Miley Cyrus seductive Who Owns My Heart? causes outrage

Television watchdog group Parents Television Council has publicly condemned Miley Cyrus new music video Who Owns My Heart? calling it age inappropriate. While looking at the video some may question why they say so as there are much worse things seen on television today especially music videos. According to Parents Television Council the fact that Miley is still under age (17 years old) and seen writhing on a bed in her underwear singing a very suggestive song. That is their whole issue her age.

If she made the music video in Europe and lived there this would not be a issue, she could have run around naked but in America the legal age of consent is 18 years old and to film a under age girl in such a provocative light is illegal. If this was not Miley Cyrus those producers would have been in serious trouble. But then again this is not the first time Miley has made the headlines because of her flaunting convention.

Her birthday is in November they could have waited till then to release the video, then no one could have made any complaints about ‘age appropriate’. But then again maybe this music video would not have received half the attention it is getting at the moment. I for one would never have watched it. I wonder what they would do for publicity once Miley reaches the age of eighteen and it would no longer be controversial to see her running around seductively and acting twice her age?

Who Owns My Heart? is not the greatest song in the world and the music video makes little sense, I am not going to watch is twice but there are those out there who would.

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