Why I stick to the KJV

There are loads of reasons I personally stick to the KJV. Sure people can claim errors upon error but usually they dont inspect things as one should.

But lets say for a moment the KJV is full of error, which off course it is not but just for the moment imagine all those critics actually found something significant, I would still stick to the KJV.

The reason is that if there ever was an error in the KJV it might of been a scribal error, or an error by accident. The new translations however seem to dwell of the path on purpose. Someone is trying to deceive on purpose. With more than 5000 manuscripts that agree with the KJV or the Geneva bible we have to be really arrogant to ignore the scriptures taken out of modern day bibles.

For instance they remove the fact that Jesus is God. Just look at 1 Timothy 3:16.

So, i’d rather sit with a few errors that were made by accident than an entire so called “bible” made to deceive people.

This is my theory if there were to be errors which i believe there are no errors in God’s word because He Himself said that He would preserve His Word.

Peshitta vs Old Latin ( Vetus Latina)

Which agrees most with the Authorized version of the bible? Personally i’d say the Old Latin or the Vetus Latina. First off, the Vetus Latina contains scriptures usually left out by the Peshitta and confirms many New Testament scriptures.

The Vetus Latina is also what most people claim the Waldenses  were protecting and that later turned into the first French Olivetan bible which also turned into the Geneva Bible. So we can easily say that the KJV or Geneva Bible had their roots in the Vetus Latina and not so much the Peshitta. I’m not saying the Peshitta is useless or anything but i’d stick with the Vetus Latina for now.