Peshitta vs Old Latin ( Vetus Latina)

Which agrees most with the Authorized version of the bible? Personally i’d say the Old Latin or the Vetus Latina. First off, the Vetus Latina contains scriptures usually left out by the Peshitta and confirms many New Testament scriptures.

The Vetus Latina is also what most people claim the Waldenses  were protecting and that later turned into the first French Olivetan bible which also turned into the Geneva Bible. So we can easily say that the KJV or Geneva Bible had their roots in the Vetus Latina and not so much the Peshitta. I’m not saying the Peshitta is useless or anything but i’d stick with the Vetus Latina for now.

Possible Text types

The most two heard about text types are probably Byzantine text and the Alexandrian text.

There are actually many text types, well more than two. So i really shouldnt say many text types.

They are:

Byzantine text type

Alexandrian text type

Caesarean text type

Western text type.

And… another one.

Yes the Syrian line is on its own, people often put the Syrian line of texts such as the Peshitta under the Byzantine text type but this really should be his own text type.

This page is mainly about the New Testament manuscript text types.



Peshitta Primacy


EDIT: These books are not found in the original Peshitta: Revelation, III John, II Peter and Jude


Those who believe in the Peshitta primacy will be shocked to know that the book of Revelation was only added in the 19th century. Along with 2 Peter, 2 John and more books ( cant remember which ones now, will do a post about it later).

The Peshitta is missing Revelation and a bunch of books. (The modern ones had to to make  a substitution)

Khaboris Codex


A 12 Century manuscript of the Peshitta. It actually is a complete version of the Peshitta but as mentioned 12th century. Containing 22 books it lacks the books of Revelation, III John, II Peter and Jude. Like other Peshitta versions it lacks these books as usual.

The book of Hebrew is damaged in the Khaboris Codex.

Bible Languages

People often site (or is that cite?) Hebrew, Greek, Aramic has the biblical languages but this is not totally correct. The true languages of the bible, desputed version or manuscripts and undisputed is Latin, Greek, Hebrew, Hebrew-Aramic, Syrian and Syrian-Aramic (not sure how to really say this one).

Latin was used in the days of Jesus as the inscription on the cross was also written in Latin.

The only three languages on the cross was Hebrew, Greek, Latin. The language of the Peshita was not on the inscriptions on the cross.