Its more like democrazy in South Africa. The illusion of a democracy is slowly fading away. This could clearly be seen yesterday at the DA March in Johannesburg where on their way to Cosatu’s palace the DA received more than just a few onlookers. No, Cosatu had to throw the pavement at them.


“DA policies… will create no new jobs… and lead to the impoverishment and enslavement of workers and [an] economic meltdown for South Africa,” spokesperson Patrick Craven said in a statement.

“That is why workers are so hostile towards  Helen Zille’s party and want to express their justified anger, most especially when there are confronted on the street outside their federation’s head office,”

Cosatu spokesperson Patrick Craven said in a statement.

Yeah those trolls believe that if they dont agree with someone’s opinion that they can throw them with bricks and still call South Africa a democracy.

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