Piri Reis map

The famous Piri Reis map that since the time when the internet started and the first conspiracies were posted in remote forums and places like geocities that are long forgotten, the map that either reveals something very interesting about the history of the earth or we just don’t know how to read maps, a topic well worth researching is the topic of this post, as obviously could be seen by the title.

The map itself is a world map in the age of catapults and castles. Those days no Google Earth existed and people had to draw maps by hand, some of which they had to get through years of information collection or maps handed down from older generations.

The person that compiled the map was a admiral and cartographer from the Ottoman empire, the map dated 919 AH or the Islamic year of 919 and the equivalent 1513 in western years or whatever one choose to name it. Piri Reis was actually the name of the admiral and fact that he was an admiral also tells us they took his work serious they might even of used some of his information to invade Europe in 1535.

What makes this map interesting is the fact that it shows Antarctica or is believed to show Antarctica depending on who you ask.

If we go with the theory of the Map showing the continent of Antarctica then we can also see that if indeed that was Antarctica that is was ice free when the map or source maps were drawn up. The source he used is believed to come from 20 older sources.

If you read everything modern day ‘scholars’ tell you then you might just put this in the fringe theory section and go on with your life but as I’ll prove later, modern day history and the theories of modern day history can also be faked.


The map was actually discovered by a guy called Gustav Adolf Dessman, commissioned by the Turkish government to catalogue non-Islamic items from the ‘Topkapı Palace’ in Turkey, a place that is now a museum and was used to house the Ottoman sultans.