War with blogging, Akismet made me spam.

First of all, Akismet has marked my comments as spam. I have left some great comments on blogs and they never appear.

First of all, Akismet has marked my comments as spam. I have left some great comments on blogs and they never appear. So if you have Akismet installed I will only try once to comment on your blog unfortunately I wont be going back to a blog where i cant communicate. Except of course if you show my comments like Blogosis( has a great competition) who actually takes the time to find comments that are not spam. Akismet really sucks with this. I have not read up about them or anything but if they block me( I honestly do not spam) I wonder how many other people they are blocking that’s posting great comments.

I have emailed them but I am still waiting for a reply. I refuse to use other details.

On the other hand I got to lazy to blog and started posting a bit of everything on my blog. If you have been blogging for some time now you will notice that it does happen to anyone. You blog and blog and then one day you get tired of all the blogging and you just want to have fun. I guess half my readers are gone by now but it does not matter, I will blog for those who stick around then.

I have about 200 affiliates that I want to blog about , places that you can register and make money from or with your blog. My search engine optimization techniques are slowly starting to work as well, getting more traffic from search engines now than ever before but I guess that might just be because I obviously have more content now.

I also found another great South African blogger Clement Nyirenda

He has been leaving some great comments on my blog recently and I just want to thank him.

Also, my pagerank has vanished but that does not matter because as I said i get more traffic now than ever from search engines.

Tip of the day: Increase those tags. Trust me.

Do you leave your blogging friends behind?

As you go on your journey to grow your blog you sometimes make friends.

As you go on your journey to grow your blog you sometimes make friends. You and your blogging friends help each other’s blogs grow, you link to each other until your blog finally lifts off and goes way past the level of your other blogger friends. Do you just leave them and go make friends with bigger and better bloggers?

Obviously the answer is no, yet you still find people that leave those behind who helped grow their blogs. They leave their blogging friends behind that spend so much time on their blogs and made it to be what it is.

I know me blogging about “blogging friends” seems a bit corny but the fact is, you should never leave anyone behind if you can help it. People invest time in your blog by commenting and reading your posts, time that they wont get back. That time is gone forever and if they spend it on your blog you really should consider doing everything you can to make it worth their while.

If you have reached a new level in blogging and your blog has grown past the level of your blogging friends you really should know that without those friends you would not have made it. After all it is your blogging friends that most of the time stumble your posts and bookmark it because they know that, its those things that bring the traffic in the first place.

My point is dont leave people behind that contribute to your blog. Dont leave your “blogging friends” behind. That is the worst thing you can ever do to your blog.

The end of Internet Explorer?

Today Microsoft announced that they will no longer have support for Internet Explorer and that they only started IE to beat Netscape to the game but now Netscape is no more and Microsoft has claimed v

Today Microsoft announced that they will no longer have support for Internet Explorer and that they only started IE to beat Netscape to the game but now Netscape is no more and Microsoft has claimed victory in the browser war. But Firefox has the final word on that.

“We made Internet Explorer with the sole purpose of destroying Netscape. That job is done. It was a long and hard-fought battle, but the better browser won,” said Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer. “What point is there now to having a browser product? We won! WOOHOO!”

What???? Did I just read that correctly?

How to use subdomains to get the keywords you really want.





You dont really need a niche blog to do keyword sniping and get all the keywords you want on search engines. Meaning keywords that people type in search engines to find your site. You can have one blog and all the keywords you want leading to your blog. This is done by niche blogging on subdomains and a few tricks.

My story

A few weeks ago I wanted my blog to be found for certain keywords but I did not want a niche blog. So I had to make my mind up. Niche blog or my normal blog which I have had for some time now. Because as its known you cant have a blog about random things and get the highest ranking on search engine for certain high traffic keywords, or take over a niche market with random things in your blog. But I found a solution.

The tricks

By starting random subdomains on your domain you can get all the keywords you want by niche blogging on your subdomain and doing a few things afterwards. Here is how it works in order: I will use the keyword "surfing" 1. Start a subdomain with the keywords you want for instance "surfing.fromtheold.com" Start a niche blog about surfing on there, dont focus on getting visitors because you are not going to use that blog. Focus on doing Search engine optizmization. Get links to your niche blog and add your rss feed to rss sites. 3. Link to your site from your main blog. 4. Start blogging and use keywords you want your main blog to be found for, dont use more than 4 times on one page excluding title. 5. Type really great articles and bookmark them yourself or just let other people do it for you. You cant skip the content part because that is how a blog functions. (No kidding) How desperate do you want people to find your site through search engines with the keyword you are blogging about for example: surfing". Well the next step depends how successful your keyword sniping attempt will be. 6. Type as many articles as important this keyword is for you, I would suggest 100. But typing for at least three or four weeks before going on to the next step will increase the chances of you being found for the keyword you are sniping.

Time to kill your subdomain.

With all the hard work done by now you can just run through the next steps. Technically you dont kill your subdomain, you just leave it. Here is what you do: 7. Export all your posts from your subdomain, move the images to your main blog from your subdomain in your content/uploads directory and merge it with your main blog’s pictures. 8. Now take the export file and import it in your main blog, remember when starting your sudomain blog to keep the same url format as in /postname /date or whatever you chose for the url. Let’s say I used "surfing.fromtheold.com/boards" as a post in my subdomain, that should now be "fromtheold.com/boards" exactly the same way. Dont worry about your comments they will come with, WordPress has greatly increased the usefulness of the exporting function in the new WordPress 2.3 9. Now go to your index.php file in your subdomain and remove everything in the wordpress index.php file and replace it with this: <? Header( "HTTP/1.1 301 Moved Permanently" ); Header( "Location: http://www.fromtheold.com" ); ?> But obviously use your domain instead of mine. This is a permanent redirection and will tell google to move the rating for the keyword and the ranking to the site you have moved your new site to. So now search for "surfing will still give your subdomain until google reindexed it and next up will be your main site that will shoot through the rankings and that way you get to have one blog with many niches.

Dont stop there, you should keep on blogging with that niche to maintain the ranking your earned on your subdomain.

That is how I do it. Works for me, should work for you as well. Just remember there are other issues that also come with this. For example getting advertisers might be harder. But I just wanted to share with you how to actually get the keywords. Tell me if it works for you as it works for me.

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