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The Byzantine text type

The Byzantine text type actually goes under more names. The Majority Text, the Traditional text, the Ecclesiastical Text, also some call it the Constantinopolitan text, the Antiocheian text and the inaccurately some name it the Syrian text.

Personally I believe the Syrian line is one of its own.

The Byzantine text type is also the underlying text of the Textus Receptus.

A few supposed Byzantine text type manuscripts are Codex Alexandrinus from the 5th century. This one will be discussed later.

Then there is Codex Ephraemi Rescriptus from the 5th century containing the gospels.

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More Byzantine text type Manuscripts

9th Century: Codex Boreelianus Codex Seidalianus (not entirely sure about this one) Codex Cyprius Codex Mosquensis Codex Angelicus Codex Campianus   7th and 8th Century Codex Basilensis   6th Century Codex Petropolitanus Purpuresus Codex Sinopensis Codex Guelferbytanus A Codex Nitriensis…