Girl throws puppies in river – one by one

Normal behaviour is to have the dog fixed when someone does not want their dog or cat to breed. And if the dog, per chance, had puppies before it’s fixed what would you do?

The last thing most people would do is fling them one by one into a strong river and, from the look on this girls face, enjoy it. What makes someone enjoy flinging live defenseless puppies into a river? There are so many more humane ways to get rid of the puppies but this is just inhuman.

Animal control is really important, pet numbers can get out of control really quickly, especially in rural areas, but this has to one of the most cold hearted ways of treating unwanted animals.This person is finding enjoyment out of the little pups yelps and how far she can throw them. The fact that someone thought it’s okay to the point of recording and posting it online shows the state of mind of this girl and her accomplice are in. Cruelty is not funny.

WARNING: This video contains scenes of repeated animal cruelty

Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River

308 thoughts on “Girl throws puppies in river – one by one

  1. You still should know right from wrong at that age. Dont even blame the parents. She could have picked up those manors from the streets too.

  2. Study after study has shown a strong correlation between cruelty to animals and serial killers…… this girl ENJOYED what she was doing here so much she yelled “WHEEEEEEE!” as she threw one of the puppies in the water. Clearly she has no soul, or it’s dead. Anyone who could do that with puppies is apt to eventually move on to humans to get their twisted thrills…. she needs to be removed from society before she can do worse…. because from what’s in that video there’s too much risk that she will do much worse. I hope she’s not around any smaller children, because I’d bet she tortures them.

  3. This is the early workings of a psychopath, I’ve no doubt of it. Absolutely horrifying, I hope when they find this girl she’s treated to a just serving of juvenile detention and therapy.

  4. I love animals, and what this girl does… makes me sad and upset. I really hope she never leaves prison. Its called a shelter… give them to a shelter… could have at least let them live a life.

  5. Sorry to break it to you guys, but this is life. People are insane and evil, yes, but even if these dogs were given to a shelter, its a far crueler fate. Half starving and needing to eat their own feces to survive in a cold dark cage away from their mother. The chances of them being adopted is slim to none. Its life, get used to it.

  6. What on earth are you talking about? Animals in shelters are not starved. If they do get put down, it’s via medication and is painless.

    It’s far less cruel to put an animal down using a trained vet with medication for the express purpose than killing an animal in some other way, such as throwing them into a river. And baby animals, puppies and kittens, usually do get adopted.

  7. I agree, the problem isn’t just the girl in the video, it’s also the jerk who was filming it, and who posted it online.

    To just stand there and watch or film as someone abuses or kills an animal is just as disgusting as what the girl did herself.

  8. I hope somebody throws your sick ass in a river and lets you fucking choke on the water and drown. I hope you have a good hiding spot because if you are found you’re gonna need one. Evil piece of shit!

  9. Killer in the making.
    And the idiots who are all “hey, this is life/reality… there are cruel/insane people everywhere, blah blah?” Your acceptance of sick fucks like this only make it worse. Hope she gets caught. And it’d be nice if she got put down like the beast she is.

  10. does anyone know this girls name or where she lives? this video made me cry so bad. and i don’t even care when humans die but puppies are a different story. i will find this girl and murder her

  11. i wannaa burn your face with a blow torch. then throw your ass in a river. rot in hell you dumb bitch. your sickning.
    you deserve to die


  13. fuck you, I cant beleive some one would do that to poo innocent animals….This cunt bag should be fucking in jail for animal abuse….sorry if i may sound harsh but im all against animal abuse and such. i truthfuly think this girl will rot in fucking hell!!!!!! AND THE COMMENT I JUST READ………………………..the parents are not always to blame teenagers act out..I know I do somtimes and I would never do this and my mom is a bitch somtimes as well so dont blame the parents when u dont know……..This girl ovbiously has issues that she needs to fucking deal with!!!!!!!!!
    OHHHHH and if this girl fucking sees this I HOPE U BURN IN HELL U STUPID BITCH!!
    u will get ur lesson tought hun and when u do your going to feel bad so FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!

  14. tht is just bull shit i think this girl needs to be killed in a very painful slow way tourchered and everything brake almost everyone of her bones attempt drounding her but let her live shoot her a couple times but not kill her have some dogs attack her and not kill her though dont send her to the hospital then lock her up in a dog cage for the rest of her life

  15. All people involved should be stoned to death or something. That is one foul
    fucking cunt. I hope someone lays you on
    a sheet of dry ice or something you dumb bitch.

  16. I know it’s not english. It sounds like Russian or Scandanavian to me.
    I hope she gets help because she is a sociopath in the making.

  17. what a fucking bitch if anyone that reads this knows her bash the fucking shit out of her like as if you would even think of doing something that sick, i think this is so fucking sad just like the crys as she was picking them up was fucking unbearbul and i ha to turn the sound off, i hope this girl rots in hell of gets locked up and never gets to see sun light agian.
    fucking bitch

  18. i hope this fucking dog of a human being gets found by the people who have previously commented and really fucking hurt with every single punishment that everyone has described!


  19. anyone want to try and fuckiing say she did something good and you should give me a call and ill fucking kick you fucking teeth in like all these people saying shes a bitch are fucking right shes a dick head and should rot in hell.

  20. It’s only a matter of time before this girl is found. She didn’t cover her face. She has thousands on the internet from all over the world hunting her now. You will get yours soon girl.

  21. I couldnt even watch more then 8 seconds of the video i was that horified! How can you fucken live with yourself you stupid little slut. I hope when they find you they kill you and make it a slow death. RIP Puppies!!!

  22. You dirty rotton scummy little bitch. I honestly wouldnt mind doing to that to you and your friend. Actually id do it in a more horrible way. You and your coward bitch face little friend need to fucking die….OMG this makes me sooo mad… i hate you…..Worthless peices of shit…..AAAARGGH!!!!

  23. Not like that it would be to humane for her!!!! She needs to be beaten within an inch of her life, made better and beaten within an inch of her life again. She needs to be torchered so bad that she will understand what she did!!!!

  24. I agree it to painful and all I did was cry to know that there are people out there that take pleasure in what she did!!!!!!!!!

  25. don’t try and justify what this fucked up excuse for a human being has done. “far crueler fate”? are you serious? you’re naive if your comment to this whole situation is to “get used to it” and that it’s “life”. Life for a messed up delinqent maybe, but for the rest of us that believe standing up for defensless animals and salviging what’s left of mankind is a justifiable cause this video is simply fucking barbaric. Shut the fuck up and don’t bother writing comments if this sort of pathetic crap is your contribution. You are a douche bag

  26. There is, or was a FaceBook page this afternoon. There was a girl by the name of Annabell A. ? no full last name.
    Search ‘Throwing Puppies… It should come up if the page hasn’t been taken down.
    I know it was reported.
    There were idiot kids making sick comments, just like here.
    Thinking it’s ‘cool’ to say they liked it, etc…
    I want to know where their parent’s are, if any? Or, are they sociopath’s just like these two?
    I have a son about this age. I KNOW he would NEVER do anything like this but lemme tell you, if he did I WOULD beat him w/in an inch of his life…
    I cannot, for the life of me understand this.
    God is the ONLY one who can save these kids and he’d better do it BEFORE anyone gets a hold of them first…
    I’d be afraid for my life if I were them.
    Sick, twisted little pieces of shit, fucks…
    Someone will make you scream little girl. You should hide.
    God Bless those poor, poor babies. He has them now.


  28. Do you know what would be SOOOOOO FUNNY!
    If she lost her footing fell into the river and drowned while her friend recorded it.

    Then the puppies learned how to swim and saved each other formed Puppietron and Ate her ass up then shit her out…

  29. im gonna tie her to a stick light it on fire and then dunck her in over and over then im gonna brake her back so she cant swim then throw her in!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! FREAK!!!! NO ONE LIKES YOU WE ALL WANT YOU TO BURN!!!!!!!!

  30. i just wana rip her eyes out and and grrrr….. frjagjkhbvrkjhgshbcsvhjvjkhdvfkahbvhav rgv chb fashg fhb a ckjfkjfdc bjkfdkhj ahbcjab hjjkfdkc kackajc kafc kabc bacfbca c adcdaqedjwvkhjwkg kfygfvhdsfcbnmn bvcdsasxcv bbvfdsfvgb bgvfb bvfb nmbmgyhb nbvhgb nmjhvnb vf, bm bmgjnvchjdxfkjhbvsjhbv huhuhuhuh sorry about that it grrr…..

  31. sick white bitch.she´s even smiling as if she´s throwing rocks into the river and not living,feeling creatures. what a psychopath. the person behind the camera is no better than her,or he/she would´ve stopped this heinous act and save the poor puppies lives. he keeps filming “the fun”. no wonder serial killers are white bastards who think the world owes them something.

  32. if i knew this girl i would beat her till she had no working limbs hurting poor puppys this is why i perfer animals over humans sick little cunt if that was my dog you would die a painful death

  33. That dumb bitch i want to throw that dumb bitch in a river. What twisted bastard would throw puppies in a river. I hope this girl gets stabbed, her intestines ripped out, strangled with her own them, and her body fed to dogs

  34. If the girl simply throws puppies into rivers to get rid of them, it is perfectly normal in my eyes.

    All the negative comments here were left by American people whose minds are too small to view the world in a different angle.

    There are tons of countries where people don’t have vet and throwing unwanted kittens&puppies into dumpster, drowning in bucket is very standard practice.

    I was born in China, and back then we didn’t have vets, kittens born unwanted were either put to dumpster or drowned in a bucket, no one would whine like you people do.

    Open your eyes people.

  35. The whole time I was hoping to see a wolf or bear blind side her and yes I’m in so much anger rape her ant rip her arms off and just when u think it can’t get any worse for her, she survives and ends up living a miserable life and she won’t even have the capability to take her own life…….

  36. Hey China girl do u get a hard on when u drown puppies or kittens and throw them in the trash? I hope not, there is a difference between simply putting an animal down, and making an animal suffer

  37. omg if i ever saw her i would kik her ass .!
    i prayed that night that those puppies died right when she threw them so they wudnt suffer
    i heard she only had a 7000 dolla fine for that and thats all
    P.S your a sick person you stupid whore.!

  38. I would love to know where this bitch lives so I could go over and fuck both her and her stupid friend filming up. How i honestly wish I knew ….just seeing and hearing the poor defenseless puppies crying as she trhows them n hearing their little bodies hit the water really irritates me.

  39. sickened by this video!! This girl clearly needs professional help, she is truely disturbed!! What comes around goes around!

  40. That stupid,twisted bi**h!!!!!why would sum1 throw cute puppies in a river?!?!i mean would u like it if i throw u in the river?! Wel i think we should send ths thing to the s.p.c.a or sumthng!

  41. poor puppies !
    i wonder if they are still alive ? ! 😀
    sara what do you think
    of course their gonna fucking die !
    hahah imm a respect !!!! ha

  42. This is unreal, when she threw the 1st one , i thought to myself thank god this is some hoax, but when she took them from the bucket and they were alive i had to stop the video. I can’t believe someone can actually live with themself knowing what they did. I really hope animal control finds out who this is and charges them to the fullest. Animal cruelty is no joke!

  43. i would cut tiny holes in that bitch and let ants crawl inside her then id pour germex on all her cuts and burn the bitch alive

  44. I’m going to kill this dumb fucking cunt bitch. I’ll cut out pieces of her and throw them into the river one by one as she’s alive and still watching her pieces float away in the river

  45. well isn’t that rude of her?? You know what don’t say that you wanna kill her OK then your just as bad as her what she did was wrong she should be put in jail and have a life sentence. But her mortality is wrong and if you wanna do that to someone no matter how evil they are its just not right. killing is not right but protesting and standing up for what you believe in is. Plus what are you gonna do? You will probably never meet her in your life unless you go out of your way to. So come on guys THINK ABOUT IT BEFORE YOU SAY IT NO MATTER HOW MAD YOU ARE!

  46. hypocrites much? or maybe just full of talk.. I don’t understand you people. What that girl did is truly sickening, inhumane and cruel…. but reading these comments you are all talking about doing absolutely HORRIBLE things to a girl who obviously needs a lot of serious help. NONE of you know what could of happened to her that made her think this is acceptable… yet you all condemn her? So if she’s cruel and then you actually do the things you are saying you will, doesn’t that make you the same if not worse? or are you all just full of it?

  47. shes crazy if i waz her mommy the when she born ill throw her in the river ust how she did those little inasint fuckin puppy bitch like wtf ru thinking hoe ur such a stupid harrased bitch!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. This puppys would have never hurted anyone, this girl does! So why is there a difference between a human and an animals life? Yeah the difference is that human can be cruel and kill just for fun and with no reason. Would an animal do the same? NEVER! (well yess, monkeys do but they are most similar to us) And in most cases of kidnapping it´s the parents fault because when you decide to get kids you have to know that it´s an full-time job and you have to look after them every second. sry geetting too much off-topic. well i tried my best but i´m just not good talkig and writing english 😛

  49. People are talking about killing her, tearing her to shreds, beating the crap out of her, and you’re stuck on kidnapping? I’d say throwing puppies into the water is a lot worse than kidnapping…What if someone threw you into the water and you couldn’t swim? You’d die. And that’s alotttt worse than kidnapping, isn’t it?

  50. In comparison the life of a human being, and the life of an animal are different. While I am totally against what the girl in the video is doing, if I absolutely had to choose between a puppy drowning, and a child being kidnapped, or an adult for that matter, I would have to choose a puppy drowning.

  51. The girl cant be more than 13 or 14.If i was her parent she wont get to see tom.Or she has parents that dont care what she does.There is alot of those now days.

  52. that bitch should be in a fukkin head lock if you listen closely you can herr her sayy weeeeeeeeeeee i like to throw her in a pond a say weeeeeeeeeeeeeee die bich diee

  53. OMG!!! who ever that dumb bitch was should be sent to jail if not
    somebody should throw her stupid ass in the river..and the dumb sick fuck recording it!!!

  54. This chick could be on drugs. Gone Gong~gong long time ago.
    Pups all happy at Rainbow Bridge. A good person will find and love them all one day – in the Lord’s New Kingdom.
    Their little souls will live on ~ everything has a soul. There is a special place reserved just for them – this I know. Their little innocent lives were taken before God’s Time.
    God is everywhere in all and IS All.
    This chick sinned against God’s endless love and beauty.
    Many have done so before and many more will come to do the same.
    Man chooses his own destiny into eternity. You have free will to love God or not to. Good luck.
    Yahweh said: “You are for me, or you are against me” So it will be.
    Man is aloof, thinks he is God, but alas, God rules – not man, who is a fool.
    God is very patient with mankind – for how long I ponder?
    Some day God will draw a line and put an end to all the bullshit, terror, torture and loveless
    people in this world.
    This youngster has touched God’s eyeball –
    May God have mercy on her soul
    We ALL merely exist by God’s Endless Grace
    Man is destroying God gift to mankind – Terra

    >>So long my little ones – God loves you always<< They did not deserve to die. Why??? Disgraceful. my heart is very heavy at this time of writing. thanks for reading folks – ends

  55. what kind of fuckin sick ass twisted bitch is this. If i ever found that bitch omg. . fuck her i hope someone throws her ass in the river

  56. this girl is sick and twisted.. i hope she reads every one of these comments and realizes what the fuck she’s done. what a sick bastard, hopefully she’ll get thrown into a river as well.

  57. This is really just FUCKED UP! How the hell can you do something like that and still smile about it! How would you like it if someone threw your kids in a river and smiled about it? Same concept you fool!
    Just remember BITCH every dog gets its day and yours is coming real soon!

  58. This girl should have the mother dog taken away from her, and she should be severly punished!
    Shave her head and put her in jail for a few years, then post her picture in the papers and on the new’s
    then the whole world can see the stupid bitch,
    and also her parents should be fined. aswell as the person filming this.
    Fucking sick stupid fucks, hope your dog will be taken far away from you.
    and if the world has some justice and put her away for a few years
    And then hopefully all her friends will realize what a stupid cunt she is

  59. this “thing” that walks on 2 legs ((I wont even call her human) is the most discusting thing i have seen, she cannot be mentally stable to find enjoyment in causing those pups to the fear and pain they went through. I hope and pray that the story where an old woman found and managed to save 5/6 of them is true.
    if i had seen her doing that right in front of me rather than the internet she would be seriously beaten and left to die in that river.

  60. this is one of the most disturbing things i have ever seen and i have seen a lot.
    this girl should be found and be seriously punished. who in their right state of mind could get enjoyment or pleasure out of this.
    i love all of my animals and this makes me have that much more respect for peple who take care of them.

    your a sick fucked up girl. i hope you more than pay for what you have done.

  61. GAS the BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@




  62. ummm ok crazzy asss umm idc how old you areee but iff you gett a dog or a baby ill throw it in a river and ill say opps people die every day ha but im not a bitch so woullddnnnt do that K9 killa

  63. umm youre very lonely right? k welll obviously . you need to like stfu
    please & thaank you. could you be ruder? likkee i cant wait fer you to die and no one to care
    im juss sayin dude make some friends and make some faast
    juss cause no one would care if you were too die has no effeccts on what other people think
    ohh & yess people do care about other humans dying. likke umm GROW UPP and get a life face 2010 humans
    are MUCH crueler than animals. soo you saying they are jus animals is shallow as he**
    mann. like geet a new ATTITUDE and maybe people will like you. i dontt judge anyone or anything
    but i think yuu should commit suiicide for tht comment right there mann

  64. omg!thats horrible!how can you do that to poor innocent puppies!!!!!she should go to jail and get fined!!!i hope she gets screwed by the law!

  65. What the F*** is wrong with this bitch. I would like to meet up with her a time or two and knock some fucking sense into her. Then I want at her parents because that evidently is the reason she is like the way she is. Lets not forget to mention the asshole taping this fucked up session.

  66. I would also like to know why nobody has traced what computer this bitch downloaded this to and arrested her ass???? This really pisses me off and I would hope to god for her sake she never ever crosses my path

  67. your a sick BITCH!! :) how could you throw such cute lill things in the RIVER!!
    yeah you didnt want them well im sure as hell pretty sure that someone out there would have brought them off you or something!!!
    no need to toss them in to the river for them to die!!!
    unwanted, YES! but still not the way to go about it! how about we cut your body up n put it in a bucket n toss the peices in the river!!
    HUH HOWS THAT SOUND NOT GOOD AY!!? well your not wanted!! 😀

  68. I’m no animal lover whatsoever, but doing this is to baby animals is very cruel. There is so many places that she could have put them in. The least that she could’ve done was to donate the puppies instead of throwing them away in a river like that. Such a shame.

  69. I would choose the puppys life over hers anyday! The puppys did nothing to desurve that! She on the other hand is evil. Good luck to the kidnapping guy.

  70. Okay im a vet. and i dont understand why you would do this if u didnt get your dogs fixed why let them mate. and why if u didnt want the puppies have an abortion of the puppies and get ur dogs fixed at the same time?. or if its really that bad that u cant do that. why not sell the puppies im sure people out there would have them as they are cute. NO normal person would chuck beautiful pups in the river whilst filming them and laughing as they drown thats just wrong and sick. if u could do this to an animal who says u couldnt do it to a human. Its Wrong its sick and i hope to god u get locked away for a hell of a long time. You are obviously stupid and even more so for posting this. i really hope u get whats coming for you!!

  71. This girl needs serious therapy and needs to go into a juvenile detention center. This should be treated very seriously, this made me sick to watch.

  72. i fucking hate this bitch so much right now
    im outraged and i hope someone finds her and beats her to a pulp
    who knows, this bitch might be as stupid as she looks and start bragging
    bitches/sluts/whores like her should fucking die
    we need to find her asap because if she enjoys animal cruelty it could eventually lead her to cause people (if she hurt herself it’d be for the best though)

  73. Then you have to thank about the person takeing the video of her. Might be her Dad.
    Or someone that made her do it. Got to look at the whole picture.
    They both need punished.

  74. If I knew where she was I would beat the living crap out of her then throw her in the river. That little Bitch has got it coming. Those poor pups I am mad & So upset to see it. people suck.

  75. With acts like this, it really makes me wonder what this world is coming to. Seriously, you videotape it and then post it on the internet. Looks like someone was scraping the bottom of the gene pool with this girl. I pray it is just a CG hoax.

  76. Some questions: Why were the puppies on ice? Who was video taping? Where is the girls and is she being evaluated? Studies show that those being cruel to animals have been tormented themselves. No excuse for what she did, but we need to research this. The parents should be investigated and charged.

  77. If any one knows who this child is and where she is from please notifie your local police. This behavior is sociopathic and she needs to be helped, before she dose this to a human child. She is obviously a very trubled child from a moraly corrupt family that has not tought her about provention for animals or her self .
    The real and true crime here will be if good people watch this and do nothing, it’s up to you who know this child.

  78. This girl has to be killed for her cruelty to animals!
    Believe me, I would do it, when nobody would find me out.
    What about the poor mother of the little puppies? The mother dog
    certainly searches her puppies and that is animal cruelty crime enough!
    And what about the mother dog concerning her living in the house of the bitch!
    Does she do cruelty to the mother dog, too.
    Bitch, you have to die!

  79. Just another psychopathic coo-coo-kid.
    The one filming is just as coo-coo!
    They should go read Dr Robert Hare on psychos.
    God will judge these heartless souls right into eternity.
    The Bible tells us clearly that God watches us how we treat animals on earth.
    These ‘people’ are backward and need to go to Army and catch a wake up.
    If it was my kids I would DISOWN the whole lot.
    Those poor little pups have all gone to Heaven – I believe that.
    Every little creature has a spirit and the pups will live again in a far better world.
    That time is soon to be when The Lord returns.
    I have far more respect for animals.
    These sickos have not setup real bad Karma for themselves.
    The internet should not even give them ANY exposure.
    God forbid.

  80. Correction:
    “These sickos have not setup real bad Karma for themselves”
    Should read: – These sickos have NOW setup real bad Karma for themselves.
    My typo!

  81. what a bitch to do something like that….is she sick in the head??? what the fuck?? if i ever see her shes going to beat up by me and then ill throw her in the river while she cries for help!!!!!


  83. U don’t even want 2 know what I would’ve done upon witnessing something like this 1st hand. It’s just sickening. I hope they charge this girl & she is not allowed 2 own anymore animals EVER!

  84. WOW what a sick twisted kid! and what has the police done about this video!? I mean you mean to tell me you can post a fuckin sick twisted video on killing animals and you don’t know who the fuck posted it!!!???? she shouldn’t be thrown into the river cause at least she has a chance to swim! she should be hung by her feet and have her arms tied behind her back and burry her head in the river and see how helpless she is to herself and she can feel what those dogs felt! i hope GOD has mercy on your soul! cause noones else does!

  85. What kind of mind can do that? Today she is throwing puppies in the river, tomorrow she is going to throw her babies. Crazy bastard!!!.

  86. Congrats bitch! You made it on Google News [which is where I found this article from]. How about I get a fucking knife and carve out your eyes so maybe you can see what you are doing? Also, I will let you explain your lame abused self (asshole) so I will slit your fucking throat. Your pic is worldwide bitch, better watch yourself. You are on my hitlist, not on the top but two away from being to the top.

    Why not move away from where you are at. Kidnapping is my favorite hobby, I will shave your fucking head and give you some new makeup to wear BITCH!

  87. Dude kidnapping is a lot worse then throwing puppys in the water!!!!it is fukin not right but kidnapping come on dude

  88. she is no fucking cool u asshole shes a fucking animal abuser u bitch ur porablly on eto u deserve to die like her to bitch imma go looking for u n fucking kill u n the girl fuck of n dnt say anything bk better watch ut asshole u better sleep wit ur eyes open BITCH

  89. fuck you and fuck your stupid fucking ideas about how you think this fucking little cunt is having her own style or some bullshit fucking comment you made supporting her throwing puppies into a river i know they were unwanted but to no extent should any living thing be thrown into a fucking river when it cant fucking swim or have the power to do anything about it rot in hell, fuck you and your family, and anyone else who supports what this fucking piece of trash mistake of human encarnation has done

  90. To “Coolness:” trolling threads and stories like this is not cool, you jerk. You’re not being cute or clever.

  91. Your a dumb mother fucker if u commended her while the first pup that went into the water u heard it squeel from the pain it probally felt u need the same fucking torture that she does u all are a bunch of fucking scum bags

  92. you are COMPLETELY MESSED UP if you thing this video is “COOL” you should be thrown into a river of a bridge!!!!!! You are just as bad as her if you think it is cool to throw living baby animals to their deaths while hearing them yelp!!! you are not a human and you have no soul

  93. Bravery? Where is the bravery of throwing helpless baby creatures into a rapidly flowing cold river? And where is the bravery of recording it and showing on the web? This is not bravery. This is a child screaming for love!

  94. How about fight the power by having your dog fixed … She will be caught and be charged for animal curelty! She is the stupidest person in the world. She also could have left them at a shelter. Someone needs to throw her off a cliff

  95. you sick mother fkr,its people like you that should be thrown into a pit so deep with a a shit load of pit bulls and ripped and mawled to death slowly and painfully,u fkg god damn weirdo’s.your time will come u just wait! wot gos around ,comes around fuckers!

  96. You dont just throw her in the river.. you break her arms and legs then throw her in the river. This cunt is dead, if there is a group to find this sick twister whore and torture her then piss on her corpse, count me in.

  97. FUCK YOU stupid bitch!! go fucking die, ill fucking throw you in a fucking river and drown your fucking face you FUCKING CUNT!!!!!!!!

  98. U DUmb WHoree U COuld’ve Put The Puppies Out FOr Addoption . Wut If U Were One Of Thee Puppiess . ND U Thinkk Itss FUnniee I Should Throww Ur Ass Off A Fuckinq Cliff Nd LAugh . Ndd Thtss Animal Abuse U Can qet Arrested /

  99. mother fucker bitch who the fuck she think she is animal have the life to live like human she should be the one who get thorw down the rriver that dumbass have no intent to be like this she is the son of the bitch

  100. i cant believe sum1 wud do tht 2 innocent lil pups y b so cruel
    i feel like scrapin her fukin eyes out n throwin her into a river c how she likes it

  101. sick Fu**ing bitch shud be thrown in river n drowned heerself. why the hell would any1 do that n y wud any1 record her doing it. I hope she gets caught

  102. I would fuck the shit outta this girl. She is amazingly sexy… oooh if I could spend just 5 minute alone with her. *fapfapfapfap*

  103. disgusting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  104. I think the verdict is in. That girl and her parents along with the camera man need to be smudged out of existence. I would shoot out her kneecaps first and then make that bitch’s parents hog tie her and throw her in the river. There’s a special place for people like that unfortunately for them its 6 feet under. All of you who think the pups should have gone before the girl gets kidnapped and maimed should all share the same fate. Seriously you all who are sided with her should die along with those helpless puppies. You don’t deserve the air you breath and I hope that girl gets raped and murdered.

  105. I am seriously hoping someone puts this sick bitch in Jail along with the camera operator and anyone else involved including the parents. This is why I hate humans that do these sort of things. Someone needs to throw the entire family in a river with rocks attached.

  106. Ohhh this sick twisted bitch. And I also agree, the person behind the camera needs a hefty ass whooping theirself. They’ll get what’s coming to them. Everyone wants them dead, hurt, or in jail. This bitch.

  107. you fucken sluty crazy psycho BITCH i wish i fucken saw you so i could toss your fucken ugly flatass!
    you dumb bitch i would fucken kill youu.! i bet you thats how they treated your ass you trailer trash needs love!
    and to the camera guy your a fucken pussy ass letting that shit happen;; i wanna know where u stay at so i could go drag you motherfuckers i will fucken chop you in fucken pieces!!you fucken lame bitch i wish i knew who u were your bitchass would have been fuken tortured..

  108. you fucken sluty crazy psycho BITCH i wish i fucken saw you so i could toss your fucken ugly flatass!
    you dumb bitch i would fucken kill youu.! i bet you thats how they treated your ass you trailer trash needs love!
    and to the camera guy your a fucken pussy ass letting that shit happen;; i wanna know where u stay at so i could go drag you motherfuckers i will fucken chop you in fucken pieces!!you fucken lame bitch i wish i knew who u were your bitchass would have been fuken tortured..

  109. that isn’t a normal person that is an evil discusting being that dosnt even deserve the right to be called human, i cannot understand how anyone can fid enjoyment in doing that

  110. Thank you for putting some perspective on the subject! Whilst i dont condone her actions in any sense all these people saying they want to torture her is stupid! that makes you no better than she is pull your heads in!

  111. People are so sensitive -_-, In South America we have so many massacres and innocent people being murdered, raped and kidnapped12 by cholos and narco traficantes and you here are crying about dogs. I find this a joke compared to what we see so often. You and your sheltered lives.

  112. That is the most fucked up thing I’ve ever seen. That girl and her accomplice are going straight to hell. Something is seriously messed up in your head. I don’t care if you have a disability. People with disabilities don’t go throwing puppies into rivers. That bitch is gonna die a bad and painful death.

  113. Goy people have no compassion for any people and the living – that’s their problem. They are dislocated from life, the world and its people. Totally out of touch with reality. A lost cause.
    Too much goyim in the world today who are only selfish and have no breeding, no background and very low IQ. Go wiki more on goyim…
    Go figure.

  114. I watched this video and just burst out crying… I can’t believe someone could do this. This is the time time in my entire life when I will ever feel it is OK to hit a women.
    I hope one day she drowns in the same river :'(

  115. i hope someone rapes her, then stabs her private areas, then strangles her, and cuts off her head and throws her body in tjhe river like she threw those puppies. no animal deserves that lind of treatment..

  116. they find her im going to go to her and break her neck break every bone in her body leaveing her alive to feel the pain
    and then throw her into a river and see if she can swim out of it

  117. i would do the same thing but if she does manage to swim out of it i would bring a handgun just to be safe
    and shoot that fucking bitch

  118. that little piece of shit!! that’s just as worse as throwing baby humans!! she need not to live among society EVER again!?

  119. I’m not viloent so persnally I couldn’t stoop to her level but I hope all the angry people who want to kill actually do I truley truley hope they do

  120. Someone needs to pick that BITCH up and throw her acoss the river, just the way she did to those puppies. I think people like that should get the same punishment as child molesters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  121. Im sorry but this actually made me cry. How can you enjoy that? How about if your own children where tossed into a river? Would you laugh then? Id show a little sympathy if you were crying and couldnt afford them.. But fucking seriously?

    Its annoying little yobs like you that make this world a worse place to live.

  122. i would love to see that girl get tourchered to the worst extent. i would just sit back and laugh. she needs to feel a disgusting amount of pain. but then not let her die. let her be in that pain for the rest of her life. that is how someone who does something so fucking vile to animal should be treated.

  123. OH MY GOD!!!! I can’t believe what I just saw..unbelievable!!! She will get what’s coming to her,she needs to watch her back,should she be noticed.I see alot of people are after her..She is disgusting…


  125. WHAT A FUCKEN DUMB BITCH!! I HOPE SHE’LL ROT IN HELL AND FEEL HER A HORRIBLE PAIN FOR THE REST OF HER LIFE!. one day, karma will come around and she will receive a pain that is worst than the pain given to the innocent poor puppies..

  126. i got an idea how about i throw u into the fukn river with ya ankles ties to a slab of concrete with a a laminated photo of new born puppys stuck to ya fukn face so u see them as u die to u dirty fukd up mole.. shame the whole world is after u ya dumb cunt…

  127. I totally agree with you. But, there’s one other thing I agree with. With the fact that you’re an asshole. Now isn’t that a pretty cool thing to say? Youuu’reee an aaaassssshhhhoooollllle…damn, that’s so cool and true.

  128. to nut job in video~ you will burn it hell for what you did!. if i ever find out where you are i will tie your hands and legs together and throw you in that water with your wrists slit and brain exposed. you better be watching your back cause so many people will be out to get you now!!. you better check yourself into a mental hospital before its to late for you!

  129. She had no idea this would’ve become a worldwide issue. I feel sorry for her, and at the same time, I feel like killing her.

    Unless, the girl, along with the cameraman are both retarded. Which would give us a solid reason as to why this happened.

  130. Omg! go dieeee!!! those puppies are worth more than you! go fucking die! and to person filming this, you are horrible for letting this madness go on!

  131. Everyone keeps talking about what she did to the puppies, but nobody has mentioned what she might be doing to the mother of the puppies. If she was that cruel to the puppies, GOD only knows what she has been doing to the mother!!!!!! At least the puppies are away from her now. The mother still has to live with this cruel evil BITCH, and suffer daily!!!!!!

  132. omg i cant watch this… its fucking terrible!!!!
    Just to hear them squeeling omg im crying.
    I hope u get urs u fucking little slut.. I am going to make it my mission in life to hunt you down bownd ur legs wrap duct tape ovver ur eyes and throw u off a briidge.. FUCK!!!!!

  133. I think of all Australia & The rest of the world agrees this person needs to be brought to justice and face the maximum penalty for each individual’s life she destroyed in such a cruel way!!

    I think we should all work together & Try and find out who she is and go from there :)

    How’s about a nice swim in Australia’s Croc infested Northern Rivers??? Let’s put that up on Youtube !! :)

  134. haha thats a good idea actually lets throw HER into one of our rivers and see how she likes it. SWIM SWIM sorry cant hear your cries for help or see you struggling for your life. I only see as much as much and feel as much as you did when you threw those defenseless puppies that couldnt even walk or see let alone swim into the river……..sweet FA

  135. what a sick twisted hearless bitch. she was throwing them like rocks. I hope somebody makes her realise what she did. No use cutting the skanks heart out SHA HASNT GOT A HEART. forget stone cold this bitch simply doesnt feel. seriously puppies and newborns I hope your dog fucking bites your head off and I hope you get charged, jailed and reframed from owning ANY kind of animal EVER for the rest of your life.
    And yes I bet your laughing now that your sick ugly twisted face is known all over the world the amount of people that want your blood youd better go sign yourself up for witness protection……….oh wait they dont protect heartless people only people that DESERVE to be protected

  136. Wow I agree this girl has issues as well as the friends recording it. However to sit there and threaten her with bashings, beheadings, kidnapping, throat cutting, and whatever else is here makes us no better as humans than she is. We humans who feel compassion for these animals are here to care for, minister to, and teach those like this girl and her friends about love, affection, stable emotions, compassion and so on…. To make a better society one must walk the walk and talk the talk.

  137. Okay, people need to calm down. The way you all speak it makes me think that alot of you have the potential of killing someone just cause someone did something wrong. People are dying everyday out there, some with not option of defense or saving and you here are talking about Killing, mutilating, kidnapping or in general join the evil side by doing these things to this girl. The girl needs to be analyzed for whatever the cause of the issue, via mental issues or straight out cruelty. Either way there is a legal humane way of going about this. We all know that its wrong what she did but SOME of you need to set your priorities straight since you cant compare animal lives to human lives. If you think so than you are sick in my opinion.

  138. yes people talking about destroying her is a brutal thing to say but she is not human… she is a beast and personally to me..its sick of you to think that you said we shouldnt compare animals lives to humans…animals are the most inoccent things in the world, those puppies were crying like little babies drowning and frightened..and you think its sick of us to want to mutalate her? Humans should all die, WE are why everything suffers, WE are the reason why innocent children and animals are raped, murdered and bashed every fucking minute! Wake up to yourself…WE are the ones who brought hell to earth, we should of never been born.

  139. Whatever, you people need to get a life, and stop caring about meaningless things. Yeah right a stupid girl is trowing away dogs in to the river… so what? Some times dogs bite and kill little babies… and if you are shocked with this video and revolted is because you are sleeping, cus this appens all the time, for exemple im writing this post and throwing baby elephants and hypos into the river… is a cool sport… lol

  140. that bitch is dead. i’ll break her fucking neck. Those puppies are so adorable, yet she goes and kills them in the most inhumane way possible. she deserves imprisonment or for all her teeth to get knocked out. personally i think she should be tied to a pole and wild dogs let loose at her..

  141. Im not afraid to put my name so other people can see how brave i em to say this,
    this bitch should thrown in hell for this,stupid fuckin bitch how dare she do this,she can go to prison 4 life for this.
    i just cant believe this,i started to cry when i saw this,felt such fucking anger inside of of me just burst out,wanted to kill this whore bag..

  142. If you rather save an animal over a human being like a family member then I think you have priority issues. ( Think please). I like how you say WE as in maybe “YOU” have done some of these things. Dont talk for everyone else saying things like that. I never said anything about it being okay killing an animal in that way. It was wrong in the way she went about it. Also stop saying that all animals are innocent. Do you not watch Discovery channel or research any animal life documents? Animals do alot of cruel and not innocent things too. So about the whole WE all kill, rape and bash people YOU need to look in the mirror and ask yourself that question. Cause I’m sure most of us dont do those things. People gotta stop resorting to giving in to anger and their emotions so hastily and THINK about what they are saying. You thinking about being getting on her level and doing something an animal would do without thinking? Ill see you on the safe side of the court.

  143. Putting YOUR name is meaningless as you can just put a fake name and it isn’t “brave”. Most people dont do it cause they are just lazy about putting in their name or see it as pointless. As for your comments, she should will not and should automatically be sent to hell. I’m assuming that you know about god since you are talking about her going to hell. If so, learn to forgive and teach. YOU dont even know for what reasons she went about this and even if it was just out of being cruel and ignorant, you should learn to forgive. After all isn’t that what god teaches you? People need to realize instead of countering a BAD act with ANOTHER BAD act such as killing her ect. you are on the same page as evil. Also she wouldn’t get a full life sentence for this. 5 human babies = 5 puppies dosent equal the same punishment. As you mentioned towards the end of your comment to, you need to control your emotions better. If you want to kill someone for doing this let me know so I can make a video about you doing that…

  144. this girl better watch out, my crew are going to fuck her up. MOTHER FUCKER, watch your back. you look like a horses ass on a bad day. this video has upset me hugely.

  145. Its more humane than stomping on them as one person suggested on a forum. I remember my neighbor taking unwanted pups and putting them in a bag and tossing them in a lake, never thought of it as cruel ..

  146. Who the fuck brings gods name into such a cruel and foul act? God forgives those who repent their sins this bitch aint gonna repent nor feel guilt those sick twisted fucks enjoyed that its not just the stupid whore that was throwing them its that fuckin faggot cock smoker who was filming it! destroy an innocent life and your day will come you sadistic fuckin maggots!

  147. some of you say that she should be thrown to the river to drawn

    i am writing from Bosnia and I have a news for you:

    people DO throw other people into rivers to drawn in Bosnia
    sometimes they shoot them first or cut their throat
    sometimes they just tie their hand and legs with the wire ans pliers

    so the event that you are commenting has happened among the people with much more cruel life than yours and much less sensibility than yours, but it’s not entirely their fault.

    entire world was watching this and Rwanda in 1990’s on their TV’s, without much fuss
    around 1 000 000 people killed in those 2 countries

    so beware of Drago Rakovic and other people killers, and leave this girl to carry her burden of being stupid and cruel

  148. Does anyone know if legal action is being done against this girl? I really HOPE so considering she filmed herself doing this…..

  149. Omdays , how could you do this to the puppys worse thing still how could you just let it happen and record it . you peeps have some mental problems. imagine if they do get back on land, there gonna starve to death.
    as much as i hate her for this i hate the person who recoreded it even more … get your heads checked darlin … !!!

  150. As if you would do that i mean come on that is sooo ridiculous. its even more pathetic that she gets someone to record her doing it then post it on youtube or whatever she used.
    She even probably laughed about it afterwards and doesnt even give a damn bout those damn puppies.
    How would she like it if everyone here got her and threw her into a river??
    bloody retard i say.


  152. This completely sucks. Only positive thing I can see is that…she’s on vid…
    and needs some charges like animal cruelty put on her. Oh. And of course
    to be thrown into a raging river…where there’s lots of rocks..js.

  153. This person needs to be jailed for this. Inhumane is not the word for her – she is a monster, she is heartless and I am so scared for any children she may have. I believe they will not be safe, if they did something . . . LIKE CRY!!!

  154. seriously, you need to shut up. i noticed you commented on another post a bit further up. Your comments add nothing of value to this page. You’re simply trying to come across as an intellectual when really you’re just an ignorant and confused little person. first of all, most of what you are saying makes little to no sense at all. And secondly, when you change SOME words TO upper case LETTERS in the matter that you do, it doesn’t strengthen your argument, it simply emphasises the fact that you are un able to structure a piece of thought in to words. seriously, shut the fuck up.

  155. I dont need to shut up. I can say the same for you but I’m not going to stop you from voicing your opinion. As for comments adding value to the page? Most people on this page are writing comments of how this girl should die or be tortured. They are all WRITING LIKE THIS TOO, so I dont understand what your prob is with caps. Im saddened that you are also confused about my words of morality since you apparently dont find any sense in them. Im sure other people on the same page of violance will understand once they vent and let the anger subside away from them.
    I dont understand whats so hard about this. Do you not see our society? We have ways of going about punishing people that break laws. We have the justice system and people are trying to go about this as in the old days. Stone her to death/tourture/kidnapping ect.

  156. I agree this girl need psychological help and she need to be made to work with the animal cruelty and made to see what she has done is so wrong, but the comments on this page is very wrong. You dont change people by threats of voilence and what been posted on this page. I was horrified with what I saw and could not watch all of it and realise that this girl needs medical help and the law will prosacute her

  157. that,s real cruel and we should throw that bitch in the river and see if u get saved and while ur in there u save the cute puppies bitch and u need to be locked up feral feral bitch take that i love animals <3 <3 <3 u puppies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  158. if anyone ever finds out that girls name
    let me know,
    im gonnna fucking kill that motherfucker,
    those pupps are porlly dead by now!!!!!
    fuck people like shoud be shot, killed murdered, torchered, or be a fucking slaveee!!! :@
    wow, this video really pisses me off :/

  159. While I think what this girl done was wrong, I do not condone violence. God will give her the punishment she deserves for killing, mind you I said KILLING one of his creatures. We can tell she is a sick, twisted individual. And the person that actually watched her do this and tape it for all the world to see, must not have a heart. For I one could never stand by and watch a human being kill a helpless creature. Wether or not it is a dog, cat, reptile or whatever. It is not possible. i pray that this pair of so called humans asked God for forgiveness after they did this. Because if they didn’t i can only imagine what GOD has in store for these two. I will pray that you get what you deserve on judgement day.

    I fell sorry for those animals and you.

  160. Very, very well said. I agree with some of the other people, too. Legal action MUST happen. We have to stop her from hurting anymore innocent animals (and probably people, as well)

  161. I really don”t understand ever body going crazy over this . People pay Doctor’s everyday to throw Babies away !!!!! Its not half as bad as Abortion .

  162. you retards she killed pups thats normal. the way she did was pretty sadistic but people have been drowning pups in rivers for a long long time now, its people like you retards who put micheal vick in jail for a year and the athletes and celebs who have killed people driving drunk in little rehabs for a 3 months. yo tards yall should be thrown in the rivers and drowned stop worrying about a couple of pups somewhere in eastern europe and maybe a little bit more about human life you dumbass peta bitches

  163. Hey a$$hole … humans can defend themselves & are able to make CHOICES!! Animals depend on us to TAKE CARE OF THEM!! It was a humans choice NOT to get their dog fixed … it was NOT the puppies CHOICE to be born!! So, do everyone a favor & go jump off a cliff!

  164. Unfriggin real

    they let this cunt breathe?

    What about the filthy whore who spread her legs and had this ugly friggin nasty ass snake of a filthy cunt????

    I say find the stupid skank, beat the fuck out of her, then then person videotaping this mess

    toss them in with a rope, drag em back and do it repeadtedly, then beat the shit out the nasty ugly piece of filth!

    Then find her parents and slap the shit out of the mom for letting whoever paid her to spread her legs breed!

  165. humans can defend themselves? your right the rape victims could of stopped the guy, the jews are just making shit up and blacks just wanted a free ride.
    human choice only matters if you can pull off what you choose. AND ANIMALS DEPEND ON US TO PROTECT THEM listen hippie we are animals, human nature is more fucked up than any other animal i dont condon with what this dumbass did but with very little time of this video being out there has been thousands of death threats people who are actually pin pointing her location. that is fucked up. people who are scheming and ploting to commit a murder.
    haha your right it was not the puppies CHOICE to be born, maybe it could of been the next tim tebow who knows, what i do know is yall tards really give a shit about some pups in another country when i bet there is animal shelter down the street from you place that has a whole litter of pups that will be killed unmercifully by the end of the week if are not adopted. how do i know this i work there so adopt the pups and i wont have to make that long trip to the river its a pain in the ass and i always get dirt on my shoes.

  166. Here let’s do this step by step for you Crack … You said, “your right the rape victims could of stopped the guy, the jews are just making shit up and blacks just wanted a free ride.” … I am a rape victim, so I more than YOU, can speak on this topic. It was the monster who raped me that CHOOSE to do that. He made a CONSCIENCE CHOICE!! So YES, there should be stronger laws for anyone that hurts another human being!! BUT, where the hell do you get the idea that people that love animals are the cause of Michael Vick getting 3 years & my rapist getting only 18 months?? The fact of the matter is this … Vick got nothing of what he truly deserved … he STILL has a million dollar football career & can earn forgiveness, turning his life around. My rapist got 18 month & for the rest of his life is on the sex offender registry. He will suffer, FOREVER. It may not be the punishment that it could have been OR SHOULD have been, but it is still more than Vick got! As for the suffering of the Jews & the Blacks, that is just you grasping at straws … when all of those horrendous things were happening, animal rights were not even an issue because people were busy fighting for the rights of the “blacks”! AND, aren’t us “white” people still paying for the sins our fathers, fathers, father committed against the “blacks” & Jews?!?!

    You said, “listen hippie we are animals, human nature is more fucked up than any other animal i dont condon with what this dumbass did but with very little time of this video being out there has been thousands of death threats people who are actually pin pointing her location. that is fucked up. people who are scheming and ploting to commit a murder.” … Hippie? LMAO that is actually Hilarius!! I am a meat eating, gas burning, gun toting, red neck female!! So, you were way off base there, but thanks for the laughs! Yes, human nature is more fucked up than any other, but … whose fault is that?? Oh yeah, OURS?! You want to punish humans that committee crimes more harshly?!?!?! Well, DUH!! Who doesn’t!! It isn’t because of animal activist that Vick got 3 years & my rapist got 18 months!! It is the lawyers that defend them & the lawmakers that make the laws!! There are NOT more animal activists in the world than there are human right activists! I honestly think that a lot of people that made death threats against this “girl” are just reacting out of pure anger & emotion … NOT, true intent. THAT, is another conscience choice us humans can make. To act or react … THAT is the question!!

    You said, “haha your right it was not the puppies CHOICE to be born, maybe it could of been the next tim tebow who knows, what i do know is yall tards really give a shit about some pups in another country when i bet there is animal shelter down the street from you place that has a whole litter of pups that will be killed unmercifully by the end of the week if are not adopted. how do i know this i work there so adopt the pups and i wont have to make that long trip to the river its a pain in the ass and i always get dirt on my shoes.” … This is where you lost any respect I had for you or your opinions. Really?! You want to go there?? “Tards”?? Here you are expressing your opinions about how us “HUMANS” don’t give a sh!t about other PEOPLE, but freak out about someone killing puppies in another country, yet you are perpetrating the same thing you just blamed everyone else for!! Are you a bigot? Do you have a problem with The Mentally Handicapped” or “Mentally challenged”?! YOU MUST NOT CARE ABOUT THE HUMAN RACE IF THEY ARE MENTALLY CHALLENGED!! LMAO … See how easy it is to turn things around? I just made this whole conversation about something it wasn’t. JUST LIKE YOU DID WITH YOUR VERY FIRST COMMENT!! Oh & by the way, I rescued every single one of my animals. I am also working on becoming a foster parent. As for your last ignorant, antagonistic comment, the animal shelter does NOT throw them in a river to DROWNED! They do NOT force them to suffer for what could be MINUTES … they HUMANLY (PAINLESSLY & WITHOUT SUFFERING) euthanize them. But you know what they do FIRST?!?! They give us HUMANS a chance to adopt them!! So in closing, YOU are NOT BETTER than anyone of the people on here talking about killing her because chances are, just like you calling us “tards” … it was all TALK!! It was us flawed humans expressing our, disgust, shame, pain, sorrow; etc in OUR OWN WAYS.

  167. oh hells ya kill off the mental, crippled or gay or at least domesticate em so we can keep em in the back yard with out em running off. who knows what kind of trouble theyll get into and the damage they could do to the neighbors kids. it be great neighborhood block parties could host theyre own special olypics. you know your pretty smart these are all really good ideas, keep them coming. and im glad i could change your mind, cause we are the problem us as a whole not the jackass you did that to you or the bitch lawyers or the shit eatin judge but our society in a whole. which brings me to a joke i heard last night about how if we were less harsh on child molesters than maybe the child molesters wouldnt kill the kids afterwards but just call up the parents and see if the kid needed to be at soccer practice afterwards. its a fucked up joke but had kinda of a fucked up point. if ever one didnt want to kill the molester and put him in jail and on the sex offenders sheet maybe theyre wouldnt be a need for them to kill all the kids they screw. thanks louie

  168. Well, I guess we should have a block party & lynching in your honor then. =]

    Ps. You missed my whole point & by MY definition, that makes YOU “slow”. So, … enjoy YOUR party!! <3

  169. Thanks i love parties. And its nice that you think i ever cared bout your point, thats just silly. lookin forward to the new version of websters good luck with it and the whole rape victim thing.

  170. Oh!! LMAO. I never made the mistake of thinking you cared about anything. NOR, did I underestimate your natural ability to be a heartless, egotistical, disgusting “human” being. So no harm, no foul. I am sorry you are such a miserable, unhappy person though.

    No need to respond … I won’t be wasting anymore of my valuable time on you. I have far more productive, positive, empathetic, people in my life to spend my time on. So chow, it’s been real. =]

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  172. My question is what kind of abuse did this girl endure to think that it is ok to throw these defenceless puppies into the river. Most humans would find much more humane options, yet she went to the most horendious she could think of. Studies show that when your abused you look for someone or something to abuse to gain back your own power. And I think she found her victims, i have to say i was pretty disgusted with her joy. If anyone knows who this kid is then report her to the authorities, not just to seek revenge but also to get her the help that she so desperatly needs.

  173. We need more comments like these. ^^^
    Enough with the violence. People need to think and analyze. Two wrongs dont equal a right.

  174. This is exactly what I thought when I posted my comment below yours. However, there is never any excuse whatsoever for these actions. I kinda feel bad for her, but then again, karma is going to get its own back, karma will eat her alive. Karma will see that her life ends in the most ironic way possible. I hope she gets chucked into a river with a rock tied to her leg. See how she likes it. I hope Daddy still fucks her every night just so she can keep on being punished for her actions.

  175. Wow talk about good parenting. Maybe they should have thrown her in when she was born. What KIND OF PARENTS RAISED THAT BITCH!!!!!!!!!!

  176. Ahhh.
    Why would she do this?
    Shes disgustingly hideous.
    This creature has nothing going for her AT ALL in life. Shes not pretty, she will never find a man to love her stone cold heart (nor a woman) she will never have babies (she should be snipped) she will never have a good paying job because nobody would employ an unreliable physcopath like her.

    I wonder what has happened to her in her life to make her this sadistic, sick, twisted and inhumane.
    Maybe Daddy fiddled her, maybe Daddy stuck his pee-pee in her.
    Maybe Mummy hit her, maybe Mummy locked her in a cupboard and told her she hated her.
    You know what, I feel sorry for her.
    She is obviously mentally insane as no human being with compassion or a concince would ever do somthing like that.
    Shes doing this because in the picture, she is the “mother figure” she has the “control” she can choose weather to let the puppies live or die.

    Shes going to die alone. And I will smile.

  177. she needs to get her A** Kicked on the hour every hour till her life is taking the word b*tch is to good for there should make a new one up for this sick sick waked out person
    Anyone want to take hit at her! It’s alright with me! do ti do it do it

  178. This horrific excuse for a human is not the only one to blame, but the person working the camera who did nothing to stop the brutally barbaric actions. I believe in Karma and I believe what is coming towards these two disgusting individuals will make amends for justice to be served. I hope that some if not all of those innocent puppies survive. The chances may be small but there is still a chance. She and her accomplice will see to theirs, I’m sure of it. The universe works in mysterious ways.

  179. Some day…..some huge badass friggin pitbul mother~of~dog is going to go get this chick……
    Maybe then, trying to get away from this mad dog, she, being sooooo blond she’ll catch a spook & jump in the river and drown!
    WhAt GoEs ArOuNd CoMeS ArOuNd.
    What you sow you reap.
    Hope this chick never has no kids her own ~ she’ll toss em also.
    She needs perm res in cool rubber~room.
    She probably does’nt even know her own name.
    She’s just another loser……
    Attention seeker or wannabe satanist?
    She should serve a prison sentence and do two years community service at the NSPCA, and there must be thousands of dogs around her all the time.
    She’ll crack up or grow up.
    This story reminds of another animal atrocity, where some folks placed a poor little kitten in a microwave and cooked it to death. These kind of ‘people’ are way far gone. Sickos.
    God is going to repay.

  180. How can could you be soooo freaking cruel and throw those poor helpless puppies in the river like that!!!!?????????? She should’ve gave them away to people that like animals and know how to treat them well!!!!!!!! I would’ve taken those little puppies and took care of them!!!! wat’s wrong with people…
    this is hala and i dont sugar coat my words when i talk about mean people like you…you are soooo stupid i hate you with all my heart…how could you do such a thing to those harmless puppies???ur soo stupid i hope u go to hell…stupid girl

  181. What she did to those puppies is cruel!!! but what some of the above comments say about this girl is also wrong!!! Some of you that commented want to hurt this gurl and that is wrong to say or to do!!!!! I’m just saying that as inhuman as it was for her to do what she did…it is more inhuman to hurt her for it because she is human at the end of the day and we are being just as cruel as she was to those puppies if we do anything to harm her!!! so don’t hurt her people because you wouldn’t want people talking about you like the way they are about her and because it’s morally wrong!!!! so please be good people because there are too many cruel people out there!!!!! Maybe she can explain herself!!!!

  182. I hope she is prosecuted to the fullest, let the witch hunt begin! She’s gonna burn in hell for this!!! Poor puppies may they be resting in peace in Heaven!

  183. She can still repent and change if people help her. Isn’t that what religion teaches you? Who are you to judge people. Also grow up, puppies or animals in general dont go to heaven. You should be more concerned about helping out people like her that need help in order to prevent more of this stuff from occurring. There are worse things happening to people out there that are innocent, than what these animals went through.

  184. omg, how can anyone do such things to little innocent puppies!!! i really want to know who this bitch, where the fuck she is, and just fuck her up. ARGHHH IM SOoooooooooo PISSSSSSSSSEEEEEDDDDDDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  185. fucking sick girl someone need to go cut of her legs and break her neck and then cut her fingers one after one and after that bind her and threw her into the river!!!!!! fucking sick bitch!!

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