South Africans going to Enlgand. What to take with.

When we went to the UK we thought we’d take everything with, just in case. A friend of mine had 9 pairs of shoes. My baggage alone was about 50kg. We took clothes for a year and almost everything we could think of. This was a strange thing to do but inexperienced who knew better?

Clothes in the UK is cheaper than in South Africa. Even leather clothing. I got a Leather jacket in London for a tenth of the price one can find one in South Africa. Technology is cheaper as well. You can pick up a working phone for 10pounds or less.

The point I am making is that when you go to England dont take luggage. Only one bag with a few stuff will do. Maybe a toothbrush etc. But most important take money. Lots of it. Accommodation in England and especially in London is not that cheap but there are places where you can stay for 20 pounds or so a night per person but its best to go prepared.

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