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Cape Town, South Africa – There is a active war in South Africa charged by the ANC and people like Julius Malema. A war against all white people, especially Afrikaans white people namely the boers.

While Julius Malema has his shows against what he calls the “white colonialists” the white people are not having so much fun. Instead they are being murdered out one by one and the government is not doing anything about it.

Other nations spend millions of dollars to root out terrorism but here in South Africa we have the terrorists ruling the country. We have terrorists like Julius Malema telling the poor uneducated people to kill the whites and they do it.

While the leaders amp up the people to go kill the people  and the president of the country sings for his machine gun the people dont take these words like informed politicians, they do what is told because after 20 years of rule the ANC still makes white people look like they run the country, they make white people the targets of their crime.

Lack of service delivery was also blamed on white people this past week by government officials. If there ever was ethnic cleansing this is it. It does not mean because the white people of South Africa are white that they can not suffer ethnic cleansing.

Singing what Julius Malema sang is a declaration of war, especially if that war has been going for so many years now, farmers have been tortured in the most cruel ways imaginable.

The cold hard fact is that this government and Julius Malema already declared war on ordinary white South Africans.

For more evidence of genocide read the following:

Is there a silent Genocide in South Africa?

White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change

South Africa genocide – Farm attacks continue in South Africa, woman attacked with panga


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  1. Huh.

    You are in the wrong fucking debate boet. Go play your computer games or to a sleepover with your maatjies.

    The adults are talking about important things here.

  2. You are in the wrong discussion group outjie.

    Go play computer or have a sleep-over with your maatjies.

    The adults are busy discussing important things here.

  3. o yes – TYGATONY (you are obviously a tiger (TYGA) )

    In general you don’t type in capital letters the whole time – this has been mentioned to you in previous post but, alas, my people keep on forgetting how illiterate you are. The caps lock you switch of by pressing the button labled caps lock (C-A-P-S L-O-C-K) once. The button is on the left side (which you normally wear your watch, oops sorry – lying under the tree the whole day being useless you dont need a watch).

  4. It is so sad.

    He reflects the true reason why none can be left alive. They have no common sense, parental nature to their spawn (they do not see them as children but only a means to control the population), no sense of right and wrong. Aparently the facebook post about the murders and rapes was sent by a black nurse…

    It is really and truly sad. If my dad knew this he would not have wasted the time to teach me that all men are equal and not to see colour but the person behind the colour. It is a sad day in my life knowing that these barbarians does not care if you were a good person or treated them with respect. They will kill all whites (or try to) then the coloureds, indians and then their own ethnic groups. They are a cancer feeding on themselves and the country.

    Look at the strikers and what mess they made to their own towns. Messing up this bueatiful country. When children (from all races mind you) made an effort to go and clean up after these animals (how can you want more pay if you act like an animal??) the children were threatened with violence. Once again it is blacks against blacks. You black people will never be happy or contend and always blame someone else. You had the country 16 years and all your elected criminals are running things in front and behind the scenes. Yet the white man still gets blamed for everything.

    If all the whites (and other colours left) we would come back on our ships in 50 years to a desolate land with black tribes fighting black tribes, dying of famine and performing barbaric acts on your ethnic groups.

    Imagine – Imagine that there is a country and, just because my great grandfather may have taken a piss on a tree standing next to a quiet river i can go and demand the piece of land be given to me. It is my ancestrial right. Imagine that i go to the land and in spite of the current owner having all the deeds and showing the amounts paid for the land I just go ahead and stick my knife into his belly and take MY ANCESTRIAL land. It is my right you know. Hopefully no-one else pissed here anytime during the past 60000 years. Imagine – O wait. Why am I wasting my time imagining?? There is a place – its called SOUTH AFRICA.

      1. Let’s be honest here. This is truly a sad thing. There’s is no way possible you would have known those facts off hand while reading this persons response. You pretend that in the midst of reading his/her response you could not read anymore more because the facts presented to be untrue. I say this because in your response you threw in dates with ea. arguement. Unless you’re rainman, you’re misrepresenting yourself as well. You fact checked, too, didn’t you?

        Was it really necessary? Were you giving him/her the benefit of the doubt for sake of their arguement or just waiting for a screw up on facts to make other readers think their arguement a farce?

        Bottom Line: They are upset that a commentator said “name one Black Afrian inventor.” So, this person felt passionate enough to “google’ it or fact finder it just like yourself. Okay, so they got misrepresented with some facts, but their arguement is proving Black Africans to be just as smart as White AFRICANS. It’s sad isn’t it that such an arguement is brewing

        1. don’t care how smart the blacks are,or not.they stink,and look like apes.if you want,let them breed your daughter.not a gun,be safe.

          1. The blacks are the way they are because the white man made them like that. If the white man had gone around the world treating non-whites nicely, we’d all be one happy family today. But they didn’t. They enslaved them and kept them uneducated and now that they are educated, the white man is sitting with a problem. I say it’s good cause the white man is a fucking dickhead. He doesn’t think about the future and now the future is fucking him over. Simply brilliant. So wonderful it is now, that the white man is being slaughtered by the same people whom they used to oppress. Revenge is sweet.

  5. Hey buddy. I share your comments and concerns.

    The afrikaners have poor history standing together and obviously are also not keen on losing what we worked our asses off for. (The ignorant black people think we get everything handed over on a platter and for free and are quite surprised to know we actually paying for everything and supporting their own kind.) They think we are softies ripe for the picking – but make no mistake: review these posts closely and also search the net for more post. They are scared of us – really scared.

    The thing is this. I am a friendly, fun and peaceloving guy. Though my dad worked his ass off and my mom as well (both working 8 till 5, maybe if you useless blacks have 2 working incomes you would have less time to steal and be useless) we did not have free money for swotting ect. I got out of matric in 1998 thus their was no real bursaries for the currently disadvantaged. I did however start at the bottom and worked 16 hours a day until I got noticed. Then I kept on working these hours to pay for my nice house and merc (like most other white people in the same salary scale). We don’t go out striking and acting like barbarians breaking down things that waste money to rebuild. We work hard. I have never known any black man that will work the hours that many white people work. They strike if they have to work 8 hours a day!?!? We have managed 90 hour weeks for 3 months on end many times.. No black I know of has ever worked these hours.

    Myself and many other white people have no real chance of getting out of the country (although I have a good pay I have no diploma, cert). We have small children, many are girls. Our backs are driven against the wall. What happened the previous times when the afrikaners bacs were against the wall? No other chioce mate – trek laer op, laai die sanna, bid tot God en veg asof daar geen ander opsie is en glo jy gaan wen. Die vyand besef nie dat daar geen groter dryf kan wees as ‘n vader of moeder se liefde vir hulle kinders nie. Hulle besef dit nie want hulle voel nie so oor hulle kinders nie. In kort – as jy geen ander keuse het nie – wees slim, berei voor, begin bande vorm met die mense wat soos jy voel. Beplan, Beplan, beplan – hoe haal jy baie uit op een slag? Bid en beplan.

    Lees ook my epos onder op antwoord van TYGA..

  6. O – forgot to mention. About every white guy 35 and up have been to military training when SA’s army was the best in africa and ranked high in the world. They have the knowledge of where and how to obtain whatever is needed. Also remember that many of these who spend a lot of time in the army does not have high paying jobs now due to sacrificing a lot of time for their country’s defence. They also have no option but to stand and fight.

  7. Got this email, a good viewpoint :

    My naam is (**sien onder**) en ek is ‘n Afrikaner Boer.

    My voor-ouers het kaalvoet met osse-waens oor die Drakensberge getrek, in Konsentrasiekampe gesterf, geveg teen die Kakies, die Zulus en enige iemand wat in die pad van MY toekoms sou staan. Deur die Genade van God Almagtig, het hulle onvrugbare grond verwerk en ‘n tekort in oorvloed omgeskep. Hulle het paaie gebou, skole, hospitale en die ryk hulp-bronne van ons land ontgin.

    My voor-ouers het Monumente gebou en ons geleer van helde soos Racheltjie de Beer, Wolraad Woltemade, Japie Greyling en die vele ander wat vandag; en sterker as ooit te vore; in ons bloed vloei en deel maak van wie ek en jy is. Jong seuns is grense toe en duisende het nooit terug gekom nie, alles vir God, Volk en Vaderland.

    Vandag wil hulle ons “STEM” stil maak. Hulle wil ons drome breek en die herinneringe van ons erfenis uitwis. Hulle wil hê jy moet jammer wees; jou bek hou en jou kop af, maar prys die Here!!!! Hoe harder hulle my druk hoe sterker word ek. Hoe meer hulle ons probeer uitroei, hoe meer staan ons saam. Hoe meer hulle word hoe brawer raak ons. Hoe harder hulle lag en dans, hoe meer georganiseerd raak ons.

    God het my gemaak. My bloed is dik en my geduld min.

    Ek is ‘n Boer en ek is die BLIKSEM in. Kyk na ons paaie, kyk na ons water-bronne. Polisie, skole, hospitale – dis ‘n grap. Die regering van ons land is een vet grap. Respek, Orde en Dissipliene is vandag ‘n parlementere Sirkus en die hoof nar is ons President terwyl sy apie Malema die hele “show” oorneem.

    Is jy bang my liewe vriend? Is jy bang vir dit?

    Moet nie in vrees lewe nie. Wees rustig. Moenie wag vir oorlog nie want dit is nog nie die tyd nie. Jy stel nie jou vyand skriftelik in kennis voordat jy hom aanval nie – doen jy? Almal verwag ‘n opstand / aanval of een of ander openbare oorlogsverklaring, maar dis nie nou die tyd nie. Ons bloed KOOK maar moet nie die vyand gee wat hy verwag nie. Let op die hoeveelheid pad-blokades wat nou toeneem….wees baie versigtig.

    Wat nou moet gebeur is ons openbare verklaring van Afrikanerskap. Moet nie wag vir ‘n leier nie, WEES ‘N LEIER. Laat die die land sien ons is hier, laat hulle ons hoor meer as ooit te vore. Speel jou “Bok van Blerk”, dra jou kakies as jy wil, Fluit jou gunsteling “Steve” liedjie, maar laat hulle jou hoor en sien.

    Hou jou partytjie en in stede daarvan dat jy 4 mense nooi, nooi 8. Praat met mekaar oor die land sake, wees ingelig, wees gereed, wees beskikbaar. As daar Afrikaner byeenkomste is,GAAN. Woon dit by in julle hordes. MAAK DIT NOU VAS VIR 16 DESEMBER. WEES DAAR EN HOU OP OM TE SKROOM OOR WIE JY IS EN WAAR JY VANDAAN KOM.

    Ons is ‘n geseende volk. Ons is geseend omdat ons God eerste sit. Gaan kerk toe. Skep order in jou huis, respekteer jou vrou en maak jou kinders REG groot. Kry nog kinders. Kry baie kinders en brei die volk uit.

    Afrikaners kry Prioriteit. Die regering voel ‘n veer vir jou ou wit gesiggie so hoekom sorg jy vir hulle mense. Hou op om te gee vir die “straat” wagte. Laat hulle boeties en sussies na hulle kyk.

    Maak aanspraak op ‘n afrikaanse kelner en indien geen beskikbaar – ‘n tip is nie wet nie. Moenie laat die duiwel met jou gewete speel nie. As dit jou beter gaan laat voel verduidelik vir jou kelner hoekom jy nie tip nie. “Want jou President, waarvoor JY gestem het, voel ‘n veer vir my”. Laat hoor jou en laat sien jou. Hulle dink hulle het ons nie nodig nie? Hulle dink hulle kan maar aanploeter en kyk hoe ons volk vermoor word? Ons sal sien!!

    Vir alle praktiese doeleindes praat jy ook NET Afrikaans. Hulle MOET JOU verstaan. NIE ANDERS OM NIE.

    Moet nie ‘n rassis probeer wees nie. Wees gesien en gehoor en hou op om te voel asof jy nie ‘n plek meer oor het nie. Suid-Afrika is JOU land. God het het dit aan JOU gegee. Pak weg die paspoort en sit die koeëls op ys. Glo my as ek sê, ons word sterker, ons word magtiger, ons word in alle reg – AFRIKANERS.

    Let maar op en kyk. Oor die volgende paar maande gaan jy verby’n vreemdeling stap en jy sal dadelik weet. Dis my Broer die Boer, of dis my Afrikaner Sussie.


    Sit jou naam by en stuur aan een persoon of twee duisend. Maak nie saak nie. Maar laat hoor en sien die land wie ons is, wie JY is…..


    Since you seem to be such an historian I give you the following:

    “If virtue be the spring of a popular government in times of peace, the spring of that government during a revolution is virtue combined with terror: virtue, without which terror is destructive; terror, without which virtue is impotent. Terror is only justice prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country. … The government in a revolution is the despotism of liberty against tyranny.”

    These were the words spoken by Robespierre (Maximilien Robespierre to be exact). He was one of the famous leaders of the French revolution and by many regarded as the driving force behind much of the terror and executions. The french revolution has many similarities with the South African situation (although in their instance they recognized the government as the true oppressors/thieves and not like in SA which the government are misleading you fools into believing the whites are the problem).

    To come back to Mr Robespierre. These words were spoken in Feb and 4 months later he found himself under the guillotine. You see – once the mob get’s to the stage were they start with “revolution”, as you idol Malema says, they don’t stop. They will remove anyone whom have more than they do. Former allies will fall once the main enemy is devoured – (which mean any affluent black people). Hell it will almost be worth dying just to watch your face as they come knocking on your door and rape your wife and murder your kids, burn your car and, if you are left alive, you will have no cell, no tv no computer to try and show your intelect. The mindless mob will not stop until everyone is as poor as they are.

    This is a fact – it is history. Look at the rest of Africa and take the peels from your eyes. Lucky for you the white man will once again take the responsibility and stop the scourge if no other alternative is left to us. So push us, drive our backs against the wall, go on with your facebook posts and open threats. It is the best thing that can happen to the Afrikaners. Take all our hope away – and you will have a fight that no one will ever be able to erase from the history books (like your government attempts to do).

    We are your only hope. If we should fail, then in your own words “Hold your breath and swim cracker”.

  9. Meisie go bury your thick head back in the sand, sit next to the blacks on Sunday while you worship and die the same way as the St. James church members did.

    I have no choices to make, you do.

    OOOOOhh I so scared of your mighty mouse god. Tell you what why not show him to us then we will all know once and for all who is right.

  10. Yet another ignorant squatter offers us some bush psychology, Black people read and write before us white folks? Now that is funny.
    Actually we came to Africa for the abundant dumb ass blacks to trades as slaves. Funny too.

    True revenge is coming except your black ass is going to be in a sling when the whites all leave, who is going to switch on the lights? You black asses will go back to the bush and light a fire. Now that is funny too.

    P.S. Stay out of the water, we don’t want the sharks mistaking you for seals!! Although………..

  11. Just to correct your spelling error – “africa shall stay and be RUINED by black people.”


  13. Your issues seem to be with America and George Bush. I think he is a warmonger and wacko and obviously only after oil.

    Fuck off to america and go sort your issues out with him. Here we discuss the war in SA.

  14. Ag jy is seker nie ‘n wit man nie want ons wit mense het immers bietjie breins, of hoe sê ek nou?? De La Ray is lankal in die hemel en het vir jou vryheid baklei. Die Wit mense van RSA gaan nie om soos barbare en maak swart mense dood nie. Jy weet mos nou nie wat aangaan nie so laat ek jou vinnig vertel dan sal jy jou simpel kommentaar vir jouself hou. Die swart mense van RSA gaan rond en maak die Wit mense dood, nou nadat so 3000 wit mense dood is raak die Wit mense hoogs de duiwel in en het besluit genoeg is genoeg. As die regering nie iets gaan doen nie dan sal die Wit mense (AWB) wel iets doen. Of laat ons nou sien wil jy nou hê die Wit mense moet maar stil lê en toelaat dat hulle uitvermoor word??? HOE VERTRAAG KRY MENS DAN NOU?????????

  15. Oh Thula!!! You don’t know what you are talking about, go make yourself handy in the kitchen!! This Country is not ruled by Whites and they are not allowing whites to kill blacks. Now how many black people do you say where killed and by whom????Before i forget, i would like to give the few black people that comments on this site some credit. I see you passed the math question at the bottom of the page, Congratulations!!!!!

  16. You go for it boere meisie.The language used on this website by some of the exemplary forward thinkers leaves a lot to be desired.

  17. For starters: To Everyone that uses God’s name, drop it!!. God help those who helps themselves. God gives courage and wisdom. We have Courage and we have Wisdom!! Enough!!! Now to this Baboon that claims we came to live here with them, shut your trap and go and check up on your history!! You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. The whole fucking Human Race originates from Africa you dump shit, it does not belong to you. But that is typical black person, kill the white man, steal his house and car it is actually ours. You are to stupid to achieve anything on your own, talk about stealing. We can sit and debate for hours on end, it is not going to get us anywhere. You see the fact of the matter is that you pretend to know all, but you know nothing. You think that because this country is now governed by Blacks that you will win the War, once again you know nothing. Talk about barbaric you black people are barbarians!! Now let me give you a little lesson: The white man that put’s food on your table are tired of your shit. Should we leave here or stay and fight, you are going to come short.

  18. You seem very intelligent!!! The mark of a moron, is one who can only slander. This is undoubtedly your area of expertise. You prove your own reality of been sub-human. You seem to suffer from a inferiority complex, and the only thing you hate more than a white man, is yourself, for been black and stupid. If we “whites” gave you your natural resources back, what would you do with them? Eat them all at once? You are correct, Europe is a shit hole. You cant rape a woman, and kill her children, and get away with it. Do you not just hate it when there is law and order?
    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to leave you and your breather-en to your own devises. You ignorant, uneducated sap, and your “African Brothers” need to learn a very important lesson, get over yourself. Stop blaming everybody else for your screwed up continent. Stand up, like a man, take responsibility, and make an asserted effort to change you continent. Stop voting for the like of RM and the like. Some of your country’s have been left to govern themselves for decades, and look where they are. It is because, of the likes of you, you black “JACK” that this continent does not stand a chance.
    Since it was the ancestors who felt the pain, and not you, why not let the ancestors fight it out.
    Your complaints of “white suppression” , and excuses of been prejudiced against, are growing very thin, all over the world.

    Prove you are not sub-human and stand up, and be counted you idiot.

  19. Shit history lesson “JACK”. Proof of how confused you are. Delusions of grandeur come to mind. Only one thing worse than a, “educated idiot”, an idiot who thinks he is educated. You want to kill whites after WC 2010, I will be waiting.

    I agree with your jokes. It should however read, that you and your brothers are the product of 9 months of constipation. Believe you me, any woman giving birth to you, would flush.

  20. You are a funny guy. A lot to say when thousands of miles away. Why don’t you get on a plane and fly over here, and preach that shit.
    In the early 80’s we used to shoot trash like you. I am sure someone would oblige to do the same to you now.
    It is assholes like you, that turn people into racists. You were never part of the “struggle” you coward , or you would still be here. Keep in mind that the 80’s generation of whites, wanted peaceful change in SA. We voted for it. You should be kissing my ass, rather than trying to kick it. I am a tired of apologizing for been white. I never started, or supported the apartheid regime in SA. I was forced to do military service and to keep my mouth shut. Rest assured you prick, I will show any of you ,how racist I can be, if I am forced to protect myself, because I am white.
    Why don’t you” black South Africans” and “African Americans” find a new scape goat for you current and past short comings.
    Not all whites are responsible for your problems. If the quote ” the sons pay for the sins of the fathers” is true, this bullshit will never end.
    Do not underestimate the resolve of a people, to survive. I do not hate black people, only those who hate me, and those who do not take responsibility for their situation, and those who want to blame me, for where they find themselves today.
    I will protect my fellow man, family and friends, and will not feel ashamed, or apologize for been white.
    If i ever meet up with you “seanpadrig” I will have no issue in kicking your ass.

  21. holy spirit or Holy Spirits? I refuse to call myself a christian, because I refuse to be classified with idiots that sit in church Sunday after Sunday, and Monday to Saturday they screw someone elses wife or husband, drink themelfs stupid and on Sunday sit in church again with their Holier than thou attitude. I know my bible inside and out. And sorry, you can pray till you are blue in the face: sweet blue fanny all is going to happen untill someone lifts their arse and do something! God sure as hell is not going to sort our mess out!

  22. aaaagh hello “boeremiesie blah..blah blah….yes you are suppose to be a singer,you were over seas for some time you couldn’t make over there and are now back you most proberly cant even hold a tune!…LOL…you are just as much on the board as the rest and seem to spend a lot of time here as the rest!…LOL guess you dont have nothing much to do either …..i do plenty for the Afrikaans community and poor whites, and animals!!!….and dont have to feel guilty taking a coffee break while being on this website.
    What sre you doing on this board if you want to complain about the comments?…looking for some one who wants to donate money? …i seen this on one of the other pages where you want to contact someone who want to donate money?….LOL
    Yes you said it’s just you and your daughter maybe you dont need a husband to lean on you find some sucker on these websites who want to part with their money…you know the saying “a fool and his money are soon parted”…you say you dont need a man ….are you a “koek stamper?…just asking! maybe you not a boeremeisie maybe a nigerian conning money out of people?……would be interesting to find out who you really are!….LOL

  23. Emil what are you doing on this website if it upsets you so much?…shove your head up your arse and roll away!

  24. The only idiot is you! you uneducated simple mined fool
    if you dont want anyone talking to you get off this website! its asimple as that….LOL

  25. Why would we want to look up the word “DICK HEAD” when we have one on this site …YOU!
    Do you know any other words than ass wipe?….you seem to be stuck on the same word?…..yes we white do have a beautiful white complextion what is your point? …maybe a little jealous you must be female if you comment on our beautiful white skin….LOL
    “Destroyed by foreign or domestic revengeseekers? …..are you smoking something?…hold your breath and swim fast crackers?….LOL you really are uneducated and a total waste of time and effort. “CRACKER” you find a word then over use it ….”stupid marmite monster!

  26. What is this Malemaaaaaa “SKAAPIE” on about?…geez so many stupid ones but they on the net…LOL…and still going on about our white skin …but this one sounds more like a female to me ….no i think mother nature wants you lot gone your eat everything into extinction… you destroy everything you touch….and it is you that everyone hates because they see how violent your nature is
    As for Europe they feed your black hungry arses and send medicine to keep your ungrateful usless things alive….so dont bite the hand that feeds you…..anyhow i am board talking to you you to stupid for intilligent conversation.

  27. Who the fuck is that kaffir shit. Get fucked baboon. Why is there not a single success story in modern africa today, because of colonialism you black shits always say. The fact is that some of ure countries are independant for 50 to 60 yrs allready.

    U useless uneducated assholes can’t stand it that the white people are allways so successfull and your kind allways fuck it up. When the first white man landed in africa with his modern weapons and goods of the time, you fuckfaces were still running around in dickskins and the land you lived in was undeveloped.


    Maybe it’s time u stop blaming everybody for ure inability to develop ureself and then humble yourself to the very people you hate and ask them to teach u some skills. Even Malema asked the whites to please transfer their skills before they leave. That sounds like an acknowledgement from him that u can’t survive without us. Can’t live with them,can’t live without them.

    Why are about 10 – 15 ANC controled municipalities in the country been put under administration because everything is falling apart. Why did 6 black babies died the other day in a state hospital. We can go on and on.




    U get ure ANC government to give us our own land and we both don’t have to bother each other again. Otherwise we will force it through either through The Hague International Court or else we ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT.


  28. I find it more possible now for blacks to leave SA for Canada,to take advantage of your system,than south african whites.They are stubborn,they are stupid,they think always a Canada will exist to the final days.No!!!!!!!And most of Northern and Western Europe its not the fine place like in the 70s-80s,things are getting worst.If whites in SA are so hardworking and sensible there countries which will appreciate them and not discriminate,rape or kill them.

  29. Yeah the whole human race indeed originates from Africa,but a great deal of them evolved outside Africa and a great deal of them stay the same,especially in Africa.A lot of non blacks are different not because they are not blacks,but cause they have an average 40 to 50 IQ plus more than blacks.Surely many scientists are blacks,but compared to their number they are a drop in the ocean.They prefer wasting their time playing basket,doin drugs,wandering around,listening to crap than sit their ass down and study.Its very rare to find a black geek.They see maths and fuck away.They makin a mess in the class and then they reach 20s and its like “oh dude,what im doin now,im a totally losa,i waste ma time,get laid with every hoe i found,but no,no no degree Aaahh the man,he should find me a job,cause i dont know its the mans fault “.

  30. Who wrote this article? That was all a load of bull. Why you destroying our country before the world cup? Im glad people proved you wrong about us killing white people its only that farm guy and trust me it was not a race related matter. All the tourist who were here could not belive that this is the country in the article. Why cant we all just live in peace cause articles like that anger people its like putting salt on a wound we recovering from apartheid. Your writing skills wont take you far if you keep pumpin lies

  31. Who wrote this article? That was all a load of bull. Why you destroying our country before the world cup? Im glad people proved you wrong about us killing white people its only that farm guy and trust me it was not a race related matter. All the tourist who were here could not belive that this is the country in the article. Why cant we all just live in peace cause articles like that anger people its like putting salt on a wound we recovering from apartheid. Your writing skills wont take you far if you keep pumpin lies

  32. You think because the world cup was successful that nothing is going on? Get a clue. And what the f**k does this article have to do with the soccer?

  33. Y’all need to get a grip..SERIOUSLY!!! Black, white, yellow, red… whats the argument? At some point in time all people have been wronged. Accept it and move forward. In todays world every person deserves to have a choice of where and how they want to live their lives without fear. Those people who choose violence, hate and racism -especially those financially profiting from it) should be locked up period. I and I am sure the majority of others would gladly pay tax dollars for that.

    If you dont like the life YOU are living, then change it. But dont try and make choices for or change others. Everyone has the right of choice. The right to live peacefully.

  34. You people need to get out of there before those people start killing you off. Leave that country so it can erupt in a civil war like every other African nation. Most black Africans commenting on here are equally, if not more racist than any white there.

  35. i,am really desapointed about the black, sorry i am black too.
    what i want to say is that ,please look around yes in your roum and tell how many thing was made by the black people,nothing yes i said nothing, yes those people who eat only , use only and produce nothing, yes black is lazy, even you ,yes you are lazy, and you have to admit it , i am not talking only about south africa but about the entire world, go to america and si what the black people are doing, dealing drugs, go visit their home, and you will have idea, and please you can see by yourself how many children in south live without their parent, because of what black people are more interest in their penis than taking care of their future, you black use that word culture all the time. why? when you meet a black pregnant you have to know that she,is not married and that child that she carried will never get the surname of his father because of the culture, please when i met you and went to thw bed you where not virgin. so why do you use that word all the time, i am so angry about the black race, how many people got hiv in south africa, most of them are black, why, because they take care of penis only than their future, you black don,t create company, you always wait for the white people ti do it and then after that you come ask for job and when they refuse to hired you , you go out and crie racist, please brother black and sister black, thing about it. amd write me back, and i don,t know why you can vote for anc and you still knows that you will suffer with them.. and i believe something , if the DA take that country ,everything gonna change, but i know black are stupid, and please even you who pretend to be american , because i know something about the american, they don,t care about other black african, so you are immigrant in america and you are not american.

  36. it true men ,but it our time black to steale as you white stole for more than 300 year our hospitality. it our time to enjoy with our things. it the time…..

  37. This world has been created by someone whom evreryone will account to ,that is why you will never choose where you are born and which color you will come with , so as you hateful and hate others , Know that human been is more precious than world goods, so as you came empty handed so you will go empty , no matter how bog is your name , just get ready to give account to the one who send you ,there you will know what is reel life , we are here in a school reel life start after you have departed from here , you will be reely dead here and somewhere else alive then you will account , so wake up , you all white and black to the reel life and take good care of the bautyful garden that the Creator gave you, don´t forget you will account every word and every action you have taken , thanks

  38. My father fought in the civil war in Zimbabwe, and lost to Mugabe and his cronies.
    He immigrated to South Africa with NOTHING, in the hope of a prosperous future for himself and his family. From a lifetime of hard work, he was able to put me though university and raise me with a good upbringing.
    I immigrated to the United Stated last year in the hope of a future for my wife and myself, I’m not staying around to entertain the civil war in South Africa. I moved here with NOTHING, and yes, like my father, I work hard every single day. I’m not stealing diamonds or gold or land from any race, I don’t even know how this argument came about? I repair electronic equipment, is that a crime against any race?

    Unfortunately too many people are ignorant enough to hold on to racist grudges from the REALLY DISTANT past.
    My wife is Jewish, and believe me, she has more right than any ‘minority’ to cry about the crimes against her race. Under Apartheid rule, no group was burned and tortured in the MILLIONS, and yes, forcing them into exile! The only exile I know of concerning Africa is when racists in Zimbabwe forced my father and his family out!
    I’ve not ONCE heard my wife complain about her ancestral history, she is mature person and as such, has worked hard for what she has.

  39. I wish all the black people, in every European country went back home to Africa. All the black people live in slums and commit violent crime. Send them all back and bring back whites in their place. Black don’t belong in Europe, why do they come. In fact blacks, do not belong in the pure, beautiful north.

    It will the best and safest place on Earth without the racist blame the white person black.

  40. No , You can say that , My children are black born in Europe , holding European caracteres and beheaviours, that is not the case to drive someone from somewhere, listen, i repeat myself . In this world we are in the school , do not let material goods blind you, love the other human, like yourself , no need to be jalous at one another , but let us back the bones of one another and we will be at peace. If we make wars , in Africa or elsewhre it is human race that is loosing for there is only one race the human race Did you see the wonder in Britain one black family gave birth to a pure white baby , they conducted all genetical test to find out if the mother commited adultery,for the black father didn´t want a white baby, but the result was positif ,the black mother was the mother and the black father was the father and the white baby was theirs.

    So please let us wake up , if someone is anoid seeing a black or seeing a white ,he is blind selfish and will perish at the end when the Creator of all things will demand accountability to everyone, those that killed jewish people made a big mistake, Human must know that they are made in the image of the creator and that we have one source , from mother Eve und father Adam, those that are rich let them continue to enjoy in their riches, and help the poor by educating them and helping them to bring out of their brain the power in it., and those that are poor , get knowledge , go back to school no matter the age if you are a peaceful person , your creator will help you and you will find a good samaritan who will invest in you , do not kill the white even if they mistreated you before , do not revenge for we all have red blood , fear the creator , please fear him, and do good ,decide to do good all the days of your life.
    If you want to get knowledge and do not have the money , research for your creator on the internet he created you and he knows the potential he put in you, if you look for him you will find him ,here on the internet and he will open the door that no human can open for you. Our problem is to be willing to do good and decide to do good . For farmers they know that whatever they sow they will reap it in abundance , so do good and good will continue to purchue you all the days of your life , no matter where you are and which color you have , do good and treat other fair and good.

    Hate is wrong. Killing is wrong. Racism is wrong. Whether it be black or white. But for us to curb these vices we have to go at the root of the issue and at the core of the issue. And that issue as evidenced by some of these comments is that “white” man really thinks he is superior than the “black” man and entitled to certain privileges and a status that the “black” man doesn’t. As you may imagine this does nothing to quell the deep pain and hurt that many Africans feel. From 1400+ years of Arabic enslavement, 400+ years of European slavery, then Colonialism and Imperialism the wounds have a while to heal. But meanwhile we are willing to leave in peace and harmony just so long as you treat us as human. Otherwise in our pain and hurt we will feel vindicated and find a sense of retribution by fighting against a system that we feel has kept us down for such a long time. So to all colors: Please be sensitive to our needs, our history and we will be sensitive to yours. This is what we the Nguni people of Southern Africa call “Ubuntu”. look it up.


    Let’s start with facts:

    It is a fact for thousands of years Black Africans inhabited the continent of Africa. It is a recorded Fact that the first use of writing, first heart surgery/cataracts surgery, first great monuments of architecture, first use of paper, the first use of the decimal numbering system that has literally shaped all forms of Math and Science came from no where else than Africa.

    In fact history tells us for at least 4000 years Africa as the continent was the super power of the world traveling and trading as far as China and making appearances even in North America.

    History, Biology, and Archaeology tell us that the first species that today we call humans were Africans and anyone reading this is an African by ancestry. The “Black” Africans that are “ignorant” those are you parents. You have parts of their DNA in you, literally.

    Was South Africa stolen from the blacks? Well whom did the British pay to buy that land? Whose permission did they ask?

    But haven’t the British/Dutch contributed to South Africa? Isn’t life now much better? Who is to say life was worse in the traditional days? With the “whites” Africans saw Colonialism, Racism, Extreme Poverty, Humiliation, Degradation, Cultural genocide, land pollution, air pollution, exploitation, exploitation of physical labor and of natural resources.

    Look at the times of Shaka Zulu crime did not run rampage. Look at South Africa now?

    But yes the Blacks are in power but why haven’t they made any changes?
    Who has most of the high paying jobs in South Africa? Is it the general black population or is it the White and Indian population? Who still controls some of the best lands South Africa has to offer? Is it black farmers or white farmers? Where does South Africa borrow it’s loans from, is not the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank? By the way who controls both of these institutions? Is it now “White” people? Are not these same “white” people the ones who borrow money to SA and demand favors that endup leaving the “Black” at the bottom of it all?

    What country can refuse the IMF and WB’s demands? Look at Zimbabwe and think again if South Africa wants to be like that. By the way what percentage does the entire continent of Africa hold in these institutions? 4%. FOUR PERCENT of the votes go to all of the African continent, and Europe and the G8 have over 90% of the say of demands they impose with these loans they give to South Africa and other countries.

    So I ask again are the “Blacks” really in power? What black South African nationalist would not want to take over the diamond fields and give them to the “people”? If South Africa were to forcefully take back some of the land that was illegally taken and occupied by the British and Dutch and is still in non-black Africans do you think the U.N. would turn a blind eye? Do you think sanctions will not come quicker than they’ve hit neighboring Zimbabwe?

    Before you say the black African has not contributed anything to his livelihood or to world history or achievements, go back and read what Herodus the ancient historian says about some of the contributions to the world. You will find that Sophocles and his fellow “Greek” historians actually went to school in Black Africa, Black Egypt to be taught philosophy. You will learn that for 4000 years the library at “Alexandria” in Egypt was being filled with knowledge that later Archimedes would claim to be his own after convincing Alexander the Great to take the thousands of books in that library. You think Archimedes was a mutli-genious? hardly likely. In fact some of the ideas of the Greek Philosophers were so foreign that they were killed and persecuted by the early greek states. These my friends were African philosophy and doctrines and this is recorded by Hebrew, Greek and Roman historians.

    Thank your “contributions” mr. “white man”. But don’t think you’ve made us any better. You have made many of us bitter almost as the savages you thought you would find but like Albert Bryant (lexicographer) was amazed to find a culture based on respect, humility and integrity.

    Yes let’s ALL leave together in piece, but the more you claim you brought us a better life (colonialism, apartheid, segregation, degradation, humiliation, cultural genocide, forced labor, pollution, exploitation, stealing of natural resources and labor, the destruction of a proven livelihood) think again.

    It seems our traditional education system was perfectly fine, it made us people with hearts. But I don’t know about the “white” education system and what it does to people. It seems it has caused so much wars, so much greed, so much exploitation, so much inhumanity, so much unprecedented destruction. Yes thanks for “bringing” religion and contributions to medicine, but don’t forget that our medicine was preventive medicine and now modern Science is proving the exercises and herbs/plants treatment given out by the ‘demonized’ so called “witch” doctor were truly inspirational and effective.

  42. If black Africans are so great, why do they cut the hands off of other black Africans so they can’t vote? Why do black Africans rape and pillage other black Africans for profit, pleasure and power? How come those kind of black Africans don’t receive the kind of criticizisim that white Africans do? Africa is one of the most violent continents in the world still today.
    Perhaps we should homogenize all races and do away with all the bullsh!t dual racism. Blacks are just as racist as whites. Right now we’re all no better than a bunch of animals, ripping and tearing each other apart at the throat. We’re good at infesting the earth and killing everything in it. May God have mercy on us and end this madness soon!!!

  43. You write as a real brain box, but as soon as I see the mis-information I stop reading

    According to Joseph Needham, decimal fractions were first developed and used by the Chinese in the 1st century BC, and then spread to the Middle East and from there to Europe.

    Christiaan Barnard. (White)
    He performed the world’s first human heart transplant operation on 3 December 1967, in an operation assisted by his brother, Marius Barnard; the operation lasted nine hours and used a team of thirty people. The patient, Louis Washkansky, was a 54-year-old grocer

    Cataract surgery has a long history. It was first done in India in the 5th century BC by a surgeon named Susruta who did a procedure called couching (or reclination) in which the clouded lens is pushed into the back of the eye, permitting better but by no means normal vision. Couching was still done in some countries until the mid-20th century. The first description of the cataract and its treatment In the West was in 29 AD by the Latin encyclopedist Celsus who performed the practice of needling (also called discission) of cataracts to break up the cataract into smaller particles to facilitate their absorption. Modern cataract surgery was first done in 1748 in France by Jacques Daviel who removed the cataract from the lens. Today, the IOL is now usually the best type of cataract surgery.

    Paper invented in China in about AD 705
    The use of paper spread from China through the Islamic world and entered production in medieval Europe in the 13th century, where the first water-powered paper mills were built and mechanization of papermaking began. The industrial production of paper in the early 19th century caused significant cultural changes worldwide, allowing for relatively cheap exchange of information in the form of letters, newspapers and books for the first time. In 1844, both Canadian inventor Charles Fenerty and German inventor F.G. Keller had invented the machine and process for pulping wood for the use in paper making.
    This would end the nearly 2000-year use of pulped rags and start a new era for the production of newsprint and eventually all paper out of pulped wood.

    The discovery of writing was not a one-time event and not proven to be from one place.

    I live in SA and it’s a sad place what will never change thanks to the ANC & ANCYL

    If you study get the facts.

  44. For this comment, I hope all whites rise up and start killing blacks . Whites can’t even defend themselves without being called racist .

  45. Can’t I just have my r.f.I.d.chip all ready!!!!! They will preach to us liberalism with the hope of creating class wars . Socialism is the required state something like the oll russian communist days hard times my brothers.. You’ll be taxed more heavily as resources will be getting scarce. A few will benefit greatly off the remaining commodities ,of coz crime will increase likewise the value of your monies will decrease you will not be free I am so sorry mandela I’m so fuckin sorry. Seems to me lawlessness and corruption seems to be the order of the day. Good luck with your communist manifesto all you all have lost your fucking minds Ek is afrikaans ek is gebore in suid afrika en ek is ‘n afrikaner en have you seen the storehouses of hail wich GOD has reserved for the day of trouble. Eish the heathen!!! Like I say I’m so sorry really’ I’m so fuckin sorry……………

  46. It’s not about white or black. There are stupid racist whites and stupid racist blacks around the world. These are the filth that society needs to get rid of. These are the idiots making life unbearable for others. These are the ones who treat others badly because they were born a different colour. Fuck all the racist idiots of the world.

  47. I didn’t realize that there is a silent “ethnic cleansing” going on in South Africa. When will the hate stop? It’s time for progress, not regression. African people are too good for this sort of retaliation. This seems to be retaliation for things done in the past. People need to forgive and embrace their African brothers and sisters of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds and color. Don’t let the efforts of those who fought for freedom and justice in the past and present be for naught. Show the world that Africa is better than that.

    Note: I have to beg to differ on your analysis regarding your take on “whites” civilizing the world. Whites did not civilize the world. Europeans (not necessarily white in color but European decent) traveled the world in hopes of prosperity with trade, territorial gain, geographical power/control, religion, etc.

    With this mission in mind, Europeans invaded other lands and forced their “civilized” views on people who had their own culture, religion, beliefs, etc. It was never a matter of choice. It was a matter of survival for those who stood in their way.

    Civilized: You said: “Europeans/European descendants realizes (whether they admit it or not) that SA would be as uncivilized as the rest of the continent if it were not for the whites that came to that part of the world.”

    As subtle as your comment is said its very old school thinking. The old school thinking that brought wars to a good and potentially prosperous nation like yours, Africa. Get out of the box and stop thinking in a fashion that tore your country apart. It is so subtle in nature, but the words pierce through like a double edged sword and I’m not even African.

    What is civilized to you? In the process of obtaining power and riches, Europeans brutally killed, raped, and tortured people who stood in their way. Women and children were not left out either. For some, they became slaves and were shackled and forced into unhealthy life threatening conditions of which some did not survive. I know, I know, you know this already. This is your history. I’m just reminding you as your comment seemed to present that the European (and American too) invasion was a pleasant and civilized experience when we both know it was just the opposite. People were brutally stripped of their heritage and identity. How is this civilized? Your subtle words reveal a hidden belief that you find yourself better then those indigenous to their land stating if it weren’t for your ancestors they would be uncivilized. How awful is that? Now do you understand the hatred of some? Not to justify their actions, but take a look at your insensitivity.

    Please don’t take me as a hater towards Europeans. I’m part European decent. I simply hate ignorance. I feel for the South Africans and cannot imagine the fear some must be feeling and/or going through. Personally, my South African friends have not mentioned this at all which is why I’m astonished to hear this news. I always knew there was some animosity left from Apartheid back, but not to the extent mentioned of white South Africans living in fear. I got the impression things were progressing. I have “white” South African friends and I would hate to see them living in fear. I wish nothing but the best and prosperity for Africa. I think and truly believe a potentially great nation.

  48. When I am weaker,I ask you for my freedom,because that is your principle;but when I am the stronger,I take away your freedom,because that is my principle.


  49. But I read in a book, half a yellow sun, that in Rodesia blacks are being killed and in other places their human rights are being taken away. Or is this fiction or propaganda or is it fact or is what you report Fiction, propaganda or fact
    Well I am very sorry for the news you speak of, and I wish it wasn’t so as I’m sure a lot of families do to. And the horrors and terror of how the British Colonies were won is forgotten as well? I suppose yea let sleeping dogs lie and all…how do UB40 sing it? “I’m a British citizen and I’m proud of it, while I carry the burden of shame”

  50. Good. At least SOMEONE recognizes the cancer and is taking actions to relinquish them from this world.

    I also like the guy going on a tirade using “sub human apes” as an insult against Afrikans. Why do white people get damned offended when justice is served?

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