The truth about Uhuru, the night of the long knives / Die nag van die lang messe

240 thoughts on “The truth about Uhuru, the night of the long knives / Die nag van die lang messe”

  1. Ek het nou dit alles gelees, en almal ( behalwe Toby) maak vir my sin. Wat ek net vir julle almal wil se is God se self iewers in die Bybel, ek is nie 100% seker waar nie, en ook nie van die presiese bewoording nie, maar Hy se, dat as Sy mense in die land wat Hy aan hulle gegee het woon, en hulle n Christelike leier het, en hulle vir hulle leiers bid, sal Hy hulle en die land wat Hy aan hulle gegee het red…… VIr wie stem julle? Is dit n 100% Christelike Party? Die enigste party wat ek dink 100% Christelik is is die ACDP. En ja, dan moet julle vir n swart man stem….. Is julle bereid om dit te doen?

  2. I do feel that there is truth in this uhuru, all the signs are there, and it would be stupid to ignore it.
    This country is going down the drain and is has to be saved. If it means that there must be a war to get the mickey mouse club out of government, then so be it. I will fight for my country,
    God gave us this country and we forsaked God. He showed us, and gave it to an ungodly nation. That was our own fault. If all christians turn back to God then God will help us get our counrty back.

    1. God gave you this country, haha!! I’ve met many intelligent yankees and europeans but boers have to be the dumbest white people on earth!! no wonder you got kicked out of YOUR countries in EUROPE. BTW, if your god has forsaken you it’s because he’s busy sucking my dick.

      1. I am shocked at what I am reading in these comments. So sad that our understanding, here in the states, about affairs in SA are so censored. We are taught in school that SA has become a beacon of equality and an ideal environment to promote black intelligence, ingenuity, and culture while living peacefully next to whites. Of course we knew there would be animosity and lingering anger, but not like this. It seems to me the person who said it is more a war between the haves and the have nots wrote the most truthful statement. From an outsiders point of view though it looks as if the have’s have found a way to keep their pockets lined and their power by promoting racial hatred. As long as the regular black and white citizens are blaming and fighting each other there is nobody to stop the fleecing of this beautiful country. It seems to me only a select group of blacks have benefitted with ANC leadership. You should not be fighting each other but those in power that are robbing you blind. IDK why I thought SA’s were smarter than folks here in the states, we are all a bunch of dumbasses letting the 1% use us to do their evil bidding.

        1. I am afraid that neither the capitalist nor the democratic system that we inherited from the USA is working in South Africa, neither will communism work either. It is true that whites are often excluded from government posts, or promotion, contrary to what the constitution says. Luckily the private sector caters less for the promotion of incapable people. The big problem was that European descendants became too reliant on a worker class that didn’t share the same cultural values and now the whole thing has backfired miserably. But in the end people have to learn what it means to treat themselves and other with love and dignity and the only solution is in the spiritual realm. There has been a massive brain drain of top South Africans to the USA, Canada and other countries so you can imagine why they decided to leave.

          1. Ja. Dis net so. El ry deur Zimbabwe en n drol stop my vir n check. Die ding is uitgeteer en lyk of hy strikkie griep het. Hy stink behoorlik vrot. Na n paar woorde klim ek uit en vra die soutriem wat krap daai klein piksteel daar in die grond. Die ding sê toe dat dit sy kind is en hulle bly net daar en hy wys na n bouvallige murasie. Ek sê wat soek daai kind as hy so krap en dan staan hy op en gaan sit weer so entjie en krap weer so in die grond. Ek ken die rede maar ek wil hê die ding moet self vir my sê wat krap daai kind so. Hy sê sy kind krap in bobbejaankak en aapkak opsoek na stukkies bruikbare graanstukkies en bessies om vir sy vrou te gaan gee om vir hulle kos te kook vir die aand. Dis nou hoe hierdie onnosele gebreidekopvelle wil lewe. Hulle is ongemaklik met die luukse en weet nie hoe werk dit nie. Hulle haat hulle self in Zimbabwe omdat die evòlusie nie verder met hulle gevorder het nie. Hulle kort so 3030 jaar om net te verstaan dat dit blanke breinkrag was wat die Kaborra-Bassa projek geloods het. Ja hulle het gehelp bou maar hulle kon nie eers n kruiwa ordentlik stoot nie. Hoe op aarde sal die klomp dommes nou self daar regkom. Vreet bobbejaankak op die ou end. Hier is baie bobbejaankak in hierdie land om te Vreet. En ek reken as jy stem om bobbejaankak te Vreet dan gaan jy dit vreet. Dis maar net wat ek daar in Zimbabwe gesien het.

      2. Don’t laugh to long cause you will choke on your bad breath just remember the blacks are going to get greedy again after the white population immagrated and then you will be fucked yet again for your own idiotic ideas.The one that laughs last will laugh the hardest and that will not be you.Have you forgotten about the water crisis in SA right now?? Your basically fucked already with dehydration that will set in.Have fun with your few remaining months in Africa cause soon you will be begging to immagrate but you wont be able to cause you need to actually PAY for that type of accomadation and we all know that 75% of blacks are starving already.Anyway have fun dying within 3 months if the blacks are even able to get the Boer to immagrate which will not happen cause even thou you outnumber us we will still fuck up any number of you on any god given day.

        Choose your fate wisely as this might be the last biggest decision you make.

    1. Look its not only the Afrikaaners you cant narrow it down to just them. I do understand that they the main problem cause there fathers raise them to be very narrow minded.

  3. Did you see the post by Anonymous 29 November 2010…. You say we Afrikaners want to hurt ourselves. His comment don’t sound to me like that…..

  4. To the post on 13th december

    Hey black christian, you don’t seem to know who your threatening. The whites stuck in this country won’t sit back and be pushed around.

    When you come, come strong my little black boy.

    1. Another idiotic boer talking tough in cyberspace. Take your father’s dick out of your ass and come and talk to me like that in real life. Fucking albino!!

    2. WTF is wrong with you all? This country will NEVER succeed with narrow minded, hate filled people. STOP all this nonsense… I am ashamed to be Afrikaans! You are all just a lot of beer drinking big talkers!!! You stand for nothing. Stop sitting around the braai drinking beer and swearing and do something constructive for your country!

  5. Ive been all around the world…. England, USA, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, China, Thailand etc….

    Nowhere else is there such a problem like this! Only in this country so many of us call home. I regret I live here!!! My wife is from Europe and I feel so ashamed to have brought her here! What a shame!

    Why can’t we all live in harmony??

    Stupid fucksssssssssssss!!! All of you!!!!!!!!

  6. Well, clearly this country is now all a big fuck up. I respect Nelson Mandela a whole lot for what he did back in 1994, good move. Bringing a country to live in peace. But then all is lost when they sought to avenge their tough times? Stupid. Fuck. If only he could read this now. While in hospital. Put you people to shame. I’m not gonna say I’m proud either, I love my home and the area I live in, but I’m almost the same as everyone else in this. I swear that if that is all true about “The Night of the Long Knives” I’m not going down running. I will defend my home. Fuck you all. Hope the world crumbles in 2012. None of us deserve to live in such a beautiful place, we ruined this for ourselves.

    Peace (yeah right)

  7. Pure speculation brother… Every shred of ‘evidence’ that is cited is unclear and imprecise. For example, which member of government? Who? Were are legitimate reports of these accusations? Of course people hate each other in this country. We have a troubled past. But do you really think treating each other with supiscious paranoia is going to contribute to this solution of the real racial divides? And do you think that the good black people that you so frequently refer to would stand for a government sanctioned genocide? Such a move would be political suicide! The entire continent would collapse if South Africa fell into civil war. What about the Cape? And Natal? You mention ‘taxis’ plotting to seal traffic routes out of Joburg. I mean seriously… I don’t think that it is fair in any way to accuse a ‘them’ plotting to kill ‘us’. Who are ‘they’? Who are ‘we’? What will happen to all the people of mixed race? And the indians? The chinese? The foreign whites living in this country?

    If the South African government truly allowed such a thing to happen, the world would intervene. We’re the most stable portal into Africa – the rest of the world would not accept the economic consequences of this ‘uhuru’. It would plunge the world into chaos. The multinational corporations based here would have to withdraw, and this would leave SA without any economic stability.

    This conspiracy is ridiculous! You may as well spend your time trying to prove that there was never a moon landing, and the video footage of it was a cover for a secret American millitary base, where they trade with the aliens, who are lizards, who also incidentally disguise themselves as members of the British royal family, and are guiding humanity to a certain level of development, so that they can harvest our organs, to resurrect a dark god of the universe beyond our own!

    If you are truly going to die at the hands of a black man, then why not devote your life to educating black children in the ways of virtue, truth and justice which apply across all cultures. Then if you are killed, and if there is a God, you will go to heaven for not succumbing to the hate that is equal to the most terrible sin. And if you don’t believe in God, then do it anyway, for the nobility of the choice. If you help a single child, he or she will remember you. And that will play its part in bridging this pointless divide between people of different skin tone. Either way, stop skulking around in hate and fear, and face other people with an intention and unquenchable desire to help build a better tomorrow.

    Be a part of the solution to the real problems SA faces – unemployment, lack of education, crime, domestic violence, drugs, child porn, human trafficking, rape, AIDS… The list goes on. In the face of these problems, do you REALLY think that ‘the blacks’ are going to focus on a bloody revenge when there are greater issues at hand?

    1. Finally! The first sensible person on this website. If you choose to live in the clutches of fear, you will be a hateful hated person yourself. I choose to live freely. I agree, there are bigger problems in SA. If you want to fight, like nearly everyone commenting so far, at least fight a noble battle.

    2. That is precisely what the black bastards want – SA without any economic stability, they will do what ever to ruin the white further.

      I don’t REALLY think I REALLY know that the bastards are focusing on a bloody revenge. They can’t think of tomorrow or the day after or 10 years ahead.

      Do you REALLY think they give a shit what’s going to happen to the economy or anything else for that matter?

    3. Grade 5 learners at our school, told one of the teachers to her face, that when Mandela dies, they will mourn him for 7 days (they will keep his death a secret) and then will start killing all the white people. Note they were smiling while they were telling her this! Look at what’s going on at the mines now????? Malema is getting rid of foreign investors, he wants the mines for himself! HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT WHAT THE OTHER COUNTRIES SAY OR THINK ABOUT OUR COUNTRY! WAKE UP! A WAR IS COMMING! It has already started! Its just a matter of time, the UN is not going to help us,just look at Zimbabwe, they didn’t care about the white people in that country! And don’t think if your friends/married to a black person, that you’ll be safe, they will kill you and your black partner and any other black person that’s trying to help you. I know I sound negative, and I realy do want peace in this country, but I’ve been living and working with black people for the last 10 years, and I have witness a change in their behaviour towards white people,because of racist people like Malema, and it doesn’t look good for us. One advantage that we have is that we have proper milatary skills that we can use to protect ourselfs with, we have the ability to think rasionaly for ourselve we know how to use skills, all they know what to to is -grab a panga and charge! I just hope if and when that day comes that my children will be safe in another country!

  8. Hierdie is al meer as n jaar oud en gan nog steeds sterk (die forum)
    DIe bottom line is, party swartes glo in uhuru en ander doenie. Die fyt dat party doen beteken dat ons gan vermoor word.
    Die mense moet wakker word. Die rand gan af en die rapes gan op, “toevallig” van 1994 af, Eugene is “toevallig” deur n swart ou vermoor. Die meeste rapists is “toevallig” swart.
    Word wakker dom idiote! Kom by!

  9. Geen persoon is beter as iemand anders nie. die wereld gaan wel tot ‘n einde kom maar NIEMAND weet wanneer nie. Tot dan – hoekom kan almal nie net saam leef nie? Hou op vaskyk in kleur. Ja daar is “slegte mense” ook, maar dit kry jy in elke ras van elke geslag. Die enigste wapen hier moet geloof en vertroue wees in God.

    My eie familie vlug al wyd en suid saam die “suidlanders” ek sal seker die swartskaap wees omdat ek nie saam hul koek nie. Maar so what. So belaglik maak ek my nie. En as iets gaan gebeur wat een of ander poephol 300 jaar terug voorspel het, dan is dit HOE die mense dit wil glo en moet gebeur. Al die nonsens maak my moeg. Bleh!

  10. mense ek boer en weet julle wat??een vani dae ga julle ni meer daai leka kos ka eet wat jul elke aand eet ni
    my ouma hulle is virmoor deur kaffers op ons plaas en di vok hoor my,al is j wit en jys saam daai gud skiet ek j saam hulle dood
    ek ka saam hulle werk elke dag ek behandel hulle elke dag soos mense mar ad di nag km
    skiet ek di lot dood soos wat hulle al reeds 3000 boere virmoor het,en di wat nu ng dink almal is gelyk bla bla bla
    ekt nuus vi j papie jou kak is geboek….ekti m gewere trug gegee ni mar di wat sooo dom en hoogop is het dit trug gegee weetjulle wat daai houtkop ga j doodskiet met j eie geweer dan wl j km please en explain asi kak spat???sory al wat ek ka se mede bloedsgenote muni dink uhuru is sme stront ni
    hulle ga ons slaan waneer ons dit di minste virwag wees net voorbereid asb di tekens is da

  11. The black savages dont have the balls to do it, it is all talk. The world does not care about the whites in South Africa and the world will not plunge into chaos because ‘uhuru’. You, the whites in South Africa made the mistake of letting the savages breed and take over the country. You had the means to wipe them out but you did nothing. So best you stop complaining and do something but as alway. The whites wont do anything as they dont have the guts. That is why the weastern world is in such a mess. We keep feeling sorry for the black savages and keep helping them. The days of the white are few and I feel sorry for the children. They will all thank us one day for the fine mess we left behind.

    1. You a very narrow minded fool and obviously were home schooled maybe if us whites treated them as people instead of slaves things would be abit different. Its people like you who cause the problem an people like me who are made to suffer for it you say we should wipe them out how would you like it if i came into your house an slaughtered your family infront of you do you think you would still have the same opinion. instead of beating the black man we should of educated them. and by the way south africa doesnt belong to the white man we stole it.

    2. Wow, you sound so tough in cyberspace. I hope your home gets invaded and you and your grandmother get ass-raped. Apparently, you boers love that shit. Didn’t ET use to let his labourers fuck him in the ass as payment whenever he couldn’t make payroll? Poetic justice that he got killed with trousers around his ankles and semen in his ass. White people! So tough in cyberspace but scared shitless in real life. No wonder your women love the African dick!! In about a 100 years, Europe will be an African colony and there will be no white people left in the world. Only African, Coloureds, Indian, and Chinese. Man, the future looks bright 😉

      1. Dude u sound way to confident behind ur computer!Tell you what, i am a white boer and if we are so scared shitless you wont mind giving up ur address so i can pay you a visit

  12. most of these comments are just talking about making war and all the stats of crime and what not ill tell you something about what i believe i am not worried about my or my family’s safety or what is going to happen when Mandela dies or if they going to kill us or when where or how all i am worried about is my relationship with my wife and God you see all this is relay going to happen i do not know how where or when but it is going to cause if you read your bible it’s all written there and yes i will FIGHT but not the way you think i will fight for my lord and i will fight to bring people to him to save souls not lives after all this Africa will be a God contenant and will be ruled by his people but then Staten will make his one world governance and that will be towards the end of the world the end of days the end times as in the bible so all i am relay worried bout is whether or not im going with Jesus when he come to take his children home which by the way is your choice
    by Jason God’s child

    1. 1) This continent is the place where ALL “kaffirs” come from.

      2) “Boere” come from come Europe.


      4) Do you actualy think WE want fucking biggots such as yourself on our soil?!?!?!?

      5) Please do us all a favour AND GO BACK HOME to Europe and rejoin your precious white brethern!

      6) Fokking Boer!

      1. When you are born somewhere, your personality is shaped by the place you were born into. There are many people who value Western cultural values, think of the soprano Pretty Yende to name one. I think humans should try to find their individual destinies and grow beyond group mentalities that suppress individual thought and tend to over-emphasize the obvious, such as skin color. Come on, live up to the challenges of the modern world! Then you might respect your own culture without feeling threatened by others!

  13. wie dink jy is jy om ons boere so te beledig?ons het nie die land op getoffie nie
    jy praat mos die groodste klopm snert!gaan leer jou geskiedenis weer mooi

  14. Lets all Think this trough the only way to solve a conflict is with war, forget what un is pitching about negotiations that won’t work we need to fight this out and thank GOD that is what we White people can do best , the whole world used to be afraid of us and That day will come again. My oupa het vir my altyd gese seun moenie kak vat van a kaffer af nie en ek is trots om te se ek lewe my lewe so , ek was al twee keer in die tronk vir aanranding en dan noem hulle dit racial crimes maar ek het my self en my familie net beskerm teen a inbraaker maar nee as jy wit is en jy raak aan a swart man is dit te erg so ek se hulle moet dit maar kom probeer ek het genoeg wapens om my familie te beskerm en my land te verdedig so try julle luck dan sien ons wat gebeer AWB is my leier geen ander party nie . ps ons gaan oom eugene vreeslike mis hy het ons sterk gehou

  15. Whites are a bunch of bastards. Look what the whites did through out africa since the 17 hundreds. look at the way the white man butcherd the congolese beople in the 18 hundreds.Im surprised there is a single white man left on this earth. Im white and I think the the blacks have a right to butcher us. If i was black I would buther the the white bastards!

    1. Im finding hard to believe you white unless you just very uneducated an have a stick up your arse. No one deserves to be butchered for what what their forefathers did our generation now is not responsible for their actions. Do you think it would be fair for me to come into your house an skin your family alive for something your closed minded grandfather did. You obviously need to seek help an a better education as for the stick up your arse only you can get that out

    2. hey white boy,go behind the out house,and blow your fucking brains out.what ever happened, happened in its own time.people run into problems,trying to import the then ,into weren’t there,leave it alone.half the shit you hear is make believe,the other half should be left to is not a black white issue,it is a have and have not issue.if everybody were the same color,we would still be squabbling over the same issues.i want what you have,if i cant have it my way,i will kill you.the nature of man.we have to re-program ourselves out of the womb.

      1. dont tell me to go blow my brains out cause you havent been educated enough in your little farm school if you cant understand what im saying fuck off and get a proper education

    3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude learn to fuckin type or spell u idiot!!Apparently you know your history very well but fuckall from spelling you silly hypocrite!!!This country is where it is today because of white people and i am talking about every single positive thing this country has to offer….
      Say you remove every single white out of this country…well done no farmers are left and therefor NO FOOD aswell!!!!!Your actualy such a single minded asshole that i say to you dear sir FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    4. To Feb 24 2011, clearly you are one sick puppy, I don’t know any person from the 17 hundreds, you must be a vampire that lived in those years who have wintness all the brutal killings! Shame- YOU CANNOT MOVE FORWARD IF YOU ARE STILL LIVING IN THE PAST! Build a bridge and get over here to the future where the rest of us are! How do you want to kill a person for something another person did a hundered yars ago?????? That’s just…. So wrong. So if I’m pissed of at your grandmother for killing my father,now I have the right to kill you??? WTF??? Eish…

  16. Do you think the pussy whites will fight a war, they dont have the balls and thet is why they gave SA to the K4. The whites are just a bunch of pussies and that is why the K4 and muslims are taking over. All the stupid boer can do is drink brandy and talk KAK.

  17. The whites should have removed all the K4s but they were too lazy and wanted them around so they could do all the work. Now they are so many because they breed like rats. The whites had the chance to wipe them out but did nothing. So now they have to live with it and shut up.

    1. Very true, we could have lived in peace if just killed all the blacks like the british killed natives in most of their colonies

  18. Show me your god and I will bow to him. But you cant because there is no GOD. It is like the tooth fairy, Father Xmas, the Easter bunny. They are just made up for peoples amusment.
    So show me this GOD, I know you cant so you are just full of shit.

    1. Wow you realy are an idiot just cause you cant see God you dont believe he exists well i cant see your brain so obviously it doesnt exist.

  19. South African – So sad, so depressing. This page shows enough hatred between black and white is enough to last for generations. What Rainbow Nation?

  20. bacterial flagellum, you uneducated piece of shit. Isn’t it funny , read up come now , thanks for showing me ignorance is bliss

  21. mmm i only read your first sentence pure speculation brother now let me ask you since you are qualifying his statement , are you familiar with the chaos theory, now if siener van rensburg was right time after time in the boer war and the correlation between what he said and the truth is very close to 100%, now who to believe, somebody with an natural talent (or strong intuition)(i am speaking of siener van rensburg) or you somebody who just shoots down without any real argument because you are fighting a correlation so strong it let zuma’s penis look weak. ok wait if this doesn’t make sense let me try einstein’s relativity theory, are you familiar with it? i thougt so ! let me explain! if you flip a coin 100 times and the coin lands more times on heads than tails then you should forget about the 50 50 propability and you should start betting that it will land on heads, there can be several externalities leading to this like aerodynamics of the coin etc, now run to mommy ask for a 5 cent and try it! the same is applicable for siener van rensburg. if you still dont understand please stop telling people they are speculating because you dont understand the 2 most important rukes concerning speculation

  22. the day the blacks want to murder the white ppl the colourds and every other race will join the whites… it will be Resident Evil did you see how easy it is to kill a brainless zombie?

    1. Ha ha, you are funny! Go around the major SA cities and see how your blond blue eyed sisters and mothers are sucking big black african dicks and licking asses… Nah, we won’t kill all the whites, just the men. We will keep the women as sex slaves. VIVA AFRICA!!!

      1. AFRICANSON i wana know where you live and pay you a lil visit and teach you manners!!!easy to be b ig mouth and hide behind a computer screen….tell me where you live and il do you the favour to visit you even!!!come now out with it dont be a pussy!

  23. If you are white………. then you would stand up for who you are. What happened in the pass is no thing to brag about….. but that is history….
    If the blacks want to kill the whites…. let it be. We don’t care!!!!!!! and maybe we should have butcher them…. but things turn out the way
    it did for a reason….. So much for being a white person….. you act like a black……….

  24. the day when you see Our GOD….. it will be to late for you……
    You know what I mean…… If you choose not to believe… it is your choice….. but you were told about our almighty GOD!!!!
    Good Luck…. And we will pray for you! :0)

  25. hierdie is meneer Mandela se laaste, ek hoop en bid ek is verkeerd, daar was ‘n boodskap op die nuus hy moet terug gaan na die oos kaap …DIT WAS KRIPTO (Hopelik is ek paranoid)

    Malema het gese in die laaste week : “the revolution is still on track”

    die groot poef is hier

    Here vergewe my sondes ek wil nie doodgaan nie, maar as dit u wil is AMEN

  26. Preparedness makes us strong. Because David icke is a fake you think Siener van Rensburg is fake? Do you know what Siener van Rensburg did during the Boer war? Educating ,show them the right way? look how passifism helped the Jews against the nazi’s!!! Who are you to destroy God’s work ?
    Lag maar, dis al wat jy kan doen, jou argumente irrelevant , maandag was daar ‘n berig in the citizen waar malema se “the revollution is still on track”
    of jy is in die laer of jy is in die kak

  27. is jy op dwelms? kan jy nie sien wat aangaan nie? ek glo eerder genocide watch voordat ek jou glo. al hierdie goed in die land is nie per toeval nie, dit word deur haat gekweek, dit het al begin oorloop, daar is ‘n baie sterk groeps mentaliteit in die land wat nie verander kan word nie!!!

  28. I have looked at all walks of life here in SA and befriended many people of all walks of life, yes SA in 20 years has become a frightening place to live for all races. The women must be terrified to go out on their own knowning how some of the people think here, and the old are safer dead or in an old peoples home and not on their own, who in another country rapes 80 year olds. Lets look at the life style of SA people, some groups live to drink not just at weekends but every night, some groups piss in the bushes and pavements. They will stop their trucks and some will jump off for a pea, often one can see ladies with skirt up in a bush. There no public toilets because some groups destroy them, there used to be once. Mooty or what ever, is practiced by some groups, this involves ripping out organs of live babies or adults. Some groups take drugs which is much the same elsewhere in the world “BUT” not on the same scale as SA. There are bassicaly 3 groups as I see it in SA, Black, Coloured and White, each as a group dislike each other (be honest) “BUT” we do see indiviuals marrying into different cultures and I wish them well. Now the problem is can you build houses for the masses “YES” but only if they stop having children, at the moment the masses are having 12 kids to every house that is built. So the answer is “NO” we cant house them all, it will take one voice in the future and “Yes” I think there will be an uprising. Malcolm Cape Town

  29. jy is die beste voorbeeld van negatiewe projeksie ooit, haai moet jy ander probeer afbreek sodat jy beter oor jou eie klein lewe moet voel, goeie werk hou so aan

  30. people please join the zeitgeist movement
    -fuck colour
    -fuck religious intollerance

    we are all one

    watch the zeitgeist movies

    1. who the hell is anonymous?dont you have balls?well time to grow some,put up or shut up.i bet anonymous is a little faggot.

  31. Fuck you, I am not like a black cunt. I have a brain and am not a savage. I dont steel, rape or murder. A black will never be like a white person because they are not the same. If they were then there would be less of them and they would not keep asking the whites to feed, house and look after them.
    Also, fuck all religions, they just cause wars.

    1. You are right, you are not a black cunt, just a white cunt full of shit. I am glad you don’t “steel”.. whatever that means. BTW, can you tell your homeless, begging father to stop harassing me when I’m driving to work? I don’t want to feed, house, or look after him when clearly he has you to rely on.

  32. for all you whites who are scared by this: how many times do you stand around the braai with a brannewyn and coke and make comments like “yeah we should shoot all blacks” ect? how many of you have ever actually shot a black even though you (and myself) hate them? nothing to worry about

  33. What i want to Understand is why Dutchman are so racist when they used to make their sons sleep with their maid to become a man and not only that they created the coloureds from it an cast them aside aswel when in actual fact they basically your family so please if any dutchman want to post comments think twice cause your arguements have no value. And not only that you sound like a bunch of narrow minded and uneducated fools

  34. we the whites discovered this beautiful land while black poeple was living here and so forth maar as dit nie vir die wit mense was om deur die rowwe see te seil en op die land op te eindig nie sou suid afrika nie vandag gewees het wa hy is vandag nie wit mense het met ontwikkeling gekom en die land ontwikkel niemand weet wat om te glo van siener en daai snert van uhuru en die rvV MAAR AL WAT EK WEET IS AS ENIGE RAS WAT VAN DIE BUITELAND AFKOM KAK KOMENTAAR WIL LEWER AS HY ABSOLUUT F*K*L WEET WAARDEUR WIT MENSE EN SWART MENSE IN HIERDIE LAND GAAN NIE MOET LIEWERS NIKS SE NIE SOOS HUL SE AFRICA IS NOT FOR SISSY’S AND THE GUY WHO SAYS WHITES ARE PUSSYS GO FUCK URSELF IT SHOWS U HAVE NEVER BN BLIKSEMD BY A BOER NIE SEUN JY SAL KAK SIEN!!

  35. Dit is ‘n jammerte dat ‘n persoon nie in God kan glo nie veral as hy elke dag opstaan en nog kan asemhaal, want dit self is ‘n voorreg wat ‘n mens het en nie ‘n reg soos baie in Suidafrika glo nie. Maar ek dink dat almal van julle wat sê julle glo in ons Skepper en God moet asb. julle taal gebruik ook daarvan laat getuig, anders kan jy vergeet om iemand te ootuig. Die meeste van julle wat op die blad iets plaas doen dit in elkgeval so Godslasterlik die see sal julle nie eens kan afwas nie. Kry iets beters om te doen soos voorraad bymekaar te maak as jy in die Uhuru glo. Sit asb wagte voor julle monde as julle jul self gelowiges in God wil noem.

    Groete in Christus

  36. Nee my maters, die uhuru glo ek is waar, kyk die voorspellings van (Siener van rensburg), sy leesings is meer akuraat as dai van nosttrudames, kyk biq die suidlanders se dvd’s en lees ook siener se boeke, dan sal julle n aner waarheid sien, of die goed waar gan word, weet ek ni, mar wat ek well weet, as dai dag kom het ek geen simpatie, ek sal n rekkie wees soos ons pa’s nog in die grens oorlog, erger as Eugene de cock

  37. That is precisely what the black bastards want – SA without any economic stability, they will do what ever to ruin the white further.

    I don’t REALLY think I REALLY know that the bastards are focusing on a bloody revenge. They can’t think of tomorrow or the day after or 10 years ahead.

    Do you REALLY think they give a shit what’s going to happen to the economy or anything else for that matter?

  38. Matthew 26:52-54

    Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels? But how then should the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must be so?”

    Pray that we may all live in harmony, like human beings were created to.

    I have travelled the world, and I’m writing this from a distant land even now. Every place I have experienced has been full of happiness and love. Be the change you want to see TODAY.

  39. I am 14 year old boy and really I have just had enough. Please please please stop all this young kids have to go live in fear wondering when night of the long knife is coming. Why can’t we all just stop I’m begging you all stop now! Its both the races just stop please. I’m living in fear everyday of my life just stop. Btw I’m white

  40. hi almal

    ek is n jong man ek weet net een ding ons is van kleins af geleer om ons self te beskerm en ek se jul nu n kafer staan nie n kaans nie as jul na al die plaas moorde kyk is ons mense op n af stand van 5 m na 30mm geskiet my pa n ou rekkie het ons geleer raak skiet op 600m tot 1km ons is geleer om bome te bou so wapens te maak so kom wie wil ek wag

  41. Almal slaap in suid afrika wittes word vermoor, verkrag, alles word weg gevat van ons af. Hoe sal julle voel as jou vrou of kind voor julle vermoor word of vekrag. Wit mense word dood gemaak soos varke. Tot met 2010 is meer as 3000 plaas moorde plaas gevind dus hele gesinne in die ergste maniere dood gemaak!! Wat het onskuldige kinders gemaak

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