James Strong and Henry Joseph Thayer was on the translation committee for the 1885 Revised Version

The two most used dictionaries on e-sword and in general for bible studies is the Thayer and Strong dictionaries. Have you ever wondered if these guys actually believed the bible? Well i cant tell you whether they did or did not but what i can tell you is that they were both on the translation committee for the Revised Version of 1885. As far as I can tell they werent part of the Theosophical society as Wescott and Hort were.

In 1891 Thayer wrote that he disagreed with the theory of Biblical inerrancy, that is that the bible is free of errors. He also claimed that this did not detract from his belief in the soundness of Christianity.

James Strong also worked closely with the translators of the 1885 Revised Version.

Does this make them “wrong” or unbelieving? Well i dont know. I guess that is not for me to say.