Los Angeles, United States – A critical mass against BP turned violent when police threw people from their bikes arresting random people and destroying private property. 

The one guy was grabbed from his bike and pushed to the ground for not having a back light. Another was plucked so hard from his bicycle that his clothes ripped from him.

One cyclist stopped to video the Hollywood power hungry police kicking a guy, when he asked the cops "what was that for" they came and arrested him as well.

The Los Angeles police have a long history of being power hungry cyclist haters, this one takes the cake.

Twitter went buzzing with people claiming to be attacked by the police. Most cyclists obeyed the law but the police screened the streets for any minor errors the cyclists could of made.

The police made a statement regarding some of the attacks

“Los Angeles Police Department Investigates Complaint of Use of Force Against Bicyclist”

Los Angeles: Hollywood Area LAPD bike officers are involved in an incident that results in a complaint filed by representatives of the LA biking community.

On May 28, 2010 around 9:30 pm, LAPD Hollywood Area bike unit officers were patrolling the Entertainment District in Hollywood, at the intersection of Hollywood Boulevard, just east of Highland Avenue, when a group of bicyclists numbering approximately 400 traveled eastbound on Hollywood Boulevard.

As part of enforcement efforts, LAPD Officers were watching for red light violations, and issuing citations. As Officers attempted to detain several bicyclists, a reported use of force was captured on video.

“In response to what we learned, we immediately launched a full-scale investigation to determine the facts surrounding the events,” said LAPD Assistant Chief Earl Paysinger. “The Departments Professional Standards Bureau has taken the lead in the inquiry and the Police Commission’s Inspector General has also been made fully aware of the matter.”

Since November 2009, the LAPD Office of Operations has worked closely with representatives of the biking community to improve relations, make the streets safer for bicyclists and discuss and identify issues involving bicyclists that are problematic for the motoring public.

“Our Department takes seriously its obligations and commitment to all members of the community. The Chief of Police and I pledged our strong support to work closely with the bike community and that promise has not wavered. It’s our hope that the relationship we’ve developed with the biking community over the past months will be strengthened even more as we continue to work together to find solutions to difficult circumstances such as these."

LAPD Internal Affairs Group is investigating this reported use of force incident.

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