Vanuatu gets 6 big earthquakes in 24 hours

The Vanuatu area of Islands received 7 big earthquakes in 24 hours , the first was a massive 7.2 magnitude that made tsunami alerts and caused some panic but there were other earthquakes that followed that less people knew about. At 17:48 the 7.2 magnitude struck Vanuatu yesterday but after that 10 minutes later a 5.7 magnitude earthquake struck and then again 20 minutes later another 5.2 struck more or less the same place.

A 6.4 hit Vanuatu at about 20:48 last night and a 5.1 magnitude in the early hours of the morning which was followed by a 5.5 magnitude just a few hours ago at 04:26.

So as we can see Vanuatu is having a busy day when it comes to earthquakes. There are reports of a second tsunami alert that went off after the first one was cancelled but we could not confirm that.

Technically these large sized earthquakes that followed the 7.2 magnitude earthquake can be called aftershocks but because they are so massive we’ll refer to them as earthquakes since they can be either.

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