Steve Hofmeyr writes letter to Julius Malema

Cape Town, South Africa – For those that had enthusiasm for the World Cup it seems to be vanishing fast among the threats of Julius Malema and other government officials in this country. The threat to kill all white people and the support behind the genocide against the farmers of South Africa becomes clear, white people are under threat in this country.

Steve Hofmeyer posted a letter to Malema on his blog, this is most probably how many South Africans feel right now.


Dear Julius

As of today I withdraw my former World Cup enthusiasm with active endorsements of all warnings to potential visitors until your leadership rebuke you as we see fit.

Tomorrow, after you’ve shot the Boere you will still be a pitiful black African living in denial of your own impotence parading as a fake achiever without contributing to the world a single original idea.

Yours is mere envy disguised as hatred as nothing you say, wear, drive and steal alas, even your idiocy, is a luxury born of this continent.

You must appeal to base sentiment as Africa has yet to yield a single intellectual, a single thought school, a single intellectual thought not inspired by the very West you and Mugabe detest.

You have been a phony from the day you set out to champion a defiance from a period you we not even born.

You are still consuming from that productive era living in the lap of luxury thanks to the taxes of the very people you want to shoot, the only tribe to sacrifice a third of its population to breath in the African air.

In history South Africans will choose to forget you when the only thing you should be remembered for is you share in the falling short of a brilliant idea: a working South Africa.

You are a black man. To be proud you must pander to white ideas: you must drive cars, live in expensive hotels, wear suits, be Christian, do unions, be Communist, wear wigs, speak English and play soccer.

Although I know better, you will enforce the stereotype of how Africans are globally viewed… with pity.

Steve Hofmeyr


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  1. This was a reply to an article, in the Mercury (some time ago), where the previously disadvantaged (Blacks) stated that it’s not too late for the previously advantaged (including whites, Indians and Coloreds) to apologize for apartheid. Check out the reply. Just too hot and so true.
    This was in the SA paper last week (Mercury). The main headline stated the following: It’s not too late for whites to say sorry for Apartheid………….
    Check the email that went around responding to the headline. It’s a kick ass response. The guy that wrote it has got it!!!

    ‘To the Previously Disadvantaged’
    We are sorry that our ancestors were intelligent, advanced and daring enough to explore the wild oceans to discover new countries and develop them.
    We are sorry that those who came before us took you out of the bush and taught you that there was more to life than beating drums, killing each other and chasing animals with sticks and stones.
    We are sorry that they planned, funded and developed roads, towns, mines, factories, airports and harbours, all of which you now claim to be your long deprived inheritance giving you every right to change and rename these at your discretion.
    We are sorry that our parents taught us the value of small but strong families, to not breed like rabbits and end up as underfed, diseased, illiterate shack dwellers living in poverty.
    We are sorry that when the evil apartheid government provided you with schools, you decided they’d look better without windows or in piles of ashes.
    We happily gave up those bad days of getting spanked in our all white Schools for doing something wrong, and much prefer these
    days of freedom where problems can be resolved with knives and guns.
    We are sorry that it is hard to shake off the bitterness of the past when you keep on raping, torturing and killing our friends and family members, and then hide behind the fence of ‘human rights’ with smiles on your faces.
    We are sorry that we do not trust the government… We have no reason to be so suspicious because none of these poor “hard working intellectuals” have ever been involved in any form of “corruption or irregularities”.
    We are sorry that we do not trust the police force and, even though they have openly admitted that they have lost the war against crime and criminals, we should not be negative and just ignore their corruption and carry on hoping for the best.
    We are sorry that it is more important to you to have players of colour in our national teams than winning games and promoting patriotism. We know that sponsorship doesn’t depend on a team’s success.
    We are sorry that our border posts have been flung open and now left you competing for jobs against illegal immigrants from our beautiful neighbouring countries.
    All of them countries that have grown into economic powerhouses after kicking out the ‘settlers’.
    We are sorry that we don’t believe in witchcraft, beet root and garlic cures, urinating on street corners, virginity testing, slaughtering of bulls in our back yards, trading women for cattle and other barbaric practices. Maybe we just grew up differently.
    We are sorry that your medical care, water supplies, roads, railways and electricity supplies are going down the toilet because skilled people who could have planned for and resolved these issues had to be thrown away because they were of the wrong ethnic background and now have to work in foreign countries where their skills are highly appreciated.
    We are so sorry that we’d like this country to fulfil its potential so we can once again be proud South Africans.
    The Previously Advantaged
    PS In the old regime… we had lights and water


  3. Hey baboon, Go fuck a goat like your fellow chimpanzees, You filthy idiotic fellow kaffir eating dirt-bag !!!

  4. I am so sick of black people referring to SA as “their land”. It’s this complete lack of logic that frustrates white people and divides further. Good God Man, there are several large tracts of land in South Africa where white people lived before a single black foot stepped. (eg: all the land along the coast west of the Fish River.) And, regardless of that, if you really want to use the ridiculous argument that your dark skin makes you more African than any other ethnic group, many of whom have worked and lived in this land before Apartheid was even introduced, what exactly were you doing with “your land”? What were you doing with the vast resources, the gold, the diamonds, the vast natural beauty? Sweet fuck all. It took the white man’s arrival to show your simple mind how to actually profit from resources. Again, all you wanted to do was kill each other, rape goats and marry two hundred odd wives, so your future generations would be eternally stupider compared to the rest of the world because of inbreeding. Now, centuries later, you covet everything the white man BROUGHT TO THIS LAND. Because last time I checked, no regular black person really wants to work hard and achieve personal fulfilment, what they DEMAAANNND is a flashy BMW for doing exactly nothing.

  5. The economy will not collapse, but the illussion of your intelligence will die i’m sure. free from european influence and manipulation other peoples of this planet could thrive, what black people have become is a result of your ancestor’s degradations of human white man arouses fear in me anymore nor do i have to prove my worth, you’re far from the realistic works of the earth. That i know your culture is brainwash expirimental programs that are now harming everyone who has contact with it, borders, politics, nationality and all segregation has root in your civil lie zation. Deny the congo-niger intelligence , afrika intelligence is evident everywhere from egypt, india to sri lanka, the aryan race paranoia insecurities has made you scavengers and parasites of true terrestial existence. Even you maliciously rewrote world history… To prove your superiority?. Killed native people for perpetuating your posterity. Aids is your creation, nuclear weapons? we have never had control, don’t play sophisticated with us. We know and understand you. genetically nature will wipe you out, look at the epidemics that hit europe. Our disease and extermination you create those don’t you? Racism please? And this is not about malema, and steve is my descendant.

  6. Dear Zim-Zim. If old Mad Dog Mugabe & Zimbabwe is soooo fatanstic – why don’t you go live there? I look to the North of Africa to see the chaos and destruction that will soon follow in South Africa. Once lucritive, abundant countries like Zambia / Zimbabwe etc. that have been brought to their knees by ignorance. Black people despise the so-called “white colonialists”, and yet they drive their cars, watch their movies, wear their clothes. Blacks are chanting “Africa for the African’s”, I say go right ahead, each person resembling a white colonialists should retract their input from this country, step aside, and watch it burn to the ground. Because inevitably this is what a black-led government will do. They will have their cake and eat it, whilst their fellow country men starve to death and rot on the side of the road, unburried, like in Zimbabwe. KILL THE FARMER, KILL THE BOER… When will you IGNORANT IDIOTS learn, that money cannot be eaten…

  7. Yes Zim Zim,

    We took you out of the bush, gave you clothes and try to make a human out of you. We failed.

    It was an immense pleasure this last couple of days to tell the black beggars at the traffic lights to go and fuck themselves.

    Pieter Uys bought this country from you, Dingaan signed the papers with an X, because guess guess…..he did not even have a clue to hold a pen. Then he murdered Uys. So, you guys have no clue what this is all about. Look at all the other black country’s in Africa, one big fuckup!

    Give a black man a ball, yes then he is happy, just a pity that you don’t even have ball sense. Banana Banana and the rest of the ape squad is ranked last in the world.

    The way we see it is that you just don’t have, what it takes to be called humans….. You will always, and I mean always have the black white issue. If I have to go to, let’s say Europe, I will have long forgotten about you slaves. But no where in the world you can go without always looking up to the white man
    Always feel threatened. What a kak life!! Shame man.

    Our blacks in South Africa is probably the only blacks that stand and piss next to a high way, the only fukkers that has a nose as flat as they’re heads and the only fukkers that can change they’re minds by sticking their filthy fingers in they’re noses and dig to they’re brains.

    We have the dumbest blacks in Africa and by far in the world. You have not yet invented anything after 400 hundred years since we got here and tried to make humans out of you.

    You think Zimbabwe is a better place now that the whites is gone, but the poor Zim fuckers has to come beg by our white people now. How ironic.

    Can you be proud of yourself? You say you want you land back, it was never yours, you were all dancing around the fire every night in Transkei, to afraid to exploit, to afraid to built and create. Just look after cows, determine wealth of cows.
    We should have called you cow people, but that would be an insult to our poor cows. (they have more savvy than you)

    PS: I don’t want to kill apelema, I just want to cut his tongue out…….
    He’s death will be a sticky one, there is no two ways about it….

    So enjoy your narrow minded thoughts….
    Once a darkie…..always a darkie……

  8. One more thing……

    We also have a song….

    One Taxi….One Hand Grenade…

  9. It is people like you that make us racist even though we are not. I bet you are one of JM’s followers. And you listen to all the shit he talks. Poor, Poor guy. I feel sorry for you. Keep on living you your own little savage dream world.

  10. Keep on dreaming Zim Zim. We will never leave. This is OUR country. If you think, things are so wonderful with Mugabe in Zim, why dont you go and live there and leave South Africa to people who love this country.

  11. To “Proudly coloured” Dis wat ons nog hele vokken tyd probeer sê! Hoekom kan wittes en coloureds saam werk, maar nie wittes en swartes of swartes en coloureds? Waar de vok dink julle lê die probleem? Dis rerig goed om te weet dat die coloureds besef dis nie ‘n rasis ding teen hulle nie, maar ‘n politieke orgie wat die swart mense propoganda injaag van skiet die boer. Wat van skiet vir Julias en elke swart nai wat soos hy dink. Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,Skiet die swart nai,

  12. (A few months later; but what the heck)
    Sorry estelle, but where do BC and I seem to disagree? I too know that if the majority of blacks in SA would think like him, we would be booming as a nation.
    But if pigs grow wings we’d better not forget our brollies; what with all this pig excrement raining down.
    (And I don’t care if you are white or green, it’s what’t on the inside that counts)

  13. I have to agree with 99% of intelligent South Africans. This Malema is the Robert Mugabe of SA. I thought Zuma was an idiot?!?!!!! Does this F……g Malema even know how to spell ” shut da boor ” ( that’s probably how he would ) My personal opinion is that this f……d up stupid K…….R BASTARD should be taken out as soon as possible!!!!! He has no place in any form of civilized society…Or even uncivilized society for that matter. He just a STUPID, DUMB, IGNORAMIC, UNINTELLIGENT, WASTE OF SPACE, and, and, and K…..R. I think that when he gets taken out we need to review the laws as far as burial depth goes, because my F..K he will definitely contaminate the earth, not just for white people but for his own people that support us as well!!! Now my job is in safety, health and environment, and if we look at the stats then the environment will bee f……d the day that K…..R F..k is buried!!!!

    PS: I am not a racist!!!!! I just hate the F…KS a SH1T load less than I should!!!!!

  14. i don’t see why this mother fucken boers are still living with high hopes that one day they cn lead us. you all dead and this time is us blacks creating a secrete poison that comes with a crocodile smile to kill you all and bury you where no one cn find you..i hate you pigs and us blacks we will lead you till Jesus comes down…is either you accept or fly yourself to London….fuck you all who commented and say we blacks are kaffirs “kaffir is ur pink mother s ass” marete

  15. The very act of doing what I am doing now shows the value of Western culture: communicating in a sophisticated and civilized manner…

    Vir Steve wil ek vra: kan jy die name van 5 Afrikaanse komponiste noem wat grootskaalse simfoniese werke, waar die ontwikkeling en vernuwing van idees van primere belang is, gekomponeer het? Oor Malema: hy het sonder ‘n pa grootgeword en toon tipiese probleme met grensafbakening – weet nie altyd wanneer hy grense oorskry nie en dit pla hom klaarblyklik ook nie.

  16. you know what they say, “we are not born racist but made so by the actions of the black people them self”

  17. I’m not trying to be cold hearted, but your ancestors (I’m am assuming you are white as you assumed I’m black) fought for a land that was not there’s. The war was created by their own hands therefore the people to blame are themselves (though regretfully innocent women and children were killed in the process). In contrast black people did not ask for Apartheid, as Jewish people did not ask for the Holocaust. I can admit the way black people don’t conduct themselves in the same manner as Jewish people do, but does that mean they deserve injustice. I wouldn’t wish concentration camps, gas chambers and yes.. a dompas on my worst enemy… would you?

  18. Dear Anon

    I never, by any stretch of imagination insinuated that this boy Malema was right, quite the contrary. To answer your question, I would have protested as loudly as I protested against the foolish statements that were uttered by JM, and now Steve Hofmeyer. I am not being disingenious or intellectually dishonest here, the reason I am being loud about SH is due to the shock with which I read his letter. We (black and white thinking people) all understand that Malema is a pain in the neck which we would do anything to get rid of, a powerful youth figure with low cunning who takes no cognisance of consequences of his actions . But the new revelation was SH’s racist and vile thinking. On Malema,I’ve been busy dousing fires around the township, debating with peers and other students: most people are aware that he is a big liability. The interesting strategy most youth leaders take is that they think of him as a potential insurance policy against the risk of resurgent right wing Afrikaner racist wave in the form of AWB, Danie Roodt’s organisation, Boeremag or any other force that destabilises black people. Much like keeping a cocked pistol when walking the streets. My point is that the gun is not necessary and is potentially damaging to both sides. There also is no guarantee that this gun can be aimed at a particular party with any measure of control and certainty. JM is probably the perfect kind of guy to start a civil war or an event of serious nature like it. What makes my argument difficult is the question from other youth leaders ” After all these years of fighting Apartheid and the 16 years experience of attempting reconciliation, what makes you think there is no threat of Afrikaner racist resurgence against blacks in the face of all these latest developments: AWB reformation, Danie Roodt, Boeremag coup plan, Afrikaner University culture and UFS event and the kind of white rhetoric we get flooded with on the internet?”

  19. What I find absolutely sad is that you talk of all these parties that are threatening the black race…… White people are currently being murdered on their farms, raped in their homes, children are being dismembered. If that doesn’t call for some form of revolution, I don’t know what does.
    I won’t even get started on the topic of BEE, which in any white man’s mind, living in South Africa, is reverse racism. Now, I ask you with tears in my eyes, what have the AWB or any other any supposed anti-black party done or propogated in the form of violence towards other ethnic groups in the last 10 years? Or am I missing the plot completely????? You are trying to argue a point that you simply can’t win. It’s not even worth a debate. It’s wrong, it must stop.

  20. I also just want to add to my comment that racism is stuck in your heads, it is not us whites who bring it up the whole time and throw it in your faces. We kept quite and took it like a man. But because it is made clear to us by JM that we are hated and that we have to be murdered… that Zantsi is the only reason that we are no longer going to allow it. Nothing started apartheid in the past, that is just how it was. It is OVER you have your land so GET OVER IT. Stop blaming everything that happends to a black person on racism. If i by accident have to run a black person over i would be thrown in gail because i would be racist. But when white people are killed nothing comes from it……so who is racist? Did you really think that we are that stupid to just keep quite and allowing what is obvious to carry on? I think Malema has given Afrikaaners the push they needed.

  21. I understand and share your frustration. White farmers are endangered mostly due to their relative seclusion from mainstream rural communities, coupled with the criminal perception that they have more possessions than an average victim. I also believe, however, that there is an element of racism on the part of these criminals who attack them. Moreover, if the black victims of crime in the townships were afforded the same space and prominence in the media as their white counterparts, it would go a long way to dispel the myth that whites are singled out for this barbaric treatment. There is merit to the argument that a racial bias by the media towards covering white crime victims and survivors with more prominence than the blacks has fueled a racially biased outlook into the general problem of crime in our country, with whites looking more vulnerable or worse off. It is an experience I shared with a friend that in one such case earlier this year, when Pakiso Maqobane, a first year UCT medical student was murdered for no apparent reason. The media covered the event in several third and fourth page articles, and UCT students had a low key memorial service for him. Later, a white student Dominic Giddy met with the same fate. The media was abuzz, it felt like a completely different event from that of Maqobane. And UCT later held a prominent memorial with the VC, Dr. Max Price, making a speech. I felt for both students but I couldn;t help but take note.

  22. By the way, Giddy yields 34000 results on google, while Moqobane yields 546. What a difference in tributes to two young men with great potential. SA media!

  23. Hallo Zantsi

    I am a 24 year old Afrikaans white male. (My name might be Gareth but I was in an Afrikaans school, studied at an Afrikaans University and am thoroughly proud of Afrikaans culture).

    To think that the white people are stupid enough (as a whole) or even WANT to have a “resurgence” against black people, well, no offence, but that is stupid.

    You know, I don’t believe Steve’s letter is rascist. You are more then welcome to write a looooong letter about the less admirable characterics of a certain white person (and somehow insinuate that all white’s are like this) and all I will do is shrug and smile. Why? Because I do not NEED affirmation of my own worth or the worth of my culture or my race from anybody else.

    All the white people want (including Steve Hofmeyer) is for the black people (no offence intented) to give up their silly sense of entitlement and start generating a positive working attitude to create a better South Africa for all.

    By the way, I’m discriminated against on a daily basis in SA because of the colour of my skin. I’m sure you have no problem with this. So who is the rascist now???

    Oh I can’t be bothered to write a long message right now, have to work. You are welcome to email me: if you have anything to say.

    Have a pleasant day!



  24. I agree those days are over! whites will stand together! we are a proud and powerfull race and there is nothing wrong in admitting that. for too long we have been quiet, call it racism call it proud of my own race or whatever you want but you cant argue what Anonymous has stated, whenever we do something its racism when you sing kill the boer its struggle songs. There’s not only sotho heroes in this country! wake up

  25. Dear Zantsi, thank you so much for your wisdom and perspective on this whole matter. As an Afrikaans speaking South African I am saddened by the lack of insight and emotive arguing that is used by both JM and SH and it is even a greater pitty that so much space is given to them by the media. I wish the media would create more space for genuine intelectual dialogue about the real issues that face our country, like poverty and the latent racism that determines what is in the headlines. It would be great if there were more conversations about these issues rather than having to use the platform created by such letters! Peace be with you!

  26. Hey Gareth

    The major issue I have with a letter like yours is the generalisation trend displayed through the reasoning. You say “To think that the white people are stupid enough (as a whole) or even WANT to have a “resurgence” against black people, well, no offence, but that is stupid.” I say the very first part of the sentence is so generalised it’s virtually meaningless. I think white people are a group of individuals with separate and various tastes, interests, capacities, needs and goals. I can never think in terms of this complex group of people in simple terms. All I said was that there are events, which I thoroughly outlined, which gave credence to the notion that white racist South Africans who have been quiet for a long time are becoming vocal and bolder, but bothersome as this is, it was not the central part of my argument. It was outlined as part of the reasons advanced by some black youths as cause for concern. I never even insinuated that the majority of whites are finding this alluring.
    You say “You know, I don’t believe Steve’s letter is rascist. You are more then welcome to write a looooong letter about the less admirable characterics of a certain white person (and somehow insinuate that all white’s are like this) and all I will do is shrug and smile. Why? Because I do not NEED affirmation of my own worth or the worth of my culture or my race from anybody else.”
    I say, neither did I, but from the letter he wrote, I deduce that he does not consider black people to be humans capable of holding their own. But what has my critique of SH’s letter and attitude got to do with the affirmation of your worth or that of your culture? With the big presumption that there was some relation, would the affirmation of your worth or that of your culture involve ravaging others? If so, the admitted indirect truth would be, your culture is only a function of others and as such, you need others to exalt yourself over for the mere purpose of imploring your self worth. Are you comfortable with this? As of insinuating that all white people are like that, dude, are you being real?

    You say you are sure that I would like to hear that you are discriminated against. I say I may have wasted time trying to be logical with you, for it doesn’t seem take you much logic to reason through before drawing conclusions. As far as identifying yourself is concerned, I don’t know what that is about, for there is not an iota of weight attached to personal subjective factors of identity in a logical argument, but then again you may not have intended it as thus. If you intended to know me better here I identify myself: I’m 25, Xhosa, in Cape Town, a moderate liberal, Christian an Economics grad, a rugby, cricket and chess player, the second of four boys at home… Hope that gives a clearer picture. Now back to logic, none of that friendly nonsense…

  27. Dear Anon
    I am humbled by your generousity. Its great to be in agreemant with someone, at least about the straight forward issues like JM’s stupidity and SH’s disappointingly racially-toned letter. I also feel the most important matters are being robbed of due attention by all of this. Kind regards.

  28. There is nothing wrong with white people engaging each other and affirimg themselves and their culture, I just thing in an environment with defferent cultures the process should be managed responsibly. There are many examples of countries that got into civil strife through this sort of ethnic nationalism going extreme. I’ve spent numerous hours calling my fellow Xhosas to order in how they exercise their freedom to cultural practices and identity. The moment one’s culture becomes a function of the other, there is a problem. You say you are powerful, but over whom? Can you see?

  29. Civil lie zation? Christianity? egocentric reasoning! Steve is the average knowista. Afrika is not impressed and Steve YOU ARE no AFRIKAneer (preffered amnesia), we humble to these temporary inconviniences of foolish invincibility he is feeling. We are of life, our lives’ story and yours have parallel existence… Mugabe and malema are your produce, reactionaries to your brutalities.

  30. I Share sentiments with You Kevin, but You do not want to see some of the farmers through the eyes of as black young lady enslaved to them pre 1994, as they could have raped you anyhow shamed you and you wouldn’t have said a word to any body. Now having shed a glimpse of that we have had black folks shot at and called monkeys in farms. But it is no reason for Mr. J Malema to sing suck songs its disrupting whatever tolerance we live under. Just today I experince a disrution of a lecture because sum1 had Ideas of demanding us to attend a meetings. We are all racist Bllacks and Whites alike. We must look into how we can coexist

  31. If you want to draw a statistical line – please also take into account WHO the most internet users are. 48% of users of the internet Worldwide, is white… A large number of white people who left SA, use the internet to keep intouch with what is happening in SA. They also share their stories with collegues, who then at their time google and research SA even further… So, don’t play the racist media card here – it just doesn’t add up.

  32. I must say that in a big way I agree with you – but we should remember – we are not working here with black and white on paper. We are working with REAL people, who is experiancing emotions which is quite REAL and VERY TRUE. It is grounded in what is currently happening in your land. Have you ever visited a farmattack crime scene?? If one has seen, or heard what the FACTS are, what HAPPEND – you can not stand untouched. It will open a stronger emotion in you, that you’ve might expected.
    Lets all of us remember – that we act in what we see, believe and want.

  33. Malema is not representantive of our goals and struggles(anc),revenge is not in our plan. Intelligence is knowing our children will be better than us, all races. we all know love, only true hearts know its functions in daily existence.

  34. Hi mr zantsi,I am a 28 year old south african woman, so basically Malema’s age, I therefore grew up in the new South Africa and was taught that we are all equal. I often wonder though, why people in the townships vote for ANC, a government that takes huge bonuses for themselves while leaving their own brothers in the townships with unsafe homes, no running water no electricity. I understand that black people in South Africa would be scared of a white leader again after all the disgusting things that happened to them, but it just seems to me that you are being tortured in a different way by a black run government. If you look at how the western cape is run compared to the rest of the country, there is a huge difference, the infrastructure works and they are constantly striving to better the cities. Then you have jhb, totally corrupt with a failing infrastrucutre. This totally annoys me. Why can’t the black South Africans see that the ANC is not looking out for anyones better interest, just their back pockets. Please know I am not trying to be racist and if I came across like this in this reply I do apologise. I am merely trying to understand the logic of why black South Africans support a party that trully doesn’t care for them.

  35. E Zantsi

    You touch on an important point – the racist hatred is being refueled as it has not been seen since the 1970/80s. On both sides of the divide. DIVIDE there still is. 16 years isn’t a long time in the history of a nation. I have seen the depth of poisonous anger among great big bloated Afrikaner men – not permitted access to their emotions by their own culture anyway, they were already seething timebombs of dysfunctionality. Seeing their lazy kids unemployed while the ANC fatcats grab what they can, and not being permitted to say anything for fear of retribution, has added many kilos of fat and pent-up anger. Many of them claim to have ‘done what they can’ to help their new and inexperienced black bosses in the mines. I know how that goes – ‘help’ in a way that would guarantee failure and embarrassment. Sabotage in subtle and not so subtle ways.

    And I’ve seen the fatcat ANC sycophants exploit their connections to the hilt – lazy, incompetent (also) fat women and men who arrive early, posture while they’re there, leave early and name drop in ways that says “take action to attempt to make me accountable and YOU’LL REGRET IT because I’m ANC”. Stalinist Russia was indeed a good model for our ‘ruling party’ Excuse me? RULING PARTY? I don’t think so. Kings and Queens rule disempowered and disenfranchised people. A party ELECTED by an empowered (albeit naive still in the ways of democracy) electorate might be called the ‘governing party’ but sure as anything not RULING.

    But back to the main point. We’re still a nation in pain. We far too easily jump on the bandwagons that exploit our apartheid-based emotions. The only leaders we really need are those who can help us overcome. The leaders we have are unfortunately not those. THAT is why it is so incredibly important to have an independent judiciary and civil liberties associations willing to challenge behaviour in courts, to ensure that we keep on being reminded of our rights and obligations under the constitution and that those rights and obligations are upheld.

    Viva the constitution, VIVA.

  36. E Zantsi What you say is shocking and not surprising – I concur with you that racial stereotyping continues to influence the way we and our media perceive and report things around us. If I think of all the missing black kids that at best get reported statistically, but if there’s a BLONDE white kid gone missing, well, then it is like someone has stolen the face of God. What I’d really like you to do is to see what you think of Baz Edmeades’ attempt to be honest and realistic about live in the NSA in his online novel at
    ? I've seen reviews accusing him
    of fuelling dissent, but I don't
    read it that way. He's talking
    about what he sees and extrapolating
    from that to say what might be. In
    the case of his novel, this is the
    blowing up of the Peter Mokaba
    stadium by a disillusioned former
    MK general, just ahead of some
    right-wing Afrikaners who have
    personalised the farm murders
    (focused on their reality rather
    than recognising the bigger picture
    of violent crime all race groups
    are subject to).

    Jane Austen had a fundamental
    rule in her fiction: she never
    ever depicted scenes in which
    men were in the company of men
    only, because she said that was
    outside her own experience.
    What, therefore, do you think
    of the way in which Edmeades
    assumes to know what's going
    on here? Is he a when-we who
    did a chicken run to Canada and
    now wants to pontificate or is he
    making a valid contribution to South
    African literature and the political
    debate? Are his white characters idyllic
    and the black ones characitures?
  37. Dear Daniella,
    I’m not Mr Zantsi but allow me to give you my personal opinion as a 28 year old black male who grew up in the township. You will notice that I will not give away my real name for fear of victimisation because my opinions aren’t always welcomed by my black peers. Unlike the majority of black people I live a comfortable life in the suburbs with my wife and two little boys. I am a Christian and I don’t practice ancestral consultations or worship or honouring or whichever term the intellecual blacks are comfortable with. The preceding statement is not meant to offend my black brothers and sisters (as we famously refer to ourselves), although I know that some may find it offensive, I intentionally mentioned it to differentiate myself from the majority. My intention is not to belittle them but to illustrate a point that the majority of black people are too comfortable with the little they know, they don’t want to know beyond what they grew up knowing and they aren’t very receptive of foreign concepts.

    Now, an answer to your question; I would not vote for a white person into power because of fear that Apartheid could be reinstated, although theoretically possible, I find it logically incomprehensible and physically impossible, but fear still takes precedence. I don’t have personal loyalty to the ANC but they are a safe choice so far. I believe that the majority of black people would not vote for a white person out of fear as well and the older generation will also vote for them out of LOYALTY regardless of how it’s leadership. I don’t like the leadership of ANC, right from the top to their Youth wing but I still voted for them anyway.

    I’m not as frustrated as the people in the townships; these folks have it bad, unemployment, crime, disease, poor services all round, small houses or shacks yet I can assure you that come election time they will vote for the same ANC that frustrates them. If ever a white person stands a chance of leading this country, he or she must be a white version of Barack Obama. It’s sad but it’s reality.

    By the way; the DA could transform the Western Cape into the best province in the Republic, this means nothing to ‘Gogo Mhlongo’ in some rural village in Mpumalanga, as long as she’s still alive her vote will always be for the ANC and this is not an isolated statistic, it what the DA is up agaist. Personally I would join the DA tomorrow but fear has got it’s grip on me. Here’s a tip to the DA: do something visible to convince us that you wouldn’t flip on us. Don’t just talk, walk the talk, i.e empower the disempowered blacks. Yes, even though ANC is in power, the majority of blacks are disempowered.

  38. Dear Daniella

    Thank you for the thought-provoking question you have forwarded, I see Mr ‘Black Coconut’ has already given some invaluable contributions to enrich the sub topic. Firstly, we (you and I, Black Coconut and JM) are all in our late twenties and have had limited experience of Apartheid at work, (though the effects linger on) thus we should keep in mind that our opinions are mostly academic as opposed to empirical experiences that form opinions and outlooks of the older black generation. Valuable as our observations are, they may differ, even if slightly, with those of the older generation.

    BC addresses the fear factor concerning the black population voter patterns, I will steer clear of this line to avoid repetition, suffice it to say that I am in agreement with what he states. Furthermore, several other factors seem to play a role in black voter patterns: 1. People feel they remain beholden to the ANC for what it did for them, it removed a beast some felt even God could not help them with. Thus the ANC is in a sacred place to these people, it takes a lifetime of displeasure to even consider discarding such loyalty. In my opinion, most white people seem to have grossly underestimated this factor, (albeit understandably) or black loyalty in general.
    2. The black psyche of comfort in numbers. Sociologists are in agreement about the values of Africans paying particular attention to the needs of a people, rather than individual preferences. This can be seen in many facets of how blacks still live their lives today. E.g I see Black Coconut is very careful not to offend fellow black men by not observing traditional rites and practices. I, like him, do not practice these, but when I express my dissenting view, I ought to be very careful how I come across. From this example you can see how, in black communities an individual takes the back seat in favour of what the community feels. The black community steel feels comfortable with giving power to the winner of their freedom. This may change in years, but for now that’s how things are.
    3. Black people’s patience. Can you remember how long it took before the blacks started to fight Apartheid with arms? They started with protests and some stoic resilience, then after decades, started to mobilise for a real fight. Lazy example perhaps, but most whites will nevertheless agree that blacks are much more patient. This is not necessarily positive though, as incompetence and bad governance can be tolerated for some time before the real noise start being made.
    4. Dynamic contemporary race relations seem to chase the average black voter away from the white parties, by reinforcing the perceived animosity between blacks and whites. The public dialogue seems to be, most often than not, between a black and white person, party or organisations, mostly assuming the shape of accusations and counter accusations with racial undertones. This, to them, means ‘we are not yet one’, and they can only be persuaded into voting for a white person who does not regularly alienate other blacks in their every day engagements- whatever the dear reader takes the ‘alienation’ to be. Even if they themselves have differences with the said blacks, the issue is the nature, intensity and regularity of engagement with these blacks.

    5. What seems to be the most worrying factor amongst the black voter patterns is, quite simply, structural or political system ignorance. Before anyone starts jumping, I must point out that the blacks do not have a monopoly on this ignorance; whites have displayed some clear signs of their own- if marginally curbed by higher literacy.
    To define what I call structural ignorance: it is the relative lack of fundamental knowledge into the functioning of and ideal constitutional democratic state and all its institutions and principles. I.e. separation of powers, constitution and constitutional supremacy, judicial independence, prosecutorial independence, executive accountability to parliament, parliamentary oversight, the role of the courts and free media to democracy, etc. These are all delicate structural systems that work together to facilitate the working of a democracy. The silence of the people when Pres. Zuma appointed Menzi Simelane betrayed the lack of knowledge of how a democracy works. People do not undertstand how serious a threat that appointment was, not only to the democratic principles on which this country was founded, but to their individual liberties- e.g in defence of their rights against state power. I could expand on this last reason for a long time, if not for time constraints. The fact of the matter is that people do not understand when they are being put at a severe disadvantage, or the future of their children is being seriously compromised. It is my belief that if people knew, these well, they would be loathe to vote for such a party.

    Hopefully this makes some sense. Anyone who wants to add or criticise is more than welcome. A special thanks to Black Coconut for his contribution.

  39. How do you even begin to pretend to invoke the flawed-statistical-methodology argument against me, only to raise such a simplistic objection. How doesn’t it add up? Even the black press like the City Press are only marginally better at aknowledging black misfortune. The Giddy/Maqobane thing was an example, a perfect one at that, come up with a gracious counter argument or embrace the facts.

  40. Indeed, this is one of the least mentioned facts of SA society. The effects of which have turned out to be even more difficult for many people to begin to grasp, as they do not even appreciate the phenomenon. Gogo, I’m afraid no prizes for you having noted this, that’s how straight-forward it is. But how do you explain that many people have no appreciation of this blatant fact, let alone the far more complex effects of which?

  41. That’s an interesting read Gogo. You no doubt share the anger of many other SA citizens towards both this ANC establishment and the resurgent racist outlook.

  42. Mate time to smell the roses …….

    It is because of JM’ and friends out there that SA is so messed up.
    We want to forget the past and move on creating a democratic future, but that is clearly not everyones plan.

    Surely we should consider that by continually taking and depleting our Resources be that due to theft, fraud , abuse, murdering land invasion, and so forth , that these resources will eventually dry out.

    All you need to do is look at the rest of Africa it is a sad state of affairs, sadly SA will go the same way if we dont stop this anger and hatred and move on, as was Nelson Mandella’s dream. He was in prison 27 years and this is how his nation re-pay him? Do you guys sleep at night, are you not asahamed of destroying everything he sacrificed for ? Clearly not.

    We are tired of being physically robbed at gunpoint, murdered, physically assaulted, abused, threatened, verbally abused … you get the point ? We complete endless petitions requesting to tackle crime, yet crime has not decreased.
    You rob me once I call it bad luck then again and again and I ask .”Why dont you get off your ass and find a job?”
    You have no respect for your own culture let alone others.

    Yes you right as Expats we do spread the word ” don’t go to the World Cup” there are many other countries in the world that are more beautiful, cost less to get to , have less corruption, are safer where you don’t get robbed and even killed or violated by some idiot who is too lazy to work.

    We have left many things behind that money cannot buy. Life is not easy as a Foreigner.Yet we are South African we work hard and provide our families with the basics to live….. back home you shout and demand…..whatever happened to the theory dont give them money give them a fishing rod and teach them to fish.

    Thank God that there are still brave people back home , of all races, who are willing to speak up and in some cases put their lives at risk trying to pass on the message that all is not well back home. To those brave men and woman a big Thank you.!!

  43. Malema calls for killing of white people….and all you can do is call him a “PAIN IN THE NECK”? Tell me, E Zantsi, what would happen if I, a white face, stood up in front of a mob and called for the killing of black people???

  44. “A white version of Barak Obama” now for the life of me, tell me how you would be able to tell? Would they actually look like Barak, be black, but have vitiligo? You just said you would never vote for a white person. So now what you are really saying is you would never vote for a white SOUTH AFRICAN. There is no difference in what he proposes and what our DA, or maybe another white person may propose. You are talking shite. Like someone in the townships would suddenly say, “Oh that white person for some reason reminds me of Barak?’ Oh yeah! In fact just from what you said, tells me a bit about you. Why not go and vote for Barak in their next elections?

  45. Funny how you think you’re human – you’re just a kaffir – not fit to breathe you piece of garbage. South Africa should have done what the Aussies did to kaffirs!
    Nojento de merda!

  46. Barack Obama’s charisma and personality could be highly credited for his ability to mesmerise the voters. The only other president the US ever voted for who possesed the same qualities was JFK and he was white…

  47. Hi all,

    I am a 26 year old sa and german citizen I have been back in sa for about 6 years now. firstly I would like to say all sa citizens need to back up the soccer world cup. My reasoning behind this germany was a very divied country up until the world cup. The people now have a renewed national pride and a lot more are getting along a hell of a lot better now then ever before. secondly any celeb that writes letters like this clearly has a generally bad outlook on south africa and should proberbly leave the country.
    JM nedds to be put on a leash until he grows up however his growing popularity is something to be concerned about.

  48. Off the Hook.

    This is my view, slightly different than what is discussed above.

    I am a 40 Year old white male.

    I have this question?

    Was it really so bad before 1994?

    I am truly thinking hard what I or my family and lots of other white families did wrong. Yes, there were signs that read “whites only”. But I had black and brown friends, we played after school, we swam in the rivers and played with those water tyres. Black people had to ride 3rd class, they had to use they’re own toilets and had to swim in they’re marked parts at the beaches and could not vote. There was work for all and basically no crime. Doors and windows could be left open.

    Today (and I am being very realistic and not nasty) I can see why those signs were there. Go and have a look at black, coloured and white areas. You can see the difference for yourself. Most of the coloured and black areas is a mess, and yes some white areas as well, but that is minimum. That has nothing to do with politics. So that makes sense to me. You clean up after yourself, full stop. example: I saw just yesterday somebody eating Kfc and dumping all they’re serviettes, bones and boxes on the ground, right next to a garbage can.

    To get to the point, in my day, black people were not denied education, they just had to pay for it like the rest. They were not denied access to our hospitals in fact it was free, not like today where you have to pay around R50 to go to a government hospital. They could use bus and train services. Work there was, the wages was low, but then it was still up to you if you wanted it or not. We had an extremely successful coloured business man in our area. He had a shop and everybody bought there. They did not support him because he was white, coloured, or black. They supported him because he’s shop was neat and he’s product was good. If we were truly racist, then why did he get away with the fact to open a shop in an white man’s area.

    Yes there were racist, but I can guarantee you one thing, there are more white racist today, than there were before ’94. And the country has brought it down on itself. It was mentioned before, but it is true. South Africa is hiding behind racism.

    How can we fix it? We must and I stress on it stop affirmative action NOW, skilled white people is leaving South Africa with a bang, as a matter of fact, I am considering myself to go. Lot’s would have gone if they had the money. We should keep the skilled people here and benefit from them. Let leaders lead on not be led.

    So please tell me and ask your parents what was so bad for them before ’94, and ask them if it is better now. Give me both sides, so that I can understand.

  49. WHEN WILL SA BECOME A RAINBOW NATION??????????????????

  50. Dear Mr Zantsi

    Although the current affairs in South Africa makes me furious and leaves me feeling helpless, I would like to say that I value and respect your input and posts in particular. I am a white person, but disregarding racial differences and the current turmoil everywhere in South Africa, I DO recognise another person with insight, free will and most of all the ability to properly argument his point using proper language and without idiotic statements.

    It is people like you that convinces me that black people DO have the ability to be good, to think for themselves and to be civilised. The mistake the people have made thus far in the comments I have read is that their arguments are driven by hatred and racial tension and not by the ultimate goal of somehow coming to a conclusion and miraculously….a solution for the current dillemma we are ALL facing, not just whites, not just blacks….

    Maybe I just think differently? Maybe I`m wrong…..some might call me a kafferboetie (pardon this word….but its true….) for saying this, but I see a decent human being trying to make a point in a civilised manner. Nothing wrong with that, I am sure…no, thats too weak a word to use….I am irrevocably convinced that you would agree to an argument if it convinces you that such argument is the correct one. You are not ignorant, blind, self indulged or illiterate. You will admit if youre PROVEN wrong. THAT I admire. Not a lot of people can say that, it could be SAID of fewer people….but I`m saying this about you.

    That there’s a problem in South Africa, thats a given. How we’re going to solve it? Thats a mystery….

    There are so many misconceptions indoctrinated by years and years of lies and deception that its difficult for any of us to distinguish between fact and fiction….generalisation or singularity….Are all black people savage, ignorant, inhumane, brutal, immoral, stealing, murdering, plundering, corrupt idiots? BIG NO. Thus I understand where you’re coming from. You’re trying to educate us on the black perspective and point of view, am I right? Because if I’m right about this, I highly value such input. I think that white people often do not understand…..I am one of those. I do not understand, but people like you can educate me on the proverbial other foot that the shoe is on…..

    I would and could go on and on and on….theres so much I want to say, but alas, I have things to do. Please email me if youre interested in having a few debates and discussions.


    Schalk van Heerden

  51. But, how skilled are you exactly? Your article is full of embarassing grammar mistakes and fallacious conclusions. How relevant is this to the high-level discussion by Daniella, Zantsi and Black Coconut? I appreciate the attempt to be pragmatic, but I don’t think the black fellows will be impressed with you thinking it’s fine when they ride on 3rd class etc…

  52. Dear Mr. S. van Heerden

    Hew! Where do I start? It’s been one hell of a roller coaster period, the last two months or so. Things have changed once again with ET’s murder. So much hatred, anger and vitriol; it’s certainly one of the most volatile periods in race relations of post Apartheid SA. Most people take the easy way out by giving way to their anger and emotions. I feel honoured to be viewed by you to be an example of a decent black person, however, I don’t actually consider myself to be a person of outstanding character in the black community. There are many millions of them: good natured, honest, honourable, brave, intelligent etc. In neither of these qualities do I consider myself exceptional. I think we need to cultivate a better understanding of each other and our most intimate sentiments as a nation. This could be an opportunity for SA to get to a point where we could, in future, say we have been genuinely reconciled. Leadership fro both black and white people is now at it’s most testing moment since the Mandela-de Klerk moment. Hope they step up to the plate.
    On being worried about what other whites call you (Kaffir-boetie) when you agree with a black person, I say welcome to my world. I have a younger brother with ANCyl membership, who was a provincial Chairman of COSAS for the WC. Firebrand, yes, but this does not mean I should wilt under his pressure and subscribe to the drivel forwarded by youth political organisations. They occasionally call me a traitor, but only jokingly, as they understand how vociferous I’ve been when fighting white domination. The should thus understand the basis from which I argue when I oppose extreme Africanism. It is not easy to leave a life where you hardly have anyone supporting what you say because people are on the opposite ends of the divide. But this is exactly how we should learn to live if we are willing to make genuine progress and help those around us along the journey. Chris Hani was hated by some whites who called him a communist warmonger, and hated by some blacks who viewed his call for cessation of the armed struggle as selling out. He paid with his life, and he was a better man than both opposites combined.
    I will use your email in due course.

  53. The argument or sentiment of black people in SA that a potential future white government would “flip on us” and reinstate an apartheid regime is absolutely ridiculous and is just another product of the ANC’s power strategy. The reality is that Nelson Mandela and the rest of the prisoners on RI were RELEASED from that prison, they didnt escape or break out and then liberate this country from the Apartheid system. The Apartheid system came to an end with the agreement of the vast majority of the whites and part and parcel of the end of apartheid was to include blacks in the political, economic and social system when a referendum was held to give Blacks the vote. as a result the whites were under no illusions that the blacks would ever vote in a white government.
    White people have no interest what so ever in reinstating an apartheid regime and if that was the case then apartheid would never have ended in the first place.

    Some whites have however taken an interest in forming a volkstad or separate country ruled by Afrikaner whites in the Cape or Free State, this is an entirely different matter altogether and has very few supporters as of yet amongst the white population but due to people like JM and company, this idea will continue to gain prominence and if racial tensions escalate to the point of wide spread violence or worse an outright war then this will become a real possibility. JM however believes that all whites should be driven into the sea and has made many public statements along those lines. That will never happen, the only way Africa will be completely rid of whites is if all the whites decide to leave on their own accord and whites will never reinstate an apartheid system in South Africa but if pushed to breaking point whites will form a separate protected white state and that would be ultimately devastating to the rest of black South Africa and leave it in the same or worse position than the current situation in Zimbabwe.
    So blacks needn’t worry about another apartheid but rather worry about the potential forced separation of whites from the South African state which people like JM is seriously in the business of encouraging.

  54. What about Steve Biko? It is OK to be proud to be black, but it is not OK to be proud to be white. Screw all you blacks that always try to bring white pride down. We are proud of our achievements. And until you rival our achievements – stop breaking us down. Shaka killed a million. Mugabe threw 30k down mineshafts in 1982. Apartheid had 30k victims over 40 years. And in the process whites also built and did many great things. So stop trying to screw us out of our money and our land and time – you didn’t occupy it and you have no claim to it!

  55. E Zantsi

    Maybe you should take a look around you my friend…I am a 26 year old female and I am very lucky that when I was a little girl Mandela took over and this whole apartheid nonsense was over!! But, there was another thing that happend…Black people stared killing us white South Africans…in our own country!!! Yes Apartheid was and is wrong!!!! I don’t care who says what! I feel like there is still apartheid…..just not being labled that way anymore. Look, I was born in S.A and there for it is my country aswell as anyone’s who was born and raised there…and by NO means should anyone feel unsafe in they’re own homes or streets! I don’t live in South Africa anymore…I am in Australia now and I have to say that I love it here!! There are black/white/indian and heaps of different nationalities here and there is no fighting,war,killings and raping here like there is in S.A and it is mainly maybe because here we don’t have the past that we have in S.A I guess what I am trying to say E Zantsi is that you should stop acting as if you are in the middle…you black people tend to do that..act all innocent! I had to leave my country that I love with my whole heart and sole because I was almost killed by a black man! and I didnt want that type of life for my son…You can ask any white person if they have been affected by voilence in S.A or if they know anyone that have been hurt and I can assure you they will tell you that they have! Why does two wrongs make a right E Zantsi ?? For there is NO excuse for a black or white person hurting another human being,….NEVER! Now, I ask you, E Zantsi ….in 40 or maybe 50 years time…would you like your children to be killed by young white south Africans? yes well, the wheel can always turn and you black people act like revenge is ok…then it must be ok if things turn around? Dont think that things can change..there is alot more white ppl in this world then there are blacks..Im not racist…..just scared!


  57. Dear Black Coconut,

    I think it takes so much guts and a real strong person to say the things that you have said and I totally have to agree with you!! I am a white female and I wish that somehow we can push out the ANC! I think that if we can find a leader that would look after the black people as well as white that would be fantastic!! But where would we find such a person because I totally agree..I DONT WANT APARTHEID BACK! And I am also so scared that if a white man takes over that thats exactly whats going to happen mainly because there is so much hate going around! I don’t like the ANC and I wish that they can either change they’re ways (yeah right) or just make a move into a better direction!

    Let’s hope and pray that Eugene Terre’Blanche’s death won’t cause a white/black war..there has always been a war between us but, I truly hope that this won’t become the final straw for blacks and whites as his death has brought back so many angry memories from the past! I wish we can finally call apartheid what it should be…..over!

    God bless us all and I hope God can bring calm into all our hearts, whites and blacks!

  58. Hi Terry,

    Firstly let me explain. I am Afrikaans. I tried to take part and express my view on what was and is happening. I did not know that this blog was only for high-level discussions. So let me get this right. This is only for intelligent people that is good with English grammar and angels like you. Then I humbly apologize. I will sit back and only read – keep my feelings and experience to myself.

    So by the way, when I was in college, 3rd class was the only way I traveled. We grew up as poor white people, today I have 8 people working for me and I consider myself as a successful business man.

  59. Dear Kitty,
    I’m not E Zantsi but I share the same sentiments as him, so if you could allow me to also add my two cents. I sincerely symphatise with you regarding the violent incident you had with a black man. I am 28 years old and I’m a black man. I strongly condemn violence of any manner between humans regardless of race, gender or religion or based on general diversity.

    Several years ago, when I was still living in a township just outside of Pretoria I was mugged at gunpoint and the perpetrators took my cellphone, my wallet and they even forced me to give them my new sneakers. When they were satisfied that they had ransacked me, they instructed me to run. I ran in a zig-zag pattern just in case they felt the need to shoot me, I thought that at least I wouldn’t be an easy target, suffice to say I thank God that I was not hurt but severely traumatized. You would think that this would be the only experience I would go through, but alas in less than two months I was met with a similar fate and this time I was on my way from college in Pretoria. I had a school bag which I promptly dropped as I decided to run away this time. They stopped chasing me and settled for my bag instead, which had nothing of monetary value except my books and my ID document.

    Kitty, I had two traumatic experiences in the hands of black men too. This left me frustrated because I felt the same pain that most white people feel when violated by black men. I then joined a youth organization that works with juvenile prisoners, of which the majority of them are black. I wanted to know what goes on in the mind of a young black person. You see, I share a similar background with most of these criminals, in that I also grew up in a poor family but I’ve never entertained the thought of commiting crime for a living. Unfortunately there are some bad apples in my extended family so this goes to show that I must have fell a bit too far from the tree.

    Let me assure you that criminals are the least racist people you will find, if anything we could call them ‘class-ists’ for they choose most of their victims on the perception (not basis) of class. If you look like you fall within the middle class or upper class, you are most likely to fall victim to crime irrespective of race. The sad thing is that when crime is commited against black people it is not worthy enough to make headlines but as soon as a white person is violated we will be inundated with endless media reports. I think that this is unfair and damaging to the prospect of a non-racial country. I think that if we need to make any tangible progress towards a better South Africa, we need to stop politicizing crime across the racial line.

    I could go on and on but time is what I don’t have. If you need more clarity on my comment, you are more that welcome to email me directly on the following email address:

    ~~~ Black Coconut ~~~

  60. Dear Zak,
    According to Google Dictionary; A phobia is a very strong irrational fear or hatred of something. I would like to like to focus on the first part of the definition. The fear that Apartheid could be re-instated is genuine and irrefutable, it is not linked to any political party. At least I know a dozen people who could attest to that. However, practically speaking Apartheid could never be re-instated due to so many factors of which I believe you yourself can apprehend. I merely stated the reason why most black people could not vote for D.A or any other white-controlled political parties to enlighten the many white people who seem to be perplexed by this conundrum.

    I wish to comment about the issue of the volkstad, but I don’t have the time, perhaps later…

    ~~~ Black Coconut ~~~

  61. Dear Black Coconut
    As you have rightly stated yourself, this fear is irrational. Im not denying the reality of the black peoples fear of another apartheid, what I was trying to illustrate was the white perspective on the issue including the fact that apartheid ended with the consent of the vast majority of whites and clearly from most of the posts on this forum with the exception of a few troublemakers, most white people are vehemently opposed to the idea. As you also rightly stated “practically speaking Apartheid could never be re-instated due to so many factors” and whites are certainly well aware of this fact. However there is a growing interest in the idea of a separated white state or volkstad which is only fueled by the statements of JM and the current racial tensions in the country. What I was saying is that this idea of a volkstad is far more real than the idea of reinstating apartheid and a far greater threat to the future of this nation. There has to be a more unified political option for both blacks and whites to work together in this country or things will just keep getting worse and the racial divide will become even greater to the point where Afrikaners will be forced to seriously consider secession, which many already do. Secretly this is what many whites actually want, so many are keeping quite while the ANC continues to push in this direction, silently waiting for their opportunity to say “we have no other choice”. Clearly the ANC has no interest in extending a hand of welcome to the white community with the taunting sounds of “kill the farmer, kill the Boer” and so on… so where do we go from here, Whites will never vote for or join the ANC and blacks will never join or vote in any other party (white, black or otherwise). This is a real problem situation???? I just hope and pray that we can turn things around before its too late and this racial thing gets out of control.

  62. Zak, my response may sound a bit racist but let me assure you that I’m not one. You see, I attend a predominantly-white church in my area. At this church, black people are a minority but their attendance is increasing. Several weeks ago I had a chat with an acquaintance who gave me an off the cuff history about the church. According to him, my church broke away from another church several kilometres away when black people became too overwhelming for them. So as far as he’s concerned, my church is racist. This got me thinking but it wasn’t enough to convince me that my church is racist – infact I don’t believe that my church is racist.

    However, I have observed that white people tend to become uncomfortable with black people. This behaivor is an indication that we have a long way to go. I’m yet to see a predominantly-black church with few white congregants where the pastor is also black. The objective behind my illustration is to challenge white people that perhaps you need to shake off whatever misconceptions you have about black people, you would be surprised how much in common we have with you. Yes, we do have a lot in common – good or bad.

    Other political parties including the D.A do stand great chance of winning the trust of black people but not though words. It is an illusion to believe that the ANC will be in power indefinately.

  63. @Kitty

    I do not have a problem with your observation that white people were subjected to increasingly violent crime after the advent of a democratic SA. I reason this may have been due to the return of the army to its barracks, after years of acting as an insulator for white people against the violence that flared in the townships and to protect the whites against MK militant activity being brought into their comfortable lives. The blacks were also brutalised by this SADF army for decades, but more intensely since the declaration of the state of emergency in the mid 80’s. The ‘spring effect’ was certainly at play when the army returned to their barracks, coupled with the social reality of a black youth raised in an environment of broken families and destructive violence around them. I do not think an average black meant to hurt every white they came across. I agree with you that white people are currently going through a tough time, racism may also be experienced, yet not many who thoroughly understood Apartheid will label this as such in a hurry. As much as whites are feeling the pinch, their privilege is still relatively unscathed relative to what black people go through. As far as crime is concerned, it’s unfortunate what they go through, but it is still a drop in the ocean compared to the war being waged against township residents by thugs. I will relate part of my story for you. I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve been mugged; in Khayelitsha you stand a 60 % chance of being robbed at gunpoint if you walk past 10 at night. I’ve been beaten up, along with my girl, by blood thirsty, gun-totting thugs who dared me to raise a finger so they could empty their cartridges on me in front of her. I have had my home broken into 3 times in the last 9 years. I’ve been at the wrong end of a firearm a mind-boggling 16 times in my life, with the first 7 occurring within a period of 13 months (when I was a mere 16 years old). I’ve been short at twice, both times this year, (both times while walking away), once from point blank range while aiming for the back of my head. I was fortunate to escape with a broken collar bone and a minor operation.
    My younger brother, a candidate attorney, does not tell any one apart from me when he gets pointed with a fire arm anymore. He jokingly notifies me to subtract one more from his lives, and that in the event of him being shot to death, I would be the one who tells people he was a remarkable man with many lives (I hope he has many life credits left, 11 have been spent). Tongue in cheek humour in the face of looming death, one might say, but are we to do. We definitely plan on moving to white suburbs when the time is right, where there is crime admittedly, yet it would be a respite to what we are used to.

    As for acting as though I’m in the middle and acting all innocent, you are really testing my resolve my dear. I am simply doing the best I can to allay fears and ease tensions in our country, would you rather I use the extreme views of most people in this site, or foolishly insult white people or those I do not agree with? Almost all of these events above against me were by black males, one by a coloured male, am I now suppose to say all black males are animals? Including myself and my brother? Would that satisfy you?

  64. What land do we have???? South Africans don’t own South Africa, white Europe does…and whether you like it or not white South Africans, that’s where u all originate from…u are the desendants of the bloody cold Eauropean colonisers who introduced every evil element in this world…;( slavery ; profanity;;…etc)

  65. BARAK OBAMA is a puppet.. why he sent more troops to afganistan (30 000) I thought this was bout peace not war?

    JFK was a true leader…true to his words…

  66. Is he ? Whose puppet ?? The world is at war we cannot deny that, however this one is far different from the battlefields in WW1 and WW2. This is about that unoticed man/woman climbing onto a bus and detonating a bomb and killing those on board that bus. It is about religion / fanaticism / intollerance toward others. People here may shout nlack vs white, but I truly feel that is the least of our worries.

    Obama may be the voice of peace, maybe the world is hoping for just one man to come in and make sense of what turmoil we are in. Maybe we are hoping for one human to come in and do his level best to bring some stability to this planet of our. Tell you something anon. I grew up in what was then Rhodesia, behind a 6ft electrified fence, we all learnt to shoot, yet I felt a lot safer than I do now.

    Don’t write his off, he may be just what the world needs in the end, a bit of sanity

  67. I’ve got a good one!! They should make the maths harder on here (spamguard) so that black people can’t place stupid comments haha!!


  69. My true feeling is that every one blames every bad thing on race. If SOMETHING BAD HAPPEN TO A SOMEONE AND THE OTHER PERSON IS NOT THE SaME AS ME, IT RACERELATED. This is wrong, but everybody let them be played. Stand still and think: Why is all the young South African people/children so mested up….. We as parents mested it up for them. There was know TV, Internet,ex in our days. We let our kids here all this dreadfull thinks, sometimes so out of order, from the time they could listen. Everybody sat in front of the TV – kids be quict. And they believed what they heard. Know they show it.

  70. If everybody had your point of view, it is no wonder that our country is not going forward. Once we learn to tolerate and understand each other, and stop living in the past and build on our future together, – only then will South Africa prosper. Thanks Black Coconut and E Zantsi for your intelligent posts. At least we can learn from what you write. The racist comments should be discarded with the disrespect they deserve.

    I am a white Afrikaans women. I have also been hijacked, almost twice. The last time I was lucky apart from the damage to the vehicle. But again I do not see this as a racist act, but a criminal one. Unfortunately the criminals do not care about race or colour.

    Would it not be awesome if we all got along, and really make SA a rainbow nation that is prosperous and a safe place for everybody; black, white, coloured, etc.

    I am not political orientated at all. All I want is peace in our country, and I honestly believe that this could be possible, if all the narrowminded people can open up and change their views and give each other a chance. Unfortunately we take one persons’ outspoken views and assume that everybody feels the same as that person. It is also true that most people follow the masses and very few will stand up for what they believe in.

    I wonder how many people,( black, white, coloured, etc), really want “war”? I’m sure that everybody had enough of crime. I’m sure that every women who is a mother would rather have peace in the country and a safe place to raise children, instead of waking up each day, wondering if you and your family will be lucky enough to survive it.

    AIl this racism and hatred must stop. Untill that day I do not foresee any good for our country.

  71. When the rubber meets the road, ” the white Christians” will run if they get a black pastor.
    Your church is no more Christian than the other right wing verkramptes
    And don’t bet that the ANC will not stay in power.
    Maybe another party will get in, but this will be a relabled ANC.
    South Africa will be governed by Black people.
    Wake up and smell the Mielie Pap.

  72. Ooo aaaa, black coconut is dit jy. Dis ‘n honour om jou te ontmoet, jy maak sin. Ek dink ook swart boewe is “class ists”, maar as jy wit was het hulle jou 10 teen 1 in die hol ook genai! Ek stem die wiskunde som moet moeliker wees sodat die kaffers nie hier kan kakpraat.

  73. Shame dude, unfortunately it seems you have no idea what’s going on – the soccer isn’t bringing anyone together, neither will it and I can promise you that. Can’t you see what’s happening?

  74. That is exactly my point about you blacks you are going on about things that happend 2-300 years ago, how can you hold us responsible for things that happend hundreds of years ago. You are FREE you got what you wanted stop punishing us because of things my great great x200 parents did. Why are you stil crying about that GET OVER IT. I promise you once that hapens you will see a major difference.

  75. Their is no colour Black in A rainbow …… So please spare me the rainbow bullshit….you can not start making a mixe breed nation what value will it have, only the bad comes out of it.

  76. Was it really so bad before 1994? :
    Okay when the colonialists hunted the natives like animals it wasn’t that bad. In fact they enjoyed being mounted on walls. Being paraded like zoo animals. Being experimented on and eventually dying from some strange diseases.

    When they were given a dompas. They enjoyed being barred from places, being kept in at night.

    Okay so the Holocaust was bad in fact it was horrible no one enjoyed that, but apartheid was a walk in the park. A cup of colonial tea.

    I could go on, but I have to go. I’m too busy in my Black Shack and getting AIDS.

  77. Where do you fall out man??

    Experimented on, WTF? Stop being brainwashed buddy. Geez we were in concentration camps where 2 thirds of our population, mainly woman and children, was starved to death and wiped out in an atempt from the English to win the war. You do not hear us complaining the whole fk time about that do you? No because we do not keep on blaming today’s nonsense on something that happened years ago!!

    You black people never went through a extermination like that and we have more in common with the Jews than you do.

  78. Hi Malcolm,I’ll try and give you my side,bud.
    ” basically no crime ” crime was contained in each race group’s area.Now with democracy even that crime is liberated and these crims find richer pickings in white areas.You either neglected to read about crime in non-white areas or it was done for you.
    ” nothing to do with politics ” politics means the governing of our socail and economic lives,so if there’s economic shortfalls for some race groups,then socailly no one can be blamed for filth.This sounds like what politicains used to say ” keep sport out politics” Sport are part of life,coz tomorrow everyone will be talking about last night’s game,till something else comes along.Sport,like any event,brings people together
    ” Most of the coloured and black areas is a mess ‘ true coz black and coloured areas were under the neighbouring white municipality,who took 90% of their collected revue and spent it on the upkeep of the white area.Plus both black and coloured parents had to work,while most white household had live-in servants,who did their cooking,cleaning and lawns and th white housewife did’nt have to work,daddy got paid enough,wonder what she was doing at home.So definitely you’re right here.
    ” You clean up after yourself, full stop ” Dear God,you must be an exceptional whitey that never had any servants.
    ” black people were not denied education, they just had to pay for it like the rest ” My education as a coloured and yours as a white were free,why should the most disadvantaged group,the blacks have to pay for it,unless it was economic denial.
    ” They were not denied access to our hospitals in fact it was free ” all non-whites were barred from white hospitals and it would’v been free for you’s,coz under apartheid much more money was spend on whites.
    ” there are more white racist today, than there were before ’94 ” I agree,coz now they now got the rotten end of the stick,but instead of realising what they’ve done wrong,their hearts gets filled with hatred.One can’t blame blacks if their hearts are filled with hate,they had it for over 300 years,so 16 years is nothing and rather short time to get filled with hatred.
    ” work there was,wages were low,still up to you if you wanted it or not ” not at all,blacks had no choice.Sounds a bit like the prase ” blacks are prepared to accept less “,dear God what man would accept less,unless it’s dictated to him.
    ” coloured business man in our area ” this bloke in all probablility had his bizniz registered in a white bloke’s name and most likely had to pay highly for that privilege,while “ol whitey sits back again and makes money of the system.
    ” STOP affirmative action NOW ” nothing wrong with it and other countries that welcomed SA back into the league of civilised nations must’ve known ’bout this,before it was implemented and agreed that SA was an unnatural society.
    ” skilled white people is leaving South Africa with a bang ” in case you did’nt notice how amazing it was that after the democratic elections,there were black Dj’s on radio,black judges,in fact in all walks of life there were blacks that could take the reins,now if that was possible with denied education,imagine the opposite.
    ” what was so bad for them before ’94 ” Somehow I agree here,apartheid was’nt that bad,only the exploitation and domination by one group that went with it and it certainly was’nt a practical system.Maybe if apartheid was economically just,then it might’ve worked,coz nothing beats mixing,or living with your own cultural group.
    ” if it is better now ” the recovery period will take much longer than 16 years.
    You read like an allright bloke,but rather ill-informed.

  79. Good one Zantzi
    that is exactly what is happening,it’s an reaction to other spit actions.After 16 years,most blacks did’nt see anything coming their way.Then whites are getaway with scaring people,or even trying to dictate to them.JM are only echoing what’s popular amongst the masses and his attitude were bound to surface,coz the ANC were trying to suppress these emotions.I think JM was wise to pick-up on popular sentiment and make a few bucks out of it,same what SH are doing to promote his new album.
    On another post I replied how JM handled a BBC reporter,well those reporters had it coming.Remember when Zuma became president,well there was this BBC reporter who asked security guards which one of his wives will be with him on officail duties.Not only was it the wrong place or time to ask this question,but as a reporter she should’ve known better.That was downright insulting and she went further by trying to sensationalize the news by saying they can’t answer a ligit question.See whites think blacks are stupid,cultural difference is blacks have more respect for other people.A bit like Bob Marly sings,” don’t talk to me as if you think I’m dumb ” I say JM handled this one very good.

  80. ” I felt for both students but I couldn;t help but take note ” very good one Zantzi,they’re the ones making this political.Also a newspaper is a bizniz,so to report on farm killings would cost to much,better to keep reporters in cities,where travel to and from one scene is quick and cheap.
    ” criminal perception ” we all know they more,even if that more are less than what are perceived.
    ” black victims of crime in the townships ” again this comes down to bizniz,no use endangering your reporting crews lives,could be a case of heavy compo.
    ” several third and fourth page articles ” not much money in putting a black murder on the frontpage.
    ” later held a prominent memorial ” imagine if the ANC or semi-goverment department did th same,’ol whitey would’ve stood on the roof,crying out to the world.I donno what you mean by VC,but lets say Max Price are paid by the goverment,then his abusing his paid time and taxpayers money,to say the least.See whites still thinks non-whites are stupid and won’t notice this abuse.I think someone should take him up on this.

  81. Funny how you think YOU’RE human – you’re just a discriminatory lump of protoplasm, not fit to pollute the air we breathe. South Africa has done what is right for everyone – it has liberated blacks and other races, and equalise whites with them, or at least when Madiba was president. I will admit that things are extremely sketchy in SA at the moment, but hey, that’s not exclusively black people’s fault. People like you, regardless of race, are what mess up the world we live in.

  82. Another Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africas 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh and I forgot to add – He believes that God is telling him to do this…

  83. More Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africa’s 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh – and he believes God tells him these things…

  84. Mandela has more blood on his hands than any other person in S Africa. Please God, help me to get outta Africa!

  85. This is just a short note to all you dumb ignorant black idiots. you out number the whites in this land something like 11 to 1 if not more! where were you blacks when we fought the English for independance in the Boer War? If this is your land why the fuck were you not fighting the English then? We wanted freedom and a handfull of WHITE people fought for that basic right! We are again fighting for our freedom, and God help you this time, because we sure as hell will not show mercy when we take SOUTH AFRICA back once and for all!!

  86. Wow! I stubbled on this page when I was doing some research on love and hate.
    I originally googled “if God is love where does hate come from”,
    and I say Steve Hofmeyer’s comments in his letter to Julius Malema.
    South Africa has some real issues to deal with.
    This is not to say America does not have issues, or any country for that matter.
    I don’t know how America is preceived in the world. All I can do is
    voice what I’ve learned in my 60 plus years on this earth: the human
    condition, is one of profound contradiction.
    South Africa reminds me alot as to how America was 40
    years ago. And I am proud to say we have made great strides in race
    relation. So much so that the president of the United States is
    now an African American. Now you can argue that alot of his policy
    on war is basically a continuation of the Bush policy. And you can say
    not much has changed, but believe me something has changed:
    America’s attitude. It will take time, but for the first time there is
    a (possibility) that the democratic ideals in the constitution can be
    implemented. Like it or not, so goes America, so goes the world.
    And like it or not, so goes South Africa so goes Africa.
    Hate will kill us all. I read a book awhile back and there was a line
    in it that I will always remember. “Leave hate to those who are too weak
    to love”. There are those who are too weak to love and hate
    being a spiritual cancer; is very infectous. In the end, it kills you, even
    though you may win “your war”, with your so-called enemy.
    The real enemy is within. It took me awhile to see this.
    I am an ol’ philosophy major who plays the blues. So I’ve got
    the academic credentials and the credibility that comes from the streets.
    And let me give you a little Blues philosophy.
    “Death is how the poor get back at the rich”
    We all die, so we better make the best of it ( while we’ll here) by working at
    getting along. We are so much more alike, than we are different.
    But color and class and religion always get in the way of this fact:
    We all got to deal with death, taxes and the blues.
    There is so much potential for Africa. I wrote a song about it called
    “Africana Blues” take a listen to it. This is my question for Julius and Steve.
    Does Julius want for South Africa what Mugabe has done to Zimbabwe?
    Does Steve really want to take South Africa back to it’s dark days of
    apartheid. Again, I’m way over here in America. And though we have
    many problems understand this: if you respect one another, believe
    in the rule of law and a transparent democracy, anything is possible.
    We humans, constantly take two steps forward and one step back. And our
    first steps came out of Africa, like it or not, this is the truth, it’s
    in the DNA! And despite our constant wars around the world and all
    through history, love and empathy IS increasing the global consciousness.
    So, leave hate to those who are too weak to love and listen to the blues. MMR

  87. This is a short note to this particular dumb, ignorant white idiot.
    Wow, I honestly see the logic in your argument… I we should have fought with the people who took our land, against the people who also wanted to take our land. It is so clear to me now… In fact I think I will sign this here Deed to South Africa sitting in front of me to all in the Caucasian Nation, In fact take the continent.

    In all seriousness I do not want to cause a fight, because we all own this land since, according to research, we all came from this land. Some just might have… strayed. I will admit the faults of my race, but I refuse to let anyone make me feel ashamed of my race, I was born as such. As everyone else is born as they are. There are reasons we are born the way we are. The black race is not the only one that has negative stereotypes, I will not name the negatives common to other races as I find it unnecessary, but before you look at my race for negatives, look at your own first.

    Oh and about you taking South Africa, it isn’t yours to take.

  88. Now this is a good comment, there is a few problems to the idea though. not to generalize but every black person i have spoken to in the circle i move has said they do not agree with the government, but when it comes to voting they say they can not vote for a white person. so if we can not actually do what is best for us we will never have this problem solved, if we can not actually make government accountable we will never have the problem solved. White people are by far the minority, our voices get shoved in the furthest corners, if black people actually want this to happen why do they not start making the noise they feel is needed to help and to dish out the hidings?

    Apartheid is long past, black people tolerate whites and so do whites do the same. Not all blacks are bad, unfortunately the government you chose has made you a demanding lot, nothing can be done by yourselves, and for all these years they have kept on making you demand, Vavi, malema all the rest are not sleeping hungry, in other countries when there is no work the government and unions step in and say lets create work, lets cut pay for a while so that companies can employ more, in this country it is the opposite take double the inflation rate, now 60%+ people have no work, nice grants from the government.. what happens when the few tax payers that are left decide they are tired or are murdered, or just stop working because in this country receiving a grant is the in thing.

    It is all good and well for everybody to make a big who ha about what Steve says. Fact is this Malema is asking to kill the Boer, the ANC is standing behind him and want to defend him. how many people on here can actually say that is a good thing, then a farmer dies and fingers get pointed back, when must the whites in this country actually say enough is enough? when will the black people that say we are racist but are slaughtered at higher numbers than we are actually start saying enough is enough?

    So if you white and you say most blacks are lazy, based on statistics the government puts out 60+% on grants, then you are racist.
    when you white and complain about a political figure calling out in public for your people to be murdered and it actually happens, you are racist.

    Can any of these brilliant people on here tell me when will it be ok to be white? when will you instead of plodding along like sheep turn around and say enough is enough, not only are whites murdered but our families are murdered at higher numbers, funny winnie started that many years ago.

    when guys when?????

    when will blacks have the balls to come stand by whites and say we see you are outnumbered but we will assist you in your fight???

  89. You obviously learnt about the two Boer Wars from text books written for Afrikaanse Nationale Christelike Onderwys in which it was expedient not to mention the involvement of blacks and the effect it had on them – it may be that the tribes in the area stayed out of the main fight but it by no means means that blacks didn’t fight and weren’t killed. Visit Die Vrouemonument in Bloemfontein – read the commemorative plaques of the people who died in the concentration camps: they weren’t all white.

  90. You make a most powerful point, Zantsi – a constitutional democracy is a complex thing, not to be understood overnight, and certainly not to be just dropped in to a discordant dysfunctional society. It is a living system which is nurtured and refined by the people within it – voices that shout out when political and judicial separation appears at threat, when police behave in ways that line their pockets rather than upholding citizens’ AND non-citizens’ rights, and when press barons or governments compromise press freedom – to name a few. South Africa has never had a true democracy and doesn’t yet because its citizens haven’t learnt that it is so much more than just casting a ballot once every so often. It may never learn, is what I sometimes fear, but I take heart when voices like yours speak out. Keep it up.

  91. Steve, you are a very uneducated arsehole…. go read your history, and you will find out that it was your fucking great grand parents that started this nonsense. So, sit tight bitch…. the blacks are coming for your arse…. if we dont suceed, our children will take you out… all you pathetic white filth that think they are any superior than any other race… Africa is for Africans, Blacks. So, you better start walking home now.

  92. Thank you for you letter Steve! You are a wise man and I have always looked up to you! You are sertainly a better role model then that black man who sparked the whole story! I think people who comment saying that It’s all the white people’s fault should look back into they’re past a bit more… was shaka Zulu’s fault!!! he’s the one who sold his land to the white people and then STOLE it back!!! He is the one who branded black people as thieves! Not to mentune all the bad things black people in S.A have done to white people…you are just as much to blame so, wake up! Why are we all doing this to each other?? Why do we hate each other so much? I’ll tell you why………….It’s because Shaka Zulu started it and he was…..BLACK!!! Bounch of Tools you are haha!!

  93. I heard that the Australian converment is looking into this matter. Does anyone else know if this is true? Not sure what they mean by this but it doesnt sound good!

  94. yes, Africa for blacks and Europe for whites! Thank you for remembering it!!!
    But Africa is for Africa !!!so you have to financiate your independance by yourself !!so stop begging money to white countries!!!Are you sure you are able to do so???I’m not so sure.Stop living from south african white people economy if you do not tolerate them anymore.

    Let’s Black people live in their huts, kill themselves with their typical knives (machettes?), they enjoy blood, human being sacrifices,etc….it’s their way of living, their culture…I dont like it… but it does not disturb me….only if they do not impose it to me in my own country.
    The black people make me laugh when they say that we’re racists…. because they’re really tolerant,of course!!!They kill kids when they’re disabled (albinos) and they are even racists towards other black people!!!loooool!!!!!
    we’re are the eternal bad white people!veryyyy bad racist persons!!The racism is only white!!let me laugh…

  95. To start off when you are 40 years old this stupid RASISM story is getting so off becouse we have to study what it is all about did ,the BLACK AFRICAN of 16 year old also study his History ?????Idont think so Malema is n man but are not grown yet ….We and most of our white Woman work and do most of our daily work with blacks they are my neigbours in the street and we have no problems with each other!!! What the hell is the problem with Malema not even 30 years yet but he knows all Get real He neads a wake up call (Must i call my friend Ugly names becouse my gran did ) NO NO NO
    STEVE YOU ROCK !!! and We dont have to sit back and be always accused that we are Rasism
    And we all have the same problems *Money *Work*Housing*Water Electricity
    NOT KILL THE BOER ***NO NO NO im not even look up to Malema he got it all wrong!!!

  96. Dear South Africans,

    There’s a 10 year old child in a rural village somewhere within the borders of our beatiful country, who will go to bed hungry tonight. To rub salt to the wound, he’ll have to watch his little sibling who’s lying on a floor mat clamour to stay alive as she is ravaged by a sickness unbeknownst to the both of them. He’ll have to try and make a plan to keep warm, as the merciless winds seeps through the dilapidated door and the barely consealed windows. He’s emotionally numb after watching both his parents die in front of him. He doesn’t even know what hope is, his dreams are not about bling-bling or owning a big house; his dream is to own a pair of shoes and to see his little sister get better – he doesn’t want to be left alone. So, maybe if he could steal a chicken, they’ll eat something tonight.

    Somewhere in a forgotten town a young family is scared that they’ll have to face the streets as the prospect of eviction looms closer everyday. They are also bitter because if it weren’t for Affirmative Action they wouldn’t find themselves in such a desperate place. They are too young to even be accomplices of the past crime called Apartheid. Add to that the fact that they are also ashamed to be in this terrible predicament, worse part the black employee who replaced their father isn’t even qualified to do the job. So, naturally they find themselves incubating an unhealthy, almost justifiable hatred towards black people.

    Let’s not forget a mother who has to bury her son this weekend, but she can’t even afford to and instead of griving for he son, she’s fuming that he had to die at such a young age. She doesn’t want to face the facts that her son almost killed a police offer when apprehended for armed robbery, as far as she’s concerned, her son could never be a criminal. Her hatred is towards all police officers, especially the whites one, because they took away her son.

    We all face problems in life, some bigger than others, but what defines us is how we deal with those problems. The unfortunate thing is that almost always, we look for scapegoats instead of facing the problems. Children go to bed hungry every night, not because the community isn’t aware of their plight but because we believe it’s none of our business. If this child steals a chicken tonight, don’t be surprised when he breaks into your house next year – it only takes a friendship with an older disturbed child. I don’t condone crime but I believe that if we challenge it from the root, maybe we might reduce it to manageable levels.

    Almost every black person knows at least one criminal, be it in the immediate or extended family, or in the community, yet crime spirals uncontrollably. I would like to challenge my black compatriots to take an active stance against crime. I’ve succefully averted my young brother from a possible life of crime to a responsible life of honest hard work. My extended family took a solid ground that we would no longer support an incarcerated uncle of mine whose adulthood is characterised by petty crime and grand theft auto. Let’s leave racism out of life, let’s stop blaming Apartheid anylonger and start our own enterprises.

    This country is blessed beyond our comprehensible understanding, it is the only country on the continent that has more success than failures. We have pioneered many commendable innovations on both the continental and global stage. Let’s not ruin a good thing in the name of speechless skin colour. In the words of Marie Curie: You cannot hope to build a better world without improving the individuals. To that end, each of us must work for our own improvement and, at the same time, share a general responsibility for all humanity, our particular duty being to aid those to whom we think we can be most useful.


    ~~~ Black Coconut ~~~

  97. i cant stomach a white kaffer like you steve, my BLACK brother who slaughterd that animal eugene is on his for u small boy steve. he will be grabbing you with those small balls. he is free to slaughter you be careful MORON.

  98. Swafana wena steve loko valungu va hi karhata va hi lava tipasa awuri kwini.swiswi miti endla munhu lonene lawani,wena na malema mafana no different at all,we
    hinkwerhu hi hakela tax la sa
    so u nga sunguli hi ti mhaka ta tax na nwina ami endla tano eminkarhini ya let’s stop complaining about blacks cos I never saw them asking any white person pass and special

  99. Hofmeyer,u strting sumthing u aint gonna finish..If i wer u i wud jst close ma mouth n open ma eyes..Am a fan of Malema jst as i waz a fan of Biko b4 he was killed 4 being honest n truthfully..Bt as 4 Malema he go live till he reaches 100yrs…

  100. Look you Red neck mother fucker judging by the crap you wrote you are no different from Malema and He is five times better than you because he is defending the land of his forefathers against parasites like your cracked ass pock skin mother fucker. For a musician sacking fame by writing and posting shit on line it proves that you have no roots, lack pride and that you are the product of the Afrikannerdom indoctrination. [25 231185]

  101. How dare you patronise Africans with the same attitude that has in the past brought the system of Apartheid in the first place. It’s necessary to rebuke Malema for all this stupid hatred he spews through these outdated war cries, but you are not better than him Steve, only an extreme opposite.

  102. Why is it that when one of your people say what they want it is ok, but as soon as a white person says something we are wrong and racist. Please tell me Zantsi what would have happend if a white person had to sing (on national tv) Shoot the blacks, would you have kept quite….no you would not have. You all hide behind apartheid and feel sorry for yourselves. Wake up it is 15 years later. People like Julius Malema is making it dificult for him self and it is his own fault. Tell me another thing have you seen what one of his fans posted on facebook about killing the white pigs and raping the white whores, burning white children and killing Zuma within the next 6 weeks. Do you expect us not to stand together and stand up for ourselves. THOSE DAYS ARE OVER.

  103. You are an absolute idiot if you cannot realise that Malema is broadcasting and advocating DEATH to white people !!!!! Steve Hofmeyr is doing nothing of the sort.
    Sit down and shut up until you have anything of reasonable intelligence and tolerance to offer. Schmuck !!!!!!!……

  104. They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives, they do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed.

  105. Build a bridge and get over apartheid!!
    Guess what! It was the WHITE people who built your schools, and gave you free education – you didn’t want it – in protes you’ve burnt it down, and thrown stones at your teachers. The WHITE people built you shopping centres, cinemas and churches – you didn’t want it – you broke it down to the ground… You had the same access to the same privilagdes that the white people had – but closer to where you stay, and where you could probably afford it…. NOW it is the new South Africa.
    Time has changed, and guess what – NOBODY is building your schools, NOBODY cares for you – not even your own goverment! And that is not apartheids due – it is because your goverment are unable to rule a country as wonderful as South Africa. They would rather take time to try and bullshit everybody believing that all is apartheids fault!! APARTHEID HAS BEEN OVER AND DONE WITH FOR THE PASS 20 YEARS!!! GET OVER IT!!
    NONE of the so called youth are born in Apartheid, so what is your problem??

  106. I feel like E Zantsi that Steve’s “letter” is little more than racist dribble. Hatred in any form is despicable and elitist Eurocentric white supremacy is a position only the stupid can hold in their illusion of superiority. I see little difference between the rhetoric of Steve and Malema – two sides of the same counterfeit coin.

  107. Your behaviour and those you follow are cause for Steve’s reaction. Why is no-one doing anything to prevent this – I would say Malema is now introducing a system of Apartheid and condoning killing on top of it – where do you want it to end??????!!!!!! All the work of the past 14 odd years down the drain by one arsehole like Malema? Come on, we are only reacting as you did.

  108. Dankie Steve dat jy n slag wel deesdae baie mooi opstaan vir jou mense, is so jammer die boere mense baklei liewer onder makaar as om saam te staan.

    Malema wel ja idioot is bietjie baie vir hom, selfs idiote het n plek in die samelewing, Malema dink ek het nie rerig plek nie.

    Elk geval, ons boere en blanke mense moet bietjie saam staan, ogies oopmaak en begin verstaan wat om ons aangaan, daar is talle boeke geskryf oor hoekom ons hier is, hoe dit beplan is, en wie ons verraai het, ons moet bietjie liewer al die mense begin boikot, ( mag mens nog se Boikot?) hehe.

    een so n boek is volksverraad. Julle sal sukkel om dit te kry maar dit verduidelik mooi wat gebeur het, die boek kry jy by die staats bib. as jou naaste een hom nie het nie laat hulle hom vir jou in hande kry. Ons blankes moet slag ophou kerm en kla, ons moet wakker word, ons moet saam staan. ons moet die wat ons probeer onderdruk met ons koppe onder kry, ons weet mos dit is nie so moeilik nie, en ek moet byvoeg ek praat nie net van nie blankes wat ons probeer onder kry nie, die Oppenheimers en Ruperts het n baie groot deel in ons huidige toestand.

  109. Steve is merely expressing the frustration and anger of whites and reasonable blacks at the damage JM is doing to South Africa. JM is an embarrasment to all including the conservative element of the ANC. Unfortunately there are many in the ANC who owe their mealtickets to JM and his following and everyone is too scared to silence JM. JZ can’t silence him. But given enough time and rope JM will eventually hang himself. BEE has not worked and all that has happened is that the previous white fatcats have been replaced by a small group of politically well connected black fatcats who have acquired obscene wealth through very dubious means whilst their black comrades continue to languish in extreme poverty. Unfortunately the majority of South Africans continue to vote for the ANC. Time however is running out for the ANC because the majority of South Africans are becoming sick and tired of poor or non existent service delivery. Even JZ is running out of patience with his own ministers.

  110. Kevin, Kevin, Kevin…Why don’t you read, understand, think and respond. Did I for once say I do not understand the hurt Malema is causing to our white brethren, or the danger in which he puts them? Read my articles again, and if you stay in Cape Town, you would have read some of my Newspaper correspondence on this matter. I have been sweating trying to get more black brothers to understand that Malema is a threat to every South African. I do not understand your assertion that I am an idiot… that I am certainly not, trust me. What I am now saying is that, as much as we fight JM collectively, we should also rein in on people purporting to be fighting injustice by using unjust means in the form of racial propaganda.

  111. E Zantsi I think you have misunderstood why the person is so upset by your comment. It is commendable of you to try and make other black South Africans see Malema’s rantings for what it is, idiotic. But you cannot call Steve a racist because he is standing up for being a white Afrikaner and defending his culture and people, that is wrong. You cannot expect us to deny who we are. It was wrong of the apartheid era to try and rob the black culture of who they where and taking their rights but it does not mean we have stop being who we are. We are born into it, it’s in our blood. We love this land we walk upon just as much as you do and have just as much pride in our language and culture as any black person.

    That does not make us racist, we do not want separatism, we just also want the right to be who we are. Malema threatened Boere, he might deny it today but he did, and his supporters cheered on. I think you can cut Steve some slack for being upset, what would you have done?

  112. Wow ,Wow, Wow.

    I’m a 25 year old white, proudly South African lady and also grew up in the new South Africa. 8 years ago my father was murdered infront of my whole family. And no before you think I’m going to lash out on blacks, my story is as far away from that as you might think. After it happened my whole life fell apart and up until today not a day goes by that I don’t think about him.

    I lived in fear everyday of my life.

    But God had other plans. He send me to a black school and there I taught for 4 years and he healed my broken heart. Today 8 years later I stand in ministry with my husband in a multi-cutural church.

    The statements of JM is revolting, but when are we as South Africans going to stand up as a nation against racism and dicrimination. Not as blacks and whites, but as a nation. 16 Years is a long time. We have black friends that we love dearly, just as we love our white ones. I really pray that we will come to the realization that we can do so much more together than fighting the whole time over stuf that happened a long time ago.

    JM needs to be stopped I agree, but what about doing it together rather than apposing each other

  113. I am disturbed to learn of your unfortunate experiences. It is simply astonishing how violence has turned people’s lives into hell like this. However, I admire your spirit of serenity in the face of such painful experiences, saints were once humans, you remind me. May your outlook help other people find peace and forgiveness, shining the light for a future SA with no such anger and hatred.

  114. outra nojenta que não tem vergonha absolutamente nenhuma – com certeza que o teu pai era madeirense.

    deus foi? sua cobardolas de merda! essa raça não merece viver! e tu pelos vistos tbm não porca!

  115. Jy lyk na ‘n geleerde, wel uitgesproke persoon en ek wonder of jy Afrikaans kan lees. Jy is sekerlik ‘n mutasie, nie die gemiddelde nie. As jy so skerp is sal jy seker weet dat ons verskillend is – hoe ons lyk, dink, kultuur, ens. ens. ens. maar dat daar ook wesenlike verkille is gegrond in die psige en intellektuele vlak. Kyk maar na die meeste leiers, professionele spesialiste en ontwerpers. Jy leer dit in die geskiedenis, sien dit op TV, lees dit in boeke en sien die bewyse oor geslagte heen. Ek is eintlik vir jou jammer, jy is die uitsondering. Vandag word ons land regeer en ingestem deur die massa “useful idiots” wat nie kan logies dink nie maar eerder van elende sal omkom.

    Julle kan maar mekaar slegsê soos julle wil, maar feite bly feite. Hierin is ook die redding vir ons volk, nie in getalle nie, maar deur ons geloof en breinkrag. Ek is seker die wiel sal weer draai en dat daar redding vir ons sal wees.

    As ons maar net sal saamstaan, sonder om kleinlik te wees nie te fokus op geweld en vergelding nie.

    Kom ons erken die verskille sonder om appartheid altyd die skuld te gee – ons is net anders. Ons kan almal ‘n plek onder die son hê maar ek twyfel of vermenging op alle vlakke sal werk bv. huwelikke, opvoeding ens. OMDAT ONS ANDERS IS.

    Kom ons respekteer die verskille, gee ruimte aan almal en beweeg vorentoe.

  116. Can anyone kindly translate this into Xhosa/ Zulu/Ndebele or Sotho for me, they are the only langs I understand besides English.

  117. Why do we want the black people to understand our Afrikaans language but we are not willing to learn their languages? A bit hipocritical of the Afrikaans speaking people….How can you expect a person to speak your language but you are unwilling to learn theirs?

    So… before 1994 and now…. can you speak any black language? I thought not…

  118. thats the whole problem cant you see…??? South africa is a white nation and always will be even if blacks runs it… for now so we dont have to learn your langauge but one day you will work in my house and for you to recieve your pay you would have to cal me mam in afrikaans.

  119. Hi guys, i am not south african, however i live here and it try to see myself as one with the place i breathe the air and drink of the water only that i so extremely find it difficult to do this, i am african and just trying to overcome the daily and constant reminder i get of the fact that i do not belong here, i cant begin to name, but let that aside now, it disheartens me to see and hear the very people who i share the air they breathe and walk their soil begin to allow some rather inconsequential individual start to create some unnecessary tension within.
    Think about it, every single comment i have read here today including Steve’s, has come out of the desire to live in a prejudice free and hate speech free south african society where some empty headed idiots would not be inciting violence and hatred in a society thats hardly come of the ugly past, why would some straight think entity go about advocating such dishonor to his country, the whole world is making attempts at flushing out terrorism and racism if i may add but here we have someone, one single personality canvassing for it, it dont make no sense.
    Zantsi (i hope i spelled your name right) i do really appreciate your maturity and your outlook, you did not get annoyed when i thot you would have got annoyed especially when you were called an idiot, you simply said you are not one, great! and other anonymous, i see and feel your pains especially you being an Afrikaner, no one will like to sit comfortably on a time bomb and this situation is fast looking like a time bomb (if i may refer to it as such) and so your reactions as Afrikaners is not unexpected i would say, but one thing we all need to know is that if this situation is allowed to degenerate further and if there be any civil unrest of any magnitude, it will be doubtful that people will question the assumed enemy about his or her real ethnicity before judgment is meted out and even then foreign people of fair skin will be definitely mixed up and foreign people of color like me will also be mixed up and what we will have will be a case of total chaos and breakdown, i am saying its going to go farther than imagined.
    One good thing here is that we seem to have identified a causal organism be it a human or an idea why not tackle that first and see where it leaves us, the malema guy himself is not guaranteed of safety in the case of civil breakdown, where is he going to run to for exile and home will definitely be a lion’s den for him.
    Steve has simply given words to his own expression and feelings which i consider carefully expressed as much as he could have, considering he is more or less facing a death sentence together with his Afrikaner folks all over by recent utterances and supporting actions in the news, but here we have someone who does not give a thot about what he is saying, how it is been interpreted and what it really means, not even to his own kinsmen from other parties.
    In my opinion, the government of South Africa has got to take the bull by the horn or rather tame the prowling tiger and make intentional efforts at stopping this indiscriminate attempt at breaking up what is not yet totally mended, the south african society.

    i ask anyone who is dissatisfied by my comment to pls take it as my personal opinion and at most ignore it, because i dont intend to pick up an argument with anyone on this.
    thank you

  120. The fact of the matter is, JM is not some inconsequential individual, he has a big following who adds value to what he says and does. One on one he is inconsequential in my opinion. If one looks at the history of Africa then one sees a familiar trend, the Portuguese, French, and English were systematically forced into oblivion in countries where they were the pioneers and driving force behind growth and development. The same is happening here in South Africa, and anyone who disputes that is definitely not on the receiving side of this “event”. JM is forcing this “event” to come to fruition, and he is not going to stop. JM apologising for his statements after the fact is like a lawyer withdrawing his statement in court, but the jury has got the message already! I want to thank Steve for stepping up and creating awareness, we have to be aware, and we have to be together. We are obviously not the aggressors, but when the time comes we will aggressivley defend our families, to ensure all our safety…, after all, we are not outnumbered at all, in 1652 the local population allowed three ships filled with europeans to take over the country!
    Remember 16 December, The Day of The Vow…

  121. Get lost steve. You are intellectually challenged. How dare you insult the real Africans with your racist utterances. We were never expecting your enthusiasm for the world cup anyway as you have never even been to a stadium to watch soccer. To you, Africans would still be in the bush had it not been for white people, how arrogant. Its time you wake up and smell the coffee that you are now under African rule and that is how its going to stay and if you cannot stomac that, go to Australia. Conform and behave or leave.

  122. You get lost buddy. No one has to conform to anything, especially not ‘your’ ANC. Steve is calling it like he sees it, just as JM sees it. The difference is, JM lives in a dream world where all white people are out to get him. You need to wake up and realise that European (mainly British) investment is one of the biggest contributors to the country’s economy. Wake up and smell the coffee bud, the more JM speaks, the less interest foreign investors will take in SA, and then the money will stop. All those that pay tax will leave, and there will be NOTHING for you idiots. WAKE UP. Please, please, please, WAKE UP.

  123. My friend i am African, i have more respect for africa than you and your brothers. THIS IS MY AFRICA TOO, DEAL WITH IT MY FRIEND :) your african rule is screwing you over while i live an extremely prosperous life, 15 years after apartheid (which i voted against and contested OVER AND OVER). dont forget those whites that fought for you too, that fought for this kind of disrespect that they now receive.

  124. Well obviously you are still living in the bush. Probably another black driving his flashy car while millions of black AND WHITE people is starving in this country. Get a real live, not one where you got ahead in life because of the colour of your skin, but where you got ahead with an honest days work!

  125. you get lost, not a single thing have been developed by africans in 3000 years of recorded history you developed the bow and arrow. we built this country brick by brick, you have taken it over not because you are wise or developers but because you reproduce at insane rates. the only reason you run the country is because theres millions of you, theres absolutely no other reason.

  126. Intellectually challenged?????
    This is his country he was born and breed here!!!!
    Who the hell are you/?????
    You go to the hills where you belong?? monkey!! Yes you can take them out of the bush, but never take the bush out of them!!!!
    You must be an uneducated black person ,maybe educated under your own kind. which means nothing!!
    Always wanting pity from whites,
    You cannot handle the truth!!
    Let me tell you I am a woman I fought 3 of you in an attack by your fellow scavengers. such cowards, when I drove the knife in ones neck
    ran so fast.!!!
    You can outnumber us by ur dirty smelly multitudes , but remember we have the brain power !!
    Donot think we going to be sitting ducks!!
    p.s speak zulu ……… english doesnot suite you!!!!!!!! doesnot go well with your image!!

  127. I’m white – Steve you just a f*cking racist pig – you speak of Afrikaners being so perfect – the very same people that raped this country worse then the English did, Afrikaner led SA in the path that’s in and best of all supported Hitler to get rid of your “English Problem”. Afrikaners continue to breed hate into their children you not fucking better then Malema!! You both racist pigs!!

  128. Agreed David, Steve’s letter is racist. Instead of exposing Malema he has fallen into the same trap of blaming others. I think Steve should invite Julius to a singing evening, they have so much in common.

  129. David Afrikaners is not perfect, not by a long shot, but what you are saying is just idiotic. Have you ever studied South African history at all? Do you have any idea how offencive it is what you are saying? We have the right to our culture, like any other nationality. The British killed thousends of women and children in consetration camps, thats how they came to rule South Africa and after that they installed segregation which Afrikaners called apartheid. Yes the old government screwed up badly but why do you hate afrikaners so much? Hitler got his idee for concentration camps from the English, he saw how well it worked here.

    David you are so prejudice and full of hate you cannot see there are two sides too everything.

  130. David…go f%ck yourself!! I am Afrikaans and white and don’t teach this crap to my children! You are such a blindsighted idiot to realise that when the shit one day hits the fan (judging by all the mails flying around probably won’t be that long) you as a white person will also be in a bad spot. Not that I want it to happen but when the shit does eventually hit the fan I will most certainly not stand like kippie and watch barbarians rape and slay my family. Hopefully nothing comes of all the racial tensions being propogated out there but if it does I will fight. If Malema just kept his trap shut then racial tensions would never have flared to this level. What amazes me even more is that our governement allowed it to get to this level, they were probably too busy splashing around tax payers money to note what was busy happening around them. However having that said that, the damage has been done and I just hope that something can be done to stabilise a potentially volatile situation. I have a black neighbour and we discussed this issue just before ET ‘s murder and we shared the same sentiment which judging by the reactions in this forum seems to be common. No one wants to fight but at this rate it will inevitably turn into something none of us wants unless our politicians acts quick because when that happens I will not stand and watch.

  131. To David : If U cannot see that there is a difference between black and white, then your intelligence is as low as theirs.
    You are either stupid, or you are trying to arse-lick them.
    If the black tribes were in SA before the white man, why did the black population not build tar roads, brick buildings, street lights etc ?
    Why did it only happen when the white man arrived ?
    Why are most black (run) countries poor and underdeveloped, and most white (run) countries not ?
    The reason for this U will find on the internet – search for : ‘Whites & Blacks 100 FACTS (and one lie)’
    Search the net also for ‘Times Online October 17 James Watson Helen Nugent Black People’, and read what a black Nigerian has to say about his own Negroid race.

    Wake Up you white idiot !

  132. Truth will open our eyes and enable us to see the white wolf as he really is. Truth will stand us on our own feet. Truth will make us walk for ourselves instead of leaning on others who mean our people no good. Truth not only shows us who our real enemy is, truth also gives us the strength and the know-how to separate ourselves from that enemy. Only a blind man will walk into the open embrace of his enemy, and only a blind people, a people who are blind to the truth about their enemies, will seek to embrace or integrate with that enemy. Why, Jesus himself prophesied: You shall know the truth and it shall make you free. Beloved brothers and sisters, Jesus never said that Nelson Mandela would make us free. He never said that the ANC would make us free. He never said that the Senate or Supreme Court or Pik Botha/ De Kleck would make us free. Jesus two thousand years ago looked down the wheel of time and saw you and my plight here today and he knew the tricky high court, Supreme Court, desegregation decisions would only lull you into a deeper sleep, and the tricky promises of the hypocritical politicians on civil rights legislation would only be designed to advance you and me from ancient slavery to modern slavery.

    We want no part of integration with this wicked white race of devils. The time is past when the white world can exercise unilateral authority and control over the dark world. The independence and power of the dark world is on the increase; the dark world is rising in wealth, power, prestige, and influence. It is the rise of he dark world that is causing the fall of the white world. As the white man loses his power to oppress and exploit the dark world, the white man’s own wealth (power or “world”) decreases. His world is on its way down; it is on its way out…and it is the will and power of God himself that is bringing an end to the white world.

    You and I were born at this turning point on history; we are witnessing the fulfillment of prophecy. Our present generation is witnessing the end of colonialism, Europeanism, Westernism, or “Whitemanism”…the end of white supremacy, the end of the evil white man’s unjust rule. I must repeat: The end of the world only means the end of a certain “power.” The end of colonialism ends the world (or power) of the colonizer. The end of Europeanism ends the world (or power) of the European…and the end of “White-ism” ends the world (or power) of THE WHITE MAN.

    According to the Christian Bible, Judgment Day is that final hour when God will cause “those who led others into captivity to go into captivity themselves”…and “those who killed others with the sword to be killed by the sword of justice themselves.” Justice only means that the wicked slave master must reap the fruit (or harvest) of the evil seeds of slavery he has planted. This is justice! Other slave empires received justice, and now White South Africans must receive justice. According to White South African’s own evil past, which is clearly recorded on the pages of history, so shall God judge her today. God has prepared a Doomsday (a day of slaughter, a lake of fire) for this sinful white world of colonizers, enslavers, oppressors, exploiters, lynchers…and all others who refuse to repent and atone at the end of this white world.

    White South Africans refuses to study, reflect, and learn a lesson from history; ancient Egypt didn’t have to be destroyed. It was her corrupt government, the crooked politicians, who caused her destruction. Pharaoh hired Hebrew magicians to try and fool their own people into thinking they would soon be integrated into the mainstream of that country’s life. Pharaoh didn’t want the Hebrews to listen to Moses’ message of separation. Even in that day separation was God’s solution to the “slave’s problem.” By opposing Moses, the magicians were actually choosing sides against the God of their own people.

    The race problem can never be solved by listening to this white-minded minority. The white man should try to learn what the black masses want, and the only way to learn what the black masses wants is by listening to the men who speaks for the black masses of South Africa or Africa. The two men who speaks for the downtrodden, dissatisfied black masses is the same man so many of our people are flocking to see and hear. The same Julius Malema and Robert Gabiel Gushungo Mugabe aka Bob who are labeled by the white man as a black supremacist and as a racist.

    Julius forever, Mugabe for life

    Viva ma Afrika

  133. Jathrofa bin Gushungo bin nehanda bin munhumutapa – I am greeting you with the Love of Jesus Christ my Savour and my Lord. I am a Christian. I am a WHITE, AFRIKAANS Christian – and I do not agree with one single word that you’ve said.

    I Believe in the almighty God who created heaven and earth, my and you. He Loved us so much that He has sent His Son Jesus Christ to be born form a virgin, to show us who to live, in Love and Respect. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us, so that when we except Him as our Lord and our Savour, we will live eternaty with Him in Heaven. God said in His word that He will hold the Children of those who hate Him, responsible to the 3rd and 4th generation – but that He will show His Love and Goodwill to the 1000th generation of those who Love Him and keeps His Law.

    I am not afraid for the last day on earth. Because I will not be alone. God is with me, where ever He send me, I will not walk in fear. God will strenghen me, and He will give me all that I need. On the final day, Jesus Himself will come to earth on a cloud – and every knee will bow and each tongue will say that He is the Lord of lords, and the King of kings. This has got nothing to do with black and white. It’s got to do with GOD.

    Life is not about black, white. Either you are FOR God or you are AGAINST God. There is no inbetween. In His word God says that if only you where hot or cold, but now you are luke warm, and therefore I will spit you out of my month… Life is about living to the praise, and honnor of God.

    Robert Mogabe is wrong. Killing people and stealing from them is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. Julius Malema is wrong. To Lie and to cheat and to be corrupt is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. YOU are wrong. To hate, and to find pleasure in someone else’s pain is wrong in the eyes of the Lord. God said in His word that we may not take the revenge on ourselfs. He will do so. We are not to take pride, or pleasure in the fall of a fellow human being. We should act in love, lend a helping hand, and not be quite when the Law of Love is overstepped. We are all wrong in the eyes of the Lord. Me too.

    BUT, we should however never stop trying to be loyal to our Creator, Lord and Savour.

    I will always be proud of being white. Apartheid was wrong. We said that we are sorry, and now we are moving along. You should to – if you call yourself a Christian, that is. Julius? Well, he should make his truth from all of this, same for Rober Mogabe, same for Steve Hofmeyr.

    Where it comes to politics I will have an opinion. Where it comes to religion – I have a duty!

    I hope that you will have a blessed day.


  134. Are you thick??? yes you are. it doesnt take a white man to realise that africa is destroying itslef? how is the “dark world” gettign stronger? its getting poorer. without white aid and white economic input you and your brothers will burn my friend. you say Viva mugabe. you must be stupid. you like what he has done to zim, then go there with your boyfriend Malema. you are a pitifull pathetic uneducated fool, the sad thing is you know that. good luck to you and your amazing africa. idiot. i take solice in knowing that my family and i live happy lives in OUR country, while yours lives in poverty and shit, which they vote for year after year. whether you like it or not. you talk about the white world getting weaker, well my family is getting RICHER and RICHER, just like many other white families i know. we live happy lives in OUR country. an that makes me smile from ear to ear :)

  135. My friend if you like your Friend robert gayboy Mugabe, then go live in the country that he has built so well, with your brothers and sisters who are being beaten, burnt and starved. maybe it is people like YOU that dont learn from history. look at africa and what your BROTHERS have done to it since whites have been kicked out. You cant see further than your nose my friend. why dont you leave MY country, a country that my family and friends contribute greatly too, unlike yours that live in poverty, taking everything, giving NOTHING back. this is my country my friend and if yo udont like it then YOU LEAVE :) il defend my land to the end, just like many others. good luck.

  136. You come over as a petulant, sulking, somewhat retarded 8 year old whose birthday party isn’t going so well.
    I would go further to suggest that both you, and the equally deranged christian are downright psychotic and
    in need of psychiatric treatment.
    The only ‘race problem’ comes from being governed since 1994, Mandela aside, by corrupt scum who
    – judging from the effects of the ANC and the civilian death toll since they came to power, which has surpassed
    the previous 100 years of SA history in a short space of time -care nothing except for whipping up retarded, uneducated
    and stupid people such as yourself and the equally delusional christian whining about god.
    If you cannot comprehend the game being played by international intelligence agencies, using their puppets
    in the ANC to keep SA in a state of unrest and civil terror, then you don’t deserve the vote and rights that so many
    died in the Struggle to give you.
    Do you really think Steve Biko died for you to cheerfully praise Mugabe, whose death camps and crazed thinking have
    sent over a million of his people fleeing from genocide?
    Grow up. Your naivety will kill you.

  137. well said my man!!! im also not leaving this country, the country my fathers built. if you like zim then go stay in the place your brothers and sisters fucked up. i will fight for my country till the bitter end if it comes to it.

  138. Michelle, I agree with you but sometimes you’ve got to be cruel to be kind. And if there are people that can make a difference in our world- so be it! These people uses the old boring phrases ” its apartheids fault” People living with these silly ideas must get over it, and we as Christians nation should still stand together. People steal from each other, murder each other, rape each other, their own sister, mothers. Drugs are in order of the day. Evil are ruling the whole world!!!!!!! God must come and fetch his children so we can go home! This is the end of time..Don’t get ready, Be ready!

    Rather pray! Thank you, God Bless!

  139. Jathrofa bin Gushungo bin nehanda bin munhumutapa – whatever that means and whoever you are, you refer to your people and your world as the “dark world”, eish ama evil is ama dark !!! You black people all beleive in evolution, and you are right. Black people come from monkeys. White people on the other hand were created in the image of Almighty God. Therefore blacks are not a race, but a species. The only way blacks will get in heaven is to break in, and that is not going to happen…

  140. Ama white one… you are most likely to break in to heaven yourself to gain entry. You don’t sound too different from Jathrofa bin.. whatever his name is. I don’t identify myself with him, he’s delusional.

    If you need bible lessons say so I’d be glad to refer you to a very good friend of mine (who happens to be white too).

  141. Please accept my unconditional apology to all offended. And yeah, I probably do need Bible lessons…

  142. This kind of logic is absolutely pittyfull Ama white one! As a white South African female I am embarased by your public outcry of ignorance! Do you realize the damage that your ridicilous statements causes?

  143. Mentally retarded – could only be – since the colour of that monkey skin is dark! you kaffirs (like all kaffirs) in africa live for the present – no future plans – niks man – you people live like apes – produce nothing and live for the present. but moenie worrie nie – you will outkill yourselves soon with aids with your primitive ways!

    I will still be alive to see it! um pneu à volta desse pescoço meu nojento macaco dum caralho! filha de uma valente puta!

  144. Jathrofa bin Gushungo bin nehanda bin munhumutapa????????????
    if all the bins in your name are an indication of being a Muslim then i must remind you that Mohammad was White ,a Semite from the line of Shem and son of Avraham and just like all the rest of the peoples in Saudi Arabia, or Persia etc.. just take a look at the royalty of the entire Middle East, they all white, people just have a false perception that they are not white because they have tans and are Muslims from the Middle East but, strangely they don’t apply the same thinking to people from Greece or Italy for some reason. Wake up brother, The Muslim religion has an unquenchable thirst for global total domination and control which is a trade mark attribute of the white man

  145. hey Ama white one
    shut up you foolish fool, if blacks came from monkeys and whites were made in the image of God then we would be genetically incompatible. just as we are genetically incompatible with monkeys but not with each other. idiot, take a look at our fine coloured (colourful) population. where do you think they came from ????
    besides evolutionary theory calms we came from apes not monkeys you uneducated retard

  146. If you really are equating the end of white rule in terms of the end of the world in Biblical terms, I would have to agree with you. As soon as white numbers in Africa dwindle, so too does the technology, agriculture, infrastructure, law, finances, education and health systems of that particular country. So you are quite right – the end of white rule does quite literally mean the end of the world in a sense.

    Or let me guess, as long as there are no white people in our country you’d be happy? No white people to effectively grow and process your food, administer medicine that actually works – unlike ridiculous chanting to some vague, far-flung ancestors (who by the way, if evolution is correct, would be a bunch of apes which seems appropriate) – or even manufacture the firearms that you are so fond of using on the so-called oppressors? Why don’t we just take our terrible colonial sport with us – soccer – ban football in Africa because it was invented by the imperialist oppressors. Without white people, this country would be little more than a beautiful wilderness. Do you honestly not understand how all of what you want in life was introduced by white people? Regardless of the fact that formerly Sub Saharran Africa’s greatest contribution to the world of techonology was the mud hut? A people so primitive, they had yet to invent the wheel, seem to actually believe that they would somehow magically (possibly with the help of their ape ancestors) have developed South Africa into the highly sophisticated country it is today of their own accord.

    This post may sound incredibly racist and one-sided; yet I’m tired of white guilt meaning we shouldn’t be proud of our achievements. White people brought South Africa kicking and screaming into the future. I don’t believe in racism of any kind, but I’ll be damned if I’ll quietly listen to criticism of an entire people simply because the people in power have nobody else to blame for their own massive failings.

    You don’t have to like white people, but be grateful for what they brought to this country. For you NOW TO ENJOY 16 years post apartheid.

    PS: Food for thought – in 40 years of apartheid, just over 500 black people were killed by security forces. (not during war.) In the same time period, over 20 000 black people killed each other during political in-fighting. Yes, aparteid was wrong, but don’t kid yourself that black people have always been the blameless, innocent angelic victims, who given half a chance, would happily co-exist with white people.

  147. You guys must stop smoking Dagga.
    It looks like it has stuffed your head up.
    Zealots the lot of you.
    Soon you will be claiming that the Muslims are right.

  148. Wag ‘n bietjie wag ‘n bietjie! Jys swart, intelligent, sterk gelowig en regverdig. Ongelukkig is die res van jou nasie nie, soos jy reeds agter gekom het en ek voel jammer vir jou vir wat jy deur is en dat jy ongemaklik voel in die kerk. Dis nie jou skuld, maak dan ‘n verskil en staan op vir wat jy glo is reg.

  149. What a load of shit that is, Anonymous. You got your history and your math all fucked up. You sound like one of our Confederate Right-Wing Republicans. They screw up on academics when it comes to talking about our President, Mr. Obama and his success with turning around “Bush’s America.” Now that I think about it, Boers have a lot in common with those who dwell in the Republic of Texas. Jesus I wish those crackers would secede from America already. They keep threatening, but never do. Lucky us. No but seriously, did your parents and grand parents teach you those vile lies? Listen, do yourselves a favor and emigrate to Europe or Australia. Don’t come here, we still have to deal with Texas, the South and Alaska. We are already brimming with ignorant white people, we don’t need to add Boers to the equation. By the way, I am a 50 year old White man. I have a long history protesting against Apartheid and the Afrikaner minority. You people haven’t changed a lick. I still don’t understand why Mandela took the high road with the Boers. He must regret it now.

  150. What a load of shit that is, Anonymous. You got your history and your math all fucked up. You sound like one of our Confederate Right-Wing Republicans. They screw up on academics when it comes to talking about our President, Mr. Obama and his success with turning around “Bush’s America.” Now that I think about it, Boers have a lot in common with those who dwell in the Republic of Texas. Jesus I wish those crackers would secede from America already. They keep threatening, but never do. Lucky us. No but seriously, did your parents and grand parents teach you those vile lies? Listen, do yourselves a favor and emigrate to Europe or Australia. Don’t come here, we still have to deal with Texas, the South and Alaska. We are already brimming with ignorant white people, we don’t need to add Boers to the equation. By the way, I am a 50 year old White man. I have a long history protesting against Apartheid and the Afrikaner minority. You people haven’t changed a lick. I still don’t understand why Mandela took the high road with the Boers. He must regret it now.

  151. Julius Malema will always stand out among the greatest of men. And if fantasising about him getting a blow-job is Steve Hofmeyr’s thing, then good luck to him. For some of us, JM remains a serious political figure not to be confused with the likes of SH. Let us not get anything twisted about JM. We know him always for occupying himself with one thing throughout his short political life. One thing steadfast and unquestionable: the liberation of blacks, all blacks, by any means. Any group of black men needing SH as a champion like they need the whole world to bring back slavery. In the locations everyone knows that most if not all black men (and women) are influenced by JM . When we talk about freedom, self-expression and determination he tells us to be whomever and whatever we want to be, despite societal pressures to conform to any definition of manhood.

    That’s the beauty of JM. He is pushing the acceptable limits of black political thought. Do you see? Black men, already know what they need to know about the lives of JM and other prominent black men. Some of us quietly draw strength from great black men or white men every day. I wonder whether SH will find comfort in a quote from James Baldwin, who wrote in an essay published in 1980 that “it is of the utmost importance that I, the elder, do not allow myself to be put on the defensive. The young, no matter how loud they get, have no real desire to humiliate their elders and, if and when they succeed in doing so, are lonely, crushed, and miserable, as only the young can be”.

  152. What is racist about this letter? Come on show me what you call “racist”. And why should white people care if they say anything racist in this country? Its not like black people care when they offend white people by calling for their murders

  153. Black Racism is rife all over the world not just South Africa. I am a white South African female who have lived in the UK for 21 years now. From a distance I have watched how a great country have crumbled into utter chaos. I have seen London and other parts of the UK become uninhabitable by white people due to the hatred of black people. They emigrate from Africa, Jamaica etc come and sponge off white people here and still have the audacity to cry racism when they are arrested for knife crime, rape, armed robbery and drug dealing. Brixton in London is a hell hole with black on black violence. My point is the UK never had apartheid, England and it’s culture has been around for thousands of years and yet somehow all whites here are ‘racist’ too and fear to speak out in their own country against black violence. Most blacks don’t know the true meaning of the word racist, for them it is a convenient card to play when they can’t impose their own non-compatible violent culture in countries where they don’t belong. In addition we have the so called peace loving muslim s as well who also suffers under terrible racism in this country whilst living off the dole and housing benefits mainly supplied by white tax payers. The Rainbow Nation is a fallacy, Mandela a puppet in the hands of hardline Marxist thugs who don’t care about life, culture or peace. Most black Africans remain uneducated out of choice, and ignorance breeds more ignorance. I am glad the World Cup is in South Africa, I am glad there will be an influx of Europeans to support the South African Economy for a few weeks, but most of all I am hoping that the world’s media will have the opportunity to see the real New South Africa. Gain first hand knowledge of the rapes, murders and robberies, and gain understanding that racism in South Africa is a two way street. I don’t care for Steve Hofmeyer nor do I care for the low life black racist Malema, what I do care about is a country that have plenty for all to share. A criminal remains a criminal and a racist a racist whether black or white. Don’t try and be philosophical about the racist issue in SA it has nothing to do with Apartheid, because if after 16 years everything is still blamed on the whites it is very clear that none of the blacks had a viable, working alternative apart from the great ideology of screaming racism. Get rid of the fraudsters in the South African Government and perhaps then there will be equality and peace for all. The world will eventually wake up to the genocide of white South Africans, especially when the gold mines, diamond mines and other industries finally collapse.

  154. Jirre Steve… bad, bad, stupid letter my man. Seriously.
    On a daily basis you, as a respected figure in the Afrikaans community, have the opportunity to represent us as the ‘bigger man’ in this whole Malema confrontation. If we stoop to his level, which I am sad to say, you are perilously close to doing, this has the potential to become a very ugly year for us. We cannot afford to hate like this. It is not the solution.

  155. Hey Adriaan
    Bro, you have no idea how effective your repudiation of SH’s letter is, coming from a proud but rational Afrianer. That’s exactly what I’ve been trying to note, but people interpret criticism as fight talk and ‘retaliate’. I agree whole heartedly that Malema is a big liability and a huge embarrasment to the democratic process, however, this opportunity for Afrikaners to speak up with great conviction has been messed up by this guy Steve. Why is he so respected in the Afrikaner community? What outstanding value-based leadership character has he displayed? The guy sings well, but should this make him the loudest voice for the Afrikaner cause. Afrikaners are suffering the same leadership vaccum as the Blacks and the rest of SA. The future of SA depends on people like you Adriaan, rational thinkers who are not afraid to speak up and stick to what is right, irrespective of what the ‘uber men’ of society think, or what our communities are canvassing for.

  156. Who are you talking about? The Afrikaner community? We are not welcome at national initiatives, that is made plain. Do not make yourself out to be the holier than though nonsense. I had this colored friend who could understand most African languages, she would come and tell me the most horrible things that black people say when they think no one can understand them. When standing anywhere it is hard to talk to South African blacks except when I have my children with then they will communicate but mostly with them. We do not participate because we do not feel welcome.

    Think about it, if you where at a big celebration with all your comrades around you and a group of whiteys arrive what will you do? Be honest, your first thought would be ‘What the F*ck are they doing here?’ and if you think we do not know this you must really think we are stupid. It’s like cats and dogs sometimes they get along but most of the time they stay out of each others way.

  157. Idiot. If someone is being obsessed whether they are going to be attacked or robbed they must have a reason. Development of this country? Last time i checked it was the ANC that screwed the country over, not white people. We had working everything before that jack ass signed the country away. We should bring back apartheid and shove it in your face.

    National days? Fuck your national days. We have our own and we have no interest in joining your spear dances and stupid toi toi shit.

  158. I’ve chosen to go green, I’ve chosen Nature to answer my call. Shit and be happy. The bowel movement is important, in relation to what we are. Fuck Palestine, Fuck Africa, Germany, Southafrica, Fuck FIFA and kickball, I’ gonna get food from my garden and enjoy.

  159. I’m white and all I can say is people like you should be shot, who the hell wants apartheid back you stupid piece of shi….

    Malema is a moron and the ANC are even bigger idiots, that doesn’t mean that we as whites should want apartheid back, it means we as whites, coloured and blacks should want a government who encourages us to be tolerant of one another and a government that is not corrupt and looks out for the country not themselves.

    You are a real idiot, I would call you worse but this is a public forum

  160. The above person who opted to remain so anonymous that it merges with all other anonymous postings is as poisonous as young Julius. Rage and insults are not likely to build common understanding. Judge not lest you not be judged, my friend. Instead, read a good book at and see exactly how the tensions in this nation pull us apart while ordinary people try to build ordinary lives.

  161. Enjoy the food if it doesn’t get stolen.
    Watch out for goats; they eat anything.
    You can grow beautiful potatoes inside used taxi tyres.
    Don’t forget BEE: They also need to harvest crops, even if you planted and tended them.
    Viva Orania. WEE.!

  162. Yes! damit all the way! bring it back anytime the quicker the better but this time instead of teaching mandela how to be attorney, his throat should be slit!

  163. Hear,Hear! The idiot! Apartheid is part of the past. I for one hated apartheid. It never should have happened. How could people still think that there’s a place for apartheid in our modern world? Shithead!

  164. Pay no attention to this clown, he/she is just trying to cause the same kind of shit as JM and derail a discussion of people with far more intelligence than him/her.

  165. I can’t understand why people live in the past.You get allot of nice black people and if you go and look realy carefully you will see that its not the old or the rich blacks that is making such a big raccet about all of this but the young ones they listen to jm and all of the promises made to them but the rich blacks have what they want and own companys with white partners and get along just fine.

  166. South Africa has the best infrastructure in Africa, so mch for your assertion that they (whites) do not care for the development of the country. You think South Africa is being developed because there is a transfer of assets from traditionally white businesses in the name of black empowerment, however nothing new is being created.

    As to being worried about violence and robbery, how idiotic can you be to suggest that only white people are concerned, I’m sure many black, indianand coloured people are also woried about the threat of violence on a daily basis.

  167. Wow Steve, you have come out of the closet!! You are the Afrikaner Malema!!! So all you say about him applies equally to you!!

  168. Keep it up Steve. We need some heavyweights to balance this see-saw.
    I’m growng castor oil plants in my garden, in case somebody wants ricin to put on the tip of the dart!

  169. Although Julius Malema’s comments and actions are despicable ans should be criticised in the harshest terms, it is a sad day if Afrikaners rally around some one like Steve Hoffmeyer, a man not known for his morals or ethical behaviour. There is no difference between Hoffmeyer and Zooma, both are ruled by their balls.

  170. Your recorded history yes, 3000 yrs ago there is no european worth mentioning here, this complex world your short sighted ancestors build has a limit, get ready for real life… you just stressed because the tides are turning and Everyone is losing grip.., stress anyone?!

  171. apartheid is not the government , its people like you who still talk about black people as “you people”
    we might have democracy and be able to vote for our president of choice does not mean that every person in south africa has stopped being rasist all of a sudden.

    when you talk about “your government” i assume you are talking about the democratically appointed government who happens to be black.
    you mention that they are not doing anything for us, if the previous government did so much, why is there still so much to be done.

    You are the menifestation of apartheid. not the government — just migrate to australia or something and stop talking rubbish you know nothing about.!

  172. Immigrate? Did U say…. ? I’m one of those. Can U help me? My ticket, my acceptance… for being born in Africa, Will they accept me? Please help me to leave Afica.

  173. Its easy, if you are educated and white = countries like Australia and New Zealand would love to have you here! I now live in a first world country where my children have a future and there is NO corruption, NO blacks and just friendly people everywhere. Thank goodness a black will not be allowed into Australia or new zealand UNLESS HE HAS A TRADE OR DEGREE!!! So once they have run south africa into the ground and then look for a white to help him, sorry for you kaffir – go get an education which is not false or forged! Zero tolerance for corruption in my new country! Zero tolerance for crime and violence. I live in a paradise and thank God for giving us the opportunity to get our families into a safe place.

  174. That is bullshit, the real Africans did not have the same rights and opportunities as you European South Africans did, that is a complete lie and utter rubbish, you are very ignorant of how African people were treated during apartheid African children were denied a proper and decent education and what is more African parents had to PAY for their children to be educated even though ‘Bantu’ education was inferior and substandard the former Nazikaner government spent much more money on white Education than on African,Coloured and Indian children combined. Bantu Education was designed to limit the progress of African children and hold them back because the former Nazikaner government did not want Africans to be educated.

    The schools for African children had no facilities whatsoever. What about the fact that Africans had to carry passes and had their freedom of movement curtailed.

    There were no cinemas for Africans, the amenities and facilities for NON EUROPEANS were also substandard so how dare you write such nonsense you piece of trash.

  175. WHAT ARE YOU THINKING??? Do you not realize that ridicilous RACIAL statements like this is what is causing the problem in the first place?! You are an embarrasement to all of us ‘white South Africans’ out there. Uttering mindless drivvle like this is undoing any hard work and effort put in by all South Africans over the last 16 years who are learning to tolerate each others differences and strive towards an united and better country. I agree, people like you are not beneficial to a united South Africa and should move to Australia!

  176. How much more must a White person give, to a nation, that is born ‘hand 1st’, instead of . . . .

    I give up…….
    Not so easy to leave Africa to the Natives (oh! did I say a bad word?)

    No longer will I tollerate 3rd World Logics AND Culture (excuse for savagry and barbarism/racism)

    Please help me to apease ….. and please.

    Help me out of africa????!!!!!!!!

  177. Hooray! Lady I salute you! I am too a woman – was 16 when one of these kaffirs tried to stab me with a knife in joburg —- he just felt like it but when I brought out my own knife and jabbed it in his fucken black balls (uurrgghhh) do these apes have private parts????

    A pity us white folk do not have the guts our forefathers had against these funcken savages! thinking they’re humans the rubbish!

  178. It is you that should change your attitude. You are the ones that are murdering, killing and destroying. And yes we are 1,000,000 times superior to you. You came to live in our cities. You adopted our technology and not the other way around. So take it like a man. Stop being worthless coward black Africans. Regards from your neighboring white tribe in Southern Africa.

  179. Perhaps everyone should stop their idiotic comments, & name calling, South Africa has a lot of potential, but that potential can only be realised if everyone works together for a better future.

    Regarding Steve Hofmyers letter to Malema, it is unfortunate that it appears as a generalisation, and thus unfair to the majority who do not support Malema and the political idiots who are running South Africa into the ground.

    My interpretation of this (Hofmyer’s letter), is that if Malema hates everything that is white, then why has he acquired all the trappings of Western/European luxury, after all he can’t have his cake and eat it.

    I hope that the recent incidents in South Africa aren’t a precursor to a new dark ages, and if enough right thinking South Africans stand up to be counted, then we will truly have the rainbow nation that South Africa promises to be.

    Viva South Africa

  180. I HATE SOUTH AFRICAN BLACK PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT IS YOUR FAULT THAT I HAD TO TAKE MY FAMILY AND LEAVE MY COUNTRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  181. YOU are the uneducated BLACK African. If this is your idea that Africa is for BLACK people only, then why is the President of America BLACK? Why are there so many “Africans” around the world? Why did they leave your “perfect” Africa? Why don’t you tell him to leave America and walk on home.. to (your) Africa? If the rest of the world had the same dumb and stupid attitude as yourselves, then ALL BLACKS should go back to Africa! YOU are a racist IDIOT! Wake up.. the White South Africans fought side by side with the Black South Africans to earn a right to live in this Country. You go read YOUR History!! We admitted that “apartheid” was a BIG mistake, and not ALL of us Whites participated in the Old regime’s believe in apartheid. Even Mr. Nelson Mandela believes in our “New South Africa”, Black and White working TOGETHER for a better future! Then there is idiots like yourself and Malema!? I personally know Black South Africans that will stand with us White South Africans AGAINST your attacks! So.. GO AHEAD.. STOP intimidating us, and TRY to “wipe out” the White South African race.. I dare you!! See how far you get! IDIOT!!!

  182. Wie okal jy is beter my en my mede boere mooi verstaan en as jy nie afrikaans verstaan nie vokof uit ons land ek gee nie n dam moer om wie wat an jul gedoen het nie al wat nou saak maak
    Is wat ons aan jul swart vokol werd KAFERS gan doen en glo my jul is te poes dom om n goeie plan te maak want ons is al reg vir jul poese van die dag wat jul gedink het
    Jul rule die land,een vir een gan al jul kafers vrek en glo my dis om die draai…..

  183. to all the incompetent followers of julius malema

    dont insult steve hofmeyer for the incompetence of the ANC youth league leader (julius malema). julius malema has brought disgrace and shame upon all poeple living in South Africa regardless of ethinicity or social status. You cannot hold Steve Hofmeyer or any other white south african responsible for the unjust actions of the previous government. you should read your history books to learn about the white, coloured and indian people who have fought hand in hand with black people to bring aparthied to an end.

    in closing i would like to state that yes we do have a black president, yet there are millions of black people living below the poverty line. while people like julius malema lives in a lap of luxury.

  184. gaan terug spoeg en plak skool toe en vat vir malema saam met jou want julle is altwee voken dom poese julle behoort saam.

  185. Ek gaan jou in plein afikaans antwoord…. Gaan lees jou geskiedenis oor en dan sal jy sien dit was nie wit wat swart benadeel het nie of swart wat wit benadeel het nie… as jy wil kwaad wees vir iemand, wees kwaad vir die koning van benin (1400) aan die weste van afrika, gaan lees jou geskiedenis en kyk wat het daar begin gebeur en jy sal vind dit was ‘n swart koning wat sy eie mense begin verkoop het en dan as jy klaar gelees het gaan vertel vir jou makkers ens dat rasime nie deur blankes begin het nie maar dis die direkte gevolge van wat daar gebeur het.

    Dis hou op om in haat te lewe en lewe eerder vir die toekoms, en ai gaan kyk ook wat is die verklarende betekenis van “AFICANS” dan sal jy sien dis nie swart nie dis ook nie wit nie dis ook nie groen of piek nie…

    Dus meneer wie jy ook al is, ek is nie mal oor ou Steve nie maar dit maak nie van ‘n asshole om op te kom vir die Afrikaan nie (dus vir jou ook), want onthou as hier dinges kom gaan die wit, se swart vriende en die swart se wit vriende byde seerkry… dink ‘n bietjie

  186. baboon vermin u have zero chance of success… South Africa belongs to the original settlers who came from Europe… u will die of aids just like your filthy ape children will…

  187. Your children? Do you really believe the black race (yes, I know you would like it to be a capital B, but you don’t deserve even that!) will survive HIV/AIDS?
    You are all waiting for the developed Western World to discover / develop a cure for HIV/AIDS. They don’t see HIV /AIDS as a poblem! It is the solution to the problem!!! So, don’t hold your breath…That which you do best, fucking and breeding like rabbits, are killing you rapidly and effectively! Perhaps not in my life time, but, one day OUR childen will rule this country again. They who are now expats will return.

    Your trust in black rule is laughable! Look to the north, to see what black rule looks like! Africa WILl be colonised again… and the best is, the West just has to wait for Africans to destroy themselves!

    In case you wonder, I am highly educated, and after many years as an academic, I am confident to say, 90% of blacks can not be educated…
    We, the Whites, are the superior race, and because you know that, you hate us.

  188. Anonymous

    now i can see why your hair grows in your brain and the roots outside (that makes you not think very straight – excuse the pun) The funny thing is I thought the whole new South Africa (free for all) was going to work. BIG JOKE!!!!!! All the little shits walking around. I wonder have you ever notice……YOUR SKIN IS THE SAME COLOR AS MY SHIT. SO THAT MAKES YOU A SHIT STIRRER

  189. I give up. Africa without WHite help and ifluence …. it a ‘gonna’ …. gotta go! Not so easy, though. Any help from African folk???

  190. Leave africa to the africans/nigs/blacks…. without Whites, their black career or success ……. is over!

  191. you retard please don’t accuse a speaker of the truth being uneducated because then we know exactly what you are.

  192. So typical K@ffir of you. You cannot debate a point, you have to kill! That is where white and black is worlds apart. That is what makes me proud to be a white South African. You can kill me and my family but you will never have the logic, the pride, the integrity, the knowledge, the brains, and the respect that white people have been blessed with. The fact is you are a race that look favourably on babies and children as sexual objects, animal abuse as a right and killing another human being as a necessity.
    Thank God I am white. Why can you not be happy with being Black. Face it you will never have what white people have. Embrace who you are and go back to your heritage. Maybe some peace will reign again. In case you do not know, there is a big difference between a black african and a K@ffir. You threatening Steve for speaking out how he feels about Julius Malema makes me know you are a K@ffir.
    How many threats against black people’s lives are on this blog? Sorry K@ffir, you just confirmed once again that you are a uncivilised blood thirsty savage that would rather kill to prove your point than use your brains.

  193. Jou swart gat behoort nie in ons land nie…ja ek dink jy moet jou mooi gan kyk oor die geskiedenis..maar gan bietjie verder trug voor jou nasie hans geraak het….hoe goed ht dit nie met ONS land gegan vat jy nou hele family en fok yt ons land yt……. gan kryp in n gat iewers ver in Noord Afrika want glo my julle gan kak optel………….

  194. Dear White Citizens,
    I know that not all of you are racists. I know that some of you were not racists until recently. I know that most of you are frustrated but so am I. Race relations are currently strained and the prospect of racial harmony is in a catch-22 situation. From the black camp we have some individuals who support Malema and his ridiculous rhetoric. On the white camp we have some white people who support Steve Hofmeyr who seems to be on a crusade to destroy Malema, sometimes doings so without any calculated strategies.

    Those of you who are married would understand the importance of self-restrained; when you and your spouse angry at each other the last thing you should do is call each other names for the sake of your relationship. Usually you would find that divorce would be inevitable when a couple cannot manage their anger to a point of being rational. Anger is a destructive emotion, ask the wives and husbands who are in prison because they killed their spouses, most of them would do things differently if given another opportunity.

    Some of you claim to be more intelligent than us but I strongly disagree because intelligent people would never spew bile inconsequencially as you do. Sure, you are angry but so am I but that does not give me the right to demean you by calling you all sorts of names. Believe me when I tell you that the temptaion to stoop to your level of insults is existant but I will not entertain it, lest I want to prove you right that black people are stupid.

    I want to acknowledge that I’ve conversed with some white people who seem to posses the basic intelligence needed to resolve conflict and I would like to challenge the rest to prove that they are indeed intelligent by uttering sensible words instead of the hateful rhetoric that you unfortunately seem to excell at.

    On the same note I would equally like to challenge black people. It is about time that we let bygones be bygones, we cannot always keep on referring to Apartheid this or Apartheid that. We need to take proactive steps in fighting for economic emancipation but those steps do not include violence and hatred.
    I do not need validation from anybody about my intelligence or lack of, I know that I’m intelligent, sensible and to a certain extend successful. I don’t rely on white people to pay me my salary and I also don’t rely on any political parties for tenders – I posses the necessary panache to earn and amass.

    ~~~ Black Coconut ~~~~

  195. That’s a bold statement coming from an “intelligent” person. Go back to ur history books and u will find proof that deseases are manmade, now since the whites are the so called chosen race why would they create such destructive ways to control the masses, oooh ye, one thing and one thing alone, MONEY. Bcos they know that alota profit will be made from selling medication not to cure but to manage whatever deseases they created. So at the end of the day HIV and AIDS was created by a white man(in a lab), to wipeout a large proportion of the african people and well, it worked to perfection, like how everything else that you white people touch always turn into destruction. WHO MADE CHEMICAL WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION FIRST, the one and only ALBERT EINSTEIN, and today he’s viewed by many as an icon or is given legendary status. Who oppressed the black people in AMERICA who were brought in against their own will from AFRICA(white people) and ALBERT PIKE (KKK) was the front man for that movement which ended up in bloodshed and black people being treated like animals. Most of u white people have evil intensions against other rases and history shows that, and with all the evil and dark things that ur forefathers did to take over it will cum back to haunt the rest of you ignorant white people leaving in denial, ignoring the truth because the lies work better for you, getting privelleges over black people.

  196. It is ignorance on behalf of both sides of the racial divide that has SA where it is today. Don’t suppose to blame either black or white for the situation as it stands today, as we have only ourselves, inclusively, to blame for the stink we find ourselves in. Sure, Malema is not helping, but neither is Steve. He hardly has a leg to stand on, based on his public profile of the last year or so. He is equally moronic in his actions and words. How can we take either of them serious? Plainly, I can’t, and I would suppose to say that neither do the majority of people in SA. But to make stupid, emotionally driven comments of hatred towards others is just basic cowardice, especially if you are on the other side of the pond. Us loyals, back in sunny SA, are facing the troubles head on, not slapping ridiculous comments onto forums from half a world away. No one actually cares about expat opinion, as I for one do not regard you as South African anymore. Don’t think you can get to leave this country, and then you dare to make comment on the affairs that take place within our borders. Rather grow some backbone and come back, or stay there and shut up…

  197. da difference is we black people can’t hide the truth, which works better for us because now everyone knows our weakeness which in the long run will be a major advantage over ur filthy, dirty closets filled with a truck load of skeletons in it. Soon the world will realise the truth and every lie will be out in the open and one day you will have to answer for all the destruction your forefathers brought upon the world. The first will eventually be last and the last will eventually be first, that’s the cycle of the universe, so u better start adapting or get left behind…after 400years of slavery, we slowly but surelly catching up, and that day will come, I probably wont live to see it but it will come 100 / 200 / 300 years from now…or it could be around the corner…BUT WE ARE GONA RECLAIM WHAT’S RIGHTFULLY OURS.

    Africa is the chosen continent…we got everything thats keeping the world afloat but unfortunatelly the power is in the wrong hands (WHITE PEOPLE) for they have the power to cause a recession…tell me what’s so GODLY about deliberatelly making children and women suffer thru the deprivation of resources and education…since u white people claim to be the GODS chosen rase…GIVE ME A BREAK!!!

  198. Make no mistake, this is not your land exclusively. There were people here before you arrived, or had you forgotten? They gave you land. Your language shows your ignorance. People who have to resort to foul language obviously have not had a decent education.

  199. Steve is this not racist? Have you always haboured these sentiments? Is this your true self? Does all white people feel this way? So the Mandela thing is not true!!
    Malema does not hate whites.He hates injustice by white. He can talk to FF+. Those Mulder Boys are real leaders. Steve are you in to the DA’s beliefs of a superior White Nation?

    White Farmers are also guilty of illtreating Blacks. But no human being will support murder. What worries is that a Black man was killed last week and there was not scene. Tereblanche was terrible at certain times to blacks. Did criminal things. None of you responded. Why now?

    Infact Afrikaners are also local as us.They have no antie nor Oom overseas. If they are there, it is beacuse they visited. Home is here Stevie. It is here my maat!! We love you and your music. It is local-is-lekker. You met Zuma.Talk to the young man, Malema. No media staff. Talk to him! He intervened in OFS we were all happy. History was written by who? There is a saying, ‘If story of hunting could be told by the hunted, it will look different’ We view it as distorted. So it will not help you attacking us Blacks this way.At the end, we are at home here! Both me and you.

    I will understand your anger with the death of the old man.But we must deal with it together. We are brothers man.

  200. Just the very essence of your wording shows the calibre of your intelegence…that of an ape. Yes,our our ancestry chose to make some ideals that were not right. But you follow a regime of no brains,no class and no intelegence. Magabe’s people stayed true to him and ‘offed’ all the white farmers,that proveded them with homes, money and food…and oh my…look how they live today? Any happier because they have a black president? Dont think so. If you chose to live in a world of hate,anger,resentment and bitterness iand pass that on to innocence its you’r choice! Black africans were brought to Africa by WHITE men, and it was those very WHITE men that established the country! The black Africans had been given the chance to run South Africa and they have f@cked that up good and solid!
    Im quite keen to see how sticks and lit tyres fair against intelegence and guns-

  201. HAHAHAHAHAH What a dumb dipshit you are nigger!!!!! BTW and FYI….This is the future, history is history, do YOU ever know South Africa’s real history?? Dont be pathetically hypocritical you retard. And as for your “children taking us out” Your children ar NOTHING without the whites, we built this counrty idiot. Steve is right, you blacks are vindictively ENVIOUS. Cry me a river you stupid FUCK

  202. So we are the 10% pathetic white filth that surpressed the rest of the population……for how long? By being pathetic?
    I think not my friend, you might be in for a nasty surprise, a nasty one indeed.
    So check your history.
    You should be accountable for what you say, listen now to your whitey, you and Malema both.

    What do you think the boer will do when cornered, answer truthfully.
    You can lie here, but not to yourself. You know.

    By the way, we all evolved in africa, she is our cradle.
    the difference is we left, and got stronger in the effort.
    ‘Cause we had to think to survive, everything you have we are responsible for.
    The good with the bad heh?

    Please think a little before you open your pie-hole next time.

  203. Hey, hey, hey now guys just stop right there ok. It is this kind of speech that stops us from growing and developing South Africa (SA) into the amazing country it can be. SA is one of the most beautiful, productive, thriving, fascinating countries on earth and if we don’t start to work together SA as we know it is going to end up like Zimbabwe or worse and I do not want that to happen and neither does anybody else I am sure. Hate speech is 100 steps in the wrong direction and won’t get you anywhere.

    Saying that your children will take the whites out if you don’t is so wrong man can’t you see that? You are supposed to teach your children about love and respect and promise, not about hate, violence and a stupid system that hasn’t been around for almost 20 years now, just put it behind you please and let’s start to build a better future for your children, a wonderful place for them to be able to grow up in without fearing violence or descrimination or being taught the same crap over and over again about how bad the ‘white’ man is. Your children are our future and you need to teach them the right way, the way forward that will benefit everyone and bring about the REAL New SA that Mandela was trying to start and so many other South Africans too, a REAL Rainbow Nation.

    The Separateness was such a long time ago and most south africans, many many black south africans too i might add, want to put all this crap behind us, it has gone on for too long.

    Yes the Black people were here first but look how many amazing things, growth, purpose and prosperity has come from our country being colonised by the Europeans??? I mean what was happening in South Africa before they came, nothing!!!! What were the local inhabitants doing to make our country more prosperous … nothing. Yes their lives were interrupted and things changed but it was mostly for the good of our beautiful country, the growth and future. Look at all the amazing sport stadiums we have, the growing economy, the tourism etc. We all built those things together!!!!

    What is a skin colour anyway hey??? We all look the same inside, our bodies function the same, our brains function the same but it is the choices we make that make the difference, so wake up and make a real difference for ALL of our futures instead of spouting ridiculous hate speech.

    By the way, if you look into and study Race history of Africa you would know that Blacks are not the only race that have existed in Africa for hundreds of years. The Black people who live in SA are not even classed as Negro’s as they like to call them in America, Ethiopians are not classed as Blacks, Egyptians are not classed as Blacks, all these other races also live in Africa and have been a part of her for a very long time ok. Africa and any other country in the world is for anyone who wishes to make a real, prosperous, good and healthy difference to it’s economy, culture and education, to make it a better place. It doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, just what is in your heart, the good in your heart to make a change and put the past behind you.

  204. The Bible says than you shall NOT kill….. To take a life is only for GOD…. im not worried about any of this!!! I have got GOD on my side.
    GOD wil take care of people like U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  205. i understand ur ignorance, u white, u dont have a reason 2 complain since everything that u r and that u own today, is al credit 2 ur evil forefathers , tryna force us 2 learn in ur fucked up language, labeling us as dogs. god is alive and he s speaking thru a black man since we the only rase that endured the worse pain in this world. which also makes me believe jesus was black.

  206. why is it that racism only points to whites…what about the blacks???? You are the worst racists i have ever come seen but do we keep crying racist…NOOOO. Cos we are mature…
    I look back at the apartheid era and wonder WHY were there not so many hungry children, WHY were there so little HIV orphans…COS THE WHITE MAN LOOKED AFTER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    All you can do is break down a great country…..

  207. dito dito dito dito
    I am a angry white south african who agree but how do we get this into all the thick skulls out there.
    Thank You

  208. Just show who is uneducated, maybee you should go back to school and start learning the truth and not what you’ve been told. You got internet go back and check it for your self. But “O” atleast the story of the ” Rainbow Nation” is at last open to the world. So go on and destroy our land futher thats your nature not STEVE or any real South African.

  209. I STRONGLY ECHO YOUR SENTIMENTS!!! If you look to the north, it speaks for itself. The whites have been driven out and killed and once again they have to come back and pick up the pieces and re invest in countries so full of corruption and poverty that it is incredibly sad. Look at the DRC, it is a fine example of 53 years of black rule!

  210. Your not very intelligent if you think that deseases are man made. And if you knew anything, then you would know the MEDICINE that WHITE people create (as you say) extend the lives of BLACK PEOPLE who are using those same HIV/AIDS drugs. It doesnt cure yet, but it does extend their lives. Further more, the reason why Albert Einstein is an icon is NOT because he made Chemical weapons etc, the did much more then that, please go back to your history books and see what else he discovered and invented.
    And just to get other things straight, your talking about bloodshed. In comparison, how many black people are doing the killing of whites compared to Whites killing black. Some blacks dont even care if its black or white, they just kill. And dont say its because they are so poor. Its because some of them are too lazy to work or to get an education. I have plenty of BLACK friends and they dont need to kill or steal to survive, they make an honoust living and I am proud to call them my friends.
    We all work so hard for what we have, and yet it is so easy for a black person to steal everything you own. Because its easy for someone to say, I am black and I dont have work. Lately it is even harder for a white person to get a job. It doesnt matter if you can do the job better then a black person or that you are more educated, but because your skin is white, you wont get that job. Now tell me what privelleges are you talking about?

  211. Hell Pal, You need to get some help. I am a white person.
    You need to look at the dehumanisation that we applied to the black people over thte las t 100 years.
    They were forced to come to the cities to work in the mines by the people who owened them.
    This was by a poll tax excerted on them by the Brits.
    So of course the black mine workers wife wanted to see him and came to the city as well.
    Not acceptable, so then came the pass laws.
    So now we have a Black miner having to work in the mines to pay the poll tax excercised on him by the Brits but he can not see his wife except at Xmas when he gets 2weeks leave.
    So we broke up their family unit, the thing we all cherish.
    Then came the Bantustans and once again we relocated people with no regard to family or their roots.
    And then all the iniquities of Apartheid. We say the Black man is stupid. Yes many of them are.Why.
    Because under Verwoerd it was Goverment policy not to educate a Black person pass standard 5 as he would never be able to realise his expectations because of job reservation. That is , jobs were reserved for whites,eg Laying bricks, driving a truck.
    So the Blacks like Malema are riding the backs of the white man.
    But they have only been doing for 16 years. We did it for 300.
    Wake up and smell the Mielie Pap.
    We had no respect for them, how can we expect them to have respect for us.?

  212. It is not your land.
    They were here before the white man came, and will be here long after the white man has gone.
    It will just be them and the Chinese.

  213. Get your geography straight or did you not show up for class! This is South Africa not Africa! Why don’t you start walking back to your own african country where you supposed to be! White people have the same right as black people to be in SOUTH AFRICA!!!! Only the Koi San Have full right in South Africa!

  214. I’m in stitches………………….. What kind of education did you get?? A bachelor’s degree in ignorance from the university of stupidity?? Dude you need to get over yourself. I’m addressing you as an individual and not a white south african, you are an absolute dumbass!! Flaunting your level of education on such a domain and then a mere sentence into your borring speech, you express your ignorance?? Hahaha, I hope your children are different to you, for their own sakes. I can’t believe that south africa is home to such farts!!!

  215. ja well the whites lived in all these big grand houses and drove the smartest cars but they werent even educated properly so tell me where did they get the money and all the goverment contracts from . Im Just wondering what happened in the previous goverment ….. who had all the benefits and the best schooling and the best areas to stay in and the best seats on the bus and train and the best beaches and the list can go on and on and on…….. Some1 ad more to the list plz….

  216. Hey wake up sushine !!!! Why don’t you tell MALEMA to shut his big black mouth. You should write your letter to him okay !!! He need some education and direction. He’s definately born brainless.

  217. Bring it on Julius Malema – We the true South Africans will ride your ass like Zorro, and YOU (29 year old child) will fall, with your thousands of uneducated poor Black bastards! You have succeeded to destroy everything Nelson Mandela did!!

  218. Hi Guys,

    Specially you Cobus, thanks for demonstrating just how ugly Afrikaans can be. You are the perfect example of what black people and whites alike should root out on both side of the fence before true harmony can triumph. Stevie, Julie and yourself will all be forgotten in history because we will not need to be reminded of our past rather than be interested in our future. We do not need history lessons and idiotic reteric from people like you.

    I’m Afrikaans and proud of it, but not to the cost of my children’s future in a country that has the potential to be a world leader in all aspects. I’ve seen much worse in Africa and if we do not guard against people like the three of you who live in dreamworld because you are too afraid to face reality or too stupid to make informed comments, we are really going to be in trouble.

  219. You’re right, your intelligent.

    I actually wish the majority could have half the intelligence you poses. People are angry, people are frustrated. Even though I didn’t regard myself as racist a few months ago, I’m slowly but surely becoming what I don’t want to. But in my defense, it’s all around us. If you put too many people into one place it will result in chaos, people are irrational and don’t really realize that words are powerful.

    I’m white, trying my best not to be resist and believing in the human race. But look around, go to the smaller towns and see what the majority of people do the our beautiful country and this is just a small example of litter that lies everywhere. Whites will never see this as intelligence and normally judge people by their actions. We know that there’s people of color who’s intentions are good and try to prosper. I’m 24 years old, just started my web designing company 7 moths ago and after long struggle to get to the point were I’m at, I’m on the verge of leaving this country, if that’s even possible?

    Hope that all the black community, discover our insight.

    best regards

  220. Wys vir my een ding wat ontwerp is deur ‘n swarte, hulle is klomp rug ryers wat ons land probeer regeer. Ons Voorvaders het geveg vir wat ons het, het dit nie verniet gekry of gesteel nie.

  221. To leave would be doing the country in,coz the country invested in you.All education were geared towards uplifting whites and keeping the blacks dumb,easy to control dumb people.So the country can’t afford to let whites leave,not becoz whites are superior race,with more intelligence,rather coz most taxpayers money was spend on their education.Plaese don’t be fooled that whites are being kept in SA,like racist whites that want to believe they have a higher intellignce.

  222. True that blacks was sold in Africa as slaves,but it was totally different to selling people in western countries.First of all most people being sold in Africa,itself,was from enemy tribes and thus the spoils of war,unlike in the west where slaves were merely treated as an economic commodity and even auctioned of.

  223. The ANC has been leading SA for the past 16 YEARS!!! How can you still blame the previous goverment for the poverty?? THAT IS REALLY SO IDIOTIC!. Get over the past (or over yourself) and start taking responsibility for your own incapibility of getting somewhere and making a success of your life. Everybody creates their own destiny, so if you choose to be poor and pathetic, that is what you will be.

  224. So true,but you’re realisation are decades to late,coz it was goverment to keep those skulls so thick and over time they just got thicker.Also true that everyone hides his stupidity behind something,be it arrogance,anger,racism,or even lies.Sorry if I,m a bit harse on you.

  225.  Actually the previous government left the ANC a 1st world country with working infrastructure and everything in great condition. Now, it is messed up. 

  226. Very good bud,some whites have insight.May I say that whites stole a lot of ideas from blacks too,like “potjiekos” which was done first by those black watchmen,imported from the bantustans.Then what about the song dedicated to this “De La rey” general of sometime ago.This song was really a warcry to whites and put out by a white singer. I can’t recall any blacks saying to the goverment as “we see fit”,no admission needed on what Hofmeyr is and on can surely look onto him with pity,coz a rational person would’nt bring the World cup into it. Cheers

  227. Hey You Fucking Black BASTARD!!! First: Steves great grand parents are dead God rest their souls,,,, but they gave your mother fucking black grand parents jobs as housecleaners and gardeners and with your black ass brains that was the only job they ever could get!!! second: the only reason why you dumb asseholes gets a job these days is because of the BBB-EE and I personally think its bull shit because blacks only has three brain cells 1 for theft 1 for murder and 1 for rape but not even 1/2 for bussiness or politics!!! third; there is a lot of rumours of steve and all the children but you know what atleast if it is true he can provide for them in a house with a real stove and bath and not in some shack with parrafin and a bucket to wash in BUT YOU KNOW WHAT HE HAS RUMOURS OF CHILDREN AND NOT AIDS LIKE MOST OF OUR “GREAT” POLITICIANS!!! AND AND AND AND on a nother note on the children comment you black ass you are only upset because he can get a white women and alot of them (if its true steve, said with most respect for you) and you cant even get a fat Zulu meit!!!! But what can I say THANK GOD FOR AIDS IT WILL WIPE OUT MOST OF YOUR FUCKING BLACK OUT!!! “VIR ONS LAND SUID AFRIKA” AWB STAAN STERK EN TROTS. dELAREY dELAREY SAL JY ONS BOERE KOM LEI DELARY DELARY. God seen jou Steve

  228. Tipically, as we are saying you disgrace your own government and your race! Wake up and smell the fresh air. It’s your type that created this “call-for-war”. You don’t scare us with your treads, we may go down, but so will you. Wake’ie, wake’ie…

  229. Someone like you should occupy the station that Malema cuurently holds. No successful governance can be upheld with uneducated individuals with no ligitimacy supporting their ‘Struggle’:
    1) he had no suffering caused by Apartheid.
    2) he has no connection to the poor South-Africans, neither Black, nor white. He has two houses in Sandton. No further explanation needed.
    3) he has no political arguments backing up his ‘struggle’, his tyrades, his fumblings, his… demands. When ever he is asked a genuine question concerning governance and serving the public in the manner he should, he gets backed into a corner, for he has no education, knowlegde nor experience on the matter.
    Therefor he has to rely on the most basic reaction you see in animals. Aggressive attack. And since he is a coward and probably would do any physical damage to any male of his age, he has to uphold himself by falling back to sexual calice, flinging around phallic insults towards men and rape/whore remarks toward women… This is the attitude you’ll encounter among 10-16 year old frustrated pubescants.
    4) his farm land grabs has no economical merit, has no social merit. The landgrabs will end up supplying the comrades with new property, the working men will still remain in the position they are in now. But since the Comrades have no idea on running farms, they will malmanage the greater part of them, ending up like Zimbabwe. Rhodesia supplied food, Zimbabwe is begging for food. Need I say any more?
    5) Nationalizing the mines? What is he thinking? That he’ll be sitting on his very own thown made out of golden bricks? Not helping the poor man like that. And flooding the economy with gold, like he suggested a few times? That will destroy the value of gold within weeks. The only thing he has in mind is a quick payoff, get rich quick, steal quick… My apologies, but most africans have no sense of long term planning. The tribal culture and mentality of ‘hunting to feed myself today and we’ll see what we can find tomorrow’ still persists, sometimes even more present in the city then out in the rural country. The few SA farms that were handed over to africans between 1994 and 1998 have all but gone to waste. 8 out of 11 farms have been abandonned, with merely brick ruins standing where a farmhouse used to be. The first thing that was stolen was the waterpump, which could have supplied a whole farm with growing vegetation. Now it’s probably a rusted piece of a bench somewhere in a squatter camp, while the farmland has eroded to dead weeds.

    More examples can be given, but I feel myself becoming hopeless, thinking of a future where Julius Malema still holds political stature… Give us our piece of land where we can gouvern ourselves, and you can do your part. We deal with our problems and you with yours. If things turn sour then, there is no way you can blame whites. In that Situation, Malema will soon be found to be a fake, a quasi-communist with his own capitalistic agenda and that of his comrades who will be lining their pockets with whatever is left to fight over…

  230. Hermanus,
    Thank you for your comments, please rest assured that I don’t find them harsh, if at all, engaging. Also note that I’m only 28 years old and I’ve held my views for the most part of my maturing life, though I’ve only recently started excersising my constitutional right to vocalise them. My commentary might be due by decades (as per your observation), that nevertheless does’t mean that I’ve only recently been cognizant of our societal issues pertaining mostly to black people’s buffoonery and white people’s hypnotic words that do little to alleviate such undesired mentality. I would also like to humbly and uncategorically inform you that I’m not uncommonly intelligent – there are many introverted intelligent black people in this colourful country of ours.

    Let’s rather talk about how we are going to take part in the resolution of a racially harmonious country.

    ~~~ Black Coconut ~~~

  231. you stupid shit, it doesnt matter what race you are.everyone is the same. god made us all equal. we must not dwell in the past. but hope for a better future but if you speak to a well known south african like that then that makes you no better then him.. no matter how hard you or him try to fight you are equal. its fucking quality not quantity you egocentral prick.

  232. Before telling other people to think before they comment I think you need to practice that too. I am a Black South African and I am very proud of being one. You having to leave South Africa is not my fault or anyone else’s, instead you had a choice of staying in this land which you claim to be belonging to you (whereas your forefathers stole it it from the Nguni and the Khoisan populations) or be a coward and run away and thats what you did. Now that you see your cowardice, you want to blame my people which were mistreated by your forefathers and your parents and probably you too. You should be ashamed of yourself for even thinking of writing such a comment. If this is really your country, you would know its history and know that Blacks dont come from Ghetto shacks, the very reason they ended up in those ghettos was because you and your people stole their wealth of domestic animals and some natural resources, and forced them to work for cheap labour and hence they became poor. I dont hate you but I feel sorry for you because you are just like buzzing bee with no direction. For an adult with a family to write such a comment, you’ve just indicated a lack of knowledge capacity and maturity. So think before you speak please!

  233. I can understand that you are upset about this post. I was too. I found it to be very misleading about the feelings that whites in this country towards the black people. I grew up in a non-racial South Africa. My father (white) got arrested for protesting against apartheid many years ago. I am so sad that there is this horrible feeling surrounding the country at present. I would like to live in a South Africa where there is equality for all. I know that you said that it was our ancestors that were responsible… but that’s exactly it… OUR ANCESTORS! We have no control over what happened in the past, we weren’t even a part of it, and yet we are supposed to bear the hatred of the past, struggle to get a job because of our colour, and deal with brutal murders and the genocide of our people. I have friends of all colours and backgrounds that I hold very dear to me. Can we not move past our horrific past, accept that this has happened and that there is nothing that we can do to change it, and move forward as a country striving for a better future for ourselves and our children. Hatred begets hate, and unfortunalty, a very mislead Malema is inciting violence. Do you really want your children being tought that it is fine to slaughter an innocent individual for a cellphone, or just because they feel like it. Racism is described as being the hatred or intolerance of another race or other races. It is not uni-directional but works in all direction. Julius wants to suppress racism, but he himself is racist against white people. After you have killed all of the white people, who will you blame then for South Africas problems? The indians? The Chinese? They were part of the struggle too and yet they seem to have been forgotten. At the end of the day all that you will be left with is your hatred, a government who cannot meet the peoples needs, and noone left to blame. I was amused by Malema wanting to Nationalise the mines, did you know that the only people who would have prospered from these millions were a few key members in the ANC (including Malema himself). Let’s get the right attitude. Move past your hatred! My generation has!

  234. I am sorry, koisan is not black people like Zulu’s or Pedi’s or Khoza or what ever,, they are bushman the KOISAN. Everybody just carries on that south africa does not belong to us whites and History this or history that. Well wake up please it does not belong to you either it belongs to the koisan you are all stupid F^%$ and that is the reason why this country is a royal F*&* UP because of you. And who wants to fight for something this pathetic anyway. Why would we want to stay here when we are always told that this is not our country. And let me tell you another thing I am also on my way out of here I am going to canada and the reason why I am going is because i will not allow anyone black or white to rape or kill my children. So stop wanting to point fingers at us when we ruled this country it was clean and safe, and now its just one of the worst countries in the world and i am ashamed to say that i am south african

  235. Most diseases (please note the spelling) originate from animals. Even anthrax, which was used in biological warfare. Aids is thought to have developed from the Canine group, from people fornicating with dogs. It is been said that white people introduced HIV to blacks to curb the black populations. It is also thought that condoms were brought in for a similar reason. The point is. That you are severly mislead. Just because you heard, from a friend of a friend that the whites are trying to reduce black population. That is ridiculous ! Look at the expanding black population in South Africa. Paraistes, viruses, bacteria and many uni-celled organisms have been around since the dawn of time, and have evolved through the ages so as best to survive. Even before man was around. So unless the white man was a prehistoric amoeba which decided to mutate, pre-empting that another ameoba would be black , and that it would have to kill the black amoeba, I believe your idea is proposterous. Please note I’m a pHD graudate in parasitology.

  236. Jesus said “blush over your sins” just for interest sake can a black man blush? since you believe Jesus was black?
    “Though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red as crimson, they shall be like wool.

  237. I just want to clarify something regarding your man made statement. If you are at all religious you will know that HIV/AIDS is a plaque sent from God because of unfiathfull people. He said that He will send an illness to those who sleep around that will kill you and there will never be a cure. Go and read revelation and stop referring to history.

  238. You have no idea what pain is. My grandparents are Jewish,as am I. they still have the branded numbers on their hands! They lived and survived an ordeal that no man or woman should be put through. Yet they hold no anger nor hatred toward the Germans. The only card that you people pull out is the race card as you have nothing left to stand on. You and your kind have destroyed this country,and now you wish to cry? God holds no hate,and does encourage murder and resentment. If you blame everywhite person for your disadvantages then you are stupid. I love my nation,my people,black or white,but regardless of ones skin caller..if you act like an undecuated idiot,then you are just that regardless!! Stop feeling so sorry for yourself, and work with everybody in SA toward a better future for ALL! God does not need a mere moron to speak through, and if He did,i think he would make alot more sense than Jub Jub!

  239. this country was safe and clean for you and your fellow whites. what about the black man that was receiving the raw deal? this is just typical of the white x-south africans. I feel pity for the citizens of the countries you are busy polluting by being cowards and fleeing. you are not superior and this evident in your behaviour. next thing you will be demanding from those countries ‘pieces of land for your VOLK’. in SA, i have a special place in mind for you guys: the middle of the INDIAN OCEAN. you can summier take the likes of Steve Hofmeyer, Julius Malema, Visagie, and all the other racists with you. this country can fuction very well without you.

  240. I fully agree with you there. Let all South Africans (black & white) fight against the weak administration of the ruling party. FACT: we need each other because together we can be very strong, but separately we will perish. Home is home and fleeing SA to Canada will always make you an “immigrant/refugee”. A status that may also pass onto your grandchildren. Stick it out and fight (legally of course)!

  241. How many of your people were murdered and raped and hijacked and robbed during apartheid, it was safe for both white and black. I did not make the choices that was made those years, it was made by the goverment. Just for your info we were invited into another country wich is more than what you can say so it is an honour for me to be trusted that much my another country. And yes for the sake of my children who dont even know what apartheid and racism is i will go because i love them more than this destroyed country. I never said that I am superior but I am not barbaric. I was never a AWB supporter and never wanted my own peace of land for my Volk, you see this is exaclty the problem with you people you talk about shit that was never even part of the conversation in the first place and try and argue points that does not even exist. I am sure i will get along well with other coloured people in another country because the are not barbaric. I am so glad that you dont need me in this country because even if you did i still would not stay. And one last thing you are waisting your precious breath talking about history and racism and cowards ect ect, you are all in deny and cant even give a valid reason why this country is in such a mess. Coward i might be but at least i know that when judgement day comes and God asks me why haven’t i looked after my children that He had borrowed me at least i wont be able to say that i forsaked Him and them because of this country.

  242. Daai mond van jou is rerig vrot Cobus. Mense wat nes jy dink is besig om in die tronk te vrot. Moet asb nie iets stupid probeer nie, want dis waar jy ook gaan beland. Dis of jy te veel brandewyn gedrink het, of jy het die hoerskool gelos vir plaaswerk. Vertel my nou bietjie: wat verwaag jy om te kry uit hiedie ‘post’ van jou? Voel jy nou beter? Seker…..maar, gaan enigiets eweskielik verander? Ek twyfel. Jy is rerig belaglik om te dink jou simpel druig gaan ons skrik. Dit het gebeur in die verlede (onthou jy?) dat ‘n groepie Afrikaaners, wat gedink het hulle staan vir die belange van al die wittes, bomme orals geplant het. Waar’s hulle nou? Nee, waar was al die ander wit mense toe hulle in die k*k beland het? Moenie dink jy verteenwoordig almal (wit) met jou sogenaamde plannetjies nie. Jy, nes Malema, is ongeleerd!

    My advise to you, kind sir: go back to school and sharpen your grammar and spelling. You are a disgrace to your fellow Afrikaners that you don’t even know how to spell in your own language. Oh……do something about your thinking too! sies!

  243. AMEN to that! I don’t live in SA any longer and believe you me, here all the coloured people live together peacefully BECAUSE THEY ARE NOT BARBARIANS! They have respect for the life of others and more importantly, respect for themselves. This is where I will raise my children. I did not choose to leave the country, but I will not let genocide be the end of me and my family. The only reason we are needed in South Africa is to support the jobless idiots that came illegally over the border to rob us from our hard earned wealth. Yes, we earned it, we worked for it very hard but I suppose there has been some ‘misconception’ regarding how we got to be wealthy in the first place. It doesn’t just fall in your lap, you actually have to work for it. SO SUCK THAT MOFO’S!!!!!!!!!!!

  244. dude. grow up. blacks did not force you to do anything. you panicked and scuttled off overseas cos you didn’t have the ballz to face the music here. also. you come across like a psycho. just saying.

  245. A quick ageist comment @ Black Coconut:- I get absolutely livid when I see insult slinging like this. I find it inane, purile and inflammatory. I want to grab the speaker and give them a good shake… failing that, a good tongue lashing… i’m 42…. Evidently, you are more mature than me. This is immensely encouraging to me.. and i’m seeing more and more people like you … sane people who have the common sense to ignore this crap as the antiquated rubbish that it is, remind us all of the real issues, and get us back on track with the business of getting on. Thankyou for restoring equilibrium :)

  246. Tsamaya ka kgotso o ikele hon a diheleng moo o batlang ho yang teng. We use the same rule in South Africa these days, dont we? That which is done by certain indiviuals is seen as a reflection of the whole race in which they fall. Whites are very good at this anyway. You even say it in your own words that BLACKS are BARBARIC. So please don’t patronize me by pretending you don’t allign yourself with the AWB. Shame on you for bringing the coloreds into the topic in an attempt to prove you are not racists! Is that supposed to prove anything? Black people took this country back from you and I bet the likes of vewoerd never thought that would happen. Leave this country and see if it will perish like you are always prophesizing. I wouldn’t hold my breath if I were you because that will never ever happen. I guess GOD supports racists!

    Hier is nog ‘n punt wat niksmet die hele storie ut te waai het nie (after all, we BACKS are like this mos): Die Afrikaners het geen ander plek in die wereld nie, en ek dink hulle besef dit. Dis hoekom van volkslande hier in SA nou ter sprake kom. Gaan maar net weg! Ons he julle nie nodig nie……nee wat, ons soek julle nie!

  247. Tshepo, baie dankie vir jou comment, ek stem 100% saam met jou daar, en big ups dat jy so lekker Afrikaans praat, ek wens ek kon so goed ‘n ander SA taal praat buiten Afrikaans en Engels, maar dis maar moeilik om te leer hehe. Ek sal enige dag saam met mense van jou uitmuntende kaliber werk, eerder as syne. Wat help dit as een kant aanhou, nes die ander kant, om die teenoorgestelde kant af te breek??? Niks.

    Ek het trots vir my land, en dis al wat saak maak, almal wat hierdie trots het is presiese gelykes aan mekaar, en ons moet saam werk en ons stemme gehoor kry om uit te ruis bo die mense wat so hard probeer om ons land sleg te maak!

    SA is tot enige iets in staat, mits ons saam werk.

    en nee ek is nie ‘n idoot omdat ek so dink nie mense, ek is slim aangesien ek hierdie waarhede kan raaksien, en ek beywer julle om dieselfde te doen voordat jy jou eie land sleg maak. skaam julle.

  248. Sipho, I largely agree with your statement and support you, I wish for the same Brotherhood you speak of, to me ET’s death was just another farm murder, as tragic as they are, I never have, and never will support the AWB stance, I’m an Afrikaans Christian and an extremist patriot of everything that is positive about SA. And as you rightly point out, we generally dont even comprehend how bad the murders and crime is in the SA outside of our own world. But this is where I would like ALL South Africans to make their voices heard, and if the current administration does not perform, why support them? Because they overthrew Apartheid? PLEASE. Thats getting OLD people. I wasnt born in Apartheid, it sure as hell is not my fault, neither my parents or their parents, as they are the same “Afrikaans Christian and an extremist patriot of everything that is positive about SA” as me (and we’re by far not the only whites like this). This brings me to my point where I dont COMPLETELY agree with you, Sipho. I support our rights to allign yourself with the political party you wish to support, but I dont agree with your statement that they have ” beliefs of a superior White Nation”. They are, according to me, one of the most progressive new-SA parties out there. Although I would prefer to vote for the ACDP, as I’m a devoted Christian, I will vote DA (I dont think the world of them, thats not what im saying) as they are the biggest oppostion to our current administration who, largely, not entirely and not in all aspects at all, failed to realise the dream we all have for SA.

    But again, Sipho, I commend you on this post that has made me positive about a united SA.

    Regards :)

  249. your post brought tears to my eyes as I am also an extremely proud African and South African young man (18 yo). You have confirmed my hard-headed belief that I do not stand alone in knowing SA is a great country with the best people, yes, the best – people like YOU BC! And I know a day will come when peolpe stand united against all forms of racial prejudice in our country. It’s unfortunate that these far left- and rightests minorities are strong enough to stand between the majority of our poppulace and that dream.

    There is Allways hope for a country, and I would like all my fellow South Africans, and more specifically my Afrikaanse Landgenote who are leaving in droves bacause they have lost faith, to hear this: WHERE GOD IS PRESENT, THERE IS ALLWAYS HOPE, and GOD said that where someone prays, there HE IS PRESENT, and I’m still praying:)

    Black Coconut, you’re not a nut at all. You have become my newest role model, and I wish our leaders can become inspiring individuals like yourself, Sir, who can lead by example and create an inspired generation who have morals and believe, not only in a sense of right and wrong, but also in working hard to achieve success, regardless of how your cards have been dealt.

    This is my official request to you, Black Coconut, to run for president as I would not think twice about making my X next to your name. This will probably never come to fruition, I know, but it’s worth a try! Just remember to mention that you are Black Coconut in your campaign…

    You have managed to express my inborn beliefs in such a way that demands respect, and I thank you for that, and I wish to meet many more South Africans who are of the same oppinion than you and I.

    I am Afrikaans. I am white. I am male. I will allways strive to uplift my language and culture, but never to the detriment of others (this is where the AWB went wrong, and sadly made me ashamed to be Afrikaans at times). And this brings me to this: Meneer Black Coconut, Oom Black Coconut, ek is trots om ‘n burger te wees van dieselfde land as jy. I am proud to be a citizen of the same country as you.

    Afrikaans allie pad!!!

  250. In your dreams!!! Black’s did not take this country back from whites, we gave it to you on a silver platter. Guess what, after 16 years you F@%!t it up. Show me one thing that works properly in this country! I guess when there are no more whites left you poor blacks will still “STRUGGLE” among yourselves! Who will you blame then??

  251. ek skaam my vir jou jou, Cobus.

    Ons land kort nie mense soos jy nie. Dink jy enige land het suksesvol geraak omdat die burgers die hele tyd met mekaar geveg het? NEE!!!

    en moet jy my nie durf sleg sê nie, jy het geen reg nie. Haal eers die balk uit jou oog uit…

    Ek is MA’SE trots daarop om AFRIKAANS te wees, maar as jy is wat ‘n “boer” is, is ek nie een nie, en ek sal trots wees daarop ook.

    Gaan word groot êrens, toe…

  252. REAP WHAT YOU SOW, you’re one sick Puppy believing Jesus was black!. You can probably name 10 contributions that the Negroid Race has contributed to science. Your species has never built any dwelling higher than one story, never ever made a boat to go and explore the worlds, never built a city, never built a sewerage system, never built a water reticulation system….and you say the WHITE man is backwards? if he is, what happened to you during the course of time? you together with the Egyptians Galloped backwards, but don’t tell me, the white man stole your knowledge, your minerals, your money, your wealth, everything that the White man has, he stole from the Negroid…In your fucking dreams, you wish that you were White, we are the envy of the world, the most advanced species on this EARTH…nothing comes close to us.

    Do yourself a favour and try this and look at every BLACK person and do the same; stand upright, point your nose outwards, touch the end of your nose with your index finger, now keep touching your nose and try to make your finger vertical to the ground, see if your finger misses your chin? No? your lips are in the way, not so? only the APE and Kaffirs have this in common, no other species on earth has this deformity. LOSERS

  253. you say u highly qualified ( phd and whatever), and u stil dont c what the agenda is, i didnt even go to a fancy educational institution and yet my views on the world or the destruction of the world make better sense then urs. dont b mislead by the system, because u need 2 remember that the system does not want u 2 do too much thinking, thats why u get people following religious beliefs without even doing research on how it actualy started( bloodshed and suffering), now coming back 2 the point bout diseases being manmade, do ur research and it wil al make sense to u, believe me i didnt believe it myself but after watching the documentary (zeitgeist 1 and 2), and also documentaries like (secret rulers of the world)… do urself a huge favour and google the two words, also google (the obama deception), after watching these documentaries believe me u wil b thinking differently, one last thing u should google is the word (illuminati)… u wil find it al in there.

  254. you say u highly qualified ( phd and whatever), and u stil dont c what the agenda is, i didnt even go to a fancy educational institution and yet my views on the world or the destruction of the world make better sense then urs. dont b mislead by the system, because u need 2 remember that the system does not want u 2 do too much thinking, thats why u get people following religious beliefs without even doing research on how it actualy started( bloodshed and suffering), now coming back 2 the point bout diseases being manmade, do ur research and it wil al make sense to u, believe me i didnt believe it myself but after watching the documentary (zeitgeist 1 and 2), and also documentaries like (secret rulers of the world)… do urself a huge favour and google the two words, also google (the obama deception), after watching these documentaries believe me u wil b thinking differently, one last thing u should google is the word (illuminati)… u wil find it al in there.

  255. Hi an almal wat lees

    Eks onsetend jammer oor my pos wat ek op die web blad gelos het daar is geen veskoning oor wat ek gese of gedink het nie
    Ek was net kwaad en moes nie laat my gevoelings my onder kry nie en ook ons as mense van SA se naam so weg te gooi nie
    Eks jammer oor die name wat genoem was (K) en ook al die ander vrot name dis al wat ek kan se.

    Jammer weer eens.

  256. the history of europe is only 2010 your history starts with herodotus, what does he says of the ethiopian/kemetian/nubian? your ancestors have spend years trying to cover our monuments throughout the planet. In india the dravidians, sri lanka, americas. All our lineage. Even english had blakk inhabitants. our architectural designs are aligned with the earth, eg zimbabwe ruins. we had spread the gospel of natural economy and astronomy by the time of pythagoras. You are alien to the earth, thats why you hav machiavellis and stupid aristotle to teach espionage and deception and blood thirsty power mongering. U complex web is tangling you children of deceivers. We hav the cultural charisma to get through, you technical/tactics/rules. homosexual (isle of lesbos)promoting conformist threaten us. You pitiful overgrown spineless ungrateful beings you, we give you life,art spirit and true science this is how you thank us.after more than 500 years of afrikan genocide pepertrated by the aryan we are still here. The blacker blacks and truer truths…

  257. egyptians/kemet, ethiopic, nubian all the inhabitants of afrikan are classed black. Negroid semitic bantu that’s your scientific jibberish… you aryan descendants have a jesus complex saving black people! Good of the country?i know u always dream dominion. You always backstab i know u, lie through and through with a bible in your other hand. Justify evrything u did. Satan can be no worse than that… Bend rules. We are straightforward black inclusive. White exclusive!

  258. First of all if you have such a mouth full, please learn how to spell first your spelling leaves a lot to be disired. God made everything on earth. Aliens are not made by God and all your hatered and revenge will leave you burning in hell. You are causing all of this to happen it is all because you could never leave the subject of racism and apartheid and the struggle and that is what is waking up the ugly in the white people you are making us hate you meaning that you are sent by lucifer to kill all love and cause all hate.

  259. Dink jy nou jy is verskriklik inteligent om in Afrikaans met my te praat. Ek is 26 jaar oud en het niks met apartheid te doen gehaad nie tot julle geliefde Malema die hele ding weer begin het en dus is dit die rede hoekom ek nie ‘n AWB ondersteuner was nie. Ek het ‘n rukkie terug by ‘n maatskappy gewerk wat besit word deur ‘n Skot, hy het my vertel dat hulle nooit ons wit mense se stand punt kon is sien oor julle nie, hy het ook gese dat na ‘n jaar hier in Suid Afrika het hy presies gesien waarvan ons praat julle is barbaars, jy kan die aap uit die bos haal maar jy kan nie die bos uit die aap haal nie. So ja ek sal durf om dit vir jou te se want dit is die waarheid. En baie dankie dat jy my nie hier wil he nie want soos ek gese het EK WIL NIE HIER WEES NIE. Ek weet darem in ‘n ander land sal my kinders werk kry agv hulle geleerdheid en ondervinding en nie agv van BEE of swart vs wit nie

  260. We never paniced and ran, tell me something when you have a car that keep on breaking and hardly ever runs properly does it mean that you will sell the car because you are in a panic, no it means you cant do anything with the peace of crap so you will go for something better, and that my dear friend is what i am doing I am going for something better than this shit hole. Something you cant say because you will never try and improve yourselves or your lives you will just sit around blaming other people and feeling sorry for your self

  261. I have never read something so scrambles in my life. Your spelling is awful aswell. I am not racist,but if you wanna play that game,Im in. Your ancestors were my ancestors slaves/servents you idiot. The only reason that you got around is because they brought your kind to do the dirty work. Hence why it took years for any of you to actually become civilized! And thats still a work in progress. EVOULUTION…

  262. “Kaffir?” Is that what you crackers call the true Black South Africans? How colonial of you. I do seem to recall that racial slur back in the days when I protested against your fascist, racist, police state Apartheid (did I spell it correctly? my Afrikaans is a little rusty since the early 80s.) May I just say that you people are just as “cracked” as your parents and grand-parents were. God only knows why Black South Africans still put up with your racist garbage and your chronic whining.. Leopards truly don’t change their spots. Doesn’t Sweden want you people? They take everybody else.


  264. You just summarised my entire feeling torwads this issue, thanks a million. i could not have said it any better. I agree with you 100%.

  265. Jou dom poes is incompetant, its called patriotism as much as you white idiots follows for ET, Steve and other bastards agents of the darkness.


  267. You all behaving like hypocrites, As for Malema and Hofmeyer and every1 here insulting the blacks, you all belong in the dark hole. As for these people here saying that we black people are enjoying the luxury of white people, think hard, the very same white people used the black’s energy to generate those taxes, by making them wash your white shit and cleaning after your lazy Assholes. Steve Hofmeyer you thinking just because jy is n rooinek, you are better than other races? you are nothing but a stinking KALKOEN, BOER who underpays your labourers. get on with it, this is 2010 not 1800

  268. Gary

    You will be the first one to DIE. As you said “The date has been set” , there’s also another date set for all the whites to return from overseas, and kill your mother, kill your wife and use your sister what se supposed to do in the kitchen. Please don’t forget all your bastard kids aswell. And I will be the one standing above you cutting your troat and feeding it to the dogs.( That will be a problem to, as dogs has very good taste and don’t eat blackshit). The day will come when i can walk with pride in the street and kill every blackbastard we see. VIVA E.T, VIVA WHITES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  269. WOW!! First of all, I am a white African Afrikaans speaking woman, just so you all know. My grandma use to teach me, ‘nobody is nor good nor bad’. This simply means, white, black, pink or purle, we are all in sin. We do good things and we do bad things. All of us, not just the blacks or not just the whites. You get good whites and you get bad whites, you get good blacks and you get bad blacks etc etc. Why is it so important who’s country it is, its like the saying, two dogs fight over one bone and the third walks away with it. Please be careful, just now Barak decides to take over SA, then none of us will have a country! Black or white, we as mothers do not want our children to be harmed, be it by our own colour or another. Stand back a bit and evalute the situasion. This is a beautiful country with so much potential. I agree with some of the blacks and I agree with some of the whites! I’m sure nobody would want apartheid in itself to return to this country, gosh we’re in 2010 already! But what is true is that there are even black people who want some of the apartheids rules and regulations to return! A recent poll showed that alot of black people want things like the death penalty to return! How odd is that? I agree to the death penalty! What is the difference at the moment? Inocent people get killed for money or a cellphone, inocent babies are killed by the authority of abortion! Why can’t people be punished for a crime they committed? How fair is that?
    Black and White . . . what has become of our country? Can we say with pride we are proud of our country? I just love Madiba – Nelson Mandela. Its a pitty he isn’t 10 or 15 years younger! He is the man who we all should look up, black and white. He fought for all not just for himself and his nation! Please people, stop acting like fools who brings a knife to a gunfight! This is so much more than what we all can handle!!

  270. Black Coconut:

    THANK YOU VERY VERY MUCH for posting such a well thought out and lucid letter.

    Reading through all these different public forums I get extremely agitated as it sometimes seems that he whole of SA is only populated by racist wannabe murderers – black and white.

    Coming across letters such as yours reaffirms my belief that despite the challenges that are facing us, there still are level headed people in this lovely country who want to strive together for a bright future. In my daily life, I come across lots of sane people who are of this mindset but it seems only the rabid radicals actually stand up and voice their poisonous opinions, blowing the whole issue even more out of proportion.

    You have again inspired me to spend a few hours every day spreading the message that there are a lot of us out there, on both sides, who do not want to rape, rob and murder each other, but actually want to live in peace and prosperity, along with ALL the other South Africans.

    Thanks again – you have made my day!

  271. YOU are the arsehole who cannot see that there IS a difference between blacks and whites. Unfortunately.
    Why are most black (run) countries poor and underdeveloped, and most white (run) countries not ?
    For proof of this search the internet for : ‘Whites & Blacks 100 FACTS (and one lie)’
    The Koi inhabited SA before any black or white was ever in this country – so YOU and your brethren must also start walking – to North Africa.
    You might make it if you don’t get killed in another African country.
    The white population in this country does NOT want war, but you seemingly do.
    A word of warning – DONT awaken the tiger in the cornered white man.
    You wont live to regret it.

  272. Refer : ‘Steve, you are a very uneducated arsehole’ : YOU are the arsehole who cannot see that there IS a difference between blacks and whites. Unfortunately.
    Why are most black (run) countries poor and underdeveloped, and most white (run) countries not ?
    For proof of this search the internet for : ‘Whites & Blacks 100 FACTS (and one lie)’
    Search the net also for ‘Times Online October 17 James Watson Helen Nugent Black People’, and read what a black Nigerian has to say. Learn more about your peoples.
    The Koi inhabited SA before any black or white was ever in this country – so YOU and your brethren must also start walking – back to North Africa.
    You might make it if you don’t get killed in another African country.
    The white population in this country does NOT want war, but you seemingly do.
    A word of warning – DONT awaken the tiger in the cornered white man.
    You wont live to regret it

  273. Refer : ‘Gary s’n’ : YOU are the black piece of shit who cannot see that there IS a difference between blacks and whites. Unfortunately.
    Youe are brainwashed by your idiot ‘leaders’ to think that us whiteys ‘took’ this country drom you. Bullshit. The white man built this country and you have shoes on your feet because of the white man.
    Why are most black (run) countries poor and underdeveloped, and most white (run) countries not ?
    For proof of this search the internet for : ‘Whites & Blacks 100 FACTS (and one lie)’
    Search the net also for ‘Times Online October 17 James Watson Helen Nugent Black People’, and read what a black Nigerian has to say. Learn more about your peoples.
    The Koi inhabited SA before any black or white was ever in this country – so YOU and your brethren must also start walking – back to North Africa.
    You might make it if you don’t get killed in another African country.
    The white population in this country does NOT want war, but you seemingly do.
    A word of warning – DONT awaken the tiger in the cornered white man.
    You wont live to regret it

  274. To Tshepo : YOU are the idiot who cannot see that there IS a difference between blacks and whites.
    I suppose it takes some intelligence to realise that there IS a difference.
    You say the blacks received a raw deal from the white man – bullshit – the raw deal is that you blacks received (unfortunately) was when brains were dealt out.
    And this is not the fault of the ‘whiteys’.
    Why are most black (run) countries poor and underdeveloped, and most white (run) countries not ?
    The reason for this -search the internet for : ‘Whites & Blacks 100 FACTS (and one lie)’
    Search the net also for ‘Times Online October 17 James Watson Helen Nugent Black People’, and read what a black Nigerian has to say. Learn more about your peoples.
    Once upon a time the Lions ruled the jungle, until the apes came and said : ‘we are now more than you, so from now we will rule’.
    The Koi inhabited SA before any black or white was ever in this country – so YOU and your brethren must also start walking – back to North Africa.
    You might make it if you don’t get killed in another African country.
    The white population in this country does NOT want war, but you seemingly do.
    A word of warning – DONT awaken the tiger in the cornered white man.
    You wont live to regret it

  275. Ja, well said Gary’sn,and all of you anti blacks, R de villiers we are coming, have you heard of the Boer(de villliers also, so wish its 1 of your family members)that we knob kierie’d this weekend, we are going to finish his family now that the bastard is away in hospital, ONS IS HIER om VIR JULLE KAK TE GEE.VIVA MALEMA PHANSI WITH DEAD MAN ET and his numbered days brothers, their sisters/wifes are for our Nigerian brothers.

  276. Hi buddy (Black coconut)

    I share your view. I just turned 30 and was brought up with the view that all men are equal except for those who inflict harm on others. TYhey are lower than sub-human and should be eradicated.

    Just a day or so ago I posted this below as a reply to another guy (on “the war against white south africans”). I agree with your previous post and all this uncertainty and the safety of our loved ones are turning previous neutral people into full blown racist that will go to extremes to protect their families.

    Post :

    < >

    I have posted many others under the same page and do agree that we need a lot of people with the same viewpoint as yours to avoid something serious.

    Keep it up – i will try and refrain from more post like these and from killing people (hehe). I support the cause

  277. No, Julius Malema is an uneducated arsehole……Ha ha look at the one interview he gave, when the reporter asked him if he would commit suicide if he failed grade 12? Ha ha ha, Where as Julius replied…” Me commit suicide….Ill rather kill myself!!! LOL.
    Just a NOTE to all AFRICANS, We are prepared, we have our plans and are more educated than most of your youth, So bring it on, we know what you are planning and we are NOT scared!!! For we have our All mighty GOD standing on our side!!! One day and that is soon, you’ll be the ones suffering even worse than before!! AWB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AWB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We shall take what was ours BACK from the start. For too long we allowed you to kill us, now we are GATVOL and ANGRY!!! With the first bullet shot, all your brothers and sisters will run away like monkeys. You’ll be walking home..
    O and this is SOUTH AFRICA not AFRICA you dumb idiot!!!!

  278. Anonymous go live in Zimbabwe see how long you will last.Yes their tatas started the shit. Remember their great grand fathers came here by ship when our grand fathers did not even know what a wheel is. We have some catch up to do so stop being arrogant like Steve and Julius let us learn to fish and sustain ourselves. Presently in the abundence of natural resources Africans are hungry and thirsty. Do you know the song “in the abundence of water a fool is thirsty”.

  279. Anonymous go live in Zimbabwe see how long you will last.Yes their tatas started the shit. Remember their great grand fathers came here by ship when our grand fathers did not even know what a wheel is. We have some catch up to do so stop being arrogant like Steve and Julius let us learn to fish and sustain ourselves. Presently in the abundence of natural resources Africans are hungry and thirsty. Do you know the song “in the abundence of water a fool is thirsty”.

  280. How dare you! You black filfth!!! Where would you be without the whites????? Living in a shack. Its fine! Chase the whites out of South Africa as many of the educated doctors and lawyers have already left. When you look again there will not be a cow, a mielie or a car left – CAUSE YOU idiots do not know how to make things work without the whites – LOOK AT ZIMBABWE …… you blacks destroyed it within months after the whites left, and they farmed successfully for years!!! May AIDS take you bastards out – once and for all…. You would never be as successful as STeve Hofmeyr – he did it on his own, he did not steal or corrupt anyone to get where he is today – unlike 90% of you fuckers, you are corrupt and uneducated bastards!!! And you smell!!! Take that

  281. damn black coconut now you make me proud to be a black lady in this era. you’ve got my vote any time. we need more leaders in this world…..

  282. that was not nice, i am a white male, 22 years old and i have got nothing against a black male or female, god my best friend is black and we look out for each other… i say what we must do is be the better one and give the hand of forgiveness…. you all forgot that god made us all… black, white indian ect… please stop this apartheid crap… all of you out there that says the blacks are k@ffers…. STOP IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God made us all…

  283. What i cant understand is why Steve stupid behind on child support also wanna make things worse than it is. All i pray 4 is pee in SOUTH AFRICA . Lets face up that black people are pissed because of the fact that they were killed by the thousands and because they are still living the legacy of apartheid. The truth of the matter is that they rule this country now and that no amount of hate from any race can ever change that …..THEY HAVE THE VOTING POWER . Lets try and work together in this country and try and forgive and forget ….. THOSE STUPIS PEOPLE LIKE STEVE IS JUST ADDING TO THE FIRE WITH STUPID REMARKS BECAUSE THE FACT OF THE MATTER IS IN THE NUMBERS AND IF A CIVIL WAR BREAK OUT ……….WHO WILL REALLY DIE ….WHY DO YOU THINK DE KLERK RELEASED MANDELA ? THINK BE4 YOU INK AND LETS WORK TOWARDS PEACE IN THIS COUNTRY ,ITS BIG ENOUGH FOR ALL OF US…….THE COLOURD

  284. Let me ask you this (and if you are coloured I do understand that you drew the short straw in both governments).

    If you had the choice of having your wife and 5 year old daughter gang-raped by HIV diseased ridden barbarians or to shoot them yourself, quick and painless. What would you choose?

    The barbarians are growing bolder and come in bigger and bigger groups. The protest march are becoming more and more regular (54 for this year alone). A snowball never gets smaller but only bigger and bigger and pics up momentum as it gets bigger. When will they start killing us in broad daylight and grabing your child and rape them in broad daylight? Think it won’t happen?? A few years ago strikes were unheard of. Rapes were the exception.

    If you have the coice of dying slowly and having your loved ones murdered one by one or choose your own time and die on your own terms. What would you choose?

    Just a note – while the apartheid regime (the white apartheid regime) was in place, why did the most blacks stayed poor but nearly all indian people build their own towns and prospered?

    I also do not know where you come from the blacks died in their thousands. A third of the white people starved and died in the concentration by the English. When last did you hear a white man blaming anything on the English who starved our woman and Children? The black race will NEVER be satisfied or stop blaming apartheid. Long after everyone reading and typing these posts have died will apartheid still be blamed for every bad thing in this country. Even if the whites magically all dissapear then it will suddenly be “kill the indian” and then the coloured and then, when all other colours are gone they will start to murder each other (and blame that on apartheid.

  285. I feel the same about people being equal and all that.

    Hopefully your eyes will open cause they wont be asking if you have black friends before they kill you or rape your girlfriend/mother. Catch a wake up ou. I am also not a racist and was brought up to believe all man are judged by their deeds and not colour.

    Hell – I have seen many more “tappits”(the term referring to scum white people) than “kaffirs” (the term referring to scum black people). Just as I will kill a man raping a woman, regardless of what the colours are.

    That being said – I never heard white men spesifically aiming at black woman and children. Taking delight in the white woman and children as young as 4 (and even babies) being gangraped. These barbaric acts are by black people and most of these facebook post by Malema skapies all delight in these acts.

    Therefore I see these elements in our society as my enemy – driven by Government officials like Malema. He directley by his acts condone the rape and torture of innocents.

  286. To A,

    Why can the likes of you and I not reach, progressive South Africans in this country and start a movement of a law abiding body that will encompass the well being of our future for all legal citizens in this country. I cannot understand the logic of supporting a colour instead of supporting standards as set out in our bibles and Koran’s and the like. If all South Africans stuck to the ten commandments colour, corruption, murder, blackmail, rape, theft and insults would diminish and all South Africans would prospour. My opinion is that all the money that is being mismanaged and stolen in this country is going to be the greatest cause of poverty and our country regressing to a disfunctional 3rd world country. Where can progressive thinking South Africans meet to solve our problem ?????????

    For all SA…..

  287. To the coloured, please read my reply (john kk). So well said. It feels that the progressive thinking (legal) SA citizens are being drawn into a colour battle, instead of us working towards a law abiding progressive community…….

  288. All I can say is well written, EVERYBODY in South Africa has contributed to the success and failures of this country, what we need to do as a nation is increase the successes and decrease the failures, and WE cannot do this if we are focused on pointing fingers at one another. The constitution is there let us hold our leaders accountable for not upholding the constitution and replace them until such time that we find leaders that can do the job properly. My last comment goes out to the leaders that are not doing there jobs correctly.

  289. It’s bcause you are not human and cant seem to go on and leave the past were it belongs! What you are doing are exactly the same they did those years! Stop being childish and rather show everyone that this need not to continue! Grow up who ever you are!

  290. Shame!! – You are so right – africa is for blacks – just look at the rest of this rubbish dump continent that they created – what a great achievement! – War, dictators. cannibals, rapists, filth, corruption, poverty and dirt, dirt and more dirt lying around – ONE BIG RUBBISH DUMP! – and you talk about education – Steve hit it on the head – all you deserve is pity – SHAME

  291. I feel you’re taking “Western/European luxury ” out of context.With an earlier post I said how Hofmeyr also does the sam thing,however one should note that SA are only now,after election of democratic goverment,accepted as a western country,regardless of the “colour” that goverment are.As I pointed out it was the ” West ” that imposed sanctions against an unjust goverment.Also SA was expelled from the Commonwealth of Nations bcoz of Apartheid.So most white people can’t now claim to be of “western civilisation “,coz the racist Apartheid regime many times ignored and western calls for the abolishment of apartheid,so much so that they even claimed they can survive withiout the west.Now whether some people did’nt support apartheid is’nt so important,coz they certainly benefitted from it.Apartheid created this violence,coz as some people says here,SA was a well-run country,I agree with that,but it was run with brutal force and anything can be run effiently,if one group sets the standard,even better if that group is arrogant.
    IMHO ” Western/European luxury ” should just be regarded as “modern luxury “,.I feel you think all “modern luxuries ” belongs to the west,or rather “whites ” Your post reads mature and enlighted and I’m sorry to point out,but YHO is thus patronising and racist in this regard.

  292. let me understand that….everybady should look up on mandela ehh,so tell me why was he so many years in prison????open your eyes woman!!!!!!!

  293. If you had the choice of having your wife and 5 year old daughter gang-raped by HIV diseased ridden barbarians or to shoot them yourself, quick and painless. What would you choose?
    Well these barbarians,as you call them,had their leaders imprisoned or shot by police in the name of justice.Demonstrators were also shot and killed.HIV well it’s bcoz of the ex-goverment neglect.I can’t answer a hypotical question on shooting,but I can say that I was in the situation where I cloud’ve shot and killed a thief for stealing a live chook,I rather lowered my gun and said to myself the poor man and his family must be hungry.I cloud clearly see him in derelict clothing.
    “The barbarians are growing bolder and come in bigger and bigger groups’ so too did the steps to quash resistance,by not only using police but also the army,maybe these exact words were also used by blacks as they were killed.Maybe one should look at it this way,with war the worst acts are normally commited before it ends.Lets hope everyone comes to their senses much sooner than later.
    “When last did you hear a white man blaming” well news are now also free and since news are meant to sold,it caters for the majority.
    “Just a note – while the apartheid regime (the white apartheid regime) was in place”.,Indians already had a background in commerce,blacks were officailly excluded,so for the sake of money they were even further excluded by other races.Indians and coloureds ofcoz earned more than blacks,under Apartheid it was something like R10.00 p/h for a white person,R6.00 p/h for Indians and Coloureds,a mere R3.00 p/h for a black person,for the same job.So I totally agree with BEE,under Apartheid it was job reservation,but should’ve been called AEE.Blacks did show commercial initiative by starting the so-called ” house shops ” and the Zola bud taxis.

  294. Please do yourself a favour and read my post again WOMAN! All blacks are not the same. As I said, NOBODY is nor good nor bad!

  295. im sorry where do u think the pedi and the zulu originated from? and SA being safe and clean during the apartheid eara for who Whites ?

  296. Uneducated arsehole …. go read your history, and you will find out that it was you’re fucking great grand parents that started this nonsense!!!
    Am I the only one who spots the irony, is the Black man calling the kettle black.LOL!

    What a retard, do you have a tape recorder or are you relying on other people to remind you to breathe?

    Have a closer look at that so called history and not the bullshit you and your people feed each other. It was you with your ever open hand of Africa that started this crap.

  297. Good Hermanus

    I am sure you can also perfectly well explain that Raping of a baby/child and the assault are perfectly understandable and they are only doing God’s work ect.

    I can understand completely that you have no issues and will probably jerk off while they are raping your wife or children or mother.

    The normal people which are not yet entirely de-sensitized by the voilence knows that this is barbaric and savage and no logical explanation can be given to justify it.

    May God have mercy on your loved ones cause you have none.

  298. Sure I can explain coz if God could demanded his only son to endure the pain of
    cruxifixtion,with his mother and loved ones looking on,then are who we to question his ways.
    Instead of hate in your hearts you should ask yourself why,I’m prepared to accept anything
    that happens to my next-a-kin as God’s work,instead of turning into a devil like you.I say
    you’d better repent and ask for forgiveness.
    Here’s something for you to ponder.Ever wondered why some of the coloured people got just
    ’bout caucasian appearance .Well this was all becoz AEE-Afrikaaner Economic
    Empowerment-reason is that a lot of coloured girls were raped by their Afrikaaner employers,
    who simply told them they had to work overtime tonight and ofcoz the poor girl had to
    succumb,otherwise she would’ve lost her job.Nine months later a just-about white baby was
    born and becoz we’re a mixed race the child was accepted as simply a genetic throwback.This
    was also done by white male workers in factories. Difference here are,we cloud’nt do anything
    ’bout it,police would turn a blindeye to it,we were to impoverished to dare speak up ’bout
    it,there was no internet.You now got internet,but rubbish a goverment that allow the
    freedom to express your dismay internationally.Under your aparthid regime any non-white
    would’ve been imprisoned for doing the same and even if their was internet,at the time,
    forums like these would’ve been banned,a bit like China today.You’s carry on a lot ’bout corruption of th ANC,your
    regime was worse,only no-one talked ’bout it and any paper that wanted to write ’bout it
    would’ve been banned.
    You should thank God you now got a goverment that allow you all these freedoms.You should
    ask for forgiveness for your sins,instead of turning to hate.I’ll give readers of this forum
    a good start.There’s a dvd available called ” long night’s journey into day ” and it’s all
    about 4 cases that the TRC handled.Source through a Google search.One of the cases deals
    with the “Gululetu Seven” This case relates how the 7 murdered guys were shot down in cold
    blood by your regime’s police and while a schoolbus full of kids looked on,then the 7 were
    pulled by ropes in case explosives were on them.Question here is ofcoz how those ropes were
    attached from a distance,I’ll leave that your imagination.Then pics of their deceased kids
    being pulled by ropes were showed to the mothers and the mothers also tell how the accused
    policemen laughed at them after being acquited.See those Afrikaaner police did’nt realise how
    uncivilized it is to show the deceased family such pics,or thy just did’nt care how they deal with blacks,
    dead or alive.The mothers retells of the ropes though,showing they are more civilized. However these
    were innocent kids,who just went for a stroll.This dvd also retells the case of an American girl that was
    killed by mob-violence while supporting the freedom struggle,however her parents did not oppose
    amnesty for your killers.I urge all readers of this forum,SA’n or International,to look at this dvd and then
    decide where this present violence in SA originated from.Maybe God is using me to expose
    your cruel and brutal regimes past,instead of you’s getting away with one-sided white

  299. Hi Hermanus

    You make a lot of wild, illogical and unrelated statements in your post.

    Were may I ask did I “turn into a devil”?

    Maybe you should read the posts again and maybe you too should open your eyes. So judging by your post the whites did everything wrong and whatever form of barbaric measures are put upon them it is right – so even if babies are raped as well.

    Wonder why then also other coloured and black babies are raped liked the 3 year old girl. So basically you say it is ok – if anyone wants to do something then just go ahead and do it. it is God’s plan. If you want someone then just rape them. If you dont want to work then murder people and steal from them. Just blame it on some past issues which in most cases did not affect you since you were born way after the fact. Wonder also why, in this reasoning of yours, other africa lands sit with exactly the same barbarism – even some which were never govermend by whites.

    We should all unite agains barbarians and barbaric acts. Specially against woman and children. If you condone what happens to these children (black/white/pink) then you are just as guilty as the barbarians who do it. If you cannot grasp this then I truly feel sorry for you and you should read some more bible mate. I really am not interested in conversing with someone who condone the rape and torture of children.

    Again – I really am not interested in conversing with someone who condone the rape and torture of children. May God have mercy on your soul.

  300. Maybe you should spend more time in contemplating the bible cause I am quite sure that you are delusioned and not enlightend and I am quite sure that God is not using you if it is to condone barbarism.

    Read your own posts again, if you can get through the bad grammer, (I did not even bother to read everything) and you will maybe notice how much you sound like a nut

  301. Another Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africa’s 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh and I nearly forgot to add – He believes that God is telling him to do this…

  302. ” sound like a nut “,maybe but ” die nut is droog “.
    Old proverb ” there’s just no way one can move an irrational person to a logical conclusion ” God bless Africa.Should you know anything ’bout the Bible then mull over this fact,King David was an adulteress,murderer but still God blessed him and used him for his Devine purpose.Today King David are still revered by the Jews,with even the Star of David on the Isreali flag.Read the Bible and you might see some light. Again I say Mabida’s problem is that his not Catholic,otherwise he would’ve been their first living saint.
    ” Ek is Afrikaans ” See that’s another fallacy,Afrikaans is a ” bastard langauge ” with a bit of Malay mixed in.” Moer ” is the Malay word for a woman’s womb.Please pardon my rudeness here,but Dutch,German and French were originally bastardized by the illiterate people that worked for these 3 groups.Those people were the Hottentots and the Cape Malay.In 1948 when you’s came to power,you refined their dialect,called it Afrikaans and the Afrikaaner now had a langauge.So we hotnots even gave you’s a langauge,but there’s no way you’ll admit to it,coz again ‘ol whitey are superior,however thats how most dialects originate,by peasants bastardizing the introduced langauge(s).This is why one can dissect Afrikaans into German,’French and Dutch words.This ofcoz also happened with Latin,which spawned Italian,Portugese,Spanish,French etc.
    Ek is truly and proudly Afrikaans,viva the Hotnots.Better a hotnot than the boer’s sin of a coloured.

  303. You are so stupid and live in a fantasy world that is your problem. Malay has nothing to do with Afrikaans, rather you start shutting your yap now because you are a nut case who has to be admitted weskoppies or something. If you did your research properly you would know that there is antother meaning for Moer in another language malay is indian what do they have to do with our history and talking about bastard well hello COLOURED BUSHI

  304. Malay comes from the Malaysian slaves that were origjnally brought in from Malaya.Malaya are today known as Malaysia,donno where you got India from.Guess you’re not my pal anymore,oh well his who’s afraid to make enemies will never have true friends.
    May I state here my deep and profound regret on an earlier post of mine.In this post I mentioned how the Afrikaaner had the highest rate of infanticide that was wrong,what I meant to was that Afrikaaners had the highest rate of familicide.I sincerely apologise for this mistake,but hey ” ek is afrikaans “.

  305. As jy jou bybel leek en ken sal jy sien en weet dat dit nie net God is wat lewens vat nie satan doen ook. Meeste van die dinge wat aan die gebeur is, is net satan se werk hy haat liefde en harmonie dis hoekom almal so baklei. So mense as ek jule kan raad gee draai terug na God want Hy het ‘n oplossing vir als. Net God kan als herstel, maar ons moet saam Hom staan en aan Sy kant wees. Gaan bietjie in op die web daar is preke op wat jou mooi verduidelik hoe satan en sy demone te werk gaan dan sal julle beter verstaan wat aan die gebeur is. Dis die einde mense word wakker en draai na Jesus toe net Hy kan jou red. Doen jouself ‘n guns en laai die preke af dis verniet en luister dit. Lekker dag aan almal swart, wit, pienk, pers ens.

  306. I still don’t understand ’cause people are accusing each other for they say some are not educated yet those very same “educated” people are proving to be useless in our communities if they still use the language that they are promoting. So, people of South Africa let us be understanding we are not building a positive country at all, if we continue this way. We must show to the world we are interllectuals simply by the nature of language that we talk.

  307. Well said. These people of Kafrica just expect to be given everythiing on a plate. They are born hand first – just give, give give! I’m sick of it and have had enough of them. I no longer employ blacks to do house work or garden. Nor will I give them anything! My hate is growing – thanks to Malema and the rest of the African National Crisis.

  308. They will carry on blaming Apartheid and Whites, as usual. Yawn! So tired of this useless Continent. Please, can anyone help me to get the fuck out of here – not so easy. I hate this Cunt-ry and it’s ungrateful inhabitants.

  309. I no longer want to be part of this so-called rainbow nation, that NEVER will be. Please help me to get out of Africa. I have had enough of being blamed for the past. I hate being S African. I GIVE UP.

  310. No wonder I don’t like potjiekos or pap. That does’nt help get anyone through Life. Keep your pathetic reciepts Kafrica. We don’t need them.

  311. The pots of the "potjiekos" was almost the only cooking equipment the voortrekkers used. Potjiekos originated from the Voortrekkers not the "bantustans"

  312. “I no longer want to be part of this so-called rainbow nation, that NEVER will be. Please help me to get out of Africa. I have had enough of being blamed for the past ”
    Gee bud,you’re getting there now.Your current feelings are exactly how most non-whites felt under apartheid,not a good feeling is it ?? .Non-whites really hated being SA’n,they wanted to get out,coz they were deprived of any patriotism,now that was the worst part,being born in country that robs you of the most elementary of feelings,can you imagine that gutless feeling,I don’t think so.
    Getting out,well emigration is just ’bout colonisation in reverse,you have to pay for your application,pay to get there,start a new mortgauge,etc. etc. all to the benefit of the host country and there’s “vultures” waiting there in all walks of life,be careful.Host countries benefit more,becoz imagine if there’s portion of your population that wants to get ahead.Emigration’s a bit like nature,where animals migrate,but along the way some of them become fodder for other animals.
    I better stop.

  313. Hermanus I think it is time for you to shut the fuck up. Nothing you say makes sense and you are now realy starting to fucking irretate me. You are a fucked up coloured who so badly want to be black only your just a bastard coloured. You know nothing about the history of SA although you think you do and you know nothing about white people. You are creating a little fantasy world for yourself imagining that us whites had a life of lux and and. Please find something to do with your time cause you are wasting valueble time expressing yourself on this blog. You brown piece of shit who condones rape and murder. May you rot in hell you bastard.

  314. you know something guys…its because NONE of us can see it for what it really is,which is what Steve was trying to get though to the people reading the letter,ITS IN THE PAST FFS…GET OVER YOURSELVES!!none of us living in civilized South Africa today,had to fight in the war…neither were it any of OUR faults!!
    So who gave WHO the right to judge a black man,coloured man OR white man walking down the road tryna get by to support the family which he works hard for each day!!
    YOU have the power to make it a better South Africa!!
    Lets do it together!!

    Your average white guy

  315. Just so you know fool. Your the racist that makes all black ppl look bad. You think your gona have a army to kill the boers. Remember this. Alot of blacks are standing with the boers in this war.

  316. ok, you are reaaaaly upset, i am afrikaans so…. ek voel sommer gevreet in my siel as ek lees wat jou gevoelens is, ek’t seker ‘n half-uur gesoek op die net om my sê te sê……, veral as ‘n geliefde familie lid se lewe nog in apartheid geneem was, en raai wat ? di moordenaar is ni gevind nie! wat kan ek se, ? Haal diep asem en vra vir genade. dit is ongelooflik moeilik…..veral al ‘n persoon sy eie griewe wat polities is probeer staaf (dit amper soos ‘n slegte droom: jy weet jys nie skuldig ni, maar jy word veroordeel, n absolute hulpeloos gevoel. Wees nou.. rustig en dink aan iets groter wat saak maak., ‘n geknakte suurlemoenblaar tussen die duim en wysvinger, se reuk is kalmerend en verrykend vir die siel. ( doen jouself daai guns, stop alles en ruik die blaar van ‘n suurlemoen-boom), as dit bloei-seisoen is,ruik dan die blommetjie en besef hoe wonderlik ons vander se skepping is. wel al wat ek kan bylas, –se maar jou se, maar wat help dit jou -“on the long run”?

  317. I agree. All good white people should leave the stinking festering shithole that is africa. Let it rot, let the idiotic stone age savage nigger beasts destroy themselves in their own corruption and pollution. If the entire continent were to sink beneath the ocean the only tragedy would be the loss of it’s horrendously poached wildlife.

  318. Rah sies who the hell are you to come write shit about blaks here eeeeew i think u should take a look at yourself before you come write your own sh!t mxm rubbish..ur dad is freak stupid he studied for a Dope test! n that idiotic Kid Sister of urz is so damn stupid she put dat dog of urz in the oven to make a Hot Dog.
    ur ma so freakin dom sh has 1 toe on each foot, yet she just bought hrself a pair of flip flops. and u…mxm u somehow got fired from a Blow-Job. u actually think u can kill a blk prsn lmao hahaha u go 2 so u think u’re funny u gonna win with that joke in the start haha grow up man can’t u see we’ve gt mo powers than uz atleast we fought 4 our country,we got it now n we rulin u guys. i tell u..u never mess with a black person bacause around blks u will never relex!!!! go 2 hell snow wytie u’ve got no respect PIMP

  319. HOW SAD , you call yourselves humans all of you are uneducated. You are nothing but pawns in a political game,s hope ,,.. top your shit and work towards a solution for everybody . after all unity is strenght . ask yourself where do you go from here ? whether you are black or white?BIG ?

  320. Oh piss off you stinking boer you Boers were never the friends of coloureds you Boers oppressed coloureds out of pure spite simply becuase you saw them as racially inferior mixed blood at least colureds are good natured have compassion and consideration at least coloureds have a deep respect for human rights, social justice and fair play. Coloureds also respect humanitarian values and principles coloureds and the Boers are not the same.

  321. As per the old addage ” every person will hide his stupidity behind something,be that something racism,rudeness,arrogance “.One thing I’ll say ’bout white people is that they can be every envious and greedy.You afrikaaners were at first envious of the English,which so to speak,started apartheid,then you’s got so greedy and just claimed everything for youreslf’s.At least the English knew to leave a bit of salt on the table,you’s were so brutal that you would wipe the bit of salt of the table and demand that a person of colour pick it up from the floor.To other readers plz excuse my rudeness.
    Lastly as to our discussion on Sheikh Yusuf,which you flatly denied.Should you ever end up in Malaysia then go and have a look at the stretch of beach called Macassar-hope my spelling’s correct.Fact here is that the stretch of beach,where Sheikh Yusuf are buried,is also called Macassar.Now any person with a bit of intelligence would easily deduct why the beach in SA are got the same name.There’s also a folk tune called ” Na die Kramat toe ” meaning the title was eventually taken from muslim’s visiting the Kramat.A bit of trivia,hope this idiot knows what trivia means,slaves used the title for a song,but instead of referring to visits to the Kramat,they would sing any message ’bout how cruel the master are today,any social message that would impact on their lives.
    Lastly ” Malaysia ” comes from when the two nations of Malaya and Singapore united,although not lasting.The ” SI ” from Singapore.
    A very happy chrissie to all,may it be filled with lots of love and nothing but the very best for the new year.
    For this poor idiot I can only pray.JFK said ” we of a higher intellect should rather help those of lower intelligence along”.

  322. Dear Typical Small Dicked Syndrome Black person.

    It is always easy to comment or hurl racial slurs over a telephone, or via emails or text messages.

    Why don’t you challenge a one-on-one with a white girl.

    You shall so get you pathetic black arse kicked.

    As you are playing Captain Courage’s – what have blacks brought to this world?

    You even screwed up AIDS. Could not even get that right….

    When white man came to Africa you did not even know about the little round thing called a wheel. You are so pitiful…One can only laugh


    The White Madam who shall always be the White Madam

  323. Why do we as whites, educated, articulate, definitely the superior race even indulge and humour the great unwashed.

    They are so typical of something that even science has yet to classify!

    Take an example: White woman under nourished (no protein or calcium) will lose her period and be unable to become pregnant. A Crow same scenario shall breed. An Antelope is so programmed during a possible drought, she shall not come into season and breed. A Crow will breed even if there are no males around. NOW Tell me – WE ARE THE SAME…..



  326. Realy now??? do you know the real meaning of the date of 16 DECEMBER? GO look it back in history. You have seen your black stupid arses then (because you are too stupid to know how to fight a war) and you will see it exactly the same way in the future. So shut up your and incompatent young undeducatated person who know nothing better then to steal, murder and tell lies!

  327. what a Pathetic comment to make, when did this become a childish play for ‘belonging’.
    The blacks might be coming for our arses… but sooner then later you will have nothing… just like when we came here. You had Nothing! you cannot built a country up, simply because you were not created for that purpose.

  328. lol…
    stop replying to dumb comments with even dumber comments…if you dont like black people then kill yourself or go live in a whole because your the one with the problem… the same also goes for blacks who dont like whites….by acting up and talking such rubbish you are reflecting your own issues onto others(a page from the science you believe is western bu twas actually learnt from africa,i.e. egypt, mapungubwe and timbuktu) study your history so you can avoid sounding like idiots such as malema and hofmeyer

  329. I must say I have read way too many of these comments in response to Steve’s letter, out of many only two have reached out to me. I completely second your post and I all I can do is hope and pray that instead of saying we are superior to them and that other race but rather we can come together as South Africans and build this beautiful country of ours into a country that we will be proud to have the next generation call home.

  330. Thank God for your Post comments. At last sensibility has prevailed and there is someone out there with good, solid and creative answers.
    When Nelson Mandela was in power he did not insist on
    Kicking the whites out, he believed in working together for the common good
    nor making the lives of all boere miserable/unbearable
    nor condoning the rape of young innocents even by their own kind and even members of their own family
    God said these words “The family that prays together will stay together” and another “If two or more are gathered in my name I will be with them”

    I personally feel that this country can solve its complex issues if only ALL will believe and have confidence in God and call on Him to intercede

    God Bless South Africa a beautiful jewel at the tip of a very unsettled continent

  331. By a proud black South African.

    Jonga apha wena njandini yenjanjararha, njubaqa eqaqadekileyo eyinzalelwane yesidlwengu esadlengula umhlaba bobawomkhulu uyakuhlala uyinja.

    Look let me tell you this to find a person who talks like you in this day and age is embarrassing learn form your dogs as you say, they are domesticated thus the wont eat a throat of a black man. I feel for you because you are the result of the apartied and you fully brain washed to a full animal and you are an embarrassment even to your family do they know that you talk crap like this? did you even go to school? Because the crap that comes out of your mouth stinks and it makes me wonder if you are educated. I can’t stand stupid people like you so stop talking shit and grow up.

    We fought so hard for our freedom and believe me, we will do it again if needs be and ensure that it does not fall on the hands of red neck or pork skinned dogs like you. Not every Whiteman is bad and that also applies to black people so the country and the nation as a whole your ramparts politicians and your stupid E.T, you like rush in my black ass.

  332. whose blood genious? than again like most white people who were in my school you probably failed english, afrikaans and history so u probably don’t even understand the context of this whole “debate” shut up and go read something simple i.e. a comic book or cosmo. leave the politics to people who have brains and can use them. does your brain cell even have any company, and if you could actually speak, what would you be saying? go stick your head in a tornando and if you’re so unhappy living with real africans in africa go back to europe. we certainly wont miss you, and as for the straight hair… blah blah blah. We (BLACKS) are certainly not our hair, so you’re very minute arguement holds no weight.

    Proudly Balck African
    Mrs K. Ogwebu


  334. RECONCILIATION Involves two parties and YOU whites expect blacks to be self reconciliatory – because whites aren’t interested in the reconciliation… So don’t talk about something you don’t know! Your intelligence is competent to SHIT! YOU LAZY WHITE COCROACH!

  335. You useless fucking Idiot you try to look like us whites using skin
    whiteners and you wear wigs to have straight hair! Can you not be
    creative and do something yourself?
    Everything you have was invented and designed by the white man.
    Africa does not belong to the blacks krouse kop

    I think you evolved from the baboon you moron.
    The wheelbarow was designed to teach you to walk upright.
    Look at the ANC government.. What have they done for you?
    Besides steal and corrupt. You fucking useless cunt..
    No service delivery because you cannot think . You use our western styles.
    Go back to the bush you useless idiot
    Vote for the IFP then you are doing something for “your country”

  336. This is true crime was rampent in South Africa during the apartheid years, the only difference is that violent crime only occured in the AFRICAN townships whcih is why crime only affected blacks, now crime has spilled out of the townships which is why now whites are also targets, another thing is that the death penalty no longer exists in South Africa which perhaps acted as a deterent.

  337. Bull You European South Africans looked after yourselves the real Africans as well as the so called coloureds and Indians were all denied basic human rights, you say the blacks keep on crying about racism but I would like to see how you would have coped with the brutal oppression and subjugation you European South Africans meted out to non Europeans, if you suffered like they did you might feel the same way you might feel resentful too it is much easier to tell someone to ‘get over’ something if you did not experience such oppression.

    Mnay boers are still bitter at the British for what happened during the Boer war more than a hundred years afer the Boer war ended.

  338. Steve,

    while i do not support the idea of slaughtering innconent white people in any form, i must first of all say you are a very stupid man who was raised to be racist since you were a little boy. You never thought a day would come when discriminating animals like you would be held accountable for what you do. You have spent your entire life looking down on black people and feeling superior, but now the table seems to have turned around and you can’t take it. I feel so sorry for you and your peers, not knowing what to do next you are so scared and the only way to lash out , is to write this ridiculous letter. While i believe that poeple should not steal from others, let me ask you this question? How did your family come about its present wealth today? Was it by stealing, killing, raping or in simple engilsh treachery? You are a fine one to talk, why do you live in a country that you seem to despise its natives so much? I f you ask me, you and your lot need to relocate and when i say your lot, i mean racist whites. I know there are loads of wonderful nice whites who do not deserve this, that i am trully sorry about.
    I live in a country (Nigeria) where racisim is vertually non-exsistent, so i do not know first hand what the average black south african goes through on a daily basis, and i cannot imagine what arpathied was like, one thing i know for sure is that people like you made it unbearable for the blacks. You dare say there is no black intellect then you are obviously not enlightened or poorly educated. Have you heard of BARRACK OBAMA? I could go on and on, but i will leave it for another time, hoping you can assimilate all a have educated you on today, and if it is too difficult get someone who will break it down for you word for word. Till i hear fron you again………

  339. dear kate
    you are the uneducated one to think that obama while yes he is only (half black) has done anything contributable for the US. And as soon as obama continues on his pathway to fuck the US up almost as bad as africa all the blacks will turn on him and blame his white half probably! Is there a relation between black leaders? yes, there is they are incompetent! and for you to say there is no racism in nigeria truly shows your ignorance so theres no reason to continue to educate you………………………………..

  340. fuck u white Boershit,u shld hav stayed in Holland.We cnt give in to yo separatist demands.Al whites r fools,if it wasnt 4 u we cld hav never been in ths mess.U white trash,yo mother is n arsehole

  341. You are a total Arsehole. Do you realy think that this country would be what it was when you and your silly Mandella shit took over. We build this country since 1652, and we did what we did for the future and for our children. All you motherfuckers can do is make kids, and kill. So go fuck yourself and make another fucking baboon kaffer

  342. I’m not originally from Holland, nor are my parents or grand parents – nor am I a boer (wish I was) I am White and proud of it. I don’t have an ungrateful black persons’ mentality either. Just look at your hateful reply – U bastardise the english language with your ‘bro’ , ‘yo’ and your ‘r’s’ and your ‘4’s’ – too lazy to even write the english language correctly. Your race bastardises Everything – old successful songs redone etc. The White man brought light to the dark continent. You and your race embrace technology – cell phones, mp3 players, nice cars etc.but you have never invented anything yourselves. Pathetic race. The white man should leave Africa, forever (not so easy though). You’d soon destroy your useless continent with all your cultural, savage and barbaric practices and excuses. Infact, let’s rename your useless african continent – let’s call it ‘KAFRICA’ – sounds more truthful. I am becoming racist very fast, thanks to people like you.

  343. The Bible says than you shall NOT kill….. To take a life is only for GOD…. im not worried about any of this!!! I have got GOD on my side.
    GOD wil take care of people like U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  344. There are African Americans, Mexican Americans, Asian Americans, Arab Americans, etc.
    And then there are just Americans. You pass me on the street and sneer in my direction. You call me ‘White boy,’ ‘Cracker,’ ‘Honkey,’ ‘Whitey,’ ‘Caveman’… and that’s OK..
    But when I call you, Nigger, Kike, Towel head, Sand-nigger, Camel Jockey, Beaner, Gook, or Chink …. You call me a racist.
    You say that whites commit a lot of violence against you… so why are the ghettos the most dangerous places to live?
    You have the United Negro College Fund. You have Martin Luther King Day.
    You have Black History Month. You have Cesar Chavez Day.
    You have Yom Hashoah. You have Ma’uled Al-Nabi.
    You have the NAACP. You have BET…. If we had WET (White Entertainment Television), we’d be racists. If we had a White Pride Day, you would call us racists.
    If we had White History Month, we’d be racists.
    If we had any organization for only whites to ‘advance’ OUR lives, we’d be racists.
    We have a Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, a Black Chamber of Commerce, and then we just have the plain Chamber of Commerce. Wonder who pays for that??
    A white woman could not be in the Miss Black American pageant, but any color can be in the Miss America pageant.
    If we had a college fund that only gave white students scholarships… You know we’d be racists.
    There are over 60 openly proclaimed Black Colleges in the US .. Yet if there were ‘White colleges’, that would be a racist college.
    In the Million Man March, you believed that you were marching for your race and rights. If we marched for our race and rights, you would call us racists.
    You are proud to be black, brown, yellow and orange, and you’re not afraid to announce it. But when we announce our white pride, you call us racists.
    You rob us, carjack us, and shoot at us. But, when a white police officer shoots a black gang member or beats up a black drug dealer running from the law and posing a threat to society, you call him a racist.
    I am proud…. But you call me a racist.
    Why is it that only whites can be racists??
    There is nothing improper about this e-mail.. Let’s see which of you are proud enough to send it on. I sadly don’t think many will. That’s why we have LOST most of OUR RIGHTS in this country. We won’t stand up for ourselves!
    It’s not a crime YET… but getting very close!

  345. It’s people like you that gives South Africa a bad name. Blacks say White is racist, maybe you should start looking at yourselves first before pointing fingers. It’s remarks like you just wrote (U White trash, yo mother is n arsehole), that will make that we will never be one nation.

  346. why dont you first learn how to spell you dumb mother fucker no wonder our land is going up in flames because its run by dumb mother fucking kaffers who are more un-educated than my fucking dog!!!

  347. ” We build this country since 1652, and we did what we did for the future and for our children ” if you cared ’bout fellow countryman’s children,then they would’nt have turned into killers now. See whites lived in such lux that they became totaly oblivious to the plight of others,for whites it was just the natural way.We were living in the same country,but worlds apart.
    An anlalogy would be that if you sent your child to a private school,that child is sheltered from the real world,he won’t be streetwise and certainly won’t be able to cope outside those private walls,mostly anyway.

  348. Another Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africas 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh and I forgot to add – He believes that God is telling him to do this…

  349. Thank you, well said
    For my side I thank the Lord God for every day and that justice will prevail. I am saddened by all the pettiness of the numerous comments made.
    Let us not forget our past but use it to guide to greater heights of achievement together
    In war there are no winners
    Let us show tolerance and basic Christian values. Whether you believe it or not WE WERE CREATED IN THE IMAGE GOD AND HE LOVES (the very reason He became man, to die for our sins)

    All of you out there stop blaming and being crude and calling one another names, it very tedious and childish


    God bless South Africa with all its differences

  350. Well fuck u 2..I don understand all these outrageous and unfounded stupid comments from the so called whites(Boers)..U must first understand that we as Africans(blacks) living in one peace up until ur grandparents came along.We gladly shared land ,food and other things with them…all of a sudden they started to steal our land and turned our noble and peace loving people into their slaves.During apartheid a lot of blacks got killed by whites specifically boers,they were brutally killed and torched till they dies,not much reporting was done then .We still don’t and wont know how many blacks specifically faced these torrid time.You c all these things that where happening planted anger and a spirit of revenge into black people.What you seeing today is jus a tip of the icebag..bigger things are coming(the spirit id manifesting) the spirit that you planted into black people has matured into a scourging force>You have no one to blame but yourself and as for you Steve watch what you say it might come to haunt you…dont generalize when you write about Malema u clearly addressed that letter to Malema so dont use the word black people when refereeing to him ,rather reffer to him as Malema.As for Tereblance I hope his soul rests in peace if at all it will ever because there is a lott of bad things he will have to account for in his death..What goes around comes around my friends every black life that was forcefully taken by boers will be forcefully replaced by a boer soul to the core.

    Joyfully yours Steve Homo

  351. You are a tipical kaffer. You don’t even have the guts to put your name on the top. Come, Please come. We are waiting for you. I WANT TO KILL YOU SLOWLY!!!!!!!

  352. Who are you to comment about someone not having the guts to put their name on top of their comment? if im not mistaken your name isnt on your comment either. you’ve just shown how much of an idiot you are. this is why we as black people are rejoicing in the death of ET. you boers behave like animals. and just to be clear, we are not scared of you. you are scared of us, you wouldnt dare walk around hilbrow, especially right now. do us a favour, go and put on your white bedsheet and go bury ET.

  353. As a white South African , i am saddened to read such hatred comments from white to black and visa versa. We are not “colours” , we are South Africans.
    We must live together , share together , work together & make South Africa a goldmine. Hatred will get us no where!

  354. Dear Red Devil,

    Your first mistake is to assume that we are all South Africans. We all have different cultures, identities and ideology. We do not want to ” live together , share together , work together & make South Africa a goldmine”

    I want to celebrate my cultural identity with those who I choose, I am not interested in diversity of culture or the sacrifice of my beliefs for the ” we are all South African'” nonsense. Until the day the whites are considered equal under a black government, there can be no talk of togetherness. If you had no identity then who are you really?

  355. Were blacks ever considered = under a white government?
    Identity? Yes , i am the Red_Devil , can you not read?

  356. Are u sure u can read?
    I asked u a question?

    Were blacks ever considered = under a white government?

    hey , hey , De la Rey …




    An ant and a grasshopper lived in the same field. During the summer the ant works all day and night bringing in supplies for the winter, and he prepares his home to keep him warm during the cold months ahead.

    Meanwhile, the grasshopper hops and sings, eats all the grass he wants and procreates. Come winter, it gets bitterly cold and the grass dies. The ant is well fed and warm in his house, but the grasshopper has not prepared for the winter, so he dies, leaving a whole horde of little grasshoppers without food or shelter.

    The moral of the story is that one should work hard to ensure that you can take care of yourself.

    The South African Version:

    The first part is the same, but because it happened in Africa, there are a few implications.

    The starving offspring of the grasshopper demanded to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed, while next door they are living in terrible conditions without food and proper clothing. A TV crew shows up and broadcasts footage of the poor grasshoppers, contrasting this with footage of the ant, snug in his comfortable home with a pantry full of food. The public is stunned.

    How can it be, in this beautiful field, that the poor grasshoppers are allowed to suffer so, While the ant lives in the lap of luxury?

    In the blink of an eye, the AGU (African Grasshopper’s Union) is formed.

    They charge the ant with “species bias” and claim that grasshoppers are the victims of 30 million years of green oppression. They stage a protest in front of the ant’s house and trash the street. When interviewed by the TV crews, they state that if their demands are not met, they will be forced into a life of crime. Just for practice, they loot the TV crew’s luggage and hijack their van.

    The TRC (Take and Redistribute Commission) justifies their behavior by saying that this is the legacy of the ant’s discrimination and oppression of the grasshoppers.

    They demand that the ant apologizes to the grasshoppers for what he has done, and that he makes amends for all the other ants in history who have done the same thing to grasshoppers.

    PAGAD (People Against Grasshopper Abuse and Distress) states that they are starting a holy war against ants.

    The President appears on the 8 o’clock news and says that he will do everything he can for the grasshoppers who have been denied the prosperity they deserve by those who have benefited unfairly during the summer.

    The government drafts the EEGAD (Economic Equity for Greens and Disadvantaged) act, retroactive to the beginning of the summer. The ant is fined for failing to employ a proportionate number of green insects, and, having nothing left to pay his back taxes, his home is confiscated by the government for redistribution.

    The story ends as we see the grasshopper finishing off the last of the ant’s food while the government house he’s in (which just happens to be the ant’s old house) crumbles around him because he is too lazy and incompetent to maintain it. Showing on the TV (which he and a couple of friends stole from another ant), the President is standing before a group of wildly singing and dancing grasshoppers, announcing that a new era of “equality” has dawned on the field.

    The ant, meanwhile, is not allowed to work because he has historically benefited from the field. In his place, ten grasshoppers only work two hours a day and steal half of what they actually harvest. When winter comes again and not enough food has been harvested, they strike and demand a 150% increase in their wages so that they can buy more food, which now has to be imported because the grasshoppers were not productive enough to produce enough food.

    The ant packs his things and immigrates to another field, where he starts a highly successful food company and becomes a millionaire by selling food to the field from where he came…..

    And so endeth the fable..
    one can just wonder……maybe we should learn a valuable lesson….

  358. Heard of the Mfecane. The zulus making war on all the tribes around them, which resulted in some zulus moving North and eventually forming the Ndebele tribe near Pretoria, the Matabele in Zimbabwe and the Angoni even further North, and while these groups were moving North they where displacing resident tribes in those areas.

    The zulus have traditionally been enemies with the xhosa, and this is still evident in these modern times.

    The Matabele in Zimbabwe enslaved the Shona, the Hutu and Tutsi slaughtered each other, violent riots in Kenya’s elections.

    You should brush up on your history before you make ill informed statements about Africa’s peaceful past (re-European).

    As with many other people posting comments, you should think twice before proving to everybody else that you are an idiot.

  359. I knw all about mfecane my friend..all I am tryin to point out is the relation between so-called whites and blacks and you very well know the trouble Afrikanas caused so dont try to open a healing wound.

    Anyway I was a bit emotional and angry after I read Steve’s letter. I felt as black person that it was directed to me as well not Malema only.I do’nt support most of Malema’s ideologies but he s no different from other white people like Steve.The minute you start seeing yourself as superior to others still waters get troubled.If we believe we are all equal and our relations go deeper than our skin color,will surely overcome our racial divides.

    The problem I have with some aloof white people is that they see all black people as thieves and criminals,well my friends we are not all like that there are a lot of black people who are very decent ,caring and loving.Just because you live in a shack doesn’t make you thief, living in the suburbs doesn’t make you a noble and decent being.

    So please do not generalize when comparing people.

  360. tell you something anon, I would have a Matebele as my neighbour anyday.

    Many years ago, when still in Zimbabwe, I was in Meikles – a rather nice shop, and as I was coming down the stairs to the ground floor I spotted a man who I thought I would never see in my life time. Joshua Nkomo with what I could make out only 2 body guards. He had come into the shop and was going round from counter to couter, shaking hands with everyone asian / black / white, spending some time talking to each individual for a moment. I think I must have stood there for a good twenty minutes watching this man.

    Years ago we had been enemies, or rather the Rhodesians and he fought on opposite sides of the war, yet here he was making this gesture of decency and I took my hat off to his so to speak. Mugabe has never ever done anything in my living memory, I doubt Malema would either. Nkomo may have died later, but to me that was one of the most human things I had seen in a long time. I often wondered later on, when he was dying, how he felt knowing his people had been so bitterly betrayed by Mugabe, shot, slaughtered and their souls taken, 1980’s lest we forget.

  361. Anonymous

    Sweetie you should go and rest your worn out brain a bit…….. Our boere men has the now how to sort you out and do not forget the boertannies. They would get you like the tokolosh so be careful look under your bed before you rest. We do not use sheet for that, those outfits was made for us I am not sure but I would say it was designed (and made by black seamstresses). You forget one thing we all should rejoice in the death of a person does not matter what color, they do not spend more time on this earth with stupid dumb black shit stirrers here on earth.


    Now for the more educated persons I wonder how long its going to be before they want to pull an ET on our wonderful Steve Hofmeyr as well.

  362. dear white anonymous

    noone is going to do anything to steve hofmeyr, the guy is irrelevant. this is just a publicity stunt on his part to try to extend his five minutes of fame. and noone wants to steal your shitty little car, we have our own.

  363. Before you put a comment on the net for everyone to see, maybe you should try spelling. There is no such word as “noone”, it is spelled “no one”. And we know you have your own car, it is either the one you stole from us or the ones you bought with the things you stole for us OR it is the company car you got, because you are black and the company needed a black person for their BEE status.

  364. steve do us a favour and move to australia, because you have just shown you lack of understanding of the South African vision..i mean what would you and your rugby boikies know about african intellectuals…would you stop living off your aparthied blood money and see whats rely going

  365. The Bible says than you shall NOT kill….. To take a life is only for GOD…. im not worried about any of this!!! I have got GOD on my side.
    GOD wil take care of people like U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  366. The Bible says than you shall NOT kill….. To take a life is only for GOD…. im not worried about any of this!!! I have got GOD on my side.
    GOD wil take care of people like U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  367. Shaka Zulu never sold any land mate,but talking ’bout genocide,please allow me to fill you’s in on something.In Apartheid’s dying days the SABC,decided on their most elaborate TV production ever,namely the TV series called “Shaka Zulu” Point is why in a country where blacks are downtrotten,would the state supported and controlled SABC decide to uplift a Black king,or rather the black enemy.One can deduct that this would stir Zulus pride and then during transition of democracy,traditional weapons were unbanned to be worn during demonstrations. With the wearing of traditional weapons SA just about turned into “the killing streets”
    There’s some talk that the ANC gave in to ludirious demands from the Apartheid regime,but to avoid genocide they had no choice. Mr Mandela states in his biography that police never fire a bullet with white demonstrations or marches,but certainly everytime blacks marched
    So what you sow,you’ll reap.
    I don’t wish revenge on anyone,but most of these comments shows what type of people the poor blacks lived under and now have to live with.Should you’s be trying to pump up international support,then you’s are in fact achieving the opposite.

  368. Luister Hermanus, Hotnot. Bly liewer stil. Jy redeneer nou al te lank soos ‘n passer…… AL OM JOU EIE GAT !!! Jy hang lekker aan Malema se lippe hiehiehie.. Jy gaan net so vrek soos die wittes….

  369. ” Luister Hermanus, Hotnot ”
    I’ll rather be a hotnot than the boer’s sin.The coloureds has of coz been the whites dumping ground,where white kids that showed a bit more pigment in their skin were destined to orphanages and then adopted by coloured families.Likewise white kids with a bit less straight hair were also dumped.I take pity on you poor people,having to commit these terrible deeds just bcoz of skin colour.
    This leads one to the question how come some whites kids had these difference,well the answer lies in 1948,when you’s came into power,it was realised to bolster your numbers even more and do this people were picked up of the street.These people being picked up had ofcoz blonde hair,green or blue eyes,a whiter complexsion,but it shows that you’s are then not fully white.No wonder white SA’ns had the highest infanticide rate in the world,it must’v been horrendous to live with such a sin,coz genetic throwsbacks sometimes showed their origins when the child was already past being an infant.
    Which brings to another point,the worst racist are these throwbacks that was’nt dumped,coz they always had to prove their “whiteness”
    Lastly one can say that Langenhoven that wrote ” die Stem” was coloured,coz why are there no real pictures of him,only pencil sketches,with pencil sketches ofcoz one can’t dtermined colour.Cameras were around at the time.My point is one can’t build anything on lies,lies begin to stink and stinks eventually drifts back to it’s origin.
    I drifted a bit of the point here,but don’t call me anything but a human being.

  370. Hermanus, please correct me if i’m wrong, did us whites live during the world war when pencil’s were stuck in peoples hair and you were judged on the completion of your skin…….um NO that had nothing to do with us and that is exactly the freaking point. You are going on about things that is no longer debateable. The problem is that no matter what you will always use the past against us and that is what we are trying to say……forget about the past and move on. It does not matter how much you argue it is whites who built everything in this country and no matter what you say it was blacks (i’m am not saying all blacks) who fucked it up. Look at the difference and you will have nothing to argue about anymore because you are in denail and just dont want to admit

  371. ” You are going on about things that is no longer debateable “,we are all products of our past you got all the lux everyone else got the scraps.
    ” forget about the past and move on” not so fast with the past,past gave you your lux home,car.
    ” whites who built everything in this country ” Gee whites must’v become very hardworking people.See that’s the arrogance of the Afrikaaner,no respect for the humble roadworker,that roadworker conbributed just much as the educated engineer.
    ” no longer debateable ” in everyone else’s these things are still relavent.
    ” who fucked it up ” This is exactly how blacks feel,coz you fucked them up.
    The English used to say that the Afrikaaner are uncivilised,well arrogance are part of being uncivilised. You remind me of the a scene from the movie called the “Power of One”.This little English boy was sent to a Afrikaans boardingshcool,where he obviously suffered racial abuse,but the scene I’m referring to are when his mother died and the principal comes in the middle of the night and just tells him ” your mother is dead ” How cruel doing this without giving the boy a hug,or waiting till it’s at least morning.That’s how cruel you Afrikaaners can be,prove is how you’s carry on in this forum.By the way Steve hofmeyr’s pic are almost a replica of this scene.

  372. Look Hermanus you are either realy stupid or you are black. When I was a child my family was poor, there were times that we had no electricity for weeks and we could not even drink a simple cup of black coffee because we had no money to buy things like that. Even though we were so poor that we had to boil water on a primice stove to bath at least I can say that we did not go to bed hungry every night. So the idea that you have in your head that all whites lived a life of lux is a fantasy that you created for yourselves to envy. Today how many black people live in shacks while others lives in Sandton living the live of lux. That is exacly how it was when I was a child. Some whites had everything and others had nothing. And when i talk about whites built everything i mean to say that we came up with those ideas. How long did black people “apparently” live here before we came and when we got here there was absolutely nothing created. Even if the black man did not recognision for what he did, atleast he did get paid to do so. You see this is aslo where you got this whole slavery thing wrong. A slave works himself to death without getting paid. If you work weather it is domestic work, cleaning an office or being a petrol jokkie you are getting paid and that makes you an employee not a freaking slave. The reason these things are still relevent to you is because you wont let it go. PLEASE EXPLAIN TO ME HOW MY CHILDREN (ONE AGED 3 AND THE OHTER AGED 1) CAN BE BLAMED OF RACISM AND APARTHEID. If a black baby is born today how did I fuck him up in anyway huh this is the point anus it is the old black people who got fucked up by the old white people and not the generation of today, but somehow you always manage to blame all white people for all the wrong doings of some black people today. Murder is not justifyable no matter what, rape is not justifyable no matter what and no matter what happend 20 years ago it does not give anyone the right to steal what i have worked for so hard. There is also a saying that goes when you point a fingure there are four pointing back at you. Speaking about arrogance your whole reply on my post is arrogant because we have to admit to everything but you can just blame everyone and not admit to the things that you have been doing wrong.

  373. ” When I was a child my family was poor, there were times that we had no electricity for weeks and we could not even drink a simple cup of black coffee because we had no money to buy things like that ” I can’t say youre lying,but I find it very hard to believe.Why your regime offered white immgrants houses,cars just to come and settle in SA,how then could you have been suffering.There’s one white suburb,that was build to rehouse whites from another suburb,that was to close a coloured suburb.The white suburb residences refused to move,what lux they had,we had no say in resettlement.Anyway I agree you must a poor-white,by the way you yell at people.I grew up with the ‘ol Primus stove and please note the correct spelling.
    ” whites built everything I mean to say that we came up with those ideas ” Yep they were all your ideas,but it was build for your own lux so you could prosper more and not for the rest of the country’s people.However I must say there’s a lot of whites that are really helping blacks to get somewhere in life today,maybe these are the good ones that realise it’s best to extend the hand of freindship,than still try and hold a gun to a blacks head.All kudus to them coz things cloud’ve been worse without people like them.
    ” Today how many black people live in shacks while others lives in Sandton living the live of lux ” that’s redistribution of wealth and nothing wrong with that,becoz eventually those riches will filter down to the poorer blacks.Please let me explain what ” Filter Down ” means,as more blacks get wealthy,they will in turn employ or sponsor their own kind,so the rich black will invest in a better tomorrow for his own kind,can’t blame them.
    ” relevent to you is because you wont let it go ” Past makes the future,there’s no way one can go forward,if you can’t look back where you came from or what happened back there.
    ” CAN BE BLAMED OF RACISM AND APARTHEID. If a black baby is born today how did I fuck him up in anyway ” In an earlier post I referred to ” Dutch hunger week ” and please take a look the holocaust survivors too.It’s said that children of these survivors experience the same stress as their parents ,coz the parents kept retelling their past plight to their kids.Likewise one can deduct that you probably do the same and so does the black parents in SA,retelling their plight of an apartheid SA.With ” dutch hunger week” it’s been proven that the kids born under Nazi occupation,today got rather short fuses and that’s becoz starvation affects the foetus.Hope you understand now what I meant by ” dutch hunger week ” .Oh ofcoz I chose ” dutch hunger week ” coz here we dealing white people,so you might understand better.Even today most black people are on a starvation diet and here we dealing with the 2nd generation that’s been affected by starvation,so naturally their attitude are now past ” a short fuse “, to a killer instinct.As Bob Marley sings ” a hungry man is an angry man.
    ” Murder is not justifyable no matter what, rape is not justifyable no matter what and no matter what happend 20 years ago it does not give anyone the right to steal what i have worked ” JUSTIFIABLE,can only be applied if the past were just and fair.Are you sure you worked for what you got,Please allow me to say that as a white SA’n all doors were open for you,life was a breeze,should the black man wanted to open a bizniz,he was knocked back on a loan,coz his bizniz would siphon of customers from white bizniz,the system were behind you to keep everyone’s money for white bizniz.As for rape,please allow me to say that bcoz of your regime’s job reservation policy only white women were allowed as pin-up girls,or only mostly this opportunity was only afforded to them,so now one can deduct that blacks are taking by force what they were forced to lust after and they got the added bonus that the victim also got the mental trauma of wondering whether she’s been infected with Aids.I sincerely apologise if I’m callous here, but as you say ” when you point a fingure there are four pointing back at you ” Well ” ou pallie ” Please think what you’s created.I don’t agree with rape at all,it’s the ultimate humiliation of a human being and truly animalistic.Oh anynomous “animalistic ” are taken from animal,but then again apartheid was dehumanising.
    ” makes you an employee not a freaking slave ” not if the system is based on exploitation.
    ” not admit to the things that you have been doing wrong ” We did nothing wrong,you were in charge and stuffed up everything,if the boss are an arrogant role model,then in turn his sub-ordinates will be too.
    Anynomous please be a bit considerate and give yourself a name,I find it hard to seek out your replies and there’s a few people here that goes by the aka of anynomous and oh yes it does’nt have to be your real name.You could even chose TB,so his name can go on in eternity.Please I’m not accusing you of anythying.
    Thank you and may God be with you’s all.

  374. can’t say youre lying,but I find it very hard to believe.Why your regime offered white immgrants houses,cars just to come and settle in SA,how then could you have been suffering….I was not a settler so i did not have those lux that you are talking about (you see this is my point what did the settlers of hundreds of years ago have to do with my choices today, you will be amazed by how many white south africans actually suffered years ago, working and barely surviving…and before i carry on please stop rectifying my spelling. This conversation is not about spelling. these are the good ones that realise it’s best to extend the hand of freindship,than still try and hold a gun to a blacks head.All kudus to them coz things cloud’ve been worse without people like them….I wonder who are the ones holding guns to other peoples heads. How many people are hijacked and robbed by black people and they hold guns to the victims heads and the worse part is the victims are of all racis not only white. And before you argue what I just said, statistics show that most crimes are being committed by black people, yes there are white people who commit crime but a very lower %. that’s redistribution of wealth and nothing wrong with that,becoz eventually those riches will filter down to the poorer blacks.Please let me explain what ” Filter Down ” means,as more blacks get wealthy,they will in turn employ or sponsor their own kind,so the rich black will invest in a better tomorrow for his own kind,can’t blame them…..I am so glad that you are so positive about that, let me tell you if that was the case then there should have been alot less shacks erected, instead they just get more and more by the day. The black people living in lux dont give a shit about the ones who are still suffering poverty. In an earlier post I referred to ” Dutch hunger week ” and please take a look the holocaust survivors too.It’s said that children of these survivors experience the same stress as their parents ,coz the parents kept retelling their past plight to their kids.Likewise one can deduct that you probably do the same and so does the black parents in SA,retelling their plight of an apartheid SA.With ” dutch hunger week” it’s been proven that the kids born under Nazi occupation,today got rather short fuses and that’s becoz starvation affects the foetus.Hope you understand now what I meant by ” dutch hunger week ” .Oh ofcoz I chose ” dutch hunger week ” coz here we dealing white people,so you might understand better.Even today most black people are on a starvation diet and here we dealing with the 2nd generation that’s been affected by starvation,so naturally their attitude are now past ” a short fuse ….. To this i will only say what the fuck ever, its not about what happend years ago it is about the way you raise your children and let me tell you my children do not know what apartheid is and I will never raise them to hate other racis but I must admit people like you make it very hard not to. Black people are doing their utmost best to change the history of SA but yet always go running back to the history that is history and use it as an excuse. JUSTIFIABLE,can only be applied if the past were just and fair……As i said nothing not even your history or past or anything for that matter justifies the herendous crimes that are committed against human beings. Us whites no longer live like the settlers use to live we dont go by their rules anymore. But that does not mean that we dont have to stand up for ourselves when someone sings a song of murder against us. And if I am right that is what this blog is about, not about our ancestors or your ancestors it is about the fact that after so many years and changes you still want us dead and that is why we feel the need to defend ourselves. And you have the nerve to say that if i really worked so hard for my money. My first job was as a cleaner on aircrafts…yes a cleaner and i got a salary of R1000.00 and this was 10 years ago not a hundred years ago where a black woman were not allowed to work. There were many blacks working with me in the same team and yet you say cleaning someting for someone else is slavery. Well news flash pallie i also had my bit of slavery then. It is and was not at all only black people suffering whites also use to and are still suffering. My biggest wish is that we set aside all our differences and forget the past look forward and move forward together. And that means that black people must stop hating us for what our ancestors did. We black and white will never be able to move on if we hang on to the past ever.

  375. Hi Mr A,
    ” offered white immgrants houses,cars just to come and settle in SA ” I’m referring to the 60’s up to even the 80’s,where have you been I mentioned immigrants not settlers.
    ” This conversation is not about spelling ” you started it.
    ” I wonder who are the ones holding guns to other peoples heads ” meant as a figure of speech.
    ” And before you argue ” argue is such an aggrssive word,what about dedate.
    ” alot less shacks erected ” these are all the blacks that have been banished to homelands and are now migrating back to a spot where they stick more in your eye and amongst them are also foreign blacks.
    ” To this i will only say what the fuck ever ” Please look this up on Google.Simple just type in Dutch hunger week.I meant that the unborn child is affected mentally through suffering,the child carried with no hardships by his mother thus comes into this world with a big advantage,his able to build things,develop the country,coz he was born mentally and physically at an advantage.
    ” As i said nothing not even your history or past or anything ” take a look at the British Bobby or policeman,in this day and age he still patrols with only a baton and crime,in England,is no way as horrendous as elsewhere in the world.Point is the stronger preventative measures are the stronger and more determined criminals are bred and again I must say these SA”n crims comes from one of the toughest schools.
    ” you still want us dead and that is why we feel the need to defend ourselves ” i can declare before God I don’t want anyone dead,but I can understand your need for self-defence.
    ” yes a cleaner and i got a salary of R1000.00 ” that’s not bad money for a week pallie.
    ” you say cleaning someting for someone else is slavery ” Slavery in the sense that all non-whites were doing it for a country that denied them their basic human rights and citizenship,once you are dehumanised,that’s slavery.
    ” that black people must stop hating us for what our ancestors did ” non-whites are not looking at your ancestors as such,it’s the wealth you got today that’s so apparent.When the ANC came into power there was talk of a specail tax on whites,to slowly remove their ill-gotten wealth,this would’ve been a good idea,coz today you could’ve claim legally you’re paying for ill-gotten earns and certainly would’ve quelled black anger.
    ” not a hundred years ago where a black woman were not allowed to work ” I’m referring to more recently,like the 80’s
    ” My biggest wish is that we set aside all our differences and forget the past look forward and move forward together ‘ that’s my most profound wish too,but I also have understanding for everyone’s anger and SA are in a brutal recovery period.
    Lastly most of the violent crimes are commited not by SA’n blacks,but rather Foreigners,all you guys see are just black faces,next time take a closer look or closer listen and you’ll notice it not so much your own countrymen.There are some ex-ANC man involved too,however these men are ex freedom fighters without a cause now and are using their skills for the bad.Again though they not so much to blame for where they are today. On a lighter note this was also how many freedom fighters were smuggled into SA,by whites that supported the cause,all those afrikaaner border guards saw was a black face,driving a white across the border,however on the return trip the ordinary black was replaced by a freedom fighter,or terrorist as some might say.
    Blessings ou pallie,see what the ANC,JM and SH has achieved,I can even call you pal now.

  376. Dear MrA,
    I feel I should elaborate on your last reply.You mentioned “settlers” and I
    rectified with “immigrants”.Well should you ever travel abroad and are fortunate to come
    across people that wanted to emigrate from their home country and looked at SA,then
    you’ll hear ’bout the trappings that were offered to them,some people readt up ’bout SA and
    decided against coming here.However some people that take up this offer,still retained their
    foreign citienship and thus when the wife became pregnant,she was sent to the mother-
    country,so that the birth could be registered over there,but in the meantime enjoying all
    the free pickings in SA,notably the English.Well with all those lux incentives offered to
    white immigrants,all people inside the country lost out,but the powers at hand did anything to
    bolster white numbers.As for the English,they conned the catch-cry
    “Adapt or die” you’s never wanted to listen,insisting that water must flow upwards,while
    the country was clearly already burning.Your referendum clearly shows that your leaders knew
    the battle was lost,otherwise why ask the people to decide,this is just about what a
    refendum means”we can’t lead with this policy anymore,it’s your choice now” This also shows
    that your leaders knew they had no option,but sets them free from retaliation.
    As for my piece on only white women as pin-up girls,well let’s be clear that this
    continued until the democracy in 1994.However the flipside of this policy was that it was
    deemed immoral for a white man to lust after non-white women,so no non-white pin-up girls.
    After democracy it became apparent just how much white men yearned for the “forbidden fruit”,
    with most black hookers now being frequented by white men,SA’n white man getting mail-order bribes with darker skin.
    My wife was accosted by a white man on a train station,with whitey showing her his dick,fortunately
    I arrived in time.This bloke was observed there just ’bout every week.Luckily he acted alone,but there
    are many cases of non-white women being gang-raped,reported the rape and police never
    investigated,so what you sow,you’ll reap.Amongst non-white there are many tales of women
    who were raped by white man,but they just had to live with it.
    Your immorality act ofcoz prohibited sex between whites and non-whites and shows how
    sick your mentality was,anything that supposedly stains your whiteness was deemed “immoral”,
    but ‘ol whitey just cloud’nt keep away from the “forbidden fruit” and this yearning,it is
    said,stems from infancy.Please let me explain,when most white mothers gave birth,they
    immediately wanted their “figure lika trigger” back, and one way are to avoid starting breast-feeding,
    so with most white households having a non-white woman servant,
    it was easy to find a black wet-nurse,so many babies being in born in non-white suburds,
    no problem there,but in turn again the non-white child missed out,coz when his mother returns
    her breasts are just about empty and he goes hungry becoz of white vanity .However with all
    that suckling from a non-white bosom,it becomes imprinted on the unsuspecting child and later
    in life’ol whitey wants to taste those non-white loins.
    I sometimes stop and talk to these non-white women,sitting on the side of the road selling their
    bodies.Most of these women are over 40,in other words a mother figure,they reckon
    they have no problem with getting white customers and I force myself to ask “why are you doing this”
    I ofcoz already know these women got no option,they have to feed hungry mouths,and I don’t want inflict more
    pain on them by being rude.some even have their kids with them,coz they can’t even afford
    the decency,of a babysitter,who needs to be paid in turn.While talking,as an
    openminded person I observe these women don’t look or talk like an everyday hooker,they
    appear decent mothers as such forced to degrade themselves.So I say goodbye and offer them
    some money,upon taking the money they always say “God bless you my child”With those words
    one realises surely they bring up their kids to be God-fearing.
    This brings us to “white genocide”,well how would you feel,growing up,to see how your
    mother must humiliate herself,walks of into the bushes,comes back,hands you some money and
    sends you to the shop to buy something to eat.That non-white kid realises what his mother
    had to do,whether that’s through peeping or when whitey comes back and zips up his fly in
    front of the kid.Whitey of coz does this in front of the kid to spite everyone,including to
    hide his own shame.With hate that kid begins to realise where his food comes from,ou pallie and also
    begin to associate white people with money,coz they also stopped at his mother with flashy continental cars.
    I’m not saying it’s all whites that are so callous,I’ve seen non-white man with these women
    too,but only some whites that actually zips up their fly in front of the kids.I for one
    would’nt blame that non’white child if he does away with his Godfearing upbringing and
    begins to hate everything assiociated with whites.I”m not Mr know-it-all,but I truly feel there’s
    some substance to my observations.
    Lastly something that becomes apparent on this site are that it seems whites,realising it’s an
    international forum,are sneaking in untruths into their posts.Whether that’s totally
    intentional are open to debate,but please be assured I’m only telling the truth,no matter
    old that truth might be,after all memory are what separate humans from aniamals,whether
    that’s selective memory or not.I truly feel SA’ns should really “open the cages and turn back the
    pages”,let all shit comes out,only the truth will set everyone free.The TRC did’nt look it everything.

  377. It is such a waste debating this with someone like you who think they know everything. Firstly I never once have I corrected anybodie’s spelling on this post even once. Secondly when you say “to come and settle” to me it means that you are speaking about the settlers and they had nothing to do with me or my children who are raised as christians and dont even understand what this is about. Now my issue is that black people and please note i am not saying all black people, are posting things like you white pigs and we will rape you wives and children and tourture your men, and along comes hermanus who says that due to our history it makes it fair. When i speak about crimes that are not justifieable I am actully talking about the word of God. Murder in His eyes are the worst sin you could ever commit and nothing as per the bible Justifies killing or raping, i was not talking about the brits and frankly I am not Brittan so why associate us with some irrelevant british asshole. I dont see anything in my previous post about getting paid R1000.00 weekly pallie I actually got paid that amount montly. I dont have anything elese to say to you or any other person on this post anymore as the only person that I am turning to now will by my all mighty God in whom I trust. And one last thing who ever said that i am a man and please dont end your post by adding things like may God be with you because i can see in your posts that you dont even know God. But please feel free to learn your Bible like you jump to learn our history and try and use it as an excuse for every bad thing that you are doing. May God have mercy on your soul

  378. Hi A

    it is no use talking to Hermanus – My exact words to him were also “May God have mercy on you soul”.

    What else do you expect from someone who condones the rape and torture of Children?

  379. Another Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africas 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh and I forgot to add – He believes that God is telling him to do this…

  380. A,
    Not for one moment do I pretend to be Mr know-it-all.However prayer can move mountains and it’s still everyone’s bible that states ” an eye for an eye ” No probs bud,but please it’s a sin to say anyone does’nt know the word of God.I’ll still be reading some posts,but won’t be replying,coz it takes up to much of my precious time.

  381. More Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africa’s 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh – and he believes God tells him these things…

  382. But you believed it’s God who told you’s to claim everything for yourselves. Oh and thank you calling me Mr,a rare treat from a boer.

  383. This is exactly where the saying “Jy redeneer soos n kaffer” comes from. They will flog the dead horse untill the cows come home!!!! Hermanus fok jou!

  384. No you stupid f^%$ the Bible says turn the other cheek, and not an eye for an eye. Judging by what you saying it is clear that you dont know anything about the Bible unless you have a fake one

  385. Look you shown your true arrogant,rude,uncivilzed colours now why do you still connect me.You obviously don’t know anything ’bout the word of God,so whatever you said be4 are lies,only an uncivilized moron would lie ’bout the Bible.This brings us to your previous statement where you said you’ve earned R1,000.00 a month,well if you can lie ’bout the Bible then anyone with a bit of brain can see where you’re coming from.Anyway please allow me to educate you stupid ‘ol boer.The Bible consists of 2 books,that is the Old Testament and new Covenant,for your info a testament is between a living and dead entity,a covenant is between 2 living entities.The Old Testamnt refers to “an eye for an eye ” and the New Covenant states ” turns the other cheek ” I’ll leave with a bit of advice,it’s blasphemy to make irreverence ’bout God when you don’t know what you’re talikng ’bout,be extremely carefull,coz the Bible also states ” your children’s children’s will pay for your sins”.
    Concerning your last post where you really abused me,well this blog are international,please at least try and pretend to be civilized and not show your true colours,people all over the world read these posts and are seeing what the boer’s really are.Anyway There’s something I’d like to make clear,you people lived in Suburbs,non-whites in Townships,but townships implies places that were designated and people were thus ” shipped ” to live in these ” towns “.Suburb comes from Urban,or rather Sub-urban,meaning next to the city.Hope you picking up what I’m dropping here.Now we all know crime are concentrated in the city,coz that’s where the money is.Your policy of apartheid used the Coloureds and Indians as a buffer-zone against Blacks,by paying these 2 groups a bit more and placing them in positions of authority,below the whites and through this you’s figured let the blacks anger and discontent be directed onto them.Coloureds and Indians thus lived in Townships immediately after your suburbs and blacks townships after that.Now I’m not revelling in your plight,but I’m glad that’s one aspect where your policy of abusing people to protect whites did’nt work,coz the bulk of crimes are done in your suburbs.
    For myself only an officail apology would satisfy for all the evil deeds of apartheid,a bit like the New Zealand Rugby Boards apology to Maori’s that could not be selected into their national team,to complies with the apartheid’s regime of no non-whites to play against whites.
    I do spend sometime on the net and don’t have to explain myself to an idiot,anything is possible with time-management,however note that knowledge is power.Here’s to your last assertion ’bout “Malay”. and I use the word ” assertion ‘ coz that’s how arrogant your post readt.Firstly any person with a bit of intelligence would’ve easily understood my explanation.However should you ever end up in the Cape,then ask any “Cape Malay” where the Kramat is.Kramat means Shrine and that’s where Shiekh Yusuf are buried.Shiekh Yusuf was an Malayan nobleman that tried to revolt against Dutch occupation and was thus banished to the Cape Colony,where the Dutch already imported a considerable amounts of Malay slaves,oh I hope you don’t mind me handfeeding you,but ofcoz Sheikh Yusuf died in the Cape and was buried in his Kramat.
    I warn you,with your limited intellignce not to try and deconstruct me,you’re only embarrassing your own breed.May God forgive me for rudeness here today.

  386. Once again you are turning what i said into something bad, you are the one condoning rape and murder and you claim that the Bible says it is ok and God is making you do it, that kind of makes me wonder who is the one who dont know anything about God. In church yesterday the reverant happend to talk about turn the other cheek. There is written in my Bible which is in Afrikaans “moenie kwaad met kwaad vergeld nie” I have never read a piece in the bible that ever said that it is ok to do to someone what they did to you, and to take revenge. In fact the Bible also says dont do to someone that you dont want to be done to yourself. Not in the sense that when it is done that you may go and do the same to them. But in a sense that you must respect all. And with all do respect to you, you have done everything in your power to provoke anyone to act disrespectfull against you. I dont have to lie about my life nor to i have to lie about God or the Bible. It is because of God that I am where I am today and made a succesfull carreer for myself. I worked my way up and I worked really hard to get where I am today. I did not blame blacks or apartheid or BEE or anyone for having to clean airplanes I worked hard held my head up, and now I am succesfull. Rather you start to shut up now because I am sure that all the international people reading this blog can also see that you are the one lying about the Bible and that you are a hipocrate. Oh and another thing MALASIANS come from MALASIA. Malay are Indians who have a very simmilar believe to the Muslems and they are Indian. Do me a favour and look it up. If you maybe concentrate on your way of saying things then the message would come throught much more clearer. So I will not allow you to make me sin any further and I dont have to explain my life to you or anyone else for that matter. So fuck of and have a nice life you disrespectfull rape and murder condoning lying peice of shit.

  387. Just to add to the malay, please see below I copied and pasted it from the internet

    Islam is a religion. But, to many Malays, Islam is a culture. It is a practice handed down by their fathers, and their father’s father before that. It is something they do out of habit rather than out of the education they have received. That is why the converts or the “Born Again Muslims”, if I may be permitted to use this phrase, make better Muslims.

    Converts learn the religion from scratch and throw away their old beliefs on becoming Muslims. The Born Again Muslims re-learn the religion and are able to differentiate between Islam and the Malay Adat, and are brave enough to reject what is unIslamic though they run the risk of being branded fanatics.

  388. It’s really hilerious how everyone does not want to take blame for messing up this planet, truth be told, if one does thorough research on where the course for all this madness originates, it all point’s to WHITE people. Just to educate the ignorant individuals, in this blog, who feel they can make up their own stories about what happened in history. First of all no Black person ever travelled to other contintents with bibles to force the masses to fall under that belief system (millions of innocent people lost their lives thru religion and it’s still happening today), second of all no african country ever dropped a nuclear bomb on any other continent to force imperialist agendas, the only continent / or political institution that is recorded in history doing that is america which is run by WHITE people ( and another thing BARAK OBAMA is not black, he’s a cross breath of black and white, but was brought up under white rules and laws, it’s the same thing MADONNA is doing adopting an AFRICAN child, it all fall under the ILLUMINATI PLAN to take over the world (for those that don’t know what ILLUMINATI is, it’s secret societies that run evrything behind the curtains (BIGBROTHER), unfortunatelly for those that believe that we as South Africans are free really need to dig deep and realise that we more of slaves then we ever was in the past, for the mere fact that we sit back a accept any crap the western nations feed us. The only slavemasters I know of, which are also in the history books are European or American and the victims of all this madness were either Asians, Africans or Middle Easterns to this day. Why do you think SADAM HUSSEIN had to be removed? because he was in the way of their master plan to take over the World thru the NEW WORLD ORDER which will basically give all the power to western imperialists, and these are the same people that funded ADOLF HITLER, the same people that wer under the 911 conspiracy, the same people who are now finishing off what they started with AFRICA and that’s owning all the natural resources, if this ESKOM loan from the World Bank pulls thru, I really feel for this promising nation for what’s about to happen is not good at all . I honestly believe that all the heroes of this world are dead and gone and that’s a fact. All life is about now is making money and doing whatever it takes( deceiver, kill, steal) to get it. I really wish things were different, I really wish we were all united, but we not, that’s the reason why BLACK people are now up in arms fighting to BRING AFRICA back, and by the looks of things it’s gona happen in blood, unfortunatelly. But than when one looks at the trail it’s clear that this world was taken over by WHITE people thru bloodshed AND THEN they turn around and call us animals, you made us like this. And also the false belief shared by the majority of white people about AFRICANS being dumb is so far from the truth, because again if you do your research one will find evidence that proves otherwise. The story of TIMBUC TOO where Greecs and Romans cames to learn teaching conducted by AFRICAN people, the story of THE PYRAMIDS and the phelosophies stolen by western nations, manipulated, then presented as the truth of where we originate….I could go on forever with this topic but my point which I was tyrna made was that WHITE people started this mess, and they still doing it today, so can u blame us for fighting back?????!!!1

  389. I am a white teacher at an all black school and I love my job and my students. I have a 8 months old baby boy and a husband who works in a maintenance position for a BEE company. I was 9 or 10 years old in 1994, and had no political opinion on what was happening in SA at the time. I grew up in an equal South Africa. Knowing all of this about myself, lately (and because of Julius Malema), I am frightened for my life. Why? Because I happen to live on a farm? Because I am white? Itss starting to make me think that all the freedom fighters in the times of Apartheid was only fighting for their own freedom and potential wealth. I love this country, but if it turns out that the black people are now the racist tyrants, I am packing my things and leaving!

  390. Dear Scared, I left S.A about 3 years ago mainly because it is not save for women and children! No place for a child to grow up!

    So, I say:

    Pack up your things, take your husband and your child and leave those black people to teach themselves…they will not return the favour and they will kill you if a war breaks out……………………….you have every right to be scared!

    Come here to Australia where it is save!

  391. I am an 18yr old coloured female and im disgusted at the way the black baboons are putting our country in eyeballs. this is all fw de klerks fault, he shouldnt have fought 4 the kaffirs coz now they gonna kill us all! The coloureds, whites and indians must stand together!
    “VIVA AWB VIVA!!!!!!!!”

  392. Ja, hy praat so waar.
    Daar is nog baie tweespalk onder die Afrikaners nou, maar die res sal nog wakker skrik. Dan gaan ons aan mekaar gelas word en niks sal ons kan skei nie. Ons gaan platmaak voor ons. God het hierdie land vir ons gegee omdat ons voorvaders getrou was aan Hom. Ons moet nou moed hou, ons bitterste stryd le voor, maar God gaan seevier. Vertrou op God! Lees Jesaja 14.

    Hoekom wil jy wragtig die land verlaat waarvoor jou oupa en die se voorvaders baklei het? Staan voor die spieel en kyk na jouself, jy het die vermoee om baie meer te kan doen as om weg te hardloop. As ek en jy en jou buurman weg hardloop en als vir hul los dan waarvoor al die pyn en leiding van ons voor geslagte? As ek wel moet weg hardloop , maak ek seker ek los net n bos agter , ek vernietig als wat ons bebou het. Ek bedoel dit is mos ” MY CULTURE” om in die bos te wees.

    Dit is n tydelike fase , die swartes het ewe skielik die mag en geld en is so ‘Over powered ‘ met dit dat hul op n traans gaan. God het maniere om van die satanis ontslae te raak. AIDS, ANDER VERWANTE SIEKTES EN,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TAXIS. Staan op die kantlyn en hou net dop wat hul aan hul self doen. MAAR , Wees ook op jou hoede en gereed vir die slang wat in die nag insluip!

    Daar is wit groepe op die gereedheid slag is vir die onverwagte, dink jy regtig ons is so stupid dat ons onself sal laat vermoor? Dit is nie Zimbabwe nie!
    As jou huis oorval word met miere of enige ander insek dan gaan kry jy die regte goed om dit te bestry. Dink vir jouself.


    Ek bid vir die Terblanch familie!

    Ek is lus vir lag. Wie kies name soos “LUCKY” , PROMISE” , HAPPY” , “PATIONS”, “AGREEMENT”,,,,,,,,,,,and the ugliest one………………..”BEAUTY”
    Aan die onder kant van hierdie blad vra hul dat jy n sommetjie moet maak voordat jou comment gepos word, bv………….11 x 2 = ? Sou jy dit verkeerd kry dan sal die comments nie gepos word nie. Hoekom kry ons net een responds van al die swartes wat graag iets wil se?………………hehehehe

  394. Ek kry hoendervleis as ek jou brief lees! Ja, vertrou op GOD! Hy gaan vir ons uitkoms gee!!!! Ons is Sy volk, loof en prys God die Vader.

  395. Why is it that our country was doing perfectly fine for so many years NOW suddenly that song surfaces and the entire country starts becoming like it was in the Apartheid years……..

  396. Jul swart bliksems is en sal nou maar altyd fokken stupid bly. Ja skied die boer, maar wie de moer gaan vir jul swart moere sorg. Jul ken niks van hoe om ‘n besigheid te bestuur nie, wat nog van ‘n plaas. Al wat jul ken is hoe om iets op te fok. Kyk hoe gaan dit in Zim, hul is nou ontslae van al die boere maar nou vrek almal van die honger. Ander lande moet vir hulle kos agter hul gatte aan dra. Boere het hul klere aan hul gatte gevat en gegly, los als op die plaas net so en wat gebeur toe????? Plaas dat jul swart bliksems nou maar die plaas wat vir jul gelos is (For Free!!!!!!!!!!!!) met gereedskaps en al en maak iets daar van, vat die boerdery verder maar nee jul swart gatte is te fokken stupid, jul steel eerder die tractors en skrapers se wiele af en brand die huise af. Wys jou net hoe fokken stupid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Fok als op, ons wittes sal als maar net weer op bou maar die keer sonder enige swart moer.
    Ek is ‘n 28 jarige vroulike boer en trots oop Afrikaans.

  397. You all like to say it is not the OLD SA. We are living in the NEW SA. Everything you do is shouting OLD SA. Please act NEW SA. If you have respect for yourself you will have respect for others.

    If you are really want to practice what you preach, NEW SA, you and all of us have to bury the old stuff never take it out to even look at it. When each of us can leave the past behind, we can be a NEW SA. Only then we can be the Rainbow Nation. The song to sing SHOULD BE Sikelele Africa. Then only then WE ARE ONE. Julius song is OLD SA and wil devide the nation. There will always be hate and not LOVE! I am sure that this was wat MADIBA had in mind not all this hate and killing.

  398. Ephesians 4:25-32 (New International Version)

    25Therefore each of you must put off falsehood and speak truthfully to his neighbor, for we are all members of one body. 26″In your anger do not sin”[a]: Do not let the sun go down while you are still angry, 27and do not give the devil a foothold. 28He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need.

    29Do not let any unwholesome talk come out of your mouths, but only what is helpful for building others up according to their needs, that it may benefit those who listen. 30And do not grieve the Holy Spirit of God, with whom you were sealed for the day of redemption. 31Get rid of all bitterness, rage and anger, brawling and slander, along with every form of malice. 32Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you.

  399. Since the 60’s when colonialism ended in most of Africa to the present day Africa has not progressed, but still Europe and white people are blamed for Africa’s problems.

    Development stopped the dy whit colonialists departed.

    The fact is Africans are generally lazy and envious of other peoples when they better themselves.

    White Africans (English and Afrikaans) have improved the infrastructure of South Africa, but this can not be recognised, because there would be no black people amongst this group.

    They can have only envy and greed!!

  400. A rarely reported fact at least in Britain, over 3000 white farmers have been murdered (not to mention subject to rape and torture) since the end of apartheid. The so called rainbow nation with the ANC at the helm seems content to let innocent white citizens (which if we are to believe the rhetoric have equal rights to blacks) be murdered in the thousands.

    If the situation continues to worsen then there really are very few options:

    a) a political revolution whereby true equality is espoused under rule of law (unlikely given populist and generally mob mentality of africans)
    b) formation of a separate boer state (tricky, and popular support amongst white community appears rather lacking despite concerns)
    c) simply emigrate

    the last course of action seems the easiest, and as white south africans know you are more than welcome in Britain, New Zealand or any other anglophone country for that matter. I would love to see the rainbow nation sustain a competitive global economy without the central core of middle class educated white workforce.

    Zimbabwe mk2 anyone?

    As you may have guessed I’m writing this from the England. And of course none of this is based on first hand knowledge. what is it actually like living in South Africa? Does the violence and crime we read about permeate everyday life for even affluent people? or are the horrific statistics we read about merelly a plague of the townships?

  401. I try to answer but it is not so easy. It is not for the townships only. All people are affected, the farmers, cities, suburbs, every where. Since the election Apartheid did not improve, there was never a rainbow nation. I am 100% sure that Madiba do not approve on all the things happening now. What makes me sad is that we are suppose to look out for the soccer, but evering happening put a lid on the exitement. That is sad! Everyone says it is the new SA but act the old SA. As long as they done songs, apartheid has done this or that, or etc of the past, our land are doomed.

    We do have a wonderful land and our people is making it bad. God created only good things. Pray of our land and his people, this is what we need most.

    If I was much younger I would have leave SA. My son and daughter in law is in Australia. My other son and his wife and our pride (grandchildren) is in SA. They do not get work there down under.

  402. Jathrofa bin Gushungo bin nehanda bin munhumutapa – you are Shona?

    Jathrofa, a rugged little plant that will grow anywhere under most conditions….

    Gushungo – (crocodile)

    Nehanda – spirit of the shona people

    Munhumutapa – conquered lands

    bin – son of……

    ah for a good puzzle? :)

  403. I don’t like dogs.
    Please understand that I do not harm them, nor abuse them.
    I just don’t want dogs anywhere near me.

    When I was a tiny baby I loved dogs.
    I played with them.
    We had them in our house and my parents treated them well.
    They taught me to respect them and treat them well too.

    I thought all dogs were my friend.
    I could never understand how anyone could possibly dislike them.
    Or abuse them.

    Then when I was small, riding my bike along the road, a big dog bit me for no reason.
    I fell from my bike, screaming and crying.
    Shocked, bruised and hurt.
    Then I didn’t like dogs.

    My dad said not all dogs were like that.
    Not all were bad.
    Dogs were just like us.
    They just wanted a home and food and peace and love.
    Maybe someone had harmed that dog and it was a stupid dog and bit the small, weak offspring of someone else who had nothing to do with the person who had hurt the dog.
    Maybe it was a cowardly stupid dog.
    Don’t hate all dogs.

    So I stopped hating dogs.
    Though I didn’t like them as much as I used to.
    And I didn’t trust them as much.

    Then one day the phone rang and I heard my sister was in hospital.
    She was learning to be a nurse.
    She worked in a hospital with lots of dogs in it and one night a dog had attacked her.
    She liked dogs and worked to help them.
    She was in hospital with bruises and two black eyes.
    My parents said she was lucky to be alive.
    My parents said not all dogs were like that.
    I tried not to hate dogs.

    Then when I was older, a pack of dogs came to my house.
    They attacked us but my dad chased them away with his guns.
    My dad said not all dogs were like that.
    They had been driven mad by other poisonous dogs.
    They thought we had taken away their houses.
    That we had taken away their food.
    That we had killed their brothers and sisters.
    But my dad built our house, and grew our food, and never killed anything. Ever.
    He fed dogs and built them houses. He looked after dogs.
    Dogs were strange creatures.

    I tried not to hate all dogs.

    And as I grew, I knew all dogs were not bad.
    You just had to understand them.
    You had to treat them fairly and kindly.
    But don’t trust them.
    And that is how it was.

    Then one day a pack of dogs killed my boyfriend.
    He was trying to save a dog that they had attacked,
    They turned on him and killed him.
    I didn’t like dogs then.

    That same pack of dogs had attacked other people.
    They killed some of my friends.
    Kids that I had grown up with.

    I wanted to eliminate all dogs from the planet.
    My dad said not all dogs were like that.
    They weren’t all bad.
    They just didn’t understand us.
    And we didn’t understand them.

    Then I was grown, and my dad was gone.
    And I tried to understand dogs.
    But I didn’t want them anywhere near me.
    I wanted them to live far away from me and leave me alone.

    But other people who didn’t live near dogs told me that the dogs lived here first.
    I didn’t know that.
    I thought we all came from here originally.
    The other people said that it was my fault the dogs hated people.
    So I left my home and let the dogs have it.

    Then one day the phone rang and my brother told me that my favourite Aunty had died.
    She had been attacked by two dogs that had gone into her house.
    My Aunty was very old. And she was nearly blind.
    And she had looked after dogs her whole life, and she liked them, and trusted them.
    She also used to say that not all dogs are like that.

    But they are.
    Underneath. They all are.
    I don’t like dogs.

    If you could understand why I don’t like dogs… why can’t you understand why I am a racist?
    By Blade

  404. Afrikaners, ons voorvaders het vas op God vertrou en hy het hulle deur dinge gehelp wat onmoontlik gelyk het. Ek wil n beroep op julle doen, kom ons keer terug na die Here, want daarvandaan gaan ons hulp kom. Lees die boek: Siener van Rensburg, Boodskapper van God. Die Here het vir Hom visioene gegee in die vroee 1900’s. Ons is God se volk, want ons erken Hom as die lewede Heer, die Heerser oor hemel en aarde. Hy gaan vir ons uitkoms gee. Ons felste stryd le nou voor, maar, se Siener se visioen: Daar is n emmer vol bloed en die boerevlag word daarin gedoop. Die vlag wapper dan oor n vry land. God gee die land vir ons, want Hy besluit dit, Hy gee dit vir ons, Sy volk wat Hom dien, wat Hom loof en eer, wat aan Hom die erkenning gee. Al lyk dit of bose magte oorneem en die magte van geregtigheid kragteloos is, moet ons nie dat die skyn ons bedrieg nie. GOD regeer SY Naam staan geskryf bo aan elke bladsy van die geskiedenis wat was en nog geskryf word. Al die lof en eer aan God onse Vader. Lees Jesaja 14.

  405. Steve Hofmeyr letter was one of the vilest things I have ever read. As a white person I have to say I am ashamed.

    Every time you sit down at a meal and pick up a fork, realize a black man invented it. Virtually every popular song you hear or listen
    to can trace its roots back to black music. There is hardly a single instance of popular music that is originally white.

    At each meal the very concept of courses the order we eat them in was invented by a black. The food on your table
    was delivered by a refrigerated truck again invented by a black. The clothes you wear on your back, cotton was refined
    by a cotton gin invented by a black person (the idea stolen by a white man not surprisingly).

    When us whites were counting with little better than marks on paper, a black invented algebra.

    You sir are an idiot. Every piece of wealth you pretend to have, education you obviously missed, luxury you deride
    the blacks for copying, sir, you enjoy solely due to the wealth and labor you stole from blacks. You live at the sufferance
    of the generosity of blacks, because virtually every other race of people in the world would have simply exterminated you.

    Your “hard work” – one thing rarer than you justly crediting black culture for something positive is a white Boer actually working.
    Your group, that will hopefully in short time be a footnote in history, thinks working is pointing, beating and yelling at blacks while they do all the work. Your Commando’s are a bunch of fat overweight blow hards, that are as embarrassing as they are silly.

    You are truly a joke to the world sir, Rise Up Mighty Boer Nation, just like you did at Bophuthatswana. Do you have any idea what a joke you people are to the rest of the world? Do you realize how much the WHITE world bows its head in shame about how ridiculous you are? You deserve to be subjugated because you had nuclear weapons, tanks, jets, battleships and let some natives with sticks, pangas, rocks, and a few malfunctioning AK-47’s kick your rears. They won – you need to get over it. They – not you – are the superior race. You’re just an embarrassment to the rest of the white world.

  406. The most uncanny thing about Steve’s letter is the fact that the author and the subject have exactly the same fundamental character traits and they are both equally ignorant. Aside from being white, I have the privelege (yes privelege) of age on my side because, with that age, has come a certain degree of wisdom. Through no choice of my own (not that choice has any bearing on the topic) I was educated under false pretences and subsequently spent a lot of my time as a young man in the townships and on the borders of this beautiful country, perpetuating the heinous wishes of an illegitimate government. Hell, at the time I did so willingly because I’d been conditioned into the futile concept of racism during my 12 years of “priveleged” schooling. Funny, I don’t remember seeing Steve Hofmeyr there! Is that because he successfully dodged the draft, becuase he was too busy acting in “Skollie” or because he simply didn’t have the balls? I obviously wouldn’t have seen Julius Malema there either, because he hadn’t even been thought of then and, despite the crap that he recently spoke in Zimbabwe, he wouldn’t know his arse from his elbow in a battle and, in his shape, I doubt that he would last five minuutes in one anyway. The only big things that either Steve or Julius have going for them are their mouths and the platforms from which they make their irresponsible, destructive and ignorant utterances. I would ask both of them to ponder on two questions. If I was to entrust a white infant to you Julius or a black infant to you Steve and then put you where your respective followers couldn’t see you, would you nurture the infant or would you leave it to die? I’ll bet that you would both nurture the babies, simply because when you chip away the tough-guy facades behind which you both hide and the respective brands of bullshit that you sell to stay in the news, you both know as well as anyone that hurting and killing people is as destructive to the perpetrator as it is to the victim. Secondly, when the infants started to grow up (and they would grow up) would you want to indoctrinate them into hating the colour of your skins or their own? So, for the enlightenment of the non-radical, non-militant working class majority who would simply like to get on with their lives and raise their children in harmony with their neighbours, what is it exactly that motivates you both to perpetuate racial hatred? Does it sell records or get votes or do you both do so simply to stay in the spotlight? More importantly, look at your own history, see how bitter and twisted racial hatred has made you both and tell us all how you see your children benefitting from your actions one day!

  407. Lets be serious –

    They don’t want the country, but the houses in the country…
    Lets just pack-up and leave…

    If we give them our R 20 and leave… they will have 20 times 5 million to divide amongst 47 million – Any average person can do the math.

    They wil end up with less than R 3 each, without generation power and foreign investments.

    In less than a year that R 3 will be finished and spend, and all the skills gone…

    Where would that leave SA then… Luckily if each white person leave SA we will still be able to fit in any major City in the world, as we are not that much!

    … That is if Julius Malema intends to take R 3 for himself and devide the rest equally… Yeah right – What’s the changes of that happening!

    To be quite honest – I feel sorry for Black Africans, as they have been lied to in the past, and are now lied to by their own people!

    Eventually leaving their future more poor than what it could’ve been if we all could’ve worked together. This however is now impossible with litte dumn-

    asses like Malema. Wat ‘n blerrie bobbejaan daai ou!

    Anycase, Joelias – Good luck on your future endavours! Once we whites are gone, it will anycase just be a matter of time untill the people realise

    you where a dum-fake arsehole, and u will probably be murdered by your current followers!

  408. “Africa has yet to yield a single intellectual, a single thought school, a single intellectual thought ” ,Well here’s some black truths for you to ponder.1-The New world was discovered by a black man,coz Columbus’s navigator was a slave that eventually gained his freedom.2- Venice is based on an idea of a former slave that worked his way up to general.Since Venice was always raided by marauding horseman from the north,he came up with the idea of resettling the town on a swamp,my guess is that he could’v been from The Gambia,where such a town exists.Should you ever end up in Venice,you’ll see an actual plague dedicated to him.3-The “cocktail” is an african invention,sure the West refined it,but the essence of having an umbrella over your drink comes from the tropics,where a downpour could last a minute or 2,so instead of having their drinks diluted blacks improvised a small umbrella to put over their glasses.
    Lastly there’s the great African king called Tirhaka,his reverred in the Bible and if one take that timeframe then one can look Egypt.The Sphinx has distinct African features,notably the bigger nose.Napoleon instructed his soldiers to use a canon and blow of it’s nose.Why,well they wanted to perpetuate the idea of the Africans to being a lesser species and thus the slavetrade could continue.Closer to home there’s of coz the Great Zimbabwe ruins,which for years was disputed
    by the West to be of African origin,but of coz now after independence it’s proven as African.
    I would advise blacks to get hold of the documentary called “Return to Glory”,it’s available on the net,coz just like our dear Mr Hofmeyr everyone in SA has been kept dumb.This docu demonstrates that blacks were the first world leaders.
    Lastly I would like to reaffirm I’m not taking Mr Malema side,but I can’t stand the sense of someone being so petty,as to bring the World Soccer Cup into this

  409. So you know your history, clapclap. Do you know this world cup will be the biggest catastrophe in soccer history! Why, ask your fellow shack mate you dumb fuck!

  410. Amen, ek is nie ‘n rasis. Ek voel ook jammer vir die kaffers, hulle “leiers” is misleidend en vokken dom as HULLE DINK DIE WIT MAN GAAN TERUG SIT EN PAD GEE VIR HULLE OM ALLES OP TE VOK, VOK JULLE, VOK ZUMA, VOK JULIUS EN VOK ALMAL WAT IN DIE AWB PAD STAAN! Julius jou dom poes kyk nou wat se kak het jy aangevang! Dis verbasend hoe baie kaffers inskryf, wie doen vir hulle die wiskunde som aan die einde van die blog?

  411. People you are dwindling from the original blog entry. This is about Malema. Malema needs to go back to his roots before he starts with his bull. His roots is a mud hut with a thatched roof and a “stert riempie”. He is sitting in a well built building, made from bricks and mortar, who invented that, THE WHITE MAN, he is driving in a car, who invented that? THE WHITE MAN. The food he is eating, he does not cultivate him self, he is to busy slandering the white man, he buys it from Pick and Pay, Checkers and Shoprite. Who is the owners and top management, THE WHITE MAN. The Products he eats, pre packaged, who invented that? THE WHITE MAN. The media he is using to utter his bullshit was invented and build by the WHITE MAN. So Julias the white man keeps you alive with his food,because your brother was given farms, which was taken from the white man and they screwed it up. They made fire in the living room on the expensive carpets, they broke the window panes out and took the roof sheeting of a double storey house to build their shacks next to an house that many envy. The proof is at a farm in the Nietverdiend area, so don’t argue.The white man drives you to your REVOLUTIONARY HOUSE in the car designed by him and perfected by him. You never as a black had even a donkey cart. That was also invented and build by the white man. You do not have a voice without the help of the white man , because we invented and build the microphone and camera you use to make yourself out as an idiot and uneducated rubbish that want to represent this country.
    It must be nice to sleep in the security and comfort every night that the WHITE MAN has created for you!!!!!!!
    Without the white man “Julias” you and your followers are nothing, you got used to your way of living that we created and I promise you, you will never go back to your roots. TOO UNCOMFORTABLE. No TV or radio to voice your bull, mud hut with the stench of cow dung greeting you every day. Don’t think so!

  412. Uhuru is on track?? You are a dumb F*&k alike many of you that share the same sentiment. Do you think only whites bleed?? My friend most of us whites are trained soldiers and trust me when we are pushed hard enough the blood will flow and not only white blood! Is this really what you want if yes f*&k off to Zim and see what war does to a county and it’s people. The black nation will even f*&k his own kind in the ass, Zim is a perfect example of this, leaving thousands if not millions starved! If that is what you want why don’t you live in Zim?? And please get an education, after all its fucking free for you black F*&s!

  413. Who is this Steve Hofmeyr anyhow? He’s one pissed off Boer, ain’t he? Is he an actor, a political pundit (like our pig, Rush Limbaugh), or just another hate-filled cracker? You’ll have to forgive my lack of Afrikaner knowledge. I know about the true South Africans but not much about those racist colonists who just won’t go back home. Would a true South African care to enlighten me? Boers need not reply. I don’t read Afrikaans.

  414. Steve I am not the least suprised by what you wrote in your article looking at your picture i see you are no better than Malema both of you just don’t think at all,all you do is utering nonsense. I was very upset by Malemas comments but I am shocked that there is just another person that thinks like him.One that does not see beyond his nose. I see a lot of clouts are following in your footsteps pulling all this racist crap. Guys did your mothers teach you anything?

  415. “To be proud you must pander to white ideas: you must drive cars, live in expensive hotels, wear suits, be Christian, do unions, be Communist, wear wigs, speak English and play soccer”
    I think you mean white as in Western ideas,Mr Hofmeyr please read on.
    You got it completely wrong Mr hofmeyr.There’s no way you can include Apartheid
    SA in Western civilisation.,it was after all the West that put sanctions against the racist
    regime in SA,so that a democratic goverment can be elected.In fact I would say you SA whites
    were so much after a western style of life,that you enslaved 90% of your fellow countrymen,
    so that you’s could be the ones driving ’round in flashy cars.Please don’t insult the West
    with your ill-informed comments,one could say Apartheid and Communism were horses from the
    same stable,only one was white and the other red.Well one can also say that West don’t live
    up to it’s believes of a true democracy,but at least in the West one don’t find that 10% of
    the population lives in splendor,with luxury houses,double garages,bitumen roads,while the
    rest lives in shantie towns,with no running water,electricity,sewage and dustroads.
    I would say cherish your new found freedom,coz under Apartheid no one had the right to
    even say anything.
    Lastly not all whites are racist,but the good ones are hard to found.Only good White
    Afrikaaner I can recall was Weyers Naude.What an honourable man,he condemned Apartheid from
    the pulpit,but became an outcast amongst your people.He could truly say he was one that lived up to
    Western standards.There’s pics of Weyers and Bishop Tutu on the net and as we all know every
    picture tells a story,well with from these pics one can see the body langauge are just 2
    human beings enjoying each others company,their smiles are warm,genuine and relaxed
    .There’s also pics of Madiba and Weyers on the net,again the picture is that Madiba gives Weyers
    the honour of pushing his wheelchair.This brings us to your pics,well as a human being I’ll rather not
    put my thoughts to paper.All kudus to the New SA’n goverment that honoured Weyers by naming a freeway
    after Weyers.So the ANC regonise goodness regardless of colour,unlike the Apartheid regime that only
    regonised white goodness.

  416. “not inspired by the very West you ”
    Well You got it completely wrong Mr hofmeyr.There’s no way one can include Apartheid
    SA in Western civilisation,it was after all the West that put sanctions against the racist
    regime in SA,so that a democratic goverment can be elected.In fact I would say you SA whites
    were so much after a western style of life,that you enslaved 90% of your fellow countrymen,
    so that you’s could be the ones driving ’round in flashy cars.Please don’t insult the West
    with your ill-informed comments,one could say Apartheid and Communism were horses from the
    same stable,only one was white and the other red.Well one can also say that West don’t live
    up to it’s believes of a true democracy,but at least in the West one don’t find that 10% of
    the population lives in splendor,with luxury houses,double garages,bitumen roads,while the
    rest lives in shantie towns,with no running water,electricity,sewage and dustroads.
    I would say cherish your new found freedom,coz under Apartheid no one had the right to
    even say anything.
    Lastly not all whites are racist,but the good ones are hard to found.Only good White
    Afrikaaner I can recall was Weyers Naude.What an honourable man,he condemned Apartheid from
    the pulpit,but became an outcast.He could truly say he was one that lived up to
    Western standards.There’s pics of Weyers and Bishop Tutu on the net and as we all know every
    picture tells a story,well with from these pics one can see the body langauge are just 2
    human beings enjoying each others company,their smiles are warm,genuine and relaxed.
    There’s also pics of Madiba and Weyers on the net,again the picture is that Madiba gives
    Weyers the honour of pushing his wheelchair.This brings us to your pics,well as a human
    being I’ll rather not put my thoughts to paper.All kudus to the New SA’n goverment that
    honoured Weyers by naming a freeway after him.So the ANC regonise goodness regardless of
    colour,unlike the Apartheid regime that only regonised white goodness.

  417. After reading all these comments…… I really dread calling myself South African. One would think that we’re all grown up. Clearly not!! I get that there was hate, bloodshed etc in the past and the ugly truth is: IT’S HAPPENING AGAIN slowly but surely!! History repeats itself….

  418. Seanpadrig is a oxy moron going aroud on this site calling rape of babies In South Africa Karma. Can you all please ignore the hatefull pig . I told him to go and flip his burgers and leave conversations on the WWW to the evolved human beings not RUBBISH calling rape karma. I am a female from Canada and would like to get a couple of guys to rape this dog!!!!

    I also offred to buy him a ticket to the soccer to get his fat ugly wife and kids rape and then we can call that karma. This man is an evil piece of SHIT

  419. in 1994 i was proud to call myself a south african, i was proud to see people of all races come togather. But 16 years later it kills me to see South Africa divided once again.

    As a coloured woman i feel i am a product of different races coming togather and not rejecting one another based on the colour of skin. i do not discriminate against any race.

    i am mxd indian, black, white and coloured so it breaks my heart to see south africa being divided yet again..

  420. so i dont undersatnd why as whites we can’t live by ourselves, if we choose to all live in our own town and mind our own business, whats the problem, the blacks can take the best parts of the town and settle down there with julius, we will start over by ourselves, but the blacks won’t leave us alone because they want confrontation. i would rather start over and live in peace with my family, for those narrow minded pricks that say people ran away from south africa i would like to visit you one day when your little daughter of 5 yrs gets raped and broken bottles shoved up her private parts, then i will have a little chuckle in your face and we will see what your reaction is, trust me in my line of work i have seen so much of that behavoir and it is not about beeing under priviled or hungary, it is about being a different culture ( barbaric ) why must i live with that type of worthless scum.

  421. Hi everyone.

    The truth is this is not about black and white.We are all very upset with what Malema has greated .He has destroyd what Mandela fighted for his entire life.Do nt allow this!!!
    The real problem is crime .Bring back the death penalty and 90% of the problems will dissapear.
    Black and white has built this country together and if we follow God as one nation this will be the best country in the world.

  422. April 16, 2010
    by Anonymous (not verified), 10 hours 18 min ago

    WOW!! First of all, I am a white African Afrikaans speaking woman, just so you all know. My grandma use to teach me, ‘nobody is nor good nor bad’. This simply means, white, black, pink or purle, we are all in sin. We do good things and we do bad things. All of us, not just the blacks or not just the whites. You get good whites and you get bad whites, you get good blacks and you get bad blacks etc etc. Why is it so important who’s country it is, its like the saying, two dogs fight over one bone and the third walks away with it. Please be careful, just now Barak decides to take over SA, then none of us will have a country! Black or white, we as mothers do not want our children to be harmed, be it by our own colour or another. Stand back a bit and evalute the situasion. This is a beautiful country with so much potential. I agree with some of the blacks and I agree with some of the whites! I’m sure nobody would want apartheid in itself to return to this country, gosh we’re in 2010 already! But what is true is that there are even black people who want some of the apartheids rules and regulations to return! A recent poll showed that alot of black people want things like the death penalty to return! How odd is that? I agree to the death penalty! What is the difference at the moment? Inocent people get killed for money or a cellphone, inocent babies are killed by the authority of abortion! Why can’t people be punished for a crime they committed? How fair is that?
    Black and White . . . what has become of our country? Can we say with pride we are proud of our country? I just love Madiba – Nelson Mandela. Its a pitty he isn’t 10 or 15 years younger! He is the man who we all should look up, black and white. He fought for all not just for himself and his nation! Please people, stop acting like fools who brings a knife to a gunfight! This is so much more than what we all can handle.

    Amazing African Afrikaner Lady
    Woman I must say I find you to be such a breathe of fresh air. WOW what a Lady. There must be hope afterall if only we could fill the land with 1000s of your kind. Yes we can live together and share this great country and build it and leave an enviable legacy. Light is stronger than darkness. We could start a movement, just to prove that God can do it again. South Africa’s second miracle EXCELLENT RACE RELATIONS. Will they believe it if they heard it? Who knows maybe they could comeback.

  423. Liewe Steve, ek wil jou graag vertel hoe trots ek en BAIE Afrikaners op jou is! Ek wens daar kon meer manne soos jy gewees het. Moenie jou aan mense steur wat jou kritiseer nie; dit is jaloesie!


  424. As Nelson Mandela fought against black domination and against white domination we also need to fight ( non-violently)
    The freedom charter and our constitution express the value of us ALL being equal, having equal rights and having a place
    in this country. As a white South Africa I do not look down on any black South African as Steve Hofmeyer does in his letter
    but I respect and value each one I come into contact with.

    Racism will reap more racism, violence more violence. Lets rather focus on building South Africa together instead of
    on the things that divide. Blaming one another and killing one another will not solve anything, in the end you will still be left with
    the one responsible to bring change and empowerment, YOURSELF.

  425. “Christian = white ideas” hahahaha!!!! You really need to have a serious relationship with GOD. Christian = belonging to Jesus Christ = God in human flash. God died for everyone’s sins. Take this as blibical education. But you do have a point in some of the concerns raised.

  426. Well said Reformed White Guy, I am a 48 yrs old white South African male ( English and Afrikaans speaking) and I totally agree with your sentiments, the enemy is not black or white, the enemy is racism from whatever source. There are wrongs and injustices in our country which I do not deny but seeing our white and western culture as superior to others as Steve does will not solve anything. The current events should maybe be a wake up call. not too racism but to a good hard look at ourselves and see where we can change in our attitudes and actions. I want myself and my family to be part of a fair, equal, just South Africa. I just wish that people like Julius would see that the key lies in wealth creation not wealth sharing, wealth is not static but dynamic and follows certain principles. We must not underestimate the effect of small changes and small acts, if I reach out in small ways every day in my everyday dealings with black people I am sure it makes a difference ( butterfly effect) We all want and deserve a place in the sun.

  427. The hateful comments I’m reading terrify me. Come on now. Calm down and think about what you are saying to each other. For the sake of your kids and country, calm down.

  428. Have any of you read Obama’s autobiography?

    In this he tells of when he was younger and had a rally in Africa. Prior to the rally he organised it that two of his white friends dress up as military/police in uniform and drag him from the stage (obviously the two boys were to young to understand the implications of what they were agreeing to). So, for the young crowds looking on it seemed that, once again, the white man was forcefully preventing the black man from speaking his mind. – This is not a story and you all are welcome to go and read the book.

    The black leaders know how easy it is to mislead the average black person on the street. The above is a simple yet powerful example of how the masses are mislead to make them believe that the whites are still the problem. Just look at the sudden skyrocket in farm attacks and rapes (Saturday, Monday, this morning a 17 year old girl. What could she possibly have done to any person to make them murder and rape her?

    Open your eyes people. The black people have already started the war against the whites – no matter that they are misled (even though blacks protesting against poor service delivery by blacks, under a black municipality and black government sing “kill the whites”). Another perfect example of the brainwashing by black politicians.

    In war the murder and rape of children and women is considered “war crimes”. In south africa it is not even considered war.

    Wake up my white people and the middle class black people (and all peoples which are not black). Form a resistance against the brainwashed masses for once the whites are devoured they will go for the other colours then turn on their own colour which are not as poor as they are. There will always be someone to blame for their own misfortune and it will never end. The rest of africa speaks for itself.

  429. i’ve got a solution! how bout all u dumbass white people just shut all ur motherfuckin honkey asses the fuck up! then everything will fix itself… cuz it surely aint happening with all u dumb bastards yelling we’re superior blah blah blah. get ur heads out of ur flat asses grow the fuck up and get over ur seemingly inherent hatred of black people its 2010 now please. they’ve never done a damn thing to you and they’re definitely the last person u white people need to worry about raping ur kids thats UR department thats the job of UR uncles an UR fathers and UR white friends thats why all of u r so fucked up in the head! and trust me the world would be HEAVEN if nobody had to deal with ur fucking pale asses all damn day regardless of what u might think the apocolypse wouldn’t happen if u disgusting pieces of shit ceased to exist this planet would actually begin to THRIVE. the world would honestly be a much better place if all of u commited suicide right now.

  430. Another Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africas 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh and I forgot to add – He believes that God is telling him to do this…

  431. Another Blah blah blah by Mr Hermanus – South Africas 1st and foremost advocate for rape, torture and murder of children and babies.

    Oh and I nearly forgot to add – He believes that God is telling him to do this…

    Read the posts by black Coconut – I think God may be speaking through him – you just sound like a cult leader

  432. Good for “Afrikaner”. You took the words right out of my mouth. David must be English. Every word shows how much he hates afrikaners.

  433. Thank you so much for your support! The Lord is going to make a path through all of this for HIs followers, I know it.

  434. And that’s an 18 year old baby. Goodness gracious me! Why don’t you focus on securing yourself a future and learning as much as possible to make youself a better person? You don’t have the slightest clue what you are getting youself into being racist, bitter and foolish like that at such tender age.

  435. Nicely siad. Yes you know what is the most fucked up Eugene fought the blacks Mandela planted bombs to kill the whites manela gets out of jail and becomes president our poor eugene gets out and he gets killed our land is going to the sharks

  436. Hello Anonym, if you could read Kate very clearly , she said she lives in a country Nigeria…

    I dont suppose you live in that country and for that reason, she is in a more informed position to tell you what you might not know and if you are a Nigerian yourself and still say this, it rather a sorry case…

    Africa is bedeviled with ethnic clashes and clan rivalry and in actual fact anywhere humans are there is bound to be differences leading at times to blood shed (not that it is a normal thing though), so if those news are what you refer to as Racism, again it a sorry case for you.

    The focus here in on South africa, why try to drag another country in the whole matter just to have an acquaintance in the situation.

    Kate’s surname does not sound Nigerian so i am sure she is not been biased by telling us what she clearly experiences and know better about, Nigerian is in west africa and i would agree with her cos we all know that west africa is not southern africa where most of our countries are still seeing vision of their oppressed past and trying to find who to blame it on and refusing to let go.

  437. Am I completely stupid??? Where do u guys live? I am a middle-aged white South African, who – like most other people – has to work to survive. I speak to fellow South Africans on a daily basis, and most of us want to do just that: SURVIVE. Who can afford to speak like you guys: insulting and derogatory and so vile? I have lived in many towns in this country and have to say that people in general are basically good. Everyone I know wants only what is their due. And my due is to be safe and comfortable in my house. Now, however, we all live in fear, I can promise you: if I could afford it, I would also have left my home country years ago. But – again like most other people – I cannot afford it. So: what are we supposed to do? I do not want to physically hurt anyone, but will defend myself and my family should the need arise.
    There are clear dividing lines in our beautiful country – which I see as totally unnecessary, we have enough space for all of us. We all have to pay for our groceries when we get to the checkout in the supermarket – or am I wrong?
    People like Steve Hofmeyer and Julius Malema are hotheads who has the ability to cause endless problems for all of us. They both have an above-average income and can afford to have themselves protected.
    Again I ask: WHAT ABOUT THE AVERAGE SOUTH AFRICAN?? Who will look after us if we are intent on destroying ourselves? All I can think of doing is to pray and hope for the best. GOD protect us all against each other.

  438. Hi Steve I would like to start off by correcting certain things in your blog, no schools of thought or original idea, well I don’t know whether you deliberately try to block out things or you just listen to your voice all the time by just playing your music but have you heard of Timbaktu, Egytian pyramids.
    I think it is really not your fault as your Governments tried to take credit for everything, so as far as that is concerned I will forgive I honestly believe you dont know better.
    But Steve why you so mad? try to understand we do want you to be part of our land… your aggression is misguided is people like you who will cause a boer genocite, you remind me of some boere in Pretoria west and Pretoria North those guys are so aggressive and I truly tried to understand why they behave like that and I came to the conclusion that this was brought on by fear and frustration.

    We have compromised for the sake of peace but let me tell you something you stupid redneck, this post of yours will only give other stupid boere which is most of you guys to have some fale sense of hope that you guys can do something about your fears and frustrations and will cause a backlash that will see your nation wishing you could get back Dromadaries cause if you can’t see things for what you guys will never achieve what Australians achieved because you guys are more endangered than American red Indians.

    We have been nice enough and we are just waiting for Madiba to pass on and we will with you lot.

    Hope you get killed soon but not before you, your women and mistresses and dogs get raped

  439. Steve Hofmeyr needs to be schooled in the very proper way to understand that there might be inventors in the world and that it doesn’t not necessarily mean they have to be white. His hatred of Malema needs not to be taken to mean that what Malema preaches is in conformity with other black people. The scorn that Steve throws on blacks in general clear suggets that there are many of his kind who still harbour stark hatred of the blacks. In true perspective there is no dividing line between Julius Malema and Steve Hofmeyr they belong to the same school of derailed people who think it is a divine right to be a particular race/colour.

  440. Wat is julle besig om te doen mense,besef julle wat julle besig is om te doen.Ek het nog nooit so baie haat gesien nie.Julle dink net aan moord en wie kan wie 1ste uitroei.ONS KINDERS IS BANG,WIT EN SWART.My kind het baie swart maats en hulle ook is bang.Dit wat ek vandag hier gelees het is iets uit n gruwel fliek,julle almal behoort julle te skaam om so baie haat in julle te he.DIS ON MENSLIK.Ek het regtig gedink ons bly in n land waarop almal kan trots wees en om dit te lees het my laat besef dat die HERE moet ingryp.EK SAL VANAAND OP MY KNEE GAAN EN DIE HERE VRA OM JULLE TE VERGEWE VIR WAT JULLE HIER GESKRYF HET.JULLE DINK JULLE IS STERK WIT EN SWART JULLE HET NOG NIKS GESIEN NIE,GOD SAL DIE SATAN UIT ONS LAND JAAG EN DAAR SAL VREDE WEES.


  441. My oh my, how ashamed I feel, to call myself a South Africa. Reading these blogs and seeing the unadulterated filthy language and hatred, and downright disrespect that this post by Steve Hofmeyr has generated. My heart bleeds for the youth of our country, if these are the kinds of role models we are providing them with, both on a celebrity and grassroot level. Its time to count the cost of our words! To each and every one of you who have sent forth such hate into this world, beware: ‘what goes around, comes around’ and your negativity and intolerance will come back to you in one way or another! To Black Coconut you are an inspiration, to Cobus – it took guts to apologise. I just hope that other bloggers will at least contribute in more mature fashion in future. Naming, blaming and shaming will continue to debilitate this country of ours. Lets not attack the people, but find a solution to the problem….. which as I see it, must be a way of rooting out the bigotry that will tear our country apart!

  442. To all; let us remember that whatever words we utter should be chosen with care for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or ill.

    I therefore urge you all, to monitor and filter your thoughts carefully before you speak, write or act on them, as all things good or bad are created by our thoughts. Let us free ourselves from resentful thoughts and speech.

    There is nothing more dreadful than hate (hate speech). It is the poison that separates and disintegrates nations causing fear and anger; even war.

    Julius Malema, an ill-mannered politician and Steve an ignorant man, are more to be feared than a wild beast; a wild beast may wound your body, but men like these will wound your mind. Do not let indignant words infect you, for in a controversy, the instant we feel anger, we have already been wounded. No one can make you angry or vengeful – unless you let them. Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned.

    Through positive, creative thinking, put into action, we all have the power to create a more peaceful, prosperous nation.

  443. Of all the various delusions, the sense of discrimination between oneself and others is the worst form, as it creates nothing but unpleasantness for both sides. If we can realize and meditate on ultimate truth, it will cleanse our impurities of mind and thus eradicate the sense of discrimination.

    If we maintain obsolete values and beliefs, a fragmented consciousness and a self-centred spirit, we will continue to hold onto outdated goals and behaviours. Such an attitude by a large number of people would block South Africa’s entire transition to an interdependent yet peaceful and cooperative global society.

    I truly believe that all individuals can make a positive difference in South African society. Since periods of change come so rarely in human history, it is up to each of us to make the best use of our time to help create a better SA and stop inducing all this negative energy.

  444. Hierdie goed gaan nie ophou alvorens ons weer ons ware sterkte bewys het nie, moenie met die boer speel nie, ek het al te veel as gesien en beleef as om beter van te weet. SA Regering, klim in en maak plan of dra die gevolge. Die vorige regering het ‘n paar manne misbruik om hulle saak te bevorder, maar in die proses hierdie manne opgelei wat ter enige tyd vergelybaar is met die beste in die wereld, monie hulle verkeerd op vryf nie, soos Et gese het, ‘n moee bul is ‘n gevaarlike een.