SADF, the old South African defense force. Genocide against white people in South Africa

The old South African defense force was the strongest in Africa and probably most other countries as well, they knew what they were doing. Unlike today’s military.

The ANC has a military vets group but I really think South Africa needs a real military vets group that can protect our homeland from the illegal strikes and attacks from the ANC.

Yes i said it, The ANC are terrorists and they will stop at nothing to destroy white people in South Africa. I lived with nigerians in a house in London and they were not nearly as racist as South African black people.

When a group of people and their history and way of living is wiped from the earth its called genocide, that’s exactly what’s happening to South African white people. Now you might say I sound like a racist, well whatever.┬áSay what you want but if you look at the facts you will see white people murdered daily and nothing is said about it. No one does anything to stop this.


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