Guy discovers “time traveler” in Charlie Chaplin movie

George Clarke is a collector of all things Charlie Chaplin and upon watching one of the DVD’s he bought of Charlie Chaplin’s "the circus" made in 1928 he discovered something that looks like a woman with a cellphone. Now obviously in those days there were no cellphones but no one seems to be able to explain his find.

If you watch this video you can see the woman is most definitely holding something in her hand and indeed it looks like a cellphone. The best explanation anyone came up with so far is either a "earpiece" or hearing aid of those days, or that she or he was in fact a time traveler if there is going to exist such a thing.

You really cant argue with George Clarke’s theory, the woman is holding something. The hard thing is to figure what exactly that might be.

17 thoughts on “Guy discovers “time traveler” in Charlie Chaplin movie

  1. Back then they did not call them hearing aids, it was called an amplifier, which came in array of looks. Some looked like a funnel others, particle this one, was a cellphone shaped box with nothing more than a flatten-funnel inside it with nothing electronical about it. As for her talking as she walks, she just counting her foot steps. It was a silent film after all and she was just extra back-drop. Of course I just might be wrong, maybe it is a cellular telephone. I bet it’s a Russian Cell phone, nope that can’t be it either. Even the first Russian satellite was shoot into space for another 30 years. Well, how do you think they got a connection?

    I know if i had a time machine, the first thing I would want to do is: find a really old lady and sent her back in time. That has always been an extoric dream of mine.

    Come on man! Sometimes you just have to use that thing above your neck, no, not your lips.

  2. That was the theory all along if you look at the article, yet "ear horns" as they were called in those days were much bigger and the one you are talking about would not be talked into, it was only to listen.

  3. I find it rather interesting that this person stopped and looked directly into the camera. They appeared to be surprised, possibly alarmed. You should have a lip reader examine the film to determine what they were saying. What are they talking about? Are the words they are using congruent with the vernacular of the time? That simple step might be enough to shed light on the mystery. There is enough of this guys face to get an accurate composite of his face which could be matched up with someone for a positive ID. Start with contemporary passport records, official governmental photos. the list is potentially endless. Look for both men and women starting from 2000 forward. No sense looking back as the tech to travel through time has to be either present or soon to be invented.

    I’m keeping an open mind on this. Time and space are relative according to Einstein. he even proved that time travel was possible. So with keeping an open mind, what purpose would they have for traveling back to 1928? I agree that this person was a guy wearing a dress. Why would he be wearing a dress if not to hide his gender and identity from accidental discovery? why were they on the west coast in 1928? What significant event took place in that time? 1929 saw the Crash of Wall Street, the first one. 1929 also saw the St. Valentines day massacre, What happened in Hollywood in 1928?

    this is an interesting find.

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