White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change

Pretoria, South Africa – The genocide against white Afrikaans speaking people in South Africa is continuing, they are also known as “boers”. Over the past few days a number of people were brutally murdered, some even had nothing stolen as black armed gangs target white people in South Africa.

First of all the ANC wants to change the name of Pretoria to Tswane, Pretoria is one of the last renaming Afrikaans cities in the world. The name Pretoria they say must change to Tswane.

Then there is the case where people from the “young communist league” shouted “kill the boer, kill the farmer” (in their own language) outside Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School. This blatant racism continues in South Africa and some racism goes under the guise of “transformation”.

The biggest hate speech is coming directly from the ANC, namely Julius Malema the ANC youth league leader that almost daily rants out against the minority white people of South Africa.

Recently Julius Malema also recently said the following:

“They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives,”

“… they do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed.”

He was referring to white people in South Africa.

So he thinks all white people care about is if they are going to be attacked or robbed, mostly elderly people are tortured to death with hot irons, people are strangled with their own telephone cords and there is a total onslaught against Afrikaans culture and the Afrikaans people of South Africa. They do in fact have a reason to “worry” as evidence shows.

Maybe Julius Malema should starting thinking why white people while being disarmed with new gun laws are afraid of being attacked. That is probably because they are under threat constantly as South Africa slides into the next Zimbabwe.

We ask again Is there a silent Genocide in South Africa?

It appears so






Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer,’ chanted the black protestors from the Young Communist League, who were gathered at the gates of the Bethlehem, Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School on January 28 2010, while ‘handing over a petition’ against the presence of the region’s only remaining Afrikaans-language high school. The chairman of the school’s management committee, Dr Henk Basson, said he was deeply concerned about the hate-speech and the calls for murdering all the whites at the school, and had thus sent the children home early becauses of these threats. “Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,’ he said.




28 January 2010 the principal of Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School had to send his pupils home because protesters outside the school became increasingly threatening. Dr. Henk Basson the chairman fo the schools management committee said that he was deeply concerned about the hate speech and the calls for murder of all the whites at the school he decided that it would be best to send all the students home.

The Young Communist League gathered at the gate of the Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School to hand over a petition against the school for being the last Afrikaans high school left in that region. Dr. Henk Basson also said that despite the calls from Zuma to stop politically motivated protest at schools their school is still being turned into a political playing-ball:

Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,

Protest are a common occurrence in South Africa but this is not a normal protest. This sounds more like ‘ethnic cleansing’. These young black people where chanting outside a school that everyone inside the school should be killed because they are Afrikaans speaking. Chanting things like ‘Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer’ this should not be taken lightly. This on the heals of Julius Malema’s speech that Afrikaners are racist and should be taught a lesson.

When four whites students made a video joking about black people the whole world heard about it. But then again it is not ‘politically correct’ to call black people racist no matter what their actions show.



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  1. Our people belong is SA. I only see problems now here. Our people are talking more and more of this that the ANC is being so bad because the ANC has people who run behind the scenes who are Jewish ! This is what our people are realising why they help helped us win the Boers. This was so they can control our leaders who they have contract with to make money. We must get rid of this Jewish people who run our ANC leaders.

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  3. I am hoping we could put together an educational flier for the folks attending the matches in Petersburg. (sorry I forget the new name of the place) After all they should know a bit about the person whom the stadium is named after.

    If you have any idea of who I could contact please let me know

  4. I can’t believe what’s happening right now in South Africa!! All over the world the mass media is turning a blind eye on this matter. Nobody knows that white people are being murdered on a daily basis.
    We must take advantage of the world cup to make it known, a campaign should be launched to inform the world of anti-white discrimination in SA!!!!!!!!!

  5. You sound like such a ignorant idiot speaking out the way you do as if your promoting killings and murders regardless who it is or who you have it against.. what gives you the right to judge if a person should die or live.. especially the way these people are.. I hope you share a fate just like the people you have such hatred against!!

  6. No probs ‘Mame,amazing how some people can’t see what they’re looking at.When you ” can see with your ears and listen with your eyes ” you’re than welcome to take me up again.As for condratictions,well somethings are said in context,not really contradictory.Please allow me to elaborate on comparing yourself to animals,few sights are beautiful and graceful as seeing a buck in the wild,but that buck will just stand and have a shit,leave it all behind and still gracefully walk off.Humans,however are past this,we of coz know we can’t just leave our shit behind,then cry foul after.

  7. Its amazing that someone who seems to have education and culture can have such a narrow minded field of thought. Karma is a word used by those who feel a inability to control or at least forge their way in a world. Basic Human history shows us that clash of civilizations are inevitable, yet men have succeeded on many occasions to find a common humanity and work together. There will always be a far right or a far left, yet its the people in the middle. Only when these people give up their rights and voices do you get reactionaries leading the masses. Its always easy to blame from retrospect but learning from it is harder. Yes the consequences of our fathers mistakes will be something we have to live with. This will be even harder for the post apartheid generation on both sides. What is happening though is that the social changes and freedoms hard fought for by white and black citizens (things that are forgotten) are slowly being eroded due to a multitude of factors. It will be our generation that has to pick up the ball now and fight together against all elements that can threaten this hard won freedom. We live in a multi-national world, borders work on maps not on people. Leaders have to lead and the nation has to work together. If we start to excuse behavior especially basic human rights where do we set the limit….can it be controlled? Do we ignore the voices of both sides with vengeance in our hearts? Do we make the same mistakes they made in Europe after the first world war? Do we blindly attack because we feel wronged by the system? Do we say nothing and stay neutral until the situation boils over? Its always easy to sit in the comfort of your home and judge. Bit different live,understand and solve. Our society has many cultural, religious even educational differences. Instead of fighting each other learn from each other. We still live in our cultural bubble not realizing the value of other cultures out there. Education may differ, beliefs may differ but we all belong to the same humanity. Africa is my home I’m born here and ill die here. I love my country and its diverse people. End of the day what my father told me is true till this day…..” black or white you a person, you both bleed red” – Fireman, KZN Zululand, South Africa

  8. My point on this is that while white SA was amassing their wealth,through the brutal regime of Apartheid,that took away the fatherly figure,or rolemodel,they were in fact creating these ” barbarians ” that are now killing them.I grew up in a poor and derelict township,saw first-hand how kids whose father had to leave his family in order to feed them,just had no respect for authority,that is the father when he was at home,just cloud’nt control them and I’m would say the father eventually started to wish for his work enviroment,where all these social problems was’nt his,but the wife’s.History shows when you improvise a person he becomes babymaker,coz the parents can’t afford any money for recreation and also the parents look upon their kids as an investment in the future.This investment bit bear fruitation in a completely different way,coz the freedom movements had abundance of recruits and also so many unruly kids were locked up,that they cloud reject prison authority.Same thing happened with the Afrikaaner,they as whites were oppressed by the English,but as whites they had the vote.As improvised people they too cloud’nt afford creation and thus the only fun was the bedroom,so in 1948 they had the numbers to vote in their National Party and thus started a massive program of uplifting their people.I remember one of their leaders,BJ Vorster saying ” you as a coloured person have to uplift yourself ” Dear God no chance for non-whites with that type of leaders. This same Vorster said on their Republic holiday, with the SA’n Air Force flying overhead ” do you want pick a fight with these men and women “this was said as a warning to surrounding black states.I still remember the thunderous applause he got.However pumping so money into defense drains the ecomony,so much so that eventually the ecomony will collapse,we saw this happened with the arms race between the USA and the USSR too.

  9. Yes “mame you have the right as everyone else,but please ” think before you ink ” Your great chief must’ve readt the Bible and understood what he readt at the time,a remarkable feat.His right of course coz Moses was dissapointed and angry coming back to present his people the commandents.I do admire your courage to join in on this,that must be worth something,but please be careful.Those people that insulted directly can’t be excused,but people wil be people.There’s an African saying ” people are people through other people ” meaning of coz how you treated by others will shape you.
    The African are not a warrior race,as you put it.Per example there was the British war against the Zulu nation.The Zulus defeated the British and of coz British pride was humiliated.This victory came becoz of overpowering numbers of Zulu Impis-regiments.The Zulus,however wanted to negotiate peace,but this was rejected,coz the British got word of the new American invention,the Gatling machine gun.These guns were hastingly shipped over to SA and the next battle only lasted ’bout an hour,coz within 45 min. hundreds of thousands charging Zulu warriors were simply mowed of.This an historical fact,now ask yourself who’s the warrior race.Certainly with this WMD,the British must’ve known what the outcome would be and might’ve decided to first demonstrate the new weapon,but no they wanted revenge and revenge are what makes you a vengeful people,especailly when the other party wants to talk.

  10. Your post is stupid.
    You are obvisiously stupid.
    Let me explain something to you, something you would know if you were actually elligible to post an article on this topic. – A person who knows the full story.
    The hate speech in your post is not filtered through to the “boer” in this country, it affects all white people.
    I am an english only speaking South African, and am affected by white genocide in this country, and no I dont deserve this and neither do my parents.
    My mother had a boyfriend during apartheid, he had olive skin and was classified as a non-white, he was taken from his family and his life was ruined. He was white.
    It is because of people like the Boer, Hitler, and because of people like you – so full of hatred that we have these kinds of problems in the modern world. Get over yourselves, move on! See it for what it is.
    You are a disgusting person, your views are that of a narrow minded, ignorant hillbilly and anyone who reads your post will automatically think – come live a day in the english speaking South African’s life, your baby beaten to death and corpse raped. They dont care if the house they are breaking into belongs to a Boer or not.
    They just see white skin. I cant even believe im wasting my time typing this, but I feel that I cannot just walk away, people like you need to see what is really going on here, but unfortunately, because you are not living it, you will never understand.

  11. Since you want to be so anal about what comes from someone else’s keyboard, when it’s obvious it was simply a typo: You forgot to capitalize “what”.

  12. seanpadrig: Do you have any idea of South African history? You say: “Every inch of South Africa (SA) belongs to the natives”.? There are very few indigenous Blacks in SA. They had their land stolen by the Blacks you are obviously referring to as natives. White people settled in SA in areas vacated by the warring tribes of Black settlers from Central Africa. In fact, White people had settled in SA before the Zulu arrived here. Who is more “native”? White people or Zulu? Or is that you believe that the vast majority of Blacks in SA today (my guess is more than 98%) have more right to be here because they came from central Africa? Let’s test that by using a different region: If the Mongol invasions into China had succeeded (to the same extent as the Central Black invasion into Southern Africa) and Chinese people had all but disappeared…and then Indian people tried to settle there but were slaughtered by the Mongol “natives” (the biggest Mongol tribe even arriving after the Indians)…then the Indians eventually engaging them in battle and defeating them. The defeated Mongols choose to live and work in and near the Indian cities and farms. Later the Japanese invade to steal the mineral resources (no other reason) and the Mongols rise up to assist the Japanese and utterly destroy the Indian farms and force the women and children into Concentration Camps where nearly a third of them die of starvation and disease…forty years later, after a generation of abject poverty, the Indians re-gain power and decide to separate themselves from the Mongols — Mongols can live in those former areas they inhabited after destroying the Chinese, but if they insist on living in the Indian areas they will enjoy no benefits. Would you consider the Indians deserving of death? Please answer this. By they way, Apartheid is not a word you should use — unless you’re speaking Afrikaans. “Separate Development” is what it means in English. Left-wing lies demonised the word Apartheid so that it bears practically no resemblance to what Separate Development meant. Separate Develpment (Apartheid in Afrikaans) didn’t arise suddenly — there is a very long history that lead to it. You clearly know nothing about it.

  13. I think you could have came up with something better than that, its almost embarassing, “REAPER” how corny, and whats the point of the aspirin you retard?

  14. what a dumb cunt speaking from a collapsing cuntry,no one here needs your brainless crap ,your obama days r ahead of you,we happy no one really cares what u think.

  15. I dare you come and stay here for a month and you will see how quick you will run back with your tail between your legs .
    You dont know what is going on here so shut up.

  16. this week alone 5 white “boers” were brutely murderd staped with knifes and shovels. Two ladies were taken “hi jaced” and murdered!
    It is a discrace black youths that did not growup in apartheids SA kills and blame it on Apartheid! Something they know
    Nothing sbout! Have you see pictures of Genocide killings! Pleae help us, it is not safe here anymore!

  17. ” Left-wing lies demonised the word Apartheid so that it bears practically no resemblance to what Separate Development meant ”
    Good post,but in answer to the bit above,I would say it’s rather the right-wing,within the National Party,that exploited the the idea.Any case Aparrtheid was just plain greed.
    In answer to the Genocide of whites,I’m sorry to say,but you people created these “barbarians”.Please allow me to explain.Please look up ” Dutch Hunger week ” and see how these
    people themselves states they feel ” mentally challenged ” and ” Prone to anger “.
    Mentally challenged points to the ” thick skulls ” out there and ” prone to anger “refers to
    the ” barbarians out there “.What becomes clear with this study,of being deliberately
    starved,are that when people don’t get proper nourishment their body lack the ablility for
    them to develop into normal civilized people.They will also be the one’s who obviously
    less inventive,just want to lie around,you’s perceive this laziness as the ” useless black ”
    ,but think openly and construclively and you’ll see when you’s yourself are tried and hungry,
    then you just want to lay down and rest,however you can replenish your energy with proper
    food,blacks just cloud’nt,thus they are the same as the Dutch,terrible difference are that
    with the Dutch it was for only a few years,with SA”n blacks this went on for almost 5
    decades.I shall add you’s did’nt realise what the result would be,but like you,no one wants
    to learn.So why did’nt blacks proper nourishment,becoz of an unjust,brutal policy of white
    supremacy,that paid them a mere pittance,blacks just cloud’nt afford to nourish themselves.
    Sorry for being a bit long on the tongue,with my explanation,but it’s so damn hard to get
    anything into ” some of those thick white skulls out there “and my most sincere apologies
    to the good whites,there are many in SA.
    Another interesting fact is what happened in South Africa’s Kruger National Park.When the Elephant
    population exploded,it was decided to cull the mature bulls,leaving the mothers and younger
    ones,however the younger bulls were now left without role models and thus when they were a
    bit bigger these bulls started killing Rhino’s and other animals,attacking tourists vehicles
    ,wanted to mate at an younger age,in fact these bulls did the very same thing that non-white
    kids are doing,that were left without fathers.The fathers had to become migrant workers in
    your SA,where he was’nt allowed to bring his family with him.Thus by breaking up the family
    unit,today we have delinquents,that are seen by you’s as ” barbarians ” The very same thing
    also happened amongst most non-white communities,the coloured community had a crime
    statistic 5 times hinger than Harlem,here both parents had to work long hours,with their
    kids at home,after school,till ’round 7pm.Also in the morning the parents had to leave early
    ,leaving the kids without parents for almost 12 hours a day,add to that most fathers had to
    work Saturdays,to make ends meet,then one can only expect one result of ” barbarians ” I
    apologise for comparing humans to animals,but like humans,elephants are very socail and
    after reintroducng some mature bulls,the younger ones started to behave properly.However for
    humans to revert to proper behaviour takes much longer,coz there’s a lot more involved.

  18. hey nigger…no whites no more hand outs soup kitchens,no one to complain about,do this …have a bath{or find a river,]steal some soap,try and get a job,go to sleep early and get up early..oh get clothes that fit u,the computor u using made by blacks?

  19. Atrocious things have been commited by people of all colors from every corner of the world, no doubt. But when a soldier is ordered to carry out what he is instructed to, by his commander, he can lose his life or be imprisoned for life for not carrying out thus order. Shoot, during WWII in Germany, a soldier that disobeyed an order could quite possibly find himself AND his family landed in a concentration camp. I have a friend whose grandmother was told that if she told her husband (German soldier) what was happening back home, he would be killed and her children taken. It comes down to “what would you do”?

    What gets me about these racial killings in Arica, because that is what they are plain and simple, no one is ordering these blacks to torture, murder and rape these white families. They aren’t attacking soldiers or even men in many cases. They are targeting the weakest, this being the elderly, women, children and even babies. This is, as far as I am concerned, a very cowardly way of getting revenge. These are not the persons who have caused any of these problems. They were simply born in the wrong place at the wrong time. But they still have the right to exist and to live, same as anyone. Blacks are saying, get out, but the whites are from there. Maybe not originally, but few of us live where our bloodlines are actually from. Where are they supposed to go? What other country, especially in a bankrupt economy, wants all of these people. And maybe they don’t want to leave everything they have worked for and earned behind. I have the greatest sympathy for these people because I cannot imagine living with this over my head.

    I am a descendant of Robert the Bruce. My people of Scottish descent were raped and controlled by the British for many years. I am also of Indian descent, both American and Asian, both controlled by the British. I was myself raised poor, without a father. I have slept on the ground and gone hungry as a child. These things happen in the great U.S. of A. But I live in the now and cannot blame my actions on others. I am my own person, who I choose to be. I respect the laws and follow them. The white South Africans are trying to live, the same as anyone. We have people of all colors on every continent. This gives nobody the right to kill another person solely on their color or who they were born to.

    I am enraged at the plight of all Africans being tortured and murdered. Whites are not the only ones who are racist in this world. It just seems to be politically incorrect for anyone except the white man to be a racist, capable of racially motivated crimes. A criminal must be stopped and punished no matter what his color. Nobody can change the past, but we all have a say in the future and how it will be for all of our children and grandchildren.

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  21. No ‘Mame I’m rather stating that SA is recovering from the socail-economic damage brought on by Apartheid.The Elephants killing “white” Rhino’s can be attributed to the fact that rhino’s and elephants have basically the same diet,thus the same terroity.Same applies for humans,but under Apartheid,of coz each racail group was confined to their own area.My reference ’bout “Dutch Hunger Week” is that although black SA’ns did’nt actually suffer starvation,they were certainly deprived of proper nourishment.They simply could’nt afford the proper food for a complete and balanced diet.Our bodies need a variety of supplements,from a variety of foods,in order for the brain and other body parts to function properly and blacks could only afford basic foods,simply to fill their tummies and was becoz of a system that paid them a mere pittance,while white SA was living in lux.So these “barbarians” are the product of a system that exploited them and are now reffered to as “those thick skulls out there”.Also it was Apartheid policy to spend the absolute minimum on black education,thus adding even more to “those thick skulls out there”.Make sense to keep people stupid,easier to control them then.Hope this clears that up.Under apartheid crime was contained in each race area,now under democracy it spreads to richer pickings.
    As for law and order,well there is law and order,but not to the extent of a normal society I pointed out with the black parents looking upon their kids as an investment in the future,this is true,coz the more kids they have,hopefully more pay-packets will be coming home every week.So from the start of their working lives,black kids had to support the system by not having their pay for themselves,but handing it over to their parents.With the father taken away and the kids now with the mother only,surely the role-model was gone for the boys really and they thus grew up with no authority.These boys then found other role-models,mostly crims that introduced them to a life of crime,or some were pick as freedom fighters.The daughters having not known male-love,from their father,would mostly fall pregnant to their first boy-friend,coz this is how they first experienced any type of male affection.This all lead to increase in numbers of the black population.Add to that most jobs were reserved for whites,who got the tops,coloureds and Indians who got the next top jobs down the line and for blacks only labouring work were given,leading to mass unemployment amongst blacks.Today coloureds are crying foul,saying under the white man their were work for everyone,sure there work for them,but it was work designed to keep the evil system afloat.In SA the pay-rate was something like this,$10.00 an hour for a white,$7.00 for coloured or Indian and $3.00 an hour for a black and that would be for the same job,if available.Apartheid was simply based on colour and white greed.
    As for the crimes in SA,there’s no way one can condone violence,but if one has an idea how this came to be,then perhaps,one can understand and reflect better,than simply looking upon it as outright violence.All non-whites suffered under apartheid,but no group as much as blacks,simply becoz from the start it was designed to keep blacks down.As for white-farmers,well they are isolated in the first place in country areas,but bear in mind the country,where the real racists were afrikaaner heartland,unlike the urban white,who becoz of mixing with other races,are a bit more open-minded.So these farmering towns have all along been the most racist and thus treated their blacks with real utter disgust and contempt,in these towns blacks would’nt dare to report any wrong doing against them.Today the tables are turned and those years of being threaded upon as filth are coming to the fore.This is simply human nature and brings me to another point.One thing I disagree with the ANC upon is granting humans rights to a Post-Apartheid SA.Good as the intentions were,it now has the crim walking ’round,on a sunny day,with a raincoat,under that raincoat is hidden his AK-47.Under Apartheid the Police could search anyone,simply on suspicion .Thing is you can’t take a peasant into palace overnight,but then again it was probaly best to start things properly.SA is in a brutal recovery from a brutal system,violence breeds violence.
    On a lighter note the ANC instistuted the policy of “affirmative Action”,meaning that now with job applications,on a scale of 1-10,all work must be granted to the first 7 black applicants,then to a coloured as # 8,then the Indian as # 9 and the white as # 10.I think this percentage is based on population figures.Nothing wrong with that under Apartheid it was called “job reservation “.However the crim now walks into a shop or bizniz,pulls out his gun and says ” this is affirmative action
    come on hand it over”.
    Hope this gives you some better understanding.Thank you.

  22. Yes “Mame you got a good point,however reflect to when the Apartheid regime bombed and destoyed innocent people in cross-border raids.These were indiscriminate acts of bastardy,even disregarding the charter of another state sovereignty and very much supported and cried for by the whites of the then SA and proubly displayed on SA’n TV everynight.violence breeds violence.As you say ” They are targeting the weakest, this being the elderly, women, children and even babies. This is, as far as I am concerned, a very cowardly way of getting revenge. These are not the persons who have caused any of these problems”. So it’s not as ” plain and simple ” as you say.
    ” The white South Africans are trying to live, the same as anyone ” You obviously have’nt shown any interest trying to see how non-whites live in shanties,no running water,while whites are in their leafy suburbs,with tarred roads and hot water.Please get facts before posting,coz a lot of white SA’n are now claiming to never supported Apartheid,but they certainly benefited from it.I for one can’t see how anyone could still condone the inequalities that exists in Post Apartheid SA.

  23. Good post and I believe what you’re saying is genuine.However allow me to point out where the difference comes in.You benefited from Apartheid in the sense that you can hang up pics of your kids,on your fridge,most black people can’t afford a camera,let alone have those pics developed,black parents can’t attend every school play,every parents evening,can’t even afford to stay beside their kids when they sick.I’m sorry to point this,coz you read sincere,but your parents might’ve left you an inheritance that was ill-gotten of black exploitation,your parents worked under a system designed to up-lift them.However I would say you’re on the right track and shall not pick on your other points.God bless.

  24. ….Okay, well with that theory shouldn’t all the white Americans get out of the USA, as seen as every single inch of America belongs to the Native Americans?

  25. You probably are innocent, but the aparteid system was a violent reign of terror killing the hopes, dreams, dignity and lives of the black majority in the country. The stories have been passed down the generations and the rage and anger are obviouly still strong. I wish all killing and oppression would stop everywhere in the world but in this case I certainly do understand where it is coming from. And you too must realise the wounds that are driving the hate will take some time to heal.

  26. ” I live in America and I see that blacks are very arrogant, crime loving human beings and I am afraid of them.” – to the person above that wrote this. Please read a little history. The Nazi party killed 6 million Jews. Nazi’s were white. The Slave trade killed several million black people. Most of the slave traders were white. The aparteid system – perpotrated by whites. The Jim Crow south – perpotrated by white. I do not deny that black people also have a waring/violent past but please do not pretended white people in America and around the world have not also been and are ARROGANT, and CRIME-LOVING. Black people cannot come close to the numbers of people you have killed for money and power throughout the centuries. You have just as much reason to fear your own kind as anyone else. Madoff, Enron, Worldcom, Tyco, countless serial killers, Goldman Sachs, Lehman Brothers, Countrywide, Columbine, Timothy Mcveh. These are just some of the crimes white Americans have commited over just the last decade. It gets worse when you include the civil rights years, the mafia years, slavery etc. So please read a little history.

  27. Two words for you, you hypocrytical moron: “NATIVE AMERICANS”… Now put down that super-sized happy meal, stop surfing the net for your next under-aged victim and make a usefull contribution to society. Hint: Take some aspirin first, then cut ALONG the veins.

  28. O, but then again, you enjoy the fruits of white colonialism too much, don’t you, cars, nice clothes, good food, proper houses, etc. White people should only allow other whites to enjoy these things!!!

  29. Listen you dougnut munching red neck fucker, I AM A SOUTH AFRICAN, A WHITE ONE. no i am not an Afrikaans one but non the less i am white, the white people you say deserve the suffering they are recieving today well they are the younger generation who had nothing to do with the apartheid, and you say you hated the era and protested it well guess what fuck, you americans did worse things to the black people that did not even have a choice to be in your country, KKK ring a bell you dumb ass, i lover my country even if i am currently working overseas but my vision is to one day contribute to my country, and what the fuck do you know about the apartheid anyway you fool, wait lets ask this first what the fuck do you know about your own glories country in the first, the past is the past and this generation wants South Africa to be a great and proud nation but it’s illiterat, uneducated, fat fucks like yourselve that never let us get through the memory and move on, well guess what ass hole we will live and we will make the country great, so next time you would like to comment on something make sure it is educated and possitive and actualy brings good nature to the table but if your small brain strugles to bring anylight on it then do us all in our beautiful South Africa a favour and SHUT THAT BIG FAT FUCKING PIE HOLE IN YOUR FACE!!!!!!!!

  30. So true, I pray for all whites and really wish for them to leave and find peace. How can we help? I live in America and I see that blacks are very arrogant, crime loving human beings and I am afraid of them. I can’t imagine what you have to go through in SA. Why is nobody listening to these horrors? I pray for you.

  31. To Hermanus:
    I beg to differ – there are no “white suburbs” in South-Africa, everyone can live where they want. Don’t try and make it out as if the whites have it good and the blacks have it bad. You don’t know what you are talking about. There are all races living in the suburbs and also are there all races in poverty. I think you are the one who has to go and get your facts before posting. I never supported apartheid and I am a white South African woman born in 1971, I was asked to leave a library as a child because I brought my black friend with me and I refused to, children are colour blind. But it infuriates me when you come on here and try to let they white South African look bad. Yes there were apartheid, and yes the white South African apologized for that, but that is history now, this is the future, it is people like you who stop a country from changing to the better. Change your attitude and get along with your neighbour whether they are black or white. One day when we die it won’t matter what colour our skin is, why should it matter now??

  32. ” there are no “white suburbs” in South-Africa ” I’m talking ’bout pre democracy SA,in other words under apartheid,where all non-white townships were,by law run under a white municipality and ” white ” greed took all revue collected, from every colour,or race of township and spend the bulk of revue on their white suburbs.You can try and discredit me as much as you like,but I say to you,only the truth will set you free.Even if you were born in 1971,you still benefitted from an evil and totally unjust system and in case you don’t understand,by benefit I mean,you lived in lux,coz your parents,grandparents all were paid higher wages,thus you could eat a proper diet,which gave you the advantage of developing a strong healhy body and mind and you got a economic advantage over other races .Also you grew up with servants,that were paid a mere pittance to live in your backyard,in a 2 roomed,or maybe 3 room srevants quarters, So forget ’bout ” I never supported apartheid ” even if you did’nt you still got the benefits.Seems the catch-cry,amongst white SA’ns are ” I never supported apartheid ” to which non-whites,becoz of decency,only can reply with silence.I got a coloured friend,that were in the apartheid army,got hurt on the beach one day,there was no non-white hospital around,so he asked to be dressed in his army uinform and taken to the white hospital,where he was refused treatment,staff saying we only serve whites and please note,staff did’nt even say sorry.All we could do was stop our beach-party and drive 100 km’s to the nearest non-white hospital,while trying to console our friend and do away with his embarrassment,by not mentioning the insult.This brings us to another point,where whites are complaining ’bout hospitals being over-crowded,with all races having to wait even in the corridors for treatment and through this SA is sliding into the next Zimbabwe.I say this is progress coz state services would be strained by being for everyone,not just the best hospitals for whites and leave Zimbabwe out of it.
    ” South African apologized for it ” maybe but not all of them,seen at the trail of TB how whites mocked blacks by singing the folk song ’bout baboons climbing mountains.This type of action only shows to the outside world how stupid and cruel SA’n whites are ” that type of idiot is a very dangerous being.