Not using Ubuntu yet? Well I bet you cant do this.

Since dumping Windows I have learned a lot about Linux and Linux productivity. Ubuntu to be specific. You should really try it if you are still using Windows. There must be 100’s of apps I might be missing here which is great. i just wanted to point out these that I really like and did not have in windows as standard or as updates. Except the updates of course which in Windows make you shut down your pc while they waste your time.

Now I am in no way saying other linux distributions cant do this. I am using Ubuntu and that is what I am blogging about.
Window managers

Windows comes with windows. I know that sounds stupid but Ubuntu comes with Gnome and Kde and with the click of a few buttons you can have almost any window manager that suits you. From Kde’s windows look to Gnome’s contrast look. Sure with Windows you can install some stuff that contain the usual spyware, adware and viruses but in Ubuntu you can have all the above window managers each with 100’s of themes. And guess what, this is all free and just takes a click of a few buttons. Anybody can install it if they can read.



Unlike Windows you can update your version of Ubuntu while working on your computer, No upgrades to buy nothing like that. No just a few clicks and you have the brand new version.


Can you install Windows or Mac and within 1/2 run your own server with WordPress installed? Maybe you can download Xampp but its just not the same as Ubuntu where you can just click a few buttons and all is running.

System tray


I bet you cant shut up your Windows system tray, and all those apps that just start when they want to. Its ridiculous. When I first installed Ubuntu and Pclinuxos I was amazed at it. The computer would just start and then its ready. No closing hundreds of questions, kill the antivirus that i dont want anyway, start all the firewalls. No Ubuntu just starts. That’s it. The only time when I have noticed anything bug me in the system tray was when there was updates which I dont mind installing since there is no 100 questions about how legal my OS is. I can just click and go on with my browsing.



I dont know about Windows Vista since I am quite satisfied with my Os at the moment but I know when I used to work with Windows Xp I had constant issues of finding that download program that I was satsified with. And what do you know? When I installed Ubuntu I found Kget.

Sound and Video

Can you say choice? There are so many good video players in Ubuntu and especially in the repositories. You can pick and choose for days. If you dont prefer to go through them you can always use Mplayer and Amarok which by the way Xp is far from. Amarok is the music player everyone should use. I wont even start to explain, maybe I will do a post on Amarok later.



Just one thing. I was a windows user and this is just so great. Maybe all the serious linux users wont think much of this because it might be all old news and stuff but imagine how easy things would of been if you could just load dos and type firefox. That’s it. No c:////windows/crap Just type firefox and it opens. Well that is what terminal is. Just type the name of the program and it opens. No hassle. No need for 100 icons on your desk either. Just a quick launch, type and go.



window size was small that’s why the text is crossing. I had to take a screenshot that fits.

Etherape is a network checker or whatever you call it. It shows you where your computer is connected to. Sometimes it shows you even where people on your network connection is connected. Dont ask me about the technical stuff I just know I can see where my computer is connected to and it rocks. Especially when uploading something to cpanel, one can see when it gets stuck. I have a really slow connection so having a look can tell me what is biting the speed.



As I said I have a relatively slow connection and sometimes I just want to read something and I want to do it fast. Elinks is a text browser but you can see your desktop background which gives it a different feeling than the usual notepad look and feel.



Yes yes, I know you get screenshot apps in windows as well but they are not installed with one or two clicks and neither are they as cool as snapshot. Snapshot is by far my favourite screenshot app.

Thank you for reading please leave some comments. Tell what’s your favorite apps Ubuntu or linux.

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27 thoughts on “Not using Ubuntu yet? Well I bet you cant do this.”

  1. You did not mention 802.11b/g wireless tools. One I highly recommend is Wicd Manager. It gets the install right on the first pass and is so darn simple to use. As a plus it also works with wired DHCP enabled networks as well. So on a laptop Wicd is THE app in my book.

    My next recommendation comes with a caveat — you need current hardware, P4, CoreDuo or AMD equivalents. Innotek Virtual Box is virtualization software on par with VMWare, only I think better. Want to try new software? I load up the software and app in a virtual environment and try it out. If it does not work out I just blow away the guest system, my host being totally unaffected. Can’t get a Windows app to work in Wine? Load up a guest XP and run it there.

    I highly recommend both packages!

  2. “OH really? Try pushing update in Puppy linux, try using etherape in dsl, try using kget in enlightenment. Go troll somewhere else.”

    The point he was making is that your article seems to put forward that all these apps are ubuntu only.
    Other distros update in other ways. They all use a package manager to do so. Kget is a KDE app so it comes with the default KDE desktop or in the repo. Enlightenment is a window manager. Kget works on a distro running Enlightenment
    Finally, as far as I remember, DSL has got etherape. It is one of the reasons that the install disk increased in size.
    Try some other distros and see. Try some other WMs too with your fave apps and you’ll see they work too.

  3. OH really? Try pushing update in Puppy linux, try using etherape in dsl, try using kget in enlightenment.

    Puppy linux is Slackware based, so yes, you can do that with Puppy linux, i think.

    Go troll somewhere else.

    He was not trolling, he was clarifying some things.

  4. Wow that seemed great and you didn’t even mention the sweet Beryl(can’t spell) effects that look even better than vista, not to mention all the speed

    And for those complainers about gaming theres Wine (windows emulator) and VMware to run baseline windows in to game it up

  5. Have you actually tried gaming under wine? It works great for running notepad and minesweeper. Period. And yes, I went through the adventure of installing the relevant graphics drivers/recompiling the kernel modules, etc, etc.
    For games, you just can’t beat XP, unfortunately.

  6. Ubuntu rocks. And I’m not so sure that gamers will be that disappointed in the future. A lot of coders that actually care about quality are working on Linux-based games.

    What I really liked about it is the fuss-free-ness. Click, boom – it works. Despite the fact that 95% of the world’s desktops run Windows, I’m willing to assume that 95% of the Internet runs on UNIX. All the better to get a *NIX OS.

    And I’m really surprised to find another Serve Hosting client … lol. I couldn’t help but notice in the EtnerApe screenshot 😛

    ~ Wogan

  7. Hi,
    Nice post, but I think you are a bit too harsh on windows.
    I dual-boot XP and ubuntu, and I can safely say that I’ve never had those problems you had with XP – I simply don’t have a firewall and have a lightweight antivirus that I use about once a year to make sure I don’t have any viruses, so obviously it doesn’t auto start.
    As for not being able to find decent programs for XP – I have everything I need in terms of software, and 95% of it’s open source.
    Maybe I’m just lucky..
    PS I still think Ubuntu is a great OS…

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