Imagine you have no readers. Or you get banned by google, your site crashes and you have to start from scratch. Yes that will suck and it will also remind you to make regular backups.

Now imagine something smaller like posting to many off topic posts or not using images in your post. Big deal right?
Well it is for some people, especially people in the blogging about blogging niche. Yes the overcrowded one.

To me it makes no sense to rant on about using images, replying to your commentators and all that stuff. If you enjoy blogging wont you automatically do those stuff. If you really know what you are talking about do you really have to care about who is linking to you? Well to a certain extent yes, but dont over do it.

Nowadays people focus more on the structure of blogging than the blogging itself and it does not take long before someone like that realizes he really does know what he is talking about and does something else.

Especially discussions in comments. People get so serious. Why? Its not like you will get elected for pope or anything.

Blogging should be fun and if you make money with it great. Even if your blog is your only income, that’s great but there is a certain point where it almost starts looking like a obsession where everything has to be perfect and when a other blogger makes a mistake you really dont have to write a blog post about how wrong they are. Just comment in their blog and maybe you will see why they say certain things.

Back to the point. Blogging is a hobby and can also be a job. But in blogging there is so much politics. If you stay out of that policits you can be a more happy and successful blogger.

I have had people actually do a entire blog post on their blogs just to show that I dont have a about page. I dont care, i have one now but if I did not I would not care. Big deal, so they think my blog sucks cause I did not have a about page, but its not the end of the world is it?

Enjoy blogging and dont get to serious.


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