Girl throws puppies in river – one by one

Normal behaviour is to have the dog fixed when someone does not want their dog or cat to breed. And if the dog, per chance, had puppies before it’s fixed what would you do?

The last thing most people would do is fling them one by one into a strong river and, from the look on this girls face, enjoy it. What makes someone enjoy flinging live defenseless puppies into a river? There are so many more humane ways to get rid of the puppies but this is just inhuman.

Animal control is really important, pet numbers can get out of control really quickly, especially in rural areas, but this has to one of the most cold hearted ways of treating unwanted animals.This person is finding enjoyment out of the little pups yelps and how far she can throw them. The fact that someone thought it’s okay to the point of recording and posting it online shows the state of mind of this girl and her accomplice are in. Cruelty is not funny.

WARNING: This video contains scenes of repeated animal cruelty

Twisted Girl Throws Puppies in River