So now the entire world has to pay for higher petrol prices because the US loves war. South Africa cant buy cheap oil from Iran because the US decided that sanctions against Iran would be a good idea. Not that anyone has to obey because there are no signed treaties or agreements between countries that prohibits countries from buying oil with the US sanctions against Iran because they are not real sanctions. Except for the Iranian people.

The US wants Iran’s oil and now we have to suffer.

Not only that but higher petrol prices means more costs to ordinary goods, more costs equals more riots and …. whatever. This is going no where.I’m starting to think that they are setting up South Africa for Agenda 21.


As one commenter said:

High fuel prices = no cars on the road
No cars on the road = no e-toll
No e-toll = Government screwed
Government screwed = No Service delivery
No Service delivery = more unruly protests
More unruly protests = more blood shed, more chaos

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