Jon Stewart: Fox News co-owner funding ‘terror mosque’

Parent Company Trap:

Parent Company Trap:

Opinion The mosque issue has been blown so completely out of proportion that everywhere a person looks there is something about the mosque. Fox news have been one of the main instigators in all of this frenzy making me confused after watching this video. What is the deal? One of Rupert Murdoch’s (owner of Fox News) business partners Alwaleed Bin Talal is also News Corp’s largest shareholder who is one of the major funders for the mosque?

Maybe Ron Paul has summed up the situation perfectly – it’s a distraction. I don’t believe though it is a distraction from America’s foreign policy but might be something else completely like the fact that America is on their way into a depression never-mind a recession. Or even the actual damage from the oil spill and how thousands of fish wash up at the mouth of the Mississippi where officials told the local newscasters that it is under investigation people should not jump the gun and assume it has anything to do with the gulf oil spill. Then in the same week UN has declared that Shell oil company cannot be held responsible for long-term damage incurred during Niger delta oil spill damage. Stating that most of the oil damage was done when local ‘gangs’ would try to steel oil. Or maybe it has to do with that there was actually bigger news happening all over the world like the floods in Pakistan or Iran has started it’s quest for nuclear enrichment. This all happened in one week.

Anything would be more newsworthy than a mosque, that has already been approved, being built a couple of blocks from Ground Zero. Do I think that move is insensitive? Yes, but even so I do believe if you start to manipulate the rights of one religion soon they would be able to go after the rest. But that is not the point once again, this whole story stinks of distraction and stirring up hate.

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