White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change

Pretoria, South Africa – The genocide against white Afrikaans speaking people in South Africa is continuing, they are also known as "boers". Over the past few days a number of people

Pretoria, South Africa – The genocide against white Afrikaans speaking people in South Africa is continuing, they are also known as “boers”. Over the past few days a number of people were brutally murdered, some even had nothing stolen as black armed gangs target white people in South Africa.

First of all the ANC wants to change the name of Pretoria to Tswane, Pretoria is one of the last renaming Afrikaans cities in the world. The name Pretoria they say must change to Tswane.

Then there is the case where people from the “young communist league” shouted “kill the boer, kill the farmer” (in their own language) outside Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School. This blatant racism continues in South Africa and some racism goes under the guise of “transformation”.

The biggest hate speech is coming directly from the ANC, namely Julius Malema the ANC youth league leader that almost daily rants out against the minority white people of South Africa.

Recently Julius Malema also recently said the following:

“They do not participate in anything that is of national importance, they do not observe national days, they do not support national initiatives,”

“… they do not care about the development of this country, they are forever obsessed with whether they are going to be attacked or robbed.”

He was referring to white people in South Africa.

So he thinks all white people care about is if they are going to be attacked or robbed, mostly elderly people are tortured to death with hot irons, people are strangled with their own telephone cords and there is a total onslaught against Afrikaans culture and the Afrikaans people of South Africa. They do in fact have a reason to “worry” as evidence shows.

Maybe Julius Malema should starting thinking why white people while being disarmed with new gun laws are afraid of being attacked. That is probably because they are under threat constantly as South Africa slides into the next Zimbabwe.

We ask again Is there a silent Genocide in South Africa?

It appears so






Kill the Farmer, Kill the Boer,’ chanted the black protestors from the Young Communist League, who were gathered at the gates of the Bethlehem, Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School on January 28 2010, while ‘handing over a petition’ against the presence of the region’s only remaining Afrikaans-language high school. The chairman of the school’s management committee, Dr Henk Basson, said he was deeply concerned about the hate-speech and the calls for murdering all the whites at the school, and had thus sent the children home early becauses of these threats. “Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,’ he said.




28 January 2010 the principal of Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School had to send his pupils home because protesters outside the school became increasingly threatening. Dr. Henk Basson the chairman fo the schools management committee said that he was deeply concerned about the hate speech and the calls for murder of all the whites at the school he decided that it would be best to send all the students home.

The Young Communist League gathered at the gate of the Free State Voortrekker Afrikaans High School to hand over a petition against the school for being the last Afrikaans high school left in that region. Dr. Henk Basson also said that despite the calls from Zuma to stop politically motivated protest at schools their school is still being turned into a political playing-ball:

Our school is being turned into a political playing-ball for certain groups’ secret agendas, despite Pres Zuma’s recent plea for quality-education and despite his warnings against politically-motivated protests at schools,

Protest are a common occurrence in South Africa but this is not a normal protest. This sounds more like ‘ethnic cleansing’. These young black people where chanting outside a school that everyone inside the school should be killed because they are Afrikaans speaking. Chanting things like ‘Kill the Boer Kill the Farmer’ this should not be taken lightly. This on the heals of Julius Malema’s speech that Afrikaners are racist and should be taught a lesson.

When four whites students made a video joking about black people the whole world heard about it. But then again it is not ‘politically correct’ to call black people racist no matter what their actions show.


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  1. All I can say is that Realnigga is just another dumb kaffir who alfter 15 years of black rule is worse off, unless he is on the gravy train, or an ATM bomber.

  2. While it is not impressive what is happening to white South Africans, I certainly don’t feel so sorry for them. Why?
    Because they invaded a black continent, they divided up the people, they looked down at blacks, they imposed Aparthied on them, they mistreated them for centuries on their own land and now they wonder why blacks don’t like them? Somebody give these people a brain! I am not saying it’s great or horrible, I am just saying ‘what do you white expect’ for your centuries of abuse of black Africans in Africa.

    It’s kind of like Americans in the Middle East- dividing people, bombing them, killing them with sanctions and then going nuts about “9/11 9/11 9/11”. What do you expect when you abuse people.

    Will Africans be poorer now without whites? Will they have civil wars? Perhaps. They’ll have some successes and some failures of course. The US had the Civil War. Canada had the French/English wars. So will some blacks in Africa. Hey, it’s their homeland and if you abuse them you’re going to be hated. Welcome to the real world!

    1. you dont have a clue what you are talking about to start it wasnt their land that was invaded as you say the first people here were the koi san not the zulu and sotho and so on we didnt impose anything on them they had everything it was just not shared by black and white it wasnt rite but we were not killing them brutally for nothing get ur facts rite

  3. BY Vusile Tshabalala, journalist,(a black journalist)
    August 2001– At the start of the year 1900, the number of African South Africans was found to be 3,5-million according to the British colonial government census. By 1954, our African population had soared to 8,5-million — and by 1990, there were a full 35-million of us — all carefully managed, closely policed, counted, shunted around in homelands and townships — and all of us chafing and griping under the suppressive yoke of the Afrikaner Broederbond’s rigid racial segregation system.
    During apartheid, our population grew apace however because we also had the benefit of the Broers’ medical knowledge and their excellent agricultural skills.
    Our population growth and our average life expectancy in fact showed us Africans in South Africa to be in better than average health when compared to other Africans on the rest of the continent: in the decades prior to the official policy of apartheid,(which was started in 1948), the average life expectancy of African South Africans was only 38 years.
    However, during the last decade of the apartheid era from 1948 to 1994, our average life expectancy had risen to 64 years — on a par with Europe’s average life expectancy. Moreover, our infant death rates had by then also been reduced from 174 to 55 infant deaths per thousand, higher than Europe’s, but considerably lower than the rest of the African continent’s.
    And the African population in South Africa had by then also increased by 50% percent.(source: “a crime against humanity: analysing repression of the Apartheid State”, by Max Coleman of the Human Rights Committee).
    Deaths due to political violence during apartheid:
    Max Coleman’s authoritative book analyses all deaths due to political violence from 1948 to 1994 in South Africa and Namibia.
    According to the HRC statistics, 21,000 people died in political violence in South Africa during apartheid – of whom 14,000 people died during the six-year transition process from 1990 to 1994. The book lists the number of incidents, dates, and those involved.
    This includes SA Defence Force actions, for instance the 600 deaths at Kassinga in Angola during the war in 1978.
    Of those deaths, the vast majority, 92%, have been primarily due to Africans killing Africans — such as the inter-tribal battles for territory: this book’s detailed analyses of the period June 1990 to July 1993 indicates a total of 8580 (92%) of the 9,325 violent deaths during the period June 1990 to July 1993 were caused by Africans killing Africans, or as the news media often calls it, “Black on Black” violence – hostel killings, Inkatha Freedom Party versus ANC killlings, and taxi and turf war violence.
    The activities of the Civil Cooperation Bureau as outlined by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, were also included in these figures.
    The security forces caused 518 deaths (5.6%) throughout this period.

  4. This means that apartheid killed 21000 black people from 1948 till 1994. Of which only 7000 were killed by the apartheid government. That is 400 killings a year. From 1994 up till 2000 a number of 174,220 people (mostly white) were killed. That is more than 60 times worse than in the apartheid period. And then this forum wants to justify that by saying “it’s payback time for the whites?” Apartheid was clearly blown out of proportion, because what we doing to whites now is much worse. Most of them have no problem with us and never meant us any harm.

    1. Actually, 90 000 WHITES were killed by black thugs from 1994. That calculates to 4 300 WHITES being murdered in brutal animal like fashion (burning with clothing irons, throwing white babies into boiling water, raping white women with helpless husbands made to watch, slaughtering white victims like animals with axes or manchettis/pangas etc.) per year by BLACK attackers as opposed the 400 blacks dying per annum during Apartheid, of which most were murdered by their fellow blacks for not opposing the Apartheid government or refusing to partake in vandalism and terrorist acts. These blacks were necklaced (burning tyres put around the victims body) or stoned to death. Those are the facts my friend. Please do some study before commenting negatively from Canada or whatever country.

  5. Open your fucking eyes…most of them hate non whites. They will obviously pretend in front of u cause they are chicken shit…too scared to stand up 4 their shit beliefs. Given da opportunity, they will oppress u cause they think they better than everyone else.

    1. Such rubbish!

      We did stand up for our beliefs. Apartheid was dismantled was it not? You are projecting your own feeling onto us, and they are not TRUE.

  6. I really need to thank all of these Blacks of South Africa.
    Thank you for showing the world what you really and how you are and how you think with your strikes and anger.
    Please go on show them the real barbarins of the world go on kill more inosent children in hospital
    black or white take our childerns chances of becoming what they could be.Dont worry you are black
    dont care for the country is yours go ahead Fuck up South Africa THE WORLD IS WACTHING so please
    go on go on!

  7. Yes we will do with it what we want cause it’s our country. Finally you get that in your thick skull. We happy that foreigners don’t wanna come here cause they are all racist pigs as well. They must stay in their countries and mind their own f*cking business, just as your forefathers were supposed to have minded their own fucking business. Look at the end of the day, you can blame your white fathers for f*cking it up for you. Stop complaining and move out of the country cause the ANC will always rule here and you will always suffer…and you deserve it. I am now tired of wasting my time arguing with a fool such as yourself…so enjoy the rest of your f*cked up life….cheers.

      1. You stole this land from the bushmen and we took it from you. Maybe you should rather get an education and learn some history. I know the ANC does not want you to know the real history, but it might just enlighten you.

  8. Stop complaining and move out of the country cause the ANC will always rule here.
    We happy that foreigners don’t wanna come here cause they are all racist pigs as well

    And This is why they will never grow as a country I wish I could say give them time to kill themselves’
    Like this idiot none of them understand what to do with a country they simply do not know the importance of
    people coming to the SA. Monkeys thinking like this one is the reason why they made it so difficult for the whites
    to leave South Africa because unlike this monkey some other smarter monkey got a spark to fire in his brain
    and noticed that without the white skilled people in the country they would be like rest of Africa.
    O and just for in case there is a monkey reading “that is not a compliment”

  9. whites oppressed non-whites as follows under Apartheid (this is a fact, Im old enough):
    blacks – first worst oppressed
    indians – second worst oppressed
    coloureds – third worst oppressed
    This is also evident in the geographical location of townships. White suburbs, next to it coloured townships, then indian townships and furthest away was black townships.

    1. Whites/Orientals – The engineers, planners, doctors, farmers etc.
      Colourds/Indians – The managers, shopkeepers, supervisors etc.
      Blacks – The workers, followers of orders etc.
      The only way to build a country. Why Europe and America 1st world countries while Africa 3rd world? Think man think…

    2. Because no one wants to live next to an uneducated barbaric creature!!!! I don’t hate all black people i work with them and some of them are better than white people i know BUT!!!! you get a black man… and a fucking kaffer! a kaffer is a godless shell who’s only mindset and porous is to fulfill his own ambitions and wealth no matter what the cost.

  10. u know, the blacks, dey are really stupid, im seen this countless of times, their sense of logic is amazing
    zulus are the worst, sukcing up to whites all the time, they are such fools, we whites know this, but at the
    same time imposing racist nonsense against us.

  11. Childish, hate filled black people. Who kill and commit crime at two to three times the rate of other races no matter where they live in this world. And blame everything and everyone else. YOU are the real devils.

  12. Hopefully, America will take in the South African WHITE refugees. They are willing to do an honest days work – which is more than I can say for blacks anywhere on this planet.

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      2. You are probably the biggest idiot on this blog. If Whites are so lazy, then why Was SA the only non 3rd world country before 1994?? I think you must use the Internet to (and you probably are) to watch porn and see blacks enjoying white women.

        1. @Francois:

          Boet, Ek verstaan hoe jy voel. Maar oppaas, the hele wereld lees die. Ons moet sorg dat ons nie net soos die anders lyk nie. Die blog is om a lig te skyn op die waarheid. Mense wat die lees, sal nie jou punt verstaan nie. (Jammer, my Afrikaans is baie swak!)

          People reading this will never understand your deep emotions as they have not lived here.

          The vast majority of us have been affected in some way or another. Twice a week I drive 30 kilometers to my sons boarding school, past about 12 kilometers of farmlands. There are 5x seperate crosses erected on the different farms near the road. These are 5x farms that have had farm murders taking place on that property. And this is only the ones that did erect a reminder, and this on just 12 kilometers of road.

          Its so obvious to us that live here. We need to ask the world to research this. We need to ask the world to tell our Government that they are watching. Its not in the dark anymore.

          1. Nicola, I was blowing off some steam. Truth of the matter is that I happen to be a white South African farmer myself. I have personnally been involved in no less than 2 farm attacks in less than 13 months. I am a sector leader in our local farm policing forum and are driving sector patrolls twice a week and do (in conjunction with the local SAPD) a road-block inspection at least twice a month. This, after I myself have been against apartheid 18 years ago. I was one of the idiots that voted “yes” in the referendum to give all South Africans the right to vote. What did I get from it? This poor 3rd world little country with it’s potholed roads (formerly beautiful roads) etc. We are being slaughtered and the socalled reconciliation and forgiveness was nothing but a hoax. At least now I know who the real racists are. Just read this blog and see who wants peace and who wants to kill, rape and maim.

          2. Dear Francois,

            I am 100% on your side! I had the fortunate opportunity to work internationally, and when my Dad passed away, I came back home to help my Mom. I was shocked at whats really going on here. We dont see this in the media coverage there. Its truly HORRIFIC! If you read my other posts here, after reading some comments, I am concerned that we are being baited by the cruel and evil comments.
            Because this site IS being viewed by people of the world, I realised that instead of raising our plight profile, we are actually sinking ourselves. Some of the international comments will bear this out.

            I cant remember which wise man once said “When you argue with a fool, to an outsider, its hard to tell who the fool is”.

            For this reason alone, I have decided that we are not helping our cause by arguing back. We are making it worse, exactly as intended! (I was guilty of also being defensive)

            If we want to raise the profile, we should use this site to add recent articles, facts, and INFORM the world of whats really happening here. The people who are reading this have some interest in whats going on here. They are our best Ambassadors. When they read this, they cant possibly know the fear, betrayal, and real danger that our Farmers have faced.

            In addition to this, they also need to be alerted to the fact that as we sit here today, they are revising the Land Reform Policy to one that basically means…take what ever you want.

            The decay that is setting in here is unbelievable! The roads are starting to break up. This is way beyond maintenance now. This new Government is actually causing infrastructure damage.

            The reality of it is that MOST (black and white) people are heading for greater pain than we ever knew. Our dealings with China, to say the least, are setting us up for catastrophy. China is the new Colonising country here and in Africa. And their human rights history is VILE!

            Lastly, I wish to apologise if I caused offence. That was never my intention. I merely am suggesting that this forum has high visibility and we should maximise the opportunity to share the truth of what is so carefully hidden.

            May God keep you safe. May this Genocide become an international focus. It is classed as GENOCIDE by all definitions and can easily be googled.

            We have no where to go ‘back’ to, as we are South African Citizens too. We do not have some fictious ‘ancestral’ home. Our Afrikaaners are indeed a true South African race. They were created here. They are as indiginous as our Koi, San (Bushmen). They belong here as they were created here. Our BLACK population also arose from higher north. One could argue that they should go back too, to those greener pastures called ‘ancestoral lands’.

            Then, the only 2 true races here would be Bushmen and Afrikaaners. I am not Afrikaans, but I am SOUTH AFRICAN. Why must I stand back and be driven out of my own country, when they are importing ZIMBABWEAN BLACKS to fill the skills gap caused by us fleeing?

            Why should a nation that is not South African be given preference over her OWN Citizens. I saw this with my own eyes at the Courier Freight Group. Rather take a BLACK expat, than keep that highly competant WHITE man in his job. They trumped up all sorts of charges against him until he left. He walked out, in walks the NEWLY arrived Zimbawean.

            So sad.

          3. Pity, the Zimbabweans are not just taking jobs from white South Africans, but also from black South Africans, but guess what, Malema supports Zimbabwe openly and blames whites for the black youth’s lack of employment. His idioyt supporters are still firmly behind him.

          4. I knew this would happen. The Boers made a deal with the Devil and Death. Only God can save you now. I wish it were otherwise.

          5. @JW. I am afraid I dont understand what you mean by “I knew this would happen”. What did you see?

            Also, “The Boers made a deal with the Devil and Death”?

            I know from your other posts that you seem to be concerned also. Would love to understand your comment better please.

            May I ask where you live? And if not here, what alerted you to the genocide occuring right under our nose?

            Always good to know what the ‘world’ is exposed to or not….

          6. Hi Nicola. I live in Fresno,Ca,USA.I am a Calvinist Christian Prophet. Similar to the Boer prophet Siener Van Rensberg.I am assuming you are a Boer and you know what I am talking about.In the 1980’s I knew in the Spirit that the future would be bad for the Boers as they negotiated away their destiny.In many ways the Boers are similar to Israel.Both trusted in wicked men rather than Jehovah.So both have been tried by fire. But don’t despair.Things are about to drastically change.The United States is about to experience a dreadful judgment at the hand of God.In the near future,New York City will be destroyed by a 300 kiloton Islamic Atomic Bomb. That is about 15 times the power of the Hiroshima Bomb. The Lord told me this on 02232011.He told me there would be a dirge throughout the Land after the Atomic Bomb detonated. Very similar to God telling Moses there would be a great cry throughout all the Land after He destroyed the first born of Egypt.He also clearly stated He was coming down to deliver His elect from the hand of the wicked.We have a very wicked President.What I am going to tell you now sounds self-serving. I find it hard to believe myself.In 1999 the Lord told me the following: “Just as I raised up Moses to deliver the children of Israel from the hand of Pharoah, so I have raised up a Prophet to deliver this Nation(USA) from the hand of the wicked”.That Prophet is now writing to you.You will be hearing of me in the near future as the Lord uses me to proclaim the judgments on America. I won’t be well liked,but I will do what God tells me to do. As America is delivered,I will pray for the Boers to be delivered and have a new birth of freedom.Don’t worry,the days of the wicked ANC and the barbarians that enable them to continue their murders is coming to an end.As the wicked tumble in America,so will they in South Africa.I’ll be praying for my fellow Calvinists. Be patient. When you see the destruction of New York City,you will know that you have heard from a true Prophet of God. With love,my sister. Solo Deo Gloria.

          7. PS. In a prior message I said there was no hope for the whites in South Africa.I thought the Lord would only be delivering the US.I underestimated God’s saving intentions.I am a Prophet,but not perfect.South Africa will feel the effects of events happening to America.

          8. Hi again JW,

            Thanks for taking the time to explain. Now I understand this and the other posts you have made.
            No, I am not a Boer by its truest definition. I am white though. I am familiar with Siener. At this high level of conversation, much of what you say we already believe and have for decades. It is thus not uncomfortable to understand what your warnings and visions are. Much is scriptural, and it’s possible that you have seen the events as they unfold in the very near future. All the signs are there.

            Thank you for your warnings. May God protect you too.

          9. J W and Nicola,

            very interesting what J W had to say. Siener van Rensburg’s prophecies are very similar indeed, and dare I mention that none of his (Siener’s) prophesies has failed thus far. He not only prophesized South African happenings, like the fact that the Boers would forget God and thus stop opening parliament with prayer in 1972, but also International prophesies like the divorce and death of Princess Diana. His prophesies about our furure, the new war between Boer and the government, coincides with the 3rd World War, which he also prophesized. He said that in World War 3 the USA will be in aliance with Germany. He said that both Britain will be totally destroyed, while the USA will also be totally bankrupt and overpowered (because they have turned their backs on God), while the Germans will stop the onslaught from the East in France. The Germans will reclaim their soil, including Namibia (South West Africa, today known as Namibia, was left to SA on the agreement that it would be returned to Germany if SA chose not to include it as one of SA’s provinces. This never happened and SWA was handed to SWAPO). Once they reclaim Namibia they will help the Boers and SA’s boundaries will stretch to just South of the Equator. Christian people from europe will flock to South Africa and receive safe and prosperous refuge. I am proud and exited to be a white South African Boer.

          10. SOOIS.

            Since I posted last,the Lord has revealed for me the day New York City will be destroyed. He has also told me to remain silent and not prophecy the event.I can tell you that great events are at hand. I have a heavy burden for the Boars for I know your betrayal and sorrows.The Lord has not forsaken you.I have prayed that the Lord would use me to help you regain your Country.A new South Africa is coming. It is imperative that the new Nation be dedicated to the Glory of Christ and the Scriptures be taught to the young in the Schools.There is no compromise on this.It must be done.Never again trust in the Nations of the World. You have each other,me,Israel,and God. That is all you need.My prayer is for Nicole and the other whites being inflicted. She is a good woman. I hope to meet her soon.Siener Van Rensburg was a great prophet and I am grateful to honor him and to stand with his people.

    1. America will not take in South African whites.America is headed for civil war.Political correctness is destroying this Nation,as it did yours.New Zealand would be the best Country for you to go to. The less blacks in a Country,the better your chances for survival. God bless the Boers.SA is now a hopeless hell-hole ruled by killers and degenerates.No future for your children there. Leave and let them join Zimbabwe in hell.

  13. Of course they must kill you, cause you come here taking over their land and their food and their homes and now you want to complain. Nothing here in this country was yours you white asshole…So now die like a bitch.

    1. Lol, thats all i can say. you are saying the whites took the blacks houses etc? uneducated idiot youre forefathers lived in trees so how in the hell did the whites take your houses. no wonder all the government employees are corrupt and failing the people of SA. youre own race are failing you, you idiot……

  14. Big up to yourself for what you have just said. These assholes keep oppressing people and expect them to take it without saying anything. These white fuckers have no brains.

  15. Fuck you…take your point and shove it up your ass. The blacks never needed anything that you had…they were living simple lives until you came and fucked it up for them. Your forefathers built the airport, so you know where it is…so now take your things and fuck off to wherever you fucking came from devilboy. Oh I forgot…you don’t even know where you fucking come from, that’s how fucking thick you are.

    1. Ermm, with a name like Nabeel Anthony, do you know where you come from? I suspect you are little else than a blog ‘troll’. Has to be that as you really dont make any sense at all. Perhaps you are just ignorant or live in another country? I suspect that you aren’t even a Black person. Your general discourse is one of perhaps, ummm, indian, or other.

      And lastly, we do know where we come from. South Africa!

  16. Ja cause the indians were dark skinned like the blacks and the coloureds were fair skinned cause they were the product of frikkie’s mother sleeping with the darkies. This was and still is the fucked up mentality of the white man. Now it’s good, cause you whites are dying at the hands of the indians, blacks and coloureds. You deserve everything you get and much, much more.

    1. Oh yes, as I guessed. You arent black. Shame on you for giving them a bad name!
      And dying at the hands of INDIANS and COLOUREDS? Hahahahahaha. You really can’t be from South Africa for you to say that. Neither the Indians nor the Coloureds are violent like that. The Indians as a rule are very business-oriented and gentle! What garbage you speak! Such a joke.

  17. And you white are also fucking stupid…I have seen this time and time again as well, so don’t talk lot. You had no right to come here and take over like you some kind of king or something. You white people are fucking dirty bastards. It’s good that you people are getting killed in this country now. I hope you die by the hand of a zulu warrior cause u deserve it.


    Theres the white man’s logic….fucked up as always. He thinks too highly of himself, when he is actually the lowest filth in this world. Go fuck your mother you asshole.

    1. So you are a product of inbreeding you fool. The best part of you ran down a bulldogs legs. You have got 2 brain cells. One is lost and the other one has gone to look for the lost one. You are gutter scum

      1. lol. He sound just like the filthy black retards we have in our Country.The worse one is the cunning demonic fox that sits in the White House.If they were in the majority,the whites would be in the same position the Boers are.Whites are well armed and will give these bastards all the war they want.We won’t roll over like the Politicians that betrayed the Boers did.

    2. Ummm, why do you think you can understand our logic? You couldn’t be more wrong!
      Please stop running us down when you clearly are an ignorant piece of work. You spew ignorance and think because YOU think that, its a fact. News Flash! Ignorance is never factual.

    I would ask all South African the owner of the land (I mean black God created people) to sit on round table, and plan well how to terminate the whole white people in South Africa. First put fear in them by killing the one who think they are important, the attacking should be done not systematically so as to confuse them. If you kill some in one area make sure the head is cut, in the other area cut their legs and hands but don’t kill. The other attack should be done by hanging them around their home. The ones you catch on the road blocks make sure you remove their eyes and cut off their private parts. For women you can enjoy them seriously and let them go free. Children make sure they do go to school by all means and if men become so rough they should be fucked tied on a tree like a dogs and then cut their private parts or remove the balls and let them go to die alone.


      The Father The Son and The Holy Spirit collectively called God said “Come let ‘ Us’ make man.

      Any Good concordance and the Bible itself will confirm the Biblical meaning of the word “MAN” translated from the Hebrew word “Adam”

      This word “Man/Adam ” is not his name but is in fact his physical description.

      I give you the Oxford GESENIUS Hebrew Chaldean English definition of the word “Man/Adam” no 119.

      Man = To be red ruddy ‘ their princes” were whiter than Milk their body was more ruddy than coral’ One who is able to blush and show blood in the face is the definition of the word MAN.

      I guess you are screwed. God is white and His people are white.

      1. Ephesians 4:31-32

        Let all bitterness and wrath and anger and clamor and slander be put away from you, along with all malice. Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, as God in Christ forgave you.

        Romans 12:18-20

        If possible, so far as it depends on you, live peaceably with all. Beloved, never avenge yourselves, but leave it to the wrath of God, for it is written, “Vengeance is mine, I will repay, says the Lord.” To the contrary, “if your enemy is hungry, feed him; if he is thirsty, give him something to drink; for by so doing you will heap burning coals on his head.”

        Genesis 50:20

        As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.

        The bible does not teach us to be cruel to any-one.

        He is the creator of all mankind and we are told to love even our own enemies. But God’s particular, intimate love is with the true believers. Only to the true believer he can say, he loves you.

        Romans 12:1-16:27

        I appeal to you therefore, brothers, by the mercies of God, to present your bodies as a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable to God, which is your spiritual worship. Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind, that by testing you may discern what is the will of God, what is good and acceptable and perfect. For by the grace given to me I say to everyone among you not to think of himself more highly than he ought to think, but to think with sober judgment, each according to the measure of faith that God has assigned. For as in one body we have many members, and the members do not all have the same function, so we, though many, are one body in Christ, and individually members one of another. …

        God made us all. He will decide who is worthy by his actions, and not by skin colour.

        1. I am in agreement, but when an uneducated simpleton tries to tell me God is black, I unfortunately must correct him. If Adam was created in His image, then God is white, because Adam’s name means that he was fair with the ability to blus, as was his sons Jacob and Esau (who had red hair). It means that the whites are the direct descendants of Israel, not the blacks, nor the Jews (JEW = mixed race). In fact the Bible mentions Gods lost and opressed flock, Judah, who are on the other side of the rivers of Ethiopia (Southern Africa), who landed there in their papirus boats (whites came here on ships, while blacks came on foot from the North).

          1. Just to clarify. There were and still are 12, no 13 tribes of Israel (The tribe Levi) did not get a land of their own because of their sin. Levi’s tribe is devided between the others and I suspect the few Christian Jews come from that tribe. 10 Tribes left Israel in Roman times and spread among Europe to form the 10 countries under Roman rule. Out of them the Roman Cathoholic Church was created. Eventually the tribes Judah and Benjamin were forced out of Israel and they went to Europe and started the Protestant Church. The RCC forced them to flee and they came to Southern Africa. Judah came to SA and Benjamin went to Rhodesia. Sounds strange I know, but go and read the Bible very carefully again, especially the Books of the prophets.


    by Big Sword Defender.
    This gang is the most active in S A and when I met the leader in Cape town he had this to tell me.
    “You think we have forgiven white people in S A – we have never forgiven them – we have chosen to follow reconcilliation as described by our organization- but we will never forgive them anyway” . We are going to exterminate the white people on our soil and revenge what they did to our ancestors so in future the people who think they can go away with it are wrong.


  20. very day hundreds of mails are sent around the world, asking for help to save some animal species.

    Is it not very strange how the whole world is ignoring the apparent Genocide being committed against the white people in South Africa?

    This slaughter of whites by blacks is being portrayed in the media as – “merely crime related”
    Is it not very strange how the whole world is ignoring the apparent Genocide being committed against the white people in South Africa?
    If the motive of the crime is theft, why is it necessary to take the life of the person that has already handed over their cell-phone or wallet?

    If the motive for the crime is hijacking, why take the woman with them, gang-rape her and then slit her throat?
    If the motive for house-breaking is petty theft, why throw boiling water over the farmers before killing them, – after forcing them to watch their wives being gang-raped and tortured in front of them?

    Were the mass murders in Bosnia “merely crime related”?

    Were the mass murders of Jews in Germany during WWII “merely crime related”?

    Are the daily murders of various tribe members in Kenya “merely crime related”?


    BUT… Why is it that the police can spend hundreds of thousands of Rands, and thousands of man-hours hunting down the one white that opened fire upon blacks in Skielik, whilst they cannot find any murderers of innocent, white children, women and men?

    In any other countries a mass extermination of any tribe on such a scale would be considered Genocide, a crime against humanity, and an international outcry would follow.

    Hundreds of peace keepers would be sent to South Africa.

    The United Nations would hold a special sitting.

    Headlines in the mass media would be screaming blue murder.

    The television channels would be filled with scenes of the dead bodies, and their grieving families.

    Yet in South Africa, the murder of the white tribe by the blacks is reduced to a statistic and labelled “crime”.

    The state sponsored media hardly spares their murders a few lines.

    The police refuse to release statistics on the extent of the murders.
    What must we do to focus the world’s attention on this GENOCIDE—disguised as crime?

    If you’re a concerned citizen, whether in South Africa or internationally, you are morally bound to act—NOW!!

    Get letters published in your local media highlighting the plight of the white tribe in South Africa.

    Ask why the ANC led South African Government is suppressing crime figures.

    Ask why the murders of white citizens in South Africa are not being solved.

    If, as the media are quick to proclaim “WHITES CONDUCTING A RACIST CAMPAIGN AGAINST BLACKS” why do you not hear hundreds of reports of whites killing blacks for their cell-phones?

    Why are the whites not killing blacks for their cars?

    Why are the whites not breaking into the upper class black neighbourhoods, raping and murdering the women, before making off with their TV sets?

    This GENOCIDE must be brought to the attention of the world media before it is too late. Before all the Whites have been erased from the face of South Africa.

    Do your bit to help the White citizens of South Africa NOW!!

    Send this mail to everyone you know throughout the world!!

    Alert the world to the mass extermination taking place right in front of their eyes.

    Alert all white tourists that are considering a visit to South Africa of the perils they will face.

    Criticise the international mass media fo not very strange how the whole world is ignoring the apparent Genocide being committed against the white people in South Africa?

    This slaughter of whites by blacks is being portrayed in the media as – “merely crime related”

    Is it not very strange how the whole world is ignoring the apparent Genocide being committed against the white people in South Africa?
    If the motive of the crime is theft, why is it necessary to take the life of the person that has already handed over their cell-phone or wallet?
    If the motive for the crime is hijacking, why take the woman with them, gang-rape her and then slit her throat?

    If the motive for house-breaking is petty theft, why throw boiling water over the farmers before killing them, – after forcing them to watch their wives being gang-raped and tortured in front of them?

    Were the mass murders in Bosnia “merely crime related”?

    Were the mass murders of Jews in Germany during WWII “merely crime related”?

    Are the daily murders of various tribe members in Kenya “merely crime related”?


    BUT… Why is it that the police can spend hundreds of thousands of Rands, and thousands of man-hours hunting down the one white that opened fire upon blacks in Skielik, whilst they cannot find any murderers of innocent, white children, women and men?

    In any other countries a mass extermination of any tribe on such a scale would be considered Genocide, a crime against humanity, and an international outcry would follow.

    Hundreds of peace keepers would be sent to South Africa.

    The United Nations would hold a special sitting.

    Headlines in the mass media would be screaming blue murder.

    The television channels would be filled with scenes of the dead bodies, and their grieving families.

    Yet in South Africa, the murder of the white tribe by the blacks is reduced to a statistic and labelled “crime”.

    The state sponsored media hardly spares their murders a few lines.

    The police refuse to release statistics on the extent of the murders.

    What must we do to focus the world’s attention on this GENOCIDE—disguised as crime?

    If you’re a concerned citizen, whether in South Africa or internationally, you are morally bound to act—NOW!!

    Get letters published in your local media highlighting the plight of the white tribe in South Africa.

    Ask why the ANC led South African Government is suppressing crime figures.

    Ask why the murders of white citizens in South Africa are not being solved.

    If, as the media are quick to proclaim “WHITES CONDUCTING A RACIST CAMPAIGN AGAINST BLACKS” why do you not hear hundreds of reports of whites killing blacks for their cell-phones?

    Why are the whites not killing blacks for their cars?

    Why are the whites not breaking into the upper class black neighbourhoods, raping and murdering the women, before making of with their TV sets?

    This GENOCIDE must be brought to the attention of the world media before it is too late. Before all the Whites have been erased from the face of South Africa.

    Do your bit to help the White citizens of South Africa NOW!!

    Send this mail to everyone you know throughout the world!!

    r their failure to report on the daily occurrence of murder and rape.


    Save the white citizens of South Africa NOW!!

    1. There is no hope for you there. Your leaders sold you out. You had nuclear weapons and could have partitioned your country to defensible borders. Your nukes would have been your insurance policy.Israel is is the same position you were in,but they know they cannot trust corrupt Nations like the US-my Country-and other appeasing Nations. You made a deal with the Devil and now you are being exterminated. Best option is to leave,if you can. The blacks can’t run that Nation.They will join Zimbabwe in hell.What else are they good for.They hate you.Deal with it.

      1. True. It all started with the “great seducer” (bullshitter),freed by a man called “Le Clerc” (De KlerK). Mandela pulled a blinker over our eyes as well as the rest of the world. The white SA voter sold him/herself out by believing these lies, but now most whites are too stupid/afraid/self righteous to stand together and fight these atrocities against mankind, because the USA and Britain are corrupt, and will not admit their wrong-doing in supporting a new SA government by using sanctions against the old government.

  21. have you seen latelly what the whites do to help the blacks? the money they give to support the aids problems, did you know more blacks kill blacks than they kill whites?did you know more black people rape black people than they rape whites?

  22. what the hell is wrong here, more blacks are killing and raping blacks than what they are doing to whites , if the blacks dont have any respect for the whites then what the hell are they chatting on about, look what there doing to themselves, if you blacks eventually happen to wipeout whites , you will be ruined, youre government will fall to the ground, you dont want to know what will happen without whites,its pathetic, a joke.ask yourself this, what is the real reason youre killing white or trying to abolish them?because im sure what youre doing is miles worse than what whites did.

  23. when apartheid was busy, news writers all over the world spent there time writing, publishing about it.noon , night , and day. It was top news all over the world. but when there’s a genocide going on in south africa to kill all whites, well, there has not been one single article or headline about it,

    1. Because freedom of the press is a lie in SA. I have a connection with the press and they were told by the current SA Government to only report murders/attacks if the SAPD already have suspects. They call it public Relations to ensure not harming tourism into SA.

      1. Its even more than that..we have NO method of recording these stats accurately. All farm murders fall under ‘Rural’ homicides. Theres a good reason this isnt even recorded. Its being hidden!

  24. I’m ½ Boer and ½ English. I wish for peace in South Africa – I love whites, blacks, coloureds and Indians. Just as not all Blacks are rapists, not all Whites are racists. You may even say most of, but never all because that is a lie, you will thus never solve the problem – only going round and round as shown in the above posts – only the truth will set you free. There is no justification for rape and murder, does not matter what! Here the blacks are completely wrong to rape white women because of the past racism – this is cowardly and inhumane – if this is what it takes to get their ‘freedom’ and sense of ‘dignity’ they are lost and will inevitably destroy their own souls. For when they seek love and honour they will not find it – even from their own people. The boere are well respected for their honour, righteousness and hardworking nature. They aim to be loving, honourable and beautiful people who have come to shine a light for Africa and to make SA Africa a better place for all to live in. They have made some mistakes but have apologised and moved on – the world should too. The truth is that their would have not been racism if the blacks were better people – they have caused white people to be racist by raping, steeling, murdering, been lazy etc. only then to blame the white man, instead of dealing with themselves to be better people – as long as they look outside for false honour and pride they will never grow and always be a burden to the world. As long as the world gives them excuses they cannot grow. As long as they justify their actions they cannot change. As long as they are greedy for more land they can never build on the land they own. We all need to take responsibility for our actions and who we are being – what are we living for – what difference are striving to make – what culture are we creating – how are we making others feel. Lets all be the best we can be and make the world a better place through our thoughts, words and actions. If you want to feel honourable and loving – then you need to be honourable and loving.

  25. South Africa White Boers are the Jews of SA and they must be gassed by all means.
    Hate filled white SA I don’t want to keep talking with you idiots but one thing for real is that nobody want you in the whole world. Don’t you have an original country to go back? Why keep fighting a war you will never win? You never came from America so I don’t see why you should keep shouting America. American can take you they have their economical problems to solve. The same America is the one which was in the first like to force white minority to step down, you have a short memory like rats.
    What is the use of having every thing in the world and then you lose your life in the hands of people you made poor.
    SA Boers you are the losers of 21st Century and you are dead walking people. Don forget the pagas sold and sharpened waiting to do the job on your necks. FREEDOM CAME IN BLACK MAN’S LAND


  26. You Black SA look like the uncle Tom monkeys of the old days to me here in America. the pic on the front page fits and displays your people as the stereotype I have branded in my mind by Hollywood American TV, like the rhino shit in your hair wearing spear throwing apes on Tarzan, They are great at casting movies, because they hit the nail on the head, lol Look at you people hanging on a third world fence like apes with those stupid shit eating baboon grins on your third world grave faces , I feel nothing for you nasty stinking wool headed illiterate bastards. If you think the United States will let you chimpanzees just run amok killing people, you better think again! your spears will not reach our bombers our technology or our warriors, We are already looking at what you thugs and your so called “government” are doing to innocent white farmers, it will be nothing for our Army of white, and black warriors to march into “YOUR” South Africa and sweep up the shit on the ground that’s YOU ,,and I believe all of you were damned by the all mighty God . It Will be so gratifying when we Americans see you pay, Just remember” that you yourself,, have to wake up in your third world every morning and breath the filthy air polluted by you and “Your Black Brother and Sisters” as you wonder if your own people will kill you today. You people can’t be pleased until you touch and wilt the beauty of gods creation everything you touch turns to shit ,and you know it! You people make me sick!! look at you, your own people sold you into slavery. All you people are an embarrassment to the world, so do us a favor, Go play with the fucking crocodiles plaese!

  27. You Black SA look like the uncle Tom monkeys of the old days to me here in America. the pic on the front page fits and displays your people as the stereotype I have branded in my mind by Hollywood American TV, like the rhino shit in your hair wearing spear throwing apes on Tarzan, They are great at casting movies, because they hit the nail on the head, lol Look at you people hanging on a third world fence like apes with those stupid shit eating baboon grins on your third world grave faces , I feel nothing for you nasty stinking wool headed illiterate bastards. If you think the United States will let you chimpanzees just run amok killing people, you better think again! your spears will not reach our bombers our technology or our warriors, We are already looking at what you thugs and your so called “government” are doing to innocent white farmers, it will be nothing for our Army of white, and black warriors to march into “YOUR” South Africa and sweep up the shit on the ground that’s YOU ,,and I believe all of you were damned by the all mighty God . It Will be so gratifying when we Americans see you pay, Just remember” that you yourself,, have to wake up in your third world every morning and breath the filthy air polluted by you and “Your Black Brother and Sisters” as you wonder if your own people will kill you today. You people can’t be pleased until you touch and wilt the beauty of gods creation everything you touch turns to shit ,and you know it! You people make me sick!! look at you, your own people sold you into slavery. All you people are an embarrassment to the world, so do us a favor, Go play with the fucking crocodiles please!

  28. There is a world conspiracy to downplay violence perpetratrated by brown people against white people as much as the media can. This is also going on in America. This is propelled and supported by self-hating white people. The world knows what is going on in South Africa. And it is very wrong, but you will not see it broadcast like it should be across this world. Brown people have forgotten a very basic proverb: two wrongs do not make a right. There is a lot of truth in proverbs. Seeing the white man singing with Mandela in the video about blacks killing whites was atrocious. We have a lot of these kind of people here in America too. They are mentally diseased, as are any black people who think this is right. And to think they have even taken away the right of people to legally own guns is lunacy. But the black criminals doing all the killings still have guns, don’t they? If I were white and living in South Africa, I would move. All the whites should leave. Then they would have no one to prey on but each other and would probably starve for lack of food. Past apartheid is just the excuse they use in South Africa. Blacks are commiting as much violence against whites in America, you just don’t here about it. We are not like lambs to the slaughter as whites are there, because we are allowed to buy and carry guns. You can not count on the world community to help – they are too afraid of being labeled racist if they were to complain about the whites being murdered. You won’t see the likes of George Clooney or Sean Penn there to help. They’re too busy helping the black people of Darfur and Haiti. White is the wrong skin color to help. It’s a pathetic world we are living in.

      1. Unfortunately nobody see that balck racialism are atrocious in SA,i thought we live in 21 century when human right are available everywher in the world

  29. Shame on on, you dreamer how dare include every American in your dream. Are you the only country with Mig Jets. You make me shit on you. Which department are you holding in US to make you say we American and when are you coming to attack sir general in command of US army.
    White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change.

  30. The real evil people are those who want to be right or think they are right, even if they are wrong and then believing they are right, they reason that they can do anything in the name of being right, such as raping and torturing as quoted by the FREEDOM OF VOICING above “remove their eyes and cut off their private parts. For women you can enjoy them … and if men become so rough they should be fucked tied on a tree like a dogs and then cut their private parts or remove the balls and let them go to die alone” – this is sick, cruel and inhumane. Even if you are right, you are wrong and your false sense of anger will be your own enemy. You want something (SA Africa) that is not yours and don’t deserve and even when you get it you will still not be happy – even if all the white people leave – you will still not be happy – you need to find happiness within yourself – one needs to earn respect and honour – this is true for all races – we all need to forgive – learn and be better people – ones pride, love and joy should come from the inside not the outside. This is the mature path – the path of a man not a child – you are still fighting like children – unfortunately you are now men and the consequences of your actions are far more severe – one day you will have to ask the white man for forgiveness because of your actions – this will be a true humbling day – I do not wish this for you, so grow up, take responsibility and start to be a part of the new SA Africa! Paul (SA Africa) PS I support the above two responses.

  31. You are a sweet speaker you half half boer English but you are speaking of one side of white boers only as if they are angels. You have forgotten that what they bred in those years is what they are harvesting today. They were selfish and they never allowed black people enough education and pushed them in Soweto like animals and that is why they act like that. It will take many years before that generation passes and all I can say is that God bless SA.

    Don blame me that is how my ancestors were murdered by white boers when they refused to work for them in 1950, and this is too much to think. I can tell you that the land they were forced to work on and refused was there ancestral land and even today is in the hands of boers and I think from the same family which killed my granddad and his family. For sure it is even sad that this boers provoked us by insult. WE haven’t sentenced them to die but they have to anyway.
    My sincere thanks go to anybody who understand me and for my long time dead family R.I.P

  33. You make bold statements that aren’t true – schools were built for the blacks by whites – they tried to raise their education, which today bears fruit. Also the blacks weren’t pushed into Soweto like animals – this is a lie – they were given their own homelands / farmlands to be independent – they chose however to follow the whites outside their cities for work. Stop making out it was so treable – both the whites and blacks had a hard time during the 50’s and 60’s in SA Africa. Life was hard back then. The whites and blacks of today are not the whites and blacks of yesterday. Most of this so called hatred is an excuse for crime and has nothing to do with the old days.

  34. This is the first time I hear of this “that is how my ancestors were murdered by white boers when they refused to work for them in 1950”, where is the proof, I have never seen or heard of this anywhere, are you sure of your facts or is this just hearsay or an isolated incident to give you a reason to be cruel and inhumane. I’m sorry for your granddads loss but it is his fight and not yours – don’t fight another mans fight. All I understand is that you are angry and have chosen the easy option out – blame and hurt someone. Be the better man and move on – let God deal with it. Paul (SA African) PS Don’t blame all boers – they are not all the same, just like all blacks are not all the same – don’t let your hatred of one man cloud your judgement.

    White South Africa are hated all over the world, especially in UK and that is why nobody care what they are saying. You SA white, have very small memory like a rats. Have you forgotten just the other day the whole world was campaigning for you to stop killing and torturing blacks, putting them in prisons, detaining children which you did not stop. You had classified your self first class citizens now you have no class. An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Biko and others known people were murdered by white through torturing. Can I tell you the truth, you will perish in SA as no country can take you in. Am not from SA but the cry of my brothers and sisters made us sad and now God has rejected you to be exterminated so stop complaining when you are being killed for no country wants you..
    You DEVILS may you burn in hell.

    1. Your punctuation is very bad my friend. What level of education do have? Were you drunk when you wrote this? Are you short and fat? Do you have a small penis? Something is wrong with you. Are you black with a chip on your shoulder? Are you angry that you are not famous for anything? Why do you go under anonymous? You want to be noticed but are too scared to give your name. You are scared and pathetic.

      1. Of coure, the white man be bad and cruel and evil. but the black man, he be bad and evil and cruel, too.
        the difference between the two is this- the white man be smart, the black man he be stupid.
        (proof is in history, my dear. Africa is a failed continent because of black men’s lack of work ethics, education ethics and tribalism and perversion)

      2. Jip, these guys are really brainless idiots. Their hatred for whites totally clouds their minds. They will rather back idiots like Malema and Mugabe, who destroyed his own country’s economy and infrastructure, and nullify a successfull country like Botswana which learned from the failures of the rest of Afrtica. South Africa would have been just another pissant little 3rd world country long ago if it was’nt for the white “boere”, who built a successfull prosperous country through hard work and Christian principals. It took these black brainless idiots just 18 years to destroy this and shoot themselves in the foot (actually they buggered it up in less than 5 years).

        1. Furthermore Anonymous (alias Yellow bellied coward), God has not betrayed us, He just needed to show us the enemy (alias Satan/Anonymous etc). You do not see white men crawling over six foot walls to tie-up the black men and to rape the women and four year old children before we shoot them execution stile and then finally torturing the men to death just before leaving without taking a single item from the house. For every 28 whites tortured to death by blacks you get 1 black being assaulted by a white. Think again, that is, if you have the ability to think.

          1. All of the above is subjective, evidently. Doubtless none of you actually live in poverty, have been oppressed or robbed, or have dusted off your scripture in a long time.
            If this is the first and only daily from South Africa you have ever read, and one of you is inclined to give a lecture, then it would be wise to bite your tongues and read 100 others beforehand.

          2. @Japalac:

            Firstly, I apologise if I have missed your intention behind this post….

            May I ask that you clarify what you mean by subjective? Its almost as if you cant see through the comments and understand whats behind them. These are people facing extermination. These are people who have experienced high levels of trauma. When our own President is singing ‘Kill the Boers’ publically, surely you can understand the consequences of this?

            It is not for nothing that we are on the International GENOCIDE watch list. I HAVE read 100s or articles, as well as spoken with people whos families have recently been brutally murdered. Do you actually believe that the actions of a few evil men should result in ALL innocent people being slaughtered?

            America had racism in the 60s still. Should they all die? England had a problem with Paki-bashing as late as the 80s. Should all Brits die? NO! NO! NO! Why should they die for the acts of a few?

            I can find no scripture in the bible that sanctions this either. Indeed, the opposite applies. We had an extensive TRUTH and RECONCILIATION COMMISSION conducted with the aim of exposing what had happened (By all race groups, I may add). The purpose of this was to clear the air and truly forgive. Instead, hate speech and crimes of hatred are committed against the very people who stood by them and helped dismantle apartheid.

            NEVER have we had a Government that preaches so much hatred, is so corrupt, and so dishonest in every single way. Never has the death-toll of ANY race group been so high.

            If I have misunderstood what you are saying, again my apologies are extended. Perhaps its also time that you read 100 articles and bite your tongue. INNOCENT WOMEN AND CHILDREN, not to mention MENFOLK too are being tortured and murdered. Sometimes over a period of days.

            Its SHOCKING that you feel thats ok. Thats certainly not the ways of a God-fearing person.

            As for oppressed…yes, we have been now for 16 years. Instead of employing a white person suitably qualified, they have now brought in 3 million (only 4.5 mill total whites) ZIMBABWEAN BLACK people to fill the gap.

            Robbed? Are you kidding me… Yes, and our statistics back us up. Robbed at gunpoint? Yes again. Me again. Raped? Yes, me personally. My daughter almost.

            May God forgive you for your dangerous comments. And may you never experience this ever!

          3. I have a burden for SA as you know.Do you carry a weapon for self-protection? Do you have another country to go to? Are you and your daughter alone? Sorry to hear about the crimes committed against you.Do you whites want a new government run by the whites? Do you want to be delivered from your oppressors? Are your churches praying and fasting for deliverance? After the Lord finishes using me to deliver the US from the hands of the wicked,I have asked him to send me to SA to deliver the Boers,you,and the other whites from the wicked that now rule your Nation. But are you ready for that? You must set up a Nation dedicated to the glory of God the Father,God the Son,and God the Holy ghost,the Christian God. Are you ready for the responsibility? It won’t be easy,But God willing,it can be done.Freedom costs.And don’t think the US is not evil. Sixty million children have been murdered since a Corrupt Court make abortion legal in 1973. It will take great judgments to break the staff of the wicked in the US,just like it will take to break the staff of the wicked in SA. Are you ready for that? I don’t believe the blacks will relinquish power unless they are compelled to.Your Country needs the Lord,Nicola.You don’t want to be exterminated,do you?

          4. Japalac, do you still blaim the old government for your poverty? Have you seen what really happened? You were poor, while most whites and some people of colour were middle class and a minority of whites were rich. Today a minority of blacks are stinking rich, while a minority of whites and people of colour are rich, and the majority of blacks and whites are living in poverty. What changed? You have more poor blacks, but can boast a lot of white Africaners who joined you. A group of black people became stinking rich of you, me and the rest and the previously excellent infrastructure has turned to such a state that we are now truly a 3rd world country. Open your eyes and see who are the true culprits. It is fine to blaim a white government, but now that the government is black you still want to blaim the whites 20 years after the fact??

            Nicola, what can I say!? You are a true victim of a poorly governed country. We are currently a 5 or 6 on GENOCIDE WATCH, but the truth is that genocide is already happening with 2700 farm killings just since 2008. The so-called “racial cleanzing” is already happening and genoside is already happening, but just not reported.

            J W, yes, I walk around with my pistol on my hip, at least one rifle in my bakkie (light truck to you Americans), my farm=house is surrounded with Devils-fork (high security fencing), my wife is carrying her own pistol, our farming community is devided into sectors (I am commander of my sector) and we do regular sector patrols etc. We do not even notify the local Police of our actions as they are among the distrusted in our community.

          5. Hi J.W,

            Thank you for asking. I am not alone tho. I can no longer obtain a gun license as I live in a city, unlike our brother Soois.

            I know that you mean well by asking if I want a White Government, but, I have to reply that I want a Government free of all hatred for ANY group of people. I want a Government that is honest and does not abuse its powers. I want a Government that attracts international investment, to create jobs and provide for ALL.

            I cant bear to think of any group of people being persecuted. There are still very good people here of all races. I want the genocide to stop. I want to live in harmony as God intended. I want the Boer to be recognised for the vital role they play in feeding the nation, not picked off one by one.

            I would like to world to stop and really think about whats happening here. Genocide is not the same thing as a mass slaughtering of people in a single incident. Its the slow and systematic targeting of a group, and then killing them off in small number regularly.

            The fact that our Government is denying this, has changed the ways that crime statistics are recorded and thus reported, and partakes in singing to huge masses ‘kill the boer”Bring me my machine gun’ should ring alarm bells even in the most staunch supporters of this new Government.

            Jacob Zuma has blood on his hands. He knows whats happening, and yet refuses to even dicuss it. NOTHING is being done to even investigate this. He WANTS this to happen. It SUITS the Government and has always been part of the ANC plan. He is thus supporting this!

            We do need the Lord, more than ever! But, we need the Lord to not only spare the lives of many innocent white people, but also to bring peace and harmony between all. Am I ready to fight? YES! But not with in gun. With justice and the truth! With God leading us and guiding and healing all HIS people. I am not allowed to judge and condemn any man. Only God knows their hearts.

            I understand that its perhaps surprising for you that I cant see what you are saying. I do. I am hoping theres a better way. I dont believe ALL black people are evil.

            Genocide of any race is wrong. We may have differences, but with Gods help, we can co-exist in harmony. Two wrongs just dont make it right.

            I am sick to death of the lies about our Boers. They were not the Government! Many of these Boers established schools for the local community around them. They paid for this from their own pockets! Today, those same people are being attacked, tortured, lied about and are not protected by the Government as is their constitutional right!

            Thank you once again for your replies. I fear that you may be right and that the bloodshed will continue here.

          6. Well said Nicola. Unfortunately I fear that a new Government will only come through bloodshed. Hopefully I am wrong. It is true that not all black people are bad (to be honest, most are not bad), But they are a race that are unfortunately very influenceable and if two or more starts to chant and toy-toy, the rest will follow suit. Just on Monday a few started a protest in one of our towns against the poor service delivery by government, it ended with masses burning down private property, not government property, and most of these masses did not even know why they were protesting.

    2. These comments–each and every one of them–are appalling. There is no doubt that what is happening in South Africa is horrid; there is no doubt that Apartheid was horrid. But an eye for an eye leaves everybody blind. A tooth for a tooth leaves every one hungry. Alan Paton once said, “I have one great fear in my heart, that one day, when they have turned to loving, they will find that we have turned to hating.” I fear that this is what has become of South Africa. Indeed, Apartheid was completely and utterly wrong-ethically, morally, and every which way imaginable. It is understandable to want to seek revenge and have hatred in your heart, but this is not the way. Everyone is endowed with certain inalienable rights–life and freedom are two of the most prevalent. Every human has been made equal; none are better than the other and nothing is worth the price of a human life. South Africa needs to heal–and time does NOT heal wounds. Healing heals wounds. The only way this nation can heal is through forgiveness and compassion. Please, find the compassion within you, find the strength to forgive those who have done you wrong. Please, for the future of yourself, your children, and the future of South Africa.

      1. I’m afraid Paton’s words have in fact came true in this case. The whites learnt to love, but unfortunately the blacks turned to hate. They speak of forgiveness etc., but they do not have the slightest idea of what forgiveness means. Just look at Mhombi’s reply below. He want’s the killing to go on. Again another bastard from another country (Senegal), who did not live and experience South Africa, like Malema who never lived under “apartheid”, but who would like to destroy his own country just to spite white South Africans. I wonder who is the real killer/murderer. He and his like (Mugabe), is murdering his own people, but blames the whites. How convenient.

    3. Sure!!!
      When I think of motherfucker Hendrick Verwoerd and bastard Botha and Apartheid, when I remember His Highness Steve Biko and the Sharpwille massacre and the Soweto riot I can’t help exhorting black South Africans to SHOW NO QUARTER!!!!

      Let the fucking killing go the fuck on!!!

      I am Senegalese, nothing African is alien to me… I would freaking join the hell in if I could!

      1. And now we have a Sengalese spewing poison about South Africa. It saddens me at how emotional the responses are. Whenever there is high emotion, logic flees.

        Why not do some research? Why dont you understand the history a bit better 1st? Are you capable of methodical researching at all? Shame on you. Clearly you have the tools you need to allow you excellent research facilities…the internet. And yet you do not use it. You have no idea what you are talking about. You are a dangerous racist. You are evil in the extreme. Way worse than any person being brutally slaughtered here. How unhappy you must be. Never grateful for anything, I bet. Poor you! I pity you.

        And I wish for you what you have wished for others. China is coming to town very soon. Enjoy the next wave of ‘Colonising.’. Or, did you not know this too? I hope that you find some peace in that vile place you call your mind.

        1. “Clearly you have the tools you need to allow you excellent research facilities…the internet”
          Whoa! No kidding daddy? The internet? If this is your source of information then no wonder you sound so retarded.

          I’d rather read books daddy and I don’t believe in everything I read aiiight??!! I don’t believe in history. I keep on saying that history is the biggest lie ever made up…

          I’m not being racist I’m just a supporter of the reliation law. An eye for an eye baby! I believe that if this law were applied this world would be a much better place, for it would daunt people from doing unto others what they wouldn’t like to undergo.

          I don’t hate white people. You know my all time idols include a number of white people. There are also a bunch of black people that I abhor.

          But for sure I can’t stand the Boer… too foul to fit into my heart (if they were forsaken by their own race, must be for some reason ;)). The Boer of today are probably different. But nothing can alter – let alone erase – deeds, whether they be good or despicable. And it happens that the Apartheid system was set up in the name of the whole Boer community. A repulsive stain that they’re bound to bear until the end of time.

          All this makes you watch your actions right?

          And I wasn’t serious when I said I wouldn’t mind joining in. I can’t even bear the sight of my own period (yes I’m a woman!)… let alone…

          I was just annoyed by the BS posted by some whites on here. As I always respond BS to BS, that’s how I came to say what I said right?

          You can say and/or think what you please, I don’t care. Now I’m out of here.

          1. @Mahombi: What qualifies you to advocate MURDER of an entire race? Please tell me what crime these people are guilty of that justifies GENOCIDE? These are individuals. Mothers, Fathers, Children who personally have committed no crime. Hopefully the people who actually did are either dead or in jail.

            Please also tell me why this generation, who were actively involved in dismantling Apartheid, must now die brutally?

            By your comments, to those of us that live in South Africa, its clear that you have never even been here.

            I cannot understand why bloodthirsty murder is the solution, especially in todays age where races across the world are living together, supporting each other, and making it work.

            Just like in your country, and I assume you were googling ours to see if you could live here, there are many complex issues that impact on the citizens. Its never as simple as just 1 issue.

            Our population growth has been so rapid that we now need in excess of a million jobs created just to secure our school leavers. We further need another 800 000 jobs each year to cater for the deficit. How do you propose to resolve this?

            Part of the solution is to attract out side investors who will increase available jobs. By screaming KiIl the Boer, Nationalise Mines etc, these investors will NOT come. They use the success of the rest of Africa as a benchmark. Genocide is never a good thing for any country. Your books will tell you that too. It destabilises the economy. Guess who suffers the most? The very people you feel should benefit.

            1 Murder, any race, is 1 too many. We, the vast majority (of course you have extremists), across all races WANT TO WORK TOGETHER!

            A few comments on this blog is in no way a true reflection.

            I am sorry you that you dont believe in History. It is a fool who doesnt know history and learn from it. I assume you mean you dont trust that History is accurately portrayed?

            If so, I heartily agree with you. Our History does not reflect the truth of what was happening on many levels. It does not show that because of medical knowledge brought in, infrastracture, facilities as well as the care of very special individuals, our nation grew to be so many in numbers? Really, do you think that this was possible without it? Do you think this was possible if we whites were killing off the black people, or not offering adequate care? Nope. This growth ONLY happens when all of the above is offered.

            Please do not judge our people, any of them, by the acts of a few mental people. We are NOT as you think we are. And we were NEVER as the propoganda depicted either.

            If you like, I will invite you into my home, and you are welcome to explore the different dimensions while here.

            We need people to help stabilise the country, or only a very few of ALL races here will ever benefit. The old white fat-cats have now been replaced by the black fat-cats. Its actually very sad.

            Greed is greed. No matter your colour.

      2. A typical remark from an African. stupid is as stupid does. there is no hope, no future for the black man not even politically correct leftist whites can elevate your race.

    4. Oh, feel free to come and live here. Come and experience the ‘Black Brothers’ first hand. See if you survive the Xenophobia! Funny little man! I had a good laugh when I read your post. Thanks!

    5. The more time I spend on this blog, the more I realise how far we have strayed from its purpose.

      This blog was created to raise INTERNATIONAL AWARENESS on what is really happening here.


      We are being deliberately baited and also setup to look bad in the eyes of the world, by some of these comments posted advocating GENOCIDE. I understand the fury you are feeling, but to fall for those types of comments only empowers them more.

      Be aware that eyes all across the world are watching this. DO NOT FEED TO BLOG-TROLLS. Just ignore these comments and let’s focus on raising awareness instead.

      Regardless of race, there are some amazing South Africans, and some really evil South Africans. Worse, this blog is riddled with evil, cruel and ignorant comments not even made by our own people.

      Let’s simply not respond to them. They are actually our best adverts as they show the level of insanity we face. Let them talk. Just don’t get sucked into it. It tars and feathers us all unfairly too.

      Instead, try to find articles that help our cause of raising awareness. Part of the reason why we see such ignorance and misconceptions about us is that the ANC did a brilliant job at propaganda, for many years! Our Government then chose to ignore it, underestimated its effect, and did nothing to correct these perceptions. Not hard to see from some of these comments.

      Share knowledge, information and facts here. Don’t make this about retaliation and defence.


      I have been guilty of this too. I will stop with immediate effect and keep this about the plight we face. It’s us first, but then after us, some very innocent Black people will be in a far worse situation.

      Let us EDUCATE. Let us undo the propaganda. Let us paint only a true and accurate picture. We do not need to lie as they did. Ours is a real situation.

      Keep it clean. Our lives may well depend on it

      1. Latest news on farm murders:

        Extracted from the above address:

        32 days ago:
        An Afrikaans farming body is calling for economic sanctions against President Jacob Zuma and South African parliamentarians, if they do not do more to prevent attacks on white farmers.

        The Transvaal Agricultural Union (TAU) on Thursday said the murders were akin to genocide and should be considered a crime against humanity.

        The union said earlier this week, the European Union (EU) endorsed a motion condemning the killing of specifically white farmers in South Africa but did not call for personal sanctions.

        The union’s Henk van de Graaf said, “If we look at the farm murders and the statistics that we have, 99,9 percent of those murdered were white farmers.”

        He said they were meeting with police representatives next week to lobby for stronger action.

        TAU lobbied for the EU resolution, which was signed by 48 parliamentarians in 19 countries.

        Extracted from the address above:

        Police deny focus on family in farm killings
        April 10 2012 at 09:00am

        Michael Mokoena

        NORTHERN Cape police yesterday dismissed rumours that family members were being investigated for the murder of Deon Steenkamp, 41, his wife, Christelle, 40, and his daughter, Marthella, 14, who were all found dead on their farm Naauwhoek in the Griekwastad area on Friday night.

        Police spokesman Lieutenant Colonel Hendrik Swart said the police were not investigating any family member in connection with the incident.

        “We are currently investigating a case of murder and no one has been arrested yet. The discovery (of the bodies) was made by another member of the family, a 15-year-old-boy (Don Steenkamp), who was not in the house at the time.

        André Visagie, leader of the Geloftevolk Republikeine, said the slayings reflected the vulnerability of white farmers.

        He noted there had been eight farm murders in SA last week.

        Extracted from address above:

        3rd April:
        Johannesburg – A farmer was beaten to death on Leeubos farm in Bloemhof, North West police said on Tuesday.

        Brigadier Thulani Ngubane said the body of 46-year-old Adriaan Johannes van der Merwe was discovered on the floor of his study at about 07:00 on Tuesday with head injuries.

        “The house was ransacked by the suspects.”

        Ngubane said it was believed that the unknown attackers gained entry into Van der Merwe’s farmhouse by digging a hole underneath a security fence on Monday evening.

        “The suspects broke open the front door of the farmhouse.”

        Van der Merwe’s vehicle, a silver RAV 4 with registration number FTY116NW, was missing. Police called for anyone with information to contact their nearest police station or CrimeStop on 0860 10111.

      2. Statistics:

        Extracted from an article available on:

        Christiaan Bezuidenhout, professor of criminology at the University of Pretoria, emphasised that South Africa still had some of the worst murder statistics in the world, especially for a country not at war.

        “We still have a very high murder rate. Farm murders are not placed in one specific crime category, but the murder rate of farmers is 72 to 75 per year out of an active population of 37 000 to 39 000,” said Bezuidenhout.

        “They say 110 police officers are murdered a year, out of a service with 190 000 members. It is a much higher risk to be a farmer than a police officer.”

        Bezuidenhout said he believed that the statistics were not presenting the public with a clear picture. “Why do the crime statistics come out so late?” he asked. “They should come out during the financial year, but they come out six months later.”

        Extracted today from the below site:

        FLASHBACK – Police Minister Mthethwa contradicted himself about Farm Attack statistics: does the SAPS statistics maintain stand-alone farm-murder statistics – or not?

        On March 29, 2011 in parliament, in replies to written questions from DA-parliamentarian M M Swathe, police minister Nati Mthethwa said that ‘the statistics on farm murders are not available on the case administration system of the SAPS. Cases of murder are not listed seperately based on where they occur…’murder is considered murder whether in rural areas or urban areas…’


        Which raises the question: where exactly did he get his stats from when he claimed that there had been ‘twelve murders on farms and smallholdings from December 2010 to (March 13 2011)?…

        March 13 2011 Mthethwa: ‘There were twelve murders on farms and smallholdings… recorded by SAPS…

        However his March 29 2011 statement directly contradicts his previous statement on March 13 2011, also in Parliament – when he said that “from December 2010 to date (March 13 2011) there had been twelve murders on farms and smallholding recorded by the SAPS” – and also adding considerable details showing that they took their ‘crime intelligence on rural crime’ very seriously.


      3. http://www.boerentrepreneur.com/farmitracker/

        This site monitors and records murders. Its a real eye-opener.

        As a criminology student, I will state that our ‘true’ statistics are a joke when it comes to reflecting the magnitude of our Farm Murder Holocaust.

        A simple monitoring of regional newspapers for a month will show that our statistics are not to be trusted.

        There is such a focus on Farm Murders at the moment. Dont you think its a bit suspicious that all areas outside of town are named ‘rural’, and that there is NO CATEGORY for murdered on a farm? Are we hiding something?

      4. http://www.info.gov.za/speech/DynamicAction?pageid=461&sid=26250&tid=62504
        Extracted from the link above:

        Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa to visit three provinces to monitor police service delivery and enhance community-participation in fighting crime
        27 Mar 2012

        The Minister of Police, Nathi Mthethwa will embark on provincial police service delivery-programme focusing on the SAPS Family Violence, Child Protection and Sexual Offences (FCS) units in Northern Cape, the attacks on foreign nationals in the Western Cape as well as the gang-related violence in Gauteng.

        The interactions will include holding meetings with community leaders from different structures, including members of the Community Policing Forums as well as provincial police management. The purpose of these engagements is, in the main, to find solutions to some of the recent crimes experienced in these provinces and to strengthen, enhance and improve police-community relations.

        Minister Mthethwa announced the reintroduction of the FCS units two years ago and these units are aimed at helping improve the ability of the SAPS to offer specialised investigations to crimes against women, children and the elderly. We have been on a crusade in various communities across the country to hear first-hand frustrations and suggestions from the communities. As we develop and improve our policies, we need to ensure that they respond and address the needs of our communities, particularly around drug and gang-related violence.

        As a ministry we consider communities to be equal partners in the fight against crime, and it remains our view that through constant dialogue, we can all defeat the scourge of crime. We therefore urge communities to report crime immediately as opposed to resorting to vigilantism. Below is the Minister’s itinerary:

        1. Meeting with FCS units in the Northern Cape province

        Date: Wednesday, 28 March 2012
        Venue: NG Kerk Krygskool, Diskobolos Army Base SANDF, Kimberley
        Time: Media briefing at 11h00, thereafter Minister will go for walkabout at Diamond Pavilion Mall and Craven Street Taxi Rank

        2. Meeting with communities and stakeholders around xenophobic attacks and mob justice in Khayelitsha, Western Cape

        Date: Thursday, 29 March 2012
        Venue: Khayelitsha Resource Centre, opposite Lingelethu West Police Station
        Time: Meeting starts at 14h00

        3. Community imbizo on gang-related violence around Reiger Park, Gauteng

        Date: Thursday, 30 March 2012
        Venue: Harvest Time Dome, corner Sannie and Princess Avenue, Claremont, Gauteng
        Time: Meeting starts at 14h00

        Members of the media are invited.

        For media enquiries, please contact:
        Zweli Mnisi
        Cell: 082 045 4024

        Issued by: South African Police Service
        27 Mar 2012

        WHY NOTHING ON FARM MURDERS??? Remember, this was the same man that was made to look foolish with his ‘statistics’ on Farm Murders. If I had been made such a fool of, I know, at the very least I would have called for an investigation into the REAL stats on it!

        Our Police are clearly in on it. The self-same entity that is supposed to PROTECT. Their apathy is tantamount to blood on their hands.

      5. Trolls might actually be an essential part of the Internet. These provocateurs by their nature help bring to light underlying prejudices or flawed agendas, puncturing bubbles that house unhealthy world views. Like the bully in the playground, you may be shamed or cry, first, but afterward, with heavy introspection you can learn and grow as a person from the encounter. You can look as unhealthy views become magnified with the preponderance of multiple onlookers in ways that would never be seen in our physical society. You may decide for yourself what you want to believe when your peers leap into the fray to betray their own convictions. You will have the original troll to thank for this opportunity.

        I believe that being better than a troll is more than just ignoring them, just as finding piece in meditation is more than taking your worldly problems and shoving them under the pleated rug you may or may not find yourself on. You must be willing to peer dead on into the problem and see if there’s anything learn from it, even if it seems nasty, brutish or insignificant.

        Besides, if you are assured, yet curious, yet self-realised, then people won’t be able to find a chain on you to twist. But people that are flighty or are insecure with their close-minded beliefs are the most jumpy and invite these trolls. And they are the ones that need it the most.

        Trolls do play a role in the emerging dramaturgy of the Internet and I for one think they are and will be valuable in the years to come as users strive to perfect their various phony facades- namely governments and corporations, since “they’re people too,” after all. We are better off with them.

        1. Sadly, we are talking GENOCIDE here. The focus is ONLY on what is REALLY happening here. We do not want to become embroiled in defending ourselves against these trolls. We wish only to raise the profile of the plight of the Boers first, and then us next.

          Our President is singing ‘kill the boers’. And they are.

          Trolls play no role in that which they do not understand. This is not a game, a joke.

          These are cyber-bullies taunting people who face a real-life extreme danger. They are not exposing anything.

          I am beginning to question your motive for posting here. Clearly you do not live here. Clearly you have no real interest in raising your own knowledge. You are merely posting whatever you feel like, regardless of the facts.

          1. Regardless of the facts? I’ve read the article. If any facts are to be found, they would be in there. I hope you aren’t hastily confusing your own inferences drawn from a limited world view with facts and touting them as such.

            That’s like a tart from the United States saying no one knows what it’s like to have their World Trade Center blown up and that you’d have to live in the U.S. for your take to matter. Of course, if you did you’d oh so obviously understand the need to “liberate” every oil-rich Arabic nation you can get your claws on.

            The possible lack of/overblown coverage of editorial pages is one thing. Or the possible bias or just plain erroneous reporting- which I am NOT saying is the case, here- but comment threads are where a different danger lurks. One in which it is egos clashing that confuses the issue of the original article and spreads ignorance and dogma, completely undoing the good this sliver of new information has.

            When there is inherent BS in a thread, it may be up to a troll to confront the head BSer and coax the bletherskite(s) into launching even more of their hypocrisy or unhealthy world view into the thread, exposing their true nature and hopefully warding off any average Joe-Blow from taking anything in that cesspit seriously.

            Think of a troll as the T-Cell of the Information Bloodstream.

          2. You said:
            Regardless of the facts? I’ve read the article. If any facts are to be found, they would be in there. I hope you aren’t hastily confusing your own inferences drawn from a limited world view with facts and touting them as such.)Ad Hominem
            That’s like a tart from the United States saying no one knows what it’s like to have their World Trade Center blown up and that you’d have to live in the U.S. for your take to matter. Of course, if you did you’d oh so obviously understand the need to “liberate” every oil-rich Arabic nation you can get your claws on.(Faulty Analogy)
            The possible lack of/overblown coverage of editorial pages is one thing. Or the possible bias or just plain erroneous reporting- which I am NOT saying is the case, here- but comment threads are where a different danger lurks. One in which it is egos clashing that confuses the issue of the original article and spreads ignorance and dogma, completely undoing the good this sliver of new information has. (Slippery Slope)
            When there is inherent BS in a thread, it may be up to a troll to confront the head BSer and coax the bletherskite(s) into launching even more of their hypocrisy or unhealthy world view into the thread, exposing their true nature and hopefully warding off any average Joe-Blow from taking anything in that cesspit seriously. (Ad Hominem)
            Think of a troll as the T-Cell of the Information Bloodstream.( Faulty Analogy)

            Not once, anywhere here, did you actually address the argument. Fallacious arguments are your forte?

          3. The Internet is a different place. You need to understand the way it and its police work.

            If you remember, my argument is that Internet trolls are essential in revealing self-righteous dogma, narrow-sighted opinion or inferences and egoist bigotry.

            Do you not see the disarray and rampant racism in this thread? You know you could invoke them to crush your uninformed enemies.

            Anonymous is everyone’s personal army, after all, but only if they are respected.

            I… wait a tic… you’re not Rolef!
            I replied to the wrong person.

            My apologies.

            Uh… bye… or something…

          4. You are intelligent and have a good mind. Is this what you do when you are bored? Lol. Actually, I find you engaging. I never know what you will ‘do’ next! 😀

          5. I say again. My sincerest apologies.

            I gave the peacemaker of this thread, the one with an actual cause, conscience and more than a shred of cognizance, a lecture that he of all people did not need.

            Yeah, maybe I do need to “lern to intrnet” before I start trying to share my take on it.

            Worst part yet, I AM one of those fool yanks.

            So we’d really be better off if I’d not eat up even more of your time.


      1. Rolf, for an educated man, you have added absolutely zero value to this forum. Indeed, you are painting us ALL with the same brush.

        As you are a Chartered Engineer, I would have thought that your ability to enhance this cause is enormous.

        Swearing and behaving like this just adds fuel to the fire.

    6. The problem is the liberal pommie and liberal person from Europe,they dont live in South Africa to experience what is happening here first hand fuck them too I hate people from Britain and Europe.God bless Ivan Milat the backpack killer of germans and fucking pommies.
      he should have killed more of them.

      1. @Anonymous:

        I understand your anger and disgust that some of the international communities just cannot understand whats happening here.

        However, to wish innocent people dead is no less than what is happening to us here. Its unfair and based on emotion and not fairness.

        Sadly, for many years the ANC and co, networked and spread much propaganda that was never countered by the Govt at that time. The legacy of it is that some people simply WILL NOT see what is happening here. They mean well, but are condeming innocent people to death by doing that.

        NEVER EVER under the entire apartheid system have so many died the most brutal deaths. There is no denying that during that time terrible acts were committed. It is also true that these acts (no where close to what has already happened now to the white Boers) were committed by a few very sick people. The vast majority of us were not even aware of this, and did not partake in anything of the sort.

        As a small minority here, we are systematically being picked off. Its all part of the ANC plan.

        The world needs to realise that the outrage they felt in the past because of whatever they believed was happening to the blacks, has just escalated and is literally and statistically 300 times worse now for the whites here. I pray that the same sense of fairness is applied to help us too.

        You are so right when you say they dont understand. They have NEVER been in the vast minority under attack from their Government. In the 60s, America still had a serious problem with racism. In the 70s Paki-bashing was happening in the U.K. Do they all deserve to be slaughtered. NO!!!!. Its no different here except they were in the substantial MAJORITY. Their Government PROTECTED them regardless.

        Even our revered Nelson Mandela was a murderer. Murder is murder! He was convicted of sanctioning the Church St bombing in which many men women and children, all white, were killed and maimed. He has since admitted his part and said this bombing was his signing off act to terrorism.

        He refused to renounce acts of violence committed by the ANC in its struggle to topple the apartheid regime which is why he remained in prison for so long.

        Jacob Zuma is just as bad. He actually sings ‘Kill the Boer’. Our President! http://www.censorbugbear.org/afrikaner-boers/genocide-afrikaner-boers/attacks-grow-against-afrikaners-free-state

        We need the same liberals to play fair now. We have a unique situation that they cant in their wildest dreams begin to understand. They need information (FACTS) shared with them so that they can take a better judgement call. Do not wish them dead. Wish them knowledge instead.

    7. Many people including me in my country look with sympathy towards boers, and in my case towards apartheid. Of course we have here media propaganda against it, it’s now everywhere, although there are signs of waking up.

      Best would be of course apartheid between honest people versus killers and parasites, but when government is week to do it, how else to solve it? There is enough land to divide it between blacks and whites for the start. Why to live in such permanent danger?

    8. Typical black African… uneducated monkey!!! , we didn’t rape burn and torture your families and babies!!!! YOU ANIMALS ARE A PLAGUE ON EARTH AND WILL BE CURED ONLY BY GENOCIDE OR NATURAL SELECTION!!!!! I SING BURN A SHACK KILL A BLACK!!!!!!!! you are and will forever be nothing without a white hand to guide you!

  36. SA white boers should be very afraid by now as they are like a dying person in water who hold on anything he touch. Are you sure the American are going to boom black people in SA. That one talking a bout the Tom monkey is no better than that monkey. What brought your brothers in third world country which cannot take them back where they came from. This argument is not taking us to no where better for boers as the killing will continue unless they go back home. Tom the monkey up there wake up and smell coffee, we have the amunation if you do not know but on boers we don’t need that, swords are enough.

    White Genocide in South Africa continues – Kill the boer, kill the farmer shouted outside school, Pretoria name to change.

    1. i am 20 years in rsa and i realised that boer are very bad people, selfish and retarded, still now they are very incompetent and pretend to be so important. they cry about a situation that they have created. If boer non was so leasy
      to work the country was better, but i never see a boer do a job without a black helping. their are very frustrated people, probably is sex related, africaner girls are very promiscuos but very bad in bed becouse they never get f..ked
      properly becouse sex need energy and boer are allergic to do anything. Thank the blaks that dont have kill you all already.

      1. Judging from your spelling you are an uneducated racist. Calling you an animal will be an insult to animals. Savage seems to be the correct terminology for you, you fool

      2. Sounds to me like you find our girls very attractive yourself. Why else would you make so many references to sex when the issue is genocide here? Its clear that the one that is unhinged is you.

        Kindly leave our country and make way for 1 more citizen that needs the job you you are filling.

        In my opinion, you are a bog-troll and nothing more. GO HOME

    2. listen u anonymous coward
      why dont u bring youre sword u fucking black dog and i will bring my gun – dumb fucking idiot brings a sword to a gun fight
      black dogs like u make me laugh and sick at the same time – it takes a minimum of 3 black pigs to kill 1 91 year old granny thats sleeping how do u think u will do against a determined white man who is awake
      fucking dumb fucking kaffir boy i will meet u on the battle field anonymous poesie

    3. Anonymous, you must be a really uninformed idiot. Have you actually met any Americans, British, French, Germans etc.? These guys cannot wait for SA to return to its formal glory. America is on stanby to support the rebels just like Iraq and Libia. Who do you think the rebels will be in SA? The current government???

  37. Seems to me almost everybody writing on this blog is only a swearing, misinformed person which should be pittied for his/her ignorance which he/she tries to hide by pretending to be a know-all.
    So much good could have been done with the energy wasted here if only it was positively applied.
    I have wasted my energy by reading almost all the comments and do not intend to return.
    I wish American Girl all good things in life as she appears to be the only mature person responding on this blog and living life as it should be – positive, as yesterday has gone and can’t be altered, tomorrow can’t be predicted, but today and now we have some control over and should apply that in the positive.

  38. Although I’m ½ Boer and ½ English, I hate some Whites more than Blacks and visa versa. I have met my share of good and bad people of all races (colours). There are always some bad people in the world who take advantage people and situations. Let’s not let these people rob SA Africa of its freedom and peace. Many innocent people have been and are been hurt by wrong thinking of entitlement and greed, and for power and control. This pains me and hurts me deeply. I want all SA Africans to be free and love one another like brothers and sisters. I don’t know if this is possible but we can try.

    Am sure the bad people are not many especially in SA call them Whites or Blacks but this people have no apology to make but they provoke the silence devil by all means. How can we change SA to better with this type even if we want to. Last time I visited Kenya I was surprised to see whites and blacks working together normally and in good faith. The land belongs to all and no one is above the other one. Kenya was just like SA in 50s under white colonial but once the independent came in 1963 lands were equally submitted and Kenyans en ganged in 40% already existing white business, now Kenya is a bout to be the top country in Africa.
    What can I say? What can do to the same people who oppressed my people and they are not even apologetics to evil did.

  40. FROM FREEDOM OF VOICING you have lots of anger – I would also be angry if someone called me names but like the above posts have said – ‘don’t blame all Boers’. I’ve also been called names by Boers – like ‘rooinek’ etc. but I don’t blame all Boers and I don’t plan to kill them. It was only a small minority who did not know better. Besides it made me a stronger person as I learnt to stand up for myself and how to treat others. The ‘struggle’ has made most Black people a better people – don’t know throw all that away by being like those very people you hate. In struggling we grow and become better people – more considerate and loving. South Africa’s diversity is its strength – don’t let some false propaganda rob you of your destiny and personal growth. I used to be afraid of all black people, but after I started working closer with them I realised they are just like us – some are bad and some are good.

    Let’s make South Africa a better place for all, through Love and Respect.

    Peace out.

    PS: Boers stop calling Englishmen and Blacks names because you were hurt by us long time ago – not all Englishmen and Blacks are bad, just like not all Boers are bad – you are better than this.
    PS: Blacks if you really want to make war, then be sure to only attack those Boers who have truly wronged you (be sure of your facts) but not all Boers and no rapeing or torturing because then I will loose respect for you.

    1. Anonymous says:
      December 18, 2010 at 8:49 am

      I wish all people were more like you.
      I am very sad to read all of all these posts, I had plans to come over on a holiday to Cape Town (spending money=support SA), I was even talking to my wife to consider to go in live in SA with our 2 kids, in your beautiful country. Maybe I have been full of ignorance , not realizing all the hate there is in the hearts of SA people.

    2. The blacks are making war, but they are too cowardly to openly declare war, giving the white the right to defend himself. Terefor they fight a one-sided war (genocide) against innocent defenceless people. The way of the coward.

    It is a high time boers stop lies and insults as provocation always read to something nasty. Calling people monkeys and other typical names is wrong as you cannot go to confront the the monkey in its kingdom and fail to be attacked by it.
    The provocation made to us we Black South African makes us hate them more and this result in planing a deadly outbreak.
    I don’t mean that this war can be won but is to make them feel the same way we felt for a long time and after that may be we balance life and respect as human.
    Today is another day let us wait for tomorrow out come.

    God bless South Africa

  42. I am a coloured Afrikaner and even though Apartheid separated us and was not fair, Mr Brown Guy, you must also realize that anyone with any common sense will not hate someone for something his grandfather was part of. I have helped to feed 50 white Afrikaans children who are all under the age of 15 years old.
    None of them are responsible for apartheid and we have more blacks dying at the hands of other blacks now then there ever were under Apartheid.
    The problem is our laws on crime are lax and the police inefficient.

    You speak of abuse for centuries when actually there are two kinds of whites here with different histories. The white Afrikaners were mostly poor until apartheid started uplifting them 1948 onwards with training programs for working in industries and the parastatals,etc…
    Most Afrikaners were also subject to discrimination and colonialism and worked along side people of colour too until apartheid came in.

    Prior to Apartheid the only white oppressive government was that under the British. They were the ones who colonized the black tribes of South Africa, not the Boers/Afrikaners. In fact Afrikaners themselves have some indigenous(Khoi-San) ancestry. The Khoi San are a yellow skinned small people who had different languages from that of the blacks.

    You speak of a black continent but you are wrong. Southern Africa was inhabited by the Khoi San not blacks. The blacks invaded, divided the people there and also pushed the remaining Khoi-San into the drier regions of the Northern Cape, the Western Cape and Southern Namibia as well as south western Botswana.
    How did the Afrikaans language develop? Between whites and Khoi San having relations and finding a medium of communication. It is interesting to note that the Afrikaans language which is associated with the Boers is in fact spoken mostly by the descendants of Boers who intermarried with the Khoi San and some blacks and Asians as well. Their descendants are known today as coloureds.

    Just to let you know Brown Guy, Canada is a country that was founded on western cultures that almost wiped out the indigenous people. Once the Western culture was the dominant group then they could let in others and be multicultural and it would be no real threat. Canadians have a Western culture and can try to sound so politically correct but that is because the Western culture that created the government structure and way of life is the dominant cultural group so all the others have to more or less adapt in most ways. It is easy for your people to be hypocritical because your ancestors already decimated most Native Americans.

    And by the way, South Africa is the only “homeland” of the Boers. The Boers were not accepted as Europeans under the Dutch because they were considered the nomadic white peoples who bartered instead of used money for a least a century and a bit and spoke the same language as the coloureds. When they settled down to develop their own Boer republics they were living next to independent Black tribes. The whites you speak of who colonized and ruled over Blacks were the British colonials. They created pass laws which were already in place when Apartheid was just starting. That is not to excuse Apartheid, but you must also remember that just because a minority of blacks who come from various tribes are ‘anti white’, that is really a minority. Most blacks have different views on individuals and whites as a group. It also depends on where they live in the country as certain tribes had special affinities with certain groups of whites.
    And whites aren’t one group anyway.

    South Africa is not black and white. In the past traditional Zulu chiefs were allies with Boer governments and clans against colonial governments.
    One Trekboer(Coenraad de Buys) from the late 1700s took many black and coloured wives and was an adviser of a Xhosa chief. That Boer created his own Afrikaner tribe of mixed race Boers who lived next to tribes of independent blacks.
    Here in South Africa there are black tribes that hate other black tribes because they were exploited in the past by other tribes.
    That is there homeland and this is a new generation. On the same subject though, white English speakers in South Africa might be able to get some kind of British passport or something like that but the Boer/Afrikaner has no other home. His language, history and food was developed in the South Western Cape during a period of 150 years before the first Boers came into contact with Black Xhosas. The Boers have some Khoi-San ancestry themselves so they aren’t just some kind of invader. Remember once again that the indigenous people here in South Africa were the Khoi-San and not blacks.
    Another thing, up north in North Africa there are white folks who are called Berbers and they lived in North Africa before the Arabs came. Most of them are just as fair and “white” as a normal European. The Berbers have no other trace to where there ancestors came from except that their ancestors have lived in Northern Africa since the cradle of civilization so at the end of the day you have to accept that Africa has never been a “black” continent and at the same time blacks are not one people who all love each other just as there are no “white” people who have everything in common.

    1. I agree with you as I am an Indigenous Australian (with a multi-cultural background) its easy for whites in Canada, America & Australia to be hypocritical about the whites in South Africa when their forfathers killed off & treated Native North Americans & Indigenous Australians like crap than the whites did to the blacks/coloreds & asians in South Africa & Rhodesia. The stuff what they did to the Indigenous Americans, Cananadians & Australians made the white South Africans & Rhodesians look like choir boys. Look up the Stolen Generation, White Australia Policy & Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander history.

  43. Does “black genoside” ring a bell your black kaffir ??????

    1.How many kaffirs in a “Taxi” ????
    2.How many black scum stay in a “makuku” ????
    3.Taxi ranks ????
    4.At soccer games….when all the black kaffirs are drunk ??????

    Whach your mouth your black scum of a kaffir !!!!!!!!!!

    The wheel will turn again….then your kaffirs gonna run like hell.

    O’h by the way……….the poor whites will only sit and wait to be killed ???? Think twice your dumb black exucuse for a man.

  44. You know, true kind raises a very valid point…look at countries like zimbabwe, congo, nigeria…hell, let’s just say it…the WHOLE of the rest of Afica that was colonised…how many of those countries have a profuctive economy? None…most of them are falling apart because of civil war, famine or dying of AIDS. Maybe it is actually time for the whites to leave Africa to the Africans.

    But, then, no hand-outs or support from the rest of the world…they want to run their own lives…let them. Then, after a hundred years or so after the black man is extinct, died of aids, hunger or killed each other, we come back with our funding and culture and rebuild the rich eutopia africa could be. We don’t even have to be veangeful and destroy the infra-structure we created…they’ll do it for us! Bhulawayo has a huge power station right in the middle of the city that has fallen to shambles because no-one in the government really knoiws how to get it fixed…and the south african energy crisis just a few years ago shows that the same thing is most likely to happen here.

    We don’t have to go out and “kill the kaffers”…history has shown that THEY’LL DO IT TO THEMSELVES….all we have to do is put all of them in africa alone and not let them get out. They’ll bang, rape, shoot, stab and starve the whole bloody lot of themselves to death and not one drop of blood will have to fall on clean, white hands and all whites everywhere will be free of any guilt…BECAUSE THEY ONLY GAVE THEM WHAT THEY WANTED!

    And let’s set lealnigga up as president, he’ll probably move the whole process along much faster…by the way, realnigga, the local blacks hate American blacks more than they hate the whites…to them, you’re a bunch of sell-out, hypocrticial “yessa massa” wannabees. To them, you’re worse than us. Come back to Africa…I dare you…

  45. All I can say to Anonymous above is BRAVO!!! Thank you so much for stating these facts, I hope many people will read your response and get some insight into the history and the myths it surrounds.

    1. Agreeing with yourself there aye, Anonymous? Look, I’m white, I’m South African and I’m 20 years old. I don’t need you to tell me what I am because of something my forefathers did. By those standards I can firmly (and safely) say all black people were the ORIGINAL slave traders, they sold their people off for nothing more than inaccurate firearms, cloth and some beads. I can also say black people are the worst terrorists in the world, they tortured their own kind by sticking burning logs up the vaginal cavities and anal cavities. you’re so quick to judge my race because “I” did wrong to your race (which is amusing because I was 5-6yo when apartheid ended and most of my friends were black) that you forget your race has its history too! Suck it up and move on FFS

      1. iLOL, what exactly did your Grandfathers do? The entire death toll linked directly to racism here has a total of less than 1 thousand in a population of around 20 million back then. (1 was too many, in my opinion)

        From the time that the ANC took their seat, over 4000 farmers alone have been brutally murdered. And this in a population of around 4.6 million whites. Why is there no outrage at this? Statistics speak for themselves…

        Back to the Grandfathers… did you know that ‘their’ people had Bushmen as slaves in Zimbabwe (yes, our very own tribes come from mid and north africa), slaughtered the bushmen, tried to wipe each other out. NEVER did the whites here try to commit genocide. Ever! Hold your head up, and stop feeling like our ancestors were all evil. The vast majority were not. Hence the population growth of our blacks.
        On that, there would be plenty to go around had their population not grown so fast. Who is to blame for that uncontrolled birth rate? Us? No ways. Indeed, a community that is starving dont successfully increase their numbers like this. I have black friends, I stood firmly for equality for ALL.
        And now I must die because of it? What has happened to the rainbow nation? Why cant we live side by side? I still stand firmly for equality for all.
        The answer lies in politics and greed Im afraid. They want what they cannot earn. And for this only they will kill us. It has NOTHING to do with correcting past evils. This is all blown up way out of proportion with the sole purpose of ensuring they have a ‘motive’.
        We, South Africa, have serious trouble looming on our horison. This trouble comes in the form of CHINA. We are getting more and more into debt with her. Look how she is colonising the REST of Africa. Her own people suffer under her rule, and yet some-how our ignorant leaders seem to think they will treat us better! Wow, why would they?
        History is about to be rewritten, for sure. China wants us out first, and then they will begin to colonise. Actually, look carefully now already. Its clear they are moving their people in. IF that happens, I feel sorry for our ENTIRE nation. Just google Chinas land grabs in Africa. Its real.

        I was shocked when I first started reading this blog. And then it gradually dawned on me that some of the most unhinged comments are coming from people in OTHER countries. They are deliberatly baiting us. Lunatics!

        My strongest wish is for peace. A nation that can prosper and thus benefit its people. Sadly, its always a few extremists that seem to have the most impact.

        Worst of all, some of the most extreme racists I have yet encountered are amongst out Black youths. Why? They werent even around then….

  46. Without white people black would still be living like they did 5000 years ago, without any change. Why do black people enjoy WHITE INVENTIONS like cars, houses, clothes, all kinds of machinery so much??? If whites should leave Africa then Africans shouldn’t have the choice to have any of these things, because WHITE PEOPLE invented it with their prolific brain power!!!

    1. Boer and specially white south african have never do nothing for this world,and remember the way people was living 5000 years ago` was probably better.

      1. I would love to meet you face to face “oberver” and see just how brave you are. Easy for you to write a load of rubbish, come back it up any place any time.

    2. amen, SA would be nothing if it was not for whites, look at the rest of Africa.
      Now blacks take over white jobs and walk around all proud in suits while destroying the country, it’s wealth and all it’s beauty.
      If blacks would “turn the other cheek” then they would show the world what great people they are. Revenge never led to anything great..

  47. Hahahaha…you make me laugh…obviously you’ve never read the bible. Read genesis…when cain and his brother faught and the one was killed, God took note of the sin the one brother did against the other and put a ‘mark’ on him so that all the world could hate him and recognise the evil he had done. What do you think this stain was? God made blacks.

    Yes…YOU are the stained ancestors of a murderer…marked for the whole world to hate. And, trust me, we do hate you (even in civilised countries where no-one would dare to say it. You’re filth….that’s why you’re dark…the same colour as dirt. It’s no wonder that sin is always painted as black.

  48. grow up hateful fool; we are all Gods ,hate bellongs to the devil,u must hate your own and hate the world ,europeans at most love africans in truth captalism and similar minded racists are africias real enemies.

  49. RE: Is It possible that this war is not about race but about RichvsPoor?

    It is about rich and poor, simply guised as a race issue. it’s quite simple really. Rich ANC members want more money, so they want the farms and mines etc. for their families, at which they will profit. Whites, who did profit from apartheid, refuse to simply give up what they have (As anyone would, after all, would you go live on the street for the next man? Julius wouldn’t, but he’ll expect you to do it)

    It boils down to this, the uneducated masses of blacks believe that whites are a problem and cause black poverty. The ANC feeds them lies,with a promise of forced land grab and nationilising mines, the majority of them honestly believe they will profit from this move. The fact is that they won’t, ANC members will make sure they benefit the most, and even if they took the mines and farms and banks, they would STILL blame white people simply because they are using Apartheid to blind their followers to the truth….that they are as bad a s rich white people, all they want is more money.

    Rich people are rich people, regardless of race, and once they have money, they do everything they can to get more, no matter who gets hurt.

  50. There is the solution and answer .. The Spark for Victory is being born right now in Dixie. Check out—Truth From God..com and click OTHER ARTICLES and go to bottom to see the answer to mechetes——– THE BATTLE AX NEWS. The Good NEWS is Back!

  51. You all white from SA just leave that country for another before to be killed!. Your lifes is much mor important than everythynk.

  52. I am really sorry for what’s happen to the whait people in SA , if i can i would take all white from that place to settled in my country, is enough place here for all of them and i’ll be happy to share everythink with these people. I think we all caucazians/whites from Europe , SUA and AU must need to do something …anything to stop that horrible genocide.
    Cata (east europe)

  53. I live in Pretoria and I can confirm there is no white genocide. Yes there is crime against white South Africans. However there is crime prevalent generally against all races.

    Having said that, there is still significant racial tensions in South Africa as demonstrated by the comments on this website. I wish people would realize the colour of ones skin does not determine his life.

    1. Hi Bill,

      Do you understand what Genocide is? Do you understand what a hate crime is?

      Genocide is NOT about mass-graves and a few weeks of slaughtering.

      Please, there is a reason for us shouting Genocide. It is real, and its happening around us. Just because you dont see it in the towns and cities, does not make it untrue.

      Feel free to google, go to the libruary, and see whats hidden before your own eyes.

      1. Bill, you must surely have blinkers over your eyes, or maybe you just do not care enough, until it happens to you. The media confirms around 1 700 farm murders (most without anything but weapons stolen), but the true figure is over 4 000. Now for the real bummer. If you do not just count farmers, but all white “boere”, a total of 68 000 have already been murdered since 1994. The media is not free as you might think, and has been ordered to just report murders and attacks if the SAPS also have suspects (the government calls it “public relations” for the travelling industry). Uhuru (Operation White Cleansing) is not a South African idea that have to happen in the future, it is an African idea that is happening as we speak. Why do you think Zimbabwe waited until SA’s elections before showing their true colours? If they started earlier SA whites would realise what is coming and would have voted “NO” in the referendum.

  54. Look on google search: Truth From God.com Who Is God and click Other Articles. The is the Spark for Victory! THE NEWS FLAG, NEWS PLATFORM and other articles in Battle Ax News. In the future the NEWS FLAG will fly over North America! Nothing will stop this movement! This is hottest website going for White Victory!

  55. I think we european must take all white people from SA return them back to settled here in Europe ,here is still enough place for all (in special in my contry),..BUT! in the same time we MUST EXPEL from Europe all nonwhites ,but absolutelly all with no one exception!(inclusive jews with ther’s ‘political correctness’). And in this way we can save the life of our brothers from SA.And let the black apes eating and killing themselves.

  56. Well, here I am in the UK, wondering what to write for a presentation to tell people how wonderful South Africa is … quite an insight!

  57. In this century 21 is absolutelly annormal what is happen ther in SA, people in special a whole white familys are massacred in theyr homes (i saw pictures and video with this and is horibile!!!!!)…I understand that in century 19 people was stupid and idiots for killing togeder but now??!!…When a black man ar brutalized or killed from police in SUA or other place then a wole commiunity start violent protesting (exp. that from Los Angeles/SUA in 1992,Paris/France few yars ago and most recentlly in UK).

    1. Thank you so much for seeing whats happening.

      Sadly, people believe that genocide only is happening if people are being slaughtered in major cities in broad daylight. Nothing could be further from the truth.

      Our genocide is happening on the farmlands with real threats made that once they are all dead, they will come into the cities on a rampage.

      Genocide is badly misunderstood, but by the time the world does understand us, it will already be done.

      Heres the definition of genocide as defined by the Genocide Watch Group:

      Genocide is “the intentional destruction, in whole or in part, of a national, ethnical, racial, or religious group, as such.”

      Extracted form the below link:

      Twelve Ways To Deny A Genocide

      1. Question and minimize the statistics.
      Yes. We dont even have statistics on farm murders, by race or any. We just have Rural Murders.

      2. Attack the motivations of the truth-tellers.
      Yes. They say we are liars and racist. Always the racist card. Shuts everyone up.

      3. Claim that the deaths were inadvertent.
      Yes. They are saying this is normal crime and not an attempt to eridicate a nation.

      4. Emphasize the strangeness of the victims. Whether they be classified as infidels, primitive tribalists, or of another race and caste, they are unlike us.
      Yes. We must leave their country. We are not entitled to jobs. We have stolen from them. we are all criminals.

      5. Rationalize the deaths as the result of tribal conflict, coming to the victims out of the inevitability of their history of relationships.
      Yes. They say we brought this on ourselves. (See many such comments in this blog)

      6. Blame “out of control” forces for committing the killings,
      Yes. These are in rural areas where the people have been so badly treated that of course they cant control this.

      7. Avoid antagonizing the genocidists, who might walk out of “the peace process.”
      Yes. A South African man was successful in his application for refugee status in Canada. The world went crazy. They saw it as 1 person breaking down the true harmony of our Rainbow Nation.

      8. Justify denial in favor of current economic interests.
      Yes. Canada is a major trade partner. Would we really admit to such things? No. We need Canadas trade.

      9. Claim that the victims are receiving good treatment, while baldly denying the charges of genocide outright.
      Yes. I rest my case. We havent even got this on any agenda for investigation, let alone a plan to reduce this. We make a big fuss about reducing the rise of gangsterism, the attacks on foreign nationals, but SILENCE on the farm murders. Worse DENIAL!

      10. Claim that what is going on doesn’t fit the definition of genocide. “Definitionalist” denial is most common among lawyers and policy makers who want to avoid intervention beyond provision of humanitarian aid. It results in “analysis paralysis.”
      Yes. Again its so obscured by our statistical crime reporting. It simply doesnt exist and it cant be isolated because of the category its recorded under ‘Rural Homicide’

      11. Blame the victims
      Yes. And they have the world blaming us too!

      12. Say that peace and reconciliation are more important that blaming people for genocide.
      Yes again. The world would believe that this is exactly where we are now. All nicely reconciled….yet we have Julius Malema screaming ‘Kill The Boer’ and denying its anything other than a struggle song. We have youths who were not even alive baying for our blood publically, in our schools to our children….This peace and reconciliation is a smoke-screen to get the eyes off whats happening for fear of upsetting us.

      The world saw what happened to Zimbabwe. They believe it. The same is starting to happen here. This is escalating much faster than Zimbabwe did. Why cant they see this?

      Guess why..read the 12 points above.

      DONT BELIEVE EVERYTHING YOU DONT SEE. Look for it and you will find it. Its real.

      1. I see the RACIST BLACKS in your country as hateful spiteful (blank word) I see the answer to the black hating white problem as simple as the lines on your hand! destroy all your machines used to work the farms. destroy the white mans knowledge to farm the land. Take yoiur land plow it under ruin the land so it cannot grow anything for 50 years. move to Russia. they want you they need you! Let the South African BLACKS starve to death

  58. Go after the Seevinck boers clan. That is all I have so say about those brutal people. Their relatives live in brisbane australia Roelf and Yanni and Jen and Adriaan Seevinck at 25 Grenoble street as well the ones in Utah USA such as Corky etc look it up. I have four of their half afrikaans children to raise from that white devil raped me and my sista.

    1. Boony, why did you not report this? And how on earth did you manage to be raped a minimum of 4x (4 kids)by the same man? Is this perhaps your ex-husband?

      Even IF what you say is true (I have no way of knowing), dont you dare try to paint us all with the same brush. There are rapists in ever single country, every community. This has NOTHING to do with being a Boer.

      Notice that he has little to no support in this blog? Thats because we cringe at his clearly unhinged comments.

      This man has not been here for at least 20 years. I see he has more interest in his Netherlands roots than he does in the boers.

      People like him are shunned by most South Africans. We only want peace. There is NO reason for the genocide here.

      The BOER has been horribly defamed. Unjustly villianised. Yes, we had extremists. Just like the States had the KKK.

      Did the existance of the KKK mean ALL whites were evil? All whites should die in the most cruel ways? Of course not!

      Please, do not confuse that man with the rest of us. Individuals should be held accountable for their bad deeds, and punished. Not a NATION!

      As for going after them, you are in the best position to do so yourself. The law is on your side. Use it.

  59. What complete and utter rubbish! If you believe this then you will believe anything. There is no massacre at all, they are just annoyed that they cannot treat black people like dogs any more. Guilt is what they should be feeling.

    1. No Colin, it is not rubbish.

      You are welcome to come over and live in my home and talk to people about this. I mean Black, White and any other race you find here.

      What if we are right? What if we are the victims now of a massive propoganda campaign?

      Yes, there is GENOCIDE going on here. We are currently sitting on level 5 of 8 levels by INTERNATIONAL INDEPENDANT WATCHDOGS. Every single country where this has happened, has resulted in exactly that. Please google it. I wont even give you a link for fear that you may be suspect of it.

      I know that you have very strong emotions on this. I also know that time and education may show you a different picture. Nothing I say will make 1 iota of difference to you.

      Why would we be blogging about this if it were not true?

      The biggest problem with Genocide is that the media starts to ignore it. I personally happened to be in the area when a family was tortured and killed. It never hit the media! I watched for it, and all that I saw was a tiny article in a tiny local newspaper.

      Before you make such dangerous comments, why dont you also research the common factors enabling genocide to remain undetected from the rest of the world until its too late. Also look at how these dictators use the youth to mobilise this event. Dont research South Africa first. Research genocide and how dictators rise.

      Then research the little you can now find on South Africa.

      There are so many replies that you wont easily find my other comments, but I will say again that not only is it us that suffers under this, but also many good people from ALL races. If for no other reason than the economy tends to crash when Genocide occurs. No-one invests in a country where its not safe.

      Lastly, if it turns out you are wrong in future, will you then try to help any of these people?

      1. By the way Colin, what do you think genocide is?

        From your comments you seem to think that its a gory blood letting with svagaes running wild in the streets.

        This is extracted from the Genocide Watch List

        B. Another misconception is the “all or none” concept of genocide. The all-or-none school considers killings to be genocide only if their intent is to destroy a national, ethnic, racial, or religious group “in whole.” Their model is the Holocaust. They ignore the “in part” in the definition in the Genocide Convention, which they often haven’t read.

        You seem to have missed that it can happen slowly, over time, but with the purpose of EVENTUALLY ERIDICATING A NATION.

        Surely you have seen the calls to ‘Kill the Boer’?

        Surely you have seen just how many in a tiny population have already been slaughtered.

        I say slaughtered because often the entire family is brutally murdered and nothing is stolen. This act alone makes it a hate crime.

  60. Why don’t the whites leave South Africa? If you stay there the blacks will kill you. You don’t have the population or arms to defend yourselves.The Boers are good people and I hate to see you destroyed.Argentina would probably accept you.I’m praying that God will raise up a great Prophet to help you.

    1. South Africa is my home. Why should I leave here simply because I am threatened with death because of my skin colour? I am a proudly white South African and if they want to kill me because I have a white skin then they must do so. I’ll die knowing that I never betrayed or abandoned my country when it is in such dire need of people who are willing to make things work.

      1. I too am South African. I have no other claim to any other Nationality. I was born here. I am a South African Citizen. As such, our constitutional rights are the same as any other Citizen. We have the right to be protected. We have the right to seek and gain employment.

        The reality is different. We are not protected, we may not gain employment, not even over other black non-citizens.

        No, I will not offer up my life for a futile cause. God gave me this life, and I intend to stay alive long enough to make a difference to other peoples lives. This is not based on colour or a flag either. As long as I am alive, this can happen. I will never stop working towards a fair system for ALL.

        I believe that we can ALL live together. Each race has its own unique strengths. We NEED a rainbow nation. But, I will not die for no reason at all.

        How could that possibly help anyone?

        1. I work on a daily basis trying to make things better here. I do my part. But I will not be forced out of my country, the country my family has called home for generations. The one that my hard work is paying for in part.

          I would never sit back and allow that to happen but at the same time I will not run away with my tail between my legs like a dog that has been chastised.

          1. Lol! I do respect your stand. If it came down to it, I would rather be an alive dog, tail between legs with all my teeth and a huge voice. Its not possible to change anything from beyond the grave 🙂


    1. Im sorry, are the blacks not the ones continually blaming a system that has been abolished for 20 years for their failures?
      The ANC blames Apartheid for their corruption, mismanagement, crime and impropriety.

      So who should really be the ones getting over it? If your criminal government was ousted this would be a better place for everyone.

    2. @Marhume:

      What a strange name you have for a Black South African!

      As a Forensic Psychology student, I can tell you that there are a few things wrong with your general discourse….

      Besides your name your sentence construction, your vocabulary and your grammar is not in line with how we talk!

      My guess is that you are of Muslim origin/extract, possibly living and educated somewhere in the western countries or maybe here.

      If you by chance, happen to be living here, please pack up and go home. You are a trouble-maker and will have blood on your hands with this hate-speech. In addition, our constitution makes provision for 10 years in jail for just this!

      Secondly, Afrikaners are not murderers. A few rabid people were indeed so. Be careful that you separate innocent people from the handful of thugs. By the way, almost every country has these thugs. That’s no reason to call for the brutal slaying of innocent people!

      I wish that instead of the truth and reconciliation commission, these people were found and brought to book for their crimes.

    3. @ Hermanus:
      You do indeed raise some very valid points. However, there is much more to it than simplifying it as you have done.
      It is true that delinquency rates rise when our youth are not supervised by adults, especially as they approach their teens years and in their teens. And yes, the long hours away from home definitely would cause that to happen. On this, do you think it’s only non-whites that face those same situations? Nope. It’s not!
      There is in addition to this effect a second reason, and more likely to be the real reason: The most violent crimes are committed by males between the ages of 17/18 and 24/25 years of age. This is in every single country and is easily explained why. Past that age, violent crime tapers off. So, if you were 100% correct, surely that damage would continue way past that? Did you know that in most countries the population percentage of that age category is around 36% of the population? Did you know that in South Africa it’s closer to 60%!? Right there is the problem! The massive population explosion of that age group alone has put everyone at risk, not just whites, and not because of apartheid.
      Now let’s address the hungry bellies: You are right here. Hungry belies make desperate people. So why the heck did the poorer people carry on having so many children when they could not feed them all? We whites, coloured and Indian people reduced our family sizes to ensure we could still provide. And yet our Black brothers continued to have children from multiple partners and never pay a cent in support. So again, you have some poor mother going off to work to support her children, and leaving them to raise them-selves. Apartheid again? Nope! For heaven’s sake, we have over 3 million AIDS orphans alone. Apartheid? Nope. All had access to practice safe sex.
      I do not doubt that what you are saying has indeed happened. I am merely placing it into context. Many countries in the world have their poor, suppressed people. So why don’t they have the same targeted murdering? Why do we have the rape stats (Rape Country No 1!).
      In the new Government, students are still burning schools. These are not the white, coloured or Indian children doing this. Please explain that…
      Let’s also talk about how people were left to starve under the apartheid government… How on earth did the population grow to be so big, so fast if starvation was an issue? I put it to you that yes, there were hungry people, just as there still are. All over the world! And in the face of this, what does our ‘new’ government do? Why, they throw an ANC party for over R100 million rands! The old government never came close to such mindless spending.
      Why did they not rather, to commemorate the anniversary of the ANC, establish eg; a subsidised agricultural school to equip the new land-owners to make money from their land? Currently, much highly productive land is turning back to weeds again. These people need farming to feed the nation!
      Lastly, I do get what you are saying. ANY suppression of ANY people is extremely wrong, and has consequences. However, be fair. Make sure you consider all the dimensions before you post it as fact.

  62. I know this is of topic, but has the black, consided, the true nature, of his new found friend, the Han Chinese, I think he will find out soon,his nature, the chinese have a saying in regard, to blacks ,they refer to you as SHIT SKINS, as you are born from you mothers arse.Now they are all over Africa.
    It is interesting to note that,the NODDING, viris is growing in Uganda, it affects black children, their is no medics, available.All your hate , at the white, will one day, come back at your self. same with AIDS, CHINESE WILL us it after changeing it to be, black skin, directed, AFTER ALL THEY LOVE, AFRICA, THAT IS THE MINERALS, NOT THE NATIVES.MAY YOU TRUELY, ENJOY, YOUR NEW FRIEND.?THE CHINESE

  63. Dear Whitey:

    When I am the weaker I ask you for my freedom because that is your principle;but when I am the stronger,I take away your freedom,because that is my principle.

    HATE YA,

  64. lol and this article wonders why white people are hated.well when you push yourself into another people’s country,take their lands and their wealth and then start racism in a place where it NEVER existed,well then you’ve made a recipe for a country screwing it self over.but i don’t agree with keeping up stupidity,that goes for whites and blacks.either way s.africa will never amount to anything.

    1. @Iesha,
      I honestly can’t see why you find this so funny! Torture is never funny. Do you not have a single shred of humanity in you?

      One of my dearest friends, who lives all alone in a very poor area, was broken into on Wednesday last week. 3 strong black men tied her up and raped her! Now what do you think the world would say if 3 white men broke into a single black woman’s house and did the same? Why, they would scream racism! Imagine 3 white men tying her up and then raping this poor small defenceless black woman!

      Why when anything happens to a black person, worldwide, it’s tagged as racist. Yet when it happens to whites, it’s deserved? What the hell is that all about? Double-standards and brainwashing.

      If you are not South African, why not come and spend some time here? Truly understand what’s going on here. Then go and speak the truth, whatever it is that you see.

      There are so many factors involved here too. For example, our black population has grown so fast that no country could possibly hope to cope with enough jobs for all. Our fault? I think not! Aids is draining our economy with the cost of antiretroviral treatment. 40% of pregnant women are HIV positive. Were they educated on the risks? For sure…. At the cost of billions, and yet they continue to have unprotected sex. 3 million aids orphans now and rising.

      Now let’s talk about stealing their wealth. What wealth? If you are talking about minerals and gems, it was not even understood as having wealth. When we landed here over 300!!!!!!! Years ago, we started developing the lands, creating employment, and mining the ‘wealth’. Jobs were created. Medical care was brought in. Education was made available. Granted, it was a lower standard, but even in those times with that education, black people were able to become degreed. They burned down schools in protest. And they still are burning down schools in protest over 15 years later. Same system for all now, new generation, same-ole same-ole.

      Indian people were brought here as slaves. They didn’t even have their own lands as the blacks always have. How is it that they became a very prosperous nation under exactly and even worse conditions that the blacks did?

      Now let’s talk about India. The cruelty inflicted on people because of their casts is unspeakable! Way worse than anything ever done here! America also has a violent history, and this only ended in the 50s. The UK has Paki-bashing. Australia has the Aboriginals. Should they all be tortured and killed? Of course not! So why should we here?

      The only difference is that we are severely outnumbered here. And we are being picked off one by one in the farm areas. If it continues like this, we will all land up being slaughtered. Please tell me, how are 4 million whites any threat to over 35 million blacks? (Excluded the other race-groups in this). We aren’t, and yet we are rated as category 5 now in genocide risk.

      I beg of you, please do a little research. You may actually see a different picture to what you have been taught. It’s nothing but evil to laugh at this. The vast majority of us are not as has been painted in the media. You see a few isolated cases of rabid behaviour, and then condemn us all because of skin colour.

      Many of us work tirelessly and give freely, include adopting aids children as our own.

      To brand us all as bad is the worst possible mistake you could make. You are inciting the death of innocent and good people.

      I could go on and on about the ongoing feuds between Zulu and Xhosa people here too. These are 2 black tribes that are and will still kill each other. Us again? No ways. It is their way. It is violent.

      I have many wonderful balanced black friends. People who simply cannot understand the cruelty of their own people. Many of them have also suffered at their own people’s hands.

      This nation needs peace, tolerance and love. It has no need for people such as you ignorantly pulling things out of context. You shame yourself.

      The effect of our new Government singing kill the boer etc, has polarised the black people again.They are no longer able to balance anything because polarising ensures you break all contact with other groups. When groups are polarised, the outside group is also forced to take the opposite stand. Do you not get this? This is by far the most RACIST Government we have seen in a long, long time.

      Lastly, some of the comments you see here are in response to the vile comments made. If you personally have already seen the horros such as some of these people above have, and then you are being taunted as if your life and that of the already murdered means nothing, I guess you wouldn’t be as nice as the world wants you to be. Its called PTS. Post Trauma Stress.

      Most South Africans, across all colours, simply want our country to grow its economy, uplift all her people, and are happy to have each other around.

      It is once again the minority controlling the majority. We are not criminals or animals. Neither are black people. But, there is a very dangerous political element that is once again causing friction.

      1. lol sorry,but
        1-i don’t live in s.africa,so what happens to you people,black or white,happens.
        2-come on now.you didn’t really think,that whites could keep up the hatred and segregation forever and think that NOTHING would happen,did you? i mean come on.the tides will eventually turn and karma IS,going to strike back.now is it right,to see such hatred be displayed on ANY side? no. absolutely not.but,it’s going to happen.NEITHER race can get along and get past,well the past.blacks want to hold grudges,whites feel like apartheid,should be back in full force.and there’s a very few amount of people,black&white,who want to live in harmony.either way you spin it,s.africa is going to be just like most of africa.it’s going to be war torn and people like YOU will help it get there.you really think your doing something by calling me out on my comment.but let’s review YOURS.you claim,in you past post to me,that the only way s.africa can be “normal” is if,whites have complete and total domination of everything and everyone.lol reallY? well if you thought that you and the other whites had problems,then you should think again.i know! why don’t stupid racist balcks and whites(such as yourself) go ahead and die and let the peacefully people,who want change and who don’t see race,go ahead and rule?? hmm..that sounds like a splendid idea to me.

        1. What on earth are you going on about? I WOULD NEVER AND HAVE NEVER..”YOURS.you claim,in you past post to me,that the only way s.africa can be “normal” is if,whites have complete and total domination of everything and everyone.lol reallY?”….
          Please do not ever lie about me again. As you are not South African, may I ask you what your chip on your shoulder is? Why come into this forum to simply be mean and lie?

    2. Iesha, let me just educate you. When the whites came to SA in their ships, the blacks came from Central Africa on foot. They took SA from the bushmen and we took it from the blacks. If a black man tells you the whites took is land, he is a liar.

  65. Hope they show the white useless bastards getting slaughtered like the brainless dogs they are on Aussie TV then take the bastards that are hiding here like spineless cowards back for a dose of their own medicine. Yes fuck off all you SA scum we dont want or need your type here

    1. @Interested Aussie…

      You an Aboriginal? If not, lay off the sanctimonious tone and try to educate yourself instead. I literally will invite you to my home to ask any questions, argue any points etc.
      Your argument is charged with emotion, which I suspect is making you very irrational. Unless you are an Aboriginal, you are no more native to Aus than I am. As for a dose of our own medicine…What happened to all your ‘natives’? Murdered! For this reason you are now the majority there.
      What is spineless about saving our children? Its people like you that cause South Africans there to simply keep quiet about whats happened here. And just because you think something, doesnt make it fact. The facts are very different to what you can or will believe. One last thing, have you noticed how hard working and well educated South Africans are? Maybe they arent the fools you believe them to be. Why not spend a week, talk to random South Africans, ask them all the same question. Then take those answers and compare, research etc. This way you would not look so uneducated and irrational

  66. .
    Every news story on those “people”
    should use the following VOICE OVER …
    “””And here are some scenes from our next terrifying
    as we cautiously observe the impact of the unprovoked and
    mind-boggling violent social-behavior as found displayed
    among THE TYPICAL HERD-PACK when it is composed OF THE
    “Non-Incarcerated-Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (aka. the ‘NIGGA’).”””
    It should be noted that a baby gazelle surrounded by
    a pride of lions is, on certain occasions, safer than
    an actual human-being in the presence of THE TYPICAL
    “Non-Incarcerated Ghetto-Ground-Ape” (the ‘NIGGA’).
    May God help humanity and let this entire
    species get forcibly sterilized …
    throughout the whole world!!!”

  67. Last night I prayed to God before going to bed to help the people of South Africa.
    I dreamt this last night: We need a farmer to donate his farm (before he gets murdered for it anyway), to the Australian government or directly to Jilia Gillard in order to open up an “official” Refugee Camp for whites. Him, and his family could find refuge in Australia. I dreamt that only if Australia owned a place to run their organisation from would they help. The Official White Refugee Camp will need to be self supportive, e.g. community vegetable garden and farm produce, water, sanitation, Doctors, Nurses, Aid workers, Schools, teachers, transport, churches, etc. Doctors because many whites are being turned away from hospitals and told that they cannot get help because they are white. They also cannot get any help from the corupt police force. This will be the only way to protect the children, by living in close communities.
    The government can help those already in a refugee camp according to the government website: immi.gov.au refugee http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/humanitarian/offshore/eligibility.htm
    also http://www.immi.gov.au/visas/humanitarian/offshore/201/
    However, there are no safe white refugee camps for whites in South Africa. This means that whites cannot get refugee status. Also, the police and army of South Africa are involved in the genocide, we cannot allow them to “protect” the white refugees, but will need the Australian Army, or UN for protection against them and their assassins. As you can see on you tube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cb3MLHblnbQ where Jacob Zuma is singing “Kill the Whites/ Boer” In the video, the army is chanting with the South African President.
    I’m sure countries like the Netherlands, France and the UK can help in a similar way.

  68. You people are retarded. You post on here and you post about how many whites are killed and you post about how mean the black man is, but WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU REALLY DOING? You’re not doing shit. You post on here and you expect OTHER PEOPLE TO DO THE FUCKING WORK FOR YOU. If you don’t want this to happen then get on a plane, go to south africa, stock up on weapons, and kill some niggers.

    Stop posting shit like “oh another white guy was raped” and start saying “White people need to start killing niggers”! This fagot mentality you have is the REASON THIS IS HAPPENING. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT STOP IT BY KILLING NIGGERS.

  69. Our people belong is SA. I only see problems now here. Our people are talking more and more of this that the ANC is being so bad because the ANC has people who run behind the scenes who are Jewish ! This is what our people are realising why they help helped us win the Boers. This was so they can control our leaders who they have contract with to make money. We must get rid of this Jewish people who run our ANC leaders.

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