PETA is messed up and cruel to humans

PETA’s really not what they seem. This is not the first time I have seen and heard about PETA being nut jobs. They believe animals aren’t just as important as humans but more. I love animals but I won’t go as far as these people go. I was a vegetarian when I was a teenager, I believed animals where not meant to be eaten. Even though I tried to supplement the iron in my diet I just became weaker and weaker until I couldn’t stand it and ate some meat. It helped, I started feeling like myself very quickly. So being a vegetarian is not for everyone.

The worst of their campaigns is they think that human life is the same as a chicken. There was a 22 year old killed on a bus his head was cut of. What does PETA do? They made a ad using the death of this man to promote vegetarianism, saying that just as Tim died animals heads are chopped of daily. They are disturbed. The life of that young man who was brutally murdered is not the same as eating a steak!

Growing up on farms I know not everyone treats animals badly. Yes, there is some cases but it’s such a small amount you cannot lay fault at all farmers feet. Most farmers I know love their animals, they know everything about them. They take care of them, even if it is so that they can turn a profit what does that matter? The animals are fed, have a reasonable life then they die. It’s the way of the world. For example; are you going to give your dog a vegetarian diet because you think it’s cruel to kill other animals? No because it would be cruel to the dog not to eat meat or at least a bone once in a while.

Then there is the fact that they will gladly objectify woman to make a point. Not that I mind I like to see naked woman walking around saying that they rather go naked than wear fur. That’s not the point, the point is how can they think making a woman a object for their cause isn’t just cruel in itself? You say no I don’t want to do it they say you support animal cruelty. I just don’t think it’s fair. The other day I read about a PETA intern who was carted of to the hospital because they wrapped her in glad wrap, put her on the side walk in the hot sun for hours to make a point of eating meat. That’s just wrong. See disturbing picture, that is two woman who suffered heat stroke for PETA.

If you watch the video you would see there are many points I have not brought up. Like the medical stuff. When they test beauty products on animals I think that is wrong but if they are looking for some way to, lets say cure Aids, I won’t go against it. I know people who’s lives depend on medicine that was tested on animals to get it just right. What do they want? People should die for a dog who’s life span is anyway limited at least this way he contributed to the good of the world.

I love fur, I like animal products and steak is like a big treat 🙂 but I love animals. I would like to own my own cow and sheep one day. And no amount of these inhumane ads PETA throws at me I won’t change my mind, actually it just strengthens my reserve to never ever support PETA.

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