No Sunday cruise this Sunday

The petrol price is going up again with 43c . That might not be enough for me to chase to the petrol station but it’s still alot. The government has warned people as well to spend less this Christmas. Ok nevermind that, do you believe that peak oil is real? They say that there are still millions of barrels of oil in the world, even the Us claimed a while back that they might own more oil than any other country but that is not true. I think the theory of peak oil might be true although its still hard to tell if it is. Oil is what fuels the westen world so to say. Without oil places like Europe and USA would be non functional. That might also be the reason the American government caused september 11 in 2001 about the planes and stuff. Terrorism is not more real than it ever was. Off course there was some here and there but that has not changed. Only the media has. Where am I going with this now.

Well you better get to those petrol stations soon to save that R20

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