According to new research the proportion of white shack dwellers are increasing way faster than all population groups in South Africa. The 3 million minority of South African white people that currently also face genocide. According to the South African institute of Race relations black shackdwellers outnumber white shackdwellers by 300 to 1 however in the period when this research was done white Afrikaner households living in shacks or informal settlements rose by 197% while the number of those living in open-space shacks grew with 309%, those living in backyards also rose by 101%.

There are now close to 1million white people living in shacks which is about 1/3rd of all white people in South Africa. The ANC government is denying the basic rights of white people to things such as food aid, government or cheap housing like they do currently with homeless black people. White people are also more jobless because of racist policies like black economic empowerment and Affirmative action.

While white people move into shacks because of job loss and losing their homes black people move into shacks not because they dont have enough money but because it is relatively cheaper to live in shacks.

It is therefore not true that whites are the fastest growing income group in South Africa but the reason reports might be conflicting is because there are two kinds of whites, rich english speaking whites and poor Afrikaans whites or Boers which is the correct word for descendants of the Boers. The truth is that these statistics are hidden because SAIRR cant differentiate by ethnic-identification which is not politically correct and therefore does not show the true statistics.

Research by Adriana Stuijt was used for this post.

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