Xenophobic attacks consequence of tribalism

If people cannot see the connection the xenophobic attacks and what the ANC leaders has been saying lately they have not been paying attention.

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If people cannot see the connection the xenophobic attacks and what the ANC leaders has been saying lately they have not been paying attention. There has been many times since 2008 that government officials have declared xenophobia under control or not a problem at all, this is just a smoke screen to a very serious problem. That is the problem with a country with such a high crime rate, when a couple of people die in attacks it is easy to just claim robbery by grabbing a wallet or cellphone but unfortunately there are many who know the truth and those are the people in the townships. They are the ones who are surrounded by this violence on such a scale it has become part of their lives. It is how things are dealt with. Someone steals and is caught the community will beat that person then they would not dare show their faces again or they could be killed.

And so 17 Somalians have been murdered in 2010 so far, it is easy to say they where robbed. But there are those who know the truth. They sit in their shacks and hear the threats, they walk in the streets and are told go or be killed, they live knowing when the last whistle blows and the last plane leaves and the worlds eyes have turned they will be chased out of South Africa or killed. These are the people who have come here hearing of this ‘better life’ where the government gives houses and they can find work easily from the rich white people. When they come here life is a very different story but for some it is to late to turn back. Most are highly educated some are just crooks but all is being seen as intruders. South African natives go on strikes if they don’t get what they want, most are illiterate and refuse to learn another language and most do not like to work hard. There are those who are the exceptions but this is according to the people employing the foreigners. That is their some of their reasons for employing them. They can pay them less, they are intelligent but desperate for work, they are illegal so no union and extra cost like UIF.

This time it is reported no mercy will be shown to ‘Cockroaches’, it is troubling to think the very word that filled the world with horror from the Rwanda genocide is what the foreign Africans are being called in South Africa. People seem to forget the South Africa is still part of Africa the people still live by Africa’s laws. In Africa if a someone from one tribe go hunt in another tribes territory they will kill him. No questions asked, he was there stealing their food. That is the law of Africa western policy will not work here.

There are those white liberals cheering them on saying ‘the foreigners have stolen their(black south Africans) jobs, bring drugs and crime. Chase them away!’ But have they noticed the tenor of the ANC politicians toward them? Here is a example Rural Development and Land Reform Minister Gugile Nkwinti who said in parliament, no less, people should not take black peoples forgiveness for granted. He stated the solution that South Africa doesn’t turn into Zimbabwe is that people should give their property to the previously disadvantage. Do you understand what he was implying? That the forgiveness for Apartheid must be bought by giving land to the people. That in the essence is tribalism. If one person wrongs another in Zulu and Xhosa culture they have to pay in some manner. Remember Zuma had a baby with a women he was not intending to marry earlier this year? He had to pay compensation to her father.

What they are planning will very much be the end of South Africa because in this new clause all private property would be able to be taken as long as it does not interfere with productivity. If a person has land that is not utilised properly according the them, then they can demand the person hand it over.

Now you may ask what does this have to do with Xenophobic violence? Everything. It shows to what level in government tribalism is going. Democracy becomes useless in the face of tribalism, anything western they scorn and they truly believe this is the only way. There is also no reasoning behind tribalism. Everything is black and white, no grey areas and no mercy. Zuma is a self acclaimed Zulu, one of their beliefs is if a women wears a short skirt, it’s a sexual invitation and she can be taken or punished. Tribalism is very different from democracy or western culture and the sooner people will acknowledge the shift in power the sooner South Africa can start to help itself, until then chaos will rule.  Botswana is a example of a country functioning under tribalism because they have all the laws in place. We have our useless, backlogged, poor excuse for justice system and mob justice, at the moment mob justice is running the show.

Warning the following video contains highly disturbing footage and information. They have used scenes from a movie made about tribal conflict in Nigeria to illustrate the fact that Africans was violent before Apartheid. The African mentality has not changed and the sooner the world faces that fact, South Africa can deal with the real problem. Apartheid might not have been the answer but something has to be done.

African Tribal Wars & The end of Apartheid

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