Sutherland, South Africa

When I first heard about Sutherland I was very interrested in finding out how it looks. I could not wait to see the stars and walk through the little town. Sutherland is in part of the Karoo if I am correct. We drove hours from Cape Town and when we finally arived in Sutherland we could not believe how such a nice little town can be so hidden.

That was until we started seeing people. The Accommodation where we stayed, there was this weird guy. It seems that people from Sutherland dont see people that often and we were staying in a guest house. The guy that owned the guest houses wanted to have conversations everytime he walked past.

The one night we were braaing he just kinda joined us without even asking. The folks in Sutherland seem a bit strange. So if you are headed that way to go look at the stars check your accommodation and make sure where you stay that its ok.

The place itself feels like you are taken back in time. Its great, no noise of cars or the rush of city life. Nope, in Sutherland its relaxed and not much happens there. I mean its nice. Photography in Sutherland is also great. Sutherland has a lot of old building that are great to photograph. I guess that’s about it for now

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