Nothing will happen if you dont make it happen in blogging


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When starting a new blog if you dont do something nothing will happen. How will people know about your great posts and articles?

Yes rss sites will help but they wont make your site grow like you want it to. So how to get loads of traffic in a short time?

The answer is you have to bookmark your own site. I bookmark my own sites on social networks. Not all of them are self bookmarking friendly if you know what I mean but there are some that dont mind you submitting your own stuff and you should really use those. Sites like and reddit will just ban you but who cares the internet has great bookmarking sites, especially ones for bloggers like Sphinn has a blogging section and Bloggingzoom is made for bloggers.

Sometimes people feel bad bookmarking their own sites but if you dont get your blog out there the time wont come where other people will start to bookmark your sites on social networking sites. Heck I even have my own legion of sites that I use only to promote my sites. Who cares if people say its unethical. If you have the traffic you will be smiling at the end of the day. As long as your posts are good you dont have to worry about submitting your own articles.

Just dont submit one sentence articles or dont submit your site with just a url to another site because that wont get you anywhere either.

What I am saying is: Post good content and bookmark it yourself, if you dont do that for your own blog when no one else is then no one else will and no one else will start doing it. So get your blog out there.

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