River outside of Greyton

This river used to be full.

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This river used to be full. I dont know if there is a drought now or if its just the time of year but a few years ago this river used to be a strong river, as a child I can remember the snakes that used to cross the river while swimming in the river. The river is just outside Greyton, not entirely it might actually be in Greyton but I guess you get the picture. This is the same river that continues to Riviersonderend if I am correct. When you drive on the gravel road on the way to Riviersonderend (the road to also get to George and Knysna) you will see a green path for some of the way on the gravel road. This is the river you are seeing. For miles there are just the bare dusty roads but the green strip stands out.

Greyton is a great place for a holiday and there are also some great places to stay and accommodation. There are things to do like horseback riding and exploring nature. There is also a big nature reserve and for those that want more adventure you can climb the mountain.

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