Apartheid blamed for high rape in South Africa

This kind of talk is utter nonsense and has to stop. People blame all of South Africa’s problems on Apartheid.

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This kind of talk is utter nonsense and has to stop. People blame all of South Africa’s problems on Apartheid. The black cultures do not view sexual intercourse on a unwilling female as rape, in many cases if a young girl is raped she would be blamed and shunned from her community or treated like a whore. Their culture has always been this way and until the white man came black women did not know they could say no, it just wasn’t done.

Zuma has gone and said this utter rubbish publicly, this comes from a man who currently has three wife’s and was accused of raping a woman. He went in court and said she came to his house in a short skirt and that means she wanted it. That is the mentality of most rapist in South Africa, they do not see anything wrong with just raping someone because they want to. That is why we have the highest rate of rape in the world and that is why it is more likely a woman will be raped than learn how to read in South Africa.

How they want to blame Apartheid for this barbaric behavior is beyond me. I do not agree with how they where treated in the apartheid government but blaming everything on that is stupid.

As a woman born and raised in South Africa I myself has met many rape victims. The worst case was a four year old coloured girl whose mother I knew, that was raped so badly by three black men, she was hospitalized for 6 months. No one was arrested even though everyone knew who it was, no charges was lain, the child was returned to the same home where it took place. After that she was seen as soiled, boys and men would use her by 15 she has had her first child. And if you think you would be safe with the police, not true, there have been repeated cases of woman being raped by police after being taken in custody.

The worst has to be the increase of sodomy, the newest form of bullying and torture on young boys. I am not sure if this is also part of the rape stats but it should be. Gang rape has also increased dramatically, like a fad almost to see how many can use a person at once, sickening.

The reason behind this whole post is the fact that I have read again about how it is apartheid fault that the public family ethics are degenerating. But look around South Africa, how can anyone say this? It makes no sense at all, we had more and better schools and hospitals in apartheid, we had better public services, everyone had access to health care even if it was in separate hospitals the quality was similar. Yes, non-whites where treated unfairly, some where abused and their rights where stripped from them but how does that make a nation of rapist? The ANC abolished prayer out of schools, promote sex out of marriage and made the police system into a bunch of criminals. The fact that fever woman would lay charges because, what is the point, the rapist would only get a couple of years in prison and come out ten times worse that’s if he gets jail time.

No, the problem is not apartheid, the problem is that the rapist do not think they are doing anything wrong and if they do they think they are, they can get away with it so do it anyway. There is also the AIDS issue where witch doctors tell men that if they rape a child younger than thirteen or a baby they will be cured of AIDS, so far the government has done little to enlighten the people of such backward thinking. There is a thin line where the black people of South Africa will feel offended or threatened and it is costing us dearly not being able to correct them. If the president of the country thinks a shower can prevent HIV what of the rest? They will surely follow in his footsteps even if it is misguided and for him then to blame apartheid for the rape rate, there just seems to be no hope for common sense anymore.

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