Codex Claromontanus V

Codex Claromontanus V

Codex Claromonanus V is a Vetus Latina or Old Latin manuscript mixed with the Vulgate. Matthew is Vetus Latina text but the rest is Vulgate. The text is written on vellum or calf skin. As far i know it only contains the 4 gospels.

The age of the manuscript is from the 4th century.

The text is currently being stored in the Vatican.

The Bodmer Papyri

In 1952 the Bodmer Papyri was discovered in Egypt, the names comes from the first owner that purchased the manuscripts (or rather papyri). They contain parts of the Old and New Testament. They are now kept at Bibliotheca Bodmeriana in Cologny, Switzerland.

In 2007 The Vatican purchased two of the papyri.

The list of papyri include:

  • Papyrus Bodmer II
  • Bodmer V
  • Papyrus Bodmer VII-IX
  • Bodmer X
  • Bodmer XI
  • Papyrus Bodmer XIV-XV
  • Papyrus Bodmer XVII
  • Bodmer XXIV
  • Bodmer XLVI
  • Papyrus Bodmer L
  • Bodmer III
  • Bodmer VI
  • Bodmer XVI
  • Bodmer XVIII
  • Bodmer XIX
  • Bodmer XXI
  • Bodmer XXII (Mississippi Codex II)
  • Bodmer XXIII
  • Bodmer XL
  • Bodmer XLI
  • Bodmer XLII
  • Bodmer XLIV