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Cape Town, South Africa – There is a active war in South Africa charged by the ANC and people like Julius Malema. A war against all white people, especially Afrikaans white people namely the boers.

While Julius Malema has his shows against what he calls the “white colonialists” the white people are not having so much fun. Instead they are being murdered out one by one and the government is not doing anything about it.

Other nations spend millions of dollars to root out terrorism but here in South Africa we have the terrorists ruling the country. We have terrorists like Julius Malema telling the poor uneducated people to kill the whites and they do it.

While the leaders amp up the people to go kill the people  and the president of the country sings for his machine gun the people dont take these words like informed politicians, they do what is told because after 20 years of rule the ANC still makes white people look like they run the country, they make white people the targets of their crime.

Lack of service delivery was also blamed on white people this past week by government officials. If there ever was ethnic cleansing this is it. It does not mean because the white people of South Africa are white that they can not suffer ethnic cleansing.

Singing what Julius Malema sang is a declaration of war, especially if that war has been going for so many years now, farmers have been tortured in the most cruel ways imaginable.

The cold hard fact is that this government and Julius Malema already declared war on ordinary white South Africans.

For more evidence of genocide read the following:

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  1. Huh.

    You are in the wrong fucking debate boet. Go play your computer games or to a sleepover with your maatjies.

    The adults are talking about important things here.

  2. You are in the wrong discussion group outjie.

    Go play computer or have a sleep-over with your maatjies.

    The adults are busy discussing important things here.

  3. o yes – TYGATONY (you are obviously a tiger (TYGA) )

    In general you don’t type in capital letters the whole time – this has been mentioned to you in previous post but, alas, my people keep on forgetting how illiterate you are. The caps lock you switch of by pressing the button labled caps lock (C-A-P-S L-O-C-K) once. The button is on the left side (which you normally wear your watch, oops sorry – lying under the tree the whole day being useless you dont need a watch).

  4. It is so sad.

    He reflects the true reason why none can be left alive. They have no common sense, parental nature to their spawn (they do not see them as children but only a means to control the population), no sense of right and wrong. Aparently the facebook post about the murders and rapes was sent by a black nurse…

    It is really and truly sad. If my dad knew this he would not have wasted the time to teach me that all men are equal and not to see colour but the person behind the colour. It is a sad day in my life knowing that these barbarians does not care if you were a good person or treated them with respect. They will kill all whites (or try to) then the coloureds, indians and then their own ethnic groups. They are a cancer feeding on themselves and the country.

    Look at the strikers and what mess they made to their own towns. Messing up this bueatiful country. When children (from all races mind you) made an effort to go and clean up after these animals (how can you want more pay if you act like an animal??) the children were threatened with violence. Once again it is blacks against blacks. You black people will never be happy or contend and always blame someone else. You had the country 16 years and all your elected criminals are running things in front and behind the scenes. Yet the white man still gets blamed for everything.

    If all the whites (and other colours left) we would come back on our ships in 50 years to a desolate land with black tribes fighting black tribes, dying of famine and performing barbaric acts on your ethnic groups.

    Imagine – Imagine that there is a country and, just because my great grandfather may have taken a piss on a tree standing next to a quiet river i can go and demand the piece of land be given to me. It is my ancestrial right. Imagine that i go to the land and in spite of the current owner having all the deeds and showing the amounts paid for the land I just go ahead and stick my knife into his belly and take MY ANCESTRIAL land. It is my right you know. Hopefully no-one else pissed here anytime during the past 60000 years. Imagine – O wait. Why am I wasting my time imagining?? There is a place – its called SOUTH AFRICA.

      1. Let’s be honest here. This is truly a sad thing. There’s is no way possible you would have known those facts off hand while reading this persons response. You pretend that in the midst of reading his/her response you could not read anymore more because the facts presented to be untrue. I say this because in your response you threw in dates with ea. arguement. Unless you’re rainman, you’re misrepresenting yourself as well. You fact checked, too, didn’t you?

        Was it really necessary? Were you giving him/her the benefit of the doubt for sake of their arguement or just waiting for a screw up on facts to make other readers think their arguement a farce?

        Bottom Line: They are upset that a commentator said “name one Black Afrian inventor.” So, this person felt passionate enough to “google’ it or fact finder it just like yourself. Okay, so they got misrepresented with some facts, but their arguement is proving Black Africans to be just as smart as White AFRICANS. It’s sad isn’t it that such an arguement is brewing

        1. don’t care how smart the blacks are,or not.they stink,and look like apes.if you want,let them breed your daughter.not a gun,be safe.

          1. The blacks are the way they are because the white man made them like that. If the white man had gone around the world treating non-whites nicely, we’d all be one happy family today. But they didn’t. They enslaved them and kept them uneducated and now that they are educated, the white man is sitting with a problem. I say it’s good cause the white man is a fucking dickhead. He doesn’t think about the future and now the future is fucking him over. Simply brilliant. So wonderful it is now, that the white man is being slaughtered by the same people whom they used to oppress. Revenge is sweet.

  5. Hey buddy. I share your comments and concerns.

    The afrikaners have poor history standing together and obviously are also not keen on losing what we worked our asses off for. (The ignorant black people think we get everything handed over on a platter and for free and are quite surprised to know we actually paying for everything and supporting their own kind.) They think we are softies ripe for the picking – but make no mistake: review these posts closely and also search the net for more post. They are scared of us – really scared.

    The thing is this. I am a friendly, fun and peaceloving guy. Though my dad worked his ass off and my mom as well (both working 8 till 5, maybe if you useless blacks have 2 working incomes you would have less time to steal and be useless) we did not have free money for swotting ect. I got out of matric in 1998 thus their was no real bursaries for the currently disadvantaged. I did however start at the bottom and worked 16 hours a day until I got noticed. Then I kept on working these hours to pay for my nice house and merc (like most other white people in the same salary scale). We don’t go out striking and acting like barbarians breaking down things that waste money to rebuild. We work hard. I have never known any black man that will work the hours that many white people work. They strike if they have to work 8 hours a day!?!? We have managed 90 hour weeks for 3 months on end many times.. No black I know of has ever worked these hours.

    Myself and many other white people have no real chance of getting out of the country (although I have a good pay I have no diploma, cert). We have small children, many are girls. Our backs are driven against the wall. What happened the previous times when the afrikaners bacs were against the wall? No other chioce mate – trek laer op, laai die sanna, bid tot God en veg asof daar geen ander opsie is en glo jy gaan wen. Die vyand besef nie dat daar geen groter dryf kan wees as ‘n vader of moeder se liefde vir hulle kinders nie. Hulle besef dit nie want hulle voel nie so oor hulle kinders nie. In kort – as jy geen ander keuse het nie – wees slim, berei voor, begin bande vorm met die mense wat soos jy voel. Beplan, Beplan, beplan – hoe haal jy baie uit op een slag? Bid en beplan.

    Lees ook my epos onder op antwoord van TYGA..

  6. O – forgot to mention. About every white guy 35 and up have been to military training when SA’s army was the best in africa and ranked high in the world. They have the knowledge of where and how to obtain whatever is needed. Also remember that many of these who spend a lot of time in the army does not have high paying jobs now due to sacrificing a lot of time for their country’s defence. They also have no option but to stand and fight.

  7. Got this email, a good viewpoint :

    My naam is (**sien onder**) en ek is ‘n Afrikaner Boer.

    My voor-ouers het kaalvoet met osse-waens oor die Drakensberge getrek, in Konsentrasiekampe gesterf, geveg teen die Kakies, die Zulus en enige iemand wat in die pad van MY toekoms sou staan. Deur die Genade van God Almagtig, het hulle onvrugbare grond verwerk en ‘n tekort in oorvloed omgeskep. Hulle het paaie gebou, skole, hospitale en die ryk hulp-bronne van ons land ontgin.

    My voor-ouers het Monumente gebou en ons geleer van helde soos Racheltjie de Beer, Wolraad Woltemade, Japie Greyling en die vele ander wat vandag; en sterker as ooit te vore; in ons bloed vloei en deel maak van wie ek en jy is. Jong seuns is grense toe en duisende het nooit terug gekom nie, alles vir God, Volk en Vaderland.

    Vandag wil hulle ons “STEM” stil maak. Hulle wil ons drome breek en die herinneringe van ons erfenis uitwis. Hulle wil hê jy moet jammer wees; jou bek hou en jou kop af, maar prys die Here!!!! Hoe harder hulle my druk hoe sterker word ek. Hoe meer hulle ons probeer uitroei, hoe meer staan ons saam. Hoe meer hulle word hoe brawer raak ons. Hoe harder hulle lag en dans, hoe meer georganiseerd raak ons.

    God het my gemaak. My bloed is dik en my geduld min.

    Ek is ‘n Boer en ek is die BLIKSEM in. Kyk na ons paaie, kyk na ons water-bronne. Polisie, skole, hospitale – dis ‘n grap. Die regering van ons land is een vet grap. Respek, Orde en Dissipliene is vandag ‘n parlementere Sirkus en die hoof nar is ons President terwyl sy apie Malema die hele “show” oorneem.

    Is jy bang my liewe vriend? Is jy bang vir dit?

    Moet nie in vrees lewe nie. Wees rustig. Moenie wag vir oorlog nie want dit is nog nie die tyd nie. Jy stel nie jou vyand skriftelik in kennis voordat jy hom aanval nie – doen jy? Almal verwag ‘n opstand / aanval of een of ander openbare oorlogsverklaring, maar dis nie nou die tyd nie. Ons bloed KOOK maar moet nie die vyand gee wat hy verwag nie. Let op die hoeveelheid pad-blokades wat nou toeneem….wees baie versigtig.

    Wat nou moet gebeur is ons openbare verklaring van Afrikanerskap. Moet nie wag vir ‘n leier nie, WEES ‘N LEIER. Laat die die land sien ons is hier, laat hulle ons hoor meer as ooit te vore. Speel jou “Bok van Blerk”, dra jou kakies as jy wil, Fluit jou gunsteling “Steve” liedjie, maar laat hulle jou hoor en sien.

    Hou jou partytjie en in stede daarvan dat jy 4 mense nooi, nooi 8. Praat met mekaar oor die land sake, wees ingelig, wees gereed, wees beskikbaar. As daar Afrikaner byeenkomste is,GAAN. Woon dit by in julle hordes. MAAK DIT NOU VAS VIR 16 DESEMBER. WEES DAAR EN HOU OP OM TE SKROOM OOR WIE JY IS EN WAAR JY VANDAAN KOM.

    Ons is ‘n geseende volk. Ons is geseend omdat ons God eerste sit. Gaan kerk toe. Skep order in jou huis, respekteer jou vrou en maak jou kinders REG groot. Kry nog kinders. Kry baie kinders en brei die volk uit.

    Afrikaners kry Prioriteit. Die regering voel ‘n veer vir jou ou wit gesiggie so hoekom sorg jy vir hulle mense. Hou op om te gee vir die “straat” wagte. Laat hulle boeties en sussies na hulle kyk.

    Maak aanspraak op ‘n afrikaanse kelner en indien geen beskikbaar – ‘n tip is nie wet nie. Moenie laat die duiwel met jou gewete speel nie. As dit jou beter gaan laat voel verduidelik vir jou kelner hoekom jy nie tip nie. “Want jou President, waarvoor JY gestem het, voel ‘n veer vir my”. Laat hoor jou en laat sien jou. Hulle dink hulle het ons nie nodig nie? Hulle dink hulle kan maar aanploeter en kyk hoe ons volk vermoor word? Ons sal sien!!

    Vir alle praktiese doeleindes praat jy ook NET Afrikaans. Hulle MOET JOU verstaan. NIE ANDERS OM NIE.

    Moet nie ‘n rassis probeer wees nie. Wees gesien en gehoor en hou op om te voel asof jy nie ‘n plek meer oor het nie. Suid-Afrika is JOU land. God het het dit aan JOU gegee. Pak weg die paspoort en sit die koeëls op ys. Glo my as ek sê, ons word sterker, ons word magtiger, ons word in alle reg – AFRIKANERS.

    Let maar op en kyk. Oor die volgende paar maande gaan jy verby’n vreemdeling stap en jy sal dadelik weet. Dis my Broer die Boer, of dis my Afrikaner Sussie.


    Sit jou naam by en stuur aan een persoon of twee duisend. Maak nie saak nie. Maar laat hoor en sien die land wie ons is, wie JY is…..


    Since you seem to be such an historian I give you the following:

    “If virtue be the spring of a popular government in times of peace, the spring of that government during a revolution is virtue combined with terror: virtue, without which terror is destructive; terror, without which virtue is impotent. Terror is only ju