Portable Antivirus, does’nt slow your system down

Its really hard finding an antivirus today that does not slow your system down. Most antivirus software is bloated and comes at a heavy cpu or ram price if you have a fairly older computer. If you still want the antivirus software but dont really want the bloat you should check out Clamwin on Portable apps ( i’ll link bellow).

Clamwin portable is a antivirus you can run from your usb and only make it run a few times a week to keep your files virus free. The biggest bonus obviously is the lack of startup annoyance and constant pop ups that most antivirus software gives you.



I would not call my self perfect or actually I dont really know as much as I should about security, mostly internet security but there are things that I know that might be helpful or interesting for me to share.

In a world where privacy, encryption and security is seen as someone with something to hide it really becomes more important to focus on that security and privacy because 1984 and all, right?

So, today i’m going to start something i’ve never done before. I’m going to write about security, whether this is home security, privacy or internet security and privacy. Again, there are most definitely people with more knowledge on this subject than me, yet this is a topic i find close and wanting to write about.

Since this is my blog and all, i’ll give it a go.

EFF member calls for all whites to be killed and hacked in South Africa

Some things never change, like reverse racism in South Africa. A EFF Councillor candidate called for all white people in South Africa to be “hacked and killed”.

The councillor Thabo Mbotja called on Twitter for the murder of all white people. His exact words were “All whites must be hacked and killed”.

What would happen if a white South African called for all black people to be hacked and killed? He would probably go to jail for hate speech but when it comes to black on white racism there are no consequences.

This is a clear double standard we have grown to accept as everyday life in South Africa.

The EFF’s reply because the councillor got removed from being a candidate was that the IEC disqualified him because there were white people involved.