The war against white South Africans

Cape Town, South Africa – There is a active war in South Africa charged by the ANC and people like Julius Malema. A war against all white people, especially Afrikaans white people namely the boers.

While Julius Malema has his shows against what he calls the “white colonialists” the white people are not having so much fun. Instead they are being murdered out one by one and the government is not doing anything about it.

Other nations spend millions of dollars to root out terrorism but here in South Africa we have the terrorists ruling the country. We have terrorists like Julius Malema telling the poor uneducated people to kill the whites and they do it.

While the leaders amp up the people to go kill the people  and the president of the country sings for his machine gun the people dont take these words like informed politicians, they do what is told because after 20 years of rule the ANC still makes white people look like they run the country, they make white people the targets of their crime.

Lack of service delivery was also blamed on white people this past week by government officials. If there ever was ethnic cleansing this is it. It does not mean because the white people of South Africa are white that they can not suffer ethnic cleansing.

Singing what Julius Malema sang is a declaration of war, especially if that war has been going for so many years now, farmers have been tortured in the most cruel ways imaginable.

The cold hard fact is that this government and Julius Malema already declared war on ordinary white South Africans.

For more evidence of genocide read the following:

Is there a silent Genocide in South Africa?

White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change

South Africa genocide – Farm attacks continue in South Africa, woman attacked with panga


665 thoughts on “The war against white South Africans

  1. Huh.

    You are in the wrong fucking debate boet. Go play your computer games or to a sleepover with your maatjies.

    The adults are talking about important things here.

  2. You are in the wrong discussion group outjie.

    Go play computer or have a sleep-over with your maatjies.

    The adults are busy discussing important things here.

  3. o yes – TYGATONY (you are obviously a tiger (TYGA) )

    In general you don’t type in capital letters the whole time – this has been mentioned to you in previous post but, alas, my people keep on forgetting how illiterate you are. The caps lock you switch of by pressing the button labled caps lock (C-A-P-S L-O-C-K) once. The button is on the left side (which you normally wear your watch, oops sorry – lying under the tree the whole day being useless you dont need a watch).

  4. It is so sad.

    He reflects the true reason why none can be left alive. They have no common sense, parental nature to their spawn (they do not see them as children but only a means to control the population), no sense of right and wrong. Aparently the facebook post about the murders and rapes was sent by a black nurse…

    It is really and truly sad. If my dad knew this he would not have wasted the time to teach me that all men are equal and not to see colour but the person behind the colour. It is a sad day in my life knowing that these barbarians does not care if you were a good person or treated them with respect. They will kill all whites (or try to) then the coloureds, indians and then their own ethnic groups. They are a cancer feeding on themselves and the country.

    Look at the strikers and what mess they made to their own towns. Messing up this bueatiful country. When children (from all races mind you) made an effort to go and clean up after these animals (how can you want more pay if you act like an animal??) the children were threatened with violence. Once again it is blacks against blacks. You black people will never be happy or contend and always blame someone else. You had the country 16 years and all your elected criminals are running things in front and behind the scenes. Yet the white man still gets blamed for everything.

    If all the whites (and other colours left) we would come back on our ships in 50 years to a desolate land with black tribes fighting black tribes, dying of famine and performing barbaric acts on your ethnic groups.

    Imagine – Imagine that there is a country and, just because my great grandfather may have taken a piss on a tree standing next to a quiet river i can go and demand the piece of land be given to me. It is my ancestrial right. Imagine that i go to the land and in spite of the current owner having all the deeds and showing the amounts paid for the land I just go ahead and stick my knife into his belly and take MY ANCESTRIAL land. It is my right you know. Hopefully no-one else pissed here anytime during the past 60000 years. Imagine – O wait. Why am I wasting my time imagining?? There is a place – its called SOUTH AFRICA.

      1. Let’s be honest here. This is truly a sad thing. There’s is no way possible you would have known those facts off hand while reading this persons response. You pretend that in the midst of reading his/her response you could not read anymore more because the facts presented to be untrue. I say this because in your response you threw in dates with ea. arguement. Unless you’re rainman, you’re misrepresenting yourself as well. You fact checked, too, didn’t you?

        Was it really necessary? Were you giving him/her the benefit of the doubt for sake of their arguement or just waiting for a screw up on facts to make other readers think their arguement a farce?

        Bottom Line: They are upset that a commentator said “name one Black Afrian inventor.” So, this person felt passionate enough to “google’ it or fact finder it just like yourself. Okay, so they got misrepresented with some facts, but their arguement is proving Black Africans to be just as smart as White AFRICANS. It’s sad isn’t it that such an arguement is brewing

        1. don’t care how smart the blacks are,or not.they stink,and look like apes.if you want,let them breed your daughter.not a gun,be safe.

          1. The blacks are the way they are because the white man made them like that. If the white man had gone around the world treating non-whites nicely, we’d all be one happy family today. But they didn’t. They enslaved them and kept them uneducated and now that they are educated, the white man is sitting with a problem. I say it’s good cause the white man is a fucking dickhead. He doesn’t think about the future and now the future is fucking him over. Simply brilliant. So wonderful it is now, that the white man is being slaughtered by the same people whom they used to oppress. Revenge is sweet.

  5. Hey buddy. I share your comments and concerns.

    The afrikaners have poor history standing together and obviously are also not keen on losing what we worked our asses off for. (The ignorant black people think we get everything handed over on a platter and for free and are quite surprised to know we actually paying for everything and supporting their own kind.) They think we are softies ripe for the picking – but make no mistake: review these posts closely and also search the net for more post. They are scared of us – really scared.

    The thing is this. I am a friendly, fun and peaceloving guy. Though my dad worked his ass off and my mom as well (both working 8 till 5, maybe if you useless blacks have 2 working incomes you would have less time to steal and be useless) we did not have free money for swotting ect. I got out of matric in 1998 thus their was no real bursaries for the currently disadvantaged. I did however start at the bottom and worked 16 hours a day until I got noticed. Then I kept on working these hours to pay for my nice house and merc (like most other white people in the same salary scale). We don’t go out striking and acting like barbarians breaking down things that waste money to rebuild. We work hard. I have never known any black man that will work the hours that many white people work. They strike if they have to work 8 hours a day!?!? We have managed 90 hour weeks for 3 months on end many times.. No black I know of has ever worked these hours.

    Myself and many other white people have no real chance of getting out of the country (although I have a good pay I have no diploma, cert). We have small children, many are girls. Our backs are driven against the wall. What happened the previous times when the afrikaners bacs were against the wall? No other chioce mate – trek laer op, laai die sanna, bid tot God en veg asof daar geen ander opsie is en glo jy gaan wen. Die vyand besef nie dat daar geen groter dryf kan wees as ‘n vader of moeder se liefde vir hulle kinders nie. Hulle besef dit nie want hulle voel nie so oor hulle kinders nie. In kort – as jy geen ander keuse het nie – wees slim, berei voor, begin bande vorm met die mense wat soos jy voel. Beplan, Beplan, beplan – hoe haal jy baie uit op een slag? Bid en beplan.

    Lees ook my epos onder op antwoord van TYGA..

  6. O – forgot to mention. About every white guy 35 and up have been to military training when SA’s army was the best in africa and ranked high in the world. They have the knowledge of where and how to obtain whatever is needed. Also remember that many of these who spend a lot of time in the army does not have high paying jobs now due to sacrificing a lot of time for their country’s defence. They also have no option but to stand and fight.

  7. Got this email, a good viewpoint :

    My naam is (**sien onder**) en ek is ‘n Afrikaner Boer.

    My voor-ouers het kaalvoet met osse-waens oor die Drakensberge getrek, in Konsentrasiekampe gesterf, geveg teen die Kakies, die Zulus en enige iemand wat in die pad van MY toekoms sou staan. Deur die Genade van God Almagtig, het hulle onvrugbare grond verwerk en ‘n tekort in oorvloed omgeskep. Hulle het paaie gebou, skole, hospitale en die ryk hulp-bronne van ons land ontgin.

    My voor-ouers het Monumente gebou en ons geleer van helde soos Racheltjie de Beer, Wolraad Woltemade, Japie Greyling en die vele ander wat vandag; en sterker as ooit te vore; in ons bloed vloei en deel maak van wie ek en jy is. Jong seuns is grense toe en duisende het nooit terug gekom nie, alles vir God, Volk en Vaderland.

    Vandag wil hulle ons “STEM” stil maak. Hulle wil ons drome breek en die herinneringe van ons erfenis uitwis. Hulle wil hê jy moet jammer wees; jou bek hou en jou kop af, maar prys die Here!!!! Hoe harder hulle my druk hoe sterker word ek. Hoe meer hulle ons probeer uitroei, hoe meer staan ons saam. Hoe meer hulle word hoe brawer raak ons. Hoe harder hulle lag en dans, hoe meer georganiseerd raak ons.

    God het my gemaak. My bloed is dik en my geduld min.

    Ek is ‘n Boer en ek is die BLIKSEM in. Kyk na ons paaie, kyk na ons water-bronne. Polisie, skole, hospitale – dis ‘n grap. Die regering van ons land is een vet grap. Respek, Orde en Dissipliene is vandag ‘n parlementere Sirkus en die hoof nar is ons President terwyl sy apie Malema die hele “show” oorneem.

    Is jy bang my liewe vriend? Is jy bang vir dit?

    Moet nie in vrees lewe nie. Wees rustig. Moenie wag vir oorlog nie want dit is nog nie die tyd nie. Jy stel nie jou vyand skriftelik in kennis voordat jy hom aanval nie – doen jy? Almal verwag ‘n opstand / aanval of een of ander openbare oorlogsverklaring, maar dis nie nou die tyd nie. Ons bloed KOOK maar moet nie die vyand gee wat hy verwag nie. Let op die hoeveelheid pad-blokades wat nou toeneem….wees baie versigtig.

    Wat nou moet gebeur is ons openbare verklaring van Afrikanerskap. Moet nie wag vir ‘n leier nie, WEES ‘N LEIER. Laat die die land sien ons is hier, laat hulle ons hoor meer as ooit te vore. Speel jou “Bok van Blerk”, dra jou kakies as jy wil, Fluit jou gunsteling “Steve” liedjie, maar laat hulle jou hoor en sien.

    Hou jou partytjie en in stede daarvan dat jy 4 mense nooi, nooi 8. Praat met mekaar oor die land sake, wees ingelig, wees gereed, wees beskikbaar. As daar Afrikaner byeenkomste is,GAAN. Woon dit by in julle hordes. MAAK DIT NOU VAS VIR 16 DESEMBER. WEES DAAR EN HOU OP OM TE SKROOM OOR WIE JY IS EN WAAR JY VANDAAN KOM.

    Ons is ‘n geseende volk. Ons is geseend omdat ons God eerste sit. Gaan kerk toe. Skep order in jou huis, respekteer jou vrou en maak jou kinders REG groot. Kry nog kinders. Kry baie kinders en brei die volk uit.

    Afrikaners kry Prioriteit. Die regering voel ‘n veer vir jou ou wit gesiggie so hoekom sorg jy vir hulle mense. Hou op om te gee vir die “straat” wagte. Laat hulle boeties en sussies na hulle kyk.

    Maak aanspraak op ‘n afrikaanse kelner en indien geen beskikbaar – ‘n tip is nie wet nie. Moenie laat die duiwel met jou gewete speel nie. As dit jou beter gaan laat voel verduidelik vir jou kelner hoekom jy nie tip nie. “Want jou President, waarvoor JY gestem het, voel ‘n veer vir my”. Laat hoor jou en laat sien jou. Hulle dink hulle het ons nie nodig nie? Hulle dink hulle kan maar aanploeter en kyk hoe ons volk vermoor word? Ons sal sien!!

    Vir alle praktiese doeleindes praat jy ook NET Afrikaans. Hulle MOET JOU verstaan. NIE ANDERS OM NIE.

    Moet nie ‘n rassis probeer wees nie. Wees gesien en gehoor en hou op om te voel asof jy nie ‘n plek meer oor het nie. Suid-Afrika is JOU land. God het het dit aan JOU gegee. Pak weg die paspoort en sit die koeëls op ys. Glo my as ek sê, ons word sterker, ons word magtiger, ons word in alle reg – AFRIKANERS.

    Let maar op en kyk. Oor die volgende paar maande gaan jy verby’n vreemdeling stap en jy sal dadelik weet. Dis my Broer die Boer, of dis my Afrikaner Sussie.


    Sit jou naam by en stuur aan een persoon of twee duisend. Maak nie saak nie. Maar laat hoor en sien die land wie ons is, wie JY is…..


    Since you seem to be such an historian I give you the following:

    “If virtue be the spring of a popular government in times of peace, the spring of that government during a revolution is virtue combined with terror: virtue, without which terror is destructive; terror, without which virtue is impotent. Terror is only justice prompt, severe and inflexible; it is then an emanation of virtue; it is less a distinct principle than a natural consequence of the general principle of democracy, applied to the most pressing wants of the country. … The government in a revolution is the despotism of liberty against tyranny.”

    These were the words spoken by Robespierre (Maximilien Robespierre to be exact). He was one of the famous leaders of the French revolution and by many regarded as the driving force behind much of the terror and executions. The french revolution has many similarities with the South African situation (although in their instance they recognized the government as the true oppressors/thieves and not like in SA which the government are misleading you fools into believing the whites are the problem).

    To come back to Mr Robespierre. These words were spoken in Feb and 4 months later he found himself under the guillotine. You see – once the mob get’s to the stage were they start with “revolution”, as you idol Malema says, they don’t stop. They will remove anyone whom have more than they do. Former allies will fall once the main enemy is devoured – (which mean any affluent black people). Hell it will almost be worth dying just to watch your face as they come knocking on your door and rape your wife and murder your kids, burn your car and, if you are left alive, you will have no cell, no tv no computer to try and show your intelect. The mindless mob will not stop until everyone is as poor as they are.

    This is a fact – it is history. Look at the rest of Africa and take the peels from your eyes. Lucky for you the white man will once again take the responsibility and stop the scourge if no other alternative is left to us. So push us, drive our backs against the wall, go on with your facebook posts and open threats. It is the best thing that can happen to the Afrikaners. Take all our hope away – and you will have a fight that no one will ever be able to erase from the history books (like your government attempts to do).

    We are your only hope. If we should fail, then in your own words “Hold your breath and swim cracker”.

  9. Meisie go bury your thick head back in the sand, sit next to the blacks on Sunday while you worship and die the same way as the St. James church members did.

    I have no choices to make, you do.

    OOOOOhh I so scared of your mighty mouse god. Tell you what why not show him to us then we will all know once and for all who is right.

  10. Yet another ignorant squatter offers us some bush psychology, Black people read and write before us white folks? Now that is funny.
    Actually we came to Africa for the abundant dumb ass blacks to trades as slaves. Funny too.

    True revenge is coming except your black ass is going to be in a sling when the whites all leave, who is going to switch on the lights? You black asses will go back to the bush and light a fire. Now that is funny too.

    P.S. Stay out of the water, we don’t want the sharks mistaking you for seals!! Although………..

  11. Just to correct your spelling error – “africa shall stay and be RUINED by black people.”


  13. Your issues seem to be with America and George Bush. I think he is a warmonger and wacko and obviously only after oil.

    Fuck off to america and go sort your issues out with him. Here we discuss the war in SA.

  14. Ag jy is seker nie ‘n wit man nie want ons wit mense het immers bietjie breins, of hoe sê ek nou?? De La Ray is lankal in die hemel en het vir jou vryheid baklei. Die Wit mense van RSA gaan nie om soos barbare en maak swart mense dood nie. Jy weet mos nou nie wat aangaan nie so laat ek jou vinnig vertel dan sal jy jou simpel kommentaar vir jouself hou. Die swart mense van RSA gaan rond en maak die Wit mense dood, nou nadat so 3000 wit mense dood is raak die Wit mense hoogs de duiwel in en het besluit genoeg is genoeg. As die regering nie iets gaan doen nie dan sal die Wit mense (AWB) wel iets doen. Of laat ons nou sien wil jy nou hê die Wit mense moet maar stil lê en toelaat dat hulle uitvermoor word??? HOE VERTRAAG KRY MENS DAN NOU?????????

  15. Oh Thula!!! You don’t know what you are talking about, go make yourself handy in the kitchen!! This Country is not ruled by Whites and they are not allowing whites to kill blacks. Now how many black people do you say where killed and by whom????Before i forget, i would like to give the few black people that comments on this site some credit. I see you passed the math question at the bottom of the page, Congratulations!!!!!

  16. You go for it boere meisie.The language used on this website by some of the exemplary forward thinkers leaves a lot to be desired.

  17. For starters: To Everyone that uses God’s name, drop it!!. God help those who helps themselves. God gives courage and wisdom. We have Courage and we have Wisdom!! Enough!!! Now to this Baboon that claims we came to live here with them, shut your trap and go and check up on your history!! You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. The whole fucking Human Race originates from Africa you dump shit, it does not belong to you. But that is typical black person, kill the white man, steal his house and car it is actually ours. You are to stupid to achieve anything on your own, talk about stealing. We can sit and debate for hours on end, it is not going to get us anywhere. You see the fact of the matter is that you pretend to know all, but you know nothing. You think that because this country is now governed by Blacks that you will win the War, once again you know nothing. Talk about barbaric you black people are barbarians!! Now let me give you a little lesson: The white man that put’s food on your table are tired of your shit. Should we leave here or stay and fight, you are going to come short.

  18. You seem very intelligent!!! The mark of a moron, is one who can only slander. This is undoubtedly your area of expertise. You prove your own reality of been sub-human. You seem to suffer from a inferiority complex, and the only thing you hate more than a white man, is yourself, for been black and stupid. If we “whites” gave you your natural resources back, what would you do with them? Eat them all at once? You are correct, Europe is a shit hole. You cant rape a woman, and kill her children, and get away with it. Do you not just hate it when there is law and order?
    Nothing would give me greater pleasure than to leave you and your breather-en to your own devises. You ignorant, uneducated sap, and your “African Brothers” need to learn a very important lesson, get over yourself. Stop blaming everybody else for your screwed up continent. Stand up, like a man, take responsibility, and make an asserted effort to change you continent. Stop voting for the like of RM and the like. Some of your country’s have been left to govern themselves for decades, and look where they are. It is because, of the likes of you, you black “JACK” that this continent does not stand a chance.
    Since it was the ancestors who felt the pain, and not you, why not let the ancestors fight it out.
    Your complaints of “white suppression” , and excuses of been prejudiced against, are growing very thin, all over the world.

    Prove you are not sub-human and stand up, and be counted you idiot.

  19. Shit history lesson “JACK”. Proof of how confused you are. Delusions of grandeur come to mind. Only one thing worse than a, “educated idiot”, an idiot who thinks he is educated. You want to kill whites after WC 2010, I will be waiting.

    I agree with your jokes. It should however read, that you and your brothers are the product of 9 months of constipation. Believe you me, any woman giving birth to you, would flush.

  20. You are a funny guy. A lot to say when thousands of miles away. Why don’t you get on a plane and fly over here, and preach that shit.
    In the early 80’s we used to shoot trash like you. I am sure someone would oblige to do the same to you now.
    It is assholes like you, that turn people into racists. You were never part of the “struggle” you coward , or you would still be here. Keep in mind that the 80’s generation of whites, wanted peaceful change in SA. We voted for it. You should be kissing my ass, rather than trying to kick it. I am a tired of apologizing for been white. I never started, or supported the apartheid regime in SA. I was forced to do military service and to keep my mouth shut. Rest assured you prick, I will show any of you ,how racist I can be, if I am forced to protect myself, because I am white.
    Why don’t you” black South Africans” and “African Americans” find a new scape goat for you current and past short comings.
    Not all whites are responsible for your problems. If the quote ” the sons pay for the sins of the fathers” is true, this bullshit will never end.
    Do not underestimate the resolve of a people, to survive. I do not hate black people, only those who hate me, and those who do not take responsibility for their situation, and those who want to blame me, for where they find themselves today.
    I will protect my fellow man, family and friends, and will not feel ashamed, or apologize for been white.
    If i ever meet up with you “seanpadrig” I will have no issue in kicking your ass.

  21. holy spirit or Holy Spirits? I refuse to call myself a christian, because I refuse to be classified with idiots that sit in church Sunday after Sunday, and Monday to Saturday they screw someone elses wife or husband, drink themelfs stupid and on Sunday sit in church again with their Holier than thou attitude. I know my bible inside and out. And sorry, you can pray till you are blue in the face: sweet blue fanny all is going to happen untill someone lifts their arse and do something! God sure as hell is not going to sort our mess out!

  22. aaaagh hello “boeremiesie blah..blah blah….yes you are suppose to be a singer,you were over seas for some time you couldn’t make over there and are now back you most proberly cant even hold a tune!…LOL…you are just as much on the board as the rest and seem to spend a lot of time here as the rest!…LOL guess you dont have nothing much to do either …..i do plenty for the Afrikaans community and poor whites, and animals!!!….and dont have to feel guilty taking a coffee break while being on this website.
    What sre you doing on this board if you want to complain about the comments?…looking for some one who wants to donate money? …i seen this on one of the other pages where you want to contact someone who want to donate money?….LOL
    Yes you said it’s just you and your daughter maybe you dont need a husband to lean on you find some sucker on these websites who want to part with their money…you know the saying “a fool and his money are soon parted”…you say you dont need a man ….are you a “koek stamper?…just asking! maybe you not a boeremeisie maybe a nigerian conning money out of people?……would be interesting to find out who you really are!….LOL

  23. Emil what are you doing on this website if it upsets you so much?…shove your head up your arse and roll away!

  24. The only idiot is you! you uneducated simple mined fool
    if you dont want anyone talking to you get off this website! its asimple as that….LOL

  25. Why would we want to look up the word “DICK HEAD” when we have one on this site …YOU!
    Do you know any other words than ass wipe?….you seem to be stuck on the same word?…..yes we white do have a beautiful white complextion what is your point? …maybe a little jealous you must be female if you comment on our beautiful white skin….LOL
    “Destroyed by foreign or domestic revengeseekers? …..are you smoking something?…hold your breath and swim fast crackers?….LOL you really are uneducated and a total waste of time and effort. “CRACKER” you find a word then over use it ….”stupid marmite monster!

  26. What is this Malemaaaaaa “SKAAPIE” on about?…geez so many stupid ones but they on the net…LOL…and still going on about our white skin …but this one sounds more like a female to me ….no i think mother nature wants you lot gone your eat everything into extinction… you destroy everything you touch….and it is you that everyone hates because they see how violent your nature is
    As for Europe they feed your black hungry arses and send medicine to keep your ungrateful usless things alive….so dont bite the hand that feeds you…..anyhow i am board talking to you you to stupid for intilligent conversation.

  27. Who the fuck is that kaffir shit. Get fucked baboon. Why is there not a single success story in modern africa today, because of colonialism you black shits always say. The fact is that some of ure countries are independant for 50 to 60 yrs allready.

    U useless uneducated assholes can’t stand it that the white people are allways so successfull and your kind allways fuck it up. When the first white man landed in africa with his modern weapons and goods of the time, you fuckfaces were still running around in dickskins and the land you lived in was undeveloped.


    Maybe it’s time u stop blaming everybody for ure inability to develop ureself and then humble yourself to the very people you hate and ask them to teach u some skills. Even Malema asked the whites to please transfer their skills before they leave. That sounds like an acknowledgement from him that u can’t survive without us. Can’t live with them,can’t live without them.

    Why are about 10 – 15 ANC controled municipalities in the country been put under administration because everything is falling apart. Why did 6 black babies died the other day in a state hospital. We can go on and on.




    U get ure ANC government to give us our own land and we both don’t have to bother each other again. Otherwise we will force it through either through The Hague International Court or else we ARE MORE THAN WILLING TO FIGHT FOR IT.


  28. I find it more possible now for blacks to leave SA for Canada,to take advantage of your system,than south african whites.They are stubborn,they are stupid,they think always a Canada will exist to the final days.No!!!!!!!And most of Northern and Western Europe its not the fine place like in the 70s-80s,things are getting worst.If whites in SA are so hardworking and sensible there countries which will appreciate them and not discriminate,rape or kill them.

  29. Yeah the whole human race indeed originates from Africa,but a great deal of them evolved outside Africa and a great deal of them stay the same,especially in Africa.A lot of non blacks are different not because they are not blacks,but cause they have an average 40 to 50 IQ plus more than blacks.Surely many scientists are blacks,but compared to their number they are a drop in the ocean.They prefer wasting their time playing basket,doin drugs,wandering around,listening to crap than sit their ass down and study.Its very rare to find a black geek.They see maths and fuck away.They makin a mess in the class and then they reach 20s and its like “oh dude,what im doin now,im a totally losa,i waste ma time,get laid with every hoe i found,but no,no no degree Aaahh the man,he should find me a job,cause i dont know its the mans fault “.

  30. Who wrote this article? That was all a load of bull. Why you destroying our country before the world cup? Im glad people proved you wrong about us killing white people its only that farm guy and trust me it was not a race related matter. All the tourist who were here could not belive that this is the country in the article. Why cant we all just live in peace cause articles like that anger people its like putting salt on a wound we recovering from apartheid. Your writing skills wont take you far if you keep pumpin lies

  31. Who wrote this article? That was all a load of bull. Why you destroying our country before the world cup? Im glad people proved you wrong about us killing white people its only that farm guy and trust me it was not a race related matter. All the tourist who were here could not belive that this is the country in the article. Why cant we all just live in peace cause articles like that anger people its like putting salt on a wound we recovering from apartheid. Your writing skills wont take you far if you keep pumpin lies

  32. You think because the world cup was successful that nothing is going on? Get a clue. And what the f**k does this article have to do with the soccer?

  33. Y’all need to get a grip..SERIOUSLY!!! Black, white, yellow, red… whats the argument? At some point in time all people have been wronged. Accept it and move forward. In todays world every person deserves to have a choice of where and how they want to live their lives without fear. Those people who choose violence, hate and racism -especially those financially profiting from it) should be locked up period. I and I am sure the majority of others would gladly pay tax dollars for that.

    If you dont like the life YOU are living, then change it. But dont try and make choices for or change others. Everyone has the right of choice. The right to live peacefully.

  34. You people need to get out of there before those people start killing you off. Leave that country so it can erupt in a civil war like every other African nation. Most black Africans commenting on here are equally, if not more racist than any white there.

  35. i,am really desapointed about the black, sorry i am black too.
    what i want to say is that ,please look around yes in your roum and tell how many thing was made by the black people,nothing yes i said nothing, yes those people who eat only , use only and produce nothing, yes black is lazy, even you ,yes you are lazy, and you have to admit it , i am not talking only about south africa but about the entire world, go to america and si what the black people are doing, dealing drugs, go visit their home, and you will have idea, and please you can see by yourself how many children in south live without their parent, because of what black people are more interest in their penis than taking care of their future, you black use that word culture all the time. why? when you meet a black pregnant you have to know that she,is not married and that child that she carried will never get the surname of his father because of the culture, please when i met you and went to thw bed you where not virgin. so why do you use that word all the time, i am so angry about the black race, how many people got hiv in south africa, most of them are black, why, because they take care of penis only than their future, you black don,t create company, you always wait for the white people ti do it and then after that you come ask for job and when they refuse to hired you , you go out and crie racist, please brother black and sister black, thing about it. amd write me back, and i don,t know why you can vote for anc and you still knows that you will suffer with them.. and i believe something , if the DA take that country ,everything gonna change, but i know black are stupid, and please even you who pretend to be american , because i know something about the american, they don,t care about other black african, so you are immigrant in america and you are not american.

  36. it true men ,but it our time black to steale as you white stole for more than 300 year our hospitality. it our time to enjoy with our things. it the time…..

  37. This world has been created by someone whom evreryone will account to ,that is why you will never choose where you are born and which color you will come with , so as you hateful and hate others , Know that human been is more precious than world goods, so as you came empty handed so you will go empty , no matter how bog is your name , just get ready to give account to the one who send you ,there you will know what is reel life , we are here in a school reel life start after you have departed from here , you will be reely dead here and somewhere else alive then you will account , so wake up , you all white and black to the reel life and take good care of the bautyful garden that the Creator gave you, don´t forget you will account every word and every action you have taken , thanks

  38. My father fought in the civil war in Zimbabwe, and lost to Mugabe and his cronies.
    He immigrated to South Africa with NOTHING, in the hope of a prosperous future for himself and his family. From a lifetime of hard work, he was able to put me though university and raise me with a good upbringing.
    I immigrated to the United Stated last year in the hope of a future for my wife and myself, I’m not staying around to entertain the civil war in South Africa. I moved here with NOTHING, and yes, like my father, I work hard every single day. I’m not stealing diamonds or gold or land from any race, I don’t even know how this argument came about? I repair electronic equipment, is that a crime against any race?

    Unfortunately too many people are ignorant enough to hold on to racist grudges from the REALLY DISTANT past.
    My wife is Jewish, and believe me, she has more right than any ‘minority’ to cry about the crimes against her race. Under Apartheid rule, no group was burned and tortured in the MILLIONS, and yes, forcing them into exile! The only exile I know of concerning Africa is when racists in Zimbabwe forced my father and his family out!
    I’ve not ONCE heard my wife complain about her ancestral history, she is mature person and as such, has worked hard for what she has.

  39. I wish all the black people, in every European country went back home to Africa. All the black people live in slums and commit violent crime. Send them all back and bring back whites in their place. Black don’t belong in Europe, why do they come. In fact blacks, do not belong in the pure, beautiful north.

    It will the best and safest place on Earth without the racist blame the white person black.

  40. No , You can say that , My children are black born in Europe , holding European caracteres and beheaviours, that is not the case to drive someone from somewhere, listen, i repeat myself . In this world we are in the school , do not let material goods blind you, love the other human, like yourself , no need to be jalous at one another , but let us back the bones of one another and we will be at peace. If we make wars , in Africa or elsewhre it is human race that is loosing for there is only one race the human race Did you see the wonder in Britain one black family gave birth to a pure white baby , they conducted all genetical test to find out if the mother commited adultery,for the black father didn´t want a white baby, but the result was positif ,the black mother was the mother and the black father was the father and the white baby was theirs.

    So please let us wake up , if someone is anoid seeing a black or seeing a white ,he is blind selfish and will perish at the end when the Creator of all things will demand accountability to everyone, those that killed jewish people made a big mistake, Human must know that they are made in the image of the creator and that we have one source , from mother Eve und father Adam, those that are rich let them continue to enjoy in their riches, and help the poor by educating them and helping them to bring out of their brain the power in it., and those that are poor , get knowledge , go back to school no matter the age if you are a peaceful person , your creator will help you and you will find a good samaritan who will invest in you , do not kill the white even if they mistreated you before , do not revenge for we all have red blood , fear the creator , please fear him, and do good ,decide to do good all the days of your life.
    If you want to get knowledge and do not have the money , research for your creator on the internet he created you and he knows the potential he put in you, if you look for him you will find him ,here on the internet and he will open the door that no human can open for you. Our problem is to be willing to do good and decide to do good . For farmers they know that whatever they sow they will reap it in abundance , so do good and good will continue to purchue you all the days of your life , no matter where you are and which color you have , do good and treat other fair and good.

    Hate is wrong. Killing is wrong. Racism is wrong. Whether it be black or white. But for us to curb these vices we have to go at the root of the issue and at the core of the issue. And that issue as evidenced by some of these comments is that “white” man really thinks he is superior than the “black” man and entitled to certain privileges and a status that the “black” man doesn’t. As you may imagine this does nothing to quell the deep pain and hurt that many Africans feel. From 1400+ years of Arabic enslavement, 400+ years of European slavery, then Colonialism and Imperialism the wounds have a while to heal. But meanwhile we are willing to leave in peace and harmony just so long as you treat us as human. Otherwise in our pain and hurt we will feel vindicated and find a sense of retribution by fighting against a system that we feel has kept us down for such a long time. So to all colors: Please be sensitive to our needs, our history and we will be sensitive to yours. This is what we the Nguni people of Southern Africa call “Ubuntu”. look it up.


    Let’s start with facts:

    It is a fact for thousands of years Black Africans inhabited the continent of Africa. It is a recorded Fact that the first use of writing, first heart surgery/cataracts surgery, first great monuments of architecture, first use of paper, the first use of the decimal numbering system that has literally shaped all forms of Math and Science came from no where else than Africa.

    In fact history tells us for at least 4000 years Africa as the continent was the super power of the world traveling and trading as far as China and making appearances even in North America.

    History, Biology, and Archaeology tell us that the first species that today we call humans were Africans and anyone reading this is an African by ancestry. The “Black” Africans that are “ignorant” those are you parents. You have parts of their DNA in you, literally.

    Was South Africa stolen from the blacks? Well whom did the British pay to buy that land? Whose permission did they ask?

    But haven’t the British/Dutch contributed to South Africa? Isn’t life now much better? Who is to say life was worse in the traditional days? With the “whites” Africans saw Colonialism, Racism, Extreme Poverty, Humiliation, Degradation, Cultural genocide, land pollution, air pollution, exploitation, exploitation of physical labor and of natural resources.

    Look at the times of Shaka Zulu crime did not run rampage. Look at South Africa now?

    But yes the Blacks are in power but why haven’t they made any changes?
    Who has most of the high paying jobs in South Africa? Is it the general black population or is it the White and Indian population? Who still controls some of the best lands South Africa has to offer? Is it black farmers or white farmers? Where does South Africa borrow it’s loans from, is not the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank? By the way who controls both of these institutions? Is it now “White” people? Are not these same “white” people the ones who borrow money to SA and demand favors that endup leaving the “Black” at the bottom of it all?

    What country can refuse the IMF and WB’s demands? Look at Zimbabwe and think again if South Africa wants to be like that. By the way what percentage does the entire continent of Africa hold in these institutions? 4%. FOUR PERCENT of the votes go to all of the African continent, and Europe and the G8 have over 90% of the say of demands they impose with these loans they give to South Africa and other countries.

    So I ask again are the “Blacks” really in power? What black South African nationalist would not want to take over the diamond fields and give them to the “people”? If South Africa were to forcefully take back some of the land that was illegally taken and occupied by the British and Dutch and is still in non-black Africans do you think the U.N. would turn a blind eye? Do you think sanctions will not come quicker than they’ve hit neighboring Zimbabwe?

    Before you say the black African has not contributed anything to his livelihood or to world history or achievements, go back and read what Herodus the ancient historian says about some of the contributions to the world. You will find that Sophocles and his fellow “Greek” historians actually went to school in Black Africa, Black Egypt to be taught philosophy. You will learn that for 4000 years the library at “Alexandria” in Egypt was being filled with knowledge that later Archimedes would claim to be his own after convincing Alexander the Great to take the thousands of books in that library. You think Archimedes was a mutli-genious? hardly likely. In fact some of the ideas of the Greek Philosophers were so foreign that they were killed and persecuted by the early greek states. These my friends were African philosophy and doctrines and this is recorded by Hebrew, Greek and Roman historians.

    Thank your “contributions” mr. “white man”. But don’t think you’ve made us any better. You have made many of us bitter almost as the savages you thought you would find but like Albert Bryant (lexicographer) was amazed to find a culture based on respect, humility and integrity.

    Yes let’s ALL leave together in piece, but the more you claim you brought us a better life (colonialism, apartheid, segregation, degradation, humiliation, cultural genocide, forced labor, pollution, exploitation, stealing of natural resources and labor, the destruction of a proven livelihood) think again.

    It seems our traditional education system was perfectly fine, it made us people with hearts. But I don’t know about the “white” education system and what it does to people. It seems it has caused so much wars, so much greed, so much exploitation, so much inhumanity, so much unprecedented destruction. Yes thanks for “bringing” religion and contributions to medicine, but don’t forget that our medicine was preventive medicine and now modern Science is proving the exercises and herbs/plants treatment given out by the ‘demonized’ so called “witch” doctor were truly inspirational and effective.

  42. If black Africans are so great, why do they cut the hands off of other black Africans so they can’t vote? Why do black Africans rape and pillage other black Africans for profit, pleasure and power? How come those kind of black Africans don’t receive the kind of criticizisim that white Africans do? Africa is one of the most violent continents in the world still today.
    Perhaps we should homogenize all races and do away with all the bullsh!t dual racism. Blacks are just as racist as whites. Right now we’re all no better than a bunch of animals, ripping and tearing each other apart at the throat. We’re good at infesting the earth and killing everything in it. May God have mercy on us and end this madness soon!!!

  43. You write as a real brain box, but as soon as I see the mis-information I stop reading

    According to Joseph Needham, decimal fractions were first developed and used by the Chinese in the 1st century BC, and then spread to the Middle East and from there to Europe.

    Christiaan Barnard. (White)
    He performed the world’s first human heart transplant operation on 3 December 1967, in an operation assisted by his brother, Marius Barnard; the operation lasted nine hours and used a team of thirty people. The patient, Louis Washkansky, was a 54-year-old grocer

    Cataract surgery has a long history. It was first done in India in the 5th century BC by a surgeon named Susruta who did a procedure called couching (or reclination) in which the clouded lens is pushed into the back of the eye, permitting better but by no means normal vision. Couching was still done in some countries until the mid-20th century. The first description of the cataract and its treatment In the West was in 29 AD by the Latin encyclopedist Celsus who performed the practice of needling (also called discission) of cataracts to break up the cataract into smaller particles to facilitate their absorption. Modern cataract surgery was first done in 1748 in France by Jacques Daviel who removed the cataract from the lens. Today, the IOL is now usually the best type of cataract surgery.

    Paper invented in China in about AD 705
    The use of paper spread from China through the Islamic world and entered production in medieval Europe in the 13th century, where the first water-powered paper mills were built and mechanization of papermaking began. The industrial production of paper in the early 19th century caused significant cultural changes worldwide, allowing for relatively cheap exchange of information in the form of letters, newspapers and books for the first time. In 1844, both Canadian inventor Charles Fenerty and German inventor F.G. Keller had invented the machine and process for pulping wood for the use in paper making.
    This would end the nearly 2000-year use of pulped rags and start a new era for the production of newsprint and eventually all paper out of pulped wood.

    The discovery of writing was not a one-time event and not proven to be from one place.

    I live in SA and it’s a sad place what will never change thanks to the ANC & ANCYL

    If you study get the facts.

  44. For this comment, I hope all whites rise up and start killing blacks . Whites can’t even defend themselves without being called racist .

  45. Can’t I just have my r.f.I.d.chip all ready!!!!! They will preach to us liberalism with the hope of creating class wars . Socialism is the required state something like the oll russian communist days hard times my brothers.. You’ll be taxed more heavily as resources will be getting scarce. A few will benefit greatly off the remaining commodities ,of coz crime will increase likewise the value of your monies will decrease you will not be free I am so sorry mandela I’m so fuckin sorry. Seems to me lawlessness and corruption seems to be the order of the day. Good luck with your communist manifesto all you all have lost your fucking minds Ek is afrikaans ek is gebore in suid afrika en ek is ‘n afrikaner en have you seen the storehouses of hail wich GOD has reserved for the day of trouble. Eish the heathen!!! Like I say I’m so sorry really’ I’m so fuckin sorry……………

  46. It’s not about white or black. There are stupid racist whites and stupid racist blacks around the world. These are the filth that society needs to get rid of. These are the idiots making life unbearable for others. These are the ones who treat others badly because they were born a different colour. Fuck all the racist idiots of the world.

  47. I didn’t realize that there is a silent “ethnic cleansing” going on in South Africa. When will the hate stop? It’s time for progress, not regression. African people are too good for this sort of retaliation. This seems to be retaliation for things done in the past. People need to forgive and embrace their African brothers and sisters of all ethnicities, religious backgrounds and color. Don’t let the efforts of those who fought for freedom and justice in the past and present be for naught. Show the world that Africa is better than that.

    Note: I have to beg to differ on your analysis regarding your take on “whites” civilizing the world. Whites did not civilize the world. Europeans (not necessarily white in color but European decent) traveled the world in hopes of prosperity with trade, territorial gain, geographical power/control, religion, etc.

    With this mission in mind, Europeans invaded other lands and forced their “civilized” views on people who had their own culture, religion, beliefs, etc. It was never a matter of choice. It was a matter of survival for those who stood in their way.

    Civilized: You said: “Europeans/European descendants realizes (whether they admit it or not) that SA would be as uncivilized as the rest of the continent if it were not for the whites that came to that part of the world.”

    As subtle as your comment is said its very old school thinking. The old school thinking that brought wars to a good and potentially prosperous nation like yours, Africa. Get out of the box and stop thinking in a fashion that tore your country apart. It is so subtle in nature, but the words pierce through like a double edged sword and I’m not even African.

    What is civilized to you? In the process of obtaining power and riches, Europeans brutally killed, raped, and tortured people who stood in their way. Women and children were not left out either. For some, they became slaves and were shackled and forced into unhealthy life threatening conditions of which some did not survive. I know, I know, you know this already. This is your history. I’m just reminding you as your comment seemed to present that the European (and American too) invasion was a pleasant and civilized experience when we both know it was just the opposite. People were brutally stripped of their heritage and identity. How is this civilized? Your subtle words reveal a hidden belief that you find yourself better then those indigenous to their land stating if it weren’t for your ancestors they would be uncivilized. How awful is that? Now do you understand the hatred of some? Not to justify their actions, but take a look at your insensitivity.

    Please don’t take me as a hater towards Europeans. I’m part European decent. I simply hate ignorance. I feel for the South Africans and cannot imagine the fear some must be feeling and/or going through. Personally, my South African friends have not mentioned this at all which is why I’m astonished to hear this news. I always knew there was some animosity left from Apartheid back, but not to the extent mentioned of white South Africans living in fear. I got the impression things were progressing. I have “white” South African friends and I would hate to see them living in fear. I wish nothing but the best and prosperity for Africa. I think and truly believe a potentially great nation.

  48. When I am weaker,I ask you for my freedom,because that is your principle;but when I am the stronger,I take away your freedom,because that is my principle.


  49. But I read in a book, half a yellow sun, that in Rodesia blacks are being killed and in other places their human rights are being taken away. Or is this fiction or propaganda or is it fact or is what you report Fiction, propaganda or fact
    Well I am very sorry for the news you speak of, and I wish it wasn’t so as I’m sure a lot of families do to. And the horrors and terror of how the British Colonies were won is forgotten as well? I suppose yea let sleeping dogs lie and all…how do UB40 sing it? “I’m a British citizen and I’m proud of it, while I carry the burden of shame”

  50. Good. At least SOMEONE recognizes the cancer and is taking actions to relinquish them from this world.

    I also like the guy going on a tirade using “sub human apes” as an insult against Afrikans. Why do white people get damned offended when justice is served?

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  53. I agree. The rest of the world is watching over us for quite some time. And know we are at a turning point. They had their chance and messed up. The world is no longer on their side. We have wrongs on both sides, the difference is that we can control and handle those people and situations and correct, they can’t. Their norm is corruption, murder, stealing, develish behaviour and they can’t control it, it is in their nature and leadership. This is also where their democratic power lies, with all these useful idiots. But eventually they will destroy themselves with their wicket behaviour. HIV, hunger, poverty, destruction of buildings, roads and land… the list is very long cannot be blamed on the whites and appartheid anymore. Now the world can see for themselves what we are dealing with. I agree, appartheid had to go. But now the world can see…

  54. you stupid ignorant fuck……grab a rope and start swinging from a tree…you dont know youre forefathers guess you dont even know who your father is you stupid most of you so called black opressed people, you were pissed out on the pavement outside a night club…

  55. Africa should be for africans i totaly agree with Julius Malema when he says Dubula ibhunu.these people stole the land of our fore fathers,the minerals and everything.i totaly agree with him when he says the mines must be nationalised it is true we cant have the wealth of the nation being earned by individuals who dont belong to the country while our people are suffering.Africa should be returned to its perfect owners which are the blacks

  56. Stole the land from your forefathers? You dont even know who your forefather is, you dont even have written history, you invented nothing until the whites came along, you lived in huts made of cow dung and had no electricity, go back and get a education. Idiot Name one African that invented something significant, come on you wanna tell me Africa is for Africans then lets debate about it. Who discovered electricity, gun powder, cement, vehicles and even the wheel? Not Africans. You want Africa back? We’ll leave and come back in 5 years when you’ve wiped out each other and starved to death like the rest of Africa. F**ken idiot.

  57. You racist!!!!!!! If white people never came to this continent you would still have been naked in the bush- so how would you have been able to mine the minerals huh??? Look at the rest of Africa- they never had apartheid thus their blacks are equally as bad off as you. If that is your mentality then ALL black in Europe and America must be killed as well right??? My family have been here for 350 years you %$#@! I have just as much right to be here as you! The only original people in this country is the Koisan for your information- so all you blacks are intruders too I guess. Stupid racist- you should burn in hell, and you will oneday!

  58. Africans were in Africa how long? White people had to come from the other side of the planet to discover Cape Town. Black people’s never been in Cape Town until white people came along.

    We fought our way up Africa and we’ll do it again.

  59. What type of hair brained philosophy is that? Then they should evict all the African Americans and white people from America; same goes for England all Europeans, Indians and Africans should be removed. If a country only belongs who is indigenous to the country all the blacks should be removed out of the whole Southern part of South Africa seeing as the Khoisan and Bushmen where the only indigenous people from here. The Xhosa’s and Zulu tribes all come from more northern regions such as Limpopo.

    Look around you open your eyes your ‘leaders’ have lied to you. They want to keep the blacks hating the whites so that they can stay in power. Most are corrupt and does not care what happens to their own people. What will it bring you to wipe out the whites? You wipe us out you wipe out the majority who pay tax, you wipe out millions of jobs and most of all you wipe out the economy. Other countries will stop sending money and investing here and you will go back to living in a mud hut with no electricity. Look at Zimbabwe do you think anyone except Mugabe and his comrades are benefiting from forcing out the white minority? The answer is clear, No and you won’t either.

  60. The fact that you agree with anything Julius Malema has to say automatically disqualifies you from any intelligent conversation, but I will try anyway. Unfortunately Julius is the epitomy and absolute embodiment of racism on legs. The crap that sprouts from his lips can successfully fertilize enough ground to feed the rest of Africa. I really hope that SARS cannot pin anything on him that will send him to prison because then he will be fully qualified to become the South African president one day… God help us! It is very easy for black culture to blame its shortcommings on so called white racisim, colonialism and appartheid, and Malema uses this to spread his absolute hate of white people to you and others like you. What happened in the past was absolutely wrong and black people suffered a lot due to the short sightedness of the whites back then. Can you honestly however justify the things happening in this country today? Racism has made a 180° turn around, with the big difference that anything and everything white South Africans has built up over the years is being shunned and destroyed. The ANC has had more than 15 years to uplift the black people in this country, yet all it has achieved is to enrich a select few, like your friend Julius. The average black South African person today is worse off than they were before the elections in 1994 (I dare you to differ from me). Kindly detach your ears from the low grade garbage that Malema pukes up and use your own head… think… open your eyes. Where would this country be today if the whites never set foot here? I don’t know, but judging from the rest of the so-called free African continent… well, work it out for yourself. Instead of thinking along the lines of ours and theirs, why don’t you put the past behind you and concentrate on building a better future for every South African of any colour, and send Malema to go jump off a cliff! I don’t know how old you are, but ten to one you do not even know what it was like back then. All your actions and thoughts are poisoned by warmongers and absolute racists like Malema. Prove me wrong and show that you actually are an intelligent human being, think for yourself and live in the present. I suppose I’ve wasted my time and effort in replying to your comment above, but hopefully someone will read this and use their brains to get out from under the influence of people that do not know what they are talking about and only want to spread the ugly face of racism.

  61. The black poeple of South Africa are being brain washed. Before the whites came to south africa, all the black tribes fought against each other stealing cattle from each other, going on raids against each other stealing each others land, basically the strongest tribe had the most land and cattle. When us white people came along, we bought land in exchange for cattle and later for whatever the Kings or tribal leaders wanted in exchange for it. But even then when we legaly exchanged the land for cattle blacks killed the whites for the said purchased/exchanged land. We stole nothing from any blacks. Learn your history instead of showing how stupid you really are.
    The white people were doing straight and honest deals with your leaders. We didn’t steal anything from you. We fought a war against you later on which we won, the ANC and swapo saw they will never win us by fighting man to man, instead you blew up woman an children like cowards. PW and De Klerk gave away this land our forefathers bought and fought for. What I basically want to say is, when black fought, kill and stole each others land it was OK, but when the whites bought and protected what they bought from your forefathers we are wrong. I am putting it to all the blacks out there stop being so naive and stop being brain washed by your leaders. I am all for eqaul oportunaties but scream racist whenever something doesn’t go your way!! Just look at what is happening in our country what your leaders are doing, this just make my point so much stronger……….

  62. La di da. I guess I’ll be heading over to Egypt to ask the current government for compensation and land rights because of my “forefathers” the Israelites who were treated as slaves 2000 YEARS AGO!!!
    Some people just have no brains whatsoever. Please, PLEASE, go back to school and ask your teacher for a real education. And when you get it wrong, ask him for corporal punishment, so that it can sink in to your thick skull. Stop making people angry on these forums with your stupid, uneducated mentality.

  63. What do you mean whn you say people do not belong in SA? Sir, today’s world is different from the former days of colonialism and subsistence economies. Instead of fuelling anger and hatred, wouldn’t you rather we educated the black child with the best quality education our country can afford and provide for the vulnerable through viable healthcare and social distress alleviattion programmes? Let white South Africans live in peace and you will reap the benefits of stability through economic and political progress.

  64. sorry my boytjie. Africa may be for blacks, so why dont you go back to your native land, Zimbabwe?? South-Africa belong to the rest of us. Ag en please man take tog fat little Julius Malema with you. When ou Mugabe dies, Malema can be king and you the ‘nar’ F**king racist!

  65. Black people are not the rightful holders of Africa. That is a comment so stupid and filled with racism it shows your lack of intelligence and breeding. All people are from Africa (origin of the human race ). Africa is home to all who live here. Rightfully.

  66. which egg did u fall out of ? let me guess u prpbably dont even have matric ye,t u agree to some idiot saying kill people to get our land back. At the end of the day u gonna go ahead and kill people for something that u wont get at all and the master mind planner wont even back u up. we suffer at the end of the day while our geverment reeps the benefits of our our sweat and blood. what example are we to our children to come? what do we leave them to inherit? crime ,rape murder,theft and just being a plain and simple ass hole at the end of the day.

    wow i am so proud of your stupidity and i guess you just made me wonder y am i proud to be south african when there are idiots like u and malema.

  67. You are an idiot and obviously have no education. How embarrassing for you. The mines will NEVER be nationalised. The reason for that is that you and your kind are not capable of running anything. All you know how to do is destroy things and live in crime and filth. If we did not come in you would still be running around in the bush hunting etc because that is all you know how to do. I am not a racist, infact I have many black friends that I honestly adore. It is apparent that all you want as well as the likes of Julius Malema is war. Get over yourself because Apartheid was not our fault. We had no control over it so why try punish us? You are pathetic and you and your kind will NEVER get rid of white people in this country so GET USED TO IT you uneducated IDIOT!!!! If you are not happy here why don’t you move and make the remaining good black and white peoples lives here better. I do not agree with apartheid, I think it is disgusting that it happend because it was immoral and uncalled for. Just as there are rotten black people there are ALSO rotten white people and I wish those trashy people would go away. I also don’t agree with what Eugene Terre Blanche did with regards to black people but I also do not agree with how he was murdered. It was disgusting and thats all the likes of you and the idiots like you know. Stop going on with the crap you write and just go away or better yet move to another country and leave the good blacks and whites to be happy and move forward together.

  68. so if the “white” people are killed, what exactly will that give south africa as a nation?should we forcefully remove the very people generating wealth for this country (whether they’re white or not). the only time I would agree to remove someone from a position is if there is someone who has proven to be able to do an even better job than the predecessor. failing that, we are really damning this country to the likes of Zimbabwe. what is the point of removing somone able to do a job and giving it to someone who doesn’t even know the basics? that makes no business sense at ALL. i think when it comes to the commodities that our country is blessed with, we should maintain a purely business sensible decision. Personal feelings have no place in business. and as harsh as it is, we are still at a disadvantage as black people in that we are still learning about the management of some industries. Until we have skilled ourselves (which is possible, my peers and I are living proof), we should work and not expect handouts we cannot manage from the government. this Nationalization idea from Julius is bull and should be kept to himself. I don’t trust our government to do an equally good job of managing the industries as the companies are already doing, not when we read of corruption and fraud on ALL government levels. I refuse!! I don’t want to imply that one race does a better job than the other, I believe in working hard with ethic and letting those who know how to do a job, continue with it. I’m a very young black woman, and really now more than ever, the idea of leaving my country is becoming an option for me even though I vowed come what may I would never leave. I work closely with government even though I am in the private sector and with my limited experience, I have seen enough to make me distrust our government.

  69. The world will NOT see. The media is controlled by those who will make sure that the “correct” facts are published.

  70. The media is not the only media. This is why the nation must use several blogs, e-mail, web sites via the Internet to get the word out. The only control now is for those to iliterate and dumb to use computers and won’t pass the maths question to get their message on. This is what we will rely on, thinking out of the box. Another natural control in our hands. Brain Power.

  71. HOW CAN WE BE WHEN the ruling party advocates killing us white people ?? And believe it – Boer is the white SA.

    We should and could all live in peace but men and barbarians cannot communicate.

  72. its not about who did what or who stole what in the passed, when the white man came to our land we were not as advanced as they were but that does not mean that we did not have any systems in place to advance our selves. when the white man came to our lands they did not bring with then the change they claim they brought…….. l believe that even if the white people had not come to south africa we would have found a way of advancing an bettering our selves,

  73. Ever thought about why the rich become even more wealthy?

    Because they keep on dishing from the poor.

    Ever thought why the politicians are living in posh areas, driving cars that no average South African can afford? Because they earn mega bucks, yes those bucks were set aside to improve the poor and rural areas. But while your dishing, why not help yourself to seconds?

    So think about this, the average salary is between R2k and R10k pm. What is a household (black, white, pink, green, yellow) of 3 or even 5 people going to do on a salary of R2k? Imagine this household as a single parent situation. Where are they going to get money to feed the kids, pay the bills, pay for the roof and afford an education – nevermind paying for the over priced taxi’s / public transport or a fancy BMW?

    Now tell me, do you honestly think those arrogant, buttered politicians in the parliament cares a rats-ass about any of the people who can not afford to pay for the privileges any human been should have (no question asked)?


    Simply no. I repeat, the answer is no. They do not give a rats-ass about anything except their own short lived wealth – the thing they will not be able to take along after death.

    So why don’t you take your rage and energy and start wiping out fraud and corruption where it impacts all the needy/poor?!

  74. “I have many black friends that I honestly adore” in essence patronising.
    “Get over yourself because Apartheid was not our fault. We had no control over it so why try punish us” dubious whether you supported Apartheid,but benefited from it.
    .” I do not agree with apartheid, I think it is disgusting that it happend because it was immoral and uncalled for” it was called for to give the Afrikaaner AEE,meaning Afrikaaner Economic Empowermnt

  75. Ah – someone who also had the peels removed.

    We should start at the top as they are the biggest liars.

    You poor black souls who pray and hope for nationalisation of mines ect. It will only be the Juluis’s and Zuma’s who benefit. (like they currently do with their tender and other fraud)

  76. You poor black fool.

    If the mines get nationalised it will only be the Zuma’s and Malema’s that will profit and you will still be a poor black fool. Your people had this country for 16 years and what have you actually gotten?? If you got the mines it will probably be like with the farms. While the “wit baas” is in control you know what to do and do it, but give the farm to the blacks and suddenly the workers are too useless to maintain it for even a year.

    All of South Africa is currently suffering, as a direct result of your poorly elected circus of a government.

    Which brings me to the next point – my family roots can be traced back to 1661 when my forefather came here. Can you even trace your own father hmm? First know your history before trying to make claims – by opening your mouth you show your ignorance (in language you understand = stupidity).

    By the way: After how many years are you “previously disadvantaged”? Were you even born before 1994 you stupid fk.



  79. Brilliant idea! Lets complete the picture and return to the 15th century as well, seeing that our thinking has now become so primitive. I propose all Africans migrate back to Africa, that will free up some space and then we can return to Europe. That includes ALL AFRICANS. I mean lets do it properly. Do not come to ask for food. Do not come to ask for help. See where I am going with this? How far back to you want to go into history? How far do you want to blame? Heck, maybe we should blame Noah for building the ark and allowing his sons to repopulate the world. So stop being a Hypocrite.

    Your thinking has died out with the Renaissance era. Go read the book “The World is Flat” and start doing something for yourself. Engage the Afrikaners. Work together and lets tackle our countries problems. Go get an Education, study hard and you will make a name for yourself. The Afrikaners are not leaving Africa as the Africans are not leaving Europe nor any other non-African country. We now live in the 21st century. Yes, mistakes were made. Apartheid was wrong. But think carefully. The National Party handed over political power (peacefully!) and we have our Democracy. Remember nationalism is not democracy. Its socialism, and will only benefit the few rich black and white elites, bowing to their Money Powers masters of world. You and me will continue to argue on this blog, while they sip, champagne, laugh at us and continue “bitter songs” that has no place in a civil democracy. Can’t you see how they dividing us? I say Nationalize the corrupt government. now we are making progress.

    I look forward to your answer. Go in peace brother.

  80. All you people are fucking retards for arguing like this on this website- it is futile and if you cant see it-what does that say. It is difficult to not be a racist in this country but we have to just do our best to do good. If theres a fuck up and we all end up fighting so be it, then pick a side, grab your gun and go for it, but you sound like a bunch of primary school kids-youre stupid-youre stupid-no youre stupid- but I invented this- but I invented this-youre this colour-youre this colour-you have curly hair-you cant dance. You may hate each other but can you just try believe in God or greater Good or whatever you want to make life easier for everyone.

    I cant wait to see the comments to this from the KKK and Black Power for this one.
    Fuck all you assholes!!!!!Amen

  81. Bru firstly, you dont know what the fuck youre talking about mr robert younblood so please shut the fuck up-indians-obama.just shut up

  82. and if whites never took charge where would africa be???? YOu are too STUPID to figure out how to mine. TOOO STUPID to farm (proven in ZIM)…thanks to whites you are where you are. Say thank you and acknowlege and accept that whites are brighter (Spont the pun if you can)…
    You take all the good paying jobs but are too stupid to do the work and have the poor white dude working his butt off because he has to do your work that you dont understand…
    South Africa is fucked without white people and you damn know it…

  83. This website is proof of how divided we all are! Stop this Kindergarden bickering … who is running away with the bone? All these idiots who are telling you who the bad guys are!

  84. Malema’s “SKAAPIE!…..Baaaaaaaa…he like the rest of the BEE wearlthy are living in the lap of luxury while the rest of you lot wallow in the muck!
    He is rich and he will keep you poor … use you to further his gain!…because he knows you his own stupid breed of SKAAPIES”.Baaaaaa…..Maaaalemaaa…..Maaaaaaaaaa

  85. GREAT another fool “fuck” why did they waste the taxpayers money trying to educate some of them!
    By the way have you watched T.V they have found that all humans come from Africa …some evolved and went forward becoming bright, clever, and inteligent and able to develope all kinds of things to better their lives. BUT ALAS “OTHERS!!!! ….had small brains and could not evolve so stood still through time and kept on fighting each other …..and sadly you are one of those….LOL

  86. HA HA HA HA …you would still be wipeing your arse with grass and leaves…..ha.ha.ha.ha……thanks for the laugh i need that…you idiot!!!!…..LOL

  87. Today its hate for whites, tomorrow it will be hate for Indians, then hate for Coloureds or the other way round we already see the insults flying around….it will never stop …and dont forget the Chinese who asked to be classed as black…LOL
    They enjoyed so much in the “Apartheid” years……rode on the same white buses, worked in white bussinesses, went to white schools and their own special schools, lived in white areas……had shops on almost every corner one of the chinese shops where i grew up the owners lived RIGHT NEXT TO THEIR SHOP?,……they also dated whites, and were classed as whites…….hell! the house my parents were renting was sold to a chinese couple
    But because the government it seems wants money from China they have allowed their request for their people to be classed as black ….so they can enjoy BEE and the rest ….although they were never previously disadvantaged….shows you money talks in South Africa…..LOL…..and blacks still swallow what ever they fed?…have they ever wondered about how good the chinese lived in the apartheid years!!!???????????

  88. Today it the white man they hate and want out the country…tomorrow the Indians, then the Coloureds…really this is a case of shit for brains!!!!!!

  89. fuck you asshole i know the jew kissinger and the ford administration cut off fuel and money to this country and put robert magabee in power. and we have a black commie in the white house so please go fuck yourself asshole.


  91. the only racial hatred in your country our from the blacks who are killing white people. as a white person this angers me. so god forgive me for standing up for my race.

  92. so if africa is for africans. what do you call the people that were born here??? catch a wakeup, are the so called africans going to pay the whites in south africa for all their hard work and investments??? This country has been built up over the years by whites and white investors – european investors, american investors. What have the wonderfull Julius Malema supporters do for this country except, drop out of schools, strike for more money(only country in the word this happens by the way). Dont strike do something like finish school and find a better job. BEE is all out there for you guys – enjoy. Best of all is still how beautifull is it when government workers that are supposed to clean the roads and the country litter strike. How idiotic can people be. Stupidity. when they get their increase they just made their own lives worse…? they have to clean their own mess. So all im saying is that dont come with africans and Julius Malema is right cause youre not. We all are south africans trying to make a living. And how can we do that if appartheid has just gone vice versa? Stop being the biggest racists and always blaming everything that a white person says on rasism and look in the mirror people.

  93. Dear Anonymous

    Please educate me, how did the “boere” steal the land from the blacks?
    Also please state your age, where you were born and where you got your facts from.

    Looking forward hearing from you.

  94. If you are a Parliament employee, you can easily earn R90k per month!

    Yes that is R90 000 per month. Of course after tax it is a lot less, but for people sitting in the parliament to sit and sleep… that is extremely unfortunate for the poor souls such as pensioners and unskilled people.

  95. Or the Indians will be deported back to Asia, and the coloured women will be forced to join the “tribes men” and the mens slaughtered such is tradition…

  96. You do not know the dynamics of this country, purely because you do not interact with us. The daily interaction in South Africa entail that all sorts of people mingle – willing or not. Most of us are tolerant towards each other.

    Your statemement, although very patriotic, misses the bullseye. We have not just “racial” issues but cultural/ethnic issues – note that I do not use the word hatred, it is differences we have with each other – maybe because we haven’t walked in the others shoes, do not know each others background/situation.

    Coloureds do not like the way they are being pushed out of the system, just as indian and whites do not agree with the 16 years of post affirmative action still being first and formost. Our skills are being overlooked to encourage Black Economic development, yet it only fuels corruption and funneling of funds to certain individuals instead of the whole of the black population and in the end the whole of the economy.

    So, Youngblood, please wipe your feet on the welcome mat before you try to speak your mind in our household.

  97. Africa should be returned to the africans?..umm, yeah cos that turned out REEAALLLYYY well in zimbabwe didnt it?????

  98. stupid. Your words will incite a war that you cannot win. A panga versus a gun. Last time round you got a hiding and it will happen again. Once again we will show mercy because we are Christians and once again we will grant you freedoms that you will probably abuse. God Bless you and I hope you change your views before it becomes too late.

  99. Yes and so should the U.S. we’ll trade your whites for our blacks. This way people don’t have to die. You can have all the blacks. The U.S all the whites.
    Just being sarcastic, you see this problem should be solved with the love Jesus showed us with his sacrifice. He died for all men to be forgiven, reguardless of skin color. Forgive your trespassers and solve the problem by loving your enemy. This will turn them into your friend over time if you also promote Jesus’s love while living and practicing it!! Good Luck!!

  100. Africa contains many peoples, most opf them in the central and Southern parts were migratiing tribes. The Xhoza were moving along the South eastern Coast and by the time the European settlers arrived in the Western Cape (Capetown) the Xhoza were still to the East of the Kei River. In the Cape area the only inhabitants were the Khoisan peoples (also called Bushmen) The white farmers moving away from oppressive British rule moved Eastward and monly met the Xhoza peoploe at the Kei river in the Eastern Cape. In Natal the Zulus occupied most of that part of the country. farmers moving nortwards met and defeated Mzilikatze general of the invading Matebele from across the Limpopo (modern Zimbabwe) The white farmnets actualy halted the genocide that the matebele were perpetrating on the inhabitants of the Transvaal. Most of them fled into Botswana. So who is the original owners of South Africa? In many cases not the blacks. Your forefathers were intent (and still is) on killing anybody that wre not a member of their tribal group. The genocide among the Hutuis and Tutsis of Rwand/Burundi is a case in point. Your people are suffering not because of the whites afterb 1994 but because of the total corruption of the Indian and black government of South Africa. Black ineptness and corruption are styill being blamed on whites. The truth is that you are more racist than any white man. You possess a cruelty that laughs at the horrible torture that you inflict, not only on whites but anybody else regardless of colour. The recent violence perpetrated against Zimbabweans in South africa illustartes this barbarism very well.

    Your illiterate hero Malema, and Dubula ibhunu (kill the whites -Boere) just illustrate the problem-black ignorance. And that is the great shame, literate, cruel, murderous tyhugs that wnat to fix all their problems by murdering it out of the way.

    When you are done with the whites, and they have either been murdered or tortured to death, the killing and cruelty won’t stop. You will turn on each other and it will be Zulu against Xhoza etc. And South Africa will be as Malema said to Mugabe , like Zimbabwe, well on the way to anarchy and famine and acollapsed infrastructure. I hope you will survive what is on the way in RSA

  101. The Africans would never have known about the minerals if it wasn’t for the White man.Let’s not forget that.

  102. Ag shame!!! All the African people in Zimbabwe also agreed with Mugabe, then they ran to South African where the farms are still farmed by whites that know how to farm. All these hungry Africans from Zimbabwe that agreed with Mugabe are crying to the White world for help! When this country was ruled by Whites the Rand was even stronger than the Dollar, And now????? 90% of African people cannot farm, this was proven over and over. RSA need farming as it provides food, looks like you don’t eat!!! If you agree then you must have a st2 in woodwork. And for the record, nobody stole any land from the African people. Check out your history properly, all people originated from Africa. The whites moved all over and built up everywhere and then one day decided to come back to Africa to see what a good job the African people did here only to discover that they still lived in the bush. That was when they said ag Shame!!! let us help this poor people and built up South Africa as well. Now don’t forget like i said we all came from here that was when they said, we want a land claim my grandfather lived here. So you see the thing of the land claim come from far back then. Now where did this white man stole your land???? If any black people overseas don’t have any claim, but here in the good old RSA the whole world can lay a claim!!!!!!!

  103. If we are all so stupid why don’t you f….!! For one you are the stupid one, you don’t have a clue what is happening. Go back to your knitting, mummy’s boy!!!

  104. So does that then mean Europe should be for Whites only?

    If we send all the Whites back to Europe/America, then we should send all the Blacks back to Africa, right? Including Barak Obama.

  105. how can you be so cruel? did this generation of whites ask to bw born here? the new generation of whites did not bring apartied to south africa so why should they be murdered for what others did? just because they were born with a white skin tone now they cant live or even get a job in south africa! if they cant get jobs how do you expect them to afford to leave the country! its narrow minded people like you that cause rasism.i wish peace in south africa



  108. You can say the same for the united stares blacks dont belong here does that mean we should kill them if so im def in for that

  109. Dear Anonymous, your comment of Fri, 2010-03-12 10:02 makes sense. Unfortunately in the whole world it does not work that way.
    Hope Julius Malema knows that those, not belonging into the black race, would have to tare down all houses, designed and financed by them, demolish all buildings, uproot all roads and leave the country in such a way how it was found. How about it? We call today people living in America “the Americans”, but actually that vast land supposedly belongs only to the Red Indians, it was and is their land. So, whereto with all the non-americans and non-africans? Strangely enough, blacks from the whole of African travel to and stay in Europe because of economic benefits. So, when American throws out their non-red indians, and Africa gets rid of their non-Africans, Europe should send back to Africa those, who ethnicwise are from Africa. Ditto America. I guess Mr Obama will not be very pleased about this…

  110. It is such a shame that someone would post such an uneducated set of comments.

    Yes, Africa once belonged to “Africans”.
    America once belonged to “Native American Indians”.
    Australia once belonged to “Aboriginal natives”
    New Zealand once belonged to the Maori.

    It is called discovery. Without it, where would Africa be today?
    Africa is an ancient land with slow progression in comparrison to the rest of the world.
    Without the white “invaders”, there would not have been any mines to create any wealth.
    Now there are mines, and you want them Nationalised.
    It’s because of the mines we have, and the control the “owners” have on them, that the South African economy is not in a complete mess.

    Without white medicine, there would only be traditional medicine… and we all know how well beetroot works on HIV! Please!
    Tradiotional healers are telling Africans that having sex with a virgin cures AIDS! Come on!
    This is leading young african men to rape two month old babies, thinking that they will be cured…. SHOCKING!!! not as shocking that the idiots believe the Sangoma!

    Face it, if it wasn’t for “white” or foreign intervention, the continent would have wiped itself out by now.
    Unfortunately, like many governemts, the white Nationalist Party feared the large opposing force, and introduced group areas and Apartheid.
    This was a terrible thing, and I can only imagine how terrifying it must have been in the heat of the struggle.
    Thgankfully the spirit of the masses prevailed, and freedom was granted.
    ANC was voted into power, and here we are today…. sixteen years down the line, and what do we have to show for it?

    The level of education in “black” schools is still shocking. I know a girl (Yes… she is white) who is trying to uplift black comunities, and knows of a buch of kids, aged between eight and 12 years old, in school, grades between Grade 3 and grade 6, who still cannot read or write! yet they are pushed through each year, in an attempt to make the school look good.
    This mentallity will never work.

    Every couple of months, I attend certain work realted courses, and share a classroom with black, Indian, coloured and white students. One thing i notice every time, without fail…. the black students never ask any questions!
    Why is this?
    Is it because they are more knowledgable than the rest of the class?
    I thought so at first, until the exam is done, and many of them failed.
    The teacher asks why none of them asked any questions when we were covering the subject in class, and there is an overhwelming silence.

    It’s because they are too ashamed to ask a question in front of the other student, in case the other students think that they are stupid! I was told this by a black student.
    This is so backwards!

    Unfortunately, besides governemt policy, nothing has changed in South Africa, even after 16 years of “Black Rule”.
    The rich are still getting richer, and the poor (predominantly black) are stil living in terrible conditions, with an extremely slow rate of upliftment.

    All the ridiculous policies of Affirmative Action and Employment Equity are quickly reducing the number of educated and skilled white people in high performance roles, and replacing many of them with under qualified “black” people, who quite honestly, not fit for the job.

    This is extremely unfair ont he newly appointed black person, who now has to try explain why he cannot match the person he has replaced. it is demoralising and stirs hatred.
    This hatred is matched only by the white person whose job was taken.

    Once again, we are heading back to where we started.
    It is appartheid in reverse… but it’s killing the country all over again.

    I think it should be mentioned that whites are not responsible for the wiping out of black tribes in South Africa…. the Zulu tribes in the past did a pretty good job of that themselves.
    Where was the unity then?

    This beautiful country needs to quicky change its mindset, and work as one.
    Putting the right people in the right jobs, creating more wealth in the economy, which hopefully, in turn, will be filtered back to society, where it is in dire need.

    So, if you still feel that killing all the white people will be the answer, then ok… go ahead.
    I give the country ten years tops, before it becomes the second Zimbabwe. A country which was once named the “bread Basket” of Africa….. based on the amount of wheat they produced.
    What do they produce now?
    Nothing more that refugees.

    Don’t let it happen here. Use your comon sense, stop living in the past, get over the culture of entitlement, and start working with people of all races, and not against them.
    If South Africa could exist ias a nation, the way we currently are, unified by sport (Thank you FIFA 2010 World Cup), this would be a marvelous place.

  111. What!! are you an african? Im a white african and proud of it. Theres something you dont realise here and its not being racist, Africa wouldnt be like how it is now if the white man didnt go over there, like building roads importing cars and the list goes on. I TOTALLY DISAGREE what happened in the apartheid erra but what you have got to realise is that yes the black people are very angry and because of apartheid they do not vote for a white person and kill alot of white people, the black man is just as racist as the white man people dont realise that but this conflict is running the country down. you would think that now there is a black government South Africa would be a better place for the black person. Your wrong, they spend money on useless things instead of helping to fight poverty aswell as crime and aids etc. During the world cup the south african government destroyed hundreds of houses in the public areas so the people of the world wouldnt see the slums and poor people, making it look like africa has changed. HA! You say we should leave it to the blacks but do you know something. having a South African passport allows you to go nowhere unless you have visa after visa it is difficult to leave the country alot of people are trying but just cant. I could go on all day about this. I Believe in equal rights an hope to see South Africa abetter place in 10 years time.

  112. have south africa back,but do not think you will ever have food and money again,when white man is gone. you all will be back to killing your own type and joining africa.You show me one black president thats in the first world,not climbing tree and killing,show me before you kill again,if i was back at SA ill would make it my to track black killers and make them cry for mercy for kiolling people,

  113. Go F**k your self… The leader you agreed with said…. I will rather kill myself than Commit Suicide…. IQ = -89

  114. So if you say Africa is for Aricans ONLY..then you must agree that Europe is for Europeans only? Which would lead me to believe that, as per your dumb thinking, that ALL Africans shouod therefore get out of Europe. This would then mean that, as you in your dumb wisdom think…Africa can then look after it’s self and will refrain from coming over to Europe with your non-stop and ever-empty begging bowl everytime you guys screw up your country?
    Grow up you dumb ass and learn your own history before you talk about your ‘fore-fathers’ the only TRUE people of South Africa are and were the Bushman, everyone one came afterwards!!

  115. Nazi’s believed in the same principles as you, the only difference being is they were educated! you want cleansing … bring it on … you will all die… … …. ….. you have nothing, absolutely no chance , you are primates, monkeys, you have what we give you, ungrateful rodents!

  116. U are uneducated and a blind fool.If you could consider the killing of ppl for less than R50 just because of hate of the past. It tells me 2 things. You have realny never met “there terrorist” at war or experience the loss of a loved one by these people. Have you ever seen a beautifull young womenstabbed to death after she was raped and a broken broom stick was pushed into her vagina and caused internal bleeding????

    If Africa only belongs to the “africans” then you should take this rasionilization to other countries to, Like America, Australia ans.. to name a couple. It is a well known fact that the settlers never stole any land when settling in South Africa, They found ruines. The “Afrcian” had never in the past had any sustainable culture. The tribes where area dominant and pushed the weaker tribes away. Go back to you history books.

    “Perfect owners which is the black people” have you any idea what you are saying, if it was not for the terrible white man you would most like not exist today, you would have no healt system, you would live in poverty and be uneducted, Yes hate us for what we have done for you. What have you done for us????????

    Appartheid was there because the whites realized that you cannot integrate the “african” style of living or change it to be more civil without consequences. Look today at your brothers dying like animals from drough, wars, corruption and no food.

    Like with all africa countries, you people really believe that the “afrcians” struggled so much under the settlers,,, you are all fools. The white mans biggest problem is that they needed slaves in the past to do their work for them, and just like in the past at some point the slaves are more in quantities than their masters.

    The people that is today known as freedom fighters was in actual fact “terrorist” including Nelson Mandela who went to prison for his struggle because they planted bombs and wanted to poison the drinking water….The world deserves to come to and end…As it is now its cruel, hated, blind, mislead and brainwashed by the media while normal honest good people lose their lives for nothing because they are pawns.

  117. This is racist “Africa should be returned to Blacks” Whites did not steel your land – all the land was not yours, some we bartered for, bought and discovered. SA Africa is mostly white mans land – you should go back to Botswana, Mozambique, Transkei, Lesotho, Swaziland, Nigeria … Stop falsely claiming what is not yours! You will spin and believe any lie just to score some extra bread, money, land … the problem is your greed which starts with too much children you cannot afford or love but just so you can brag or have more tolook after you when you grow old – so selfish and inhumane – we call it child abuse – that is what you are child abusers – this keeps you looking poor but inside you know you rich with more children and then when you have to pick up the tab – you blame the whites. The problem is not the whites but you greed. The game you have is to blame – shame on you! Proud SA African

  118. The black people migrated from sentral Africa down south were different tribes clashed to become rulers of certian terroritries.The so-called boers traded land from the Zulus legally and has the documentation to prove this fact untill this day.As the country of South Africa florished,black people migrated south to The western Cape to look for jobs and oppertunities.When the first setlars arrived in Cape town there were now black Africans established in this area.This area were inhabeted by the hottentosts a tribe the walked the beaches.This tribe are also facing extingtion today,as the Xhosa tribe now claims the hole Southern Africa for them selves pushing minority groups(people with the knowledge) to run a country aside.Zimbabwe already learned the hard way.It is a fact that instability will hit SA in the near future were millions of black South Africans are going to starve to death.

  119. The white setlars discovered the minerals not you fools.You did not have the tecnology and gear to deep 3kms deep asshole.

  120. Are you an idiot? White people have been living in Africa for thousands of years..where do you think the Europeans came from?

    If Africa is fir the Africans, then Europa and all other countries must then throw out the blacks back to Africa. Thats fair aint it?

  121. there are not many real white south africans, they are arrogant because they had black servants to clean their filthy houses and care for their offspring they raped black workerson the farms and everywhere else so you are the scum of the earth when did an afrikaaner do anything right you are as stupid as baboons the blacks are cleaner than you and have soul you lot should go and live on the south pole, then you may be white from the cold , scum god will see you in hell evil wicked people you hate the british they are cultured so why do you scum come here and speak your stupid afrikaaner language, even the dutch have a laugh at you you are not hollanders you are mixed with africans so just accept that it is the truth and you tried to purify yourselves with apartheid but it did’t work you brought the germans in and they went for the beautiful mixed race girls. stop your bellyaching and get working for a living you robbed the blacks of their hard eaned money that you stole from the dop system you created someone who knows please tell the truth about the dop system to enlighten people what thes skaapie jaapies have done to ruin south africa.

  122. Dude are you retarded ? , What makes you more African then me , i was born in SA just like you , I may be whit, but boy your not more African then me!. i know that whits did do wrong in the past , But by killing people, to fix the problem or doing what that Julius Malema wants will not fix anything,

  123. Well if you look at south africa now and look at it when the whites took over you will see a difference. then they were world class exporters now they cant feed themselves. What would they even do without all of the mission trips, food and shelter whites and other races provide from all over the world. so take back africa starve to death or die from disease and we will proudly take it back when you are all dead

  124. We africans lived in peace in africa for at least a few million years without you crackers,so what the fuck do you think we need you now!!! You crackers are not food,air ,shelter nor water!! dumb ass cracker.

  125. You are a moron, your attitude is typical of your intellectually inferior lot. Without the whites South Africa would collapse into a violent totallitarian millitary dictatorship just like almost every other former European controlled state in Africa. The white man brought you the technology you rely on in your day to day life and it is the white man who maintains it for you, see how long you can enjoy the fruits of white innovation without the white man there to maintain it for you and keep it from crumbling in the hands of the lazy African.

  126. if people of my race have to leave your country then its only fare that your black minority should get out of europe and america fare trade?

  127. why is it that this new generation on whites think they are better than the rest of us… BECAUSE it’s been pressed so hard down our throats that the white man is BASS thats why.. I have lived in areas that have mostly white people[ because of my husbands work] and some of them are nice and others are nice if your money is available and most just ack like you d’t exist.. Can you imagine a 2 and a half year old friendly child asking why is that person[not white or black] but person being cruel to him for no reason as if he has some kind of virus… who white people might not realise that you do this but you do and this alone causes the rest of us to not like you [not hate] just not like you.

  128. so you saying all gold all over the world for millions off years was discovered by the white man only.. man get of you high horse .. when you guys were still in caves the non white world were already building houses and using there gold

  129. Ok first of all if you did any history you would discover that the English whites, and the boers arrived in South Africa around the same time on the southern coasts, while the black cultures moved in from the higher lands above south africa, ie mozambique, botswana, zimbabwe etc etc, the only people who were in southern africa at the time were the bushmen, not the colored people made by blacks and whites during and before apartheid but the proper bush men the men from the western cape area. Then with your comment on the all blacks should be in Africa is totally wrong, its like me saying that all the blacks should leave europe and america, and etc etc throughout the world, no we as humans have the rights to make our lives a better by going where we desire, the blacks that got taken from africa to go to america suffered yes, but the generations following them all got educated, thats where in this country south africa we got it wrong we didnt educate them during apartheid, and the ones who were getting educated didnt finish as they were fighting for freedom, but an eye for an eye does not work, I believe we all need to learn how to live together and how to help each other, no matter if you black white blue green, this land is not owned by anyone just like anywhere in the world people used to fight for land and the winner took it, then people bought land just like we doing now, so if my land gets taken away by someone because their mom worked there 50 years ago is wrong, this country needs the younger generations to stand up to work together, it wasnt our fault of what happened so many years ago we need to move on its no use reversing what happened onto the whites, it will just lead to a civil war because we can only take so many killings and wrong doings before it is enough just like they did to the whites during the end of it, then there is the fact of if they cared so much about their own people how come they only take for themselves for years the government promised housing to the people to take away the shacks, but apparently there is no money for that, yet there is a partition in place for the president to do a R770 million upgrade to the presidents house to make it more suitable for him, yet 1 house will cost R30 000.00 which means you could give more then 10 000 families houses with that money, then we get on the guy signing the songs about killing the whites his got 3 houses worth over 2 million each and more then 1 car yet we cant work for the people, they have culture differences too not just white vs black its black vs black like when they were buring each other in the townships, so when people like you come in and say that it belongs to this person that person and this and that, read up on our culture and put yourselves in our shoes, this country will only get better when we can work together and the government is not corrupt.

  130. South Africa has divided America since the 1960s. In a post-Apartheid era, it was jaunted by the American press that this nation will be restored. I have read jibing criticisms of the bureaucracy of South Africa; but if the only thing that has happened is a racial power swap… that the international standards of Justice is still not observed? Then, it was all for nothing. In the US, there are 4,000 white South African families here in Missouri. These people are principally employed as farm workers; and they weren’t here because of ‘immigration’, they are here under ‘asylum’! Our American government is quite aware of South African political problems. South African White Only politics was unsustainable in a post-Cold War world; thats the reason it fell in. Unfortunately, it has made that country invisible. I hope that South Africa can achieve stability, both economic and social… this is a nation that could potentially impact a lot of the problems on the continent? Best of luck, because a second failure could breed something more terrible in the future?

  131. I hope your long dead by the time this world finds true love and peace because your not good enough to live in such a time. Animal ! ! !

  132. Why aren’t you listening to me?

    I said that “your only hope is help from the US. Contact every high profile radio and tv talk and news show host and outlet in the US.”

    Michael Savage, Lou Dobbs, Bill O’Reilly, Mark Levin, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, Bob Grant, Joe Scarborough, Steve Malzberg, Mike Huckabee, Laura Ingraham, Ann Coulter, Monica Crowley, Michelle Malkin, Ariana Huffington, John Fund, etc, etc.

    Very active on tv and radio shows – US politicians/celebrities – Sarah Palin-R, Jesse Ventura-I, Mike Huckabee-R, Lou Dobbs-R

    US Senators:
    Orin Hatch, James Inhofe-R-OK, Jim Demint-R-SC, Joseph Lieberman-I-CT, Jefferson Sessions R-AL, John Thune-R-SD, Sam Brownback-R-KS, David Vitter-R-LA, Roger Wicker-R-MS, Saxby Chambliss-R-GA, George LeMieux-R-FL

    US Congressmen:
    John Boener-R-leader, Ron Paul-R, Eric Cantor-R, Peter King-R, Michelle Bachman-R


    This is your only hope. Americans get really angry about any kind of bullying to any group of people. But because you are labeled as rascists you aren’t getting enough news coverage.,

    Just tell the above super powerful and wealthy right wing Conservative Republicans, about what those animals did to that innocent girl and the other 1000’s and you’d be surprized, that they may start to get involved to the point of bringing you all to the US.

    We have a very good welfare system! The Republicans and Conservatives would want to help you, the Democrats and liberals such as Obama might not. But the US is going through a revival of Conservatism, so the time is now for you to speak up!

    In our country it doesn’t matter if the president is a Democrat in your case. We are a very high ideal and Conservatime country. We have a very large US Congress. Even some of the Democrats are fighting/holding up Obamas $$$ 1,000,000,000.000 $$$ healthcare bill, because they are pro-life and the bill is pro-choice.

    Michael Savage is a very powerful right wing radio talk show host with 10,000,000 or more loyal daily listeners, who would advocate the US invasion of your land to save you, if it were possible to get Obama to do it.

    He would start a drive for the US to save you from out of that land, which is not yours by the way. We in the US will not tolerate what these animals are doing to you. He will definitely devote a good part of his shows to keep bringing the subject up.

    You must contact this one guy in particular. He will go nuts for you on his radio show and will get his very large audience aware of the high criminal nature that you are all being treated and persecuted. Every now and then he talks about how they did the same thing in Zimbabwe.

    Just tell him about what they did to that innocent girl and he will try to save all of you.

    He will help to get important big legal groups involved to advocate for your people and help raise $$$ for your cause.

    America really does need hard working industrious European type immigrants. So don’t be so sure that we can’t work at getting you in here.

    But make sure to contact all of the above top high profile US radio and tv talk/news show hosts. It’s easy to contact them all. They all have websites, with lots of contact options.

    America takes in persecuted refugees, if it can be proven that they really are in danger in their homeland from a barbaric regime and/or people.

  133. I’M IN THE USA,











  134. I appreciate what you said! It’s not that I am not listening to you, it’s just that I did not know whom to contact. The list of people that you have provided is very helpful and I will be compiling a letter summing up why white South Africans in general fear for their safety.

    I don’t know if you heard about the white South African man, Brandon Huntley, that was awarded refugee status by the Canadian government. The story made a big stink in the local media and the ANC government made such a show of being wronged and that the man had absolutely no right to spread such a false message of our “wonderful black people” and that it was absolute bullshit. Anyway, the point is that, even though I think the government approves of what is happening to white people in this country, it will never publicly let on that there is a problem aimed at white people only, it wil always go under the banner of crime in general.

    I received an email a while ago with very graphic photo’s of the cruel way in which white South African women have been tortured to death during the so called farm murders. More often than not negligible things, like mobile phones and such, where stolen… in other words the main purpose of the attacks were to kill. I was physically nausiated looking at the images once, I couldn’t bring myself to look at them again. A further worrying element is a rumour that has been doing the rounds of a fully planned event called the “Night of the long knives” or “Uhuru”. The likelyhood of such an event I do not really believe in, but the problem with a rumour like this is in the fact of the hive mentality of black people in general. An idiot like the ANC Youth League president, Julius Malema, that absolutely hates white people, may just take it to mind that this is a great idea and with his influence on the black youth implements the plan to a certain degree. I am not a conspiricy nut, but knowing the mentality and barbaric nature of many of the black people I believe there to be a real danger that certain elements based on “Uhuru” may happen, just not on the grand scale of the so called plan.

    Well, I’ve said my piece. I hope that America will be able to help curb what is happening in this country once the facts come to light. More than likely, however, concerned white people in South Africa will be made out to be backwards, racist, colonial rejects that hate black people and feel threatened by the new ‘democratic’ country and it’s ‘peace loving’ black majority.

  135. Go here, it is a very useful list of all 100 US Senators and the link to their websites contact/email page.

    If you can get others to do the same, it would be better. Don’t hold back. Tell them exactly what’s happening in full detail.

    Also send follow up emails telling them that this is an ongoing situation and show them the latest, to keep their interest and so that they might send you a follow up email, which is a good sign that they’re going to get involved.

    Don’t use your real name, address, email, phone # etc. They will be ok with that and the form email will be sent to them when you press send.

    For 1st and 2cnd name you can make up any name you want.
    for example; 1st name; South — last name; Africa
    1st name; People of — last name; South Africa
    etc, etc.

    For address: you can just use South Africa, SA, SA 123, etc.

    City: South Africa or any SA city + South Africa.

    The state: is always a drop down menu: Pick the state that the Senator is representing, they’ll appreciate your attention to detail.

    zip codes: This is easy to do. For each US state go to search that states zip codes and you’ll get a full list of alot of different named counties and towns for each state, with similar but different zip codes. Pick any one of the 5 digit zip codes and use that for that states email form where it asks for zip code.

    phone #: If they want a phone # do a search on that states area codes and use the one that’s for that county or just pick one from the state. then just make up a 7 digit phone # like this: If the area code is; 231 phone # 231-342-4534

    for subject drop down menu pick: foreign relations, foreign affairs, etc.

    for email: If you want them to contact you you can use a yahoo email address that is set up anonymously with any name, address, etc.

    or just make up an email such as The email form accepts it.

    Use open project TOR/Firefox browser from here on in for this kind of private work. It absolutely keeps your IP private. It shows anyone who tries to backtrack your IP a TOR browser IP which has nothing to do with your IP.

    Make sure to use it when you set up an anonymous yahoo email account.

    TOR browser can be downloaded in 5 minutes and it works very well. It makes all of your internet activity 100% anonymous. Read the TOR website that tells you how to avoid non-anonymous mistakes while using TOR browser.

    With TOR browser you cannot open pdf’s or watch any kind of video, etc, read their website. I use it all the time for this kind of stuff. Don’t use any add-ons or toolbars with TOR browser.

    You’ll get used to it. Read their easy to follow instructions webpage.

    For regular personal stuff I don’t have to use it. Nothing to hide. But don’t go to the same websites with your TOR/Firefox browser and your regular non-TOR browser such as IE or regular Firefox. Always keep those website visits seperate or your non-anonymity could be tracked.

    ISP’s have logs of all their customers internet activity, but with TOR browser they cannot track where you go to after they send you to the TOR network. They do see that you are going to TOR but that’s it.

    And the webpages you visit get an IP reading that is not your IP, and it changes every 10 minutes.

    The more people that use TOR on any ISP the better.

    You said:

    “More than likely, however, concerned white people in South Africa will be made out to be backwards, racist, colonial rejects that hate black people and feel threatened by the new ‘democratic’ country and it’s ‘peace loving’ black majority.”

    No this won’t happen. Get in touch with those Conservative talk show hosts and you’d be surprized how they become outraged at this widescale reverse racism.

    There can be no justification for what they did to that girl and countless others. Americans would like to invade your country to bring law and order there.

    Contact:, Mark Levin, Joe Scarborough, Steve malzberg, John Fund, Glenn Beck, Laura Ingraham, and the list goes on.

    Can you clear something up for me. What are the victim statistics since 1994 in South Africa?

  136. Thanks for the help. The crime statistics I will try and find out. The problem there is that most of the statistics available are doctored and not very accurate. We had a big story in the media a while ago about this. On paper the situation looks much better than it actually is. I’ll see what I can find however.

  137. Take the total number of blacks in south africa, divide it by the number of whites in the country, and for every white person killed where they write “kill the boer” in that hapless victim’s blood, the corresponding number of blacks should be killed and some very offensive slogan should be written with their bloody intestines.

    so if SA had 10 whites and 100 000 blacks? well you do the math…

    i sued to be a pacifist, non racist…go figure

  138. I just want to take a step back before we start nuking anyone!

    Whatever I say in this blog is just my personal point of view based on a rational analysis of things I perceive to be true. That said, I still think there is a very real threat and underlying campaign towards getting rid of white people in South Africa. There are many white South Africans that feel that we are crying wolf and that our “fear” dictates racism. Yes, there are those people on both sides of the colour divide that fit the bill perfectly, but there are also many people, like myself, voicing a very real fear of a potentially explosive confrontation building between black and white South Africans that could lead to a second Zimbabwe or even white genocide.

    Keep in mind that not all black people are immoral monsters running arround with machettes, chanting “kill the boer”. Unfortunately most black people in South Africa, like the rest of Africa, are very poor and live in ghastly circumstances. Due to their poverty, culture and belief system they are very easily manipulated by clever and dangerous puppetmasters. Just as there are extreme racist elements in white society, there are black people that hate white people beyond any reason. These hatemongers harbour a tremendous amount of power, through lies and threats, over many of the impoverished black people and thus creates a sub-culture of inhumanly cruel monsters with the sole purpose of killing and mutilating white people. I say again this is not all black people, just a sub-culture. Unfortunately, due to the vast majority of black people in South Africa, this still translates into a hell of a lot of potential barbarians. Link this to the fact that new gun laws, aimed at disarming people with valid firearms (mainly white) and incompetent security services (in many cases), as well as a government that does not really believe in the “democracy for all” shit they’re shovelling, wide scale corruption and politicians that get away with saying almost anything against whites, and you can see why I feel threatened.

    Children (black and white) raped, abducted and murdered for muti (a form of traditional black medicine), women raped, tortured and killed while their husbands are forced to watch before being executed themselves, farmer’s being senselessly murdered, people being assaulted or killed for almost no reason at all and so on, are some other factors that contribute to the general unease of many white South Africans. Yet again I say that this is not all black people and many blacks suffer under the same blight as whites, the big difference is however that there is a definite underlying racially motivated campaign against whites based on hatred for what the white man stands for and what we have “done” to the blacks in the past.

    The reason for this entry is just to make you guys understand that I do not hate black people in general and am not a down and out racist. I dislike what they are doing to whites in this country and I fear for the safety of my family, based on events currently taking place in South Africa, should the mob mentality of the black sub-culture decide to mobilize against us. I live in a relatively small city and we do not have the constant fear of people in a city like Johannesburg, for instance, but just listening to the things beginning to happen here im my town makes me cringe. I visited Vancouver in Canada a few years ago and there I realised what we are missing in South Africa… and I want it for my family and myself, and every other person in this country.

    Many people emmigrating to other contries are often told that crime is everywhere. That is true, the big difference is that in South Africa crime is not only perpetrated by criminals, but by black barbarians that do not feel any remorse whatsoever for raping or killing a two year old to use it’s genitals for muti, or hacking a person to death due to a difference of opinion. Just scan through media articles related to crime in South Africa and you will see for yourself. That is the problem in South Africa, barbaric black racists… not black people in general!

  139. I want to nuke them all.

    You should have stayed in Canada.

    Look it’s over for the whites in South Africa.

    The black race is a cursed race. They are below sub-humans. They are way below animals.

    If after what’s been done on those farms, they don’t let farmers arm themself at least on the farm and in their homes located on the farm than it’s clear they hate you and don’t care if the black criminals do those terrible things to you.

    They are in effect cheering them on to do those things to your people.

    What did you and the British do to them from 1900-1950-1994?

    Were they generally left alone as long as they stayed in their own neighborhoods?

    Were they treated the way that they’re treating the whites from 1994-today?

    Your people fought, beat, and made treaties with the Zulus when the British could not.

    You fought the British till they had to outnumber you so much and put your women and children in concentration camps as they took over the land, just to get you to stop fighting.

    You are a former British colony. So all of this is quite sad tro see happen to you. That’s why I am asking you, just how bad were the blacks treated by the British and the Afrikaners/Boers? Was it so bad to equal what they’ve done to 3000 whites from 1994-today, besides the 1000’s of other attacks where the whites survived the attacks?

    The point is only you can tell if there is any hope for the Malema types to be censured and even jailed by the good blacks who are in power, and for the 64 or more % black government of South Africa to become decent good people who would want to kill every single one of the filthy black criminals themselves, that has done those terrible things to the whites.

    Taking the land from all of the farmers and even reparations would be revenge enough for the past wrongs. So if the black government isn’t outraged and wanting to kill those black who committed those crimes than they are lke criminals themselves.

    Because anybody white or black who is a normal person would as a natural reaction want to execute every single one of these black criminals who killed those 3000. And to go all out to stop it from ever happening again.

    That’s why asked you just how bad were the blacks treated from 1900-1950-1994?

    Was it so bad that it could justify the majority of black gov office holders and black citizens, who would not do those kind of terrible crimes themselves, to then go ahead and overlook such barbaric criminal acts of torture and murder against white South Africans as,

    “well they had it coming to them anyway so who cares, big deal, and lets take away the white farmers guns too, so they can’t even defend themselves, ha ha ha.”

    This whole fiasco could have been avoided if the whites had realized a long time ago that they had to have a better plan for sharing the country with the blacks, and better treatment for them in general. While still maintaining their seperate communities.

    This way the Afrikaners would still be in power living seperate but not completely seperate from the blacks. In other words it was a strategic neccesity for the whites who were in power to have a highly prioritized and funded “more fair and balanced society solutions dept”, as part of their overall political and governmental agenda for all of its people/citizens, black and white.

    It is not possible for the whites of South Africa to live in these conditions unless the government is will to go after these criminals in a military fashion and wipe them out. Or at least let the whites try to protect themselves adequately with armed civilian groups/patrols whos mission is to stamp out the farm and home attacks, so that they can never occur again, without a bunch of arrested, injured, or dead criminals who try to do those crimes.

    If this is not the case, then it’s time to throw in the towel. Every vulnerable farm that cannot defend itself should get help from human rights watch on how to give their property as a donation to a charitable organization. Then those farmers should ask for relief to be relocated to a safe part of SA or to another country.

    If there are safe parts of South Africa fine stay there.

    But If you can’t be safe it’s over for you as a white Afrikaner/Boer in SA. Your long journey has come to an end. Unless you can tell me how you are going to fight back against this tyranny, unarmed???

    Your people were better fighters than the British, so any of you that cannot be safe and are not allowed to defend themself should declare ok, you win, we are leaving.

    First of all how can your white leaders let this go on. Why aren’t they petitioning the gov saying, “we must be able to defend ourselves 100% effecectively against these kind of farm and home attacks that have been and are being widely reported and are on record in full detail to have occurred.

    You have a very modern and powerful government system, why are you not doing more through that channel to stop this madness?

    If for some reason you cannot get the SA government to work with you to 100% stop this unprovoked barbaric criminal activity against the white people, you should start to get organized on how to either 100% protect the unsafe farms, towns, houses, apartments, or how to give up your property to a high profile human rights or charitable organization, who in return then helps you to relocate to a safe area in SA or in another country.

    Part of this program should also include how to help white SA citizens who do not own property but are not safe in their town, street, or apartment to relocate.

    For example if you have to go to court for a lawsuit against you by yourself you might not do so good in your case. But if you hire a good lawyer you might win the case.

    You must get as many US, Canadian, and European news groups, human rights watchgroups, and charitable orgs involved in this situation.

    Just tell them in detail about the 10’s of 1000’s of farm and home invasion attacks

    What arte you all waiting for?

    Get together and work in groups. Try and find ways to protect youselves by living in groups and in safer areas. Also contact your Afrikaner/Boer/white politicians and get them involved too. Watch out for any politicians who/that you might not be able to trust.

    The point is that you have to look at this part of your whole trek in SA.

    You came to SA, then came the British, you fought them hard. They eventually won but they had to then still get along with you. The mistake that was made was that the blacks were not/never included at least to an extent, that would have given them a fair share of the resources thereby letting them to pursue their own self determination, as part of the same country, as the country developed from 1900-1950-1990, etc, etc.

    You could have lived seperately from them in peace and cooperation. They would have their neighborhoods and you would have had yours. They couldn’t have bothered you because you were the ruling authority and your citizens also had the ability to defend themselves.

    You shoould have set the government up so that even though the blacks had the majority of people, that the government must always remain equally divided to represent the interests of the whites and blacks equally without downgrading the white ruling classes higher level of society.

    This all should have been planned for as the black population grew. There should have been no tolerance for brutality on either side. And their should have been strong bonds between the white and black politicians, so that when the poor and uneducated blacks rioted they would have been looked down on, and not supported by their own black leaders.

    In other words the blacks were not properly included/treated in the development of the country as a whole.

    It should have been written into the SA Constitutuion that any kind of violent criminal activity against any SA citizen is an attack against SA, its government and people and will be prevented, repelled, and responded to as strongly and quickly as is possible, by the police and/or military forces without delay, until those criminals are imprisoned or eliminated.

    All SA citizens have a right to keep and bear arms in their property, homes, and to carry for personal protection, and that right shall never be taken away from them, especially in the face of increased criminal activity.

    Anyone who uses a weapon in an overtly criminal manner including menacing and robbery would recieve harsh penalties for that in addition to the penalties for any other crimes committed, and would lose their right to carry a weapon.

    Theses laws are neccesary and designed to protect and defend SA citizens from all kinds of violent criminal attacks.

    That these laws cannot be repealed for any reason or by any majority vote in Congress/Executive order, so that innocent SA civilians cannot be terrorized, torchured, murdered, robbed, or assaulted on their property, in their homes, or in their towns and on their streets by criminals who have easy access to weapons.

    So in the end the blacks have won because of their high numbers and even higher outrage and discontent.

    So is it game over for the Afrikaners/Boers/whites in South Africa or is there any hope for them to consolidate and protect themselves 100%, throughout or at least in some parts of SA???

    You tell me, is their any hope for the Afrikaners/Boers/whites of SA to live their lives in liberty and/or peace, 100% free from barbaric-sadistic-maniacal-sociopathic-psychotic-deranged-depraved-psychopathic-cannibalistic-torchurer-murderer-criminals and their attacks?

    If you can at least defend youselves 100% on your property against a widely reported band of lunatic-maniacal-torchurer-murderers and robber/intruders than it might be possible.

    If not then it’s time for those of you who cannot, to organize and strategize, with the help of lots of highly renowned human rights watch and charitable groups/orgs who will get involved, if you just show them the 1000’s of horrendous-barbaric-sadistic-maniacal-sociopathic-psychotic-deranged-depraved-psychopathic-cannibalistic-torchurer-murderer-criminal/police/news reports starting from 1994-today.

    So what are you waiting for lets get busy putting an end to this tragedy once and for all.

  140. I want to nuke them all because they are not all coming to your defense. It doesn’t matter what the white SA government did to them, because the gov didn’t do anything like that to them, right ??? They are a wholly unclean race of people because of their highly publicised barbaric sub-human behavior and actions, not because they are black. Did you ever hear about what they did to their own people in Rawanda. And yes there are millions of good decent black people, no doubt, who are not to be desctribed as such. So my very harsh comments are not about their being black, but about how destroyed their race is as a whole, because of their highly barabaric sub-human societal and cultural history/practices by their corrupt leaders and masses of people. They are an overwhelmingly strange, weird, wild barbaric race of demonic animalistic creature-like criminals to say the least. The whites too were once a highly barbaric bunch amongst themselves and to the Africans, NA-SA-Asian-Indians and the people of India, etc. Some of their groups more or less than others. But they have evolved alot and there is absolutely no excuse for the blacks everywhere to not just getting right down to joining in that evolution for themselves in their own path too. Except that there is something seriously wrong with their race as a whole, as is proof in; Rawanda, Zimbabwe, South Africa farm and home attacks, and throughout Africa, inability to take it upon themselves to modernize their countries to even the most basic of civilized standards, with $$$ 100’s of billion $$$ in aid being given top them all of the time. Regardless of the white mans previous and continuing domination of the worlds economic, business, financial, and miltary power. The black countries-Africa have been given enourmous amounts of $$$, charitable and political aid and power-UN and countless other groups and orgs. To help them become more human-like. So where’s their progress from all of that aid/help. You should have stayed in Canada. Look it’s over for the whites in South Africa. The black race as a whole is a cursed race. They are below sub-humans. They are way below animals. There are also millions of fine decent blacks in every country by the way. This was achieved by them being educated and learning about not being just like animals and having some self esteem, obviously. If after what’s been done at those SA farm attacks, they don’t let the farmers arm themself at least on the farm and in their homes located on the farm, than it’s clear that they criminally hate you and don’t care if the barbaric savage animalistic black criminals do those terrible things to you. They are in effect encouraging and cheering them on to do those things to your people. What did you and the British do to them from 1900-1950-1994? Were they generally left alone as long as they stayed in their own neighborhoods? If not how bad was their treatment and to what extent were they intruded upon or unable to keep away from the maltreatment if they wanted to just be left alone? Were they treated the way that they’re treating the whites from 1994-today? Your people fought, beat, and made treaties with the Zulus when the British could not. You fought the British until they had to outnumber you so much and put your women and children in concentration camps as they took over the land, just to get you to stop fighting. The blacks who got in the way were also put in concentration camps at that time. You are a former British colony. So all of this is quite sad to see happen to you instead of ending up like the USA or Canada. That’s why I am asking you, just how bad were the blacks treated by the British and the Afrikaners/Boers? Was it so bad to equal what they’ve done to 3000 whites from 1994-today, besides the 10’s of 1000’s of other attacks where 1000’s of whites were terrorized, traumatized, terribly injured, injured and survived the attacks? The point is only you can tell if there is any hope for the Malema types to be censured and even jailed by the good blacks who are in power, and for the 60 or more % black controlled government of South Africa to become decent good people, who would naturally want to kill every single one of the filthy black barbatic sadistic criminals themselves, that has done those terrible things to the mostly unarmed and defenseless innocent civilian whites. Taking the land from all of the farmers and even reparations would be revenge enough for the past wrongs. So if the black government isn’t outraged and wanting to kill those black criminals who committed those horrendous, barbaric, deviant, deranged, depraved, psychpopathic, psychotic, sociopathic, and criminally insane crimes, than they are like and equally guilty as the deranged, deviant, and depraved criminals themselves. Because anybody white or black who is a normal person would as a natural reaction want to execute every single one of these black criminals, who tortured and killed those 3000 innocent people. And to go all out to stop it from ever happening again. That’s why I asked you just how bad were the blacks treated from 1900-1950-1994? Is there any justification for this level of their lack of sympathy or outrage in the face of such a high amount of regularly committed barbaric and heinous crimes? Was it so bad that it could justify the majority of black gov office holders and black citizens, who would not do these kind of terrible crimes themselves, to then go ahead and overlook such barbaric criminal acts of torture and murder against white South Africans as, "well they had it coming to them anyway so who cares, big deal, when they had the power/control look how they treated us/the blacks, and lets take away the white farmers guns too, so they can’t even defend themselves, ha ha ha, ha ha ha, ha ha ha." This whole debacle/fiasco could have been avoided if the whites had realized a long time ago that they had to have a better plan for sharing the country with the blacks, and better treatment for them in generalm while still maintaining their seperate communities which they obviously wanted. This way the Afrikaners/Boers/whites would still be in power living seperate but not completely seperate from the blacks. In other words it was a strategic necessity for the whites who were in power to have a highly prioritized and funded "more fair and balanced society solutions dept/program" in their governments system, as part of their overall political and governmental agenda for all of its people/citizens, black and white. It is not possible for the whites of South Africa to live in these current conditions unless the government is willing to join the other civilized nations code of conduct and to also go after these criminals in a military style/fashion and wipe them out. Or at least let the whites try to protect themselves adequately and unimpeded with armed civilian groups/patrols and farmers/citizens whos mission is to stamp out these, horrendous, abhorrent, abominable, barbaric, sadistic, psychotic, sociopathic, deviant, deranged, depraved, and criminally insane farm and home attacks, so that they can never occur again without a bunch of arrested, injured, or dead criminals as a result of them trying to carry the attacks out. If this is not the case, then it’s time to throw in the towel. Every vulnerable farm that cannot defend itself should get help from the many highly renowned human rights watch, anti-crime, and charitable groups on how to give their property as a donation to a charitable organization. Then those farmers should ask for relief to be relocated to a safe part of SA or to another country. If there are safe parts of South Africa fine stay there as long as they remain safe. But If you can’t be safe it’s over for you as a white Afrikaner/Boer in SA. Your long trek/journey in SA has come to an end. Unless you can tell me how you are going to fight back against this tyranny, unarmed??? Your people were better fighters than the British, so any of you that cannot be safe and are not allowed to defend themself should just declare ok, you win, if you won’t let us protect ourselves 100%, and you won’t protect us100% we are given no choice but to leave SA. Why haven’t the European countries governments and all its people and your relatives who live there, that you came from, defending and fighting for you at the UN/sanctions/boycotts/troops/peace observers, and in as many possibly highly effective political and diplomatic/sanctions/boycotts ways as they can? First of all how can your white leaders let this go on. Why aren’t they petitioning the gov saying, "we must be able to defend ourselves 100% effecectively against these kind of farm and home attacks, that have been and are being widely reported on, and are on record in full detail to have occurred. You have a very modern and powerful government system in SA. Why are you not doing more through that channel to stop this massacre/madness? If for some reason you cannot get the SA government to work with you to 100% stop this unprovoked barbaric sadistic human rights violation/torturous murderous criminal activity against the white people of SA. You should start to get organized in groups on how to either 100% protect the unsafe farms, towns, houses, apartments, streets or how to give up your property to a high profile human rights watch or charitable organization, who in return then helps you to relocate to a safe area in SA or in another cooperating country. Part of this program should also include how to help white SA citizens who do not own property, but are not safe in their town, street, or apartment to also be able to relocate. For example if you had to go to court for a lawsuit against you by yourself you might not do so good in your case. But if you hire a good lawyer you might win the case. That’s why you should seek help from as many human rights watch groups, charitable orgs, news groups, high profile news/political radio/tv talk show hosts, and movie/music/tv celebrities as you can. You must get as many US, Canadian, and European politicians, citizen groups, news groups, human rights watchgroups, and charitable orgs involved in this situation. Just tell them in full detail about the 10’s of 1000’s of farm and home invasion attacks in SA ever since the ANC took control of SA in 1994. So what are you all waiting for? Get together and work in groups. Try and find ways to protect youselves by living in groups and in safer areas. Also contact your Afrikaner/Boer/white politicians and get them involved too. Watch out for any politicians who/that you might not be able to trust in sharing your legal defense plans and activities with. The point is that you have to look at this part of your whole trek in SA. You came to SA, then came the British, you fought them hard. They eventually won but they had to then still get along with you. The mistake that was made was that the blacks were not/never included at least to an extent, that would have given them a fair share of the resources thereby letting them to pursue their own self determination, as part of the same country, as the country developed from 1900-1950-1990, etc, etc. You could have lived seperately from them in peace and cooperation. They would have had their neighborhoods and you would have had yours. They couldn’t have bothered you with their high numbers because you were the ruling authority, and your citizens also had the ability to defend themselves. You should have set the government up so that even though the blacks had the majority of people, that the government must always remain equally divided to represent the interests of the whites and blacks equally, without downgrading the white ruling classes higher level of society in any way. This all should have been planned for especially as the black population grew more and more. There should have been no tolerance for brutality on either side. And their should have been strong bonds between the white and black politicians, police, and military, so that when the poor and uneducated blacks rioted, they would have been seen as engaging in criminal behavior by all in authority black and white ands looked down on, and not supported by their own black leaders for such disruptive and uncivilized behavior. In other words the blacks were not properly included/treated in the development of the country and government as a whole. They were left out to to far of an extent, that it was unsustainable for them, and in the end they rebelled, you gave in to the pressure, and now according to them it’s payback time and your turn to be mistreated without a defense to fall back on. That’s it, that’s the reason that SA ended up this sad way. Improper planning. Just a tactical/strategic/human rights oversight/blunder on the development of the country as a whole, government and political system, and basic human rights guidlines. As the pressure mounted for black rule a preventive measure should have been written into the SA Constitutuion in lets say by 1985-1990 that any kind of violent criminal activity against any SA citizen is an attack against SA, its government and its people, and will be prevented, repelled, and responded to, as strongly and as quickly as possible, by the police and/or military forces without delay, until all those criminals are imprisoned or eliminated. All SA citizens have a right to keep and bear arms in their property, homes, and to carry for personal protection, and that right shall never be taken away from them, especially in the face of increased criminal attacks and activity which threatens their safety and well being. Anyone who uses a weapon in an overtly criminal manner including menacing and robbery would recieve harsh penalties for that in addition to the penalties for any other crimes committed, and would lose their legal right to carry and/or own a weapon. Theses laws are neccesary and are designed to protect and defend innocent SA citizens from all kinds of violent criminal attacks. That these laws cannot be repealed for any reason or by any majority vote in Congress/Executive order, so that innocent SA civilians cannot be terrorized, torchured, murdered, robbed, or assaulted on their property, in their homes, in their towns, and on their streets by; abominable-abhorrent-barbaric-sadistic-maniacal-sociopathic-psychotic-deranged-depraved-psychopathic-cannibalistic-torchurer-murderer-criminals who have easy access to weapons. So in the end the blacks have won because of their much higher numbers and their even higher outrage and discontent, from not getting decent fair treatment aiong the way, and the terrible conditions they are in, in SA. So is it game over for the Afrikaners/Boers/whites in South Africa ??? Or is there any hope or chance for them to consolidate and protect themselves 100%, throughout or at least in some parts of SA ? You tell me, is their any hope or chance for the Afrikaners/Boers/whites of SA to live their lives in liberty and/or peace, 100% free from abominable-abhorrent-barbaric-sadistic-maniacal-sociopathic-psychotic-deranged-depraved-psychopathic-cannibalistic-torchurer-murderer-criminals and their heinous attacks ? If you can at least defend youselves 100% on your own property against the widely reported bands of lunatic-maniacal-torchurer-murderers and robber/intruders than it might be possible. If not, then it’s time for those of you who cannot, to organize and strategize, with the help of lots of highly renowned US, Canadian, and European; human rights watch and charitable groups/orgs, news groups and their high profile, highly political tv and radio news/politics talk show hosts. Who will get involved, if you just show them the 10’s of 1000’s of abominable-abhorrent-horrendous-barbaric-sadistic-maniacal-sociopathic-psychotic-deranged-depraved-psychopathic-cannibalistic-torchurer-murderer-criminal/police/news reports starting from 1994-today. So what are you waiting for lets get busy putting an end to this SA tragedy once and for all. Also every one of those barbaric torcurer/murderer criminals who has not been captured, gotten a very long prison sentence or worse, should be pursued by the UN’s human rights/ethnic-racial cleansing/criminal courts to recieve justice on par and not less, for the horrendous, abominable, abhorrent, barbaric, sadistic, depraved, deranged, criminally insane assualt, torchure, and murder crimes, that they have committed undoubtedly by their own free will, no excuses ever to be accepted as mitigating circumstances, with regard to planned or spontanious racially motivated attacks.

  141. Don’t be crazy man. We have to engage these people very loudly through the media, embarass them through public debates and show that this is not acceptable. What is all this nonsense about you whities going to the US? You are listening to this US right wing KKK idiot? How gullible can you be? Let me advise you, the middle class, educated and religious blacks are more powerfull than Malema. I live in a black township and I’ve been working over time debating and convincing people that they have plenty to lose by listening to idiots like Malema. But your racist Boer brothers like Steve Hofmeyer, Eugene Terreblanche and Dan Roodt are not making the job any easy for Blacks like me who publicly lobbly for a united SA. They embarass our efforts. The fight for SA may ultimately turnout to be much more interesting than any commentator could imagine. When like-minded whites and blacks are on the same side fighting against both black and white racists. Do not be cowardly, white South Africans belong here, lets debate it. But the time is running out for a white racist in SA, we’ve been dousing his fire for centuries, the time may come when it becomes a crime of extreme intolerance and incitement. It’s now time for white and black SAfricans to fight the growing threat of black racism.

  142. I agree with what you say in regards to black and white people working together towards the future. Unfortunately, like evl said, more black people should think the same way you do. Like I stated previously many white South Africans, myself included, are not afraid of or have racist feelings towards black South Africans in general. What makes me apprehensive, however, is the “mob mentality” often displayed by a large number of black people (especially the youth) when faced with a situation where they are whipped into a frenzy by instigators with alterior motives. Just look at what has been happening over the past week or so when those two guys accidentally killed the four school children. The “mob mentality” I mentioned came to the fore without any fear of repercussions or punnishment. Yes, it is a tragedy what happened to the kids and I hope that Jub Jub and Themba are severely punnished for what they’ve done… BY A COURT OF LAW! The problem is, however, that the “children” were swept up into an emotional frenzy and started acting like barbaric hooligans intent on causing destruction, disorder and mayhem as far as possible. Now, those are black “kids” against other black people, how much the more could a “mob mentality” grow out of hand against whites in this country if they are whipped into a killing frenzy based on racial hatred and tension from a period they know nothing about but are intdotrinated into by hatemongers like Malema, and many others. That, my friend, is what worries me and makes me feel unwelcome in my own country.

    The government is not taking the matter seriously either and blames it on baseless fears by a white minority of racists living in the past. I am not a racist, I am not living in the past, I am more than happy to share every aspect this country has to offer with every racial group in this country, but unless goverment starts taking these fears of rational white people seriously and stops defending hate speech from highly placed political figures followed by harsh disciplinary measures of transgressors, I don’t know what this is all building up to. Nothing would give me greater pleasure than proving the whole world wrong regarding where this country is going, but at this rate I am afraid that it is merely a pipe dream and I genuinly fear for the safety of my family, myself and other white South Africans.

    Our constitution is seriously flawed in terms of what it promises. Unless black and white people work together, that is the way it is going to stay. Unfortunately our entire government is living in the past and unless they pull their heads from their asses and start seriously looking at dealing with all South Africans on an equal and fair basis, as well as stop turning a blind eye to reverse apartheid against current minority groups, us rationally minded black and white South Africans can forget abot changing anything in this beautiful country of ours. We currently have a hollow and false democracy which needs to be mended in order to help our constitution deliver on its promises to protect the human rights of every individual South African citizen.

    Thank you for being a person that believes in what the New South Africa really stands for and for what you are doing in the township. My prayers are with you and your efforts. If I could get one wish, it would be for all racists, black and white, to disappear off the face of the earth!

  143. You white people wannted to right the wrongs of the past,how is that possible when you had to murder in cold blood to maintain controll over the blacks.The seeds that you have sewed have came back onto you,people donot forget or forgive so easly.YOUR SOCIETYS were never fair and were full of discrimination,hatered murder and rape.YOU now know what it is like to be treated worst than a dog to be treated less than an animal.The people of that country have their rights which they had to die for,rights given to them by god not to be raped by you.MAY time go by that we can find true love and not forgiveness ,when we can build a fair society for us all an not for white nor black but for the human family that is on this planet called earth.

  144. You are delusional, the whites when they first came here only ever fought in defence. They tried to barter with your ancestors and was ambushed and when they beat you, you cried foul.

    And this nonsense about rape? Where have that ever happened, honestly I am trying to understand when I hear daily reports of rapist the majority black men. WTF dude, get of it. Think about what you are saying. Take us whites away what will be left? There will be no society, do you want another Zimbabwe where thousands die of starvation? This makes me sick.How can you talk about true love, you do not know the meaning of love.

    This makes me so angry because more blacks died by other blacks hands than of whites during the apartheid regime. You can only kick someone so many times, the whites won’t forever be your punching bag.

  145. So, godson, what you are saying is that we should just have left things the way they were? Should we have left the black people in exactly the circumstances as you so strongly painted in your post above? What happened in the past was wrong and I cannot apologize for that because I had no hand in it! It was an unfortunate system introduced by near sighted and narrow minded people based on what they perceived to be the right thing at the time. Now you dare come and blame us for something we had no control over. Every day we hear what a wonderful democratic country we have, yet you say that we white people are now getting what we deserve! You talk about love and building a human family. Bullshit! How many times do white people have to say sorry for something that were as much forced upon us by the Brittish as it was upon the blacks. Yes, it took a while for the white people to realise how unfair it was towards black people, but when we figured it out we did something about it and now people like you throw it back in our faces with a “fuck you very much” while enyoing all the freedom we “gave” you! I am not going to “beg” you for forgiveness for helping to change the future for black South Africans, giving black people a voice they have never had. So, if you think that I am evil simply because my skin is white and for things that happened in the past… look in a mirror and find the problem right there, godson, you are as false as the new democracy in this country. You are right, I cannot right the wrongs of the past… that is why it is called the past! I can however change the future and make sure that this never happens again… can you? Oh, and by the way… where do you come up with this rape business? That is total crap and you know it!

  146. i cant agree more with Enoch Zantsi. We black and whites must stand together to fight people like Julius Malema and others like him. We must stand op against the coldblooded murderers, rapists! SA belongs to all. I love my country dearly. I love all the different cultures in this land dearly. This is what makea SA so unique. Please! Stop murdering our white farmers and their children! Stop raping our woman and children! Zuma said, ‘Together we can’. I dont have to like him, but I believe in him. People are being killed on a daily basis. Just look at the newspapers I fear for the life of my family. If youre white – sorry NO jOB! Our children are leaving the country. Highly quilified white men and woman are leaving the country. Corrupt, unquilified black men and woman are running our municipalities. God help us! Everything is falling apart. Our roads is full of potholes. I can go on and on.

  147. you white people are so ignorant.Fuck you.South Africa does not belongs to whites,just leave SA if you are threatened by the blacks.Have you forgotton what whites people did to blacks?You are so ignorant.Go to hell.White people can kill blacks,but the other way around is not ok,you retarded bastard,go to hell

  148. Dear Godson Where oh where have you been since 1994 – this is supposed to be a unified nation – did you personally fight the right and wrongdoings post 1994? Have you previous innocent blood on your hands that you have so much hatred entrapped in your initial sentence spludgeoned in your post – or are you purely the echo of an old sound ringing of previous eras based on hearsay? In light of how you view how things are standing at present with Eugene Terre’Blanche being killed over a R600 wage dispute – does that then grant me the authority to take arsenic to Khayelitsha to attempt to right previous wrongs I am unable to correct or reverse? (see to right our ancestral errs? How do you right a wrong with another wrong? The current problem the general South African true democratic people are facing at present is that we are unable to strip/cleanse our population of post the democracy haters (i.e. you) who remain intellectually incapacitated – this remains one of the prime factors that continuously withholds us from growing and advancing together as a unified nation. You are a fully fledged contradiction entrapped within your own formless and ignorant speech. Spitting hate speech with a sugar coated closure does not conceal the intentional stab and underlying racial undertones you are spurring on. It truly remains utterly disappointing that underlying and conflicting views combined within your post has an impact on other South Africans who want to leave the past where it belongs – behind us. What a shame indeed to be infiltrated by your type.

  149. the blacks killed one of our white leaders. Eugene Terreblanche! Thats totally because of Julius Malema’s hatespeech against the whites. He hates us and is in Zimbabwe with Robert Mogabe, the gorilla, at the moment. Malema said that he will kill every white person in SA. Zuma agrees with him. The anc wont lift a hand to stop Malema. They said that he has done nothing wrong. i am calling upon the KKK to please help us. We have nowhere to go or to turn to. Please help us. Malema is singing songs like ‘kill the farmers, they are rapist’. Zuma is singing songs like ‘bring me my machinegun’. What does that mean. The caffers think that the boere are stupid.. If just Hitler was still alive…..

  150. Well said mate,you’re ’bout the only one that makes sense on this forum.However,please allow me to state you did’nt just hand it over,your govermnt had no option.but to relinquish power.During the last days of Aparthied,freedom fighters were just streaming across the border,no amount of military power could stop the flow and freedom fighters had infiltrated the SA armed forces,dealing the last physiological punch.I’m sorry to point this out,but even your bizniz leaders had concede defeat and obviously a free SA would be better for their bizniz.
    “country that we built up from nothing” every citizen builds his country,whether under slave labour,building roads,or whatever.
    “being murdered, dehumanized, vilified and generaly treated like outcasts in” this is the blacks wer treated too.
    ” rest of the world turns a blind eye” this happened when th west needed SA’s raw materials,no cared ’bout th blacks thn too.
    “true nature of the black beast” no you rather strengthened the blacks backward slide,by your policies of exploitation
    God does help though,but when you pray to God use the 5 P’s.1-be positive,2-pray to the point 3-pray with power 4 make your position clear 5 personally you’ll find forgiveness.However God never gives what you want,you might get what you need and real need only comes with conviction.I’ll personally pray for everyone on earth.

  151. Estelle, are you AWB?

    Did not like ET or what he stood for but I am joining now.

    Lock and Load

  152. Hi Enoch

    I am bitter and angry and sometimes it takes a voice of reason to calm down people.

    The main thing is that the same rules should apply to everyone. One political party cannot condone hate speech agains a race.

  153. Bru! calm down to a mild panic. A GOOD VET COULD SAVE THIS COW! im joking bra that didnt even make sense. but seriously please calm down because everything is going to be ok.i promise. just buy a gun and learn how to use it. and the day mandela dies, steal an aeroplane and run,sorry bad english- i mean fly away to someplace beautiful and warm with white sands.THAILAND. BUT WATCH OUT FOR THE LADYBOYS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!super decieving. I fell into that trap.take my advece.i mean advice sorry.anyway back to the point, just take out your 10 in the morning and then help you neighbour in the afternoon. rock and roll will never die.

  154. Another Malemaaaaaaaa “SKAAPIE! Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
    The only retard is you “SKAAPIE”….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..

  155. i agree there is racsim on both sides and it needs to stop but with Malema he will just fuel the hate from both sides …..i am not so sure you can stop him even government can’t control him…here hoping a truck or bus will take him out…

  156. i must agree although we dont have to love each other we can behave civillised towards each other and allow the sun to shine on all…….the new generation of children have become friends ….and even if they argue about somthing today the next day they hanging out as friends again as kids have done for centuries….those that dont want to mix should not be forced to…..not all whites mix with each other the same not all blacks mix with each other ….we all have rights in this beautiful country that belongs to all ……this nonsense of who was here first is just a weapon to be used by those that are power hungry to stir up trouble. …. engene is gone loved by his followers hated by his enemies …….let it rest now!…..if malema was taken out!….. then everyone could settle down and begin building this beautiful country of ours……if i remember the P.A.C YOUTH LEAGUE SAID THEY WERE GOING TO SORT HIM OUT?….first thing that went through my mind is “WOW! at last someone not scared of Malema….guess i was wrong?……the words were ……..”we going to injure him to death!”? …just asking …..???/

  157. Hitler would have been interested in you, Estelle. O, yes, he would have. Do you have any Jewsish blood in your line? Or are you one of those people that think you are a devine creature and nobody will ever be able to match your stance?

  158. Not saying much, i used to belong to the ANC!! You don’t know what is happening behind the scene. You see Zimbabwe, we on the same track. Sell-up, pack up and go on stand up and fight. Hope i am afraid is not going to get you anywhere, all those whites from Zimbabwe also stayed till the very end hoping and what did they get?? A lot of them got killed and the rest are refugees in London, Mosambique and so on!!

  159. Enoch.
    I applaud you . not fallen into the trap so many of the people that use this website have degraded themselves to.

  160. I agree completely. Consistency is actually the only way to ensure respect for leadership by the masses. The Medo-Persians knew this 3000 years back when they made the king just as obliged to carry out the law as a regular guy. The ANC doesn’t get the idea so many years later. But we must not equate this to all Blacks behaving badly, like many people have been.

  161. Thank you Emil, it takes a fairly open mind to see reality from either side of whichever divide, so back at you!

  162. Zantsi. As you see there are not many blacks on the website i believe you can encourage them and just maybe turn this website into something respectable .There are many reasonable people around.If we can get people of all colours to comunicate with an open honest mind we can all have a future if not the wites will be killed and not many years later the blacks will die of hunger .We need only look at Zimbabwe .I believe South Africa has a huge potential .There is space for every one, And enough wealth to go around .Unfortunatly the radicals from both sides need to realize that it is a road to nowhere . It can be seen from the past that it never succeeds.We battle to learn from the past .To many people live as Winston Churchill once said .When you live in the past at the present you loose sight of the future. How right he was .We need to take responsibility for the future and take responsibility for our actions .Hey i dont want to preach but believe there is a way for all.

  163. White people in South Africa tens to only count the white people being killed,but just forget about events whereby a white farmer shoot and kill a black people during daylight and then claim that he thougth that they were monkeys and baboons. I think the violence is equal to all directions, So 1 problem + 1 problem = no problem.(kidding) Here in SA there so much of racial segregation e.g you will never find a white woman married to a black guy even when you walk around Joburg you only see grouped races, everyone just keep to their own kind.

  164. You should leave it man,its only the corrupted Blacks in government that wants whites,to save the prestige of the country in economy.You should leave and i guarantee you that they would make SA looks like a mix of Bosnia,Darfur and Bangladesh.Then im sure they would blame to the whiteman again,but they wont be able to hurt you.Leave it and SAfricans would found another scapegoat,or less oppressing and evil people like whites who are well-known for their caresses and tolerance towards others(aka Pakis,Somalis,hahaha).Leave them,and i bet they wont waste time to start fucking each other.As for the Europe and America they wont give a fucking fuck for you.In Europe they have the muslim problem,no police,corruption,muslims doing whatever they want unpunished and for USA you dont exist.Its better to leave and go back to non troubled places in Europe or better in Canada and NZ.The point is not to survive the soil.Fuck it if it survives without you.We can make a better world without endangering our lives from Canada man.This obsession staying there is driving you into slavery and genocide.My advice,leave now,maybe tomorrow those motherfuckers wont even let you leave.Dont be stupid,its not worth it in SA.Maybe a century after but surely not now.

  165. why can’t every1 just get along because we are all human and bleed the same. nothing will change the history of what our fathers before us did and its time for a change. we can all get along and help each other to become better people. when we decide to work along side each other will be the day that the whole world becomes wealthier and healthier with more food on the table for every single man woman and child regardless of color or belief. better education for every1 also, as in school or the work place such as farming. please have a change of heart every1 after all we do all have 1, please stop all this fighting. i am now the first white man to ask for a black mans friendship who would normally not like a white man, if we don’t do it then no1 will. who will join me in making this world a better place, stop killing each other as there is enough things in this world that kill us. if we could trace our fathers back far enough then we would eventually get to the same people. by the way, this beutiful world belongs to us all and some might say it belongs to none of us. come on whites and blacks together.

  166. Get with the f**king times dipshit. The days when a white man could just kill a black man are long over, we have moved on we have evolved, we have become better people so be careful with who you call ignorant because you might just make yourself look like a utter fuckin retard. The white people today did not tak the slaves, they were not even alive you dumb shit. By the sounds of it you believe this to be one of them " you had it coming " well if thats the case then i feel sorry for the black people in South Africa because one day when the killing is over we will have our " you had this coming " and you know full well what we white people can do, but its only fair right like because the black people of south Aferica have it coming for what they are doing now.

  167. learn how to spell you dumb KAFFIR all you dumb assholes should also leave you foreigners this land belonged to the khoi and sans

  168. I believe whites had to have control back then because if they didn’t, blacks would be doing the same thing they’re doing now, except without justification. I believe blacks are born savages. How else is it that every Negroid race “suffered” from white imperialism while Asia and India profited for the MOST PART?

  169. Don’t be foolish. The US and the world don’t care about persecuted white people, it is simply not fashionable. White South Africa is dying alone and unheard.

    The more whites emmigrate or are murdered; the weaker we become within our nation and the more we place ourselves at the mercy of the intellectually inferior hate filled blacks.

    Their foolish pride and the indoctrination of British rule and the ANC filled them with ideas of being equal to their white masters and now they think themselves good enough to self govern an age of prosperity and peace within South Africa; if only they could remove the remnants of the ‘white menace’ which stands between them and this Utopian Africa.

    The leaders of the white world would much rather feed starving AIDS orphans to placate the leftest misguided lobby than to concern themselves with the forgotten White tribe of South Africa. If white South African’s want to survive they will need to bind together to form their own self-governing state most likely by a show of millitary force.

    We can either allow ourselves; the last bastion of white influence and affluence in Africa; to succumb to a silent genocide or we can prepare ourselves for war. Only once we rise from the ashes of reverse-apartheid guns blazing will the world pay attention to the plight of the white South African. Only then will we stand a chance of survival.

  170. Wow, it frightens me that there are still such backward, paranoid white people in this country. (I am white myself.) I really do feel sorry for you.

  171. yes and it is liberals like yourself that bitch and moan first when you finally figure out that you have been used as a pawn that.

    I say one boer …one location burn the fuskers down

  172. When women and children get abducted, raped and hacked to death while fathers, grandfathers and sons alike usually is forced to watched then killed military style you dare to say it is okay for Black politicians to incite violence.

    Listen carefully I used to be like you, happy in my bubble of bliss where South Africa was the best country in the world. I used to stand up for blacks, even got in trouble for it. But do you think they care? Do you honestly believe that when they come to kill the ‘white boy’ for stealing their land, that they would first check up on your credentials?

    When it’s your family that is being terrorized to move from your home, then do you have the right to say the Afrikaner community is being paranoid. Not all crime is political, true but black South Africans do believe they have the right to take what the whitey has stolen from them.

    I just hope that you do not wake up to the truth to late it might cost you your life.


  173. It actually frightens me even more that someone like you can’t understand why the average white South African feels somewhat paranoid. Have you been in a coma since 1994? Call me backwards if you like, but I feel seriously threatened by what’s hapening in our, yes our, beautiful country. The funny thing is that every colour of the rainbow can have a point of view or an opinion, but when a white person dares to say anything he is deemed backwards, paranoid and a racist. Wake up and smell the coffee, the light at the end of the tunnel may just be the speeding train! Unfortunately we are not dealing with normal criminals in this country, we are dealing with a sub-culture of barbarians (not all black people) that prefer to be as cruel and inhuman as possible, so excuse me for being backwards and paranoid! I just hope that you never expereince the true cruelty of your ‘darling black brothers’, you may be in for a rude awakening.

  174. JY MOET BEGIN WAKKER WORD. Die dag van UHURRU gaan plaas vind dan moet jy nie kom kerm en kla as jou vrou kinders verkrag en vermoor word nie.As jy wit is het jy moeilikheid. Hierdie barbare het vergeet wat het by BLOEDRIVIER gebeur ONS Blankes aanbid n LEWENDIGE GOD DRIE EENIGE, HY het ons teen die Barbarre se voor ouers beskerm net so gaan hy weer ons van hulle bevry. Al wat ons blankes moet doen is om op knie te bly en nie met die heidende te vermeng nie.

  175. What do you expect when you have a Zulu in charge. When Britain rules south africa, all were equal. When SA got independance the whites ruled with an iron fist, now the africans rule. Its your own fault white south africans. You should have either stayed under british rule, or treated the africans better when you had power!

  176. The Boers have brought this on themselves for mistreating the blacks along the way and for not sticking with the British. However the blacks who commit these crimes are obviously sub-humans.

    Just like the people who fled Nazi Germany, why doesn’t evry white person just leave. Go back to where you belong in Belgium, Netherlands, Britain. We’ll take you back, all of you come home now.

    The black race are sub-humans, that’s why they look just like apes and monkeys.

    We should drop a whole bunch of nuclear bombs on the whole place to clean the planet from these sub-human apes and monkeys.

  177. Yes, unfortunately we white South Africans are to blame for giving away our power. The problem is that we thought like rational human beings and wanted to right the wrongs of the past. That was our biggest mistake! We should have phased in the “rainbow nation” concept instead of just giving it all away. We should have made sure that we, the by far minority group in this country, were protected from the total and overpowering black onslaught that is now taking place. The obvious solution would be for every white South African citizen to pack up and leave, as per some of the other suggestions, but unfortunately reality kicks us in the teeth on that point. Firstly, to get into a country you need to be able to live there… money, work, shelter, etc. Secondly we have to qualify to be able to immigrate so as not to be a burden on their economy and many people do not. So, what do we do? No one seems to really want us! We are slowly but surely being murdered, dehumanized, vilified and generaly treated like outcasts in a country that we built up from nothing, while the rest of the world turns a blind eye. So yes, it is easy to blame us white South Africans for our situation, but we never counted on the true nature of the black beast! On average today more black people in this country hate white people than in the apartheid era. This is due to poorly educated people (yes, I know… our fault as well) who are easily indoctrinated and intimidated by certain elements within the ANC government. Idiots like Julius Malema, the ANC Youth League president, fully utilizes this to spread his personal message of hate to a volatile and blinded black youth. Since 1994, when we gave away our power, a select few black people benefited from the change and those who have not blame us for the failure! Come on, it’s been over 15 years… are white South Africans that powerfull? So what do we expect? I don’t know! Maybe to be treated like human beings, the same way the black people wanted to be treated during the apartheid years. Apartheid in this country is alive and well, and actually worse than it was before 1994 to a certain extent. Maybe a black person was not allowed to ride on a white bus back then, but at least they didn’t have to worry about some cruel monster killing them just because of the colour of their skin happens to be white like we have to do today! Like I said, we were the architects of our own problems. What the solution is I cannot say. That we are paying with our very lives, well that unfortunately is a fact. I just pray that this madness stops before to many more people are slaughtered in the cruelest possible ways. God help us!

  178. Excuse me,the brittish have treated the boers and the blacks like shit when they were in power.Apartheid orrigenated from the brittish we just made the mistake of giving it a name.The brits are also a bunch of cowards.They came and took our land because we discovered gold and diamonds,and when we resisted them,they killed our woman and children,so don`t you come and try to tel us that the brittish are so good. In my eyes the Brittish are lower than dog shit.

  179. Ashley, if you for one moment think that Britain and the Queen – who had no idea of what was happening in any of her colonies – ruled South Africa as a liberal scale you are WRONG.

    If you think that the Boer was equal then, as they are now in 2010, you are on the wrong track yet again.

    Key up Ashley! The Boer fought for an opportunity with out discrimination – one man and his cronies then went and shattered everything – that’s where apartheid came from, Ashley.

    And another thing, Ashley, it is one person and his cronies – Julius Malema – that is causing another apartheid.

    Will you please wake up, Ashley. Before the wood is burned out and all that remains is: Ash…

    Good luck with that waking up sensation, ‘Ley!

  180. What was “British rule?….dont punt British rule to me you stupid….”TART! …
    British wared against helpless women and children!…..killing millions in their camps!……….hung and shot boy kids from as young as 9 years old BECAUSE THEY WERE ALSO SCARED OF THEM…”BITCH!!..”Oh dont forget the old and feeble they smacked about ..real “HEREO’S” because they could not fight like men against men….they picked on the defenceless!!!!!!!! because they were cowards!…..
    So dont you come and talk about British rule on this site you “YOU RETARDED FUCKEN COW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i am an english speaking woman my grandfather was British and a missrable sod!!!!… gran was afrikaaner and a nicer person you could not find……….SO GO STICK YOUR HEAD UP YOUR ARSE AND BOUNCE AWAY.!!!!….
    Next time you look at your grandfather or uncle maybe your husband remember the innocent that were murdered!.

  181. At Ashley,

    when we get power again we will do it right the 2nd time round. The terr’s will kak and we will execute the murderers and thieves and rapists.

  182. You obviously don’t know a thing about history!! When RSA wanting to give the African a vote while under the British rule it was them that refused, so the White South Africans were trained by Brittan and nobody else. Anyway it has been 20 years now that the African has ruled the country and still cant get it right, they still blame the whites for all their mistakes. We have tried to make good, they don’t want to. How can you blame the whites, anyway it is especially the Black youth that is doing all the harm, what harm was done to them???????

  183. I get what you mean but criminals come in all shapes and sizes, colours and races and different faiths… so what makes a black persons with anger issues different from any other…Are there only black people in prisons in south africa or around the world for that matter..

  184. I fully agree! Criminals are not only black people. You get some rabid white people as well! Do you live in South Africa? If not it makes it hard to understand how cruel the “barbarian” sub culture in the black community can be (and not only towards whites either). The difference is in this… a normal criminal may kill you, a barbarian sub culture will torture, defile, maim, rape and eventually kill you with an almost orgasmic sense of joy, fun and extreme pleasure. I’ve seen photographs taken at farm murder scenes where black barbarians attacked whites and, believe me, I never want to see them again – it’s not human! Yes, you will get that in other cultures and races as well, but not nearly on the same level. More often than not the only motivation for these (mostly black) barbarian sub culture monsters in South Africa is the thrill and joy of ultimate cruelty and sadism. I am not a racist, I am a realist!

  185.  Sure you say you’ll take us back tomorrow, that however is far from the truth. I’d come tomorrow if i had the chance but I cant because i dont have a EU passport and getting one is near impossible. Countries dont just accept white South Africans otherwise we’d all leave. Well most anyway

  186. Talk to the US ambassador for help to get out. Show him what’s happening in the 1000’s of news reports. Tell him that the niggers, gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys want their land back and that it’s as bad as it was in Germany in 1938. Show him all of the 1000’s of news reports and the latest about what they just did to that innocent girl.

    All of you just leave, get out of there. Don’t even try to sell the land, it’s better to just get out. Come to the USA.

    We should show those nigger, gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys a lesson. Their women are as ugly as gorillas. Why do their women look like gorillas?

    Why are they so filthy looking? We should nuke that whole part of Africa to cleanse it for the rest of the better type people in Africa who are not niggers, gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys pretending to be people.

    Why do they all the niggers look like gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys?

    Do the niggers make noises like gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys? Do they eat alot of bananas?

    Get out now, leave, it really is their land, so just give it back to them, you’re not welcome there, so leave, now. Don’t try to sell the land, just get out.

    You’re dealing with a bunch of animalistic niggers. So just get out. Go talk to as many Americans as you can who might be able to get you all to come to the USA America. We need some clean white people to come to the USA.

    Try the USA angle out, because they may help you out when they are shown just how dire the situation is for clean white people, who are living amongst the low life filthy niggers, gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys.

    Also you should be blogging this story to every website that 1000’s of you all can. But don’t call them niggers, gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys, only I am allowed to do that, because of what they did to that innocent girl.

    I will consider nuking them too for their heinous crimes.

    To be fair, the whites only have themselves to blame for not being more fair to the blacks along the way.

    I am insulting the blacks because of what hey did to that innocent girl and countless 1000’s of other innocent victims.

    If they just took the land, that’s one thing. But what they have/are doing to innocent people proves, that they really are nothing more than niggers, gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys.

    You took their land, they want it back, give it to them, it’s time for you to leave.

    Noone cares anymore that you brought them European culture. Just get out of that place so that we can nuke/clean that whole country for what you’ve done to them and what they’ve done to you!

    You must get out now, it will never be safe for you there. You are living in the midst of animals who have very little reasoning power.

    Your only hope is help from the US. Contact every high profile radio and tv talk and news show host and outlet in the US.

    Don’t ever use any racial or derogetory epithets, in any of your efforts to leave that destroyed inhospitable country.

    Only I can do that because I want to be the one who insults the nigger bastards, gorillas, apes, chimps, and monkeys directly, because of what they have done to innocent people.

    After you all leave maybe we should nuke that whole part of Africa to clean it up from what’s left over and because of what they have done and are still doing to innocent people.

  187. You really would be funny if only your humour was not so shallow. Demeaning people for what you know nothing about will not solve anything you arrogant little boy.

  188. Fuck u Enoch. You people are allowed to lament about us and say you want to kill us! But we are expected to shut up and take it. As a South African i say this place is screwed. Its either time to fight or leave this dirty land and watch it burn on tv from a civilized country. We can all have a good laugh at HIV,unemployment and rampant starvation killing off the barbarians we left behind. Who knows, maybe we can all come back when they have all died out.

  189. Enoch .
    I follow this page regularly and it is like a circle it goes around and around but always ends up with the same rubbish .Can we not start a site for some reasonable discussions . There is only one way out and that is to find common ground . I have said it before a site like this does not draw reasonable people but frustrated crowds who make all sorts of threats but are totaly scared and have not got the guts to put their names to any thing. Don,t get me wrong i do not agree with what is happening in South Africa .But unless the people in the middle make a change we will keep going around in a circle . I for one wants to get out of it . And for those thinking well get out of south Africa i will not .

  190. What you wrote is baseless. For your info read more collect and compare information before you say something like this. Africa had no borders and the Xhosas and the Zulus were in this from part of Africa from the second and third century and were trading and intermarrying with the Khoi people that you might notice with the Xhosas half their culture is of Khoi origin and that did not just happen 350 years, long before then my friend. When the boers arrive here they came across our Khoi ancestors and dictacted them. Cape town is part of Africa my friend it does not belong to any particular race more specially the boers not the english they are better at being tolerant and eccepting of other races. Lets all fight that is unjust in this country rather blinding ourselves hatred towards each other.

  191. Have you noticed what the article is actually about? It is about BLACK South African leaders who threatens the whites not the other way around, so why are you implying the british is more tolerant of other races than the boers? Why should the boers be accepting when they are not. I am not saying people should be racist, I am all for everyone to live in harmony but wake up and face reality South Africa have not had any harmony in years.


    Another point the Khoi did not live in Cape Town itself, the only inhabitants here was known as the Strandlopers who all died out when western sickness’s arrived at our shore. And if you believe that Africa did not have borders you are disillusioned, even today tribes have their territory and the other tribes can be killed for entering their hunting/grazing grounds. It is a well known fact. It might not have been written in maps but they had their borders.

    I wish it was as simple as saying that everyone should stop hating each other but after seeing pictures of dead a white woman impaled with a broom stick and racist remarks scrawled on the walls in her blood it is rather hard not to feel the way I do. I do not hate black people in general, actually some are the nicesest people I have met, but look at Africa and it’s history how they slaughtered whole villages because of ethnic cleansing. Some where neighbours some were even ‘friends’, if they could do that what is stopping them from doing it here?

    The majority hate whites and think we are responsible for the way they live, for the state of the country. Mostly is due to the leadership of the country failing to take responsibility when something goes wrong instead of shouting: Apartheids fault, it’s because of the ‘struggle’ we cannot give you what we promised, not our fault.

    What more is there to say?

  192. Let me say, I share some of your thoughts, but it is interesting to note the passage ‘I do not hate black people in general’ from your article. I just pause to ponder, after all we’ve been through under white oppression and the current racial schizm that still defeat the dream of reconciliation in SA( for goodness sake just read the above comments), can you for a moment spare some thought for the black people with no hope of ever having anything of worth in this life? Of course, the situation is now worsened by the corrupt and inept political establishment.

  193. I so whole heartedly agree with your statements, and I dont care what colour your skin is. I do believe it is people like you who will assist with Nation Building. Slanging matches the likes of what’s going on above and below are condusive only to continuing with the hatred which plays directly into the hands of the corrupt and inept establishment. We are all South Africans, we all have the same rights to be here, thats why we are here. Lets stop with the mud slinging and get on with the Nation Building. Lets all stop playing into the hands of the controllers and start being the Nation we were ALL born to be.

  194. I wloud’nt say the British are more tolerable,rather more shifty.They have som foresight and with first signs of resistance,are prepared to adapt.Their believe being ” Give them what they want,as long as we get the better part. Difference between English and Boer are the English have a smaller personal space,meaning they don;t mind living next to you,as long as you keep your distance.They will enforce that personal space by not greeting you as neighbour’s should.The Boer,with integration new to him,will actually greet his new neighbours,regardless of colour.

  195. Well perhaps the poor and uneducated should be voting for a different party, but racial polarization is par for the course for the ANC.

    They prefer to keep their followers illiterate and in abject poverty.

  196. you so right!!! these ministers encourage Malema to whip up his “SKAAPIES” against the whites by telling them they poor because of the whites……..this way their tiny minds are kept occupied and off of their MILLIONS!!! they make with their BEE bussinesses while the rest stay poor …..they don’t realise that they have been left behind a long time ago!!!…..Malema is so fat and shiney from all the good food he eats HE LOOKS AS IF HE CAN BURST OPEN AT ANYTIME!!!!……..and most of the ministers look like they ready to explode any minute……”Nogal French Champagne Hey”….LOL

  197. Here is an idea seeing you want to fight “STICK YOUR HEAD UP YOU ARSE AND FIGHT FOR AIR!….LOL……shouldn’t be to hard with that tiny brain you have….LOL!!!!!!!!!!!11

  198. Enoch .
    I like the way you talk .And having worked amoungst black people for many years and yes seen their poverty .I often did feel sorry for especialy the children.But at the end of the day who keeps the corrupt people in power al over Africa .And why.Is it pride or plain ignorance.I can not understand people who cut of their own noses to spite their faces. Why is it that wealth in Africa only belongs to a few .I did go into black hospitals ,schools etc during the apartheid years ,they did not look as shocking as they do now. Why cant the riches in Africa be shared with all,Greed.If people with an average mind and inteligense wich i believe you have would talk there could be a much better middle road where people could solve problems .Sadly this forum brings out only the radicals on both sides .
    For the time being however the greatest enemy of Africa are its own people.

  199. I agree Enoch the people are their own biggest enemy…but our GOV. is to blame because they have the few BEE impowered ministers who have left the rest behind …then they use some one like Malema to whip the crowds up against whites and tell them it is the whites who are stealing the wealth of the country……until we have a GOV. white or black that serves the people of this country and stops stealing from the poor this country will not get over its problems…..i would like to know their standard of education…..yes hospitals were clean and run properly in the apartheid years and people who really cared about the next person worked in these places!…..nurses were kind and helpful they became a nurse because it was their calling now it is just a job and a place to lay around and get payed ….. you could be dying in front of them they will ignore you and carry on talking or picking in their nose, shouting from one end of the hall to the other.

  200. oh please! cape town belongs to africa! south africa to be exact! if white people would have given african ppl a chance to discover their own continent and its many countries we could have done something. white ppl have no right to africa period thats why they came killing and kidnapping in order to intimidated and conquer. africans have every right to their country!white people belong in europe! the white continent!!! not in africa with our ppl!

  201. I’m sorry cause I don’t speak english very well: I’m french.
    I’m not a racist person: I’ve asian, turkish friends,etc… the colour of the skin is not a problem for me but I’m really disgusted by what’s happening in Africa…
    Why are the african people so savage ?Why are they barbarians? Why are they killing themselves??Why do they let themselves be manipulated by dictarorial leaders?
    The problem is that so many african “presidents” let their own people die and starve… they collect the money that governments from Occident send to them and spend it for their own benefit. Disgusting… and while they are becoming richer and richer (thank you european and american money!), their people are dying…they don’t really care about them!!!
    Moreover, it’s not interesting for them to educate the poor people: let’s maintain them in their ignorance, their dark and savage superstitions to controle them.
    But I think the ex coloniast countries as my own country really enjoys this system as france-Africa because they can keep stealing the mineral ressources of these countries against very poor amounts of money in order to content the african leaders: they know that a great villa in the mediterrean coast , gold, precious metals, good food, luxurious clothe and way of life in general can satisfy them: it’s the price to pay to keep on abusing the african nations.
    So nobody really cares for the developpement of the african countries: the more ignorant they are, better it is.
    The colonialists haven’t “civilized” african people, they have instrumentalised their supersttions , the racism of a few tribus towards other ones for their own economical benefits!the tutsis genocide is a good example!
    Of course I’m not talking about the Afrikaners because I think the white south african people have built the country…what would it happen if they’d leave the country?…
    I’m not attracted at all by this continent…the problem now in my country is that we have to pay for the colonialists’s crimes…
    I would like our dear governement to let its ex african colonies be independant and stop abusing their mineral ressources and oil because I’ve got the feeling that african people believe that they have allowed to settle in France cause of the ex colonisation and the neo colonisation (economical colonisation)
    In France, we have to pay for what our ancestors have done in the past!!But in France, we are living in OUR nation, not in Africa and we won’t accept the imposition of african cultures and laws!!
    Why does the white people have to make eternal penitence for the crimes of colonisations???I think it’s unfair!

    Well, solidarity with all white south african people…. in france, they say that the rainbow nation is a great example to follow…looooooolllll!!!!HORROR!!!!
    Poor South Africa!!I think it’s not a question about the colour of the skin but about cultures and civilisations… we’re too different from African black people to understand them.
    C’est beau de croire en l’amitié des peuples, des races mais on déchante vite.

  202. I can see that people the dead of Dr. Terre Blanche has created something that will bring the contry down in terms of justice, economy and otherwise. I don’t believe that his death was politically motivated bt it is because of ” ama-return”. Ziyabuya kamnandi abazi Christians know that obulala ngekrele uyakufa ngekrele. The death of Mr. Terre Blanche came only because of the tears of our people for those who lost their lives for nothing under the administration of Mr. Terre Blanche. The Boere people are tasting the taste of what they did to our black people during their ruling times. What I can say is this amabhulu kade efuna an Independent State let that be , coz preaching unity and stuff won’t help black people and original boere people will neva be united , I mean the red boere people. Black people do not go and buy maas,sheep and anything you are going to eat from the boere as they will use that as the way of avenging their leader Terre Blanche by poisining your food cz they understand very well they will never succeed if they can take up their fire-arms and we as black people use stones to fight against them cz of our might and number…Black people of South Africa do not live in fear cz of Terre Blanche’s murder but you must just be careful at all times of the boere people as they are angry at this time. They don’t want us why should we want them? No ways sanukuwacenga amabhulu ukuba ayaqonda mawalikhwelele eli loMzantsi Afrika…

    That’s that!!!

  203. Xolela

    I did not even like ET and thought he was a joke (until a few years ago). However your reply just shows your ignorance and part of what is wrong in this country.

    1st – you say to your fellows not to eat anthing from the boers. Do you perhaps know where you mealie meal (hope the english spelling is ok) comes from hmmm?? You will kill all the boers and then starve to death with the prayer that some white sod will send aid.

    2nd – You are right, the only reason you have this country is because you have no sense of feeding or caring for your children and thus pop them out like fkn rabbits. You don;t care to make 17 children and have them starving on the street cause some white man will come around with an upliftment programme to try and feed YOUR kids. It is so amasing that none of you bigmouth blacks do anything for your own people but intimidate the ones which actually want to work ect.

    3rd – When you are finished with the whites you will start with the colourds, indians and then when no other colour is available you will start wioth your own ethnic groups. This is shown so many times in Africa. Madonna cannot adopt you all you stupid fk.

  204. Xolela

    I did not even like ET and thought he was a joke (until a few years ago). However your reply just shows your ignorance and part of what is wrong in this country.

    1st – you say to your fellows not to eat anthing from the boers. Do you perhaps know where you mealie meal (hope the english spelling is ok) comes from hmmm?? You will kill all the boers and then starve to death with the prayer that some white sod will send aid.

    2nd – You are right, the only reason you have this country is because you have no sense of feeding or caring for your children and thus pop them out like fkn rabbits. You don;t care to make 17 children and have them starving on the street cause some white man will come around with an upliftment programme to try and feed YOUR kids. It is so amasing that none of you bigmouth blacks do anything for your own people but intimidate the ones which actually want to work ect.

    3rd – When you are finished with the whites you will start with the colourds, indians and then when no other colour is available you will start wioth your own ethnic groups. This is shown so many times in Africa. Madonna cannot adopt you all you stupid fk.

  205. Siener van Rensburg Profesieë

    ‘n Bekende leier sterf en ‘n revolusie onstaan in Suid Afrika

    4 April 1915:Ek sien ‘n doodskis wat in ‘n graf afsak, vure wat uitkom, maar een groot vuur wat voor uitkom. Nakende mense verskyn. Ek sit by ‘n tafel en ek breek die tert deur. Dis donker, maar silwer letters verskyn op ‘n blink plaat. (Dit is die visioen).

    Lees nou Psalm 12:7 – Die woorde van die Here is rein woorde, silwer wat gelouter is in ‘n smeltkroes in die aarde, gesuiwer sewe maal.

    Met die begrafnis van hierdie baie belangrike persoon, sal daar nie net ongekende geweld in die land losbars nie, maar ook ‘n volskaalse burgeroorlog uitbreek (een groot vuur wat voor uitkom). Die Boerevolk sal dan nakend, gestroop van alles wees, en in baie groot benoudheid verkeer.

  206. Yet another “SKAAPIE “of Malema’s…
    Thank God we also have intelligent blacks as well!!!

  207. This is mote or less how I see it as well.They don’t even farm up in Africa anymore.Their food falls from the sky.The United Nations feed them because they are just to lazy to show and initiative.

  208. Dear fool, Eugene Tereblanche’s killing was political!! The white people are also pissed off with Mandela and the rest of the ANC for killing all the whites back then. Now they are even more pissed off because your brothers go in the night and attack the elderly, woman and children. You think you are brave, why do you run when one white man confronts about four of you black’s? We are not like you, we won’t waste our time going around killing one by one African, we are not that stupid.

  209. Xolela .I understand where you are comming from but unity is the only way .At the moment you have the whites to take out your frustration on .Once they are gone it will be the Zulus then the Xhosas the Swazies and so forth .look at Africa ,Look at Rwanda the congo Burundi and many more it will never stop unless people admit that we need each other. The horendous Murders taking place in Africa are all fired by individual greed yust look at how wealthy your leader have become in a short period of time . How ? .You know how and did you see any of that money .No .If you voted in a less radical government that worked according acceptable norms and principals you would be far better of .Instead we listen to people like Malema what has he ever given you except hate speech .

  210. Bravo Emil

    This is what I have been trying to say with so many posts in the past.

    Right now we have to root out these barbarians which rape and kill children. They are the common enemy and cause a lot of people to become extremist and blame it on a race in general.

  211. I think you have a problem. You forgot thousands of black people who were killed by your apartheid regime? People like Mandela brought peace in this country. They opened opotunities for evryone who lives in this country. People you are talking about who kills people at night are the enemies of everyone. Even black people are victimised by the same people. So please wake up and smell the coffee.

  212. Hi there .
    What i am trying to get to is the fact that we are concentrating so much on race instead of the crimes that are taking place .we are all affected in some way or the other.We need to focus on the crimes that are taking place .Instead we degrade ourselves to a lower level than Malema .Some of the things said on this webpage are worse than Malema utters he is just stupid enough to carry out the ANC way of thinking and make them public hence they cant touch him.
    The ANC is disrupting universities schools and centers of learning they dont want there own people to be educated .Educated people are far more difficult to control than the ignorant masses.One of the reasons the church in the middle ages did not want to translate the Bible into languages understood by the common people .Unfortunatly the apartheid years did not encourage studies amoungst the blacks either .This is why there is basicly no black middle class and when there is no middle class there will be instability.The army should become part of the police no one is threatening the country from outside and assist the police force bring back some of the old hands and eradicate crime .The war is in the country not outside .Unfortunatly that is not the ANC agenda .one only has to look at the education levels amoungst their leadership .Educated blacks in the ANC are not appreciated.Look at the radicals from the past they all had huge personal issues.

  213. And what a wrong name we decided to use. The problem with the word apartheid is in what it says to foreigners and other people who do not know the afrikaans language it stems from. Apartheid means apartness or seperateness, basically what is known as segregation in the US and other western countries. If you read the word (or hear it) in an english context it suddenly becomes two words dictating a totally misleading concept… apart hate! So, I say again, the Brittish may have hung the stone around our necks, but we chose a terrible name to call the bloody thing!

  214. So,what you actually say is that because the brittish could not use their pea-sized brains to make the correct translation we now sit with this situation.
    Don`t get me wrong.There is nothing wrong with wanting to be apart but the mistake was denying the other races equal human rights.
    I still want to be apart.I don`t want to be governed by crimminals

  215. Unfortunately the truth you say will be seen as white racism in action. The fact that everything you said makes sense is unfortunately not relevant to the current “anti-white” sentiment running rampant under our “living in the past” government that blames us whites for their own ineptitude and corruption!

  216. First off let me say that what I am about to explain to you is the reasoning for the current mindset of Black Peoples. Please understand that when I say Black I mean anybody of color because I am referring to the ancient United Black Nation that included our brother & sister nations of Aboriginese, Iroquis, Latino/Latina, Colombian, Indian, Asian, Arab, and African peoples. Yes, truth is that our own people have enslaved themselves. HOWEVER, realize that when a peoples do not understand nor ever have known what evil was, then the repercussions are great and runs down thru GENERATIONS. This evil I refer to is VALUE. And VALUE comes from White anglo-saxon peoples who also invented MERCHANDSING. Before VALUE, the Black Nation lived in harmony with EarTh using the magnetic poles on all sides of the planet as a wireless network of consciousness. In fact the first light bulb was invented in ancient Kemet (Egypt). What happened that caused the destruction of harmony was the anglo-saxon peoples corrupting that consciousness by implementing a price to LIVE. This in turn corrupted the harmony are minds, bodies, & spirit were in with EarTh causing a degeneration in consciousness which will continue to last. Anglo-saxon peoples must realize that it will be the very same instituions of VALUE that will enslave them as well as it will cause them to have wars against themselves for VALUE AND THE COST TO LIVE. There is no gray area. The only way to get rid of this disease to HUman consciousness is to help the Black Nation who are the Bearers OF DIVINE KNOWLEDGE or GNOSTIC that were raped of this very thing that is needed to truly survive in this Nu(New) Age. THERE IS NO GRAY AREA. You will either help those who are the protecters and HEALERS of our home or keep an individualistic view and suffer from your own desires that are encompassed by the very same VALUE structures that are KILLING our home and ultimately our Children’s Minds, Spirits, and Body as well as yours and mines both Black & White. It’s time to join together to fight Our enemy which is VALUE, MERCHANDISE, POWER.

  217. where do i even begin…my goodness you guys have a serious problem in your country.I was fortunate enough to have spent 10 years in SA, i country i consider my second home to this day, a country of great people, lovely weather, and to be honest, a country that sets the pace in terms of innovation,business , sports for the rest of africa.What puzzles me is the mentality of both our black folk and white folk..what is wrong with you people?Every day that passes, different clans,ethnic sections,tribes etc gang on on whatever happens in the media, dont we have intelligent people who can read and make rational analysis and not based on race, background, etc..This is the problem, black , whites jews moslems, Xhosas etc, always support their own without looking aat the issues on the this case, we all know by now that Julius utters whatever comes to his brain, and most of it is nothing but nonsense.For most he is a racist .Steve hofmeyr utters similar garbage and as such should also be denounced for such blabber..whether you are white, black or not both these individuals should not be given much thought and time! South Africa is not meant for any race! Both Whites and blacks own this land as their own irregardless of the history.Some of the sentiments on this forum are made out of emotional outbursts, but we all know that if it wasnt for all races input in this beautiful land, it wouldnt have been what it is today!

  218. I mostly agree with you. But in the 10 years you have been in this beautiful country, have you not noticed the illiterate status of the masses? That is why we needed to rather fund education than spending trillions on soccer stadiums which will only be in use for this cup – and then it will only be used now and again, never reaching its full capacity, for club soccer.

    And as far as it goes now, we will not even break even with this expenses.

    I say ignorance and motivating illiteracy is the culprit!

    But well said!

    If we could only be granted one wish it should be for peace for everyone. One cannot ask for fulfillment, because some people would feel much better revenging their father’s pilgrim, and others would feel fulfilled if they could eat McDonalds everyday. Therefore, I want World Peace…

  219. Well said. O my goodness. Marmite man wont be able to clean a garden! Use gardentools to kill people. See, its their nature. But….. This time the white men, woman and children will be ready for them. They are millions, but we have the brains. One white boer……. One black location!

  220. No, my friend – you’ll get what’s coming to you! You think you’re so powerful and that you’ll make the whites “pay”? But all your current and past acts are only based on cowardice! You cannot kill a white man by yourself – oh no, it takes four or more of you chickenshit useless fucking morons to do it! You also cannot rape a white woman by yourself – gangbanging is the only way to do it safely for you!
    Don’t forget, white people have fought for this country in the past. We developed military techniques and weapons and equipment that far surpassed those of the West! And you think we’ll just roll over and die quietly? No, you will get what’s coming – a huge fucking surprise when we stop taking your shit and start fighting back. Then I think I’d pay money to see you black motherfuckers running away like scared baboons, hands over your heads, shouting “Hau hau hau!”

  221. You are not very clever…

    What is the whites is for?

    O come on you big sissy boy! The whites are the minority. If you are scared of the minority your the one who should have yourself checked… are you being treated for paranoia?

    Get that meds, hey!

  222. Who are you to play the Reaper?

    Where do you get off?

    Are you sane man, or are you an escapee from the mental institute? Or are you also one of those paranoia groupies??

    Listen, listen carefully… why punish people who have nothing to do with crime – who also punish their own neighbours for crimes because they know the police / government can not do a thing about it.

    Why kill innocent – that’s like trying to correct a wrong with another… where’s your brains??

    Left it at the bar? O, so you might be an AA member?

  223. AAGH SHAME!!! another Maaaaaaaaaalema “SKAAPIE!! you know those that are so grateful for his free little packets of food…..while he “VREET’s” himself “dik” on “LEKKER” fat T-bone steaks….Burrrp….LOL

  224. And so will you be …you will starve!….
    and die of some desease or try and make it out of deepest darkest africa to white mans land on a piece of drift wood….can you really be so stupid …
    Try to wake up before it is to late for you……is that what you want for your family just look at the rest of africa …they starving and running here to South Africa so they can survive because of their corrupt governments those that are winding you lot up to turn this country upside down will end up the same way!……Be warned things dont get better if the white man is gone it just worse and helps the power hungry lot while the rest of you will still have nothing and be poor….ask yourself what have these shit stirrers like Malema ever given you, except for a small packet of free food when he thinks its time to bring you back in his kraal of special “SKAAPIES!!!

  225. you coward you cant show your name you can spend eternity in hell you black beast of the field. you will get what you deserve in hell.

  226. Nope!!!!… soon you lot will be getting what you deserve….STARVATION, MORE SICKNESS AND DESEASE, ….because of your aggressive ways!

  227. F**k you,you stupid racist.Go to hell you retarded bastard.South Africa is for the black people,not for stupid whites.When blacks live in poverty it´s not your problem.You f**king bastard.Imagine when you were treated so bad in your own country you bastard.God will punish you all you white pigs.You idiot f**k you!!!!!

  228. Thank you anonymous for bringing the blacks in Africa back to earth. Let me tell you one thing you black swine; if the Whites did not start a refreshment station in South Africa, you dumb fucks still wouldn’t have had a damn wheel for crying out loud. I wish the West would leave the blacks in Africa to die from poverty so that the problem is sorted out once and for all.

  229. China will rule the black people better than the whites did, we will have a differnt form of aparthied, but it will be communist, so you will be cared for well enough. We will keep you at arms length though, as you are not a refined race like the Chinese, but you will be happy to our level of standards, which we will decide for you. Also the standard of cooking will improve.

  230. Fact of the matter is that the white race is superior to the black race. I do not need to name any examples as 100’s of them can be seen daily around us. The white man build, improve, enhance, sustain, develop, plan ahead. What have the black man done since the day the Boers came to Africa? Show me anything that was developed, build or evidence that they contribute to this country!! Nothing, they destroy, burn down schools and then complain they have none. The white man came with cars, the black man leave with wheelbarrows. The white man builds houses and farms. The black man lives in huts of mud. The black man starve from hunger as he cannot produce food for himself. If it was not for the white man that came to Africa the black people would have been extinct long ago. I was prepared to compromise and agree that every person , black, white yellow whatever color have the same opportunity in this country but since the murder of E.T this has changed. Now every race must fight for survival and guess what? The white man will win the fight, purely because he CAN. So, f**k the black, kill the blacks , shoot the blacks, let us start our own song…..


  232. I have many black friends and was not brought up racist. To judge someone on their skin colour is plain idiotic. That said – you black people with your facebook pages maked me a racist. You black people who rape white woman then stuff sharpened bottles/brooms up their private parts make me a racist.

    Bararians and men cant communicate.

    When Jan van Riebeeck landed in the cape most countries had gun powder and machines – you were to fking stupid to have invented the basics like the wheel. You black people have made me a racist with a hate pure and white. You had the country for 20 years and just fkd it up – stop blaming the white people. You kill all the boers and then starve of hunger (ring a bell???). if you manage to drive away all the whites you will kill all the other colours and then start on your own ethnic groups (ring a bell.) Fkn savages – we should do what the bible says and slaughter every one of you.

    It is not white people raping your township woman – it is blacks. It is not white people steeling your stuff – it is blacks (your elected blacks).
    It is not white people that brings poor service delivery – it is blacks. Start dealing with your own people and clowns like Malema which takes the spotlight away from YOUR ELECTED politicians which are stealing your money. If eveything is nationalised it would be the Malemas and Zumas that gets the money – not you poor black fools. You will always be poor because that is your life – you cant trust your own goverment

  233. bravo! Well said. Couldnt have said it better myself. The whites have brought civilization to ‘dark africa’ Monkeys, guerillas and baboons roamed the land and unfortuanately they still do. Well not for long.

  234. Ok my white pig friend, you are right, you have invented the wheel, the car, fuck you might have well invented the world, but we’nt you the one who invented the pen, the paper, the bullot box and the pencil? then while you are so eager to proof your point, you seem not to realise that there has been a dramatic shift in the turn of events…at one stage you colonised africa, are african countries still colonies? if you and your “superior race” were so superior after all should we still be your “colonies” what happened? you came up with the apartheid laws, where are they now? If you were so superior were’nt we still supposed to be oppressed? dont you think your superiority being used against you? you had your farms and now you are selling them! how come? have you lost your mojo? why have’nt you been able to hold on to them? everyday you are selling them, why? you had whites presidents in south africa, where are they now? even the greatest nation in the world, America, with whites being the majority do not have a white president, why? have they lost it? is the pen, the ballot box and theballot paper (supposedly “white” inventions) defeating you who created them? the money (in abandons you had) where is it? are’nt you now crying fawl that government is not giving yo preferrence? ahhhh… what happened my superior friend are you breaking down? we are coming for you, you know it right?

  235. You obviously had not read my comment (as annonymous).

    Read it again and respond when you have.

    O ja – I know you are coming. You are not scared to do it one on one and pick on woman and children. It took 2 young men to take an old 69 year old recovering from heart surgery while he was sleeping. You are a scared race and only come in numbers cause you don’t have the guts.

    And you are right. The only reason you have won elections is because you are poppong kids left and right (and raping your own woman ni townships).

    Make the time I will make the place and lets do this man against man. Bring ten of your buddies along cause I want to take out my 11 even before the war starts.

  236. I couldn’t agree more with you. This country wouldn’t be what it was and were if it weren’t for the whites. Look at the DRC what happened when the Belgiums retracted out of the Kongo – poverty, war and a whole countries that has fallen to pieces. What about Zimbabwe? Mugabe the big mouth!!! Your people are starving to death and your economy is to hell and have sanctions against you! If it wasn’t for the white people of South Africa who was feeding your people and providing them jobs in SA how are your blacks going to make it as they cant even make it in your country. Malema – you want war???? We as white woman, men and children just had about enough of your SHIT. WAR is what you will get Asshole!!



    On Sunday, 21 March at approximately 15:00 my husband and I were hijacked by 4 african men at knifepoint at a robot in central Durban. This was my first traumatic experience at the hands of criminals and I felt violated and angry.We stopped the nearest patrol car who directed us to the DURBAN CENTRAL POLICE STATION to lay a charge,saying that they cannot patrol the area looking for the thieves as it was not in their district. At the police station , there was no one at enquiries and the community centre had five police members who looked at us briefly and then carried on talking. When we finally received attention the officer on duty looked at the clock on the wall behind us, indicating that it was too late to lay a charge. We were then told to report the case to the Amanzimtoti Police Station. The DURBAN CENTRAL POLICE STATION wants to desperately keep the crime statistics down at the expense of the public who pay their exorbitant salaries. I felt completely incapacitated by the police who rendered me just as helpless as the criminals. How dare they treat the public with such indifference when South Africa has become the crime capital of the world? This was indication of how crime statistics are being manipulated by corrupt police officials who want to give the public the impression that they are safe. I feel very sorry for the tourists coming into this corrupt country ! My rights as a South African was trampled upon on HUMAN RIGHTS DAY ! WHAT A FARCE!


  238. The Bible says than you shall NOT kill….. To take a life is only for GOD…. im not worried about any of this!!! I have got GOD on my side.
    GOD wil take care of people like U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    How do you dare use God’s name and swear in one line!!!! U are the one who is going to be punished!!!!!!

  239. You Stupid cunt

    It’s only because white people thought you could be civilised that they gave you the opportunity to govern yourselves, but what did you do with this opportunity? In 40-50 years since the end of colonialism in Africa, what fantastic advancements have taken place. One party states in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, Malawi, Zambia, Zaire etc. Marvelously democratic rulers like Mugabe, Bokassa, Mobutu, Banda,Taylor?

    The infrastructure that was left was destroyed, and the skills that were available rejected. In Uganda when the Indians were deported by Idiot Amin, the shops were given to local blacks, but had to close because the blacks didn’t understand about restocking, but as usual you blame your problems on someone else, as you are unable to take responsibility for yourselves and your actions. You are like children throwing a tantrum.

    How can you explain that of all the land re-distributed in South Africa, over 90% is now used for subsistence agriculture, yet you stil covet your neighbour’s field, even though you do not have a clue about how to keep it productive!

    In South Africa, when you don’t get you own way, you upend rubbish bins and riot, even when the city/town council you protest aganst is run by blacks, BUT still you will blame this on white people.

    In America and the U.K the majority of crime is committed by black people, however it is politically incorrect to say so, why don’t we call a spade a spade and let the truth out?!! If a white person suggests otherwise they are racist, the blacks are only correcting the past!

    White people are being very patient, giving you a chance that you are capable of responsibility, but you seem determined to prove us wrong, AND you are doing a magnificent job of this this.

    If you think that Indians and Orientals (Chinese etc) think you are capable of governing yourselves you are mistaken, they only pretend to like you to get an advantage for natural resources, but in truth they think of you as monkeys.

    The fact which no one can deny, is that you are not capable of living in harmony with other races.

    I could go on for ages, but you would want to burn this like you burnt your schools, your buses and anything of value. It’s time to accept that ere is no hope for theAfrican (black) race, you are sorry, jealous individuals, and as a group no better.


  240. Lesotho,

    The American leader is not black you dip shit, he is a mix between african american and white…………….. He only won because he is half white!!!!!!!!!

  241. you are brilliant in your argument but you forgot to mention one thing, all those african countries now depend on white western donations, even to buy “is the pen, the ballot box and the ballot paper” right?

    So its not about who is superior but who says ‘Thank you my boss’, begging bowl in hand.

  242. Dont worry about trying to uderstand what the FOOL tried to say…just another Maaaaalemaaaaaa,s special breed of “SKAAPIES” …Baaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Baaaaaaaa..Maalemaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….you know the ones that he uses because they more stupid than he is..LOL
    He knows by telling his special breed of “SKAAPIE” that it is the white man that keeps them poor ….he keeps their tiny brains thinkin g about his “MILLIONS” he makes, …then just to get them really worked up against the whites ..he hands out those small free packets of food he knows it does not take much to get those tiny brains moving!. hey anything for “FREE”…and not even decent food!!!!
    While they have to wear hand me downs or buy from PEP Stores and Ackermans and pay Foshini, Truworths and lubner accounts and have to rely on taxis, and public transport….he wears designer clothes, drives best import cars, go’s to private hospitals and Doctors, and eats and stuffs himself and his cronnies on the best food money can buy …”LEKKER! thick juicy steaks French Champagne…….”Burrrrrrrrrrp ….just see the smerk on his face and that smile in his eyes when he rallies his SKAAPIES” together …..he knows they not so bright…….Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…..MAAAAAAAAAAAAALEMA!!…..He and the rest of the privaliged BEE and most of the minister have left them behind long time ago ……so sleep in your shacks eat slops, and watch as your poor children grow up with nothing while the rest of your brothers and sisters live in the lap of “LUXURY” while they make you believe it is the white man that is responsible for blacks being poor …..and not your brothers” and “sisters” that drive past you with their nose in the air as if you beneath them and have a smell …while they live in warm cosy homes wth their families, and their kids going to the best ….”PRIVATE” schools run by whites and most times abroad in white mans country!!!……….when there is nothing left worth grabbing they will leave the South African shores on the heels of the last white man and live in their houses abroad that they bought with their “MILLIONS! ..and leave the “SKAAPIES !..behind to eat each other …i think they said Malema makes 130 million” or is it :billion every two years and that is just on one BEE business contract????…but the SKAAPIES deserve him because they know they will never challenge him they either to stupid and believe he is more clever than they are…….or they to scared to take him on or out!!…chech out the faces of those that sit next to him from the ANCYL ..they are absolutely petrified of him …LOL Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Maaaaaaalema…

  243. “cough! ” …i think the word you trying to spell is “fowl and not fawl!!…just thought i would correct you …Maaaaaaalem’s little “SKAAPIE” Baaaaaaaaaaaa….Maaaaaaaaaa…Maaaaaaaaalema ….go eat your pap while he eats his “LEKKER!!! thick juicy steaks…Burrrrrp!……..Baaaaaaaaaa
    Maybe tomorrow he will hand out some of those small free food packets you lot are always so grateful for …while he tells you it is the whites that keep you poor …and not him and the rest of BEE privilaged and most of the ministers with their BEE bussinesses……”SKAAPIE” Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  244. Stop getting so mad and lowering yourself to their level….the lot winding you up are not the intilligent blacks they the Malema “SKAAPIES” that are to scared to stand up to him they rather listen to him because although his brain has not developed …theirs are even worse…”fuck it’s tiny…they “poop bang of him” thats why they except those small cheap food parcels he hands out …Hey! why have some pride when you can get scraps from ….Malemaaaaaaaaaaaaa…Baaaaaaaaaaaa

  245. How sweet, perhaps you can tell why god is his wisdom allows the genocide of white farmers in this country, 3168 to date?

    The bible also says an eye for an eye, if you are so stupid to believe that that god and the easter bunny is going to save you from black savagery then you are foolish. 25 000 murders than years alone not to mention the rapes.
    Your belief in god comes from your ‘white guilt’ mentality and you are like sheep just easier to herd around as your Zionist leaders order you.

  246. Sad, really sad but true! All the money they make be it legal or not, do you think they invest it in AFRICA? No… I dont think so either! So how much do they love and care for their own people and our beloved South Africa?

  247. Oh dont worry, if you are an international tourist, just tell the thugs that you are visiting and not living here, I am sure they will let you be!!! Ha ha ha

  248. You kaffirs are good for nothing. Remember the days of the boerewar? We were outnumbered by far and we still slaughtered the British and you black apes. We will fuckin kill all you kaffirs if you want a war like we were supposed to do the first time. That way you black monkeys cant come back a few years later and try take the country back so that you can fuck things up again. Come kaffir, I have a shotgun shell for each and every one of you.

  249. Hey the only retard is you and as for “bastard”.. welllll i know how my father is ..DO YOU!!!!!!!!!!
    Oh! look in the mirror and you will see stupid……..”careful dont crack it now”….and it is our problem if you are living in poverty….because they always begging from us and scratching in our bins!!!!!!!!!………GOD has already punished us for allowing you lot to destroy his beautiful country…… but now he has had enough ….more sickness and desease will come …just wait and see……think about that!

  250. Thanks Chink Hee. That made me laugh especially the part where you said “but you will be happy to our level of standards, which we will decide for you”.

  251. This twit sounds like that “wanna be lawyer “….that was on the other page….LOL
    Lost that argument and is now trying to win a different one ….go push your stolen “supermaket trolly” around and do somthing instead of showing your ignorance to the world.

  252. Dear anonymous,

    As a foreighner who lived in SA for extensive period of time and travelling around the world at the moment. It is very hard to believe that black people really are SO blind to reality and do not see where all the money are going – to your brother’s and sister’s government who are living in luxury when millions of people are in the poorest conditions without electricity and water. Are you aware that any sporting event is the best way to ”put” money in the pocket for corruptive government? watch out how many of your brothers will get better after world cup while the rest are in shacks…open your eyes on present situation…

  253. Dear Anonymous and other white people there with brains….please if it comes to the point that educated people would have to move out of SA- please do not leave anything for the ”remaining” population…and lets see what will they do and what they are going to build…..dont leave things you’ve done ,developed to these people..

  254. it is clear from your post that you have the IQ of a fruit fly, you don’t have any valid points or reasoning ability. Furthermore go read the history books, you stole this land from the KOI SAN, its theirs not yours! You racist, killing your own kind is even worse. We came here as settlers built everything in South Africa now you want to make claims on the land, why dont you move to ZIm where all your brothers are and leave us in peace? why do you have to destroy South Africa too? theres enough space in Africa, move out of the white mans land

  255. their fore fathers were here before the whites, that I truly believe! The fuckin baboons, and gorrilas, they were here before us whites. . . Just sad, how the baboons evolved into ka****s

  256. Why on earth would you want to keep blacks at arm’s length
    You are also now officially “BLACK! remember although the chinese people had and enjoyed all the white privileges and were classed as white in the apartheid years Chinese had shops, houses business, their own schools,used white transport? then when a black government came in you lot asked to be classed as black.LOL…so black you are…HAHAHAHAHA….and now you also enjoy BEE and Affirmative action that was meant for blacks? just because the ruling party wants money and business from China! ….what a sell out “Hey!…..So dont try and set yourself above black people you equal now remember….some times being “sneaky” is not so clever…LOL

  257. Anonymous, Jesus was a Jew, and if you look at the skin color of the Jews, you will notice they are “blas van vel”. I don’t care what HIS skin colour is – black, pink, yellow, purple or white – HE IS GOD and HE is EVERYNONE’S GOD WHO ACCEPTS HIS SON AS THEIR SAVIOUR. IN HIS EYES WE HAVE NO COLOR – HIS LOVE IS UNCONDITIONAL. BUT He will not tolerate the slaughtr of HIS people – the true believing AFRIKANERS because we have served and loved HIM. Our forefathers pledged everything that we are to him. We are HIS Volk. But included in this Volk are also Indians, Colored’s, Blacks, Chinese, EVRYONE WHO LOVES AND SERVES HIM WITH A PURE HEART. So yes, GOD IS ON HIS PEOPLE’S SIDE, REGARDLESS OF COLOUR.

  258. People r selling their farms because they r scared 2 death! You want to kill all the whites, clearly you don’t have a family or children, because if you did, you would know that a person don’t kill other humans, if you do, you either didn’t had a good up bringing or u don’t have a heart! Don’t you think your’e parents would be disgusted with you if they knew you took someone else’s life? Would you want someone to kill your family? I don’t think so! I’ve got nothing against blacks, I know alot of them and u know what, they r wonderful people, so don’t make out that all u blacks are gonna wipe us out. Please don’t say that God is gonna punish us, people that murder, torture, rape etc other humans, they will be judge by God, not us innocent people that only wants to live a normal life!
    You guys keep on telling us that we r racist, what a joke! If some (not all of them r the same) blacks calls us names etc. they’re never racist, please get your facts straight!

  259. Thanks to the Boer who fought along loyal coloureds this country is not a colony.

    How long did it take China and Zimbabwe to get rid of the chains?

    The Boer had to die, be raped and enslaved in concentration camps. Where were the blacks then? Fighting against the Rooinek with the most developed / deadly ammunition, that was the Boer. Not the warriors of the blacks who’s only interest of survival was to feed themselves immediately.

    So don’t come along and say things such as look where the Donker Afrika is now, uncolonised. Because it is clear how things deteriorated because of the lack of the Western input. Look at Zimbabwe alone with the Dictatorship of Mugabe. What do you think the shiny little Malema is? Do you think he is a second Dingaan?

    Well I know he is. Sitting on his fat ass and eating the cake whilst other people suffer because of his ignorance.

    Zuma seems to ignore his responsibility – where is the Zulu warrior when you need him? Shacking up with his wife number trillion?

    This is not one tribe, this is a country with over 40 million citizens, proud and loyal. Do not rune it because of ignorance and living in the past. The future is the one that needs us to fertilize the ground, saw the seeds and get pick the fruit. The much needed nourishment to salvage us.

  260. I dont want to comment i just want to educate someone””!!!!. Let me start by saying this civilisation start from africa. The first unviversty of mathematics Egypt without this you can made any thing. in other word wisdom start from africa continent maybe people need to lean more about history before made a comment.

    When you talk, do not say harmful things, but say what people need—words that will help others become stronger. Then what you say will do well to those who listen to you. (Ephesians 4:29)

    1 Drew, Charles R.
    Dr. Charles Richard Drew (1904-1950) was from africa origin, and medical doctor and surgeon who started the idea of a blood bank and a system for the long-term preservation of blood plasma (he found that plasma kept longer than whole blood). His ideas revolutionized the medical profession and have saved many, many lives.
    2 Morgan, Garrett
    Garrett Augustus Morgan (March 4, 1877 – August 27, 1963), was an African inventor and businessman. He was the first person to patent a traffic signal. He also developed the gas mask (and many other inventions). Morgan used his gas mask (patent No. 1,090,936, 1914) to rescue miners who were trapped underground in a noxious mine. Soon after, Morgan was asked to produce gas masks for the US Army

    3Rillieux, Norbert
    Norbert Rillieux (March 17, 1806-October 8, 1894) was an African-American inventor and engineer who invented a device that revolutionized sugar processing. Rillieux’s multiple effect vacuum sugar evaporator (patented in 1864) made the processing of sugar more efficient, faster, and much safer. The resulting sugar was also superior. His apparatus was eventually adopted by sugar processing plants all around the world.till date. a black man

    4 McCoy, Elijah
    Elijah McCoy (1843 or 1844-1929) was a mechanical engineer and inventor. McCoy’s high-quality industrial inventions (especially his steam engine lubricator) were the basis for the expression “the real McCoy,” meaning the real, authentic, or high-quality thing.

    5Walker, Madame C. J.
    Madam C. J. Walker (December 23, 1867 – May 25, 1919) was an inventor, businesswoman and self-made millionaire. Sarah Breedlove McWilliams C. J. Walker was an African- who developed many beauty and hair care products that were extremely popular. Madam Walker started her cosmetics business in 1905. Her first product was a scalp treatment that used petrolatum and sulphur. She added Madam to her name and began selling her new “Walker System” door-to-door. Walker soon added new cosmetic products to her line. The products were very successful and she soon had many saleswomen, called “Walker Agents,” who sold her products door to door and to beauty salons. without her no hair salon.
    And many more
    .!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Because of space i can’t name all, the fact still remain we need each other to survive, BOTH Great Black and Great White no superior only fool clam superiorty when you are a TEAM!

  261. I’m dutch and WHITE and very proud of the non-racist country I live in, because all the white people who comment on this site are RACISTS, your exploiting africa and it’s original people and you seem to be proud of that. The conflict between the blacks and the whites will never be resolved, therefore, all the white racists should be thrown out of SA! You don’t deserve to be there at all! I do condemn the violence that afrikaners use against the white, but they wouldn’t hurt you if you weren’t such racist whites!
    And to be clear, the whole western developed society, regards the way you white boers treat afrikaners as repulsive and heinous! YOUR BEHAVIOUR IS BEING CONDEMNED WORLDWIDE! White boers are the only ones with such a restricted view on mankind, and this racist way of thinking is not accepted in the rest of the world!! BECAUSE EVERYBODY, regardless of his/her color, IS EQUAL!!! PEOPLE WHO DO NOT UNDERSTAND THIS ARE IMMORAL, NON-THINKING ANIMALS (YES IM TALKING ABOUT THE WHITES IN SA, not the blacks, BECAUSE THEY ARE ENTITLED TO THE SAME THINGS AS WE WHITE PEOPLE ARE!

  262. It could only be some uninformed Dutchman that could write a comment like that .I am also Dutch and have experienced violense at the hands of Blacks .I have spent 23 years in Swaziland assisting Black workers. Starting comunity projects .My daughter was physicly abused and we were broken into twice in the last 3 months we lived in Swaziland.I am married to a south african girl. We did leave Africa .But the government you are so proud of will not allow my wife to whom i am married for 28 years to accompany me to stay in Nederland .So How equel are we being treated by the country you are so proud of .I would love to follow your advice .i WOULD LOVE TO RETURN HOME BUT NOT AT THE COST OF LEAVING MY WIFE .

  263. Emil, I am so sorry that you are in this position. I am not proud of the way S.A is right now. I lived in the USA for 14 years and have a 12 yr old daughter who was born there. I am highly educated and in the last three years since my return, I have worked for 2 people who didn’t pay me and I have been unemployed for 7 months now because I am OVERQUALIFIED. You see, they cannot tell me to my face it’s because I am white. BEE is killing us as well as the crime. Stay where you are. You’re much better off. I love my country and my people, but I am disgusted at the reversed racism I am seeing. If it weren’t for my children, I would have gone back to the US long time ago.

  264. Thank you Anonymous (Dutch, White, Proud). It’s nice to hear someone on this board post the truth from the heart and soul. I’ve been sharing these posts with friends, family and co-workers here in Seattle and they are disgusted by what they read. Most people here thought that this deep-rooted hatred and pure ignorance among the Boers was a thing of the past. Tell me that this is not the norm. You, I will believe. Perhaps this is just a site that the wackos frequents?

  265. I quote you:
    April 14, 2010
    by seanpadrig, 2 days 19 hours ago
    “I protested heavily against Boer scum during the early 80’s while at University. I celebrated more when your vile regime was brought than I did at the fall of the Berlin Wall and the collapse of the Soviet Union. I was, however, disappointed with President Mandela and Bishop Tutu when they didn’t deport everyone of you crackers out of South Africa. At the very least you should have been relocated into temporary concentration camps/Boer Townships (Like District 13) until your Mother Planet sent for you. I guess you don’t really have a Mother Country, do you? The entire civilized world hates Boer South Africans. Stop bitching and be thankful that you still hold a S.A. passport. That was another mistake that the Mandela Administration made.”
    If you make allegations like this, after everything the Afrikaner people have been through lately, what did you expect? You posted your racist comments knowing you would get the response you did. If someone attacked who YOU are, you would react the same. People are angry, bitter and disappointed in the way things have fallen apart. You don’t live here Seanpadrig, so don’t judge and flame people on towards giving the response they did. The Afrikaner people are proud, love their heritage and culture and will defend it. Just like you would defend yours. No, the responses on this board is not the norm, but I do understand their anger. Most people just use a more positive way to channel the anger. Some of the things I have read here on this board sickens me to my stomach (and I am a white Afrikaner woman), but when you see the way our people have been butchered, you would understand the deep rooted anger that has surfaced. Americans have not seen what we have. Crime isn’t just crime – some are worse than others, and we have the worst of the worst. If you want proof, ask me and I will tell you where to go look. Then talk to me again.

  266. I am not a pig. I can say however that you are sadly mistaken if you think that White people are not needed here. Without us you will die. as easy as that. We pay the taxes, grow the food, fly the aeoplanes, treat the sick and wounded, are the engineers, architects, decent lawyers/actuaries/teachers/journalists/entrepeneurs. Your government have stolen you blind and you love them for it. They are destroying your chances of a prosperous future and you love them for it!!!! I am astounded to here such nonesense from a clearly educated person. You will leave a legacy of suffering for your children because of your stupidity. That is a shame to say the least. If you come for us we will be protected by the Lord and will survive. You however will be washed away by his vengeance. Please change your ways before it is too late. We don’t need preference from the government. We are still excellent and you never will be. Cannot be. And you hate us for it. Why don’t you rather humble yourself and learn from us “pigs”. after all, the Pig is a very intelligent animal.

  267. no chap. The truth is that white people dont hate blacks. They simply fear the brutality they have experienced at black people’s hands. South Africa is as much the Afrikaner’s land as it is yours. If you do not respect that then it will bring calamity to you and your people.

  268. easy on that hey. but yes, the Lord will protect us and give us strength to fight in the defense of our families. Let anyone come for me or my family or friends and they will kak. Buck shot pal. I dont waste proper ammo and animals.

  269. please just do your self a favor and come live here for a couple of months and then talk of something you know about. We are not racist, we are tired of corruption, crime, and phrases like kill the boer, kill the farmer ( kill the person who grows my food). We want to live in peace and harmony with the blacks and educate them in becoming qualified persons to take care of their own families. You are condemning us with out proper research, we are a white nation who believes in God our creator and savoir. The Lion sleeps under the bush, he wants no more trouble with Hyena, Hyena want to wake the lion….

  270. You actually do not have a clue! If you say EVERYONE is racial, you have not READ what was commented… clue up, Dutch!

  271. Once again, you are not READING ALL the posts, and you are reading these post, mostly from the same hand full of people saying the same thing over and over. Not really a very big, diverse or accurate study.

    The only reason I got onto this blog is because of Twitter. I am South African, and white. I am not a racist, but I am a firm believer that not all people are good at heart. And this is clearly illustrated on this blog, people calling others monkeys and marmite monsters is child’s play. Have you at all READ the post some of the posters saying they are black and that whites deserve to be rapped and killed by means of ramming broken glass bottles or broom sticks of the female victims privates? Again, and again to ensure that it is rammed up far enough, especially the broom sticks, so that it smash through the shoulders?

    Would any sane person not call this a slaughter of a very, very sick mind? Something that would even make a Ted Bundy nauseous.

    Tell me what your crime rate is in Seattle, and then we might be able to compare. Just keep in mind that our forensic are way behind due to a lack of interest from our government.

    Our jails are over populated and the state that people are living in (once again, due to government overspending budgets and earning over R90k pm, were as a normal domestic worker or cashier at well known groceries chain groups get paid R3k pm without having benefits such as a pension fund – can you see the difference? And before you say that it is because of education, keep in mind that our ANC youth league leader has barely scraped through on his matric… a couple of G’s, H’s and the highest he received was a C) encourages jailbirds to stick it out for the term of 1-2 years for rape, 3-5 years for murder etc…

    Like the 15 year old that is accused for allegedly killing Terre’blance, who was not interested in getting bail, because in juvi he gets 3 cooked meals, time to watch TV and relax – something he apparently has never had in his life before. You know what is scary? This child has been born 5 years into democracy – the 1st year of Pres. Nelson Mandela being in parliament.

    Do you want to know precisely what happens to Old Age Pensioners when they line up for km’s to receive their money? I’m not sure your stomach would be able to handle it. Second guess, do you want to know what the average payout is to these people? Round about R900 if you are lucky (that is 100 x less than a parliament member earns to sit and sleep in parliament while in session – find out whether you can get hold of footage…this is hilarious). Do you CARE to know what Eskom, our electricity provider consider doing for us because they ignored the Engineers warnings for over 10 years? Well, they will increase this years electricity with 35% – this is a 3 year plan, the aim being to increase electricity by a 100% before the end of 2012 whilst working hard on building another coal station and helping global warming along…

    What do you think R900 can pay for? Electricity, water, food and if you have your own home the levies? No bloody way. Let me tell you the average price of a loaf of bread is between R8 and R10. Milk will cost you no less than R7 per liter and if you want to pay for petrol, be prepared to pay just under R9 per liter. You can convert that R900 to basically US$110 per month. But remember even our vegetables and public transport is way expensive. Public transport varies from R5.50 to R50 depending on whether you are allowed to take a bus or the more expensive taxi – which is a minibus, not always certified to be safe on the road or have a licensed driver.

    Please get the facts straight by actually reading our papers or even viewing the cartoons of our local guys – this will give you more accuracy. And if you really want to know what is going on maybe you should try to get the 18 Aprils Carte Blance show – here they interview black people saying how ashamed they are of the ANC youth league president.

    It goes both ways, don’t judge because of post made by a small group of people who are ill informed. Make a choice to read the right script before you judge.


    I mean this website does not even archive posts in and index and is definitely not user friendly – and you actually keep on coming back to this one blog??

  272. You are obviously a Nigger, because white people have more brains than you!! You are not talking for the rest of the world, as the rest of the world is fed-up with the Niggers in Southern Africa killing all the White people. These Niggers are killing and burning young children and Babies, what do Babies know about hating Niggers. Visit the site – killings on white people in South Africa. So before you open your big trap and talk a lot of shit, do your homework!!!

  273. I honestly cannot say i love South Africa, i was born here and brought up here. The only thing i love is the weather and the landscape. I hate the place because it is dirty and there is to much of Black people going around killing whites. If i had my way i would be out of here, problem i am overqualified to (to white) to find work. Which means there is no money to leave this dump!!

  274. when can you white trash leave I’ll even help you pack.With 90 percent of the worlds diamonds and gold in in our native land I think we afrikans in SouthAfika will do all right P.S. give back the gold and diamond wealth you stole because of course you know that’s rightfully ours too and leave like the true white trash you are without our stuff.

  275. You know, it’s so funny the ignorance of some people. When the whites came to this country, there was only Khoi San in the west, Xhosas and here and there a few tribes. The majority of the africans came from the north to populate this country and actually have a job in these mines, to support their families in ways better than to merely hunt deer with assegaai and brew beer from corn. Did your forefathers actually have the knowledge to retrieve and purify all these minerals which are so rightfully yours? And if they did, what would they do with it? Create shiny ornaments for the tribal chiefs or the tribal gods? Use the diamonds as stones to crack open the skulls of rival tribes? If whites didn’t come here to this country, would you have a PC, Internet and email which you now so blatantly use to slur the ones who have created the oppurtunities in order for you to read, write and talk loads of bull about things you obviously have no rational knowledge about. Or would you have beaten your anger on a tribal drum for the neighboring tribes to frown upon? Come on! Stop stereotyping! If you say all whites trash, then am I suppose to say all blacks are scum? I have a better idea, why DON’T all the whites of all races just piss off, but before we do, we will break down the mines, burn all the malls and everything which actually made this country economically viable and withdraw international investments as well. Then we can leave it to you to start all over again and be happy, without white trash here.

  276. And your point is?? Violence, bad language and racial hatred will amend everything?
    This coming from a person who lives in a land ALSO inhabited by white settlers from Europe! Next I suppose you will be saying that usa is also the land of your forefathers and that the white pigs there should also f… off back to Europe where they originally came from?? If you stay in touch with news events, not the crap propaganda your media feeds you, you will notice that South Africa has not been under white minority rule for 16 years now. So why after all these years are there still africans living in shacks, no running water and crap food as you call it? Why then have the current black majority government not supplied that yet? They’ve had ample time and the funds… (which gets corrupted by the day) Instead everythings just getting worse for your average african friends living and working here, while the fat cats in the government just gets fatter and wealthier. Now who is to blame there? Oh I forgot, the white pigs are I suppose. Damn how ignorant of me… If you’re such an african by heart, what the hell are you still doing in the usa, why don’t you come back to live in africa? Or do you feel indebted to the land you currently live in because your forefathers have been dragged there into slavery to line the pockets of the white pigs….
    Get a life. Your racial slurs does not intimidate me at all. As for the guy your buddy punched, he most probably deserved it for acting like an arsehole, so good on you

  277. I am from here in the u.s.and I build and repair computers for a living and I can assure you afrikans in south afrika can have houses instead of shacks,water instead of carrying jugs for miles,good food instead of that crap you pigs (whites) put out,money with black faces printed on it,great education that’s african based intead of european based,jobs near where they live.So cracker trash just get the fu#k out of africa and go back to europe and try to make it without the wealth you get from afrika.We afrikans worldwide are coming to help our people.So get your hogging,leaching as&es the fu#k out of afrika! P.S. One of your white buddieswho moved over here in the u.s. shoved a friend of mine on a construction job we were on and my friend knocked him out with one punch which broke his cheekbone and he was out for over a minute.My freind only spent one hour in jail then was let go! The whites and the blacks on the job enjoyed that punch! boy are you guys stupid.

  278. So my friend, because whites discovered electricity, gun powder, cement, vehicles and even the wheel, it gives them the right to invade other peoples lands? This is stupid reasoning. We did not ask white people to bring those things for us in the first place. So don’t bring this things in the picture to try and justify your illegal settlements.

  279. You are an Idiot, take a look around. People are risking their lives to sneak across our boarders, people from lands littered with minerals and gold. Power and money mean nothing if you don’t have the sense to use them properly. South Africa is just as much the White mans land as it is the Black mans! South Africa, the cities, monuments, structures, the hole westernized way of life was brought to South Africa by the White man, what took us the better part of 60 000 years of evolution to reach, you feel entitled too just because you were here. The ever open hand of Africa, blame the whites for all your problems, never once think it just might actually be you! If South Africa is to have a way forward it’s going to be through working together and there will be no room for racist, lazy, ignorant people like you. Otherwise I’m afraid South Africa is going to end up just like the rest of Africa, once glorious and beautiful, now the rubbish dumb of the world.

  280. You really shouldn’t comment of things you don’t even begin to understand, come to South Africa and live with the whites or blacks your choice, see how you feel about them after you’ve actually seem what’s going on. I’ve met many many people like you, the so called enlightened, come here to teach us how to get a long with our black brothers. Yet every one of them ran back to their country with their tails between their legs, not cause of the whites, but because once they were here, they themselves faced the same horrors as us. Interestly enough they are bigger Racists now, than us so called white South Africans. So I invite you, come to South Africa and educate us racist whites. Stop talking so much rubbish and lead by example. Show us how you’d do things differently.

  281. So true,but becoz western countries come in and develop poor African countries,ofcoz like in Nigeria.Here Nigeria had to borrow 6 billion to develop her oil fields and ended up paying back 75 billion.Can’t blame Africans being corrupt,if you dealing with corrupt lenders,but point is Nigerians loses out.
    Another point is hunger in Africa,of coz these western countries buy up farmland,in Africa and then export the produce direct to their mother country.Becoz there’s not enough farming land left.Europe’s fish stock is just about depleted,so where do their fish come from,Africa ofcoz.For instance the African fisherman,instead of bringing his catch to port,goes into international waters,off-load his catch onto a factory-ship,at a higher price than what he would get in his own country,can’t blame the bloke,bizniz is bizniz. So the list goes on and on.

  282. “Chinese people had and enjoyed all the white privileges and were classed as white in the apartheid years”
    Actually Chinese were given the status of ” honorary whites” Gee a racist regime can bestow high honours.

  283. “why god is his wisdom allows the genocide of whites”
    I am an almighty and jealous God,you shall no other Gods,but me.You people loved yourselves before God.The Bible say “you’ll reap what you sowed”Apartheid created this violence.
    Rape is ofcoz mostly an act of humiliation and fuelled by years of apartheid,where only white women got jobs as pin-up girls,can’t blame a black then if he yearns for a taste of the forbidden fruit,that under aparthied he was only allowed to lust over. Flipside is they did’nt want white men to lust after black women,what you sow,you’ll reap.

  284. Ja Hollander – before you talk, think of how rich the small country of the Netherlands became on the backs of the Indonesians…. So don’t point fingers at white South Africans, who are the “black” (ha ha) sheep of the Dutch family.

  285. You say that south Afrika is just as much the white mans as the blacks! Are you a looney bird because blacks in south Africa have been traveling back and forth for at the very least hundreds of thousands of years before you caucasions from the caucusus mountains existed! Every body Knows you are not indigenous to that land.Ain’t no crackers come from no damn Afrika. We just didn’t pop into existence when you crackers arrived.You have not brought anything to afrika.The rich minerals of Afrika built south Afrika and realy it was best left alone in it’s natural state but that souds crazy to you neandetals from the caucusus mountains because you are a unatural freak which is rejected by nature (the SUN).

  286. maybe you should stay focused whats happening in your country before you come try push your nose into our country

  287. most of them was white.. only few select blacks… who was taught by the whites… is there that invented something

  288. actually 95% of farms being “sold” is actually land claims.. thats why by 2012 SA would be without food.. nice goig corrupt kaffers. how you going to be fed?

  289. You worthless piece of shit. How do you even consider yourself human? You sat idly by and watched someone be physically abused to the point of hospitalization? And you feel good enough about it to brag? Your crime was justified because of the color of their skin was it? You’re an ignorant loser. I live in the US as well and this country has come very far since the time of segregation. Shame we still allow racist immigrant pieces of shit like you to have a voice. I wish someone would punch YOU in the jaw so that at least for a brief moment in time you wouldn’t have the ability spew the nonsensical words that come from your uneducated filthy mouth. You are a mindless immigrant construction worker. Your opinion counts to no one. You left your country behind. Instead of bitching about whites getting out of your country , here’s an idea GET THE FUCK OUT OF MINE!

  290. The u.s. is not my country .We were brought here home made terrorist camps (what whites call slave plantations part of the wasp anglo saxon empirelike what South Afrika is) I thought everyone knew that! I am indigenous to Africa and you are certainly not! Why don’t you move to Iceland since you pigs aren’t happy with the misery you cause and the wealth you steal from Afrika.You people sure ain’t no god damn blessing to nobody !!

  291. nd me an afrikan decendence from slaves did not immigrat here ,we are the only people that were brought here to be terrorized and torchered into building crackers a nation.In other words we (Afrikans in america)are not immigrants!GOT IT!!! So this proves that you are the stupid uneducated one because you can even tell a lie on the internet!

  292. nd me an afrikan decendence from slaves did not immigrat here ,we are the only people that were brought here to be terrorized and torchered into building crackers a nation.In other words we (Afrikans in america)are not immigrants!GOT IT!!! So this proves that you are the stupid uneducated one because you can even tell a lie on the internet!

  293. You say “we” though you should not. You are not 200 years old, that I’m sure of. YOU were never a slave. YOU were never terrorized. YOU were never tortured (by the way that is the correct spelling of that word) How dare you say “we” as if you have suffered with them. YOU have absolutely NO idea about the awful hardships those people faced. No, you are nothing more than a self important whiny bitch with a big mouth. Those people were strong when they had every right to break down. You would never be able to make it one day in their lives! Furthermore, I assumed you were a South African immigrant living in the US because your broken English and idiotic opinions that most Americans would disagree with. If I was wrong and you were born in the US, I do apologize. Your broken English, poor grammar and bad spelling is just evidence of a lazy, under educated, homegrown loser.

  294. My liewe wit vriende. Is julle van julle sinne beroof, hoe is dit moontlik dat n ras wat homself as die beste ras beskou, so oppervlakig kan dink? White ignorance are always your worst enemy. Do you guys know something called, short term and long term effects. This I mention as products of apartheid. Yes apartheid died in 1994 but do you realy and honestly think that the current government with their political and not economical independence is in a state to adress the poverty of the black majority? This is the longterm effect of the apartheid policies of the years gone by. What do you expect from people who were discriminated against for over 300 years, on the basis of their skin colour, with no skills and no labour market to absorb them, to do? You “far sighted whites” as you like to refer to yourselves, should have seen this coming a long way back. What were you thinking by reserving 87% of the total country surface for the minority whites? This was done under the Bantoestan policy, and you put the majority on top of one onother in small homelands. My suggestion is:
    1. Stop employing foreign nationals, at the expence of the black south africans and I urge all your broeders to do the same if you don’t want more trouble. And stop this nonsence that the black South Africans are lazy, they’re not.
    2.You need to come together and work with your government not against it and find an amicable solution together. You have the power to do so, because you have the controll over the economy. DO NOT and I repeat, DO NOT TAKE UP ARMS AGAINST BLACK SOUTH AFRICANS, doing so will give this people the excuse to go up against you and avege all the past atrocities you the whites comnited aginst them. The only thing standing between your future existence and your doom is the law and if you take that in to your own hands, then you have succesfully brought upon yourself, your own doom. A HUNGRY MAN IS ALWAYS AN ANGRY MAN.

  295. This is Africa you live by it’s laws or die. People cannot expect us to act the same in Africa as in Europe countries it is not viable seeing as this is how it works. Look at Rwanda ‘hippies’ who say peace not war will be the first to die because they are easy targets. That is the Africa’s way there is no room for ‘weakness’ and trust me they think we are all chumps for trusting them and that they would uphold their side of the bargain. Show me one country on this continent that does not live under the African law of: you fight or you die. That is just the way. They will always blame the white man for all their problems, we are to blame for their past but not their future and I personally is tired of being sorry for something I had no part in. Heck I even stood up for them and was ostracised at school for playing with coloreds. But with age comes wisdom … just a small minority of the blacks will ever be able to see past my skin color. Why I am called racist for stating the truth? It is how it is. They will turn to where ever the blame is laid. Look at the white squatter camps yes it is poor but clean and even these people who have nothing gets robbed/attacked on a regular basis.

    We have only been tolerated for our economic value, now that the economy is crashing and the masses who has been promised ‘riches’ after the takeover is becoming restless. You cannot divide wealth to provide the poor the country will collapse, look at the rest of Africa.

    Sorry, ek hou al die comments so lank dop dat ek kan dit nie meer vat nie. Die wittes word aangeval as hul waag opstaan vir hulself en word gese dis ‘Karma’ maar as die swartes se ons ‘crakers’ moet die see in word hul net geignoreer. So moeg van die duppelsinnigheid van ons wereld. Laat die Here jou siel spaar in die nuwe Suid Afrika.

  296. I am 24 and I don’t even know who my forefathers where, I feel ashamed every time I see how black South Africans WERE treathed back in the day when even my father was still in diapers, but I feel that it is Intresting that we must now be held responsible for the actions of these people long gone, I also find it a bit irritating that all the work that was put in to this land by all races, black, white and coloured is now just shrugged off and these workers are deemed rasists, the food that is put on your tables every night does not fall out of the sky, it is produced on a farm, by the farmer and his workers, it is a company like any other and if you whant to reform the land and put someone there that does not have the skills to be able to make a succes of it, you will be taken the food out of all of our mouths, yours included. Please stop slamming each other and spreading hate as far as you go, if we can all just live in the here and now we might just be able to grow stronger as a wonderful country that we are. I do not hate anybody, and I have not done anything to insue hatred towards me, but people like you to have this great nack to mess up everything we have tried to build. I think that there are no place for the likes of you in this country, You either work towards the bigger picture of a peacefull country or you get on a plane and go take out your anger in hatefull countries like gaza.
    And keep your neagtivity to yourselfs. Take care, and have a great day.

  297. Niggers invented nothing, that is bullshit they try to tech you niggars in history month. If you are so clever why then did you learn the white man’s alphabet and his language. Should you not have developed your own?… Next you will hear kaffirs invented the cell phone too.. Hahahaha.

  298. Wealth we steal?? Another hypnotised believer of nonsense!

    Everything I have I worked my ass of to get. Did not get a cozy scholarship or job. I, and most of the people who has anything, work sometimes seven days a week and sometimes average 90 hours plus during the week. Maybe if you worked more and strike less you will too get paid enough money to cover your expenses.

    That being said – the only really indigenous people to Afirca is the boesmans – then we should all leave and leave the country to them.

    You make so much stupid comments that you should really wake up – it is people like you who make black people look stupid!

  299. The only trash is you…LOL…where ever you lot stay it turns into a dump and shit heap you dont keep your places neat or tidy , you piss against your walls and shit in your backyards because you dont know what a toilet is for , you even piss in public????..LOL!!!
    No one stole anything from you …you own nothing but that is typical of you lot “I WANT!IT’S MINE!GIVE ME!…work for what you have and stop wanting handouts …most of all “HAVE SOME PRIDE!!!
    Do you think you going to get a Diamond mine? or a Gold mine if whites leave? HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE HE…HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA Ha HAH… You poor ililterate TWIT….old Malema and the BEE impowered already have them…LOL…now fuck off and go get educated. or ask Malema and the BEE impowered to make you a partner…Ha Ha Ha

  300. Shame got a chip on the shoulder “SLAVE BOY! and uneducated as well i see. build and fix computers for a living….Mmmmmmm i think you work for a white boss and it pisses you off so you come on the website to release all your tention….LOL..LOL
    So you coming to help your people in Africa “WOW!!! with that brain ha.ha.ha.ha. what a good laugh thanks i needed that…ha ha ha ha ha ha “O” my cant stop laughing… for whites being pigs?… i think not you like to wallow in crap not whites “SLAVE BOY!!!!…LOL

  301. UNATURAL FREAK REGECTED BY NATURE?…LOL have you ever looked at yourself in the mirror just because mama told you you beautiful means nothing …she has to you her kid?…ha. ha. ha.
    Regected by nature the sun.???lol….WHAT YOU GOT? SHIT FOR BRAINS?….just asking can’t believe there are still be so many stupid people out there.
    Silly “GOLLYWOG!!!

  302. The only pig in this story is you black pig LOL….
    it was your own nation that sold you lot for baubles, bangles and beads LOL!!!!!
    So what you bitching about?…. explain wealth if you talking about diamonds and gold you lot did not know what it was …the white man developed and started evolving and started to put prices on certain things that is how they became riches!!!! Like i said you lot did not evolve and new nothing of what the white man seen as riches in their world …you bartered for baubles, bangles and beads!

  303. What is it with you lot and the word cracker?… heard a word now every twitt is using it ….get a life hommo!

  304. The name “PIG” you should keep to describe yourselves because wherever you lot move in it becomes a dumpster and shit hole!
    YOU HAD FARMS AND NOW YOU ARE SELLING THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…..”FUCK!!! what planet have you been living on smoking your mothers panties are you……go ask your GOV. why the farms are being sold …it is to give it to you usless lot to plant peace gardens on or lay around doing nothing just waiting for the next hand out …no pride hey!….LOL…..”fuck!how stupid are these lot of brainless wonders of the world?
    As for Obama thanks to his white mother he is where he is today dont even put yourself in his class …..he would have been looking after cattle in the veld somewhere if he stayed with his father!!! ”
    “PLEASE”….i beg you go educate yourself just because you know how to operate a computer does not mean you educated….there was a baboon in the eastern cape who was taught how to operate the railway switch and never caused an accident….so you see? i am not calling you a baboon beacause they have more intelligence than you can ever hope to have …..LOL….and by the way white americans voted for Obama and one day soon they will cry for Bush!!!!

  305. Now you are talking crap they were also just plantation and mine workers?…but anyhow what ever floats your boat Faget!….LOL

  306. I’m a white Afrikaner and I’m no racist. Most of the white Afrikaners I know are not racists either. The vile comments by both white and black posters on this website make me sick. So many crazy hateful people.

  307. SEANPIG
    YOU GAYS ARE SO FUCKED UP ….go find some arse to go play in and leave the boere alone …..rather look at yourself someone who likes to crawl up the next ones arsehole….LOL “sis man!!!…ha ha ha ha you mixef up cockroach.

  308. Since you learned to write, I can just as well tell you what happened:
    When the Whites arrived in SA in 1652, Blacks ate each other, raped their own moms and sisters and killed their brothers.
    Survival of the fittest. You can come accross this phenomena elsewhere in nature.
    When getting to know the inside of the country, Whites often came accross villages that was totally wiped out.
    The spear of Shaka Zulu killed thousands of Blacks. South Africa was open to take, Black cannibals wiped out their own. Since Whites entered the country, every Black baby had seen adulthood. Saved from their own species. Now you want to say Whites don’t belong there?
    After the Whites settled in open country, Blacks got hungry and started work for them. What did the Blacks do then? Killed, rape and steal! What they still do to this day!
    Why do Blacks not stay in Africa, but flee to South Africa? The reason being that where Whites are, there are food. Blacks starve to death and kill each other, even EAT each other. Like rats they crawl back to Whites. They bite and kill the hand that feeds them.
    You obviously have a White manager that must check you up, because you cannot work on your own.
    A Black rev in the USA said there is something wrong with the Blacks, they don’t understand the world.

  309. You obviously have NO idea what is happening in Africa! Did the Belgians in the Congo also preached Apartheid before they were brutally slaughtered by Blacks? What about the English in Kenya? Or the Portugese in Mozambique, oh… and the Arabs in Zanzibar!?
    You have a LOT to learn. Africa is a wild, wild world, and you only need a White skin to be slaughtered and raped.
    Wake up! Apartheid has been there for a safe reason. We just forgot for a few years exactly WHY it was implemented in the first place.

  310. Yeah we Afrikans need neanderthals to rape,murder,enslave and rob us of our mineral wealth to survive!You cracker are either on dope or dookie because you are spaced out or crazy!!!

  311. Okay keep typing on the keys you coward because honestly if you’re so superior. How come you coward behind a computer monitor? It’s funny how a lot white racist are cowards. I don’t believe in no race being superior, but honestly if you come at me with that bullshit you will be aired out.

  312. To Anonymous, comment Fri, 2010-04-30 13:03
    Well, You do realise that not only you are non-american, but also the whites there, which you seemingly dislike? America belongs to the RED INDIAN!!! All others should realy leave, if anyone insists that the white in South Africa should leave. And especially the blacks in America, even if they are decendents of the slaves imported from Africa. There was in the past the opportunity for those slaves and their decendents, free of costs to be transported back to Africa. Some did it, some not. So, where IS your problem. You are, just as the whites in Africa, not belonging into America! A sardine hatching in a goldfish pond will never be a goldfish!
    And about mines and diamonds. The ones who belief that the whites have their fingers in it, are far from the truth. How about reading
    just one small book called “A Fortune Through My Fingers” from Carstens. Your eyes might open and you might understand this “business” better, and you might want to retract the remark that the so-called whites got their riches from it, unless you want to call
    a certain group of people whites, who are in fact from another race. (And just amongst us some a tiny advice: google for N. Rothchild and J. Russo, even YouTube videos.)

  313. If you could go to afrika and leave your mother,father,sister,brother,daughter,son,grand parents in chains,terrorize every momment of their lives. I’d rather stay and risk my live to save my family.Of couse that’s something you crackers wouldn’t understand!!

  314. What about all your millions of chinese living in the swamps uneducated and knee deep in rat infested rice swamps you know the other china!

  315. NO! Under no circumstances are non South Africans to be engaged. It is also futile to engage the black horde. You run, you run like hell! You run, and regroup. Then we will hit them where it hurts.

  316. Whats with the white supremacy bullshit? Educate yourselves before claiming to be masters of everything. Half of what you know was originally invented by the Chinese….gunpowder (if youre the same person who claimed was invented by the whites), the compass, the dam system and the list is endless.) Yes whites are not all bad, you guys are GREAT at invading nations, terrorizing it for years/ decades/ centuries, reaping it dry of anything good, stealing ideas and claiming it to be your own….and at the end of it being a fucking RACIST and expecting every one to kiss your pale fucking ass for it..

  317. The only reason why black africans still exist is because whites from around the world took pitty on you ,your race and culture was completely dominated and enslaved by another not even a third ofits size , you are rapists and murderers of chhildren and grand mother and i can garauntee that if the white collective around the world were to turn on you there would be nothing but ash people are starting to wake up to you around the world even in my country we know what your up to and we welcome white south africans as they are intelligent and industrious people and quite frankly the only thing from stopping your country from sinking into the shit affirmative action is weakening your culture globally and i hate to break it to you but the word racist doesnt work on us any more . ps slavers from africa(black ones) started the slave trade with whites good day.

  318. Ok I beg to differ, im a black american who goes to a white school and gets along with ALL races, i have a 3.53 gpa i love to read, play the claranet and have many other hobbies, unlike you who does nothing with there life. I take it your an Afrikaner or a white inbreed southernern. Hahaha you say that blacks are incapable of building and inventing things but did you know that Lagos, Nigeria is building a man made mega island off the coast filled with fine hotels, office towers and condos its called Eko Atlantic (look it up) built by BLACKS for BLACKS. Oh and did you know that the traffic light, the harpoon and modern ice cream were ALL INVENTED BY BLACKS. Now dont you feel silly and stupid, yeah, maybe you should do your research instead of making bullshit statments up. Its so sad that in this day and age that we still have bigoted buffoons like you. You have just proved to the world that you are ignorant, narrow minded, and stupid. I would feel ashamed and embarresed if i were you for writing something like that

  319. Very well said. Now if only is would sink into the minds of our “law abiding” white South Africans.
    Then maybe there would be less attacks and less bloodshed. We need to stand up and take back our humanity no matter what the cost.

  320. comment likes yours make me happy that we are beginning to stick together and take back our country. You are so right u ignorant dumba**, we dont know who are forefather are because the white pigs came and took us away from our country! we dont know anything about ourselves because the white”devils” took that chance away by kidnapping africans and enslaving them. as far as im concerned OH WELL! if it is a silent genocide they finally deserve it! white people have slit up our race and degraded africans to the greatest extent. Its called karma! im usually not a hateful person but my race has went through enough touture, struggle and hardship due to white people and their greed and miliciousness. i dont feel sorry for whats going on at all. the touture and raped and hang my peple, now their future generations will pay for their forefathers ignorance!!!!

  321. You say God will PUNISH us, THE WHITE PIGS, i dont think so coz go look in the mirror at your self and think at all your actions and your remarks agents a fellow human, Im WHITE and Im an AFRICAN Im a WHITE AFRICAN … Go look at what our president said – "The Afrikaners are the only truly indigenous white tribe of Africa. They speak their own indigenous language, Afrikaans" "Of all the white groups that are in South Africa, it is only the Afrikaners that are truly South Africans in the true sense of the word," Zuma said. So please dont tell me i dont belong here and that ONLY BLACK AFRICANS are allowed on the grounds of AFRICA…… So please all of us STOP this racism Bu*lsh*t , we all have the right to be here! And its not just blacks that live in poverty , the are whites, Indians, Coloreds ext. thats living ing poverty ALSO! Together we can make a change !!

  322. Not as black and nappy headed I am.If you saw me you would swear I just came from Afrika until you have heard me speak! Yeah I’m an Afrikan whose family has been here since 1620!

  323. Not from a white to a black or a black to a white and so on
    but from one mind to another.
    You hate white people for what they did, i do to im not a proud South African when my parents and grandparents
    tell me about the past South Africa the torment and pain black people went through but think about it do you want to go down the same destructive path that they went do you wish to become like them.
    people fighting endlessly to fix south africa yet both blacks and whites leave a trail of pure destruction.
    take it from somebody who left south africa 7 years ago and each day i wish i didnt in my country Greece where i now live and miss south africa every day has become a real s h i t hole because the so called government managed to steal about 300 bilion euros thats alot of money that we now ow to the eoropean union the roads in my town are full of bumps and pot holes its realy bad there are absolutly no jobs my dads protea buisnes isnt doing to well people are starting to take loans from the banks and risk loosing their homes and family’s are starting to wonder whether there will be money for food and thats just the beginning why im telling this you may ask its because after seven homesick years i look at south africa and wonder what happend to the years i grew up there the years where i didnt see indians blacks or whites … i saw friends somehow i dont think if i saw them after 7 years they would like to exile me out of the country lol

    i simply think that this government running south africa is worse than the greek 300bilion stealing government and that scares me cause i have seen greece go corrupt and i dont want to see that happen to south africa
    trust me i have seen it and i know where south africa is heading and as for these stupid people saying what did blacks invent first they should read up on their history and secondly its not a race that invents something it is the human mind one that we all share

    mandela who we have forgotten about didnt fight for a bunch of corny slogans and pictures of different colour hands shaking he fought cause he believed that if we ALL just stop and think together we can accomplish a south africa proud of its multy colour flag

    thats what i think anyways

    cheers south africa i hope to see you soon

  324. Wow! Look like I grew up on a different SA. I personally was involved with the black education as I grew up on a farm and everyday when me and the Jung stirs played together we even exchanged the knowledge in our books that was same! And then what happened to the schools we build with white earned money the ones on farms as well in the towns? They were burnt down not because it was not same as whites but for the sake off revolution instigated by the foreigners the British Kuban and other white nations to gain control over the wealth off the land. Not true? Canada England America and Australia own 100% off the mines in SA.

    The blacks had ambient housing build for them on our farm and the farms around us but still they broke it down these houses was 3 bedroom houses same as we lived in so I do not understand the so called atrocities done that is spoken off? Talking about Sharpsville? Wow even the blacks argue about it belonged to the ANC and then the PAC high jacked it the necklace system killing thousands was done by blacks not whites when a black person was promoted he was seen as white friend and ridiculed and even killed. There was work for all food for all houses for all discipline good roads schools was rebuild even when it was burnt down by us and then the area king would solicit money from his people for something that was paid for already. What bad things did we do that you all talk about? 10 000 white farmers murdered in 15 years brutally barbaric with no other reason than he or she was white baby’s wrapped in paper and set alight alive by blacks. And when we caught them it was Mozambique and or Zimbabwean. So the war is on and it will stop glowing then flames will erupt who will win?
    GOD will the day it happens you will remember this email GOD will rule and HIS word will become as said by HIM GOD ALLMIGHTY amen.

  325. God forgives my friend and so should you! im a white african who would love to live in africa, sharing its beauty with you. i believe in equal rights. i can see why you are angry but can we just agree with eachother?

  326. I agree with this statement. I often wonder if Oprah and all the other famous black American would have done as well,if their ancestor’s would have stay in Africa.I honestly think,that if it wasn’t for the white men going to Africa and buying from the Black sell’s tribesman ( which there is still slavery in Africa),Oprah might have been sitting in one of the many women lap’s,with fly’s on her face and the women breast hanging down to her knee’s.Here we are in 2010 and Africans in Africa are still starving to death,while in America they are just starving,because they refuse to go to work,and blame the white men.

  327. Racism is a terrible thing we are all people after all… However one thing confuses me, you have qouted from the bible so i assume you are a christian. But as christians we do not beleive that life started in Africa, we beleive life began in the middle east near Mesopatamia. Also ancient Greece was just as advanced as Egypt during that period and Greece under Alexander the great went on to conquer Egypt and if im not mistaking Greece is in Europe not Africa.

    Next i would like to addres the previous comnent about “Africans not needing the ‘white man’ because they have so many minerals and resources, stating that South Africa would of rich today regardless of white intervention”
    So to clarify this lets imagine a world without white people, therefore no European technology, therefore no European infrastructure and scientific advances. So tell me what would Africans have done with Gold and Diamonds? Tried to eat them perhaps?

    Also to the chap who was going on about the chinese being the real masterminds behind ‘white’ technology, quite simply you are wrong. The chinese invented gun powder but they use it in crackers for celebrations and had only cultural uses for the substance. It was Europeans who physically inserted a lead ball into a tube and ignigted to create the first fire arm. Next large scale irrigation had been around since the Greco/Persian era and cannot be attributed to the chinese?

    I am a white South African and my best friend is black. I hate racism more than anything else but i am just as much an African as the darkest man in Uganda. I was born on this continent and nobody will tell me differently. When my ancestors arrive at the cape their were no inhabitants other than the nomadic bushmen and as the word “nomadic” implies they did not own the land and therefore it could be rightfully claim by settlers seeking a better life…

  328. agreed 100%
    its very easy to talk nonsense when you are a continent away and do not even know the conditions we as white South Africans face…

    Its almost like we are experiancing a reverse apartheid

  329. What did Africans invent? What did BLACK Africans invent?

    Who invented the Pyramids both in Egypt and the THOUSANDS more in Sudan?
    Who built the Great stone monuments of Monomotapa in Zimbabwe?
    Who invented writing?
    Who invented the first irrigation system?
    Who were the ancient Mesopotamians? The true babyloanians? The ones who invented the first irrigation system?
    Who were the Chaldeans?
    Where did Sophocles and all the other Greek philosphers learn their philosophy from?
    Why do you think they were persecuted for bringing “foreign” doctrines? Were do you think they got them from?
    Why do ancient greek Historians such as Herodus claim Africa, BLACK AFRICA as the land of highest wisdom in which it’s temples were regarded as the place to find all conventional and scientific wisdom that Greek Mathematicians and Philosphers studied in Egypt?
    Who invented the first telescopes and intergalactic observing systems and discovered stars and planets that were recently discovered in the past 200 years? Learn about the Dogon people and their accurate mapping of the Sirius system.
    Was no Aesop the famous “Aesop’s fables” an African poet?
    Did not Herodus the Greek Historian say Greek Mythology was based from African mythology?
    Who performed the first heart surgery? Was it not Imhottep the first Black African Pharoah?
    What continent ruled the world for 4000 years trading as far as China and showing their evidence in North and South America amongst the Olmec people?
    Who were the first women rulers and were where they from?
    Where is the first mention of the word “freedom” and the idea of equality ever mentioned in a political writing? Look up Cuneiform and the Babylon system of rule.
    By the way How were the ancient Heiroglyphs deciphered? Look up African languages such as Wolof of Sierra Leone. What language closely resemble the Egyptian Heiroglyphs? African languages.
    How was the Cuneiform of Ancient Babylon deciphered? Through the use of African languages.
    How did in a matter of 12 years Archimedes write over 2000 books? Look up how Alexander the Great stole the books from the Temples of Egypt and the great library in Egypt?
    You think Greece is the mother of Western Civilization? haha very funny. Thousands of years of knowledge stored in books were taken to Egypt as Alexander conquest of Egypt. This is not even denied by ancient Greek, Hebrew and Roman historians! They tell you were all this knowledge came from.
    Who invented the decimal number of counting? Where did the Greeks get the idea of having all numbers based on the decimal system : “1, 2, 3, 4, …9, 0”? Yes this came from Africans, black African Mathematicians who amongst some of their acheivements built the pyramids. And the decimal system has allowed for numerous achievements to Mathematics and Science.

    So what did Africans contribute? What did black Africans achieve? The way you count, The idea of reading, The idea of writing things down in paper, the idea of civilization, the idea of humanity, many achievements to astrology, medicine, science, architecture and politics.

    Before you bring up racism and sound like a fool, please go back and read what the original historians said about these Africans that you make fun of now. The people who were at the highest have been subjugated to the lowest point. From Natural disasters, 1400 years of Arabic enslavement and 400+ of European enslavement, 400+ year of Colonialism, and the continuation of Imperialism through the World Bank and IMF. Add up all these factors, how would you expect a people to live and to be? Give the African the same supplies, the same resources as you, and see for yourself if he is as inferior as you think.

    Do you know what the “colonizer” or “white man” has contributed? Apartheid, slavery, colonialism, degradation, humiliation, ghettos, extreme poverty, cultural genocide, land pollution, air pollution, guns etc.,. Before white settlers no one Zulu, or Nguni or any persons of the Bantu group was in extreme poverty. Everyone had a house, land and food. Money is just paper, wealth is a way of life, a system of life. These Bantu people had this and much more. They practiced a beautiful and intricate culture, recounted their history through songs and poetry, taught the lessons of life through fables and tales, each member of the tribe knew the sayings and proverbs of the tribe, real education. They had lands stretching for acres, respected the earth, and the land, detested greed and similar vices. In a system that was quick to punish crime and in which the law was strictly followed crime and violence were rare and detested. Yes these “improvements” that “whites” brought seem to have created the very “hell” that you now detest.

    I have no problem living with the White, Black, Brown, Blue, Red, Yellow, Green whatever color. Just respect my ways, respect my claims and first understand and know my history. I will do the same to you. In isiZulu this is called “Ubuntu” literally meaning how to be human and to live and dwell with other humans.

  330. Go without Algebra, decimal system of counting, Astronomy, Philosophy, Foundations of Democracy, Natural Resources and we’ll see where you’ll be at?

  331. My friend you seem to have good points. But you are not aware of the entire story. the acheivements of Africans are so advanced and great in number you would be amazed. There not widely known because, i hate to say it, but racist policies by European writers.
    I can look at astrology, physics, mathematics, even the way you count was first invented in Egypt! the decimal system of 1-9 then followed by a 0 was copied by the Greeks in Egypt. To say Greece was as advanced as Egypt is a misnomer. Egypt was there for thousands of years before Greece. And as a result Egypt contributed to Egypt’s advancement. In fact Greek Historian and Hebrew Historians claim that the achievements of Greek Mythology and Greek Philosophy came from no where than Africa! Yes this is recorded plainly in history, there are no ambiguities what so ever.

    What am I trying to say? I’m saying Africans were fine on their own. We had uses of gold, bronze and diamonds. We traded as far as China etc., It is not fair to say we needed “White” people to utilize these minerals. Please take a deeper look at African history you will see that it really is the birth place of Civilization.

    The Bible doesn’t specifically say the first humans were from the middle east. In fact the world at that point was all together connected. The plates were. Yes the garden might have been between the Tigris river and Euphrates (I forget which specific one) but at that time it was all one continent. Your Biblical knowledge would tell you that it was the flood that broke away to form continents. But in any case when the first parents were banished they could’ve easily went anywhere. Ethiopia, Egypt, Africa are the likely candidates. But in any case we know from Biology, Archaeology and Fossils evidence that the first signs of what today we call “humans” is traced to Africa. Your DNA and mine point to “African” ancestors.

    But I do agree with you that we must find a way to leave in peace and harmony. But it starts with mutual respect and being treated as humans and as intellectuals not as savages who needed “white” help.

  332. um, actually it´s you who doesn´t know who his forefathers are. at least we didn´t abandon our forefathers and catch a boat to africa to become settlers. and if africa is so uncivilized what are you doing there digging its earth just to get something to eat, maybe if you keep crying “africans are killing us” loud enough your forefathers in holland or whatever shithole you came from will hear you, and come to your rescue.

  333. Your a sick f**k you know that. YOUR an ape, not because your black but because unlike other humans you have yet to evolve. What do you know of struggle and hardship, You by the sounds of it live in America, you were never a slave, you dont know there pain and just because your forefathers did DOES NOT mean you do. You no nothing or true pain, The " evil white devil " in south Aferica has suffered more then you ever will. Taking back your country, Africa aint your country, i bet you know shit all about Africa. Im half white south African, my Family has lived there longer then yours have. " Im usually not a hateful person " Dont kid yourself because your not fooling anyone, you have a heart built of hate and karma will find you. A silent genocide they deserve, you need serious help you sick fuck. You say you dont know anything about yourselves but i bet you have yet to find out your past, you have not tryed to find your past so pinning that on the white man is your own fault and your fault alone, you have yourself to blame. Evolve like the rest of the human race you damn dirty ape. Yeah there was a time when we white people were the evil ones but we evolved so why cant you and your brothers in south Africa. I really hope you die, i hope you are rapped and toutured so you know the pain you are so happy about . Your not even a fuckin human, your an ape, filth the shit that sticks to my shoe after my dog has had a shit in the yard and i step onto it.

  334. As you stated the white man has his millions, eat juicy steaks, drive the best cars, wears the best clothes,
    and the black man wear hand me downs, and eat hand outs, etc. You put it well but you forgot something.
    That same black man with his no money self, his dark skin, no education, as you would like to think…has
    most of your white women! Yes! that same black man can’t hardly go out of his door without your white women
    standing nearby just waiting to get a glimpse of him! they are so…..intrigue with the black man, his dark skin is
    irresistable, and enticing to them. And you realize that your hatred of him stems from the fact you absolutely hate
    his dark skin. You see, it is shear jealousy! yes, white people hate black people because of the color of their dark skin
    and they don’t even realize how ridicous this is. Now, let’s break it down more – White people blame blacks for their
    paleness! Yes! you hate being pale and since you are stuck inside a pale skinned body that you hate, you thought you
    would find a way to make other races who are dark, hate themselves. Imagine, hating a human being for color? see,
    the thing is, you have not accepted yourself unconditionally. That is why you cannot accept others unconditionally.
    Until you come to love yourself as you are, only then can you accept others. Yes! YOU HATE YOURSELF! I do know of
    some white people who admitted that it is hell being pale. But, no one cares about you being pale, so why should
    you care about someone being black, brown, yellow, etc? why does it bother you that someone has color? you should
    really take time out to think about that. And….whatever bad names you call the black man-your women love the ground
    he walks on, she is not treated like a queen by him, instead she practically kneels to his every wish. She chose him over
    all your millions! over your so-called superiority? your pale skin!
    Also, there is a sacred text- that states, when God looked at all the races in the world to decide which race was the better
    race? he chose the Jews! not the Whites! Yes, and that is the race he chose to bring his son into world by. So, I don’t know
    how white people ever got it in their heads that they are the superior race. Nothing about them makes them superior! What
    do you base that superiority on? if you say because you are smarter-then you have to consider the Japanese-it is said that
    they are the smartest race on earth! so, if you say because you invented some things- you have to consider every race because
    every race has invented something. What is there to base it on? nothing but you trying to hide and duck and dodge from your
    own perception of yourself which is that you have not accepted your paleness, and blame anyone with color to their skin for it.
    All you have done is made the black race even more proud of their color and quiet as it is kept-they absolutely love looking at it.
    Notice how all eyes are on the blacks anywhere they are, people truly admire them and envy them. Notice how proud they walk,
    after all the negative things that have been done to them, or said about them, they have a natural proudness that just won’t go away,
    and it drives White people crazy. Imagine at the end of the day, black people sitting around thinking, wow! I am hated because of this
    dark skin, this beautiful black skin has the world going crazy, to the point some want to kill because of it. It must be mighty SPECIAL!
    Some of you said that the White race is the superior race, some said the specifically the White race is superior to the Black race, are
    you afraid to say that the White race is superior to the Japanese race? does it not bother you that other non-white races are looking
    at you wondering what in the hell is wrong with you? God made every race and he looked at everything he created and it was good.
    He took from the black soil, red soil, white soil, yellow soil and made mankind, so that the earth can never say, you don’t belong here.
    Most races can live on this earth in peace, no one is bothering you, so why are you so bent on bothering others? leave people alone!
    you have your money, your houses, your this, your that, and you still are not happy! LEAVE PEOPLE ALONG!

  335. You said you wish the West would leave the Blacks in Africa to starve and this will sort out the problem?
    then go ahead and leave, what do you care about them starving? leave. And it sounds like this is exactly
    what they would like you to do. This is the same thing that is happening in America, America rather not
    have Blacks there and want them to leave, how does it feel for the shoe to be on the other foot? in a country
    that donot want you there. It is so strange though, why would anyone want to live in a country around people
    they hate? isn’t it uncomfortable? wouldn’t you rather leave? wouldn’t America fit you better? no matter whether
    you were born there, just like it doesn’t matter that some Blacks were born in America,they still want them out.
    There’s an old manuscript (jewish) that states that God gave Africa to the Blacks because the Blacks gave Jerusalem
    to the Jews. I don’t know, but when I look around Africa it certainly looks that way.

  336. Whoop de doo. Your people invented unnecessary things. We were living perfectly fine without your stupid inventions of which you are proud. Africa did not belong to anyone, but Africans sure as hell did not need you and your wasteless inventions. It is a waste of brain power, if you really want to be impressive create an alternate universe. Maybe then I’ll be impressed. Putting a monetary value on rocks is not my idea of intelligence. I can imagine that one day your people will link dirt to currency. So yes please take your stupid wheel (which white people invented – whatever) and leave Africa with nothing so we can enjoy the paradise we had before your infantile race came.

  337. yes all whites must leave AFRICA and all blacks must leave countries with a white majority.but the problem is blacks in white countries simply do not want to leave.i noticed this when two blacks that i work with were saying that whites should leave AFRICA and that robert magabe is right to murder whites,so i told them that whites should leave AFRICA and that thay ALL should fuck off back to AFRICA after that both had an immediate change with 1 saying he was born in england and its hes home.however i still agree that whites should leave AFRICA and blacks should fuck off out of our countries.and no more food or money should be given to you blacks.apparently blacks invented everthing and whites stole it from you so there should be no technology and medical exchange(not that you people ever had anything to contribute)so rally all your people to return to AFRICA and we will get ours out .dont waste time,im sure you people know your race is fucked up,i mean you cant be that stupid.

  338. correct me if im wrong but didnt blacks kill other blacks for their land and still do.what happened in you know shaka or about the south african invasion of Lesotho in 1998.would blacks have been peaceful if they had ships and cannons.i think not.


  340. Look everyone…WHY are we debating Black vs white ??? The world is in uproar , people of the same nationality and religion are fighting eachother and killing eachother off . Is this what we want for SOUTH AFRICA.

    When it comes to HISTORY- we should KNOW our facts .

    SOUTH AFRICA was originally inhabited by the : KHO SAN /KHO KOI , who were incidentally eliminated by the Black Africans who MIGRATED from Bantua land ( Northof the equator) .

    So, who is protecting the rights of the ORIGINAL SOUTH AFRICANS? White people only settled after 1789, and righfully created infrastructure, trade route and so forth .

    It is without question that the WHITE RACE-IST REGIME was unnaceptable , and believe it or not, was NOT supported by ALL white people. Like THE NAZI REGIME run by Hitler , the White South africans were FORCED to BE SEEN AS ‘RACEISTS’ …I know this for a fact as i am white and my parents risked their lives by placing me in a PRIVATE school during the 80’s so that I may grow up alongside : BLACK, INDIAN , MUSLIM , CHINESE etc…children.

    If we took the time to read Mandela’s : Long walk to Freedom autobiogrpahy, it clearly states that he gre to understand this as the WARDEN on Robben Island who secretly gave him extra food and blankets and spoke to him for hours privatly .

    The question is not who did what – BUT WHO ARE YOU GOING BE ? ARE YOU GOING TO LIVE IN THE EYES OF GOD IN THE PRESENT MOMENT? are you a CHRITIAN , a person of love and light ???? Or are you a terrorist ? The CHOICE IS YOURS!!!! You make the choice ..You make it a matter of race.

    I am not a raceist , I am a CLASSIST! What are you ? My BEST FREINDS on this planet are black and Indian!

    Are you weak and do you lack character to only BLAME the wrongs of your life , of which for ALL South Africans is a DEMOCRATIC COUNTRY AND EQUAL OPPORTUNITY – on the past horrors of a fallen regime. A regime which was ENDED AND HANDED OVER in peace by a white government- De Klerk!

    Like it or leave it , we are ALL South Africans- born and bred. The NEW South Africa, and anybody who questions this, black or white , should LEAVE.

    Do the Africans in SA even kown the origins of their forefathers , are you Congolese, Sierre Leonian , Negireian ???? Same as the White population ???

    Okay, so you whites out ?

    who created the infrastructure ? who PAYS TAX- only 7million people out of 48 million people registered pay TAX i.e pay the salaries of the government, maintenance of the roads , municilapity …..what would the percentage be of BLACK vs WHITE???

    SO, get rid of the whites , say good bye to your crumbling roads , schools shutting down , banks folding …..

    LOOK at AFRICA- there is NOT one example of any country that has NOT CRASHED and suffered.

    why cant we live in peace. why do you have to blame everyone for your lack of maturity or common sense. It is easy , thats why! Who you gonna balme when the place is run to the ground…………..

    get a grip of yoursleves – improve the person YOU are ,if each person did that w ewouldnt have to worry about blacks or whites or muslims or christians or , or , or .

    STOP comparing the past …live in the present, make a positive change and improvement.

    DO WE STILL CALL EVERY GERMAN A NAZI??????????????????? NO!!!!!!!!!!!! Then why do you call whites raceists????

    I never harmed a person in my life , ive paid my taxes, paid my homeloans , donated to charity ,helped and fed poor people and white ….and i a raceist= NO.


    Question…why is it that the black people who suffered at the hands of the Apartheid regime are in fact at peace generally with the world around them, yet , the 15-20 year old brats who have been born into a BLACK government are bitter and will choose a 9mm over an education….

    who you can gonna feed off when all the whites are dead or gone????? Who do the rest of Africa feed off????

    Hellen Zille actaully fought to bring down the Aprtheid regime ………she wrote various stories to EXPOSE the apartheid bastards…did you know that?

    So you think the whites still have all the wealth ???? Okay so OUT OF 47 M I L L I O N people = 4 million are white !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do the math !! That means MORE BLACK PEOPLE HAVE WEALTH THAN WHITES!!!!!!!!!

    do you honestly feel it is justified that we get raped an murdered? If that is the case , thaT DOESNT make those who feel this way raceists, it makes you :

    SADIST, TERRORIST, SATANIC ! No matter what your race.

  341. P.S ……BLACK PEOPLE stole the land from the original settlers and natives = KHO KHOI AND HKOI SAN!!!

    Easy to blame the whities …..yet choose to forget the root of your history! The various black tribes invaded each other …is that FAIR & JUSTIFIED SETTLEMENT?

    You want the whites to leave …but you will rape us of our enginuity …keep the cars, the modern homes , the technology …TYPICAL….”gif me, gif me,gif me”

    If the ehites leave will you be happy to go back to living the way your ancestors did? If so, then FAIR, get rid of the whites, if not, then lets all grow up and accept change and the new world we are living in …accept evolution …accept growth and make a positive change UNDER THE LORD Gods eyes….

    My parents got divorced and as a result I grew up with out x y z… I blame them? No, I got up and carved the life I chose , I did not blame them for what I dont have, I learned the hard way and took those lessons to grpw stronger and learned to LOVE !

    The choice is yours right now. who ARE YOU ? A hater ??? if so, then you are worse than the very people you hate, the very people who did your people wrong…

  342. This a an old post but I felt I had to respond – I hope you both read it.
    I am a white South African man and am saddened by what I read. History shows that the white man came here, as he did all over the world, and took what he wanted in the most disgusting ways possible. I can only try to understand the black populations anger. All people have always been born equal and to believe anything different is a display of total ignorance and arrogance. I do agree that the wealth of the country is wrongly in the hands of white business interests that still takes what they want with no regards for the local population. I am not supporting wholesale nationalization of the resources of the country, including the gold mines, because I don’t believe this would solve anything that it should solve. It will be another opportunity for a small handful of people (black and white) to become obscenely wealthy while the rest of the population have to live in the terrible conditions that they currently live in. I do, however, believe that a creative solution using the resources of the country should be debated and implemented. Why can we not all, white and black, live together to create a better future for all South Africans. Not all white people in the country support the racist views shown here. I can only hope that all black people do not support the response, which is also very racist.

  343. I had to rerspond to this, because out of all the post I have read here yours was the most touching. Finally, someone has told the bona-fide truth as it is and with evidence and in an easy to understand way, and without hatred underneath. Thank you so…..much and I hope this very post of yours is posted on other boards that are smeared with sheer hatred. Thank you.

  344. Idiot from the US. You speak the biggest load of sh!t I have ever heard. Your chances of meeting a white South African in the US is about 1 in 100 000. There aren’t really any blacks in the US. They are a mix of black, white, latino, etc. That’s why American’s call them colored. So if you want to get all racially intolerant why don’t you just pick up a gun and shoot yourself in your left arm, dumb ass! Come to africa and help the african’s, but just remember that most blacks don’t like colored boys like you, but don’t let that stop you. Love to see how long you last. They going to cut your cute american accent out of your throat.

  345. Please let me know when you arrive from the US, “Slave boy”. As a trained killer who served in the SADF in the 80’s I witnessed many Comrade’s die with honor on the battlefield. Even a Cuban or 2. Now that I can respect! But you are special. I have something very special in mind for you. Can’t wait to meet you!

  346. You are such an idiot,im a proud white strong afrikaans male,you dont live here,so you have no right to comment on my country.Its not your family that being murdered by the monkeys on daily basis.i have beaten a black guy into hospital and you know why?because he broke into my house and was trying to rape my sister.He will never walk again and im so happy about that.The white people in this country is going to take back our land,take back our country that we built.So shut the fuck up and go smoke your dope

  347. Hate to inform you people outside of the u.s. but there is a whole lot more pure black africans in america than you know because your talking to one now .The africans from africa don’t know until the people in my family speaks and we trace our family ancestry in this country to 1620!!!

  348. Nicely said. That idiot hasn’t an idea of what he is talking about. Just another small-minded, racist, ignorant ANC-led mule, who will do the bidding of that government without any thought as to where that action, or inaction, is leading the country in the future.

    Revolution is coming.

    Or we’ll just come back in 5 years.

    Said in jest, but we all know it’s the truth, without the intervention of the international community, Africa, would be, will be, destroyed.

    Then perhaps the rest of humanity can use the continent to improve the lives of all people on the planet.

    Again, well said.

  349. Whites discovered the minerals, they didnt rape them. Through the discovery they created employment for all races.

    The NORTH AFRICANS are exploiting their own minerals and their ‘brothers’ are starving…

    why are we even arguing- lets grow up and remember, if you hate us because we are white, they you are a RACEIST. If you wish death upon us, for whatever the reason, then you are a MURDERER. There is no justification for hatred. If you were an naturally intelligent human being , you would know this instincively.

    Blacks are killing people left right and centre….do I hate blacks? NO. I do not like the NATURE of the said people commiting the acts!

    If you hate all white people for the wrongs a cruel regime imposed on the nation, then well, arent you as AS BAD as they were in the first place, an eye for an eye is not justified, it doesnt make things right .

    How old are you anyway ? 20-30? Then you didnt suffer to begin with …you were born into a pro-Black African democracy which, incidentally was handed over peacefully by a white government…does that mean nothing !

  350. I am a white(in appearance) Afrikaans speaking South African.
    I have no other home. My language developed in the Cape region of South Africa on the coast and I am descended from white indentured servants, Asian slaves, the indigineous Khoi San people( who are not black) and even a few black slave ancestors from west Africa.
    I look white but my language and ancestry reflects some non-white influences. It is strange that people can be so heated in their hatred on this website when most of us South Africans have friends of different backgrounds.

    To all you black Americans who don’t know South Africa or a slight glimpse of its history here are three points:

    1. The Gold and diamonds in the mines are controlled BY FOREIGN COMPANIES IN WESTERN NATIONS( BRITAIN, U.S. AMONG OTHERS,)


















  354. Brilliantly documented, I am a Black South African, and I agree with the above.

    We are all born and bred South Africans and the land NOW AND HAS FOR OVER 300 YEARS belong to The NEW SOUTH AFRICA.

    We are all deserving to be here.

  355. Ur mother is a bleeing ka**r. This whole black vs. White thng is gettin old, so
    Wat black people were slave including ( Inddians, asians ect) bt
    Whites ar notorious 4 stealing ideas from ancient civilizationsz
    And then exploiting them, with out any moral sense that doesn’t
    Make u beta than any1 else!! 4 centuries whites hav robbed
    Ehnic groups of their sense of pride whiich makes them more
    Savage than a gorilla… Us black South Africans’ hav jst found
    Our sense of pride that we hav long a waited 4; nd this makes white
    People insecure jst lyk “African revolutions” during Apartheid

  356. Ohh if I’m nt mistaken u must b an ignorant REDNECK!!!!
    U think ur so brave I wonder if u would ever say those racial slurrs in a supreme court!!
    Sadly ur comments dont sting because their clouded with ignorant vocabulary!!!

  357. Atleast Lesotho man will die with dignity and pride, I “k****r killer
    Ae lower than Satans toes!!! U will soon b mingling with the likes of the
    Notorious Hitler, Jan Van wateva and all ur apartheid fellows!!!

  358. Whites ar sum crazy muther*fuckers! Wow! Next they’ll b tellin us that
    They own South America the Carribean or Asia (lol u must b dellussional)

  359. Well well Mr, normaly I do not care or answer when someone said, African for africa, it is a big continents , But let me tell you, as I am a women, I still have scars on my body as I was beaten , by white man time of apartheid in namibia, After independece, 1990 for the first time , went to Visit Windhoek the city, we were walking down the street, going home, a white person let his dog out and Just watch while me and my mom get biten by his dog and they were stand there lol. I was wondering what have me and my mom done? Other then working down the street going home. Then you sit here telling us who inveted what, electricity, use electricity in your home, who cares who discover gun pwder whatsoever. I would be proud live in the hut, eat milk and meat, Mahangu , beans you name it , we work for our food, if you think we are starving or die because of hunger, that is a myth and it a white man doing, you idiot. Africa is richest continents. Gosh, I wish.

  360. I,m a black women, and totally agreed to this comment. how you judging another nation about their evil deeds when your nation did that and worst? in the past african nations (different tribes) soled each other out, for foreign exports just to become slaves in various regions and counties , this was part of the deal thanks inpart to the help of many different african tribes. when black people as (they call us) respect ourselves and love one another then other nations will respect. I,M sorry to rain on your parade but, (we all men) who was ever born came for two people Adam and Eve sooooooo sorry brothers we are kin all of us.

  361. Thats funny, the last thing any other race wants is a race war against the whites. Whites have been conquering this earth since the beggining of civilization. They shoot better, organize better, follow orders better, cure thier injured and never leave a man behind. The only hard thing would be to amass them because so many white people do not understand how others feel about them. If it came down to an outright race war and if all the white people banded together they could exterminate the rest of us. This is a matter of fact. Hitler was about to do it what would have happened if he wastn stopped…by other white people? Don’t fool yourselves in thinking numbers matter, they dont. White people have the technology to turn africa into a giant ball of glass. They have the technology to kill every living thing while keeping the buildings intact. 10 highly trained american soldiers is better than a thousand african savages. its just a fact.

  362. Tru black africans in africa and around the world, have something that white people can never have. white people know what it is and strive relentlessly to bring our beautiful nation down to its knees, and have been doing so for thousands of years. What is it we have? melanin, which not only makes our skin dark but is capable of taking us spiritually higher we could travel anywere spiritually and do practically anything. study this people and the truth and facts shall prevail. Our ancestors had already mastered the cosmos to a high level, still not reached or understood to this day. They dealt with mathmatics,metapysics,spirituality to such a high level that the theives[ ie europeans] still cant fully understand to this day. ignorance is so sad and it is extremly hard for our people to deal with, but we do because so many of us have a deeper understanding. we know what is comeing and so do the evil forces that govern this planet. They are doing everything in their power to try and stop these events but the humorous part is they can do nothing at all because the universe is so pissed off but thats another story. To my beautiful black brothers and sisters start awakining your pineal glands if you havnt done so already, stop poisoning yourselfs with the white mans processed foods, ciggerettes, alcohol eg. search for the truth of our history, it is out there written in stone, ie pyrimids. our beautiful faces are everywere. Our buildings are built to stand forever. Just remember that educated white people and those evil forces know of what you are capable of and they fear and envy it no end, but they also admire it so much they hate us or themselves. the world has been miseducated BIGTIME!!!! White peoples deception of all topics, runs so deep that it takes many many years to uncover all the rightful facts, but were on it whiteys lol.remember black people if you want the truth dont ask the white man ask your own soul and consciouness and the journey of truth will come to you. peace be with all.

  363. Wow! I am so…glad somebody else out there know the truth, the boni fide real reason White people hate Blacks. Yes it is because
    they wish they had what Blacks have. MELANIN! so the trick is to make Blacks hate themselves and make them think that they are
    horrible people because of their dark Skin. That dark skin is so…..Beautiful everybody want to kill us for it! Imagine that! Wow. shear
    jealousy. It will never change until White people learn how to love themselves. As it stands White people really hate themselves
    for being White and they take that hatred out on Blacks as if it is our fault.

  364. Well, we all know who the culprits are that causing global warming and bringing destruction to earth. And you should go and study history, civilisation started from Egypt and Ethopia. And as for the article, the black south Africans have not done half of what was done to them by the whites during the days of apartheid. The blacks called it apartheid, segregation and oppression; the whites called it colonisation. Now, the reverse is the case and the blacks call it black empowerment while the whites have decided to call it terrorism. My viewpoint is that this process of “black empowerment” needs to occur in Africa in order for Africans to gain back their self esteem. Black empowerment is simply empowerment of the black minds.

  365. Interesting to know, I am a South African, not going to mention what colour I am, but I would like your take on this subject. As I am sure you are proud of your ancestry, please voice your thoughts on mr Malema and the war against whites fear that seems to be spreading through sa? I live in a secluded area on coast, so we are not to concerned about the rumours, but there is still allot of hate floating around the rest of africa. Our beloved Madiba is not well, and has escaped death once more, and I thank our heavenly father for that gift, but the rumours are flying, and people are on edge. It would be interesting to hear the thoughts of someone who has both view points of a South African as well as a westernized mindset.

  366. Oh can we just get over all this rubbish about who did what to whom. We all say your ancestors this and my forefathers that, and this belonged to be 100 years before you came along, and you are steeling my farm and and and… Can we not see that this kind of mindset is exactly what brought us to this point in the first place? Yes, we have all been wronged, and are still being punished for what our ancestry past did, what the hell happened to individualism? Are you not your own person, have you not got ideas of your own, why on earth take on the hateful ones from the past that have proven to be nothing but destructive. I am a proud South African, and there are many people here who feel the same as I do, black, white, Indian, coloured… any race you can think of all we want is to get on with our lives…
    Its the hateful comments on forums like this that make foreigners think we all have this caveman outlook in life… shame on you…

    Please don’t generalize the South African population by listening to the anger and hate, we are not all baboons and Nazis.

  367. If you crackers is so great then how come vietnam,iraq,afhganistan,north korea handed you ass to you crackers on a platter

  368. the writer of this is an ignorant ill bred idiot who has done nothing with your miserable life. get a D.N.A. test and find out who you are useless good for nothing the world is full of trash like you so get lost

  369. The earth used to be closer to the sun- that is why you have melatonin in higher degree, take a look at the skull of a caucasian(that means white), an anglo saxon skull, an Indian skull, compare it to a black african skull- guess which one does not have any segmentations along the crown?- The pineal gland in other words gets much less sunlight in the african speciman- so much for your theory. you speak of the lies of the white mans system, but that same system is used by the incestuous, rapist, embezzler president to beat and cheat his own people. Fight crime, start at the top- arrest the president

  370. cheap talk from some-one living in, and eraning the white mans money. Put your money where your mouth is, you tell the whites to leave Africa, but you were one of the first to leave. THat makes you an even bigger hypocrite

  371. You speak of ‘a sacred text’- be more specific, what the hell are you talking about. You are an ego-maniac carrying on about white women and your beautifull black skin. You dont love your black sisters, you just want a white women, like any black man who has no self-respect or honour, you crave white women. And then your backwards thinking tries to rationalize, by saying they want you. Thats is like when Jacob Zuma raped his (lesbian, hiv-positive) niece, and then said she was asking for it????? Its funny because most white men dont find (black) african women attractive no matter how much make up or hair extensions they wear, to us white women are muuuch more beautifull, and it seems all your brothers agree. So what you are actually saying is that the white man must leave, you just want our women…

  372. If you don`t like the US, well fuck off back to Africa, where you belong & whilst your`e at it take a few million of your fellow retards with you!!

  373. Well lets get one fact straight. Anyone that believe in forefathers etc. Cannot believe in God and he is the only one in charge here. Anyone that suffers in sa white or black, you cant blame each other. Its not going to take away the problem. We only have ourselves to blame. Its because of our own choices that we are were we are. Everyone in the world also wants to live regardless of our colour.

  374. AHAHAHAHAHA, you are a goof
    im coming to africaaa yeye your a conceited motherfucker
    get the fuck out of my breathing space ahahah you think you can own land.
    budddddddyyyyy id shut your mouth your just chilllin with demons eh
    your fucking nuts , and definatly need God , you think your , your own god . you need help
    lets see when the time comes . what will you be doing with you life . what have you got to show ? nothing
    go live your own life . you want to end other people’s lives .im going to come to afrika and live there im a white little girl
    try me bitch .

  375. I really do enjoy the ignorant uneducated comments. Having travelled extensively across Africa the only investments and new developments are funded by non africans, many places still have only the schools and hospitals built by the Colonials years ago. Central Africa has now been ruled by Africans for over 50 years, and yet there lack of success despite all these years will still be blamed on the ‘Whites’ or even funnier still the Colonials. Its time Africans stood up to be counted.. Foreign Aid is put to misuse, when they need help or are starving they call on the West, never on their own leaders or neighbouring black States , why, because they know these places are just as badly managed as their own country. . People work for their money…stop begging and always expecting aid, prove you can manage without us by supporting yourselves. And as Obama said stop blaming others, look to yourselves.. Some African countries nationalised their mines- all went bankrupt, no one serviced equipment ,budgeted , instead rampant theft, mismanagement know yourselves and change, don’t blame others for your failures. Look and Learn at what has happened to other States, History keeps repeating itself, it will be no different until you start ensuring you have wiped out corruption, have honest rule and funds are not embezzled by leaders. The present priorities are the biggest car not better schools and hospitals.
    If everyone in the nation worked together and put in effort Africa could succeed, look at how people in Australia gave their services FREELY after the floods and worked as a Nation to get their Country quickly back onto its feet…
    Please name one Country in Africa, which is not strewn with litter and where the population is not to idle to bend down and pick up their own litter. You are Right, we are different…vastly so.
    YOu may want to chase the whites away, but why do so many of you then follow them, more and more Africans seek refuge in Western countries. Incidentally on a technical point if Africa is the cradle of mankind , one could then assume everyone had an ancestral right to live there, maybe the brighter ones moved away because they got tired of neighbours who expected everything without pulling their weight.

  376. Your kidding RIGHT!?! Because eighther you are on dope or dukie because no one can be that stuppid!!! “white” people not lazy,then why the hell was 20 million blacks brought over here.Who slaved to build your empires,who’s wealth did you steal,Didn’t king leopold of belgium kill 30 million of my african brothers and sisters in the congo to get rubber! Don’t you think it’s time you crackers to start toning it down and start kissing as for the reason that your population has moved from 50 percent to only 12 percent and dropping quick! A large part of your army is now dark skin people! Being that you “whites” have so much cut on your genetics that you have a real problem exspanding your population because of your lack of genetic diversity! Doing dumb stuff like renaming ethiopeans,bantu,pigmies etc. as caucasion is beyound the realms of comedy! some of your former colonies are loaning you money to survive! How are you crackers doing in the wars in Irac and Afghanistan 11 years and no progress! Crackers shut up ! Your time is up!Do you think the world ain’t watching you just waiting to diliver the fatal strike!


  378. Are you somekind of black ghandi \ muslim because the words ur speaking just is so
    Far out man u need to get back 2 reality the truth is black poeple don’t like white poeple
    On meany leavals of society.

    Fact brother
    And when the shit hits the fan I don’t wana be in that space…

  379. You are the perfect white gal,we will kill the k-s together,gimi ur number,u da type of person i love to get to knw beter

  380. I have been reading the various passages that you all seem to want to write, whether you are venting your anger or trying to get a point across, who the heck knows.
    One thing I have picked up, there are very few of you that actually want a solution. Everybody wants to blame everybody else, and so we go around in little circles.
    Solution, there is no solution until everyone can sit around a table and set aside all your grievances and start looking at the positive side of life.
    Right now I am peeved off because being a white, male I am not allowed to look for a job in South Africa. Whether I am English or Afrikaans makes no difference.
    The world is a lovely place, but it is the people that destroy it. Whether you be South African, American or an Englishman, whether you be from Israel or Lebanon, there is always going to be this racial hatred.
    So people until we can get past this hatred stage there will never be peace. There will always be war mongers.
    Solution for whites; get out of South Africa, if you are able to.
    I have been in this country for 63 years and I am leaving as I have a British passport, from my father. I am one of the lucky ones that can leave, what of the rest?
    I never did approve of this apartheid thing, I did believe that other races should have had a say in this country as it is also theirs, but the last government had everything running, should not have had apartheid. So, because of what transpired in the last government we white males have to suffer and leave our countries of birth. Sounds like fun.

  381. Good day my stupid friend,
    The whites are not multiplying like rabbits because they know that the resources on this earth are limited, but of course you are to ignorant to think of that. With you it is just a case of sex = baby = sex = baby, etc.
    And, then when your countries such as Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Sudan and the rest run out of money and food, where do they run to; what do you know , the whites feed them. There are of course some Moslem countries that assist at times, but hell no, no African country helps it’s neighbors.
    So why is everyone knocking the whites. I feel very sorry for a lot of black countries if the whites suddenly cut off their aid.
    Use your brain for once and not your dick; think of others and not just yourself, think of the children that are going to suffer because of your lack of intelligence and that goes for the blacks in South Africa as well. WWW

  382. the white man is just a face all the other race groups do the work,,, who on earth is going to do the dirty work for them if war against them break out… NO ONE they will be gone every single one of them. See how they [the white polititians] need another race group to handle their problems. I am not normaly racist but everytime you encounter a problem its a white person causing the obsticle.

  383. Get one thing straight you fuckin white evil bustard, dont talk about inventions im black and can see the future and can invent anything that i want, all of these modern inventions come past me before they get invented do not talk shit, life isnt about technology. life is about living in different dimensions of reality, you probably have no idea of what i’m talking about because you are not human you fucking neanderthal man from the Caucasus mountains. i know stuff about where you come from, Africa was like heaven on earth until the white man came through, it was the devils plan to have white people to steal our beliefs and land, how do you explain the white jews do you even know how that started out? do some research because i havnt got time for your white evil bastard ass. if you were able to think logically you’d know that white is some sinister shit, you came in like an evil witch virus look in the mirror and don’t let history fool you its a lie, they stole our stories and made it theirs. just sit and think about the nature of white people you will soon realize just how cursed you really are. Fucking Demon i despise you

  384. Get one thing straight you fuckin white evil bustard, dont talk about inventions im black and can see the future and can invent anything that i want, all of these modern inventions come past me before they get invented do not talk shit, life isnt about technology. life is about living in different dimensions of reality, you probably have no idea of what i’m talking about because you are not human you fucking neanderthal man from the Caucasus mountains. i know stuff about where you come from, Africa was like heaven on earth until the white man came through, it was the devils plan to have white people to steal our beliefs and land, how do you explain the white jews do you even know how that started out? do some research because i havnt got time for your white evil bastard ass. if you were able to think logically you’d know that white is some sinister shit, you came in like an evil witch virus look in the mirror and don’t let history fool you its a lie, they stole our stories and made it theirs. just sit and think about the nature of white people you will soon realize just how cursed you really are. Fucking Demon i despise you

  385. I am a Black African and I can’t even argue against what you just said. Time to face facts. Truth is truth.

    Good job.


  386. it’s people like you that make me NOT REGRET leaving the medic’s. Saving trashy lives such as yours in not worth my time or space. or education. P.S brother, who’s to say that I’m white? Shame on you brother.

  387. The reason for weak black students is because they have an average IQ of 67%.That is also the reason why they will never be able to achieve anything.

  388. I am utterly dissapointed at how intollerent people who live in the year 2010 still are. I am heartbroken over the hurtful remarks made on this page. Does no one in South Africa have any respect for their fellow HUMAN BEINGS??? Today I am very ashamed to call myself a South African and it is all because of your intolerance, idiocy and simplemindedness.

  389. I just love the Human Race, i said the Human Race.!! We have a problem in Southern Africa with some of the Non-Human Race, killing the Human Race. Guess What? We are going to sort this shit out once and for all. When you don’t expect it. Koop maar julle blikkies kos boetjies, hier kom groot kak!!!!

  390. You are all so terribly disappointing!! Its been 16years since the end of the apartheid regime, who of you were actually affected by it!?!?!? This is absolute nonsence. We are all intelligent people and do not have to behave like barbarians!!! Hatespeech(and yes YOU are guilty of it) is so primative and does not belong in the year 2010! If you don’t like your neighbor just leave them alone!!! We all need each other. But no, instead of proving those who talk badly of you wrong, you just say and act exactly how they say you do!! Come on!!! And this goes to both black and whites!!! I am so ashamed to call myself a South African today!

  391. if it does not belong in 2010 then why are government condoning and practising hate speech hmm?

  392. SA was built by whites, once it was a rich country but now since the balcks took control it’s becaming like zimbabwe. In 10-15 years SA will be as poor as the rest of Afrika.

  393. Pres Zuma now warn political leaders to be carefull what they say… excuse me is this directly aimed at Malema who have been saying kill the boer kill the farmer… For those who do not know this song refer to all white people. If this is not political it must be criminal so for al the white people that intending to attend the world cup, be very afraid of what could happen to you. 3000 white people been murdered does not make this Goverment think it is a problem. 3000 white people killed and it is still okay to sing kill the boer kill the farmer… so now it has happend a boer and farmer has been killed, and in the townships the people are “happy” Is South Africa happy at such a tragic statistic 3000 white people killed. Our goverment is not concern that this is something to be concerned about… 3000 white people killed by black people….

  394. Basically we soiled ourselfs with Apartheid… if you recall our economy were much better than the USA. Mining, farming, you name it was bigger than Texas. We were a nation to recon with. And then sanctions were the middle man, bringing us all down – everyone: black, white, purple, everyone.

    So yeah, we are able to prove ourselfs, and we are needed for the economy. But ALL of us need to work together!

    So ruling partners should take control and stop feeding stupid kids who should not have the reigns!

  395. ever heard of the saying “what u dont knw wony kill u” if u white swines hadnt cum here we would have been better of not knwing all this shit u boadting about. Ur comming to Africa has brought us nothing bt pain, we would have been much happier in our mud houses and animal skins as clothes. Without u whites wed be free of aids, cancer, diabetes and all these other deseases u brought here. Im soooooooo happy ur father terblance is DEAD, i hope ul do something about it so that we can crush u in broad day light. Go back to holland Boere and dont lie to urselfs u never invented anything, its only the english that can talk not u.

  396. If it weren’t for whites, you also wouldn’t have the computer you use to insult us whites on.
    Judging by your intellect, I’d say you wouldn’t even exist, since natural selection would have done its job!
    I understand your lack of appreciation though, you would not be able to comprehend that you are biting the hand that feeds you since that part of your brain is too small and underdeveloped to understand something so complex.
    Like an animal really, it bites the hand that feeds it, then starves, and can’t understand why, and expects pity from the hand that it bit!
    This is what is known as the Id, higher functioning beings have an additional ego, and super-ego, of which the latter results in a thing called “altruism” as well as feelings of gratitude and the like.
    Lower functioning beings such as the sheep, the goat, the donkey and of-course yourself, don’t posess these higher functions though,and this is what results your current attitude.
    I mean, have you ever seen a sheep or a donkey express gratitude?
    Well that is how it is with you, higher functioning beings such as people and even some dogs are capable of gratitude, lower beings such as yourself, potatoes and the sea cucumber don’t!

  397. soprry my boytjie… You are to blame for your so called pain. Your stupid leaders steal from you baboons and you are to stupid to realize it. Ever read about hiv?? Come from monkeys, they are the carriers…ring a bell?? Fucken monkey! You are the intruders. Why dont you go back to zimbabwe. You belong with mugabe. He will welcome you with open arms. Just look at you? Filthy, black, kroeshare, platneus, omkrullippe soos n goriila, small beady eyes… Colour?? Black. Small little ears. You look all the ugly same. You know what. I,m glad steve biko, brenda ‘vigs’ fassie and all you other scum have ‘vrek’. Road accidents, busaccidents, Hiv, Tb and so on is taking you black hotnots one by one. The slow death!

  398. Estelle, where is the love a Christian should have? Turn your back on humanity? Did you do it because you are hurting due to crime/death or are you like this because of a education your parents neglected or did not understand? Just like the former NG and other churches believed – because this is what one mad man and his cronies believed in? This mad man had power (just like Hitler) and abused it in such a form that even the churches turned their backs on Christianity – is that your background, believing what ever is flaunt in front of you?

    Well I think you must wake up and open those sleepy eyes, Estelle and all others in the dark. We are all human. We are all miss understood and we are all on the wrong track if we are to point fingers to another.

    Estelle, not all white people think as narrow minded as you, and not all black people think as narrow minded (and live in the past) as Julius Malema. There are numerous people who do not know the facts but can distinguish between right and wrong – and turn the other cheek.

    Get a grip people. The only pre-war that is going on is the one against yourself, a one-on-one.

  399. Shows what blacks had to endure when whites had the power,so payback with this type of intellect is’nt that bad is it ???

  400. Actually a black American,with obviously an English that was one of the pioneers on PC’s.Do a Google search under Black Achievement and you’ll learn something.

  401. It is people like you who are the downfall of the white rase. If you love the kaffir so much, good for you and may you come under their oppression but leave the white alone who wants to fight for their survival.

  402. OK, look at numbers. In the many horrible years of apartheid, aprrox 7000 black people were killed. The interesting part? A large percentage of that deaths was due to black on black violence. Dont believe me? Do some research. Now, in South-Africa, since 1994, in only 16 years of rule, Do you know how many of us was killed? Just work out the percentages. . . We are being exterminated, and if you cant realize it I feel sorry for you.

    If you walk in the streets, and get attacked, if you dont defend yourself, its suicide. Go read the Bible again, dont believe me on this, but you will find places (in the new testement as well) that explains what happens during war.

    And please, dont make comments like God wil get u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Its not very christian.

    Instead of talking shit answer this do you have black “bumchums” i say this because you sound like Fagget!!! OR ONE OF THOSE DIRTY OLD MEN THAT BEFRIENDS STREET KIDS TO GET A FREE “SKOMMEL”…….Pervert!!!!!!!!!…..LOL

  404. I think you should get a grip and wake up! Understand that there are over 35m blacks in this country. How many ‘educated’ ones do you know??? Understand that the ANC promotes violence and crime against white people. Understand that our education systems have gone down the toilet for a reson. Understand that it much easier to control someone that is dumb, ignorant and on top of it all, uneducated. This in 2010, five years into the New Democratic Revolution, 3,468 farm murders later, 20,000 dead whites in crime later. Is this not already war???

    Open your eyes!!!

  405. Hahahaha….free of aids?? I don’t think so! The majority of aids victims are blacks, why? Because some of you r so stupid that u believe having sex with a virgin cures the desease, u don’t use condoms, u don’t want to listen to advise, so think again!

  406. That is my point: educate the black youth and then you have objective opinions and not subjective impressions that are forced down on people with out a clue… ignorance is the culprit!

    Then, understand: 4 million whites plus ALL the FARM WORKERS suffered loss.

    Then, understand that crime is much higher than the 3000 plus farm murders. Grasp that there is more than meets the eye – there are way more people being abused and murdered in cities and locations than what we are aware of.

    I agree that 20 000 whites (if these stats you pronounce as gospil is to believed) out of 4 million, is way, way too much! So take your pride and volunteer your services to the watch and police. Start working at it, not just complaining and bad mouthing.

    In fact, put your bravery where your mouth is!

  407. I am also christian and I know there is a lot of good black people out there but most of them are anti-Christ, and that is a war that has been going on for milloins of years.The white people was put in south africa because we came to declaire christianity in south africa, but money and power in a ever changing world broke us appart.That is the reason why white south africans can,t stand together is because they want to be beter than the other white south africans, beter cars, bigger houses.Money and sports gave this country away.If we just had sticked to what chistians stand for the world and south africa would have been a beter place.

    And God separated the humans into different colours because of their sins.And God has said in his word that we are not allowed to mix.
    Because we have different believes and cultures.But we must still beleave in one God.

    The day that white south africans take over south africa again is when they bow to God and realize that if it wasn’t for him, we would have never been given this country to rule and carry out his name to black people which beleaved in worshiping animals.

    The day we forget about money and power, and accept God back in to our lives is the day God will help us rule this counntry again.

    The reason that black people steal Rape murder( not all of them some have given their hearts to God, there are very good black people out there which is also children of God) they are anti – Crist and every one is for himself, for them its about servival instinct. They are like annimals, because only God will Show you the way to living a Civilized life, of love for eachother and what is wrong and what is wright.

    Die Boere volk sal weer opstaan as hulle voor God buig, want dis in sy naam wat ons die land ge erf het en selgs in sy naam sal ons dit kan terug kry……

    Wees gereed vir ‘n oorlog what God se will is om sy kinders te kan laat besef dat hulle nie sonder hom kan lewe nie.

    Mag julle gereed wees vir die moeilike tye what voorle, Gaan lees jou bybel en dan sal jy sien dat ons getraf is omdat ons god nie gehoorsaam nie.
    Maar in sy woord sy hy kom terug na my en julle sal oorwining find, die wat my nie ken nie sal ek nie ken nie,

    Wit volk van Suid Afrika, lewe vir God en Gehoorsaam hom en hy sal slegs sy kinder deur hierdie moeilike tyd druk, hy het dit met die voortrekkers gedoen wat met hul bybel in die een hand was en wapen in die ander, en is sy woord se hy dat hy dit weer sal doen as ons christene weer in hom Glo!!!!!


  408. Remember one thing:

    God het gese: Laat AL die kinders na My toe kom, toe die kindertjies ontse is om in die tempel in te kom. Omdat mense besluit het namens Jesus.

    Who are we then to have decided that only whites are allowed in the NG Kerk? If we were more open then we would have had a bigger circle of Christianity. So my question remains, why do one rather bad mouth on this blog than go out and start an out reach to educate ALL people on Christianity?

    We should trust in God and not want to control everything and every move. We should trust in Him.

  409. Yes,this is true.
    Maar daar is geen so doof soos die wat nie wil hoor nie en so blind soos die wat nie wil sien nie.


  411. You are such an idiot, all those diseases and many others were already here, only difference is you idiots were blaming it on witches and spirits. There are none as blind as those who won’t see!!!

  412. It is like this. If the white man picked up and took all the good and prosperous things with him. That part of the country would fall into
    total hell and chaos. It would turn into what the rest of your filthy country is filled with. Nothing but murder, rape,slavery, yes your people still take your own black race as slaves especially your poor black women and children. 99.9% of your country is filled with this lawless way of life. Blacks are the majority but yet you still blame your barbaric actions and way of life on the white man. lets face it you are ugly people sure to end up in the fiery pits of hell. I feel sorry for your women and children. I had a very rough life but like many others did not turn to
    this ugly way of life. I hope and pray that one day the people of Africa will be freed from all the famine, murder, rape and every other
    problems that plagues these poor people

  413. Every time a black person go’s to the clinic a cracker docter shoots them with aids!! The crackers call it biological warfare!!

  414. I read all the comments posted here and I feel disgusted to the core. How can we keep on living like this, keep on threatening each other and think that if we are not the same skin colour we are a racist?
    I am a white Afrikaner woman and let me tell you I have met black people who have more manners than some of the low scum of whites out there. But then there is the blacks who believes that all whites must be raped and kill and to me you are as bad as the boer who turns around and calls you a Kaffer….
    We all are to blame for this… as the black community was not use to power while the apartyd was still going strong in South Africa they got a big head and screw things up (and some black people agrees with me on this one)… wanted to give back to much to their “people” and this was the turning point in the whole thing.
    The whites got angry as we all could see that this beautiful country of ours is not a democratic country anymore as our “beloved” government wants to give everything to the black community.
    I am not a racist but I do believe in what is right and what is wrong and what is going on here is wrong. It is a skew circle and all the things gat repeated and to tell the honest truth at least I have some black friends that will open their house for me to hide if the shit hits the fan so to say.
    We are the rainbow nation now… act like it, build a bridge and get over it.

  415. I read all the comments posted here and I feel disgusted to the core. How can we keep on living like this, keep on threatening each other and think that if we are not the same skin colour we are a racist?
    I am a white Afrikaner woman and let me tell you I have met black people who have more manners than some of the low scum of whites out there. But then there is the blacks who believes that all whites must be raped and kill and to me you are as bad as the boer who turns around and calls you a Kaffer….
    We all are to blame for this… as the black community was not use to power while the apartyd was still going strong in South Africa they got a big head and screw things up (and some black people agrees with me on this one)… wanted to give back to much to their “people” and this was the turning point in the whole thing.
    The whites got angry as we all could see that this beautiful country of ours is not a democratic country anymore as our “beloved” government wants to give everything to the black community.
    I am not a racist but I do believe in what is right and what is wrong and what is going on here is wrong. It is a skew circle and all the things gat repeated and to tell the honest truth at least I have some black friends that will open their house for me to hide if the shit hits the fan so to say.
    We are the rainbow nation now… act like it, build a bridge and get over it.

  416. u should burn in hell u sorry F#@**!!! ur ancestors werent suppose to be on our continent you white racist assh***. we didnt go into europe and enslave your people and steal their natural resources. all white ppl think they have rights to things that are not theirs , so they steal, lie and enslave to get whatever they want. the world is going to hell because of white people. white people deserve everything that they are recieveing in south africa. all the whites are getting defensive because the tables are starting to turn on them. No one knows what africa would be like if the white devil didnt come there. they took that option away from us. even if we were barefoot and hunting we would have been at peace and wouldnt have to had to worry about being kidnapped and raped. the current state of africa is a result of white people coming to our continent with their evil and greed and corruption. they destroyed the blk person period. we are seperated, american blacks cant even trace their roots because the white devil took us from our original home. They should off your evil racist corrupt devil a** too. u belong in hell with all the other white trash! FU** YOU!

  417. We don’t need computers so please don’t pat your race on the back for creating a computer. Now if you were to create a self sustaining human being, I might be impressed. As if inventing a little computer is special. Your people are always impressed with yourselves and your little worthless inventions that do nothing for man and womankind whatsoever. What have you created that has been worth while for mankind. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. NOTHING. Your people have only devolved into anti-intelligent beings. Your people are the children of Satan because you are obviously jealous of the grand designer and his flawless creation, and you know it.

  418. And please stop riding on the coat-tails of the few white men that did invent these useless items. What have you personally invented. NOTHING NOTHING NOTHING AND AGAIN NOTHING.

  419. afrikaaner are as thick as planks dom esels met kops soos baboons. you started the dop system and deprived the hard working african of the paltry wages you should have paid . then you you cry help when you push him to the hilt and deprive him from feeding his family. you are evil half -caste scum you afrikaaners the british are class and should have rid the world of all of you jaapie scum

  420. E Zanzi, I agree with you!

    Education and open mindedness is the only step to wards a fresh start. We should educate not just the black child, but also the coloured, white and asian/indian. It is interesting how youngsters have no idea of colour differences when they are not fuelled with hatred and propaganda from the older generations.

    My childhood days was outside of the apartheid regime – I have no clue what it entails. But I do know what a lack of education, sense of responsibility and sense of freedom means. I want to be free to live and not be held back. And I want it for each and everybody.

    People, be free!

    Share knowledge. Be peaceful. Be unashamed! Live your life! Trust. Share. Believe.

    Freedom to all!

  421. Rightfully Babylon is no more – yet it’s back again. One word my friend, Globalization.

    Adam and Eve have the last say.


    WE are HERE NOW and that is all that counts. Let’s forget the past and move on already!!

  423. Please sing another song “the way they treated our forefathers”? get over yourself and that chip you have on your shoulder…….you
    DO YOUR FOREFATHERS A GREAT INJUSTICE !!carrying on the way you’s are?

  424. Evl… you see this is what i meant when i said some people could not evolve their brain was just to small ….and they stayed behind…you have one of those small brains……instead of throwing hate speech around go get yourself educated that way you can prove you are a better person.

  425. The Zulus murdered Piet Retief moments after they bought the land of the Zulus. 

    Why dont you stop throwing around insults and actually debate something. 

  426.  What? The Zulus attacked the Voortrekkers, constantly. they did not want war but had to defend themselves constantly.

    You’s? What the heck is "you’s"?

  427. Waste of white skin,who’s car’s and money you using,monkeys live in tree’s, as that is the only things you things are able to do,AWB must come again,

  428. The black people on this site are so fuckin sick.This aint a call out to the black race but to you the sick fuck behind the computer reading this.
    You people are apes, damn dirty apes that have yet to evolve into humans, you stone age cave monkeys.
    How dare you, serious how dare you take joy in the killing of innocent people. Would you like it if a gang of white people forced their way into your home and rapped your mother and sister, killed your father then burnt down your house ? ? NO you would hate for such an evil act to happen but aslong as it happens to a white person you more then joyful, YOU HAVE A FUCKIN HARD ON FOR IT YOU RACIST SUB-HUMAN ANIMALS, no wait animal aint the right word because even the commen k9 ( dog ) is better then you.
    You African-Americans are the worst ones out of your sick group of sub-human filth. You justify the killing of innocent people with you White-guilt bullshit, you sick fucks need to get a life.
    Your lot cryed out for equal rights, to be seen as humans in the hope of one day been equal to all other man and now that you have it, now that you have it you justify the killing of the innocent as if its a simple matter of ” you had this coming ” YOU were never a slave or ever will be so who are you to claim that you personally know their pain nor do you live in Africa so who are you to tell us that your ” taking back your land ” its not your land, you were not born there and if you feel it is your land by the right of just been black then go back ok just fuck ok.
    Leave now and never come back, rot away by H.I.V and AIDS, we dont care, we wont cry for you, we might sing, a good song.
    The past actions of others does not hold their future seed to blame, accountable for ones wrong doings in other worlds.
    You cry out how racist white people are but you retards have the nerve to say such filth, you hypocrites are the worst form of life, all hypocrites are but this lot, your lot takes the cake.
    You think its right to kill because of a past you never went through, you know how sick that sounds, do you know how gross and fucked that is. All you lot have to say is ” but white people did this ” if a white man jumped of a bridge would you ? ? ? In no possible way can you justify this mass murder. Calling it Revenge, payback or karma, that does not change what it is, and that mass murder, thats what it is.
    Your a sick group of sick racist people. Take a good long look at yourself and think deep into to you have said, how much of a hypocrite you are.
    Like i said this message aint a call out to all black people, just the sick fucked ones on this site.

  429. Why there should be a gap now that we are educated? Why won’t we accept the fact that our society now is getting so diversed? Past is past. Its all history after all. Blacks, whites, brown or whatever race you are…..we are all human. History made us learn. Let us all move on and live understanding each other.

    Factions will make us crazy.

  430. i would just like to say that why has this land been claimed by black people when they are not even originally from southern africa,the khoi san were here first and were forcefully moved by the black ethnic groups that started taking over southern afric pushing the khoi further south(talk about colonialism), if they say say black people were the first people to exist why did it take the white men to educate them?,shouldnt they(blacks) be the most advanced civilization existing today, if it wasnt for the white people there would really be lions running around here till today like the rest of the world believes because of the the uncouth government that south africa has today which is not educated. who in their right mind will vote for someone who is uneducated,just shows how many of south africa’s population is uneducated? like i said this is not their land to begin with it belongs to the minority the coloureds or khoi san who is still has the least rights in this country and get the bottom end of the stick, in general the world is messed up but what can we do but just watch, reason being that people cant stand up

  431. I am white and 14, I personally believe that it was the blacks land first whether or not they invent things they were doing just fine till the white came with greed, i dont believe death is the answer. I want to help with the poverty in africa and make a charity to raise money in the places needed. I respect all races and would love to help africans but feel I wont be able to be accepted

  432. Aren’t we all truly on race? Human? Let’s be clear about one thing, the blac africans in Africa are being persuaded into believing that white africans (originally from european descent) are the root of all evil, the creator of corruption. First of all, this is undoubtedly incorrect. As far a s I am concerned, the white africans originally colonized africa dude its vast and flourishing mines and mineral sources. In some ways this is very similar to the euroopean colonization of america, but for minerals rather than free land (by frfee land I mean a land of freedom). In turn they proceeded to come across, the natives and, presumably, there were struggles whether they be ethnic, financial, or political and the europeans began go take over despite making up a minority of the population. And, in the same way that the black population is currently increasing in southern united states, the black population percentage is increasing in south africa. And this leads us to this article, where white europeans have lost political power and balacks have only gained power ina government that I presume was created by white europeans..

    So, let’s assess what each separate ethnic group has accomplished:

    Whites; brought financial power to sa
    ;created mines, architecture, homes, cities, a true civilization
    ;developed a government, an economy, a society

    Blacks; were there all along and now want to take full advantage of white creation and white surplus by killing off all the whites so they can gain the rights to their possessions.

    Let’s face it, the blacks didn’t do sh*t, and this isn’t racism, its realism. I can’t say this for all blacks in sa, but it seems like a lot of them have their head uptheir as s and really have no f*cking clue. It’d be like native americans telling every white to leave america just because they were here first. Wwhite europeans came to america to claikm it theirs and develop something of importance, (a free society) and by doing so the disturbed the natives, this lead to conflict , and the whites eventually won (they always do if a battle is interracial, they’re proven smarter). Now, neither the black south africans nor the natives can say america or sa is theirs, its just incoorrect, we must coexist and educate so that these dumb f*ck blacks are smart enought to realize the importance of whites to their lifestyle. Case closed.

  433. I typed that last one on a smartphone so please ignore the spelling errors.

    By the way, I’m from the USA. I’m white (quarter italian, quarter armeniam, half irish). I am a republican. I make up the upper class and I attend a private school.

    Thanks for reading what I wrote, I really appreciate freedom of speech, an idea trademarked by white european settlers to america!

  434. Dude, you have no fucken clue as to what you are shit talking about. Do you know what apartheid is? I doubt dumb ass. Find out about and the effects it had on the people. Find out about the way of life before the whites came to Africa. Africans had everything they needed to live and sustain liffe in Africa. When the whites came, the brought with them what the knew and used to in Europe and had to create that in Africa. Read your own fucken history before you bullshit with your mouth dumb ass. You need to understand the history of Europe and then you need to KNOW the history of Africa before and after the white men came to Africa. Don’t be fucken ignorant to facts as well. The way the infrastructure is in Africa is because the whites were used to that in Europe and had to create that in Africa. Whatever Africans designed was good for Africans and whatever the whites created they created for whites and in the process Africans infused what the whites created so did the whites use what Africans created. We need each other to move forward in a civilized world to live like civilized people and stop this fucken racism and ignorance. Africans need whites and whites need Africans. Case fucken Closed dumb ass.

  435. LMFAO this long assss argument is so funny, filled with racism on both sides, yes I said it black’s can be racist to. but to make a fair point to all those black people that dont want white people in their country…………………. YOUR IN OUR COUNTRY TOO DUMB ASSES live with it or how bout this, get outta ours and we will get outta yours, i think that’s fair if not than stop FUCKING complaining.

    Obama is the crapist president ever i’m not being racist he’s just SHIT
    nuke iraq its to backwards anyway.
    legalize weed
    and fuck you lot that follow this post i’m never gonna check for replys.

  436. Guys,

    I am a white british man. I have just returned from 6 months in aouth africa and i would just like to say this,

    The place is a toilet, i have travelled the world and can say with my hand on my heart, afrikaans people are the biggest wankers i have ever met any where on this globe!

    While i was there the black folks were really nice, they were pleasent to me and more importantly, pleasent to my kids. WHICH is much more than i can say for you ignorant Afrikaans fucks. You are all so stuck up your own ass, THEN you have the bare faced check to say ïts cause your a dutchman?” WTF? My father is a REAL dutchman, born and bred in Holland and he is NOTHING like you ignorant, arrogant, pretencious fuck rats!

    I say SA would be a beautiful if the disrespecting white assholes left! Only problem is, no other nation would take em! You all love coming to the UK but you are not welcome here!

    I’m glad the SA government is black, maybe one day you Afrikaans will know what its like to have someone shit on you just because your the wrong colour!

  437. You are a race traitor and hope you get your head cut off. Those blacks were nice to your face but would think nothing of robbing you and your child at night.

  438. They are being shit on for the color of their skin you moron. Look at the comments being written here. You think when these blacks say white pigs they aren’t talking about you too? They hate all white people, and think all white people are guilty. How could you blame the Afrikaans for being “stuck up in themselves”? You probobly snubbed them and thought that this would get you positive attention from blacks that you idolize. You fucking dork. Blacks were probobly calling you a pig and you probly ignored it cause your faggot pussy ass felt you deserved it.

  439. There is so much hatred in the world. 1st of all, Africans lived in Africa before the white men came and saw an opportunity which they seized. Africans did know about the minerals in the ground (read about the history of Mapungubwe), Africans didn’t have to dig for gold as they would gather gold dust from the river streams that came out from the ground. When the whites saw this, the decided to dig for the gold. They saw an opportunity and seized it. 2nd Africans had large vast of land but were only farming to feed their families, again the white saw the opportunity of making money and he seized the opportunity. The white men seized most of African countries because of the opportunities the saw and our African forefathers didn’t fight to keep the land and when they did, white men had guns. Logically thinking, white men came in hundredsif not thousands and Africa had thousand of inhabitant but didn’t resist the taking of the land and minerals, the white men seized the opportunity. Africa is what it is because of Africans, not white men. If Africans saw that they were fighting a loosing battle, they should have formed new fighting strategies and keep fighting. 3rd African shouldn’t have gone and worked in the mines when the white men discovered an opportunity that he seized, Africans should have fought that as well, a group of minority that was in control of the majority of the people.
    Africans failed Africa, we have to acknowledge that and accept that and then move on. African countries are now independent states but their leaders lead as if they are fighting the white men and in the process impoverishing the Africans. We have our countries back but what are we doing about it? We need to use the education system from the whites and try to manage the African countries like they did since we have lost our African way of life regardless of what excuses we can have about our culture and tradition. E.g, the