Dont believe me? Well then you obviously have not been reading the news, who might as well be part of the problem and not the solution. Black people still see white people living in South Africa as foreigners. Yes that is the truth. Now that might not be such a big issue or it might not have been a big issue a few weeks ago but not that all “foreigners” are under attack its just a matter of time until they attack the “white foreigners” in South Africa. I have a few quotes which I am to lazy to insert here but eventually they will come for the white people.This might be a scary idea but it really is what we are looking at.

In the Rwanda genocide things quickly turned that way it did. It did not take weeks of gradually rising attacks. The same with the current “xenophobia” streak in South Africa which of today has spread to at least 5 other townships.

So when will they come for the white people?

3 thoughts on “South Africa is on the brink of civil war. The Uhuru theory seems like a real possibility now.

  1. Why should we move screw it!!!!I would just like to say that all whites should set aside their diffrences and stand together after all said and done you can go back to doing what you were!I’m not saying start a war I’m saying stand up for your rights stand together because you never know when you might need the man next to you!!like I said I have no problem with anyone but I won’t stand aside and let someone hurt anyone I care for!!!

  2. It is halfway through 2013 and still the same bull ,only another day . Ringmaster Zuma and his band of circus performers continue with the show . However , what was once perceived as an impossibility , that is the majority ousting the ANC. , is now beginning to look like a reality and we may well see a recovery if the Democratic Alliannce takes power in 2014 . The majority have been been lied to for long enough and they are waking up and realizing the warm basking glow of freedom promised to them was actually a lie . And they have had enough .

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