Girl throws puppies in river – one by one

Normal behaviour is to have the dog fixed when a person do not want their dog or cat to breed. And if the dog, per chance, had puppies before it’s fixed what would you do?

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Normal behaviour is to have the dog fixed when someone does not want their dog or cat to breed. And if the dog, per chance, had puppies before it’s fixed what would you do?

The last thing most people would do is fling them one by one into a strong river and, from the look on this girls face, enjoy it. What makes someone enjoy flinging live defenseless puppies into a river? There are so many more humane ways to get rid of the puppies but this is just inhuman.

Animal control is really important, pet numbers can get out of control really quickly, especially in rural areas, but this has to one of the most cold hearted ways of treating unwanted animals.This person is finding enjoyment out of the little pups yelps and how far she can throw them. The fact that someone thought it’s okay to the point of recording and posting it online shows the state of mind of this girl and her accomplice are in. Cruelty is not funny.

WARNING: This video contains scenes of repeated animal cruelty

Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River

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308 thoughts on “Girl throws puppies in river – one by one”

  1. You still should know right from wrong at that age. Dont even blame the parents. She could have picked up those manors from the streets too.

  2. Study after study has shown a strong correlation between cruelty to animals and serial killers…… this girl ENJOYED what she was doing here so much she yelled “WHEEEEEEE!” as she threw one of the puppies in the water. Clearly she has no soul, or it’s dead. Anyone who could do that with puppies is apt to eventually move on to humans to get their twisted thrills…. she needs to be removed from society before she can do worse…. because from what’s in that video there’s too much risk that she will do much worse. I hope she’s not around any smaller children, because I’d bet she tortures them.

  3. This is the early workings of a psychopath, I’ve no doubt of it. Absolutely horrifying, I hope when they find this girl she’s treated to a just serving of juvenile detention and therapy.

  4. I love animals, and what this girl does… makes me sad and upset. I really hope she never leaves prison. Its called a shelter… give them to a shelter… could have at least let them live a life.

  5. Sorry to break it to you guys, but this is life. People are insane and evil, yes, but even if these dogs were given to a shelter, its a far crueler fate. Half starving and needing to eat their own feces to survive in a cold dark cage away from their mother. The chances of them being adopted is slim to none. Its life, get used to it.

  6. What on earth are you talking about? Animals in shelters are not starved. If they do get put down, it’s via medication and is painless.

    It’s far less cruel to put an animal down using a trained vet with medication for the express purpose than killing an animal in some other way, such as throwing them into a river. And baby animals, puppies and kittens, usually do get adopted.

  7. I agree, the problem isn’t just the girl in the video, it’s also the jerk who was filming it, and who posted it online.

    To just stand there and watch or film as someone abuses or kills an animal is just as disgusting as what the girl did herself.

  8. I hope somebody throws your sick ass in a river and lets you fucking choke on the water and drown. I hope you have a good hiding spot because if you are found you’re gonna need one. Evil piece of shit!

  9. Killer in the making.
    And the idiots who are all “hey, this is life/reality… there are cruel/insane people everywhere, blah blah?” Your acceptance of sick fucks like this only make it worse. Hope she gets caught. And it’d be nice if she got put down like the beast she is.

  10. does anyone know this girls name or where she lives? this video made me cry so bad. and i don’t even care when humans die but puppies are a different story. i will find this girl and murder her

  11. i wannaa burn your face with a blow torch. then throw your ass in a river. rot in hell you dumb bitch. your sickning.
    you deserve to die


  13. fuck you, I cant beleive some one would do that to poo innocent animals….This cunt bag should be fucking in jail for animal abuse….sorry if i may sound harsh but im all against animal abuse and such. i truthfuly think this girl will rot in fucking hell!!!!!! AND THE COMMENT I JUST READ………………………..the parents are not always to blame teenagers act out..I know I do somtimes and I would never do this and my mom is a bitch somtimes as well so dont blame the parents when u dont know……..This girl ovbiously has issues that she needs to fucking deal with!!!!!!!!!
    OHHHHH and if this girl fucking sees this I HOPE U BURN IN HELL U STUPID BITCH!!
    u will get ur lesson tought hun and when u do your going to feel bad so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

  14. tht is just bull shit i think this girl needs to be killed in a very painful slow way tourchered and everything brake almost everyone of her bones attempt drounding her but let her live shoot her a couple times but not kill her have some dogs attack her and not kill her though dont send her to the hospital then lock her up in a dog cage for the rest of her life

  15. All people involved should be stoned to death or something. That is one foul
    fucking cunt. I hope someone lays you on
    a sheet of dry ice or something you dumb bitch.

  16. I know it’s not english. It sounds like Russian or Scandanavian to me.
    I hope she gets help because she is a sociopath in the making.

  17. what a fucking bitch if anyone that reads this knows her bash the fucking shit out of her like as if you would even think of doing something that sick, i think this is so fucking sad just like the crys as she was picking them up was fucking unbearbul and i ha to turn the sound off, i hope this girl rots in hell of gets locked up and never gets to see sun light agian.
    fucking bitch

  18. i hope this fucking dog of a human being gets found by the people who have previously commented and really fucking hurt with every single punishment that everyone has described!


  19. anyone want to try and fuckiing say she did something good and you should give me a call and ill fucking kick you fucking teeth in like all these people saying shes a bitch are fucking right shes a dick head and should rot in hell.

  20. It’s only a matter of time before this girl is found. She didn’t cover her face. She has thousands on the internet from all over the world hunting her now. You will get yours soon girl.

  21. I couldnt even watch more then 8 seconds of the video i was that horified! How can you fucken live with yourself you stupid little slut. I hope when they find you they kill you and make it a slow death. RIP Puppies!!!

  22. You dirty rotton scummy little bitch. I honestly wouldnt mind doing to that to you and your friend. Actually id do it in a more horrible way. You and your coward bitch face little friend need to fucking die….OMG this makes me sooo mad… i hate you…..Worthless peices of shit…..AAAARGGH!!!!

  23. Not like that it would be to humane for her!!!! She needs to be beaten within an inch of her life, made better and beaten within an inch of her life again. She needs to be torchered so bad that she will understand what she did!!!!

  24. I agree it to painful and all I did was cry to know that there are people out there that take pleasure in what she did!!!!!!!!!

  25. don’t try and justify what this fucked up excuse for a human being has done. “far crueler fate”? are you serious? you’re naive if your comment to this whole situation is to “get used to it” and that it’s “life”. Life for a messed up delinqent maybe, but for the rest of us that believe standing up for defensless animals and salviging what’s left of mankind is a justifiable cause this video is simply fucking barbaric. Shut the fuck up and don’t bother writing comments if this sort of pathetic crap is your contribution. You are a douche bag

  26. There is, or was a FaceBook page this afternoon. There was a girl by the name of Annabell A. ? no full last name.
    Search ‘Throwing Puppies… It should come up if the page hasn’t been taken down.
    I know it was reported.
    There were idiot kids making sick comments, just like here.
    Thinking it’s ‘cool’ to say they liked it, etc…
    I want to know where their parent’s are, if any? Or, are they sociopath’s just like these two?
    I have a son about this age. I KNOW he would NEVER do anything like this but lemme tell you, if he did I WOULD beat him w/in an inch of his life…
    I cannot, for the life of me understand this.
    God is the ONLY one who can save these kids and he’d better do it BEFORE anyone gets a hold of them first…
    I’d be afraid for my life if I were them.
    Sick, twisted little pieces of shit, fucks…
    Someone will make you scream little girl. You should hide.
    God Bless those poor, poor babies. He has them now.

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