Redirecting your domain names versus Putting a blog on your domain.

I have some domains I dont really use. I just keep them for the sake of having a good name. But that really is a waste of both money and well the obvious good domain. So the question comes up. Do i redirect the domain name or put a blog on it? I think putting a blog on your domain name is using the domain to the fullest. Having a great domain name with a blog on it, even if you just blog a few times a week on it will help your domain grow in worth and it will help you to easier sell it.

On the other hand redirecting your domain name can be good for your current blog but only if that domain is already index that you are directing. Otherwise it would be of no use because you would have a domain pointing to your blog but no one will know. Not even search engines.

My answer to the question would be to use it as a blog.

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