Video and Images: Shocking police brutality in South Africa – police calls woman "white bitch"

These are the screen captures of last night’s Carte Blanche where they revealed the shocking police brutality in Pretoria, where racist police attacked these two woman Magdel Steyn and how they almost tortured them.

Not only did the young woman go to jail but the police wanted to charge her for attempted murder, false charges that was made up as they went along. At the scene she was pushed and shoved and at some point it seems as if they tried to break her arm.

Her crime was to double park her car.

According Nantes Kelder, Head of Community Safety of AfriForum, Steyn’s dignity is violated. He added that AfriForum hope that people like Julius Malema will view the  video with the same zeal as that when everyone condemned the Reitz video.

“AfriForum has already held talks with Mr. Francois Beukman, the executive director of the Independent Complaints Directorate (ICD). The case is made in a very seriously and the ICD will investigate the incident further.”