Scary creatures caught on video

After I found the ET alien like creature I followed a bunch of videos that was similar in content and found these two. They definitely are two of the scariest video’s I have seen of paranormal because it does not matter how many times I watch it, I still can’t see a logical conclusion only supernatural one. The first one I am going to post is about these guys who saw something fall in the woods at night and decided to check it out and they came across this creature looking at them. It looks like that gremlin thing from Lord of the Rings.

Criatura estranha na Floresta – Atormentador   ~   Strange creature in the Forest – Tormentor

The second video is even scarier because it was taken while they where driving along what looks like a busy high way. There was a description with the video that I have translated in English:

Strange Creature In Marginal Pinheiros really can not explain what it is but what is strange is, I took this video from a site that was removed! is an unknown creature that appears in the Marginal Pinheiros – Height Pte John Dias!

Obviously the language barrier makes it a bit confusing but where this person found it does not exist anymore. So the info on this video is just as hard to find as the first. Check it out for yourself.

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