Thousands will attend Eugene Terreblanche's funeral

Ventersdorp, South Africa – Thousands of Afrikaners and Boers will attend the funeral of founder of the AWB, Eugene Terreblanche this week when he is laid to rest.

Eugene Terreblanche will be buried on his farm where he was murdered. The funeral will be on Friday. On Facebook thousands say they will attend the funeral of Eugene Terreblanche and the group on Facebook called “In Memory of our leader Eugene Terre’Blanche /Ter herinnering aan ET” already rose to 11767 members, most of which are sad and and unsure about the future of South Africa.

Most of the commenters on the group share their sympathy but there’s also the angry bunch.

The funeral of Eugene Terreblanche will most probably be peaceful as all the organizations and groups will go unarmed and also denied that there will be any violence from their part. Earlier the AWB also retracted their war statement and their revenge statement.

Julius Malema denied having anything to do with the death of Eugene Terreblanche but continued singing the song which he was banned from singing. The AWB believes Julius Malema is mainly responsible for the death.


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