US makes Haiti pay for aid

Obama pledged a $100 million dollars in aid when Haiti has $500 million dept to America. How does that make sense?

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Obama pledged a $100 million dollars in aid when Haiti has $500 million dept to America. How does that make sense?

Haiti’s long troubled history actually started out as a accomplishment the world can be proud of. In 1825 Haiti was the first country to free themselves from slavery. But it came at a cost, they had to pay back the French slavers $21 Billion and slowly it has crippled the country. Yes, they are people overtaken by witchcraft and strange beliefs but they where one of the richest Islands of the time. With their successful sugar and rice crops they had always had the means to come out of poverty if the dept would have been dropped. But it was only 100 years later when this happened and by that time their economy has taken a knock.

America stepped in for a while ‘helping’ them sort out the economy by supporting dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier known as Baby Doc who stole $500 million of the loans the U.S was providing the country. Even after he fled and it all came to light America still expected the Haitians to pay back the loan even though they did not receive it. Billions dollars in debt they where forced to accept the International Monetary Fund structural adjustment program. Promised that if they accepted all their dept would have been forgiven. Note until that point the Haitians first dept was to buy their freedom the second was a US supported leader who swindled millions of dollars from US, so the Haitians have not received any money so technical has made no debt.

The IMF program was installed and that was the end to Haiti’s only resource to ever free themselves. They where forced to buy imported rice from America at a elevated price and was not allowed to export any of their natural resources bankrupting their agriculture, raising the price of food and electricity to the extent that there where unrest and people stormed the palatial buildings. IMF even froze pay on public transit, infrastructure and vital social services such as doctors, medical staff and teachers. Since then there has been political unrest and gangs has taken over at some parts.( That is what happens when people are forced from their livelihood into crowded cities, starving).

And to put icing on the cake the $500 million was never ‘forgiven’ Haitians are still paying for that debt!

The most shocking part of this all is on the very day Obama declared that they are donating ‘generously’ $100 million to aid relief, a fifth of their debt, the IMF announced that they are adding $100 million to Haiti’s debt. So technically Haiti is paying for their own aid.

The U.S has sent military to occupy Haiti while Haiti is fitting the bill.

The celebrities helping with personal funds and fund raising, organizers and Americans that help is not being criticized here, it is the U.S government. They have promised aid that would eventually be paid by the Haitians themselves plus interest.


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