Photography time. Trees close to Vergelegen Hospital in Somerset West, Helderberg.

(  Just in case you came here looking for the hospital:

Main Road, Somerset West 7130
P O Box 95, Somerset West 7129
Tel: +27 21 850 9000

24 Hour Emergency Centre: +27 21 850 9087 / 8



Anyway. This photograph was taken on thursday while standing in the friday traffic, or so I thought.

I like the colours of autumn. Well summer is better and here in Helderberg one can take much better photos in the summer.

This winter is getting really long and boring. But one should not wich it over since the average person only sees about 70 winters in their lifetime.

Anyway back to the photograph.


I guess I am just rambling now. Its 1am and I need some sleep.

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