Video and Images: Shocking police brutality in South Africa – police calls woman “white bitch”

These are the screen captures of last night’s Carte Blanche where they revealed the shocking police brutality in Pretoria, where racist police attacked these two woman Magdel Steyn and how they almost tortured them.

Not only did the young woman go to jail but the police wanted to charge her for attempted murder, false charges that was made up as they went along. At the scene she was pushed and shoved and at some point it seems as if they tried to break her arm.

Her crime was to double park her car.

According Nantes Kelder, Head of Community Safety of AfriForum, Steyn’s dignity is violated. He added that AfriForum hope that people like Julius Malema will view the  video with the same zeal as that when everyone condemned the Reitz video.

“AfriForum has already held talks with Mr. Francois Beukman, the executive director of the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD). The case is made in a very seriously and the ICD will investigate the incident further.”



8 thoughts on “Video and Images: Shocking police brutality in South Africa – police calls woman “white bitch”

  1. If negroes don’t like the way they are treated in Africa, they should leave. Who ever thought it was a good idea to import negroes to Africa was not thinking straight.

  2. If white policemen/women di this to a black person this was the main news on the SABC channells. Why was this not sent to them?

  3. Very sad indeed. It is not very brave for 11 people to attack a women or any person for that matter – even if they did commit an offense.

    Their is obviously some racial undertone to this story, however, the sex and race are irrelevant as this is simply abuse of power and if you allow it at this level it will grow like a cancer. There is also a duty of care expected by all citizens – if your property is impounded it should be kept safe

    Good work on behalf of the journalists to raise this issue

    remember most people are seeking the same things, safety, security and a peaceful life – the thugs cannot be allowed to rule.

  4. she got what she deserved, the white b-tch. all boers should be given a taste of their own medicine, f-cking racist savages.

  5. Why are there 11 policemen at one intersection to arrest one young girl for a traffic violation…….. surely thier salaries paid by the tax payers should be put to better use than this.

  6. This is exactly why I HATE cops… I moved from jhb because of the abuse and bribes that the corrupt Metro do every day for a living… And if it is a black Metro cop it is even worse. They think that they are GOD when they are in uniform! Useless bastards

  7. You whites only have your selves to blam for the way you treated the black in the past. Now it is our turn and you dont like it. Tough, if you dont like it get out.

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