Steve Hofmeyr – black entitlement is cause for brutal crimes

Over the weekend Steve Hofmeyr stated something on his Facebook page that is on the mind of many South Africans, especially white South Africans.

Over the weekend Steve Hofmeyr stated something on his Facebook page that is on the mind of many South Africans, especially white South Africans. Its the matter of the entitlement that is ingrained into South African black population from a young age. From politicians to the street cleaner that see the white man in his nice house, driving a car and believe with all their hearts its only because he is white that he has those things. That’s just not true.

As white people tend to generalise about blacks so does the blacks about whites. When have you heard a ANC politicians say to the people they have to pull up their socks and work hard to achieve that what was achieved by others? A very small minority of whites South Africans have what they have today because someone gave it to them. The majority have achieved all this through hard work – first in school, then university/college, then in the work place or being a entrepreneur.

Ons MOET veralgemeen. Meeste swartes wat ek ken is nie geweldadig nie, maar alle swartes wat ek ken slurp die PROPAGANDA VAN ENTITLEMENT op, presies dit wat jong moordenaars nodig het om hul brutaliteite te regverdig.

Dan kry ek die antw in die volgende berig: dat ons die swart matrieks vergewensgesind moet wees as hulle dop. Hoekom? Want niemand sal ooit skuld he aan hul eie lamsakkigheid solank hulle ander daarvoor kan blameer nie. Swartes (God weet, seker nie almal van hulle nie, maar meeste wat ek waarneem) voel geregverdig en ‘entitled’ in alles, vanaf kwotas/lae matrieksyfers tot grondregte/ brutaliteit.

Translated: We MUST generalise. Most blacks that I know is not violent , but all blacks what I know suck up the PROPAGANDA OF ENTITLEMENT up, precisely what young murders need to justify their brutality.

Then I find the answer in the following article: that we should be forgiving if they failed. (in other words they must be exonerated from failing matric) Why? Because no one will ever take responsibility for their laziness so long as others can be blamed. Blacks (God knows, probably not all of them, but most that IĀ observed) feel justified and entitled for everything, from kwotas/low matric pass-rates to property rights/brutality.

But what is getting the whites in such a ‘knot’ is that black criminals use this thinking to justify cruelty when they commit a crime. Instead of just stealing or do whatever they do, most of the time they seek out to hurt, humiliate and torture their victims. This whole rant from Steve Hofmeyr came because of the systematic murder of the Potgieter family that lived on a farm in the Free State. The father Attie Potgieter, who was the steward of the farm, was hit over the head then stabbed. His wife Wilna and their little three year old girl was killed execution style with a bullet shot in the back of the head. If that was not bad enough the murderers left a message at the gate when they left saying – that they killed the farmer and they will be back. Just because this man was a farmer he was killed but why kill his wife and three year old? They could have just waited for him outside if they wanted to rob him, no it is obvious their intent was to murder the whole family toward what gain we can only speculate.

Ek weet nie hoe die wereld dink ons moet transformeer, intergreer en ons vooroordele moet laat vaar en oulike verdraagsame Christene moet bly terwyl SWARTES N WIT 3-JARIGE KIND IN DIE KOP KAN SKIET NIE. Jammer as ek die kleur beklemtoon, maar ek sukkel om daardie aaklige wittes op te spoor wat saans oor swartes se mure .. klim en dit aan hulle kinders doen. Ek gaan al weer uiters bitter hierdie naweek in.

I don’t know how the world thinks we must transform, integrate and let our benefits go and be cute enduring Christians stay while BLACKS SHOOT A WHITE 3-YEAR OLD CHILD IN THE BACK OF THE HEAD. Sorry if I emphasise color of race, but I am struggling finding those horrible whites that jumps over blacks walls during the night .. and do this too their children. I am again going very bitter into this weekend.

His voice joins a couple of others who have had the guts to stand up against the farm murders, one of those are Afriform who have released a statement stating that the ANC should shoulder the blame for the murders.This is not the first time Steve Hofmeyr received attention for his honest opinion. One of the first times was when he wrote a letter to the ANC youth league leader, Julius Malema, a very condemning letter, telling him exactly what Steve thinks of his ‘speeches’ and singing a song about ‘Kill the Boer’ – ‘Kill the Farmer’. Until the black population get rid of the idea they can all achieve riches of someone else’s hard work. This all will continue and the divide between black and white will only grow because the white population can only take so much before they also have nothing or leave seeking refuge where they are appreciated, leaving the masses to fend for themselves.

45 thoughts on “Steve Hofmeyr – black entitlement is cause for brutal crimes”

  1. I totally condemn the brutal killing of this poor family. Only God knows reason behind this brutality. Why do whites cry so loudly when things of nature happens to them. They always get the attention but hat do we do when our fellow black brothers,uncles are being brutaly beaten and evicted on land they lived on for their entire life (farms),we dont cry like they do. Steve, do us a favour n keep your opinions to yourself since are racial.

  2. I totally condemn the brutal comment spamming of this poor website. Only God knows the reason behind this retardation. Why does anonymous cry so loudly when articles of this nature happens to be posted? He always gets the attention, but what does he do when his fellow single posting brothers are being brutally scrolled down and evicted from space they should have received? We don’t cry like he does. Anonymous, do us a favour and keep your comments to a single post, since there are too many.

  3. Ananymous…

    Really now, do you believe that being shot in the back of a head is natural? A three year old? And innocent child?

    You may hate the fact that he said what he did, and to an extent, perhaps he is wrong to have done it on a public forum, but dont decide to conveniently ignore the facts…

    Go look at crime stats, and without lying, speak the truth about who commits these crimes?

    Dont hat ethe man for his opinions, they are his opinions, and are, at this point, supported by facts…

    P.S. I am not even white and I get what he is talking about

  4. You go Steve, we need to speak up and speak out about hate speach. These black guys was not even part of apartheid – THIS IS NOTHING ELSE BUT RASISM!!!!!

    1. Look where speaking already got the white population.I say fuck talking and pick up a gun.It’s time to fight back because honestly 3000 white farmers killed is ENOUGH to let anyone know that words isn’t the answer.I do not support violence but I do support the 2nd ammendmand that says I’m aloud to protect myself whenever I feel in danger and with 3000 deaths?……… I think i have heard enough of this shit to start protecting myself.

  5. Ja Toe,
    Nou moet jy sien wat raak die DA se Annelie Lotriet kwyt.
    Of sy verstaan nie Afrikaans mooi nie of sy is ‘n idioot wat ‘n volstruis bestaan voer.
    Hulle wil ook so graag die “actual” denkers afkraak dat hulle bereid is om die swart meerderheid se opinnies as die waarheid an te haal en te dink die droom wereld waarin hulle hulle befind aanvaar ons ook as die waarheid.
    Ek mysef is al so sat van die aanmatigende houding wat die swart mense het dat ek kan kots.
    Jy hoef net na hulle gesprekke te luister. (Ja, hulle is nog steeds arogant genoeg om te dink ons praat nie hulle taal nie.)

    Ek sien die DA het nou hulle eie Julias Malema.
    Dus hou so aan Annelie. Dis parras soos jy wat sorg dat die ANC aan bewind bly.
    Hou soo aan Annelie dis te danke aan jou dat minder en minder dink die DA is enigsins die oposisie.

    Steve hou net aan.
    Iewers moet iemand een of ander tyd wakker word.

    Willem du preez

  6. Steve you are just like Julious malema, I’m not justifying what those guys did… But you take the whole black nation and class accoding 2 a crime which was commited by those guys. A white boy opened fire at black people, you heared about it you didn’t say anything about the incident it was fine because it was a white killing blacks.

    1. Fuck you for talking that shit.I am not saying it is impossible but I’m saying that the blacks have already killed 3000 whites….You can only recall a few that white people did.We have evidence of over 3000 that the blacks did so who are the real murderers?

      Or are you uneducated that you cannot see truth ?? … or are you maybe just plain stupid?

  7. what steve said was true, but the truth is white people also do feel entitled, read your own comments you will get the picture. The problem is white south africans thinks that blacks should suffer in silence, they feel that any kind of freedom for a black man is a crime. More people are killed in townships everyday than any place in the counry, black people are attacked everyday, robbed off their belongings, but to white people since black people are the one’s commiting these atrocities it means that all blacks are stupid, lazy, killers and just plain dumb. Since we cant co-exist in peace, i suggest a simple solution that will end all these, A WINNER TAKE ALL WAR, WHITE FOLKS ARE SMART AND HARD WORKING, YOU WILL PROBABLY WIN, THE MUST END WHEN ONE RACE IS WIPED OUT. *WINK*

  8. With Your BBBEE and nationalisation you are undermining yourself. What about indian +colored and other races. They also suffered . You blacks get special treatment for nothing, only because you spend your youth protesting and grow up stupid, then when you get a good job you mess it up because you are corrupt, stupidity a, BEE and tenders are all your’e good for and you complain when a hardworking white is successful, and honest unlike you. Period.

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