do they not want us to get cross?

    Do they not intend on getting the country in riots and fighting

    just remember WAR is the biggest business after the Roman Catholics, crime pays most of our taxes.

    Why would we have a country at peace, people getting along and working their way? it is not profitable!!!!

    If the country does not make money the government can not rape and plunder the coffers.

  13. I think what puzzles and bothers me most is the question: “what MOTIVATES Julius Malema?”
    Here is a young, well dressed, (very) well fed, obviously affluent (no matter where the latter comes from, for the moment) African man who is completely hung up about a struggle in which he played no real (active) part.
    Is it envy like Steve claims? Is it just plain racist hatred for every person with a white skin? Is it thirst for ultimate power? Or is it the rantings of a not very intelligent person that is always feeling inferior? Whatever the motivation JM is causing immense harm to the ‘rainbow nation’.
    I am a 63 year old, white female, South African, born in 1947 and have therefore allegedly picked the fruits of apartheid for my whole life, and yet I am financially in a completely different (much, much,lower) league than this black man that is less than half my age! Something must have gone right for him!
    So, what is he so angry about? Why still feel the need to sing an old struggle song? They say it refers to apartheid – then a new song is needed seeing that apartheid has been abolished. How about “we have killed apartheid ye ye ye!” or something to that effect.
    Unlike the “K” word which is offensive to all black and also most other South Africans the name “Boer” has never been regarded as a slight by white Afrikaners, although it was often meant as one.
    Therefore most “boere” will take it completely personally when someone sings: “Kill the Boer – he is a rapist”. It is time that JM, whatever his motivation, be made to realise that the tongue can be a very dangerous double edged sword.

  14. This is kinda easy:

    1. Julius Malema is a hate-mongering racist stooge, whose job in the ANC appears to be causing trouble to keep the heat off others. He is an anti-white black racist.

    2. Steve Hofmeyr is a philandering scumbucket, who used to be a great poet, and who the majority of white Afrikaans-speakers revere as a true artist. He wrote an anti-black white racist letter.

    3. Malema speaks a form of truth — his truth, the truth of a certain section of the populace. Trouble is, it’s a truth that is forbidden by our hard-won constitution.

    4. Hofmeyr speaks a certain form of truth too. His truth is based on false or flawed assumptions. He assumes that ‘civilisation’ in South Africa is white-built, white-owned. This is an assumption shared by many white people. But it’s incorrect. The South African civilisation is co-created.

    5. Reactionaries on both sides of the black/white divide and both sides of the left/right divide are inflamed. And they’re saying dumbfuck things. In twenty years, they’ll wonder why the hell they were so articulate about shit. And really, there’s a bunch of prosecutable hate-speech going down in these comments. Remember, children, if the authorities decide to prosecute, your ‘anonymous’ tag can so easily be untangled and traced back to you. Don’t be stupid. Be a good guest. You don’t scream at people in your living room, do you? (DO you???)

    6. Moderates seem to be the only people talking sense in this forum.

    7. How about the reactionaries take a leaf out of the moderates’ book, and start calming down and thinking clearly? Just cos you FEEL a certain way, doesn’t make that way CORRECT or FACTUAL or MORALLY SUPERIOR. They’re just feelings. And yes, there ARE farm murders happening. And they’re wrong. And Malema is a prick, and he must shut the hell up. And Hofmeyr is a jaded ex folk hero who spoke his mind irresponsibly. He wrote a racist letter. And positioned it as coming from the whites of this country. It didn’t. It came FROM HIM. And some people sympathise. But THINK, people, THINK. Let your feelings be placed correctly as simply a PIECE of the information puzzle.

    8. Let’s find ways to work together to get this country to work. I believe the way is through personal responsibility, and personal accountability. My own political persuasion is that I’m a left-libertarian. I believe that *I* am responsible for my behaviour, my opportunities, my failings. And I believe that each person has the same responsibilities as I do. I also believe that we’re all accountable FIRST to ourselves, and THEN to our communities. My question to myself is this: ‘Am I *happy* that this behaviour/action/utterance is something my higher-self would respect me for?’ If not, then it’s wrong. If so, then I’m happy with it. Whether you’re a leftie, righty, neutral, godly, heathen, pagan, athiest, darkie, whitey, whatever… YOU are your first port of call. Take responsibility for YOUR stuff. And be accountable to YOURSELF.

    9. G’night.

    Blue skies

  15. WPWW,I would just like to say I am a Jewish south african and I am not going to lower myself to your level by insulting you.

    I have read all your comments on this forum and I see you are a very angry person.

    Most people don’t know this but Jews give charity EVERY month and many charities in this country that allow the less fortunate to be educated and fed are run and started by Jews. Please don’t call us greedy, we are taught to love and understand all religions and races and we are taught to help all religions and races. Yes like any culture we have our bad apples, I would be stupid to deny that, but if you had any idea how many “boere” get help from the Jews you would be suprised, I give to a charity like this, that helps less fortunate South Africans, many who are Afrikaans and white. All I hope is that all the money that us “greedy” Jews give every month (which is no less than 10 percent of our salaries) helps all the people who need it, both white and black.

    I to agree that JM is a total idiot and the fact that the ANC is corrupt annoys me daily. How can the ANC give these amazing bonuses to members and how can JM stand there and preach about the poor black South Africans when they take so much money that can help these people. How can they look at themselves and go to bed at night knowing that the huge payment they just stole could go to helping,feeding,clothing their own brothers who sit in townships and squatter camps with hardly any infrastructure. No wonder they turn to crime, how else do they feed their children.

    In my opinion the greedy people here are the government and its up to us as South Africans to help one another and be tolerant of one another until we can get this greedy government out

    WPWW, if you had a bad experience with a Jew, I am sorry, but the majority of us are actually just like all other people, we are caring and empathetic. You need to understand that no matter what religion or race you are, you are going to get those that aren’t so great. Try realise that this doesn’t mean everyone in that religion is like that. It might seem wierd to you, but we aren’t so different to christians,greeks, portuguese etc, we are people.

    Try be more tolerant and understanding of all people and religions different to your own

  16. WPWW,
    After finishing high school God blessed me with a mentor who happened to be a white man. He has taught me some of life’s important lessons that I still apply to my life today. You see, in the township where I grew up, there’s no way I could’ve learnt these lessons – so I thank God for this generous white man who taught me a lot. Because of my mentor, I could never hold a grudge or insult people based on their skin colours, religion or sexuality. I also respect people’s opinions as well. Before I proceed with what I need to say, I need to apologise for a delayed response (just in case you were hoping that I’d respond during the weekend).

    Thank you for your lesson in history, however it doesn’t help my argument. Let me reiterate my stand: I belive that the reason the Afrikaners instituted Apartheid was to claim their place as the superior race in our nation. I will not deny that there were tribal clashes among the blacks and I will not even justify them, however this is immaterial to my argument because the moment you look the world over you will realise that tribal clashes were not unique to Africans only.

    I will not force you to agree with me that in the past the Afrikaners became arrogant and as a result they delevoped an inferiority complex. The Bible was even used to justify Apartheid, with Ministers of the Word claiming that black people are children of the devil – by the way there are still a few (and I really hope that it’s only a few) Afrikaners who still believe that blacks are inferior and that they are children of satan.

    Let me put it on record; I don’t think you are a racist, I don’t accuse you of racism – I just don’t agree with your reasoning for Apartheid. This is where I differ with you. My personal opinion is that Apartheid was wrong. Poverty is one of Apartheid’s legacies; remember that the black people were actively taught in school that they should not have bigger dreams and that they were more suitable for manual labour – this was the Apartheid’s goverment biggest mistake.
    The ANC government inherited a country with an unskilled majority and they are still struggling to skill them. The least the Afrikaners can do is admit that they were wrong and offer a helping hand in skilling the population – therein lies our answer for poverty.

    The black population has been frustrated for decades and (this sounds like I’m justifying their actions) because of frustration they’ve made many mistakes post-apartheid. Now the Afrikaner population is getting frustrated as well, we are facing a boiling point in our young democracy. We need pro-active leadership, not sensationalists. Anyway I could go on and on… but let me cut my argument short. Thank you for your time.

    ~~ Black Coconut ~~

  17. A few people asked what is racist about SH’s letter. The racism lies here: the assumption that the black African’s lack of technology prior to the arrival of
    the Europeans is a flaw inherent in the black people, a god given difference or evolutionary disadvantage that deems the white man more powerful.
    It is this assumption, which has no grounds by the way, that causes offense. Statements like these should be considered very carefully. Were you to do any research in this regard you would realize that a lot of work has been done by others with regards to this matter. These individuals have come up with excellent reasons to explain why Europe became so powerful and Africa became dominated, without having to resort to racial arguments which have no scientific bases. Blacks (and research supports this) suffer no intellectual or creative disadvantage when given the same education and environment as whites. However, nature was not so kind. The African environment is vastly different to that of Europe and many factors influenced the rate at which blacks were able to
    advance. The truth is, were whites in Africa, they would not have fared any better.
    As Black Coconut mentions, there is no reason for any black person to feel shame regarding this. The many great accomplishments by black individuals and groups throughout the world do not even need to be mentioned (even though I do). But regardless of all the above mentioned, attributing
    others successes and failures to yourself and your brethren is downright silly.

    Human beings are complex and in any community conflict will necessarily arise as a result of differing opinions. In ours this conflict is heightened between blacks and whites due to our history. But comments like these by JM and SH only aggravate the situation and promote segregation. Perfection is not attainable,
    there will always be racism, there will always be corruption, there will always be idiots. We should continue working together (and doing more so) whilst
    trying to keep these mentioned in the minority.

    I think it would help if prominent figures in our society did some research before publishing possibly incorrect or harmful statements (not that
    I have any hope that they will). It is good to be humble and not accept our own first instincts and ideas as absolute and correct. So we do not
    fool ourselves into thinking we know something we actually do not (a la Carl Sagan).

  18. Dear Anonymous,
    I wanted to apologise on behalf of black people but then I realised that it’s not black people who wronged you but one angry black individual. The only thing I can do is condemn this doctor’s actions and offer you a personalised apology – I’m really sorry for your experience.

    I do need to point something out though, you’ve generalised that all medical practisioners are no different from this moron who problably bribed his way through medical school (OK, maybe this is just my anger talking). But anyway, I understand that you are angry but please do not put all the other medical practisioners in the same bracket as this moron.

    Once again my hearfealt apology for your gross treatment at the hands of this idiot. I call him an idiot because he has failed to recognise that those who victimised him during apartheid did not represent the entire white population. So, as much as you are a victim yourself, do not go down the same road as him by failing to realise that he doesn’t represent the whole medical fratenity.

    By the way, I’m not a doctor. Your story just touched me and I couldn’t help but notice that you are getting sucked into the pit of hatred due to your victimisation.

    If at all possible, LET IT GO AND LET GOD.

    ~~ Black Coconut ~~

  19. Wow. You have elucidated on several matters, some controversial yes, but so is this whole topic. Thank you for sharing some of your insights with us.

  20. Black Coconut
    Your wisdom has indeed upstaged many a simpleton into oblivion. Its great to see a young black peer with more or less the same outlook into SA challenges. I’ve viewed myself as a black outcast for far too long (neither with mainstream black nor white), it is an astonishing discovery to listen to someone apply rational thought in such objective manner. Just one thing though, how are you a ‘Coconut’?


  22. Amen! Dankie vir alles wat jy vir Suid-Afrika en Afrikaners in ons land doen en beteken. Jys n vurige kampvegter vir jou mense en staan vir alles wat reg is. Julius Malema is slegs n spreekbuis vir Jacob Zuma. Anc staan bankvas agter die koddige ou mannetjie. Sy vieslike uitlatings en die feit dat Zuma nie n woord rep nie, bevestig net my en ander wit boere se denke. Malema is eintlik n lafaard wat skuil agter sy ‘comrades’ die Anc. Suid-Afrika het meer mans en vroue soos jy nodig! Dan sal ons kan se ‘Together we caN’ Dankie Steve!

  23. Dear ‘black coconut’
    In the first place, why do you call yourself a coconut? You seems like a beautiful, very warmhearted person to me. Why couldnt all Southafricans see things like you do? Why all the hatred? Why? Youre right you know. Respect for one another. Love one another. Colour?? Black, white or yellow. Nobody knows the colour of God. When we die, its hell or heaven. We are all going to either God or satan. In heaven black, white and coloured are all going to be together…. in heaven there’s NO white or black residential aerias, only reserved for ‘whites’ or ‘blacks’ Who are we to judge each other?? Malema hates whites and because of ‘him’ we are doing the same as he does. Disgusting! I have many black and coloured friens. We respect each other, we respect and understand each others cultures. Like Pres. Zuma said ‘Together we can’. I definateley dont agree with the way white people are treated in SA. I love my country and all its many drifferent people en cultures dearly. WE DONT NEED JULIUS MALEMA, WE NEED GOD!

  24. WPWW, I am white and reading your comments just annoys me. You are only on this forum to insult people, I bet you would never say half these things to a black man, coloured or Jews face because you are a coward, so finally on this forum you feel safe that no one can harm you, so your true pathetic disgusting self is coming out. Karma’s a bitch and I hope it hits you right in the face. You are a piece of crap and I hope on a daily basis you get treated like the piece of crap you are. Go live in another country, South Africa needs less people like you … Looking forward to the many insults you will post to this reply

  25. Without us white people the economy wiill fall. We are proactive and our taxes supports the goverments spending. We do not vandalize our property and the schools we attend. Have some respect for yourselves and your environment. Black people have gained a stigma due to their actions. They kill each other like barbarians, kill their own children for muti. They have no regard for human life ; neither white NOR black. So why should we care when they get killed? They certainly dont! Just one less person to threaten another life, rape another women or child, steal kill etc etc etc One less baby to be thrown in a gutter. Evil comes in all shapes, size AND COLORS!!!

  26. Hi all, I have a dispute with the online editor of some large publication.
    I believe that despite the fact that SH has largely nullified the value his protest by making the mistake of directing a slur in the direction of all Africans –which action is flawed on strategic and other counts, both his general motivation and his symbolic withdrawal of the WC have solid merit.
    We disagree in particular whether Steve’s letter is directed at Malema alone, or that it is also directed at “your leadership” (his own words nogal!) i.e. the leadership of the ANC YL and by wider implication all who are with him, including Mantashe’s ANC proper, who support him both in singing the song and hand over some 30k+ each month out of their own pockets.
    ‘Bit of an obvious question now I put it like this, but I’d much like your input please.

  27. Thank you Steve, these are the tipe of things that has to be adressed and not be taken lightly by poeple like you, me and all South Africans hoe will have to take a stand againts these unlawfull and unintelligent comments and outcries, by someone hoe dues not know the meaning of being civilised. Thank you again Steve for being on the frontline, we need more poeple like you, and not just stand in the background doing nothing.

  28. “Thank you Steve, these are the tipe of things that has to be adressed and not be taken lightly by poeple like you, me and all South Africans hoe will have to take a stand againts these unlawfull and unintelligent comments and outcries, by someone hoe dues not know the meaning of being civilised. Thank you again Steve for being on the frontline, we need more poeple like you, and not just stand in the background doing nothing.” Is this guy serious? How do you even comment on matters of civilisation, lawfulness and people’s intelligence if you can not even write? How many English words can you spell, for it’s clear the rest you can not. SH’s letter is only supported by people like you, with no mental capacity to differentiate between right and wrong.

  29. I’m white.
    My wife is coloured.
    My child is coloured.
    My butcher is black (Supplier for more than 15 years).
    My mother-in-law was a very decent coloured woman. One of the biggest funerals Manenberg has seen.
    Am I one of these people all black people hate, and JuJu wants me to get shot?
    I donated R50 to the Helenic Ladies Association for Dimitrios Tsafendas’s full Greek Orthodox funeral.
    Years ago, that was a sizeable amount.
    The ANC does’nt know that he alone changed this country for all our chances to improve.
    He got rid of the root of evil, in Parliament, with a knife.
    When Dimitrios died, they were prepared to bury the facts, and not him!
    JuJu, it’s payback time!

  30. Enoch Zantsi

    I’m not a coconut by choice, I’ve been called a coconut by my friends who don’t agree with my views. I took offense for being referenced as a coconut but out of defiance and with a pinch of sarcasm, I’ve decided to adopt the nickname. Thank you for understaning me, likewise I’m impressed with your wisdom and it makes me glad to converse with young people of your finesse.

    Keep well.

  31. Hi Estelle, please refer to my response to Enoch Zantsi about why I call myself a coconut. I’m also proud of it.

    But to emphasise my point; it’s a common syndrome to call ‘euro-centric’ black people as coconuts. Just because I don’t believe in the slaughter of poor goats to appease my ancestors… and just because I acknowledge that our forefathers became civilised with the advent of Europeans… just because I’m too critical of many of our ‘cultural’ shenanigans – I’m a coconut.

  32. The current government is repeating some of the mistakes of the Apartheid government. For instance; the past Nationalist government protected the unskilled Afrikaner community by giving them semi-skills jobs such as train conductors,municipal workers,retail,etc… When A.A and B.E.E were introduced, they became the first casualties. It is heartbreaking to witness such a number of Afrikaners living in shacks among our relatives, not because they are white but because this could have been prevented if the old regime encouraged them to acquire some skills.

    The black majority is unskilled and as long as they also don’t have skills, they will remain unemployed as well. What we as South African should fight for is for skills development, economic development (through manufacturing, agriculture and general export). I don’t have time or space to discuss the pros and cons of A.A but my personal opinion is that it seemed necessary at the time when implemented. Fast forward 15 years later, this did nothing for the country except create a brain drain and disempower those who weren’t necessarily skilled.

    Julius Malema is a sensationalist who desperately needs attention to stay relevant to his electorate for the advancement of his political career. Unfortunately the things he says are far too controvertial to ignore, but if he was an unknown no newspaper would even afford him 50 words. My challenge to all South Africans who want a better country is to demand a better Education and skills development for all economically inactive citizens; the outcomes of which we expect to see innovation, maybe not on the same scale as America, but visible enough to make an impact.

  33. Black Coconut, why don’t you form your own party with other intelligentsia, or at least mobilize them to do so? Build a better South Africa for generations to come that will be the envy of all African states. If the racial mix is balanced, with sound policies, people will vote for you. You need to mobilise and get into the town-ships and disseminate policies that will take the country forward (at the grass-roots level), in the local languages.
    SH when you spill this vitriolic rubbish, it serves to breed further hatred and violence amongst the different racial groups. You are no different from radical JM. Two wrongs do not solve problems, but only serve to exacerbate them. You have had nothing constructive to say, except to propagate fear and intolerance amongst the racial groups.
    I pray Coconut that God will take you forward. You have displayed strong leadership qualities. No doubt, we will read about you in the years to come.
    Finally I leave with these words “United we stand, divided we fall”. Something for all to ponder about.

  34. “The world is very very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life.”
    John F Kennedy {20 January 1961}.

    Unfortunately good intentions and common sense are not enough to start a political party in this country. Emotionalism is the key ingredient required because the majority voters (who are black and illiterate) will not vote on common sense but based on the scars of the ‘struggle’. I don’t have a single scar from the Struggle, the only thing I can do is observe the political landscape and join a party with correct ideals. I’ve never had an interest in politics until recently so you’ll notice that I’m also new in this forums. But on the other hand, I don’t need to be a politician to make a difference, I could just be a lobbyist and lobby for effective skills development. The current skills development programmes do not work – we need to go back to the drawing board.

  35. Pacifist, allow me to try and reverse your optimism. Clearly you are in need of a dose of realism. Since when, where did the intelligentsia ever be effective politicians -let alone in Africa? All this idealistic claptrap that people will vote for “Black Coconut” as long as the “racial mix is balanced, with sound policies” –in what country do you live?
    And praying to God won’t help too much either. Zuma, the spineless boss of the All Native Corrupted is as thick as two thieves with the good Pastor Ray of the Rhema church.
    The majority will never vote for any other party than the ANC. They are completely blind to it that this is to their own great detriment, or they have some auto-destructive urge that compels them to vote in direct contradiction to their own interest –who cares. It’s a given fact and that is why SA is doomed to fail. Have a nice day.

  36. @twanni, I’m sure there was a better way you could’ve driven your point across. We both know that in the context of South Africa, Barack Obama wouldn’t even have stood a chance if he was a member of another political but the ANC. Hey, I’m not saying that he’s a saint (I mean with all those conspiracy theorists baying for his blood and all). My point is that any credible leader doen’t stand a chance of leading this country unless he runs the ANC, and we know that (if the removal of Mbeki is anything to go by) only those with poor academic records qualify for leadership positions in the ANC.

    If our parliament is run by intelligent people, I’m sure they would have heard the DA’s call for a reformed electoral system.

  37. Just wondering if South Africa has ratified the UN International Convention on the Elimination Racial Discrimination? This Convention (under the Universal Declaration of Human Rights) proclaims that ‘all human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights and that any doctrine of superiority based on racial differentiation is scientifically false, morally condemnable, socially unjust and dangerous and without any justification’ .
    If it is unlawful to discriminate on the basis of race in RSA, then both JM and SH should both do a spell in Robbin Island for inciting racial hatred. Prefably as cell mates!
    They should even install camera’s in the cell, a social experiment (much more entertaining than ‘Big Brother’!) and the ramifications will no doubt change the perspective on the whole them/us debate. Comments???

  38. Black Coconut,
    Barak Obama, Smarak Obama. He’s a good man; but fallible as the Democratic Americans are starting to find out. Much talk, little walk.
    I agree that I could have left out the cynicism –but why should I? The governing party is wrecking the country –there’s no scope that things will improve and the few good things that I hear come from the left nogal! When COSATU, SACP and POPCRU are the only organisations that make sense much of the time, then we must be in Big Trouble indeed. (Of course if they would be in power themselves, we’d all just as lief jump into the Atlantic, but thankfully that won’t happen.)
    And no credible leader will run the ANC; Mandela > Mbeki >> Zuma >> ? The trend is very, very worrying and seeing that it’s all about vested interests (being in positions to steal), there is not a snowball’s chance in hell that we’ll have a good man / woman anywhere at the top of the ANC. What do you think, that the thieves will allow decent persons in power so as to remove their golden geese?
    ‘If our parliament is run by intelligent people,”
    That will be the day to stay indoors.
    After they grow wings, with all those pigs flying around, who wants a load of pig excrement?

  39. Your attempt to put SH on the same level of Malema is nonsensical.
    In Hofmeyer’s whole (deeply flawed) letter, he devotes one mere paragraph on denigrating the African in general. The rest is directed at Malema -and all who back him. That he wrote in this paragraph a backward generalisation can be readily agreed upon, but you can never equate this to Malema’s consistent hate-speech and his incessant call to kill the boers / whites.
    In trying to be even-handed you lose common sense. Steve has lost the opportunity to effectively direct public opinion by exhibiting racist traits. The King of Bling, poor liar, thief, piece of shit, called Malema, has it in for the whites. If he could he would start a genocide tomorrow. How can they be equally guilty?
    (I got the answer to the question, 3+6=9 right again. How do I claim my prize?)

  40. PSALM 2010
    Obama is the shepherd I did not want.
    He leadeth me beside the still factories.
    He restoreth my faith in the Republican party.
    He guideth me in the path of unemployment for his party’s sake.
    Yea, though I walk through the valley of the bread line,
    I shall fear no hunger, for his bailouts are with me.
    He has anointed my income with taxes,
    My expenses runneth over.
    Surely, poverty and hard living will follow me all the days of my life,
    And I will live in a mortgaged home forever.
    I am glad I am an American,
    I am glad that I am free,
    But I wish I was a dog,
    And Obama was a tree!

  41. Dear Coconut
    Then I must be a Coconut aswell. Just like you, I don’t believe in the slaughter of poor goats! In fact, I hate the killing of anything or anyone. Different cultures hate each other. Why? Its our parents fault. They taught us black and white not to play with each other. Thank God for my parents. They taught me the right way, to love and reapect each other. Its just really sad about JM’s hatered towards us. I’m not goiing to hate my friends because of him.

  42. Gosh WPWW these comments are very much based on red -neck ideology. Did you forget that when Obama took office, he inherited a broken economy due to the ineptitude of George Bush , (who if you recall was in strong denial that there was a recession)? If you know anything about economic policy, how else do you stimulate an economy that is in a deep recession? Was he to do nothing ,and let the place stagnate and decline even further to the great depression of the 1930’s? Perhaps Coconut can phrase this better than myself, since he has an economic background. Please do enlighten us, explain to us how YOU would have tackled the economy if you personally had taken office under the same circumstances? I am very much interested in your response. Btw, are you entitled to vote in the USA? Have a good day.

  43. Twanni you can learn a thing or two from black coconut. He speaks the truth and is seeiing SA as it really is. We need more people like black coconut in our beloved country. I’m white and 85% of my friends are black, coloured, chinese and indian. We are all working ‘together’ towards a better SA and a better future.

  44. Open Letter to Steve Hofmeyr,

    Dear Steve,
    It is understandable that you feel demented by the behavior of a man that is foolish and as demented as you. That is the tragedy of South Africa .

    The boers were a nation of people born of the land of Africa from europeon stock, honed by that harsh land and brutalised by the british who practised genocide against them.These sad and industrious people struggled to build a future for themselves and were treated like vermin by the british. History teaches us they were kept in concentration camps and starved to death Something you germans are very familiar with since you learned the trick from the british. The boer in turn wanted to turn the african into a slave and committed a form of genocide against many african tribal peoples as they continued to use africans to build thier boer utopia after the british gave up on Africa

    .Boers then saw themselves as the new master race and proudly proclaimed separate developement for Africans in thier own land yet use thier labour a practice that was originally perpertrated on boers by the british. It is said . if we do not learn from history we are bound to repeat it . British to boer . Boer to African, African to Boer . and so it goes on . They are the masters now my friend and they know it .

    .Africans are a feudal and tribal people just like the boers Its only they are black they too have thier primitive nature all human beings do . Comparing the african in your pain to something less in intelligence to the caucasian is just racist nonsense and you should know better. The Red indian was a noble human being who lived in harmony with the land as did the African till the comming of the europeon they did not need or want industralisation. Something many europeon peoples now beggining realise as the only true way to survive is to live in harmony with this earth .

    It is the caucasian that has ruined this world for us with so called invention, developement ,and modernisation .

    What do we have now my friend . Do we have something better NO . We have pollution and industrial wastlands political division wars and nucluer weapons

    . Is that intelligence or is that a peculiar form of madness . Instead of working with our fellow human beings to bring light and harmony and peaceful coexistence with each other we choose to bring division and slaughter to our fellow human beings .all you are doing steve in writing your mad drivel is stoking the fires of hatred even more and appealing to the worse baser instincts of stupid people . You are no better than the man you attack my friend . In fact you are worse as you know better. I suggest you sit back on a varandah someplace kick of your shoes a cold beer in hand stare into the african veldt and think again of yourdemented scriblingsand foolishness. Perhaps you may reach diffrent conclusion that might be a form of enlightment that perhaps may enrich your mind and the anger and frustration you feel may disemminate . I hope so . Keep fighting the urge to raise that right hand my friend as you are getting pretty near to that form of thinking.
    A famous german once said:

    THEY CAME FIRST for the Communists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Communist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Jews,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a Jew.

    THEN THEY CAME for the trade unionists,
    and I didn’t speak up because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

    THEN THEY CAME for the Catholics,
    and I didn’t speak up because I was a Protestant.

    THEN THEY CAME for me
    and by that time no one was left to speak up.”

    They put him in a concentration camp too .
    By : Pastor Martin Niemoller

  45. Just a historical note, it was the BRITISH who invented both apartheid and concentration camps (used on the boers) in South Africa.
    The boers did not invent apartheid, they merely carried on with the practice once they had gained independance from the British Empire.
    Before Dingaan’s treachery, the boers looking for land traded as equals with the local tribes. The both had the common enemy of the British, the redcoats, who in typical empire fashion, massacred both boer and black.
    Along similar lines it was the British who introduced the word kaffir, not the boers. The word is believed to have originated with the arab slave traders.
    What we all have in common is the desire to be free of oppresion, surely that is enough? And oppresion can be perpetrated by one’s own people too.

  46. @Enoch Zantsi, Black Coconut, Danielle, Adriaan, and Anonymous (Jewish South African).

    I have accidentally stumbled onto this website, and I am very glad I did. Among many a disheartening opinions and type of language
    expressed, there were shining lights of words coming from the five of you, and that counter-balanced the other 98%. For that,
    I would like to say “THANK YOU!”. With your thoughts and wisdom within your youth (I have a feeling that you all are under 30),
    you have touched many “less positive thinkers” in this forum, even if they might not admit to this, even to themselves.

    It is a great pleasure to hear your opinions expressed with respect, tolerance and understanding both towards the person you are
    directing your words to and your discipline to keep to the subject at hand.

    I know that you are aware of the following already, but I feel the need to reinforce it.
    What you are saying and how you are saying it is vitally important for others to hear in our country, especially at this time, in the present
    multi-faceted political/financial/racial/emotional/psychological/physical circumstances (as also ET’s murder could turn out to be a
    burning fuse…).
    Many seeds need to be sown by many to bring the scales into balance within our tiny part in this Dual Universe we are all living in.
    The “Dark Side” cannot outweigh the “Light Side” forever, as we have seen it happen in the last 5-6 thousand years and more
    (and I know that you know that this is not a “race” reference).
    In simple words, I urge all of you to share your words, thoughts and opinions with as many people around you whenever suitable
    opportunities arise. As you did with this forum, seek engagements with others, singly or in groups where you can be heard.

    While the various population groups in our country maintain the “us and them” attitude based on so many fears from history,
    it will not be possible to build a cohesive citizenry where the upliftment of all can be achieved. While political groups and individuals
    still “struggle” to remove apartheid in their speeches on public platforms, they are effectively and ironically upholding the pillars
    of this dead-born political system waving just a different flag.
    Racism is a fear, an emotional misperception based on upbringing, influences and personal experiences. Being an emotion
    (just as falling in love is), it is powerful and it cannot be removed by constitutions, laws, rules or courts. Just as respect cannot be
    ordered, trust, the opposite of racism cannot be demanded on order either.
    Trust can only be created by communication and engagement with others, especially others with differing opinions to ourselves.
    However, said communication needs to stem from integrity and intention of upliftment, good-will, kindness, assistance and
    from an open heart. Allocating trust also includes having the courage to take risks. Trust, by design, is close to that much admired
    but not understood force, “Unconditional Love”.

    With kindness,

  47. And once again Julius Malema has upset the nation and started racial tension. Build South Africa!!!!!…the rainbow nation they say, …and along comes one arsehole and stuffs everthing up while receiving support in doing so. None of these comments would have been posted in the first instance had it not been for “Julius the genius”.

  48. These comments have definitely made for some entertaining, yet insightful reading! There were a few things that struck me here though.

    If the English and Afrikaners, the Xhosas and the Zulus can’t get on with each other, how the hell do you expect blacks and whites to get on with each other! And start taking responsibility for your own actions. There’s nothing more personally rewarding than being able to say to yourself “In spite of tough beginnings, I am where I am today because I was responsible for turning my life around”, instead of “It’s all because of Apartheid/the English/the system that I go out and kill because I hate the whites/blacks.

    People, get a life, stand up and take responsibility for your actions and stop blaming your short-comings on others! And most important of all, agree to disagree.Life is too precious to hate so much.

  49. I am trying to understand what our climate has to do with coming up with scientific, intellectual, industrial etc knowledge. Are you saying that if Albert Einstein, Leonardo De Vinci, Henry Ford or Thomas Edmondson lived in Africa they would never have been able to have invented anything?
    Is it the air, the water, our soil? What exactly is it about our environment that would have made it impossible to invent anything?

  50. And once again not to be too harsh, but in Egypt were the climate is even harsher than here, somehow pyramids were built and the Egyptians became knowledgeable about some things we still have no answer to – and that was thousands of years ago. So don’t cry environmental problems.

  51. My Fellow Countrymen & Woman
    The debate is raising valid points but the biggest oversight from both sides is this. We all suffer from the sins of our fathers. If we don’t have the courage to effect change within ourselves, nothing will change. We vote in governments that have for nearly 2 decades not achieved what they have promised. Yet we tolerate them out of fear of the apartheid. We elect people who are not educated to lead us and therefore we have this mess. We see our fellow countrymen starving, being murdered, our Woman and Children being raped & murdered. Our children are being kidnapped and sold into slavery and yet we still fight amongst each other. Our farmers feed us yet we are quick to kill them instead of treasure the skill set they hold and the service they provide to us all. When you eat your meal tonight think of where it comes from and maybe we will not be so quick to support a song ‘Kill the farmer’. No farmers – No Food and the Country does not have the money to import food. We all starve. Who are going to be the ones who come worse off? The ones who cannot leave South Africa. The government’s policies are based on segregation and selection so the illusion of a free and fair democracy is a shame. BEE and affirmative action has not improved the life for all but a select few and the cost of this is it regenerates the same hate and disadvantage it created in previous generations but at a deeper level because of the promises made for a better country. Our fellow countrymen are living in shanty towns yet our leaders choose to ignore this as long as they have the next latest BMW and can stay in a 5 star hotel. The situation South Africa is in is our own fault. We all quick to point fingers but not quick to look at ourselves. The past is a reference for the future and the future is the hopes and dreams we have but neither exists except the PRESENT. We have this mess because we as South Africans have not realised our potential and have been robbed of our God given right to all be free and prosperous. Our nation has been high-jacked but an elite few who are playing us up against each other to sell out our land. Our Nation!
    It’s time for all South Africans to wake up and see that the leaders we have elected are in fact using the sins of our fathers to play up against each other to keep themselves in the position to takes as much from this land as possible. So let’s see things for what they are. Are we as a new generation going to achieve greatness or are we just going to kill each other?

  52. Pres Zuma now warn political leaders to be carefull what they say… excuse me is this directly aimed at Malema who have been saying kill the boer kill the farmer… For those who do not know this song refer to all white people. If this is not political it must be criminal so for al the white people that intending to attend the world cup, be very afraid of what could happen to you. 3000 white people been murdered does not make this Goverment think it is a problem. 3000 white people killed and it is still okay to sing kill the boer kill the farmer… so now it has happend a boer and farmer has been killed, and in the townships the people are “happy” Is South Africa happy at such a tragic statistic 3000 white people killed. Our goverment is not concern that this is something to be concerned about… 3000 white people killed by black people….

  53. Pres Zuma now warn political leaders to be carefull what they say… excuse me is this directly aimed at Malema who have been saying kill the boer kill the farmer… For those who do not know this song refer to all white people. If this is not political it must be criminal so for al the white people that intending to attend the world cup, be very afraid of what could happen to you. 3000 white people been murdered does not make this Goverment think it is a problem. 3000 white people killed and it is still okay to sing kill the boer kill the farmer… so now it has happend a boer and farmer has been killed, and in the townships the people are “happy” Is South Africa happy at such a tragic statistic 3000 white people killed. Our goverment is not concern that this is something to be concerned about… 3000 white people killed by black people….

  54. Steve, if you and the Afrikaaners feel as you do about the Black Africans, why don’t you leave and go back to your country. Could it be that you are unwanted or would returning to Europe expose your relative unimportance to the world? The Boers fought, murdered and stole the land. What method do you suggest that the “Rightful Owners” pursue in order to regain THEIR LAND.


  56. Our UK “lawyer”, who earns 270k pound is still at it. Ha! You are a very stupid kaffir to come with such transparent lies and expect us to believe them. Spare us the descriptions of your wet dreams. Go wank a bit, get rid of your sexual frustrations and spare us your cheap unimaginative porn.

  57. @American “wizzard”?.
    FYI, the average Afrikaner is at least a 7th generation autochtone of this continent. To suggest that they “go back” is as foolish as telling rabble rousing African American drug pushers that they must go back to Africa -or as idiotic to ask malcontent white US citizens to “go back” to e.g. the UK or Ireland.

  58. Nicest post here so far. But after drying my tears I well know that we won’t just have more of the same under the ANC, no things will go from bad to worse, to disastrous. The blacks first screwed themselves into a majority and now they’ll screw up SA by voting for the thieving ANC -until “Jesus comes again”.
    But I like your idealism anyway.

  59. Are you ever a sick son of a gun. No wonder we all left when we did. People like you will get their just dessert at the day of reckoning.

    May you and yours rot in hell.

  60. after reading all this, an sane black person must accept MUGABE IS CORRECT – we as indigenous africans must claim what is ours and start from the beginning. Good luck to all you white people as you pack your bags to leave africa ZIm ZIM

    1. You think that the blacks have won which can be true for the meantime but just remember the blacks will get greedy again then SA will be fucked and there will be no white people to blame for your kak…Enjoy it while it lasts cause it won’t be long before you turn on each other.One more thing…SA’s water resources are basically almost drained so good luck with dehydration you Fugly Fucks.

  61. I walked over the hill and see this land, it’s raw and and no man has walked here before. My uneducated mind tells me that i should do something about it . No one wants this land as it is of no value and it belongs to no one either. I started to work to the land and build a home on it. Ater years of suffering and starving i got it right .The land is now green fields of healthy product to be harvest. In the years that i’ve worked the ground i had to feed people that were staving and couldn’t provide for themselves,” black people” I’ve also dicovered that these people have no sense understanding and i only delicated the jobs that was labour intensed.That did’nt bother me. As for myself, i had no schooling or any other form of education., just my instinct to develope and think further than just now. ……………………..Hundreds of years later these black guys wants to tell me what to do and how to do it…………….hmmmmf!………………it makes me quiet and think……………………Only time will put them back in their place.

    This is what i want…………………I want to mix with my race, the way God made me. I want nothing of any other race. I don’t hate you, i don’t like you. Why do you want to mix with us? If i have to start all over again with land that no one wants, buy it legal and make a success of it…………………………………SOME CLEVER DUDE WILL TELL ME IT BELONGS TO HIM. I wonder what would happen if all whites leave this country?…………meaning, taking everthing down to the ground that we build. You would start killing each other to survive! Maybe we should just do that hm?

    The mentality to kill is also just in your nature, hm, like your tradition. Animals kill each other for food. HUMANS , think and make an invention to survive.The answer to Steve from you is exactly what i expect from you. You should hate your ansisters for never taking care of you the way our for farthers did. I’m not even angry about your comments , as i said. We expect it from you. Don’t misjudge the pale white guy in the corner…………………………..

    Enjoy your freedom while you can…………………

  62. So bek kort jam Steve!!!!

    Te danke aan mense soos jy kan ek soms nog se ek is trots om Afrikaans te wees!!!

    Ek het groot geword met ET in ons huis elke dag want my pa was n awb lid dit het gevoel as of n familie lid van my af weg geneem is.

    Ek sien dat hier n oorlog gaan kom, dit is nou al vir jare aan die broei en ons het dit gelos maar GENOEG is GENOEG dit is tyd dat ons, ons land terug neem!!!!

  63. Well written Steve Hofmeyer. I want to tell all the so called Boere/Afrikaans people, that us English speaking people are in this war together. For every white person that gets murdered, i will personally kill one hundred kaffirs. They are useless savages, can’t think further than their noses, I have nothing against blacks, I just hate communist and racially motivated blacks that are dragging this country into another Zimbabwe. It is time us White South Africans stood together, English and Afrikanner, Boer, European and Rooinek (like I am), we will not just lay down and be slaughtered, we will make sure we go down fighting, and kill as many of these savages as possible when the uprising comes along. I hope that many more of us will stand up as one White community. Yes we are outnumbered, but we have more brain power amongst our minority than the whole black population of South Africa, probably more than the whole of Africa.
    I have a few black friends and they seem to have the common sense that to pursue the killing of all whites in this countryt, is just going to lead to more poverty for them and a country that will die in its bloodshed. A country that will starve to death because blacks cannot farm, govern properly, lie their own pockets with corrupt deals, many blacks are far more prosperous than whites, so don’t give us bullshit that all whites are rich and all blacks are poor. I will die for my family, in support of whites being recognised as an asset to South Africa. We add value, blacks subtract value. I gave blacks jobs, trained them, educated them, but in the end they were incompetant, inefficient, could not be trusted or relied on, and just milked me dry. So I closed down my business and now work for myself, their attitudes and foolishness cost over 100 black families an income and future. I can support myself because I have a brain, most of these 100 are still unemployed, on the crime wagon, starving but would not humble themselves, so now they can die for all I am concerned. They tried to screw me, but I was the victor in the end. If I could get close to the Mother F@%$ Julius Malema, I would take him out just for the happiness of knowing that one more idiot, communist black bastard was no longer alive to spread his lies and wicked hate speech, and lead what could be a great nation if we all worked together, into a pit of human suffering and poverty. Zuma you arsehole, start making a stand to wipe out all this racial hatred, because it is not going to get any better and you will have lots of blood on your hands.

  64. Steve
    I share your sentiments but, as Julius (and 99.99% of those like him) does not have the intellegence to understand what excactly you are saying, I feel it was a wasted effort.


  66. 100%. A good post. Not a single good politician, a servant to the country and the people and their needs – only self-serving. It especially disgusts me the way the ANC have politics the center of the lives of many. Even COSATU and their fanatical followers that are willing to throw people of trains. It shows that politics are overhyped in SA.

  67. Mark I can assure you there are millions that feel the way you do. Millions in SA. The ideas of the communists have ruined Africa. It is time the uneducated masses learned the truth why we fought against the communists – because they intended to take away all private property. And the ANC was in alliance with them from the very first time their president visited Moscow in 1917.


  69. Well Well! Maybe you should work more and stop wasting your companies money by surfing the internet all day! Fucken tippical black people…as hulle sit dan plak hulle en as hulle hardloop dan steel hulle oh yeah en as hulle le, dan teel die bliksems!!! Hey black lazy kaffer!!! Do you need a translations?? Google it! pig!!




  71. HAHA Calling I like it is!, such a funny and true reply to such a stupid person’s comment about having a job where they can sit infront of a computer all day! Wow really, you truly are blessed LOL. What has you’re comments brought to this conversation? Oh well, let’s see..hmmm that you’re a dumb ass! Come on..say something worthy and stop adding fuel to this won’t have the luxury of sitting on your ass if a war that breaks out between blacks and whites, you will be givin a gun and told to fight for your life…maybe then you can work off all that fat on your ass!! Let me just say that you have to remember that you’re (“brothers and sisters”) have Aids,,,most of them are going to die out within the next few months of Aids because they believe that sleeping with more then one person or having more then 1 wife is a blessing? And why do you all call each other brothers and sister? LOL hmmm who’s the inbreds now? And who is the people bashing who? You have killed more then 3000 white farmers since 1994!! Fucken drunk gay ass! Maybe you should go and wipe your ass!

    Nat tussen die ore!!

  72. This was a reply to an article, in the Mercury (some time ago), where the previously disadvantaged (Blacks) stated that it’s not too late for the previously advantaged (including whites, Indians and Coloreds) to apologize for apartheid. Check out the reply. Just too hot and so true.
    This was in the SA paper last week (Mercury). The main headline stated the following: It’s not too late for whites to say sorry for Apartheid………….
    Check the email that went around responding to the headline. It’s a kick ass response. The guy that wrote it has got it!!!

    ‘To the Previously Disadvantaged’
    We are sorry that our ancestors were intelligent, advanced and daring enough to explore the wild oceans to discover new countries and develop them.
    We are sorry that those who came before us took you out of the bush and taught you that there was more to life than beating drums, killing each other and chasing animals with sticks and stones.
    We are sorry that they planned, funded and developed roads, towns, mines, factories, airports and harbours, all of which you now claim to be your long deprived inheritance giving you every right to change and rename these at your discretion.
    We are sorry that our parents taught us the value of small but strong families, to not breed like rabbits and end up as underfed, diseased, illiterate shack dwellers living in poverty.
    We are sorry that when the evil apartheid government provided you with schools, you decided they’d look better without windows or in piles of ashes.
    We happily gave up those bad days of getting spanked in our all white Schools for doing something wrong, and much prefer these
    days of freedom where problems can be resolved with knives and guns.
    We are sorry that it is hard to shake off the bitterness of the past when you keep on raping, torturing and killing our friends and family members, and then hide behind the fence of ‘human rights’ with smiles on your faces.
    We are sorry that we do not trust the government… We have no reason to be so suspicious because none of these poor “hard working intellectuals” have ever been involved in any form of “corruption or irregularities”.
    We are sorry that we do not trust the police force and, even though they have openly admitted that they have lost the war against crime and criminals, we should not be negative and just ignore their corruption and carry on hoping for the best.
    We are sorry that it is more important to you to have players of colour in our national teams than winning games and promoting patriotism. We know that sponsorship doesn’t depend on a team’s success.
    We are sorry that our border posts have been flung open and now left you competing for jobs against illegal immigrants from our beautiful neighbouring countries.
    All of them countries that have grown into economic powerhouses after kicking out the ‘settlers’.
    We are sorry that we don’t believe in witchcraft, beet root and garlic cures, urinating on street corners, virginity testing, slaughtering of bulls in our back yards, trading women for cattle and other barbaric practices. Maybe we just grew up differently.
    We are sorry that your medical care, water supplies, roads, railways and electricity supplies are going down the toilet because skilled people who could have planned for and resolved these issues had to be thrown away because they were of the wrong ethnic background and now have to work in foreign countries where their skills are highly appreciated.
    We are so sorry that we’d like this country to fulfil its potential so we can once again be proud South Africans.
    The Previously Advantaged
    PS In the old regime… we had lights and water


  74. I am so sick of black people referring to SA as “their land”. It’s this complete lack of logic that frustrates white people and divides further. Good God Man, there are several large tracts of land in South Africa where white people lived before a single black foot stepped. (eg: all the land along the coast west of the Fish River.) And, regardless of that, if you really want to use the ridiculous argument that your dark skin makes you more African than any other ethnic group, many of whom have worked and lived in this land before Apartheid was even introduced, what exactly were you doing with “your land”? What were you doing with the vast resources, the gold, the diamonds, the vast natural beauty? Sweet fuck all. It took the white man’s arrival to show your simple mind how to actually profit from resources. Again, all you wanted to do was kill each other, rape goats and marry two hundred odd wives, so your future generations would be eternally stupider compared to the rest of the world because of inbreeding. Now, centuries later, you covet everything the white man BROUGHT TO THIS LAND. Because last time I checked, no regular black person really wants to work hard and achieve personal fulfilment, what they DEMAAANNND is a flashy BMW for doing exactly nothing.

  75. The economy will not collapse, but the illussion of your intelligence will die i’m sure. free from european influence and manipulation other peoples of this planet could thrive, what black people have become is a result of your ancestor’s degradations of human white man arouses fear in me anymore nor do i have to prove my worth, you’re far from the realistic works of the earth. That i know your culture is brainwash expirimental programs that are now harming everyone who has contact with it, borders, politics, nationality and all segregation has root in your civil lie zation. Deny the congo-niger intelligence , afrika intelligence is evident everywhere from egypt, india to sri lanka, the aryan race paranoia insecurities has made you scavengers and parasites of true terrestial existence. Even you maliciously rewrote world history… To prove your superiority?. Killed native people for perpetuating your posterity. Aids is your creation, nuclear weapons? we have never had control, don’t play sophisticated with us. We know and understand you. genetically nature will wipe you out, look at the epidemics that hit europe. Our disease and extermination you create those don’t you? Racism please? And this is not about malema, and steve is my descendant.

  76. Dear Zim-Zim. If old Mad Dog Mugabe & Zimbabwe is soooo fatanstic – why don’t you go live there? I look to the North of Africa to see the chaos and destruction that will soon follow in South Africa. Once lucritive, abundant countries like Zambia / Zimbabwe etc. that have been brought to their knees by ignorance. Black people despise the so-called “white colonialists”, and yet they drive their cars, watch their movies, wear their clothes. Blacks are chanting “Africa for the African’s”, I say go right ahead, each person resembling a white colonialists should retract their input from this country, step aside, and watch it burn to the ground. Because inevitably this is what a black-led government will do. They will have their cake and eat it, whilst their fellow country men starve to death and rot on the side of the road, unburried, like in Zimbabwe. KILL THE FARMER, KILL THE BOER… When will you IGNORANT IDIOTS learn, that money cannot be eaten…

  77. Yes Zim Zim,

    We took you out of the bush, gave you clothes and try to make a human out of you. We failed.

    It was an immense pleasure this last couple of days to tell the black beggars at the traffic lights to go and fuck themselves.

    Pieter Uys bought this country from you, Dingaan signed the papers with an X, because guess guess…..he did not even have a clue to hold a pen. Then he murdered Uys. So, you guys have no clue what this is all about. Look at all the other black country’s in Africa, one big fuckup!

    Give a black man a ball, yes then he is happy, just a pity that you don’t even have ball sense. Banana Banana and the rest of the ape squad is ranked last in the world.

    The way we see it is that you just don’t have, what it takes to be called humans….. You will always, and I mean always have the black white issue. If I have to go to, let’s say Europe, I will have long forgotten about you slaves. But no where in the world you can go without always looking up to the white man
    Always feel threatened. What a kak life!! Shame man.

    Our blacks in South Africa is probably the only blacks that stand and piss next to a high way, the only fukkers that has a nose as flat as they’re heads and the only fukkers that can change they’re minds by sticking their filthy fingers in they’re noses and dig to they’re brains.

    We have the dumbest blacks in Africa and by far in the world. You have not yet invented anything after 400 hundred years since we got here and tried to make humans out of you.

    You think Zimbabwe is a better place now that the whites is gone, but the poor Zim fuckers has to come beg by our white people now. How ironic.

    Can you be proud of yourself? You say you want you land back, it was never yours, you were all dancing around the fire every night in Transkei, to afraid to exploit, to afraid to built and create. Just look after cows, determine wealth of cows.
    We should have called you cow people, but that would be an insult to our poor cows. (they have more savvy than you)

    PS: I don’t want to kill apelema, I just want to cut his tongue out…….
    He’s death will be a sticky one, there is no two ways about it….

    So enjoy your narrow minded thoughts….
    Once a darkie…..always a darkie……

  78. One more thing……

    We also have a song….

    One Taxi….One Hand Grenade…

  79. It is people like you that make us racist even though we are not. I bet you are one of JM’s followers. And you listen to all the shit he talks. Poor, Poor guy. I feel sorry for you. Keep on living you your own little savage dream world.

  80. Keep on dreaming Zim Zim. We will never leave. This is OUR country. If you think, things are so wonderful with Mugabe in Zim, why dont you go and live there and leave South Africa to people who love this country.

  81. To “Proudly coloured” Dis wat ons nog hele vokken tyd probeer sê! Hoekom kan wittes en coloureds saam werk, maar nie wittes en swartes of swartes en coloureds? Waar de vok dink julle lê die probleem? Dis rerig goed om te weet dat die coloureds besef dis nie ‘n rasis ding teen hulle nie, maar ‘n politieke orgie wat die swart mense propoganda injaag van skiet die boer. Wat van skiet vir Julias en elke swart nai wat soos hy dink. Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,

  82. (A few months later; but what the heck)
    Sorry estelle, but where do BC and I seem to disagree? I too know that if the majority of blacks in SA would think like him, we would be booming as a nation.
    But if pigs grow wings we’d better not forget our brollies; what with all this pig excrement raining down.
    (And I don’t care if you are white or green, it’s what’t on the inside that counts)

  83. I have to agree with 99% of intelligent South Africans. This Malema is the Robert Mugabe of SA. I thought Zuma was an idiot?!?!!!! Does this F……g Malema even know how to spell ” shut da boor ” ( that’s probably how he would ) My personal opinion is that this f……d up stupid K…….R BASTARD should be taken out as soon as possible!!!!! He has no place in any form of civilized society…Or even uncivilized society for that matter. He just a STUPID, DUMB, IGNORAMIC, UNINTELLIGENT, WASTE OF SPACE, and, and, and K…..R. I think that when he gets taken out we need to review the laws as far as burial depth goes, because my F..K he will definitely contaminate the earth, not just for white people but for his own people that support us as well!!! Now my job is in safety, health and environment, and if we look at the stats then the environment will bee f……d the day that K…..R F..k is buried!!!!

    PS: I am not a racist!!!!! I just hate the F…KS a SH1T load less than I should!!!!!

  84. i don’t see why this mother fucken boers are still living with high hopes that one day they cn lead us. you all dead and this time is us blacks creating a secrete poison that comes with a crocodile smile to kill you all and bury you where no one cn find you..i hate you pigs and us blacks we will lead you till Jesus comes down…is either you accept or fly yourself to London….fuck you all who commented and say we blacks are kaffirs “kaffir is ur pink mother s ass” marete

  85. The very act of doing what I am doing now shows the value of Western culture: communicating in a sophisticated and civilized manner…

    Vir Steve wil ek vra: kan jy die name van 5 Afrikaanse komponiste noem wat grootskaalse simfoniese werke, waar die ontwikkeling en vernuwing van idees van primere belang is, gekomponeer het? Oor Malema: hy het sonder ‘n pa grootgeword en toon tipiese probleme met grensafbakening – weet nie altyd wanneer hy grense oorskry nie en dit pla hom klaarblyklik ook nie.

  86. Why did you pinks leave sunny Europe in the first place? To escape poverty, disease and rotten Governance nes pas? Well, England and Holland are still there, why don’t you uninvited guests just go back home? The Portuguese did just that when they were forcibly removed from Mozambique and Angola! What are you spooks still doing here on the “dark” continent? Bringing us bmw’s? Since when did the boertjies get bragging rights for Germany’s products? Bmw’s are not boerewors. Hambane kalhe, and take the hof with you.

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