Wget everything

Wget is a linux application for downloading anything. You can download websites, files, directories and even bypass robots.txt if you want to.

With wget you can download any file in linux using wget filename.url

Its as easy as that, if you want to download a website you can use wget website.com

Those are the two really easy methods of downloading something but once you learn more commands wget becomes a very powerful downloading tool which you can use to even mirror entire websites.

The first command you can use is m

for example wget  -m wikipedia.org

That will download the entire wikipedia, the m in the command stands for -mirror, you can also use –mirror instead of m.

-A This is a command to download something specific of a website or a certain type of file for instance wget -a



How to run a command in Linux every few seconds

Cron is a big story, if you want something simple to run a simple command every few seconds on linux you can use a little thing called watch

An example is watch -n 5 firefox

That is, Firefox will open every 5 seconds.

Check it out, type watch in your terminal:

# watch
Usage: watch [-dhntv] [–differences[=cumulative]] [–help] [–interval=<n>] [–no-title] [–version] <command>

How to reset Xfce Panel when it wont autoshow/autohide

For some reason Xfce panel stops autohiding when i used the certain things on it. I cant figure out why exactly but there is a way to at least reset the xfce panel so it stops doing it.

At least for a while. It must be a cache issue to honest.

Anyway here is the terminal code:

xfce4-panel -r


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