1989 The first gender neutral language introduced to the bible in the NRSV

In 1989 the National Council of Churches in the US ordered one of the many “full-scale” revisions of the RSV and this time they went even further than just removing the virgin birth. They add the use of gender neutral language.

Today we have the most corrupted versions that ever existed, like the TNIV that makes full use of the “gender neutral language”.



The New Revised Standard version is ecumenical

From the official “to the reader” of the NSRV and i believe it is in the Revised Standard Version as well. This bible version and those associated with it is clearly ecumenical as they self confess.

The Revised Standard Version Bible Committee is a continuing body, comprising about thirty members, both men and women. Ecumenical in representation, it includes scholars affiliated with various Protestant denominations, as well as several Roman Catholic members, an Eastern Orthodox member, and a Jewish member who serves in the Old Testament section. For a period of time the Committee included several members from Canada and from England.

NRSV: To the Reader

This seems to be the New Revised Standard Version’s “To the reader” page. Once again i dont agree with this KJV bashing but i’m posting this for reference and for people to read the view of Bruze M Metzger the “widely regarded parent of the RSV and NSRV” as you can see in the quotation.

Now to the quotation, as you can see i did not remove anything and kept it in context as Bruce M Metzger wrote it.

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