Sweden: Protest against the genocide in South Africa





The Swedes will protest against the genocide in South Africa on the 17th of April 2010.


 Sweden: Protest against the genocide in South Africa

On Saturday the 17th of April 2010, the Swedish Resistance Movement (Svenska Motståndsrörelsen) march to the South African
embassy in Stockholm, housing representatives of the ANC government.
We hold the ANC responsible not only for the murder of Eugéne Terre’Blanche, leader of the Afrikaner Weerstandsbeweging (AWB),

but also for the ongoing genocide of whites in South Africa.

Eugéne Terre’Blanche dedicated his life to the struggle for his people and a sovereign state for the white Boer people. Tragically his
life ended, just like thousands of other white farmers, brutally murdered by blacks. Several thousands and yet more, are those who
mourn the loss. We shall never forget his sacrifice!

Therefore we march – under the slogan "Stop the Boer genocide!" – in honor and remembrance for the white leader of the AWB.
But we also march to tell the world about the situation for our kindred people in South Africa. We will tell of a government who in silence
support murder, rape and plunder of whites.

Hereby we call upon our brothers and sisters around the globe to take a stand, no longer can we sit and do nothing as the white population
of South Africa is being murdered. What happens in South Africa today, will happen in our nations tomorrow!

The Swedish Resistance Movement march to the South African embassy in Stockholm on Saturday 17th of April, to show the Boer nation
that they are not alone, that we are with them in their struggle for survival.

We urge YOU to do the same, to show the world that the white race is still a force to reckon with, for this our comrades, IS YOUR DUTY!

– Swedish Resistance Movement




136 thoughts on “Sweden: Protest against the genocide in South Africa”

  1. Hi there,

    My name is Michael and I live in Johannesburg. I would like to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the Swedish people for caring about our nation. There are so many sad and untold stories in South Africa and unfortunately the we have been wrongfully branded as a racist nation. I was but a young child when this country was handed over peacefully, which is something unheard of considering the history of other colinizations. Many of us thought that we would be doing the right thing because of international pressure but little did the world understand the nature of our lives in Africa…People have to live here to understand what we go through as it is impossible to explain.

    I once told an Australian man that he should imagine if the majority of Australians were Aborigines and that they were in control of the country. He said that it was a terribly scary thought as it has only been recently (the last 70 years) that aborigines have been integrating into a western-oriented world…People think we are heart-less oppressors. We did not force any black to work on our farms…they are paid…why would other North-Africans stream to our country if they were ‘enslaved’?? They now blame us for being a nation that believes in western values, believe in bettering ourselves with knowledge, believe in having smaller but powerful families rather than a starving horde…when they see this, they hate us because we ‘have’ and they don’t. This is unfortunately a very accurate generalization for which I know is not politically correct but we are being murdered for what we are.

    I’ve had a close family friend (John Hart – 90 -) who was murdered by his own gardening boy. A black man that was practically raised on that farm and sent to school with money that John paid to his mother, hoping that he would one day enable this kid to become a doctor or lawyer etc. Instead, he one day turned off the electric fences on the farm, locked the dogs awag and let 6 of his friends on the property. John and his wife (88) were brutally tortured and killed…

    I can give a long list of examples of what is happening here in our country but for a long time have our voices been silenced by media both locally and internationally. When I read about the march, I felt that our voices have finally been heard by other western-loving people who are not affraid to embrace their culture. Thank you so much once more for your support.

    God bless Sweden

  2. I want to thank you for your support. Once again again we stand on the edge of the abyss. I hope this crisis will remind people in Whom our salvation and solution lies…

  3. Unfortunately I cannot agree that the coutry was handed over peacefully, but even so, we did that to give everyone an equal chance to better themselves. Unfortunately this did not happen as we all know. But further I can just say that we have been taken advantage of in a moment of weakness. FW was an idiot and probably got paid very well for ‘his decision’. I am so very grateful for the Swedish people that is taking an interest in our wellbeing. Thank you out of the depth of my heart. My family still lives in South Africa and I fear for their lives. Hopefully the rest of the world will take off the blinds of so-called ‘democracy’, ‘reconciliation’ and ‘regstellende aksie’. Regstellende aksie my voet, dis alles ‘n klomp snert en ‘n rookskerm vir wat werklik in ons land aangaan.

    God Bless Sweden and every other country that is in search for the truth and acts on it.

  4. I am affraid that our salvation lies with the wester-loving people of South Africa to wake up and stand by each other’s sides. We are staring down the edge as you say and our time draws near where we need to make a stand or fade into memory …

    Let us show only love to the ones that will share our struggle..

  5. I am a white south african guy (boer), and I just want to thank you guys for standing up for us!, The white people here, constantly live in fear, especially now.

  6. Me thinks that the Swedish Resistance Movement has had an overdose of the northern lights.

    White genocide, what a joke! Everyone is blowing this situation out of proportion and need to bring some things into perspective. Crime is rife in SA, there’s no doubt about it, but it is in no way only directed at whites and some sort of genocide which this self-centred, isolated pale blond society from the north are making it out to be. Of all murders classified in SA since the inception of democracy, around 1000 have been classified as being “Farm Murders”, now I’m not condoning them at all, in fact 1 murder is 1 too many, but the fact is that far more black people have been killed than white people. The crimes which occur in townships are probably far worse and more cause for concern than those which you’ll be marching for.

    Eugene Terreblance was a white supremacist, he taught people to be racist, and led a movement which has been more of a joke and an embarrassment to SA than anything else. He had nothing positive to add to our democracy, and led a terrorism effort, disrupting negotiations which were taking place, and setting off bombs killing 21 people in an attempt to prevent the first elections from taking place in 1994. He was convicted in 1997 for the attempted murder of a former employee, and for the assault of a petrol attendant. He was not a hero, he was a disgrace, and his legacy has nothing but hatred associated with it. What you Swedish don’t understand is that, it was all about Afrikaaners, they hated all other people who weren’t their own, it didn’t matter where you came from, if you’re not one of them, you’re simply not good or white enough.

    Crime is a problem that has been born from a lack of education, a corrupt judicial system and society, and most importantly, the high rate of unemployment. The truth is that, if its easier for you to go out there and commit crime than it is to get a job, you’ll do crime, especially if you know you’ll get easy cash and get away with it 7 times out of 10.

    If you want to help South Africa and make a difference, then stand up for all South Africans, this is not a one sided issue.

  7. Must be nice waking up knowing you are safe like patrick because you are black.

    Thank you to the Swedish Resistance Movement, It means alot to alot of broken people.

  8. Thank god! A man with some sanity.
    My sincere thanks to the Swedes for your good intention, but there is no Genocide here. The white population of South Africa live fearfully their self imposed prisons of high walls and burglar bars. I am an Indian South African. As Patrick mentioned… Black peopl in SA have endured far worse, and continue to endure far worse in the townships than white people. Imagine having to cope with crime, poverty, poor health, poor services in addition to everything else that the rest of us experience as human beings.
    Both White and black South Africans need to catch a wake up and stop playing the victims. Grow up an take responsibility. Fear and hatred are not going to undo the injustices of the past, whether it was 200 years ago or 20. Go out there, meet people, speak to them. Hear their stories… and then let’s work together to change things. Boer maak a plan they say. So use your brains and let’s stop whining.
    Swedes, get your facts straight before you beging another victim campaign. Calling white South Africans your “kindred” is an ill thought out concept. A black south african is as much your kindred as a white one and as much as I am. We breathe the same air damnit.
    Charles, your information is biased by history that was told from the victor’s point of view. To you, blacks are “savages” To them, whites are murderous invaders. Each pespective is true and neither is right. They are still people, with father, and mothers and sibling and children. like you.

    Eugene tereblanche was no hero. Far from it. I do not condone such a brutal death, but let us not matryr an idiot.

  9. In reply to Amit’s comments – But first thank you very much Sweden!!!Please sir do your self a favour and do some more reading on this sensitive matter. More white farmers have died in their houses than soldiers killed in the Afghan and Iraqi war! In SA there is no white on black violence no whites raping, stealing or killing blacks! So if you have not noted the whites are the victim! Affirmative action in the country is aimed against whites. Government departments would rather see a position not being filled than appointing a qualified (over qualified) white, for those that have their own companies, Parliament decided that BE (Black Empowerment) must prevail which means that their is no difference between a car jacking and company jacking – the one is draconian legal the other slightly less legal. The ANC was handed a first world country on a silver platter but unfortunately they are causing more harm to this lovely country from a governance position than they had done as terrorists. (The USA only a few months ago removed the ANC and Nelson Mandela from their terrorist list). SA has become a lawless society due to the incompetence (or could it be maliciousness) of the SA government.

    Thank you very much SWEDEN!!!

  10. I totally agree with you… What gets me is that the blacks who do, or take part in all this crimes against white people doesn’t realize that it is wrong. If you do crime like Patrick said because it is easier then getting employment, you steal because you are hungry, why murder “in the most savage ways” rape children and old aged before killing them? Please Patrick name me one case since our new democracy in 1994 where a white has done any of these onto a black. Everything that was taken over since 1994, name me but one thing that has been uphold and maintained, everything is being vandalised from property to human lives and it just goes on and on… for any white person there is no jobs, since 1994 BEE was introduced and is still going strong, I call that racist, it is not our fault that blacks breed like they do, A small family is a strong family. I want to have the same right to equal job opportunities, I have been turned away at least 5 x when applying for jobs because I am white, not under educated, I want to give me and my family the best I can and feel safe in the country where I have to pay tax to the ruling government of the day, I am not going to keep apologizing because I am white, I AM PROUD OF MY HERITAGE, AND NOT A RACIST. God bless the Swedish, thank you for taking a stand.

  11. Amit has taken the stance that everybody suffers in South Africa. With this I wholeheartedly agree. I am a typical Boer. I see people’s reaction to the comments made by the elitist blacks. It is terrifying. They sit in their Sandton homes, safely tucked in behind high walls and security fences and tell the world that the blacks are suffering. The only reason the poor majority is suffering is because government has decided that it is more important to pay themselves market related salaries and benefits, than to take a living wage and develop their brothers and sisters. It is a shame that the Black elite can pride themselves on the struggle and yet not full fill the promises they made to their own, let alone the country. In the book “Animal farm” you will find a fine example of how power corrupts. Democracy without accountability is tyranny. Jacob Zuma proved that the ANC holds power supreme. Regardless of the crime. It may be a simple matter of culture. Throughout history bribery has been seen as tribute, pillage and rape as conquest. The only difference is that you don’t do this to your own.

    I guess that what I am trying to say is that our fight is not one of colour, creed or religion, but of the current state of affairs where freedom is calculated and sold to the highest bidder. Our real fight is with the Giant multi nationals that determine the party line. Remember, it is better to pay $20m to a dictator than $200m in legal duties and taxes.

    Thank you to the people of Sweden and the ex-pats for not forsaking their countrymen.

    I leave you with this “all animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others”

  12. Thank you to all who support us here in South Africa. There are two sides to every story, but the evidence against white Afrikaans people are substancial.. Our culutre is dying.. In schools today our history before 1994 is a blur.. Very few know the whole story and on both sides the confusion grows rapidly.. Due to this confusion both sides can be easily mislead in to hating each other.. Racial predijuce is a growing factor in schools here.. I am a first year student studying teaching.. I hope to be part of the Eduaction system one day.. to possibly bring the predijuce to an end.. Once again thank you to all supporters from toher countries.. I do not agree with some of ET’s beliefs and sorts, but we do need the exposure to the international media if there is any hope to change the dire situation that is staring us in the face.. As for my fellow Afrikaaners, ons moet saam staan om uit die gemors te kom.. en sterkte.. Mag die Here ons God ons gebede hoor.

  13. Thank you to the Swedish for their support. Racial cleansing has been done for far to long and been ingnored for far to long.
    We praise and support your stance agianst the innocent killings.


  14. Patrick yu are right, this is not a one-sided issue where CRIME is concerned, but GENOCIDE is a whole different ballgame.
    CORRECTION ONE- Yes, ET did a lot of wrong things, including bombing, but so did Nelson Mandela and the ANC when they bombed the JHB station, the Defense HQ in Pretoria and several other bombings, killing people across the race-line – in the name of the “struggle” AND HE GOT REWARDED THE PEACE NOBEL PRIZE for that. I know, because I was there when the ANC declared war and did thse bombings. I saw the dead people in the streets of Pretoria after the HQ blast.
    CORRECTION NUMBER TWO- The total FARM KILLINGS STAND AT 3368 TO DATE. If you were to add the suburb murders, it would be much higher, but who knows what those numbers are seeing the statistics are falsified to hide the true picture.
    CORECTION NUMBER THREE – They don’t steal for food, they take cellphones, weapons and cash. In many cases they TAKE NOTHING BUT ONLY TORTURE AND KILL. If they steal because they are hungry, why don’t the white starving, impoverished ones not do the same? What difference is there? I am not a racist, believe me. but I am not blind or unintelligent either.
    You wrote: “Crime is a problem that has been born from a lack of education, a corrupt judicial system and society, and most importantly, the high rate of unemployment. ” You are right. I am a Criminologist, so I know what I am talking about and I agree with your observation, but there is more to this. Leaders play a pivoting role when it comes to influencing their followers. Moral decay, an absence of family values, drug abuse and instilled hatred add to the objects of crime.
    So Patrick, there are victims across the board, amongst all race groups, but GENOCIDE IS ONLY COMMITTED TOWARDS THE WHITE BOERE AFRIKANER PEOPLE IN SOUTH AFRICA.

  15. Patrick soos ons kleuringe in die kaap die sal se ” Jou ma se P$%S!! ” Gaan praat jou kak in n lokasie. Jy het nie n idee wat werklik hier gebeur nie. Gaan kyk wat GENOCIDE beteken. Dit is alle moorde wat deur een groep teen n ander gepleeg word. As julle mekaar wil uitmoor is dit fine met ons. Dit is natuurlik vir julle darkies, maar nie vir ons beskaafde mense nie!

  16. Hi guys, sorry for the late reply

    Nice to see that this debate has gotten a different perspective. Firstly as much as I hate to disappoint all the Anonymous people on these comments, I am not black, I’m white, born of European parents, born and bred in the former Transvaal and the name is Patrick Reid, proud Sharks supporter.

    I’m not surprised, you seem to think that everyone who doesn’t think like you would be black, if you educated yourselves more as Amit as suggested you might have a more open mind to what I’ve written. Anonymous No. 2, I totally agree with you, the nature of violence involved in the crimes are unacceptable, and again I’m not saying there isn’t a problem here, it is serious, but it is up to us to find a way to resolve it, we’re not powerless. Furthermore, don’t forget what your proud heritage did to black people under the colourful banner of apartheid, so don’t isolate everything that has happened since 1994 as the only atrocities which have occurred during the history of our nation. I value the fact that there was good infrastructure in place during apartheid, I don’t think anyone can deny that, but we all contributed towards that, all races in our nation.

    We know all to well that because of the high percentage of the population being uneducated, it is to easy to be convinced by the likes of idiots like Malema that what he is saying is “The Gospel Truth”. The fact that this numpty has decided to call what has happened in Zim as a “success”, is an absolute joke, but the truth is, the ANC have probably realised he’s all too powerful and popular now and that they can’t shut him up.

    I don’t think BEE has benefited anyone much besides family members of those who are in power. It was not a thought out model, it was forced into operation to satisfy the masses that something was being done to change the level of poverty in stead of creating a roadmap to improve education. Anonymous No. 2, again I understand where you’re coming from with regards to being passed over because of the colour of your skin instead of the education levels you possess. I wonder how long it will take before the government realise, that this is the primary cause for the mass exodus of skill sets from SA to go to other countries like Australia, NZ, Canada and the UK. What’s worse is, instead of dealing with the issue, everyone just labels these people as “deserters” but the fact is, in order to retain skilled people, you’ll have to make staying an attractive option.

  17. Look facts are facts and we can debate them all we want, the ANC and all its supporters will never face true facts. We the boers of this country need help and that should be the first fact. Second fact is that we do appreciate and applaude our careing brothers in Sweden for their march to the ANC (S.A) embassy BUT please, please don’t let that be that. Keep on the good support and keep the pressure on high. God Bless you all.

  18. So, Parick Reid, then would I be wrong to suggest that whites who are unemployed, live in poverty and shelters have the right to go on a killing spree under the blacks. No, not only kill, but, TORTURE, GANG RAPE, BURN, HACK, PULL OUT THEIR TOE AND FINGERNAILS, SET THEM ALIGHT, SLAUGHTER AND OH PLEASE DON’T LET ME FORGET , TO CUT OUT NUMEROUS BODYPARTS FOR M.U.T.I.! But because I am a civilised, peaceloving, human being who believes in GOD! I know I will be committing one of the biggest sins by taking away a God given life! But these savages, mostly are too young anyway to claim their ‘right’ in so-called struggles, keep bringing up HISTORY and digging up the past of which they had NO part in! But what can one expect of those who call on their ancestors and trust on witchcraft (where the bodyparts are used), throwing of dead bones and calling up spirits of the dead, instead of CALLING AND TRUSTING IN GOD. No wonder everything in this country is going the way it is. We handed our country over to be ruled by the anti-Christ!!!!!!!!!!

  19. i am so grateful to you for supporting us – The boere nation. I am 27, a mother of a 6 month old baby, and a boer. myself and my baby have never done anybody harm . I have been busy the entire week with medical supplies etc in preperation for the worst. we are killed of like flies. it has been 16 years since they took over our country and they still blame everything on apartheid, kill us, tease our tempers when we go to the shops, we cannot find jobs as it is reserved for them only and force white owned companies to appoint black directors and workers. there is no future for our children in this country. Running away wont help and that is exactly what they want. They play the national and international media to their liking. I am so gratefull that a country like yours can see the truth. i can feel your support in every word of the article. I have started reading a book. the 10 tribes of the real israel (Afrikaans book) were in it says that the 10 tribes of God, which He has chosen are scaterred all around the world. But when the day comes we will re-unite unexpectadly. This is the first real sign for me. Thank you

  20. Reply from the Swedish Resistance Movement:

    First of all we want to thank everybody who sends their best wishes and shows their gratefulness. The respone from all over South Africa is overwhelming and it urges us to fight harder.
    Second I who write this reply would like to put some facts straight. The Swedish people is very much liberalized and do not know of the situation in South Africa and I believe that a lot of them do not care out of egoism, what we do is try to enlighten them, in seeing what we see in South Africa. The Swedish Resistance Movement is a nationalsocialist organization who care for all white people over the world, whether they live in South Africa, France, England, Colombia och Sweden. National boarders must not divide our people. I personally feel everyday that I would gladly give my life away for the individuals of my race. I do not hate other races because of that, and I do not wish them dead. But I love my own race in all it greatness, but also where it falls short. We are aware of racial differences, for example that black people are not capable of creating a civilisation like whites can, and that white civilisation will fall if for example blacks take over it. South Africa is a very good example. You built one of the best working nations in the entire world, where both whites and blacks could live. But when it was handed over to the blacks it crumbled. A white man do not rob, steal och kill his neighbour when he is starving. A white man take his rifle and go hunt for food for his family is needed. A white man do not hurt another man out of egoism, he is proud enough to make sure food is put on the plate in some other way. That my brothers and sisters you must se, for if you dont I only feel sorry for you, because you are living in that crumbled nation right now. And for you who believed that black South Africans are more brothers to the Boer people than us, I have but one answer. Our race was ancient Greece, Egypt and our race was Sparta. Our race was Indus, Mesopotamia and Babylon. Our race is France, Scandinavia, Germany, USA and South Africa. National boarders and history to not divide our race, for it is one and the same organism. Therefore every Afrikaner is my brother or my sister, and swear on my very name that I will dedicate my entire life for the sake of my brothers and sisters.

    Yours sincerely,
    Daniel Zachrisson

  21. I have seen the photos of the crimes against the elderly, the women, and the children. There is but one answer for this.
    The western media for the most part does not talk of these things. It happens this way in the USA as well. Heinous rapes and torture are muted so long as the victims are white and the perpetrators are black. Were but it only 3000 or so here in the US. However, I do see the immdeiate need to help the Boere people as they are at a critical juncture. If anyone knows of any legitimate Boere specific aid organiations or international activist organizations where I may contribute in some way to help the Boere please let me know.

  22. I’d rather chew glass than donate one dollar to the “poor Boer cause.” I’m telling you, the world does not care about Boers, the architects of Apartheid. Sorry to be the one to have to tell you, but you people are too dense to catch a clue. Karma, Baby, Karma.

  23. Hello Patrick, I gather that you are a non-Boer White man from South Africa. You write so differently than the others. I happy to hear that you find this “White Genocide” business ridiculous. I do want to ask you tone thing. Have you as a White of non-Boer decent been discriminated against to the degree that the Afrikaners are going on about? I would gather that those of British background are having an easier time of it. Your people were among those who moved towards the end of Apartheid. Those of us in the US and Canada who protested against that horrible system never thought the Brits were part of the problem. Rather, we regarded non-Afrikaner South Africans as part of the solution. There many South Africans like you who helped us in our efforts to boycott all things Apartheid in the U.S. These folks helped to educate Americans among the plight of Black South Africans. On this particular board I notice that all the White hate-spewing is coming from the Boers. It seems that one generation has not changed a thing. The shoe is just one the other foot. I liken the past 18 years in S.A. to the Reconstruction years that followed the Civil War. The South was so convinced that Blacks were inferior and that the institution of slavery was a state right that was taken away from by the invading Yankees. It took another century, however, before African-Americans could legally vote in the South without being physically assaulted or lynched. Lynching in the South was legally protected by Confederate states’ rights until the second term of FDR. (1937). We had are on Apartheid here, on which I do believe the Boers modeled their Apartheid regime. I don’t think that the anger against Whites in South Africa is really about White skin. I believe it is about hating their former Afrikaner masters, who have not dealt admirable or gracefully with their loss of racist totalitarian rule. Somehow I think people like you are doing just fine. Am I overly generalizing on this? I’m anxious to hear your point of view. Also, if any Black South African would care to weigh in, I’d be pleased to read your opinion. I already know what the Boer posters are likely to say judging by those who frequent this board. Cheers, Mate. Sean Padrig

  24. USA calling ignorant Timit Boer. Earth to Timit Boer. That “terrorist list” business is complete bullshit. President Mandela is regarded as a hero in this country (well, maybe not in the South or Texas). The federal government does not regard the ANC as a terrorist state. We regarded your Apartheid as a regime guilty of crimes of humanity though and you were on a list–BOYCOTT List. Since the ANC, South Africans are now welcome in this country. Your athletes can come here, your artists can perform here, we import your marble/state (the Seattle subway was entirely ripped up in the late 80s when it was discovered that the materials in question were imported from Apartheid South Africa. It is no longer an act of treason for an American citizen to visit South Africa. Best of all, we can enjoy South African wine again, some of the finest wine in the world. In short, everything South African is A OK in the USA, now that is, not then. What do they teach you in your homes and schools? And may I remind you that we are proud to have an African-American president (well maybe not in the South or the Republic of Texas) after that retarded jackass that we recently deposed. Now we too can be proud of our passports. We don’t have to apologize for our fascist homeland. It’s not fascist any longer (despite Republican efforts). We also are now free. PS I’m a Cracker too, Cracker, just a different brand of biscuit. Author to Timit and all other Afrikaner readers: A Black man did not write this post! Cheers!

  25. The world does care about the Boers. Why don’t you chew glass and choke on it because I am sick of your stupid fucking posts!

  26. Our ancestors decide to move from a civilised world to an unknown world and also for freedom. Free to love and praise God as God wants to be praised. They want to walk in the footsteps of God and to bring civilisation to an uncivilised world. The ancestors form pert of many countries that are today called the big empires.
    But because many of that big empires hate the so called Boers and many never think of who and what the Boers was or where they originate from.
    The British government try to stop the Boers to become a big and powerful nation. They kill 25000 woman and children between 1899 – 1902. They rape the woman and children and also killed the husbands. They burned down the farms and destroy South Africa.
    But God helped the Boers and they become a strong nation again.
    Approximately 33 years ago the Americans start with a different strategy. The first Visa to be cancelled was the Visa of Ian Smith from Rhodesia. The Americans force the Boers by sanctions and through the devil’s advocate the Illuminate to surrender one by one. The world media published photographs of blacks killed and tortured from unknown countries, and make the world believe that it was from South Africa. The American government and other world counties want to make South Africa ungovernable and unstable.
    What will the reason be? Sit down and start thinking and read books of the Illuminate and its allies and you will see that the Illuminate and its allies is the devil’s advocate. The illuminate wants to destroy the Boers who form part of Gods family.
    The Boers realise that they can’t stand up against the black masses and the dominating world without God. We gather in the thousands and instead of doing politics, we pray to God and beg for solutions and help. God is great and God is listening to our prayers. That is why the people from Sweden and other countries see what is going on in South Africa. And that is why the people from Sweden and other countries recognise the South Africans (Boers) as family.
    We as South Africans (Boers) thank God for answering our prayers and thank God for letting our brothers and sisters in Sweden know that we need them. We beg you to help save the Boers and help get other nations involved in the struggle against the masses.
    God is great and I thank God for the help and support He will arrange through our brothers and sisters across the world.

  27. Dear Sean,
    Black President …. his mother is called “Miss Ann”. Please go and educate yourself in American before posting oubout the SA situation on the net. Your remarks are ignorent .

  28. Ignorant idiot , please go and visit that country and take your family with for the soccer . I will buy you’re ticket. Babies of 3 months are raped and set on fire .
    You are a moron calling that karma, you don’t know the meaning of karma. Please piss of and go and study the USA history

  29. Hi JT. There is an Afrikaner squatter camps where people are living in horrible conditions. I can send you a link so you can see the pics yourself, read about it and get in contact with the relief workers helping the children and families. Leave me you e-mail addy (for obvious reasons I can’t leave mine) and I will contact you. You will know it is me when I write “Boeremeisie” with my real name next to it. I am a well-known singer in S.A. so I can’t reveal it here. And thank you for your willingness.

  30. Some 3,000 white farmers out of 42,000 have been murdered since 1994. That represents more than 7% of the population of white farmers. This is a higher percentage than in most genocides seen in the last century.

    The annualised murder rate for white farners in South Africa is 1-in-225, it is 1-in-3000 for black South Africans, and 1-in-50,000 in Western Europe. Farming in South Africa is probably the most dangerous occupation in the world.

    What gets me is that the victims are not merely killed, but tortured to death.

  31. Please just ignore Patrick and any anyone that has a brain like him
    Just let us thank the those that are helping and let the those that
    want to turn this page into a fight show the world what they really are.
    Not everybody is fooled by these aggressive people.

  32. We expect people like you to deny it!! Amit are you muslim your name sounds muslim
    no suprise you deny any genocide taking place here in South Africa!!!
    Damnit?…..ARE YOU SWEARING NOW BECAUSE YOU CAN’T HAVE YOUR WAY? or are you demanding to have your way?
    You not the ones loosing their work and homes or getting murdered!!…are you?
    In the apartheid years many of you Indians (muslims) lived a good life had your shops
    all over the country in white areas as well, many lived next door to their shops or in the
    back and also made many of black peoples life a living misery …yet you lot are in
    parlament and have a good life….makes one wonder what you lot are up to!!!!

  33. Must you use that vile language is this how you want the world to see Afrikaaners??…
    thank goodness we not all like you!!!! SHAMEFUL!

  34. Seems like a black brain to me ..or you a waste of a white skin no one asked you to come to this page seanpig,…nor you Amit!…….Thank you to everyone trying to help…now you see what we face..

  35. Daniel.Thank you my Brother! Great to know we are not alone.All we want is to live in peace and earn a living.We will not take much more of this genocide and by the help of God we will achieve peace.Ex Gladio Libertas.

  36. you vile sick person. profanity belongs to the feeble minded who wont increase their vocabs. i don’t even know what/who you swearing at, but i think time your pitiful, unclean tongue were tamed and talk when you learn some respect and manners in communication, then maybe people may take you seriously. itz so so so sad there so many of your inferior breed in this world, inferiority IS CHOSEN!

  37. no sean, it is YOU that dosnt care about the boers..clearly everybody else does! I am an english speaking south african My grand parents on my mothers side came from england and i have a bit of afrikaans blood on my fathers side. U call boers the “architects of apartheid”..how narrow minded are you? They are the architects of (what was once) a first world country, with one of the strongest military forces in the world (it was said that in its day the south african army could march from cape to cairo and crush everything in its path..now they get their arses kicked in lesotho and get shot at by our own SAPS!), one of the largest exporters of gold and diamonds, an agricultural powerhouse AND produced some of the finest sportsmen and women to ever grace the international stage (until we were boycotted by certain sporting nations with worse human rights records than our own..talk about hypocritical!). Did you know that there are blacks that reckon things were actually better during apartheid under the nationalist government? dont believe me?…look it up! Then again its not really rocket science that the people who built the country with their blood and sweat (the boers) would know how to run it…(not run it into the ground like the ANC are doing). Dont get me wrong im not condoning apartheid, but no one can argue the fact the under the old government everything worked and was run efficiently! And now?..eish! everything is broken! And im getting sick of those “airy fairy” liberals that constantly whinge about how the whites “stole” everything form the blacks and “exploited” them for their own gain. Hang on a second…lets not lose sight of one very important thing, before the whites got to africa there was NOTHING there! We brought infrastructure, agriculture, education, sanitation etc. …i could go on but i’d be here all day! Sean have u heard of something called “the law of nature”..how only the strong survive and the weak die?. Well is it really that surprising then that certain nations would go on to build massive ships and explore new worlds, invent amazing machines and forge inroads into new lands and that these same nations would then go on to colonise most of africa?…yes partly for their own greed but that my friend is the law of nature. While the rest of the world was progressing and evolving what was supposed to become of africa?…NOTHING?. Just remain dust and tumbleweeds with a couple of tribes hearding cattle about? lets get real! And what gets me is that the black ANC government seems content to gorge itself on the fruits of “whiteys” labour whilst at the same time making it very clear that “whitey” is no longer welcome (clear evidence of this is the governments “could care less” attitude towards farm murders and their sanctioning of the song “kill the boer”). That brings me to another point, how clever is it to kill the people who produce your food and feed you?…not too bright is it??? And what makes me laugh is this. Our black government (just like their friend rob mug) despise south africas ‘colonial heritage”. Yet this dosnt stop them wanting to drive thee most expensive (mostly western-manufactured) cars, wear designer suits and rolex watches? hang on..arnt these imports of the much hated “colonial white devils”? that ppl like malema are so visifirous in rebuking on a daily basis. Alright julius, if u feel such a strong dislike for us whites then stop wearing the luis vuiton caps and designer italian leather shoes and put yer traditional garb on! And another thing, wtf does this bloke know about “the struggle” that he bangs on about, hes my age! During the hight of apartheid he was a twitch in his fathers nutsack! Its like the 14 yr old so called “war vets” that murdered farmers and chased their families off their land. And this brings me to the topic that makes my blood boil…WHITE FARMER GENOCIDE!! Yes it IS a genocide, it is the systematic RAPE, TORTURE AND MASS MURDER of one race by another!! (you liberals will shout and scream, “but that happened during apartheid”!) yes…but that was during apartheid….we are now *cough* a democracy! Also blacks were’nt bein offed in record numbers like whites are now! Think back a few years ago to the genocide in rwanda…the mass murder of the tootsie tribe by the hootoo’s. That wasnt due to poverty…it was ETHNIC HATRED!. Now look at whats going on in S.A, white farmers and their families are being TORTURED, RAPED, BUTCHERED!…BULLETS ARE BEING PUT IN BABIES HEADS! and in almost every instance NO money or anyhing of value is taken, they are being killed for being WHITE! Does anyone see the similarity between what happened in rwanda and what is happening in s.a now? i f u dont you are clearly thick and maybe need to look up the word “genocide’ in the dictionary! I just want to finish off by saying this, as i mentioned earlier i am an english speaking south african but i have the upmost respect for the afrikaner people! YOU built this country with your blood, sweat, grit and your bare hands!… As my old anthem used to say, “over plains where creaking wagons cut their trails into the earth”. I admire the courage and pride of the afrikaner people. They are a strong race who have had to fight for everything they’ve ever got, against zulu and brit…often horribly outnumbered! YOU are the true sons and daughters of africa because you made something of this beautiful country. You are tough, strong and determined…salt of the earth and im proud to have your nation as part of my countries heritage! My only wish is that one day those SAVAGE..GODLESS HEATHENS that have inflicted such violence on you and your families suffer the same fate….TEN FOLD!!!!!! And to our friends in the states and sweden much thanks to you for your support, god knows we need it!

  38. in a prefect world..ALL those savage bastards who slaughtered, butchered and raped white farmers, would be rounded up into a warehouse and stripped naked. Then each and every singe farmer (including friends and family who’d lost loved ones) would be armed with a baseball bat and be givin…ooh i dont know…i hour, to lay into each one of those godless dogs until there was nothing left of them but crushed bone and blood. AAh..talk about poetic justice!

  39. Wow! Such anger. For you to whip all that out since yesterday indicates that perhaps this is a White/Black thing and not just an angry maladjusted Boer thing . It sounds like you are definitely an Afrikaner supporter and perhaps part Afrikaner yourself. I guess I missed all this in the news. We are not really hearing about this over here. I must admit though, when we do hear about the problems the Boers have had to adjusting to Black government, it doesn’t keep us up a night. When I say “we” I’m talking about 45-60 age group. Images of Afrikaner crimes against native South Africans is firmly singed in our memories. I showed this website to several colleagues today (we work in the field of post-secondary education) and there wasn’t much sympathy in the room. The phrase “Karmic justice” came up more than once. One colleague said “they should be thankful that they were allowed to stay.” But many of us middle-aged liberals felt the same way about racist Whites in our Confederate states and in the Republic of Texas when they had to observe both the Civil Rights and the Voting Rights Bills back in the 1960’s. There was a lot of whining and exaggerating back then as well. It would lead to little White girls getting raped and White men getting lynched late at night. Of course what they were envisioning was what they had done to innocent African-Americans for a century following the abolition of slavery (that was another thing they had difficulty with.) I always thought it was about severe guilt which translated to extreme fear and/or terror. None of those thing happened when Blacks were finally allowed to vote in the South in 1965 but there still people today who cannot get it through their head that we now have a Black President and an African-American First Family. Again, it is the South, Texas, Alaska and rural farm communities who feel like they are living their worst nightmare imaginable. However, they can’t spew the kind of blatantly racist stuff that simply pours throughout this site. It’s just possible to post this kind of hate on the internet unless you have no regard for your future. What they’ve done though, is created a whole new political party “the Tea Party Express” to vent their frustrations in the guise of “no taxation, no deficit, no universal health care, blah, blah, blah….” What they really mean is, “I can’t believe that a Black family is inhabiting the White House before my family!” It’s pretty transparent, but nobody can hold these rants against them because they do not use the language that you and the other Boer or Boer-Sympathizers smear all over this site like tomorrow will never come. Thanks for your reply though. I even forgive you for your little Homophobic slur, it goes to figure that you’d be narrow in all areas and not just racial superiority. I’m still waiting to hear back from Patrick and also from Black South Africans. So far it’s just Boers that are sending me hate mail. But that’s OK. I’m not South African. None of this is really my concern. But I can assure you that “everybody else” (other than the angelic Swedes of course) does not care about the Boers. Globally, most people in my age group still have trouble washing savage Apartheid images out of heads. Remember, we protested against your parents and grandparents and lobbies Congress to continue boycotts of things South Africa going strong until that evil regime came down to its knees. Now, all South Africans, even Boers, are welcome here. I must say though, judging by this website, not much has changed in a generation. Fortunately you are no longer in power to enforce your racism. Now, it’s only internet babel and good fun at the water cooler. I won’t be writing the Hauge on your behalf, but I will research your “cause” further with more objectivity starting tomorrow. Hey, don’t knock it. In 1983I wanted Reagan to use military force on S.A. and was ready to join up. (I guess I should admit that my Great Grandfather fought in the Boer War.) When I was graduating from university, I thought that we were ready for another one. Fortunately Nelson Mandela delivered a peaceful solution to the tyranny of your forefathers. Cheers!

  40. Are you posting from one of our Confederate states, or the Republic of Texas? And are you just 18? Go ask and older Yankee about Apartheid in 1980, Junior. Don’t drown in all this self-pity and pathetic whinging. They really do have it coming. It does surprise me that their parents and grandparents didn’t teach them better. But then again, what did your Mammy and Pappy teach you about slavery or Jim Crow? Right………………. Birds of a feather babel together. Mmm, this is some good tastin’ glass. It reminds me of those yummy grits I had before I plowed Pa’s field this mornin’. Yep, yep, Ma’s grits is some real good eat’in. You take care, you’all.

    1. Ho do we have it comming? I never once cast a vote during the Aparthied years, the only time I have EVER voted, was in the referrendum in ’92 – in favour of change!!!!, then in ’94, to ensure the National Party would never again be a threat to South Africa. Am I responsible for my fathers sins? Then you are responsible for Adams sin you idiot!!! Go play in the traffic, the world does not need your type!


  42. Thanks to sweden and the us guys. Reading this brought tears – but tears of relief that someone somewhere heard our cries – thank you for listening and standing with us.

  43. Seanpadrig,

    Still waiting for you to accept my offer to send you and that fat wife ugly wife and daughters over for the soccer. Come on buddy I would like to see one of you’re ugly daughters raped and then we talk about Karma.

    Sorry day for USA with such oxy morons writing on the WWW. We in Canada are really having a good laugh at you’re stupidity and hate . Uni I dont think so………? , however in your little world i presume you would have like to go to Uni. Offer for the tickets still stand … keep on flipping your burgers my boy. Evolution has still not happened for you.

  44. I’ve been to S.A. and had a wonderful time. I didn’t encounter Boers outside of being served by them in domestic chore sort of way. The Blacks and those Whites of British/non-Boer decent were very kind to me. I don’t have a wife at all, Cracker Boy, I’m Gay and going on twenty years of Gay domestic partnership. You don’t know shit about me. Canada? Really? I am originally from Richmond, BC. (No, I’m not Chinese or East Indian either). I now reside in Seattle, WA. Do you even know where those places are? I think not.. And on the topic of Uni, shall I forward my academic/professional credentials now? You’re going to feel even more mentally challenged than you already are once you read them (assuming that you are literate). If you really are Canadian (which I doubt) you must be from Alberta. That is Canada’s Texas. K.D. Lang is the only decent person to crawl out of that White Trash cauldron. It all makes sense now. It must be around 4:30 in the morning Alberta time. Is this Stephen Harper? Oh my God, it’s the fucking Conservative PM. Are you visiting Mummy and Daddy on your little break from Ottawa? Gosh, what a dishonor it is to make your Right-Wing Fundamentalist Christian acquaintance. Does the CBC know that you are slumming with Boers on a hate site in S.A? I knew that you were sort of closeted about your mountain/prairie racist soul. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure that your little secret isn’t exposed on “The National.”
    Anyway, whoever you are, please rent/download the 2009 production of “Endgame” with William Hurt and we’ll talk again. I’m assuming that you are all “uni age”. I will stop tormenting you now. It’s like shooting salmon in a barrel. Cheers, Sean

  45. Sean,
    You stupid child even Canadians are bad now….. dear people of this site I REST MY CASE this idiot is aquising every one of hate . Well he hates the Swedish, Canadians, South Africas …….. bla bla bla.
    Pathetic… go flip youre burgers my boy as I said evolution is still a great mistery for you.

  46. Aaa great! This is one serious and very nasty shit we are having over here after only being kind and helpful towards them (and you are fighting about crap). Most of us isn’t racists or hatful against them. We give them what we can to help them. I always try to give something if I can to help them. I have always been kind towards them and so have most Afrikaans and English people I know. (I Cant believe that some of the Afrikaners on this site has no manners). My child go to school with them. They work for us and I treat them as any other person with respect. And now (again) they want to kill us in very horrible ways? Great! The bad thing is that most of us didn’t support Eugene but he really didn’t deserve what happened. All the killings are so WRONG!!! How can anybody be so mean and inhuman towards the people that feed you and look after you? What will happen to this country if we are gone? You had more benefits and privileges then the white people for 16 years. We all tried together to build a land where our kids can live in harmony and tried to give the leaders the benefit of the doubt. I was 8 years old when apartheid ended. I really didn’t have anything to do with it and so did most people in their 30’s and younger. Our kids have NOTHING to do with this!! I know it is not everybody and I will give you the benefit of the doubt and I know all white people aren’t innocent. But again. Who are the ones that are getting killed over here?

  47. It is sad that you think that way. The truth is a whole other storie.
    Sadly there is people in this country black or white (doesnt matter) with bad manners but at least not all of them is killing each other and not all of them is rasists or use hate speech. But the truth is lots of people is innocent and only pray for peace and no hate speech and murders. Some of us have respect and kindness towords each other and didnt have anything to do with the old SA.

  48. Ptrick stop trying to pass as white…with that brain!!!!…You live in South Africa and you are one of those MALEMA “skaapies”….and yes they do care …maybe you stay in the Cape?……catch a clue?…that tells me you one very bitter ignorant “jungle bunny”…now go and toss off somewhere because you sound like a wankerr…LOL….while you eat glass!!!!……….donate one dollar???…you dont have a cent to scratch your arse!!!!

  49. Who cares about your credentials you can download and change anything now days……….You say you GAY?…..”domestic chore sort of way” now you are talking kak!…the type of kak you find when crawling up the next one’s arse…”ugh! how revolting…. Gay domestic partnership?…..hahahahahahahhahahha……hahahahaha…….cant stop laughing….talking about mentally challenged you must be speaking about yourself you dont even know if you Arthur or Martha you poor confused cockroach…LOL
    You say you came to S.A ……was it to get your hands on our street children you bent lot like to use and abuse these kids….looking for that free “SKOMMEL!! hey? who cares what colour you are you stupid “FAGGET” .THAT ALREADY MAKES YOU LOWER THAN ANY FORM OF LIFE ON EARTH!…….it makes you one of those old boere long drops….LOL..LOL..LOL..i think you have had it up that old exhaust to many times….thats why you talk so much rubbish.might be a cracker boy” its better than a “CRAPPER BOY!!”
    Dont know who you insulting that side but i hope they sue that “worn out old arse” of yours off!!….what makes you so important that you think you can torment anyone…LOL….and the only shooting you do is up the next bent arsehole!!!!!!!…LOL
    Maybe there are some white extremists on this page that might like to look you up “CRAPPER BOY!!! who knows maybe they can find somthing big enough to shove up that stretched out old arse of yours?…now go play in your shit pit!!!! shit shoveler…now we know why you dislike real boere men they dont want to play in your shit pit with you!!!!…….i think you secretly fantasise about these boere men!!!!!!..LOL.LOL.LOL

  50. You said “The Swedish Resistance Movement is a nationalsocialist organization who care for all white people over the world”

    Don’t you think the world would be a better place if we simply said “we care for ALL people in the world”

    Why do you continue to segregate? We are one race, one people with thousands of colours. The world is less fun in monochrome. Real love sees itself in all things, without separation.

    Stop with this “our race” bullshit. You are the same organism as every black person on the planet too.

  51. sigh. “you lot”??
    Stop segregating people. We’re all in this together. All living life, looking for love, trying to make a living. Every white person, black person, indian person, coloured person goes through the same thing.
    I am of hindu background. Not muslim. If you knew anything about either cultures, you’d have known that from my name. I know many people who have suffered the effects of crime. Can’t you understand that white people are not being targeted. People with money are. The majority of wealth does lie with the white population in south africa. I’m NOT saying that deserves crime… but you must understand the problem is not with race. It is with disparity. Understand human nature. Why do you think the protestant movement ame about? Because people were grossly unhappy about the disparity between the catholic church and the common people.
    The french revolution was about the same thing. These all involved only white people. This is a HUMAN story. Race has little to do with it because a black person is as much human as a white or indian.
    If you want to label it a genocide then it is a genocide of the “haves” by the “have-nots”.
    I you people truly understood what people went through in apartheid, you might make more effort to understand the humanity of the people you hate so much. I am not now and will never condone crime and violence. But I will always work to transform hatred, fear and segregation.

    From an outside point of view your last comment does seem a more the opposite, as if you are complaining that you’re not getting your way, not in control. That is why your argument suddenly atacked indians too instead of pointing out crime against you or unfair treatment.
    I don’t think it’s right that people are being murdered. But that is a problem we all face. My father was nearly killed at gun point by armed robbers. My home was broken into. My sister was hijacked. Can’t we work together?
    I have at least put my name on here. Where is yours? Speak openly and plainly. We are all scared and tired of violence. But there are better ways to deal with this than white supremacy and racial hatred. I will do what I must to make things better for everyone. Everyone. Hate less. Love more.

  52. Send me you email address, and I’ll show you pictures of WHITE WOMAN AND CHILDREN TORTURED, an 80 yr old woman – objetcs stuck up her anus until she succumbed, a white woman’s stomach slit open, another woman who had a broom sharpened and push up her vagina till it came out of her neck. Yeah you”re so right. We whites have really blowing this out of proportion. Another woman naked hanging upside down naked gutted!!!! FOR NO REASON!! but we’re blowing it out of proportion!!

  53. Thank you that you have stood up for us. I do however believe, this government is just a bunch of puppets. There is a bigger picture… similar to Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe will stay there and this government will stay here until they accomplish what they have been told to do. They do not have the capacity to care, feel anguish, stop the slaughter of white farmers. What I AM ABSOLUTELY SURE OF IS THAT GOD SEES HIS PEOPLE MURDERED, TREATED BADLY, HURT, AND HE WILL BRING JUDGMENT TO THOSE THAT DESTROY HIS CHILDREN!! WAKE UP SOUTH AFRICA, BLACK AND WHITE. See the bigger picture.

  54. The amount of racism and hatred that is coming out here is incredible. What ever happened to love thy neighbor. I believe this comes from the bible and is also in many other religious texts. May the almighty bless you all.

  55. Amit…not every Afrikaaner is AWB most want a safe country for all ….where one can go to work and in the evenings sit outside or go for walks with their families.
    Since this Government has excluded whites all this hatred has started…if they really want this country to grow and be a land of plenty for all the people of South Africa….
    Stop excluding white,
    Ministers must stop hate speach against whites…
    Stop crime…..
    Stop BEE this does and has not benifted poor blacks anyhow…..
    Stop affirmitive action this will make everyone feel part of this beautiful country of ours.
    Fire those that cannot or will not do their jobs properly and are employed because of their colour and only want to steal….we dont want to hear storries…..
    Start Governing this country properly
    These are just a few things that should be done to bring everyone together….the ruling party must remember it is still a hell of a lot of white money that keeps this country’s wheels turning
    What will they do?.WHAT CAN THEY DO ?/ if whites start refusing to pay fore anything anymore? they cant arrest them all just as they could not arrest all those that turned up at police stations asking to be arrested because they had no pass?
    So this government better decide fast what they want ….a country where everyone can live in peace and harmony OR!!! a country divided by hate and falling apart by crime, racial hate, hunger and desease….no farmers no food……..only hate and corruption!!!!!!!, and starvation, just like the rest of africa ……that is way we have so may refugee’s from neigbouring countries
    NOW THE BALL IS IN THEIR COURT …THIS GOVERNMENT MUST DECIDE WHICH WAY THEY WANT TO TAKE THIS COUNTRY AND ALL WHO LIVE IN IT?????????????….they are getting millions fromm western countries to help build and keep this country peaceful…there will be no trade…no more money handouts if all hell breaks loose here!!!!!!!!!!

  56. Yes the Afrikaaner /boere do need help and so do whites here in South Africa…although many whites will deny it because they can leave anytime they want they hold British or other passports……and no the money should not be given to AWB!!!! ………we are in need help to open the rest of the worlds eyes to what is happening here….this money should be used for campaigns in other countries this is how it should be used!!! not every Afrikaaner is AWB!!! nor every white!!!!

  57. A man was beaten to death while his wife was gang raped and their four-year-old daughter seriously assaulted in the early hours of Saturday morning, Limpopo police said.

    “It is believed a gang of 15 men entered the family’s house on a plot at Dalmada, outside Polokwane at 3.30am,” said Colonel Moatshe Ngoepe.

    The gang tied up the 40-year-old man and beat him to death.

    Five men raped the man’s wife before turning on the couple’s four-year-old daughter and seriously assaulting her.

    Ngoepe said the motive for the attack was unknown and nothing was taken from the house.

    The wife and her daughter were take to a nearby hospital after residents alerted police about the incident.
    THIS IS TODAYS NEWS IN SA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By the way the Hottentots were here first…………and there were no farms in the beginning so stop with your poor excuses. Crime affects everyone!!

  58. By Graeme Hosken Crime Reporter

    A Pretoria woman is fighting for her life in hospital after she was shot twice in the head while trying to save her mother-in-law from a gang of armed robbers posing as policemen.

    Suna Steenberg, who runs Montana Pale and Lapa’s with her husband, Jurie, was shot when she opened fire on gunmen who were attacking her mother-in-law, “Tannie Poppie”, in their Leeufontein smallholding yesterday.

    The attack comes 10 days after matriculant, Ernest Hoon, 18, was shot dead in an armed robbery on his parents’ smallholding less than 3km away from Steenberg’s home.

    In the latest attack two men wearing police uniforms walked onto the Steenberg’s smallholding as workers offloaded poles at the premises.
    The gunmen got into the heavily fortified double-storey home, which is surrounded by security surveillance cameras and high walls.

    Inside the heavily-armed robbers attacked Steenberg’s mother-in-law in her bedroom. Her startled screams alerted Steenberg, who grabbed her husband’s gun from a safe and ran to her rescue.

    Steenberg ran downstairs and opened fire on the robbers. But one disarmed her and grabbed her around the neck.

    He shot her at point blank range, striking her through the temple and back of the head and she fell to the ground.

    At least one of the robbers is believed to have been severely wounded in the room, which police say resembled a “war zone”.

    A policeman said that no matter where one looked there were bullet casings and blood.

    “It looks like a slaughterhouse.”

    He added that they had been told at least one of the gunmen was wearing clothes which resembled police uniform.

    Stefan Jooste, who was phoned by his workers while offloading poles at the Steenbergs’ home at the time of the attack, said when he got there, it looked like a bloodbath.

    “I phoned Jurie as I drove to his house. He was crying and pleading for help. All he could say was that Suna had been shot and that he thought she was dead. What I saw when I got there was horrifying.

    “Her eyes were bulging out of her head and there was blood all over her face. I could barely recognise her,” he said.

  59. Interesting place and comments. SA is violent no matter which way you look at it. The government neglects to assist with maintaining its obligations to create a safe and peaceable society. Genocide in SA has arisen because of severe neglect and gross incompetence on the part of the state, and does not need songs to promote its underlying hatred for anything that challenges it too severely. Our state is like a narcissistic teenager and I am not going to work myself up writing about it again. While this is not worse than actually sending out people to kill one another, this form of genocide can also be far more insidious. The government were so pissed off that HIV and AIDS came along to spoil our new democracy that they did nothing and thought nothing for ages, like small children ignoring the obvious. We were also deconstructing all the effects of being a society in which reality was constructed on the basis of concrete, visible, and tangible entities like race and color. The state did not want to think of something that they thought was ‘invisible’. Thabo Mbeki even denied he knew anyone with AIDS when the Presidential Spokesman himself died of HIV. This blindness was all disastrous for us. Now this time again, their silence on matters of violence and racism speaks of a similar danger. What is not insidious is the rapid deterioration of the appreciation of values related to dignity and respect of our fellow beings. That is happening quickly – like a global warming induced meltdown.
    I want to speak more personally. A year ago a whole family worked for meat my practice: a mother, her daughter, and her son. A year later the mother is dead and her deterioration was speedy and horrifying. The son was shot in the head a month ago in an early morning attack on their family home – in which a family friend was shot dead. Four of the families children ranging in age from 4 to 16 woke up to the shock of this. All for 3 mobile phones and ZAR 300 (USD 40, EUROS 28). The daughter floats like a ghost around the office – and she is in weekly counseling for post-traumatic stress disorder with Lifeline. That is what life in SA is like for them. Sometimes i think we should less time getting things off our chest online and march like Swedes. Thank you Sweden!!!!!!

  60. LOL, did you really think I am THAT ignorant or gullible? I have an alias, as a singer, so my REAL identity is still withheld. EISH! I just wanted to ensure that scammers dn’t try and cheat the poor guy. .

  61. The swedish protest against the Boer genocide in South africa were completed today around 4 P.M. The march went well even though a couple of hundred protested against us. One group of those supporting the genocide yelled amng other things that Eugéne Terre’Blanche was a rapist, and they was therefore beaten to the ground and silenced. Once we reached the embassy a speech about teh situation in South africa was held, and after that the South african/ANC flag was burned accompanied by shouting the words: "ANC – murderers" and the raising of the Vierkleur flag. Some pictures from the event can be seen at: http://patriot.nu/artikel.asp?artikelID=1442 In a couple of days a the filming of the event will be released.

  62. I realise that afrikaners are not evil. 5 or six of my closest friends are afrikaans. And in all honesty, I prefer afrikaans people to the english. Not because any one is better than the other, but I find afrikaners warmer, friendlier and down-to-earth. But all that is besides the point.

    Screw the bloody government. When I said “can’t we work together,” “we” did not include the government in any way. There are some gems in government, but a lot more are complete imbeciles. So screw em!! It’s times we the people of this country (all of us, regrdless of colour) got together to make the country what we want it to be: peaceful, safe, clean, prosperous. You can’t rely on any government in the world to get things done. Even in the “best” first world countries, they’re bogged down by beaurocracy and idiocy. We’ve got to stop being afriad of our neighbours, ake friends with them, take down the walls and defend each other. Then the community. Then the suburb, then the city.
    We’ve got to put pressure on the idiots in government to do what is right, and not just bitch about it when we read it in the news (I’m guilty of that too).

    I disagree. It’s time we took the ball back and made a play. And not one that is based on fear, or hatred, or racial lines. One that serves all the millions of us that want to live safely and peacefully. That is the real majority in the country. And we are comprised by all races. It’s time we did something don’t ou think? It is OUR country after all. Why leave it in the hands of a handful of idiots in government? I say we ignore them and build a society ourselves that is colourless, crime free and wealthy.

  63. (A bit long) Let me start by saying a big thank you to the Swedish Resistance Movement, we need all the help we can get to inform the rest of the world about the situation in SA. Also thank you to those in other countries who understand our fear.
    I am a white boere meisie, and proud of it. I have no degrees since, in 1988, when I finished school, I had to find a job. My father was a working man but could not afford to send his kids to University and the apartheid government didn’t help, never expected them to. In the new South Africa that is a different story, some blacks expect to be able to go to University but refuse to pay, they will rather toi toi and burn their study material. The educational standard in SA isn’t what it used to be anymore anyway. Before I got married and started a family I enrolled at what used to be a top internationally accredited University, that has changed since. For my first year I had to take basic English language skills. This is SA, after you ‘pass’ matric you are still unable to read and write. Sad but true, finally the Department of Education has a new plan, we’ll see how that goes.
    The point I’m trying to make is this, everything has gone down the drain since 1994, even some whites. Reading some of the comments on this page makes me sad, some of you give white South Africans a bad name.
    And now many blacks expect everything to be handed to them without having earned it.
    Fact: Farmers are being killed! Mostly there are no apparent reason for the rapes / torture / murders, but some people believe it is about the farms because this frequently happened after a land claim. This I can not confirm.
    Fact: I’ve met a black woman about three years ago, a minister of something. She was given the farm next to ours, for free. She was given capital to develop the farm and produce something. She went for grapes. Last year she sold the farm because “she knows nothing about farming” – her words. She kept the money from the sale, millions. I’m sure this was not an isolated case. The black people who worked for her were left without jobs because she couldn’t be bothered.
    Fact: Next, government wants to go after game farms because the black people in SA are “Land Hungry” and these farms aren’t used for food production. Most of these farms are situated in water scarce areas where farming might prove to be difficult.
    Fact: Farms, productive white owned farms, were given to black people, with capital and implements. The fields are now overgrown with weeds, the implements are rusted, and the houses torn down to built shacks. Game farms will be given to the fat cats in Government who will kill the game as soon as possible and then probably lose interest. And again all buildings will be torn down and trees cut down until there is nothing left. Some people just don’t think about tomorrow.
    Fact: It is NOT only white South Africans who suffer, let’s be honest. The conditions in the townships are horrendous with too many violent barbarians. Not all of them are even South African since Government decided all black Africans are welcome. This only increases crime. Maybe that was the idea.
    I read about a case where a young black man decided to break up with his girlfriend but instead of just ending it, like most of us would do, he kidnapped her, kept her hostage for days while his friends repeatedly raped her. They cut off her nose and mutilated her so badly before leaving her for dead. She’s a fighter and survived. This man did this to somebody he supposedly cared about, a black girl. I can’t even imagine what he will be capable of doing to a white woman he has never met.
    Not all black people are like this, just like not all white people were ET fans. Not all South Africans, black and white, Indian, colored, wants to live in fear. Some of us wouldn’t mind a black government. I do believe Mandela had good intentions but he was already too old.
    To the Americans who think we deserve what we get, it took us 16 years to get to this point. You have your first black president, how long will it be before the almighty States go the same route? Probably longer since you are a bigger nation, you still have time to stop it. Besides, you “stole” the land from the Indians, the only difference is that you almost wiped them out. White South Africans never went that far.
    To those of you coming for the WC: I took a look at some statements made by the US. “It is safe”, don’t bet your life. All tourists will be soft targets, watch your back. Another funny entry, “road conditions are the same as in the States”. Most roads have not been kept in any condition since 1994. Potholes are a familiar sight on our roads. Many of the roads they have been trying to upgrade in the past few years, in preparation for the WC, aren’t even finished. But happy motoring.
    A word of warning, don’t bring your kids, rather safe than sorry. It is true that some believe raping a baby will cure aids, it happens! Young girls are kidnapped, believed to be used as sex slaves during the WC. Apparently we are not the only nation with sick individuals. Don’t trust the police, they will just as easily rape, rob and kill you. Stay in groups at all times.

  64. Daniel, we saw your photo’s and we want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the support. Not all white’s are awake yet, like the lot you collided with yesterday, talking bull dust, Eugene Terre’ blanche would never touch a black for sex, the shit they are feeding the world, ET was murdered and the 3 minor’s there was probably inisiated on how its done, their first kill. O yes and the crime scene was spoiled by our 90% useless police force, allowing people to trample a crime scene, but I will go for the on purpose part. We have spoken about what is going on now, 20 years ago, that is what a boer is about, you know in your heart the road “they” are taking you down, but you can do nothing, because a few swallows don’t make a winter. Mark my words in 20 years time most of the European countries will be going down the same trash road as all the other previous white ruled countries in Africa, because your black immigrants will also increase like rabbits and their demands are like a bottomless pit, you will have to give and give and the more you give the more they demand. Never satisfied with anything you give, because its never enough. But I can tell you we have had enough, not a day go by in this country that a few whites are either beaten to death, shot, stabbed, clubbed, raped and kids beaten to a pulp or murdered. Why kids you black cowards and animals??? Thousands of whites can’t support their families, because there is no jobs for whites and welfare also has a color in SA. There are white squatter camps in South Africa, unheard of and please don’t mention the black squatter camps, that is another story of Africa streaming into SA with the governments consent, more votes for them and more black criminals to kill whites and to steal. And please I am not a racist, I am a realist and want to be governed by God’s commandments and my own people.

  65. God bless the Swedes!!!

    Thanks guys – After we make SA a safer place you will allways be welcome to visit.

  66. I fully agree with you patrick…although that black guy really pissed me off by saying we (the whites) took their people’s land..Like i said im no racist. and under no circumstances should the world misinterpret this genocide as a “white genocide”…it has nothing to do with being white..the blacks are suffering just as much, but they are suffering under the same murderers as the whites..let’s face it, majority of south africa is black, thats why everyone focuses on the whites being killed, because we are the minority. the world should not forget all the goodhearted black folks of this country, there are many who respect their neighbour, whether he’s black or white or indian or asian. the older generation of white south africans need to get a hold of themselves and remember that hating black people will not solve any problems. we need to take a stand against people like Malema and the ANC, not because they’re black, but because millions are suffering at their hands. I say bring back the death penalty and implement a jury in our courts, let the PEOPLE decide what happens to murderers and rapists, not the bloody government.

    and just like you mentioned about E Terre Blanche, Patrick, the same goes for historical black leaders like Winnie Mandela, anyone who dared disobey her orders (blacks included) were necklaced. thats just as cruel. The problem in my opinion, is that most white south africans think ALL black people are out to kill them, look at this whole suidlanders movement..i mean WTF!!!. they are a bunch of idiots waiting to get slaughtered. this isnt 1960 anymore, we cant run around saying things like you’re black you cant be part of this movement, or you’re english, you cant be part of our afrikaner land. that’s a very distorted idea of peace dont you think?

  67. “The Swedish Resistance Movement” march to the embassy was 50 degenerated neo nazis. I would be ashamed to have them on my side.

  68. Well it is better than having a million barbaric child and baby rapist on your side. Send me your email and I can send you the pictures and newspaper reports for just this last week.

    Don’t open your mouth if you don’t know what you are talking about.

  69. I’ve been to S.A. and had a wonderful time. I didn’t encounter Boers outside of being served by them in domestic chore sort of way.

    You wish, you retard!!! It will be a cold day in hell before a white man will serve a black nigger like you. The word nigger you will know…same meaning in America as kaffir in South Africa. Yes when you take away the flashy cars, PHDs and expensive suits you are all still alike. Wishing you had white skins. look at the braids you put in, and the lightening of the skin. I can go on, but I’m too busy trying to keep my WHITE owned company afloat in a sea of black corruption…

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