Video – Shocking police brutality in New York, suspect’s head smashed on sidewalk

New York, United States – Two police officers in New York have been suspended and are under investigation because of a video that surfaced that shows the police officers beat a handcuffed man.

The police officers beat and smashed Jonathan Baez’s head against the sidewalk several times while he was handcuffed. The one police officer also beat him several times with the fist.

Two other officers, Junior Carela and Phillip Connor received desk sentences for doing nothing about the police brutality and abuse.

This is the main reason the police all over the US and UK want people to stop filming them because it exposes the criminal police brutality happening both in the U.S and in the U.K.

The suspect can be heard screaming, probably because of being in pain.

6 thoughts on “Video – Shocking police brutality in New York, suspect’s head smashed on sidewalk

  1. This is what they are trained to do. If you don’t agree with every thing they say they will beat you into submission. They have a slogan ” To serve and protect “. But that should be changed to ” TO HARASS AND TERRORIZE “. And the government? They won’t do a thing about it because they also want you to live in fear. When I saw the Rodney King beating, I was convinced the cops were trying to kill him. There were many moments when King didn’t move at all and the cops resumed to beat him. Perhaps the cops were trying to get King to confess to drug charges or something and King refused provoking another attack.
    Now I am a white man and when I saw this video, I was outraged and hoped King would have a lawsuit that would drive the LAPD into bankruptcy. But when I saw the riots where blacks were attacking innocent people and looting, that’s when I lost all interest and support in the matter.
    If ” WE THE PEOPLE ” are going to resolve anything in this country, that the government won’t, we need to band together as ONE PEOPLE and keep our focus where it needs to be.

  2. In my opinion the 2 IDIOTS RATS COPS of New York MUST BE EXTERMINATED (locked up for good) BEFORE THEY KILL SOMEONE smashing someone’s head by cement !
    Shame on you (officers) IDIOT rats

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