235 thoughts on “The truth about Uhuru, the night of the long knives / Die nag van die lang messe

  1. Ek het nou dit alles gelees, en almal ( behalwe Toby) maak vir my sin. Wat ek net vir julle almal wil se is God se self iewers in die Bybel, ek is nie 100% seker waar nie, en ook nie van die presiese bewoording nie, maar Hy se, dat as Sy mense in die land wat Hy aan hulle gegee het woon, en hulle n Christelike leier het, en hulle vir hulle leiers bid, sal Hy hulle en die land wat Hy aan hulle gegee het red…… VIr wie stem julle? Is dit n 100% Christelike Party? Die enigste party wat ek dink 100% Christelik is is die ACDP. En ja, dan moet julle vir n swart man stem….. Is julle bereid om dit te doen?

  2. I do feel that there is truth in this uhuru, all the signs are there, and it would be stupid to ignore it.
    This country is going down the drain and is has to be saved. If it means that there must be a war to get the mickey mouse club out of government, then so be it. I will fight for my country,
    God gave us this country and we forsaked God. He showed us, and gave it to an ungodly nation. That was our own fault. If all christians turn back to God then God will help us get our counrty back.

    1. God gave you this country, haha!! I’ve met many intelligent yankees and europeans but boers have to be the dumbest white people on earth!! no wonder you got kicked out of YOUR countries in EUROPE. BTW, if your god has forsaken you it’s because he’s busy sucking my dick.

      1. I am shocked at what I am reading in these comments. So sad that our understanding, here in the states, about affairs in SA are so censored. We are taught in school that SA has become a beacon of equality and an ideal environment to promote black intelligence, ingenuity, and culture while living peacefully next to whites. Of course we knew there would be animosity and lingering anger, but not like this. It seems to me the person who said it is more a war between the haves and the have nots wrote the most truthful statement. From an outsiders point of view though it looks as if the have’s have found a way to keep their pockets lined and their power by promoting racial hatred. As long as the regular black and white citizens are blaming and fighting each other there is nobody to stop the fleecing of this beautiful country. It seems to me only a select group of blacks have benefitted with ANC leadership. You should not be fighting each other but those in power that are robbing you blind. IDK why I thought SA’s were smarter than folks here in the states, we are all a bunch of dumbasses letting the 1% use us to do their evil bidding.

        1. I am afraid that neither the capitalist nor the democratic system that we inherited from the USA is working in South Africa, neither will communism work either. It is true that whites are often excluded from government posts, or promotion, contrary to what the constitution says. Luckily the private sector caters less for the promotion of incapable people. The big problem was that European descendants became too reliant on a worker class that didn’t share the same cultural values and now the whole thing has backfired miserably. But in the end people have to learn what it means to treat themselves and other with love and dignity and the only solution is in the spiritual realm. There has been a massive brain drain of top South Africans to the USA, Canada and other countries so you can imagine why they decided to leave.

    1. Look its not only the Afrikaaners you cant narrow it down to just them. I do understand that they the main problem cause there fathers raise them to be very narrow minded.

  3. Did you see the post by Anonymous 29 November 2010…. You say we Afrikaners want to hurt ourselves. His comment don’t sound to me like that…..

  4. To the post on 13th december

    Hey black christian, you don’t seem to know who your threatening. The whites stuck in this country won’t sit back and be pushed around.

    When you come, come strong my little black boy.

    1. Another idiotic boer talking tough in cyberspace. Take your father’s dick out of your ass and come and talk to me like that in real life. Fucking albino!!

    2. WTF is wrong with you all? This country will NEVER succeed with narrow minded, hate filled people. STOP all this nonsense… I am ashamed to be Afrikaans! You are all just a lot of beer drinking big talkers!!! You stand for nothing. Stop sitting around the braai drinking beer and swearing and do something constructive for your country!

  5. Ive been all around the world…. England, USA, Poland, Germany, Slovakia, China, Thailand etc….

    Nowhere else is there such a problem like this! Only in this country so many of us call home. I regret I live here!!! My wife is from Europe and I feel so ashamed to have brought her here! What a shame!

    Why can’t we all live in harmony??

    Stupid fucksssssssssssss!!! All of you!!!!!!!!

  6. Well, clearly this country is now all a big fuck up. I respect Nelson Mandela a whole lot for what he did back in 1994, good move. Bringing a country to live in peace. But then all is lost when they sought to avenge their tough times? Stupid. Fuck. If only he could read this now. While in hospital. Put you people to shame. I’m not gonna say I’m proud either, I love my home and the area I live in, but I’m almost the same as everyone else in this. I swear that if that is all true about “The Night of the Long Knives” I’m not going down running. I will defend my home. Fuck you all. Hope the world crumbles in 2012. None of us deserve to live in such a beautiful place, we ruined this for ourselves.

    Peace (yeah right)

  7. Pure speculation brother… Every shred of ‘evidence’ that is cited is unclear and imprecise. For example, which member of government? Who? Were are legitimate reports of these accusations? Of course people hate each other in this country. We have a troubled past. But do you really think treating each other with supiscious paranoia is going to contribute to this solution of the real racial divides? And do you think that the good black people that you so frequently refer to would stand for a government sanctioned genocide? Such a move would be political suicide! The entire continent would collapse if South Africa fell into civil war. What about the Cape? And Natal? You mention ‘taxis’ plotting to seal traffic routes out of Joburg. I mean seriously… I don’t think that it is fair in any way to accuse a ‘them’ plotting to kill ‘us’. Who are ‘they’? Who are ‘we’? What will happen to all the people of mixed race? And the indians? The chinese? The foreign whites living in this country?

    If the South African government truly allowed such a thing to happen, the world would intervene. We’re the most stable portal into Africa – the rest of the world would not accept the economic consequences of this ‘uhuru’. It would plunge the world into chaos. The multinational corporations based here would have to withdraw, and this would leave SA without any economic stability.

    This conspiracy is ridiculous! You may as well spend your time trying to prove that there was never a moon landing, and the video footage of it was a cover for a secret American millitary base, where they trade with the aliens, who are lizards, who also incidentally disguise themselves as members of the British royal family, and are guiding humanity to a certain level of development, so that they can harvest our organs, to resurrect a dark god of the universe beyond our own!

    If you are truly going to die at the hands of a black man, then why not devote your life to educating black children in the ways of virtue, truth and justice which apply across all cultures. Then if you are killed, and if there is a God, you will go to heaven for not succumbing to the hate that is equal to the most terrible sin. And if you don’t believe in God, then do it anyway, for the nobility of the choice. If you help a single child, he or she will remember you. And that will play its part in bridging this pointless divide between people of different skin tone. Either way, stop skulking around in hate and fear, and face other people with an intention and unquenchable desire to help build a better tomorrow.

    Be a part of the solution to the real problems SA faces – unemployment, lack of education, crime, domestic violence, drugs, child porn, human trafficking, rape, AIDS… The list goes on. In the face of these problems, do you REALLY think that ‘the blacks’ are going to focus on a bloody revenge when there are greater issues at hand?

    1. Finally! The first sensible person on this website. If you choose to live in the clutches of fear, you will be a hateful hated person yourself. I choose to live freely. I agree, there are bigger problems in SA. If you want to fight, like nearly everyone commenting so far, at least fight a noble battle.

    2. That is precisely what the black bastards want – SA without any economic stability, they will do what ever to ruin the white further.

      I don’t REALLY think I REALLY know that the bastards are focusing on a bloody revenge. They can’t think of tomorrow or the day after or 10 years ahead.

      Do you REALLY think they give a shit what’s going to happen to the economy or anything else for that matter?

    3. Grade 5 learners at our school, told one of the teachers to her face, that when Mandela dies, they will mourn him for 7 days (they will keep his death a secret) and then will start killing all the white people. Note they were smiling while they were telling her this! Look at what’s going on at the mines now????? Malema is getting rid of foreign investors, he wants the mines for himself! HE DOESNT CARE ABOUT WHAT THE OTHER COUNTRIES SAY OR THINK ABOUT OUR COUNTRY! WAKE UP! A WAR IS COMMING! It has already started! Its just a matter of time, the UN is not going to help us,just look at Zimbabwe, they didn’t care about the white people in that country! And don’t think if your friends/married to a black person, that you’ll be safe, they will kill you and your black partner and any other black person that’s trying to help you. I know I sound negative, and I realy do want peace in this country, but I’ve been living and working with black people for the last 10 years, and I have witness a change in their behaviour towards white people,because of racist people like Malema, and it doesn’t look good for us. One advantage that we have is that we have proper milatary skills that we can use to protect ourselfs with, we have the ability to think rasionaly for ourselve we know how to use skills, all they know what to to is -grab a panga and charge! I just hope if and when that day comes that my children will be safe in another country!

    4. well put sir,i am a white American.your attitude should be an example for everyone,whether christian or not.merry christmas

  8. Hierdie is al meer as n jaar oud en gan nog steeds sterk (die forum)
    DIe bottom line is, party swartes glo in uhuru en ander doenie. Die fyt dat party doen beteken dat ons gan vermoor word.
    Die mense moet wakker word. Die rand gan af en die rapes gan op, “toevallig” van 1994 af, Eugene is “toevallig” deur n swart ou vermoor. Die meeste rapists is “toevallig” swart.
    Word wakker dom idiote! Kom by!

  9. Geen persoon is beter as iemand anders nie. die wereld gaan wel tot ‘n einde kom maar NIEMAND weet wanneer nie. Tot dan – hoekom kan almal nie net saam leef nie? Hou op vaskyk in kleur. Ja daar is “slegte mense” ook, maar dit kry jy in elke ras van elke geslag. Die enigste wapen hier moet geloof en vertroue wees in God.

    My eie familie vlug al wyd en suid saam die “suidlanders” ek sal seker die swartskaap wees omdat ek nie saam hul koek nie. Maar so what. So belaglik maak ek my nie. En as iets gaan gebeur wat een of ander poephol 300 jaar terug voorspel het, dan is dit HOE die mense dit wil glo en moet gebeur. Al die nonsens maak my moeg. Bleh!

  10. mense ek boer en weet julle wat??een vani dae ga julle ni meer daai leka kos ka eet wat jul elke aand eet ni
    my ouma hulle is virmoor deur kaffers op ons plaas en di vok hoor my,al is j wit en jys saam daai gud skiet ek j saam hulle dood
    ek ka saam hulle werk elke dag ek behandel hulle elke dag soos mense mar ad di nag km
    skiet ek di lot dood soos wat hulle al reeds 3000 boere virmoor het,en di wat nu ng dink almal is gelyk bla bla bla
    ekt nuus vi j papie jou kak is geboek….ekti m gewere trug gegee ni mar di wat sooo dom en hoogop is het dit trug gegee weetjulle wat daai houtkop ga j doodskiet met j eie geweer dan wl j km please en explain asi kak spat???sory al wat ek ka se mede bloedsgenote muni dink uhuru is sme stront ni
    hulle ga ons slaan waneer ons dit di minste virwag wees net voorbereid asb di tekens is da

  11. The black savages dont have the balls to do it, it is all talk. The world does not care about the whites in South Africa and the world will not plunge into chaos because ‘uhuru’. You, the whites in South Africa made the mistake of letting the savages breed and take over the country. You had the means to wipe them out but you did nothing. So best you stop complaining and do something but as alway. The whites wont do anything as they dont have the guts. That is why the weastern world is in such a mess. We keep feeling sorry for the black savages and keep helping them. The days of the white are few and I feel sorry for the children. They will all thank us one day for the fine mess we left behind.

    1. You a very narrow minded fool and obviously were home schooled maybe if us whites treated them as people instead of slaves things would be abit different. Its people like you who cause the problem an people like me who are made to suffer for it you say we should wipe them out how would you like it if i came into your house an slaughtered your family infront of you do you think you would still have the same opinion. instead of beating the black man we should of educated them. and by the way south africa doesnt belong to the white man we stole it.

    2. Wow, you sound so tough in cyberspace. I hope your home gets invaded and you and your grandmother get ass-raped. Apparently, you boers love that shit. Didn’t ET use to let his labourers fuck him in the ass as payment whenever he couldn’t make payroll? Poetic justice that he got killed with trousers around his ankles and semen in his ass. White people! So tough in cyberspace but scared shitless in real life. No wonder your women love the African dick!! In about a 100 years, Europe will be an African colony and there will be no white people left in the world. Only African, Coloureds, Indian, and Chinese. Man, the future looks bright 😉

      1. Dude u sound way to confident behind ur computer!Tell you what, i am a white boer and if we are so scared shitless you wont mind giving up ur address so i can pay you a visit

  12. most of these comments are just talking about making war and all the stats of crime and what not ill tell you something about what i believe i am not worried about my or my family’s safety or what is going to happen when Mandela dies or if they going to kill us or when where or how all i am worried about is my relationship with my wife and God you see all this is relay going to happen i do not know how where or when but it is going to cause if you read your bible it’s all written there and yes i will FIGHT but not the way you think i will fight for my lord and i will fight to bring people to him to save souls not lives after all this Africa will be a God contenant and will be ruled by his people but then Staten will make his one world governance and that will be towards the end of the world the end of days the end times as in the bible so all i am relay worried bout is whether or not im going with Jesus when he come to take his children home which by the way is your choice
    by Jason God’s child

    1. 1) This continent is the place where ALL “kaffirs” come from.

      2) “Boere” come from come Europe.


      4) Do you actualy think WE want fucking biggots such as yourself on our soil?!?!?!?

      5) Please do us all a favour AND GO BACK HOME to Europe and rejoin your precious white brethern!

      6) Fokking Boer!

      1. When you are born somewhere, your personality is shaped by the place you were born into. There are many people who value Western cultural values, think of the soprano Pretty Yende to name one. I think humans should try to find their individual destinies and grow beyond group mentalities that suppress individual thought and tend to over-emphasize the obvious, such as skin color. Come on, live up to the challenges of the modern world! Then you might respect your own culture without feeling threatened by others!

  13. wie dink jy is jy om ons boere so te beledig?ons het nie die land op getoffie nie
    jy praat mos die groodste klopm snert!gaan leer jou geskiedenis weer mooi

  14. Lets all Think this trough the only way to solve a conflict is with war, forget what un is pitching about negotiations that won’t work we need to fight this out and thank GOD that is what we White people can do best , the whole world used to be afraid of us and That day will come again. My oupa het vir my altyd gese seun moenie kak vat van a kaffer af nie en ek is trots om te se ek lewe my lewe so , ek was al twee keer in die tronk vir aanranding en dan noem hulle dit racial crimes maar ek het my self en my familie net beskerm teen a inbraaker maar nee as jy wit is en jy raak aan a swart man is dit te erg so ek se hulle moet dit maar kom probeer ek het genoeg wapens om my familie te beskerm en my land te verdedig so try julle luck dan sien ons wat gebeer AWB is my leier geen ander party nie . ps ons gaan oom eugene vreeslike mis hy het ons sterk gehou

  15. Whites are a bunch of bastards. Look what the whites did through out africa since the 17 hundreds. look at the way the white man butcherd the congolese beople in the 18 hundreds.Im surprised there is a single white man left on this earth. Im white and I think the the blacks have a right to butcher us. If i was black I would buther the the white bastards!

    1. Im finding hard to believe you white unless you just very uneducated an have a stick up your arse. No one deserves to be butchered for what what their forefathers did our generation now is not responsible for their actions. Do you think it would be fair for me to come into your house an skin your family alive for something your closed minded grandfather did. You obviously need to seek help an a better education as for the stick up your arse only you can get that out

    2. hey white boy,go behind the out house,and blow your fucking brains out.what ever happened, happened in its own time.people run into problems,trying to import the then ,into now.you weren’t there,leave it alone.half the shit you hear is make believe,the other half should be left to die.it is not a black white issue,it is a have and have not issue.if everybody were the same color,we would still be squabbling over the same issues.i want what you have,if i cant have it my way,i will kill you.the nature of man.we have to re-program ourselves out of the womb.

      1. dont tell me to go blow my brains out cause you havent been educated enough in your little farm school if you cant understand what im saying fuck off and get a proper education

    3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA dude learn to fuckin type or spell u idiot!!Apparently you know your history very well but fuckall from spelling you silly hypocrite!!!This country is where it is today because of white people and i am talking about every single positive thing this country has to offer….
      Say you remove every single white out of this country…well done no farmers are left and therefor NO FOOD aswell!!!!!Your actualy such a single minded asshole that i say to you dear sir FUCK YOU!!!!!!!!!

    4. hey ANONYMOUS,you are a white nigger.come to my neighborhood,i have a auto tire that will fit your neck.

    5. To Feb 24 2011, clearly you are one sick puppy, I don’t know any person from the 17 hundreds, you must be a vampire that lived in those years who have wintness all the brutal killings! Shame- YOU CANNOT MOVE FORWARD IF YOU ARE STILL LIVING IN THE PAST! Build a bridge and get over here to the future where the rest of us are! How do you want to kill a person for something another person did a hundered yars ago?????? That’s just…. So wrong. So if I’m pissed of at your grandmother for killing my father,now I have the right to kill you??? WTF??? Eish…

  16. Kiss my ass, there is no god. You stupid boers gave SA away and now you bitch about it. God must be a clown if he is real.

  17. Do you think the pussy whites will fight a war, they dont have the balls and thet is why they gave SA to the K4. The whites are just a bunch of pussies and that is why the K4 and muslims are taking over. All the stupid boer can do is drink brandy and talk KAK.

    1. learn to spell and learn your history, we did fuck up the zulu’s before and we can do it again, vtsek jou naai.

  18. The whites should have removed all the K4s but they were too lazy and wanted them around so they could do all the work. Now they are so many because they breed like rats. The whites had the chance to wipe them out but did nothing. So now they have to live with it and shut up.

    1. Very true, we could have lived in peace if just killed all the blacks like the british killed natives in most of their colonies

  19. Show me your god and I will bow to him. But you cant because there is no GOD. It is like the tooth fairy, Father Xmas, the Easter bunny. They are just made up for peoples amusment.
    So show me this GOD, I know you cant so you are just full of shit.

    1. Wow you realy are an idiot just cause you cant see God you dont believe he exists well i cant see your brain so obviously it doesnt exist.

  20. South African – So sad, so depressing. This page shows enough hatred between black and white is enough to last for generations. What Rainbow Nation?

  21. bacterial flagellum, you uneducated piece of shit. Isn’t it funny , read up come now , thanks for showing me ignorance is bliss

  22. mmm i only read your first sentence pure speculation brother now let me ask you since you are qualifying his statement , are you familiar with the chaos theory, now if siener van rensburg was right time after time in the boer war and the correlation between what he said and the truth is very close to 100%, now who to believe, somebody with an natural talent (or strong intuition)(i am speaking of siener van rensburg) or you somebody who just shoots down without any real argument because you are fighting a correlation so strong it let zuma’s penis look weak. ok wait if this doesn’t make sense let me try einstein’s relativity theory, are you familiar with it? i thougt so ! let me explain! if you flip a coin 100 times and the coin lands more times on heads than tails then you should forget about the 50 50 propability and you should start betting that it will land on heads, there can be several externalities leading to this like aerodynamics of the coin etc, now run to mommy ask for a 5 cent and try it! the same is applicable for siener van rensburg. if you still dont understand please stop telling people they are speculating because you dont understand the 2 most important rukes concerning speculation

  23. the day the blacks want to murder the white ppl the colourds and every other race will join the whites… it will be Resident Evil did you see how easy it is to kill a brainless zombie?

    1. Ha ha, you are funny! Go around the major SA cities and see how your blond blue eyed sisters and mothers are sucking big black african dicks and licking asses… Nah, we won’t kill all the whites, just the men. We will keep the women as sex slaves. VIVA AFRICA!!!

      1. AFRICANSON i wana know where you live and pay you a lil visit and teach you manners!!!easy to be b ig mouth and hide behind a computer screen….tell me where you live and il do you the favour to visit you even!!!come now out with it dont be a pussy!

  24. If you are white………. then you would stand up for who you are. What happened in the pass is no thing to brag about….. but that is history….
    If the blacks want to kill the whites…. let it be. We don’t care!!!!!!! and maybe we should have butcher them…. but things turn out the way
    it did for a reason….. So much for being a white person….. you act like a black……….

  25. the day when you see Our GOD….. it will be to late for you……
    You know what I mean…… If you choose not to believe… it is your choice….. but you were told about our almighty GOD!!!!
    Good Luck…. And we will pray for you! :0)

  26. hierdie is meneer Mandela se laaste, ek hoop en bid ek is verkeerd, daar was ‘n boodskap op die nuus hy moet terug gaan na die oos kaap …DIT WAS KRIPTO (Hopelik is ek paranoid)

    Malema het gese in die laaste week : “the revolution is still on track”

    die groot poef is hier

    Here vergewe my sondes ek wil nie doodgaan nie, maar as dit u wil is AMEN

  27. Preparedness makes us strong. Because David icke is a fake you think Siener van Rensburg is fake? Do you know what Siener van Rensburg did during the Boer war? Educating ,show them the right way? look how passifism helped the Jews against the nazi’s!!! Who are you to destroy God’s work ?
    Lag maar, dis al wat jy kan doen, jou argumente irrelevant , maandag was daar ‘n berig in the citizen waar malema se “the revollution is still on track”
    of jy is in die laer of jy is in die kak

  28. is jy op dwelms? kan jy nie sien wat aangaan nie? ek glo eerder genocide watch voordat ek jou glo. al hierdie goed in die land is nie per toeval nie, dit word deur haat gekweek, dit het al begin oorloop, daar is ‘n baie sterk groeps mentaliteit in die land wat nie verander kan word nie!!!

  29. I have looked at all walks of life here in SA and befriended many people of all walks of life, yes SA in 20 years has become a frightening place to live for all races. The women must be terrified to go out on their own knowning how some of the people think here, and the old are safer dead or in an old peoples home and not on their own, who in another country rapes 80 year olds. Lets look at the life style of SA people, some groups live to drink not just at weekends but every night, some groups piss in the bushes and pavements. They will stop their trucks and some will jump off for a pea, often one can see ladies with skirt up in a bush. There no public toilets because some groups destroy them, there used to be once. Mooty or what ever, is practiced by some groups, this involves ripping out organs of live babies or adults. Some groups take drugs which is much the same elsewhere in the world “BUT” not on the same scale as SA. There are bassicaly 3 groups as I see it in SA, Black, Coloured and White, each as a group dislike each other (be honest) “BUT” we do see indiviuals marrying into different cultures and I wish them well. Now the problem is can you build houses for the masses “YES” but only if they stop having children, at the moment the masses are having 12 kids to every house that is built. So the answer is “NO” we cant house them all, it will take one voice in the future and “Yes” I think there will be an uprising. Malcolm Cape Town

  30. jy is die beste voorbeeld van negatiewe projeksie ooit, haai moet jy ander probeer afbreek sodat jy beter oor jou eie klein lewe moet voel, goeie werk hou so aan

  31. people please join the zeitgeist movement
    -fuck colour
    -fuck religious intollerance

    we are all one

    watch the zeitgeist movies

    1. who the hell is anonymous?dont you have balls?well time to grow some,put up or shut up.i bet anonymous is a little faggot.

  32. Fuck you, I am not like a black cunt. I have a brain and am not a savage. I dont steel, rape or murder. A black will never be like a white person because they are not the same. If they were then there would be less of them and they would not keep asking the whites to feed, house and look after them.
    Also, fuck all religions, they just cause wars.

    1. You are right, you are not a black cunt, just a white cunt full of shit. I am glad you don’t “steel”.. whatever that means. BTW, can you tell your homeless, begging father to stop harassing me when I’m driving to work? I don’t want to feed, house, or look after him when clearly he has you to rely on.

  33. for all you whites who are scared by this: how many times do you stand around the braai with a brannewyn and coke and make comments like “yeah we should shoot all blacks” ect? how many of you have ever actually shot a black even though you (and myself) hate them? nothing to worry about

  34. What i want to Understand is why Dutchman are so racist when they used to make their sons sleep with their maid to become a man and not only that they created the coloureds from it an cast them aside aswel when in actual fact they basically your family so please if any dutchman want to post comments think twice cause your arguements have no value. And not only that you sound like a bunch of narrow minded and uneducated fools

  35. we the whites discovered this beautiful land while black poeple was living here and so forth maar as dit nie vir die wit mense was om deur die rowwe see te seil en op die land op te eindig nie sou suid afrika nie vandag gewees het wa hy is vandag nie wit mense het met ontwikkeling gekom en die land ontwikkel niemand weet wat om te glo van siener en daai snert van uhuru en die rvV MAAR AL WAT EK WEET IS AS ENIGE RAS WAT VAN DIE BUITELAND AFKOM KAK KOMENTAAR WIL LEWER AS HY ABSOLUUT F*K*L WEET WAARDEUR WIT MENSE EN SWART MENSE IN HIERDIE LAND GAAN NIE MOET LIEWERS NIKS SE NIE SOOS HUL SE AFRICA IS NOT FOR SISSY’S AND THE GUY WHO SAYS WHITES ARE PUSSYS GO FUCK URSELF IT SHOWS U HAVE NEVER BN BLIKSEMD BY A BOER NIE SEUN JY SAL KAK SIEN!!

  36. Dit is ‘n jammerte dat ‘n persoon nie in God kan glo nie veral as hy elke dag opstaan en nog kan asemhaal, want dit self is ‘n voorreg wat ‘n mens het en nie ‘n reg soos baie in Suidafrika glo nie. Maar ek dink dat almal van julle wat sê julle glo in ons Skepper en God moet asb. julle taal gebruik ook daarvan laat getuig, anders kan jy vergeet om iemand te ootuig. Die meeste van julle wat op die blad iets plaas doen dit in elkgeval so Godslasterlik die see sal julle nie eens kan afwas nie. Kry iets beters om te doen soos voorraad bymekaar te maak as jy in die Uhuru glo. Sit asb wagte voor julle monde as julle jul self gelowiges in God wil noem.

    Groete in Christus

  37. Nee my maters, die uhuru glo ek is waar, kyk die voorspellings van (Siener van rensburg), sy leesings is meer akuraat as dai van nosttrudames, kyk biq die suidlanders se dvd’s en lees ook siener se boeke, dan sal julle n aner waarheid sien, of die goed waar gan word, weet ek ni, mar wat ek well weet, as dai dag kom het ek geen simpatie, ek sal n rekkie wees soos ons pa’s nog in die grens oorlog, erger as Eugene de cock

  38. That is precisely what the black bastards want – SA without any economic stability, they will do what ever to ruin the white further.

    I don’t REALLY think I REALLY know that the bastards are focusing on a bloody revenge. They can’t think of tomorrow or the day after or 10 years ahead.

    Do you REALLY think they give a shit what’s going to happen to the economy or anything else for that matter?

  39. Matthew 26:52-54

    Then Jesus said to him, “Put your sword back into its place. For all who take the sword will perish by the sword. Do you think that I cannot appeal to my Father, and he will at once send me more than twelve legions of angels? But how then should the Scriptures be fulfilled, that it must be so?”

    Pray that we may all live in harmony, like human beings were created to.

    I have travelled the world, and I’m writing this from a distant land even now. Every place I have experienced has been full of happiness and love. Be the change you want to see TODAY.

  40. I am 14 year old boy and really I have just had enough. Please please please stop all this young kids have to go live in fear wondering when night of the long knife is coming. Why can’t we all just stop I’m begging you all stop now! Its both the races just stop please. I’m living in fear everyday of my life just stop. Btw I’m white

  41. hi almal

    ek is n jong man ek weet net een ding ons is van kleins af geleer om ons self te beskerm en ek se jul nu n kafer staan nie n kaans nie as jul na al die plaas moorde kyk is ons mense op n af stand van 5 m na 30mm geskiet my pa n ou rekkie het ons geleer raak skiet op 600m tot 1km ons is geleer om bome te bou so wapens te maak so kom wie wil ek wag

  42. Almal slaap in suid afrika wittes word vermoor, verkrag, alles word weg gevat van ons af. Hoe sal julle voel as jou vrou of kind voor julle vermoor word of vekrag. Wit mense word dood gemaak soos varke. Tot met 2010 is meer as 3000 plaas moorde plaas gevind dus hele gesinne in die ergste maniere dood gemaak!! Wat het onskuldige kinders gemaak

  43. You are obviously insane (besides the fact that you are obviously ready for suicide)
    You will get nowhere chasing the future, because it does not exist. The only moment we have, is the NOW, this very moment. This will determine the past and the future.
    Has it occurrecd to you that what you resist, persits?
    If you resist killing, you will attract it into your life – if you fight HIV/Aids, you will draw it to you, etc.
    May I suggest you get some help for your condition?

  44. With all the hatred and racism towards white people being flame by the ruling party it is only a matter of time before it does happen. All the ignorant people that seem to think this is a myth should just look at the signs of the times. This should not be allowed to happen, but as long as racism and hatred toward white skinned citizens are tolerated this will surely happen. Wake up. All forms of racism is wrong and should not be tolerated.

  45. You poor paranoid dom plas boer. There is no real organised threat to you and your kind, except in your own head. Your own fears are self created and, are actually driving you to even greater levels of zenophobia and paranoia. Get off your arse; save some money, buy a ticket, do some travelling outside of Africa, open your eyes and mind to other cultures. Hopefully, when you return to S.A. you will have not only got a life but will have realised how limited and blind your’s has been so far.

  46. Spoken like a true liberal theosophist, you are so embracing that you don’t even revere your own identity. Perhaps genius you can explain the deaths of 25000 South Africans last years and the rape that occur every second minute in this country? Paranoia indeed you have been lulled into such a sense of false security that you can’t see the woods for the trees. Catch a wake up yourself, go overseas and see a different way of life, come back here and live in fear again. I dare you.

  47. Just look at how you start your comment towards a white so called boer! Let me tell you something Toby, I’ve traveled I’ve seen other cultures and believed that SA was still one of the most awesome places to see…. But now no more! No we are not a poor paranoid dom “plaas” boer nor a person with no life or dreams, just someone that don’t wan’t to live in fear! And with all of the killings going around there isn’t any reason not to fear living in SA! I think you should go and do some travelling yourself, to see and realize that in the outside world of AFRICA things are done with more controle over their people!!!!!! In SA it is one big JOKE the police the goverment, need to go on!!! LOL

  48. Please may we calm the racist flames that the likes of an idiot such as Julius Malema has fanned!?
    Stop the name calling and racist remarks!

    Are we going to allow such a fool to undo all the good that Nelson Mandela has done for this country?

    How do you explain that over 3000 White farmers have been murdered since the mid 90’s and nothing is done about it?

    Our food should be the cheapest in the world because of the huge land areas we have yet they are not!
    Rather let us ask that question and do something about it?

    I am not against a fair distribution of land nor am I against seeing the poor (and every South African citizen) being funded from the wealth of this country e.g. the minerals and wealth under its earth so please let reason and calm return!

  49. Hoe durf jy ons volk so beledig. Ek gee nie of wie of wat jy is nie maar wie gee vir jou die reg om ons boere volk so te beledig. Die enigste een wat paranoid kan wees is jy! Jy lewe in ‘n gekke paradys. “Get of your arse” en kyk wat te hel om jou aangaan. Jy weet seker nie van al die plaasmoorde die. Ek praat onder korreksie maar dit is oor die 1600 wit boere wat aangeval is in ‘n kwessie van ‘n paar jaar. Malema sing ‘n liedjie wat die wat as ‘n “struggel song” bekend staan wat die afgelope tyd as haatspraak verklaar is deur ons howe. Dit bevorder haat tussen rasse. Dan is daarso die teer saak van die ontslape AWB leier Eugene Terre’Blanche wat op paasfees vermoor is. Wel is dit nie net sommer toevallig nie. Dink jy nog steeds alles is in ons kop? Skuus maar is dit nie dan net sommer net so toevallig dat Chris Hani wat deel was van die ANC ook op paasfees (10 April 1993) vermoor was nie. Eugene Terre’Blanche is deur ‘n swart man vermoor is en Chris Hani is deur ‘n wit man vermoor (nie ‘n boer nie maar ‘n persoon wat van Polland af kom) en kyk bietjie na die ooreenkoms daarvan. Maar aan die ander kant is jy on ingelig want jy kyk seker nie die nuus nie. Dink jy nog steeds is alles in jou kop??? I AM LOOKING FORWARD TO YOUR RESPONSE ON THE ABOVE MENTIONED LETTER. PLEASE EMAIL ME AT onderdrukteafrikaner@gmail.com

  50. Toby
    The only thing the “dom boer ” fear is that by not stop the killing of white farmers it can led to something you will regret for the rest of your lifes.The history my friend of the BOER will gide you to rather stop this stupid habbit of killing the minority. We have to say no more………”blood river” will speak for it self. There will be a stop on this,believe me !!!! Sooner that you ever dreamed of !!!!!!!!!! Don’t give comment on anything because you don’t know nothing. Why kill people while they asleep or send 15 morons to 1 farm house at a time to kill a farmer and rape his wife ???? That is fear my friend….!!!!! 15 to 1 !!!!!!!!! But the day WILL come, then I will be the first one to ask you about fear…..if you will still be here !!!!!! Never drive a BOER to far…..never !!!!!!

  51. Where are you from you ignorant fool???!! You have no idea what is going on in our country. Two words for you, you hypocrytical moron: “NATIVE AMERICANS”… Now put down that super-sized happy meal, make a usefull contribution to society. Hint: Take some aspirin first, then cut ALONG the veins. Read the news dipswitch and see what is really happening. I have a black friend who even told me to get out of south africa as there will be a massive blood bath coming soon. You are a disgusting person, your views are that of a narrow minded, ignorant hillbilly and anyone who reads your post will automatically think – come live a day in the english speaking South African’s life, your baby beaten to death and corpse raped. They dont care if the house they are breaking into belongs to a Boer or not.
    They just see white skin. I cant even believe im wasting my time typing this, but I feel that I cannot just walk away, people like you need to see what is really going on here, but unfortunately, because you are not living it, you will never understandI’m a proud young white South African who never lived under apartheid or had anything to do with the system. However it saddens me that an uninformed hate filled individual such as yourself can feel justified to make these statements considering the fact that you’re meant to be the prodigy of an educated liberal and progressive society, which considering its many failings and history is hard to maintain. None the less, the issue at hand is no longer apartheid, it is violence propagated against not only whites, but all ethnic groups in the country, and the fact that those people that have been given the responsibility to prevent and protect all the people of SA are uncaring, incompetent and not doing engaging the duty they signed up for. South Africa is a proud nation of people who unlike in your country have embraced change, but still expect that this shouldn’t come at the expense of any of its peoples. You fundamentally miss the miracle of what the New South Africa is and the symbol that it stands for in terms of humanity, forgiveness, reconciliation and progression of a flawed, but none the less united nation of conscience. I hope you’re no more representative of your nation, than the people that engage in violence in mine, as you are one and the same if you can condone and justify such behaviour. Long live SA, go the Boks and go bafana, you POES.

  52. Toby
    Do you live in the RSA?
    If you do, you must be blind or you prefer not to think about what is happening, right now!!
    You must be gullible to think that they are going to save your life while they rape, torture and murder your, wife, sister, daughter, mother, etc.

    You poor dumb englishman. Catch a wake up you bleek soul. Go outside and smell the roses, for it might be the last chance you get.
    Do you think it is humane all these murders?? WTF.
    You Idiot.

  53. What a horrible thing to say. I realise this comment and forum is fairly old, so I’m uncertain as to the likelihood of you receiving my reply.

    A couple of things – how do you mean to educate someone with your supposed better or superior view? (I assume this is what you believe your’s to be as the first line contains an insult to an individual who you are likely to never have met and if that was not bad enough, you further insult an assumed mind set of this person in an open forum where we are all entitled, indeed encouraged to voice just that. What an odd thing to do). However, I digress. The thing is, I have lived in Europe for 7 years, travelled extensively in North America and yet I still chose to live in South Africa. I grew up in central and Southern Africa and I am also a member of the so-called “dom plaas boer” brigade and I find it very odd that people, such as yourself, would insult an individual from the aforementioned clan because he is concerned about the state of his community.

    See, being an Afrikaner and proud of your language and people does not also indicate racism or bigotry, surely one can only truly learn to love another culture and identity when one first love’s one’s own? You have to respect yourself prior to being able to respect anyone else – or am I now forgoing my right to an opinion on the matter due to my membership of the “dom plaas boer” gang?

    I love my country and all her people. I work hard to promote national identity and consider myself highly patriotic. My propensity to be a full South African citizen with all those rights and responsibilities is hardly negated or diminished because of my “dom plaas boer” membership status. If anything, I would challenge ANY so-called liberal white South African in the cities of this country to have such a passionate and deeply felt connection to this land as a “dom plaas boer” does.

    Furthermore my friend, let me tell you also that the vast majority of emigre’s from this country overseas are in fact not Afrikaaners but rather our English speaking brethren. You are more likely to find a “returning” immigrant to South Africa from the Afrikaans speaking community, then the English speaking community. Following that logic am I then to presume that perhaps the “dumb city slicker soutpiel” is in fact rather more blind sided then the “dom plaas boer?” Interesting conversation when you are indulging in such with a well-informed person as opposed to a person basing their argument on prejudice and assumption is it not?

    So, when you consider that of South Africa’s white community, Afrikaners arguably bury more of their own then English speaking citizens do, thanks to farm-murders and the like (which incidentally is now causing such concern among human rights groups overseas that the American professor who wrote the internationally recognised “handbook” on genocide calls ours the next African tragedy) one begins to see the picture slightly differently. One begin’s to perhaps have some sympathy with a community that see’s itself targeted and marginalised. So, not so much fears in our own head or self-created then hey? (of course, if you don’t take my word for it you, you can google this – it’s fairly well publicised)

    Makes you think a little differently doesn’t it?

    Think before you act – I’ve often found this to stand me in good stead in the past – and try be a little less prejudiced? Every little helps.

  54. If you are white especially English, and calling this man a Dom Plaas Boer, may God Come down hard on your English Ass,
    You are really the blind one, as if not not real soon it will happen, you are just unaware of the past future and present, Ignorance is bliss. I Pity you

  55. lyster hier,die dom plaas boer sal j so hard bliksim jy sal na j ma virlang het j my??
    If it wasnt for the dom plas boer,you would have nothing to eat,did you ever think about that??
    The boer aint so haevy racist as everyone think,but go on lets see how far you come and try to farm i dear you

  56. Yes, I agree with the remarks from the others towards “Tobie”. You, the one that should wake up. Maybe your fears are keeping you in denial. You should go abroad and stay there seen that you the kind of person that cannot stand up for the Truth. I would like to ask you a few questions. Is Mugabe a “GOD fearing man?” Why does our government condone his practices? Do you honestly think that they believe in love and reconciliation, and that they are working towards a “free for All” South Africa? You need to do a little research before you post, Tobie.

    Yes, I am a English speaking South African and I’m proud to be associated with the “BOER”
    I also wonder if something bad had to happen in this country, would you run to the”dom” boer?

  57. Tobie can’t even spell plaas boer. ons moet nie eens met die eier praat nie, want dit is mense soos hulle wat ons prooi is. As hy nie eens vir sy eie nasie kan opstaan nie, is daar ook nie ‘n toekoms vir hom nie en dan het hy seker ook nie ‘n verhouding met God nie. Ons moet hulle maar net jammer kry want ons het nog ‘n kaans vir oorlewing. laat hy glo wat ookal hy wil. Laat hy met sy swart maatjies gaan speel, ma as hy sy oe gan oopmaak is dit te laat.

    shame Tobie. its gonna be to late for you…………

  58. “Are we going to allow such a fool to undo all the good that Nelson Mandela has done for this country?” Are you out of your tree? Have you forgoten why he was in jail in the first place? And you say all the good. Yea right wake up, because you might just find yourself in a situation where you wished you did wake up before it was too late.

  59. Nelson Mandela was jailed because he dared to question the racist apartheid regime at the time and opposed their policies and because he was Black?
    Place yourself in his shoes and the other oppressed Blacks of the time! You are the one who is out of his tree because you hide behind an anonymous name — and have got the whole picture upside down! My family helped to tame this land and bring Christianity to it!

    If you understood true Christianity then you would know that EVERY human being on this planet is born equal and FREE!! If it were not for Nelson Mandela’s leadership and willingness to forgive his persecutors (like our Lord did on the Cross) this country could have been torn asunder in ethnic war — like Bosnia and what is happening in Afghanistan right now!

    Those people believe they are right and are not prepared to listen to other people’s points of views. Just like you! What are you warning against? What do you fear? Well I have confidence in ALL the thinking, intelligent people of South Africa of ALL races and colours who will ensure reason prevails! No-one has ever won a war! Both sides are losers! I call for calm and peace in our beautiful land! Rather direct your animosity and rage against idiots like Julius Malema who spread this fear!

  60. Georgej28.Nelson was not jailed because he was black or because he spoke up against apartheid.He was jailed fr TERRORISM!!! Get your facts straight before you sound off like Malema!!

  61. Georgelj28 – How old are you? Were you there when the ANC, under Mandela’s rule, blew up the train station in Johannesburg in the 80’s? Did you see all the bodies when they bombed the Defence Force Headquarters in Pretoria Central at peak hour when everyone was waiting at the bus stops to go home? Did you see the dead and injured when a bomb exploded in a Wimpy in Pretoria Central? Well, I was there and my husband was in the defense Force at the time.; So please, don’t make Mandela this hero and “Peace keeper”. At the time he was a terrorist and THAT was why he went to prison.

  62. Boeremeisie, I was there long before it got to that situation of “war” where the Blacks had to “fight” for their freedom from slavery!

    I was there when — as a young boy of 9 or 10 I saw a White policeman beat my Black nanny, Sarah with a baton just because she took my two sisters and I to the park and sat on a “Whites Only” bench. I was there (I was 11 years old) when I saw a young White man, shoulder a very old Black man into the gutter just because he was walking on the same pavement. I was there when a hooter sounded at 9 o’clock every night (in Bloemfontein) and God help any Black person if they were found on the streets after that hooter! I was there when every Black man HAD to have a “pass” and God help him if he did not have it with him! I was there when just because a person was Black he could only get menial jobs!

    Thank God I had open-minded, God-fearing parents! I was brought up in the belief that ALL people were born FREE and EQUAL!!

    Not by those many verkrampte ones that it seems to me, many Afrikaners were brought up by. The ones who believed in the “Swart-gevaar” — the brain-washing by the Nats — to gain votes! I never ever voted for them! I NEVER believed in Apartheid! I knew it was not Christian. Yet these same politicians would go to Church every Sunday to pray for their sins of the previous week! I chose to become Anglican (thanks to my beautiful and fair-minded Mother) and thank God I did! I went to a Dutch Regormed Kerk (NG) for years but could not take the “politician” priest who thundered out each Sunday to fear the Black man!

    I was also there when the mobs (and THAT is the REAL danger of flaming these radical and bigotted thoughts) burnt the White projectionist and the White manager of a cinema alive in New Brighton! They set it alight with them inside. I recall the “fear” of this Black “uprising” as a young man!

    But I knew this was out of sheer frustration with the then Government. I was there when Black people were “forced” to be taught (to them) in a foreign tongue! Would you have liked to be “forced” to be educated in Zulu or Zhosa and have no choice in the matter? Thank God I am still a fair-minded person! If I was born Black I would proabably have hated everything that was represented by Whites! I would — as a young man — have been a terrorist too! because I HATE and DETEST injustice!

    My parents — who loved ball-room dancing — took my two sisters and myself into New Brighton on Saturday nights and placed us in Sarah’s bed and fetched us at 2 o’clock in the morning again and took us home! We — and all of us — felt quite safe doing that until the mobs began to rule the townships! Help rather to get rid of the poverty you see around you every day and you will get rid of your fear!!

    I was there when my three sons (who thank God did not murder anyone) were “forced” to join the Defence Force against the Communist threat and had to go into Angola and Mozambique and collect our 18-year-olds in body bags and bring them back! I taught them not “to kill” anyone for whatever reason — The Sixth Commandement. Yet they were “forced” to watch Black ears being cut off to hang on a “soldier’s” trophy belt or being pulled behind an Army truck!!

    One joined the SA Navy, the other became a Medic and the other a cook/truck driver. So they did there “bit” for this country!!

    So do not ask me how old I am!

    I am old enough to know right from wrong! Reach out and get to know these “enemies” you fear and you will find that the majoruty of them want the same as you — to live a peaceful, safe, meaningful, life — free from oppression by others! But they fear the White man because of his history and treatment of them!

    I ask again — in the name of the Almighty — “Love your neighbour as yourself!”

    Best wishes and kindest regards.

  63. Hi Georgelj28, I totally agree with you that apartheid system of the pre 94 government was not Christian. The bible teaches we should not have different laws for aliens than to our-selfs. But the post 94 government has done exactly the same thing as the pre 94 government. It is unfortunate that you fail to see this. Two wrongs do not make a right. How can you claim to love your neighbor when your denial supports murder because you still want to hold onto a rainbow nation dream and say nothing is wrong. There is a time for Christians to turn the other cheek and there is a time to defend the innocent. When innocent people are being murdered at the rate of which they are being murdered today, the time of turning the other cheek is over it is now time to stand up for righteousness. (The bible does support killing in self defense.) Stop the murders and rapes stand up for what is right. Cast off the lies of rainbow nation building and Mandela worshiping. God cursed man at the tower of babel so that the different races cannot live and work together. No race must be ruled by other race. end of story. The rainbow dream nation will never work because this idea is not from God, this idea are the lies of satan. You will know a good tree by the fruits it bears. look at these fruits http://www.sokwanele.com/thisiszimbabwe/archives/3882 Millions will die !! (on all sides of the race line) These are the fruits of Satan. For Evil to succeed, Good men only need to do nothing.

  64. Georgelj28, First of all I FEAR no-one but God. Secondly, I too was raised by “Nanny’s”. Was apaartheid wrong? Yes, but you lived under the protection of the then govrnment. Look at what is happening now – there is a reason why they couldn’t walk the streets at night – they are murderers, thieves and torturers. Are there good people amongst them? Yes, there are. I have met them and I understand that they too are sick and tired of the murderous animals that roam the treets at night, who wouldn’t hesitate to put a gun to a 24 year old’s head, shoot him and then rob his dead body from his possessions. My best friend is a “Coloured” woman (as a matter of fact, I have two of them as BEST friends and one black lady). Her 18 year old son was hijacked, shot and they stole everything he had in his vehicle and on him, including a wtch his dead father had given him before he died. So, to clear things up, I AM NOT A RACIST, I am just tired of the killings, the hatred and the violence that is now reflected on ALL whites, regardless of whether they came from the apartheid era. Even the so-called “Born-frees” are being mudered, tortured and raped, who had NOTHING to do with what happened in the past. They have had their “justice” if you will, through their so-called Truth Cmmission, and locked the one’s up who were respnsible for the injustice caused to them. Now they are trying to diminish a whole nation of Afrikaners into nothtngness, remove everything that identified our culture, which by the way does not consist only out of what was done wrong, but we have a culture, a heritage just like all the other cultures in this country. But no, they have to strip us from everything. Their cunningness and deceit came from way back then when Dingaan murdered the Boers who came to speak with him, believing his lies of negotiations. Just like it is now. Nothing has changed through the ages. And it never will. Not here in SA or any other country where these people who will kill anyone who does not agree with them crosses paths with them.
    Why is it that we don’t go out and kill people if we ar hungry, or can’t find a job? Why is it that we don’t invade their homes and torture their old and young to death? Because we are civilized.
    I am truly sorry for what happened to the black people back then, but that was the past. How long are we to grovel in the ground and say we’re sorry? They got the land that our forefathers bled and died for, legal farms they bought, the best jobs, our homes. Must we give our dignity, our inner most being and lose our identity as well? Our children don’t learn anything about THEIR history in school anymore, but the history books, and even Life Orientation is filled with hatred, injustices done to the black people, teaching a generation to hate the whites, even the young children who knew nothing about apartheid or the politics of that time. They are the new targets of NEWLY born hate, created by so-called leaders like Julius Malema, an uneducated, madman with an agenda of his own.
    It is not the church you attend that defines who you are in Gd, but whether you serve HIM with all your heart. And the God I love and serve knows my heart and I know that HE understands why I feel the way I do, not hatred, or racissm, but ENOUGH! NO MORE KILLING!

  65. It is not Nelson Madela that needs to forgive us, but actually he is the one who seeks forgiveness!! While in jail he was the master mind behind the bombing in Pretoria in the early 80’s!! Wifes lost their husbands, husbands lost their wifes and children lost their parents! How do you justify that? And I assume you voted for a man that torned up families!!!

  66. Hello Georgelj28,
    After reading so many extremist, outlandish and bigoted comments on this site recently it is a joy to read your words. There is, perhaps, some hope for the future of South Africa if there are still some level headed, realistic and objective persons there such as yourself.

  67. TO CHRIMMEL, Ag sies man! How on earth could you possibly know what Mandela was planning or thinking back in the 80’s? Were you even born then? It is exactly this sort of mistruth and unsupported myth that contributes so much to South Africa’s problems. Sadly, when such rabble rousing bulldust is repeated often enough others of your ilk tend to believe it. Wake up man to the harm you are doing to your country and to all Africans, black and white. Shame on you !

  68. Fortunately for me I am not blind against the truth, the truth that was hold by the intelligence force. Truth about terorist attacks! Open your eyes and look around you! Wake up and smell the coffee. Nee my ou maat, it is people like yourself that helped our pretty country to be destroyed. Alot of meetings were hold on Robbin Island, and were taped, but for the sake of democracy destroyed. Go and do research about your beloved Nelson Mandela, and then come back to me. It is only in South Africa that hard core criminals are released on their President’s birthday. Baha, so they can just go out and kill off some more. What is the ANC standing for, not democracy, but communist. Their army wing konto we sizwe was trained on Russian ground, some alliance they have their, don’t you think? In my high school days we raised funds for Tembisa High School, and in 6 months we (whites) had enough to give to them to build them a school. 3 months after the school was open (and please take note that we (the whites) made sure they had enough funds to run the school for at least 5 years) they had a strike because the electricity was shut down due to non payment, and what did they do, they burned their HIGH SCHOOL. Stank vir dank se ek!!!! After that they marched up to our schools and threw us out of our class and took over the classroom. For a whole week we run class on the rugby field, and what a mess our classrooms were after they left!!! Siesa!!! Gaan maak seker van jou feite!

  69. Goerge..I respect your courage and insight.I too lived in the appartied eara,but unlike you I am a white male.
    By the time 94 came i was 15..ive seen and heard terrible things being done to colored and black people that made me feel hollow and exstreamly angry.
    The govermant wasnt right then and the govermant inst right now…We came almost 20 years into a NEW S.A and if it be GODs way that uhuru happens then I shall not fear..but when will it end.

    In the words of Bob Marley….”Africa Unite”

  70. I’m glad to hear that you are very old . And I have something to ad on what you said I’m 26 years old
    (Blacks had to “fight” for their freedom from slavery)
    1) The blacks have there freedom and they did get it from “fighting”. They have it now and now, what about the young white AFRIKANERS of today . what do we have to do for our freedom . If you are white you don’t get a job because I’m white . I mean you don’t see my fighting .I never did harm to any one.
    So now i have to start fighting for my freedom or what .
    2)”I was there when a hooter sounded at 9 o’clock every night (in Bloemfontein) and God help any Black person if they were found on the streets after that hooter! I was there when every Black man HAD to have a “pass” and God help him if he did not have it with him! ”
    Take that away and you get us now .All I’m saying is do you go to sleep not wandering if you are going to wake up in the morning , if all your belongings is still in your house .That my friend is the only way to keep the crime in order . And for the “pass” how many illegal immigrants is in SA now, and what is the ANC doing about it? We had a good system in the ’80 and it worked, we had trained people on the border (and now, what do we have now?) Even the blacks is pissed off with the illegal immigrants, they come from all over Africa to take their food their woman and their jobs. Is the system that we have now HELPING, not even me but their own kind? They can’t even stop the farm murders. So what must I do, must I start fighting for my freedom?
    3) I was brought up in the belief that ALL people were born FREE and EQUAL!!
    Free and Equal, do you really think that we all live free and equal? I was also brought up in the belief that ALL people were born FREE and EQUAL! and that my friend is way I want to fight for my freedom. If it was equal we didn’t have to had this conversation. Show me in the ANC were there is 50% white and 50% black. Never in your live and thats way it’s not equal anymore.
    4) I NEVER believed in Apartheid! I knew it was not Christian
    I read my Bible everyday and what I read in Deut 7:1-26 1″(A)When the LORD your God brings you into the land where you are entering to possess it, and clears away many nations before you, the Hittites and the Girgashites and the Amorites and the Canaanites and the Perizzites and the Hivites and the Jebusites, (B)seven nations greater and stronger than you,
    2and when the LORD your God delivers them before you and you defeat them, (C)then you shall utterly destroy them (D)You shall make no covenant with them (E)and show no favor to them.

    3″Furthermore, (F)you shall not intermarry with them; you shall not give your daughters to their sons, nor shall you take their daughters for your sons.

    4″For they will turn your sons away from following Me to serve other gods; then the anger of the LORD will be kindled against you and (G)He will quickly destroy you.

    5″But thus you shall do to them: (H)you shall tear down their altars, and smash their sacred pillars, and hew down their [a]Asherim, and burn their graven images with fire.

    6″For you are (I)a holy people to the LORD your God; the LORD your God has chosen you to be (J)a people for His own possession out of all the peoples who are on the face of the earth.

    7″(K)The LORD did not set His love on you nor choose you because you were more in number than any of the peoples, for you were the fewest of all peoples,

    8but because the LORD loved you and kept the (L)oath which He swore to your forefathers, (M)the LORD brought you out by a mighty hand and redeemed you from the house of slavery, from the hand of Pharaoh king of Egypt.

    9″Know therefore that the LORD your God, (N)He is God, (O)the faithful God, (P)who keeps His covenant and His lovingkindness to a thousandth generation with those who (Q)love Him and keep His commandments;

    10but (R)repays those who hate Him to their faces, to destroy them; He will not delay with him who hates Him, He will repay him to his face.

    I don’t know about you but it makes perfect sense too me!
    I have to go now but I will reply on the rest of your comment on a next time, tank you

  71. Toby, jou pakslae is naby ou maat.. Jy het geen idee wat om jou aangaan nie en jy is seker en van die vele wat “ja” gestem het in die ’94 eleksie. Jou oe sal binnekort oopgemaak word en dit gaan iets wees wat jy nie verwag het nie.

  72. Nelson Mandela was jailed because he dared to question the racist apartheid regime at the time and opposed their policies and because he was Black?……. Please wake up and smell the roses!!! He was jailed because of his bombings, killing of woman and children etc. not because of your miss conception of the truth. It’s because of liberals like you that made it possible to kill our nation and blame it on crime.

  73. Hi Toby,

    Just wanted to let you know (if you’ll ever be logging on to this mad site again) that these bigots really are in the minority. Most South Africans are good people who want the best for each other and their country. It’s quite futile to try and talk sense into the lot on here though… they were raised this way. Embracing hatred and racism into daily life is unfortunately an example set by many Afrikaner parents and they combine this with a rather twisted interpretation of Lutheran doctrine and voluntary ignorance about history, science, philosophy, art (you name it, they think it was sent by the devil). This makes a powerful coctail leading towards paranoia, delusions and astonishing feats of stupidity. But I say this with a smile – I am of Afrikaans decent, everything I stated I witnessed first hand (I grew up hearing this vitriol from my peers) and can promise you that most of us are rational members of modern society. Please don’t let this lot get you down: continue being a positive and reasonable person and continue making a good impact on your community. Eventually, intelligent, empathetic, good people will change the world into a better place for all and the nasty, outlandish beliefs of the few will be a thing of the past. There are some really nasty negatives about our country (this particular hateful group citizens being one of them) and I will be emigrating in a couple of years to find somewhere a little more peaceful, but this will be a trade-off as there are also wonderful, beautiful things about this country that I’ll have to leave behind. However, I believe firmly that I will still be able to make a contribution to the positive development of this country (through capital investment and ploughing back of knowledge gained abroad) despite only being able to spend a limited time here each year. All in all, Toby, thanks for being a good person, sticking to your morals and attempting to bring a little reason to these extremists. It’s just struck me that maybe they are not as paranoid as I first thought… most South Africans are very resentful of them and we would like to see them dissapear, but not by way of violent murder, we’d rather like them to change their minds or if they insist on behaving anti-socially, to kindly remove themselves from our midst (there’s a giant old-skool Afrikaner, pro-apartheid community in New Zealand… maybe they can all go there? just kidding, wouldn’t do that to the Kiwis, they certainly are far too nice a nation to deserve that kind of punishment). Anyway, I really hope that this has helped you feel a bit better about South Africans. Dankie en bly asseblief ons vriend daar uit Britanje uit, ons is ‘n vriendelike land en wil graag he dat ons wereld ‘n goeie toekoms vir almal inhou :)

  74. You should have tought your nanny to read.
    Did you see what these people did and still doing. They arn’t Godly creatures. They destruct everything they touch, Why Georgie boy is this country in so much debt and crime for your curly friends are ruling and they are destroying a beautiful country. Why things worked out in the olden days is because they where kept where they belong.

  75. Dear Anonymous, I do not usually reply to cowards who hide behind such nom-de-plumes but you HAVE to be told and MUST realise and recognise that the past is the past!

    I am not that naive to believe that Nelson Mandela was not aware of the bombings and killings that were going on in his fight for freedom for the Black people. In fact, I believe he was alluding to this the other day when he said people must not make a saint of him!

    But remember, they (the Black South Africans) had no option in the end but to turn to violence. Just like your Afrikaans Government knew what was going on at Vlakplaats, police cells, etc.

    I just call for reason! Do you think I do not get upset and angry when I read of another farmer (Potgieter, his wife and three-year-old daughter) being murdered on their farm by young Blacks.

    I have even called for the death penalty in this country to be re-instated. If sane people — and the ANC Government — do not soon face up to the facts of what is happening — farmers ARE being intimidated and forced off their land — then we WILL have a racial war in South Africa again. I am trying to avoid that as no-one will benefit and we will ALL lose out!!

    It is only the “Injurious Mal Emmers” of this world who exploit these type of situations for their own greedy and egotistical benefit — who will win! I WILL leave South Africa if he becomes President! George

  76. “Are we going to allow such a fool to undo all the good that Nelson Mandela has done for this country?”
    U r clearly living in a dream world my friend or havent been here long enough… who do you think gave the orders to plant bombs and kill anyone that stand against the ANC – irrespective of color… Nelson Mandela is no hero.. he is a terrorist and murderer

  77. Hey george, you sound like an educated person! But have you ever looked at what statistics are pointing at? Look at crime and the way it went up when blacks took over the country! Am I racist? Oh fuck yes! There is no statistic that actualy went down in numbers.murders, rape, robbery, fraud and every form of serious crime went into turbo mode since Mandela took over. Why? Because it is the culture of the black man to rape, steal, and kill whatever comes in the way of the black man, and then expects to walk away with a ” I’m sorry” when things don’t work out to their primative ways! Fact is that black South Africa are decades behind the civilised word, and will appose any attempts to change the situation with the nessasary force.
    Even the police and other law enforement agencies are being accused of murder and rape! All off which are black. Yes, you are putting animals in positions of trust and people are reliing on those people for protection. South Africa has turned into a haven for criminals, and dicks like you are turning a blind eye to the truth! Why don’t you insist on your president not going to trial for the alligations against him hmmm? Oh yes, a black man cannot rape because his culture sais it is ok! And it is ok to steal because of his culture! Oh yes, because of you’re so called “struggle” it is ok to kill white people.
    That only prove that you are savages, not human beings, and deserve to be treated as such! Apartheid was there to protect people against the animals of Africa. We had almost no crime, and could feel safe and secure in our homes. Now you cannot even feel safe against your own savage nation! Racism is not a hate agains a certain skin colour, it is the hate of the animal that walks amongst us.

    You are not the first, nor will you be the last, but your nation will always try to justify your savage ways in your words to your people, but you will still be just animals, and will be treated as such. For we will not
    fear you, we trust in God, we have lost many brothers in our own struggle against the dacay that has taken over our country, but we will not give in, our fallen brothers will be with us, for ours is the promised land, and our sacrifices will not be in vain.

  78. Boeremeisie – What is the definition of a terrorist? If someone is resisting the law and government that discriminate against anyone who is not white does that make that person a terrorist? Our forefather stood up against something that had no moral and humanity and you call that terrorism. It’s people like you that seriously need to consider your choice of words. Terrorism was the boeremag that did not want everyone to be free and equal in South Africa and your comments clearly shows the signs of that. Mandela went to prison for standing up against apartheid government that excluded the majority of South African in participating in voting and getting professional qualifications to better their lives. People like you make me sick to my stomach that I wish you could just relocate to Australia and leave us the proudly South Africans to build a coiuntry that is inclusive of each and every single person regardless of what race, gender and culture the represent.

    United we stand and divided we fall. Be the change you want to see in this country.

  79. Terrorism… sure a TERRORIST against a government who TERRORIZED it’s people….do you think at that time Mandela could just go up all happy go lucky and say please stop apartheid stuff cause that would be nice, they would have said voesek jou korrieltjie kop kaffer! look at what happened to Steve Beko for taking the relatively passive way.

  80. YOU FUCKING WHITE CUNT!!! your people should of stayed where you belonged it Holand! you European fucks! brought apon this way of thinking! we black people invited you into our motherland, and you fucked us over! ofcorse black people will get angry when enpovirished and forced to work his white Bas! we struggle for water, while you sip expensive wine on the plaas. What do you mean things worked well because black people where put in there place! things worked and are still working well for white people!. alot of my friends are white and they would hate me for saying this, but I have had enough with you verkrumpte POES’E you better stop this talk about putting black people in there place, talking about us like we are FUCKING CHILDREN! because like me, black people will stop trying to reason with you ignorant fucks stuck in your old ways, black people are the reason why we are where we are. we are(the majority of us) the blue collar work force without us this country would be fucked. you elitist naai we want to live in equally, in union. You don’t have to interracially marry if you don’t want to, but I am sure you are an ugly poes anyway.

  81. Listen man you clearly don’t know what your talking about so just be quiet and let the people talk (the people that acttualy knows the history of south africa)
    Nelson Mandela was arrested for terrorism , he blew up a power plant the day he was arrested , so i guess that was because he was black to .

  82. Doos. Allow me to educate your ignorant ass. Terrorists and guerillas are well defined terms and can be found in any dictionary if you care to look. A terrorist is a person who goes about achieving their ideals by attacking civilian targets. A guerrilla or “freedom fighter” goes about the same by attacking legitimate targets of the regime. MANDELA the Marxist Terrorist scum and the BOEREMAG right-wing terrorist scum are/were both TERRORISTS. They both went about achieving their political aim by attacking “illegitimate” civilian targets. Mandela did NOT go to prison for “standing up against apartheid”. He went to prison for being a fucking Marxist TERRORIST scumbag. He is lucky he did not get the death sentence. Oh, and by the way – people like you make me fucking puke. Preaching some kind of equality and brotherhood that only exists in your wettest of dreams like it is some kind of utopia. As for “building” a country that everyone can enjoy – just how the fuck is that working for you big boy? Sliding standards in health and education. Collapsing infrastructure. Despotic police and inept judges. A president who thinks the state coffers are his personal bank account… The similarities to Zimbabwe, Mugabe and ZANU PF are fucking hilarious – They might as well just change the names now and save us all the hassle of trying to keep up with which useless arrogant ignorant cunt is ruining which part of which country now. Yeah!!! We can all be proud of the country you and your ilk are building. You can kiss my ass. All you spout are meaningless catch phrases. What do you actually do to “build” this country? Oh yes, You got your BEE/AA job, your BEE/AA BMW and your BEE/AA House so what do you fucking care. Prick! Oh – sometimes a freedom fighter may be called a terrorist by the regime he is fighting, but you can almost NEVER call a terrorist a freedom fighter. One kill soldiers the other kills civilians. One is a hero the other is a coward. The one has honour the other has dishonour. Anyway – I doubt any of this will sink into your black Gucci clad ass. WTF was I thinking. Your kind can NEVER see any problem beyond the next tender.

  83. I would like to the set the correct tone for my reply to your ignorant, ill-informed marxist propaganda bullshit comment – FUCK YOU DOOS!!!

    Ok – now that is out the way… Some lessons for you. First of all you need to establish cause and effect. You seem to be regarding them as the same thing or have them inverted. CAUSE comes before EFFECT – ALWAYS.

    You were given the work you could handle, and you begrudged it. Just in the same way you begrudge you little BEE/AA job now. You cannot do it, you know it, your employer knows it and the entire economy knows it. Do NOT presume to be my equal – EVER. You are not. It will take your nation at least 10000 years to evolve to be the white mans equal. The entire world was against us and it took you how long exactly to get your “freedom”? Fuck you. I wait for the day – “black people stop trying to reason with you ignorant fucks”. Please stop NOW. Reasoning with you Sipho is like reasoning with a brick. It pains my senses and tires me out, because no matter how simply I frame an issue you just don’t get it. Fuck – you built the country, did you?. No you ignorant twat – we did. All you provided was a strong back. If you did not you would have died out. So we “gave” your useless black asses work to stop you from dieing like we did to your Xhosa brethren all those years ago when they killed all their cattle. If you were not willing to do the work we would have done what any white man would do – use a machine or do it the fuck ourselves. Doos! And yes. I am an eletist naai. For there to be equality there needs to be two equals. Your race will never be my races equals – not in your wildest dreams. So… what we have achieved is “equality” africa style – where the “people” (the power elite and connected parties) are more equal and the rest of us are dragged down to the lowest common denominator level (you blacks). Yep. It is great. Stop talking shit and lets get on with the fight because I sure am sick and tired of living with you and your useless race and all the societal problems that follow you like flies on shit – from Congo to Zaire to Liberia to Haiti to Namibia to Zimbabwe to South Africa – It is just the same black infested fucked up turd world shithole. The evidence is plain. The CAUSE is your RACE. The EFFECT is CHAOS, DESTRUCTION AND ANARCHY. And all because you believed the lie that you are my “equal”… 😉

    WTF ! ! !

  84. I would just like to say one thing.Y is it that there is so many hungry “black” children? Because the government let the parents come in busses into this country, there is no jobs but still they are allowed to come through our borders and then breed like rabbits and then what do they have to eat????

    Is it then not the governments fault???? There are so many ilegal immigrants here and not enough work and living space,y does the government not do anything about that,y is it that there is 26million blacks here and only 5-8million whites,WHY????

  85. “People like you make me sick to my stomach that I wish you could just relocate to Australia and leave us the proudly South Africans to build a coiuntry that is inclusive of each and every single person regardless of what race, gender and culture the represent.”


    -Removal of Afrikaans as academic language

    Please stop talking shit

  86. You fucking cunt you have half a brain and you’re the most pathetic white guy i’ve ever heard or read any piece of writing from you should atleast try use the little lonely thing you still call a brain to think shame on you and your kids if you have any

  87. Ons het ernstige probleme in hierdie land. Die infrastruktuur stort in duie. Ons is besig om entropie te bereik omdat ons nie basiese dienste aan die gang kan hou nie. Instede is dit ‘n konstante krisis beheer proses wat nie lekker werk nie. Die ‘world cup’ hou ons aan die gang. Die winter kom en die krygers van afrika slaap in die nagte. Miskien gee die Here ons nog ‘n winter.

    Ek dink Malema is in ‘n hoek. Die arm mense is kwaad omdat hulle nou minder het as voor vier en negentig. Basiese dienste het in ‘n haglike toestand verval. Die belastingbetaler se geld verdwyn eenvoudig in die onversadigbare lus van die klein groepie heel bo aan die punt van die ysberg. Malema moet aan die armes verduidelik hoekom hulle nie kos het nie. Die antwoord is luid ‘kill the boer, kill the farmer’. Die moderne sosiologie het bepaal dat dit ‘n manier is om stres te verlig. Soek ‘n swartskaap waarna almal kan vinger wys en dan voel hulle beter. Dieselfde speletjie word maar van die begin af gespeel word. Die probleem is dit bereik nou entropie. Dit is hoekom Malema by skole omgaan en die jong mense opsweep met kill the boer kill the farmer. Hulle preek dit vir ander om hulle te laat beter voel oor die feit dat die geld nie na hulle kant toe kom nie. Die gruwelikste dade word dan gepleeg. Mense word in hulle derduisende vermoor elke jaar. Daar is egter ‘n probleem. Die witmense word al minder, en die swartmense word al meer. Hulle stroom in oor die grense. Hoe weet ons ET is nie geteiken deur ‘n intellegensie groep oorkant die grens nie. En dat die’moord ‘n duidelike teken was dat al 3100 ander moorde (as mens dit moorde kan noem, dit is meer soos iets uit ‘n prehistoriese nagmerrie te oordeel aan die fotos) deur dieselfde groep gepleeg is. Dit laat ‘n mens wonder hoe ver meneer Malema regtig van hierdie groep beweeg.

    Hulle dink hulle is slim. Kyk maar vir Zimbabwe, hulle is ook slim. Die slimgeid bereik egter nou ‘n einde aangesien dit nie vir veel langer so kan aangaan voor die hele spul in duie stort nie. Hulle het geleerde mense se hande agter hulle rug vasgemaak. Sagte mense wat nie haat koester nie. Mense wat kon en wou help om die lewe te bevorder. Dit het slim gelyk vir die buite wereld. Maar die prentjie wat nou begin vorm in die media laat baie wonder of hulle nie dalk hulle eie persoonlike vrese op die witman projekteer het nie. Het ons hulle nie destyds uitmekaar gehou dat hulle mekaar nie kon doodmaak nie? Het on hulle nie gekeer om ons dood te maak nie. En nie gebreekte bottels en goed in vrouens EN KINDERS se geslagsdele op te druk nie? Het ons mekaar dan doodgemaak liewe vriende?

    Daar is baie kaal mense insluitende ‘n groot wit menigte waarteen nog gediskrimineer word omdat hulle wit is. Die regering het fytig persent van die landbougrond klaar gevat. ‘n Groot deel is vernietig en sal nie weer produktief wees nie vir ‘ten minste ‘n dekade. Dit vat tyd om ‘n boerdery aan die gang te kry. Daar is nie kos nie. Nou wil hulle die ander helfte he. Die onversadigbare lus van die binnekring ken geen tyd vir toekoms planne nie. Nou is hulle tyd. Hulle het alles, hulle weet alles. Wie is ‘n europeer om te waag om ‘n opinie te lig. Nee dit is rasisties volgens die media. Mensen regoor die wereld kyk maar ander pad. Skakel die televisie af dat die kinders nie moet sien nie. Die wereld maak die boer se hande agter sy rug vas vir sestien jaar. Ons moet maar rustig toekyk hoe hulle ons aanrand, verkrag en besteel op elke moontlike manier waaraan jy kan dink.

    Besef hierdie wereld beker mense dat ons staande mag erg verval het en nie meer orde sal kan skep in ‘n nood situasie nie? Blykbaar nie, of hulle is nog in ontkenning. Ons is op die randjie van anargie. Gestel hulle moor sokkerspanne hier gedurende die spele. O ja. Die arabiere. Kom ons trek die aandag af van die ware probleem. Hoe lank sal hierdie speletjie nog so kan aanhou? Openbaring twintig twaalf klink al te veel na ‘n datum.

  88. Iemand wat dalk kan komentaar lewer. Blykbaar is jou 2010 WB kaartjie al wat jy nodig het om in ons land in te kom ten tyde van die WB? geen visum of niks nie. As dit waar is kom daar groot kak. Want elke terroris en sy arabierse maatjie kan hier instap en n selfmoord bommer in n stadion laat ontplof. Onmiddelik is daar kak want die Marmite monsters gaan die wittes die skuld gee en ons gaan ons verdedig. HKGK. Ek sit nog met my wapen en ek gaan skiet en later vrae vra. Beskerming van my eiendom en my en my gesin se lewe. Net soos die regering my wapen lisensie goedgekeur het!

  89. I agree. Been living in the USA for 5 years now, and don’t see any bribing of a traffic cop, or judeges or even the police. Right is right and wrong is wrong. Bur in SA only the wrong that the white man do is seen wrong, what about the wrong that the black man do? A dear old friend of mine wear hold hostage in her own home 3 times by the same (black) man. After he took off the last time and that with R 2000, and where caught by the (listen carefully) armed response company, because the police were too busy helping drunkards! While driving away he shouted at her that he will come back and kill her, a week later he was release from jail and he did came and kill her, but only after she was raped several times. And do we call this civil? A woman of 84!!!!! This did not happen on a farm, but in the suburb of Cape Town and in the middle of the day. I miss my family and all my friends, but I don’t see a live for my 2 year old in a bazar place like that.

  90. I wish youd come back and get the RIGHT protection…I get a lekka smile on my face when i see the outcome of this country for our white boer. Just get a little informed about our past,skills and as an extra also ad a little Boer prophesy and wala,then ul have a happy life here too…regards Patriot

  91. ek is ook ‘ n dom boer, dom want ek sit in ‘n land waar ek geontneem word van werk waarvoor ek geswat het, nou op ouderdom van 30 emigreer ek, maar ignorance is bliss my vriend, vok maar die land op, afrika bly afrika sien sonder die boer wat gaan aan, TS ELLIOT: where people burn books people wil burn, ontneem die boer, verbrand sy geskiedenis, net soos silwer word die boer gelouter vir ‘n groter doel. aan God al die eer jou heiden stuk kak. Dom boer, vok jou, ‘n profeet is vir die boere gestuur om ons te help teen die rooinek plaag, meer britse soldate as boer bevolking toe kry hulle met ‘n sterk boer te doen so erg dat hulle “scourge earth policy” moet inbring, en dieselfde profeet gee ‘n waarskuwing vir ‘n latere generasie, wie is jy om God se lig uit te doof, jou ongeleterde slegte mens, aan God al die eer. PASOP in die Bybel staan daar dat geen woord van God se woord verander sal word, mag die Here se Troon jou inhaal as dit sy wil is!!!!!!!!!!!! Boer is ‘n woord wat met trots gedra word, geskiedenis, ryk kultuur, sterk volk!!!!!!!!!

  92. how the fuck do you live in the USA if you have no clue about the English language and its tenses? Or does the windows on your pc not support spell checks? Im Afrikaans and I’m sure its dumb ass rock spiders as yourself who give the rest of the world the impression that South Africa is filled with stupid, ignorent people. Enjoy your stay that side because we don’t need nor want you here. ps… I life in SA and me is verie heppie hear

  93. This site is not about where you live and how well you speak English, its about the state SA is in and what may come. Its thanks to WHITE TRASH like you
    that us boere can’t stand together! This guy’s english might not be the best but at least he’s trying to get a message across while you sit on the sideline and
    judge…. typical.

  94. stop Trying to gain the moral high ground by highlighting Toby’s bad use of words, I think what he ment to say was, you paranoid racist cunt! instead make a point! who are “their people” which people? where have you been? clearly not a place where indigenous people have been systomatically stripped of their own land and made to slave away for Generations.Ingenious Apartheid may be considered over but the effects are still working today with the majority of black people are in living utter poverty and the majority of white people are filthy rich, and I do not see this changing one bit! and neither my friend, do the thousands of hungry black children out there. so yes they are angry but I do not think that this will result in mass murder. this has been the fear of many white South Africans ever since the so called end of Apartheid, and yet in South Africa the only time any group of people have killed and beaten and humiliated another “ethnic” group, was the AVB towards black people. you seem to follow this man blindly, when it is obviously the ramblings of a mad man.

  95. typical who? Typical what? English may not your first Language, but you should know what you are saying before you say it. That is the problem with people like you! you follow nervous wreaks like this man, because you feel that you “Afrikaaners” are the minority so you have to stick together united against the unruly, wreakless, blacks oooo they gona eat you, you nice plumb juicy white man because thats what black people do isn’t that so, they all gona run around with pungas having sex with everything they see eating whites. we should all stand together as a nation united. stop with this black people vs white people shit!

  96. I appreciate your comment… Its so great to hear an Afrikaner to be so opptimistic about South Africa. Being a black person who studies in Bloemfontein and lives in a residence full of white afrikaner and to hear what they have to say about South Africa saddes me. I really wish there could be more people like you to actually realise how great our country is with all its unique problems. That person in the USA can stay there, and before you talk about bribing, please find out who was behind the 9/11 attacks and what the FBI choose to do. The reason why you dont hear of any bribing of police there, is because its kept away from. After no one wants to see USA as a bad country

  97. I am 50 years old.Iam going to live in the RSA as long as God will.I took a black man to hospital today and then back to were he is staying.We talked about SA today.He told me that he is “Gatvol” because the politicians do not keep their promises and he does not benefit from “the vote”.Black people are not stupid.Facy out of 40 mil people the whites are +- 5 mli.Where are the most criminals gone come from 40 or 5.The media publish all the bad things because they make money out of bad news.All of us should go and study the history of this country before we make bold statements.Who educated our black people?The homeland goverments who trained those people?When the country became South Africa one country from Cape Aghulas to Musina those well trained homeland people joined the cental and provincial goverments.They did not vanish.White people showed them the way.The old goverment embasseled just as much money as this current goverment do!Corruption was kept out of the media.O die skande!Just like the white girls that fell pregnant and was sent to family far away to have her baby because of the “skande”She eventually came back but with a husband!
    Please the sun shine for all to enjoy.Let us take hands in this country and work together to create a future for our children.Besides we are only borrowing this country from our children.Lets help the goverment to create jobs so that people do not have to steal to make a living!The born criminal will be with us as the poor will be with us until Jesus come again to bestow everlasting peace on earth.

  98. actually let me rectify you, if you look at the lorenz graph’s of income division of black south africans and all south africans you will see a disturbing tendens were the income distrubution between black’s are more inequall than between whites and blacks.

    i QUOTE YOU :”And yet in South Africa the only time any group of people have killed and beaten and humiliated another “ethnic” group, was the AVB towards black people. you seem to follow this man blindly, when it is obviously the ramblings of a mad man.”
    -Genocide Watch have given warnings about the high number of white farmers being killed per percentage(not blacks but whites)

    If you are the average black male , nad your view is the view of the average black man the the new south africa is an ideological lie were Madibas words and ideology of a new south africa based on equality and reconciliation will not be fullfilled due to your short sight

  99. Anonymous,you are correct. Not all black people are in support of the way things are going on now. Unfortunately one must keep quite otherwise you will disappear in the face of earth.I must commend you for seeing the other side of us BLACK people. We are not all builded by what is happening and it is so factual of you that even when the NATs were in power there was still all these corruption, but there was forward thinking and also less criminal activities because the law enforcement was alert. Nowadays one is even scared to leave your children playing inside the gated yard without monitoring them, while beefore as I was growing up we used to play in the streets with our mates until sunset and you will hear no rape,abduction,etc cases reported.
    The question that should be asked her is what has happened now, because it is not only WHITES who are at threat here but us as BLACKS as much afraid for our lives in this beautiful South Africa.
    May God give our leaders the wisdom to see if they don’t stop this whatever is happening we are not far from been the next Zimbabwe.

  100. Vir die swart bevolking wil ek net se”maak oop julle oe.die jonges glo als wat die oueres hul vertel en dis n boel twak.ons het hart gewerk vir wat ons wou he.ons BOERE het hierdie land gemaak wat hy was en binne 10jaar was dit opad om woes en leeg te word.julle oueres wat in die parlement werk is soos marionet poppe vir ander lande soos rusland duitsland china ens wat ons land vir jare lank al wil he oor sy rykdom aan minerale.dink julle dat hul regtig belangstel in jul.nee hul gebruik julle net om ons land in die hande te kry,maar ons wit mense was nog altyd die struikelblok.met ons uit die weg is dit mos dan nou maklik.as die mense die geskiedenis van Hitler gaan kyk is dit die selle as in die land.hyt ook die werkersklas se stemme probeer kry om diktator te word en al wat n belofte gemaak aan hulle maar hul het niks gekry nie.hoe ironies ne.hyt ook van die nag van die lang mes gebruik gemaak.dit het sy oorsprong uit duitsland.aan die witmense wil ek net se:ons sal weer bo uitkom soos op die 16de desember.

  101. Toby, hoe durf jy so iets kwyt raak van ons boere wat jy ” ‘n dom plas boer” noem en se alles is in ons kop? Kry jou feite agter mekaar. Ja ek praat met jou Toby. Jy is mans genoet om so iets te uiter maar is te slap gat om terug kommentaar te lewer op dit wat ek vir jou geskryf het. Ek daag jou uit om te reageer op my vorige kommentaar. My email adres is onderdrukteafrikaner@gmail.com

  102. Mense, Mense, Mense. Ek is jammer my gebruik van die Taal is so baie lierlik. Ek is a Brit (nie Engles nie) en kan net probeer om dit te praat. Regretfully, I find it near impossible to read much of what has been written on here, (probably just as well I can’t). I do have some knowledge of South Africa. I worked hard there, throughout all of the 80’s and part of the 90’s. I made a significant impact to the development and production of some of your most important millitary equipment at that time and, and helped train many ,many, key personnel who, I believe, were then in position to make great improvements to S.A.’s future prosperity. I feel I have sufficient first hand experience of S.A. in the latter years of Apartheid to express an opinion. I worked almost exclusively with Afrikaaners but I have frequently been into Tembisa, Marhabstad, Attridgeville, also, KwaZulu, GaZulu, Vendaland, Swaziland, Ciskei, Transkei, Bophutatswana, need I go on ? Ek was daar! I sincerely believe I have earned the right to my opinions. I stick by what I have said previously. Please stop blaming people for blaming you for what previous generations did. Try please to be part of the solution instead of adding to the problems.

  103. And us (boere) are just as tired to hear that everything is happening NOW is due to the APARTHEID. Come on, after 16 years of ruling the country, surely something or some one else is to be blame now. Like you said the past is the past, but just a pity that our fellow rainbow nation can not get that!!!

  104. Hey Toby, I wonder if you are living in South Africa. Have you ever been robbed or your wife being raped, or have your mother been robbed of her pension grant. Yes, this is South Africa, the land of milk and honey to so many, or is it? Only you and so many other ciminals think so! Fact is that only you dumb fucks think that things are going better in this dump. Robbery and fraud are being called job creation, which are only a crime if you were previously from a white group. Crime in South Africa are being judged by ethnic goup lately and are treated as such, being black ofcourse will ensure you of being innocent because of your culture. Why don’t they just have separate laws for different people? Oh yes, because the whites will be called racist again! When will you cunts
    that insisted on sactioning the apartheid South Africa wake up and see what the black regime are doing to the whites? Oh yes, maybe you are trying to hide what you did to the indians, or maybe you just realise the shit you caused and are to chicken to do do something. Maybe you are just scared of the people we would call the best of the best, because your green berrets would not last a week against our best!
    Yes, we were sanctioned because we tried to protect our own, did you take a good look at what you did to our country? Why not sanction the anc government for their racist laws? Oh yes, racism works only when it is black on the losing side.
    Wake up, we just had the savvy to protect ourselves. We will continue to do so untill left in peace.

  105. jaa ne man tobie is so dom soos i klip man,ek wens yntlik hy wil vir my km se j dom plaas boer
    ek sal hm virnietig hy beter weet di plaas boere is fokken hard

  106. Its strange to read such mixed emotions.Im an english speaking South African,yet half my family is afrikaans so i say im SOUTH AFRICAN.People dont see whats happening to this great land we have.We have high profile politicians saying,”when mandela dies,you whites will drop like flies.”yet people still choose to be ignorant.Yes there is great potential for this country but it is slipping away.We have immigrants from Zim standing outside shops,in the middle of roads etc.These people who laugh at the police when asked to move.Is that not sign enough?What about the 3000+ farm murders?How many have been solved?I myself live on a farm with my family and after seeing these figures,we resort to patrols of our fence,radios,going to bed with a gun right next to you!!!!Is this how we must live?Not one night goes by without me being afraid,not for myself but for my family.Wake up everyday and the first thing you say is “thank you lord im alive” The newspapers have stopped talking about murder because if they had to mention every one like overseas does,it will take up every page.So they just give up.We hear stories that white woman get arrested and locked up only to be raped by the police!!!!I for one am getting fed up.People in cities know nothing of what goes on.Yet you will live in a house with more than one gate to get in,burglar bars on every window,security companies,alarms,walls so high that the only view you have is your yard…..which you still dont spend time in because you are aware that they can jump over the wall!!!!!!Catch a wake up.ENGLISH AND AFRIKAANS MUST STAND TOGETHER AND FORGET THIS RACIAL PURITY KAK!!!!! Black people dont give a rats arse if you are english or afrikaans,they look at the colour of your skin!I was nothing but a child in the apartheid days yet we would sleep with doors unlocked,windows open.Our walls were barely more than a meter high.You could walk in the bladly streets without looking over your shoulder the whole time!!!!I moved to england when all this murder got too much,yet i still longed for South Africa!I came back for the love i have of this land…….i will die defending it if i have to!!!So stop with all this mixed emotions.We should stand together,not for what race we belong to but for what we believe this country could turn into!!!!So i implore everyone to stand up and fight for what you believe in.Stop murder,stop rape!!!Help us fight crime and let this land be what it should……pls

  107. MIcheal, I agree with you (see my posts under “the war against white south africans”).

    All should stand together against the mob – to think that they give a heck if you were not a racist, whether you are english/afrikaans, gave your career up to feed them or helped where you could is a serious mistake. It will be a simple “you are white, you die”. And then while they are busy they will think “you are indian/coloured” you die as well. If the other “colours” in SA have any intelect they too will side with the whites and see that that is their only chance of survival.

    My fight is against the barbarians which threaten to kill and rape my children and family.

  108. Ek is n geregsdienaar en ondersteun suid-landers 100%.Die NAG gaan aanbreek,hetsy so gereel of ongereel,daar word heeltemal reg verwys na die oefeninge,misdaad(ek weet dis baie meer omdat polisiebevelvoerders gedwing word om die boeke te kook,want dit gaan oor statistieke),ens op suid-landers se dvd. Ek gaan nie wag vir daardie nag om aan te breek nie,want om alleen die magdom swart mense wat op jou eiendom gaan afpeil om te moor,te verkrag,te beroof,ens te probeer stop nie,want mense jy gaan dit nie regkry nie. Die mense wat hier so baklei dat die ou regering so verkeerd was,NET DAAI OU REGERING SOU ONS VAN DIE NAG KON RED,ons moet ons self red. Baklei julle maar voort hier,ek weet waarna toe ek gaan,daar waar my mense saam met my gaan hande vat!!! Julle weet julle is welkom,maar die keuse le by julle,anders as wat dit by die swart mense le,hulle word gese jy doen dit of!!! En mense ons weet wat daai of is! As u die dvd gekyk het,luister mooi toe die mense afgemaai is deur die Ciskei se regering,luister mooi wat word op hulle begrafnis gesing…KILL THE FARMER

  109. I fear for all whites living in SA. If you think it is only black South Africans not wanting you in Africa, you are kidding yourself. Most of Africa don’t want white’s there. Note that I said I fear for you, not that your future is pre-determined. I have to believe that a large number of black South Africans do not want to blindly kill whites. There in lies the key. Find the allies, Mandela-likes. They are out there. Do you in your heart believe that Terror Lekota wants to kill whites? Bantu Holomisa? Tokyo Sexwale??? I do not believe it. I am a religious man and refuse to believe God will not hear everyone’s prayers that want piece. I am raising my 1 year-old and 4 year old boys in America. I did not see an economic future for a 30-year-old white South African in South Africa however pray for piece and solutions, not seeing any South Africans murdered. Mag die Here julle behoed en bewaar. Mag Hy kalmte bring in die storm.

  110. Hi onsmense

    Ek het nou maar eers ‘n paar weke terug wakker geword.

    Waarheen gaan ons vir veiligheid? Ek weet die antwoord lê nie in 1 tot 1 maar in goeie beplanning..

  111. by the peels fell from my eyes


    heeltemal reg oor beplanning,vind uit in jou distrik oor suidlanders se vergaderings,kyk op suidlanders se net page.aan die vorige ou uit amerika of n ding,jy vrees witmense? witmense wat die sogenaamde FARMERS genoem word,jy moet bietjie die realiteite in die oe kyk my maat,wie word soos vlee afgemaai op hul plase,die FARMERS ne,hulle wat sorg dat ons nog nie met tas vol geld by winkel in te loop om groente te koop nie,hulle is die mense wat die prys betaal,is dit reg? Dink net bietjie,ek praat nie hier net van swart mense,ek praat van enige persoon wat in die stad groot word wie se mond so groot is oor boere,DIT IS AL MET DIE HELFTE VAN ONS GROND WAT REEDS IN SWART BOERE SE HANDE IS BEWYS,HULLE KAN NIE KAN BOER NIE,JY WORD NIE SOMMER NET N BOER GEBORE NIE,JY WERK VIR DIT,DAG EN NAG,JULLE MENSE DAAR BUITE DINK AS JY GROND HET KAN JY BOER,DINK WEER,DIT IS SO MAKLIK NIE!


  113. Bad news UHURU (Night of the long knives,Operatoin Whitie clean-up) starts 27 April.notes have been given out,Messages sent out,We need the UN to stand in and help South-Africa…..infact we need the world to step in.

  114. Hey stupid.
    Dink jy regtig hul sal mense sonder paspoorte in laat. Waar het jy die bol gehoor. Ek verstaan ons almal is in roering oor wat die toekoms inhou, maar moet darem nou nie klomp kwet kwyt raak nie.

  115. Have any of you read Obama’s autobiography?

    In this he tells of when he was younger and had a rally in Africa. Prior to the rally he organised it that two of his white friends dress up as military/police in uniform and drag him from the stage (obviously the two boys were to young to understand the implications of what they were agreeing to). So for the young crowds looking on it seemed that, once again, the white man was forcefully preventing the black from speaking his mind. – This is not a story and you all are welcome to go and read the book.

    The black leaders know how easy it is to mislead the average black person on the street. The above is a simple yet powerful example of how the masses are misled to make them believe that the whites are still the problem. Just look at the Sudden rocket in farm attacks and rapes (Saturday, Monday, this morning a 17 year old girl, today a woman nearly shot on her farm). What could a 17 year old girl possibly have done to any black person to make them murder and rape her?

    Open your eyes people. The black people have already started the war against the whites – no matter that they are misled (even though blacks protesting against poor service delivery by blacks, under a black municipality and black government sing “kill the whites”). Another perfect example of the brainwashing by black politicians.

    In war the murder and rape of children and women is considered “war crimes”. In south africa it is not even considered war.

    Wake up my white people and the middle class black people (and all peoples which are not black). Form a resistance against the brainwashed masses for once the whites are devoured they will go for the other colours then turn on their own colour which are not as poor as they are. There will always be someone to blame for their own misfortune and it will never end. The rest of africa speaks for itself.

  116. I work trough out Africa on oil installations. Every time a country got independence they forced the whites out then they turned on each other. I have Belgian friends who fled the Congo, French friends who fled their respective countries of birth in Africa. Having lived in Scotland from 2006 -2008 and traveled a few times through Europe and South America, I can say with confidence Africa has no hope and South Africa is integrating into a typical African country… September is my last month in this God forsaken Continent, I’ve had enough. Viva to the ANC bastards they with their lawless racist arrogance pushed out some one who brought in a lot of foreign money.

    Look at it this way First world countries are treating SA now like the rest of Africa. The last loan that Escom got was given under the conditions that the world bank will put out tenders for an independent organization to do the improvements to one of their power plants. In short the ANC owns a company that would have gotten the contract from Escom, but it’s now not Escoms dicision and now they and Escom are fighting over this issue… Why the F@ck does the ANC own a company that can get government contracts?

    If SA is so good why do we require a Schengen visa, British visa, and are even other African countries stricter on us than on EU countries… by the way this was not the case in the Apartheid era. Every year I need more visas for more countries as I travel a lot with my work, it sucks big time.

    Something else that I though of, the blacks are killing the blacks and the whites so they are victims themselves as they like to say them selves, but what about the whites who are we killing? We aren’t killing whites or blacks or causing the xenophobia attacks yet we are being killed? A few months ago me and 5 European guys working with me were discussing Africa, I asked them how many people did they know who was murdered. None of them knew any one that was murdered. Ask your self the question as a South African how many people did you know that was murdered.

    You whites who do not have the ability like me to immigrate to greener postures I do pry for you, cause I have family in this shit hole as well.

  117. SA Se Swart Illimunati

    Die wereld en Suid-Afrika is vinnig besig om op ‘n gesamentlike eindpunt af te speel. Regoor die wereld is die tekens van die geldmagte- Die Illuminati- nou meer sigbaar- – soos nou in Amerika wat op die voor-aand van ‘n moontlike burger-oorlog staan- asook Israel wat dreig om Iran aan te val- wat weer China en Rusland op die wereld se oorlogs-arena gaan plaas.

    In Suid-Afrika is dieselfde magte rampspoedig besig om ook die tans- regerende marionette in gereedheid te plaas vir dieselfde moontlike scenario soos wat hom tans in die res van die wereld afspeel. Dreigende burger-oorlog tussen blank en swart,- tussen Christen en Kommunis- tussen Ordinaris en Kapitalis is besig om momentum op te tel. Almal besef wat aan die gang is- almal besef waarnatoe die land se roer hom stuur- alhoewel almal die tekens van die tye gade slaan….maar tog subtiel verkies om dit te verswyg.

    Die volgelinge van Jabulon – aardse meesters van verdelging, skeppers van chaos- is besig om hulle bevele vinniger en sneller aan hulle onderdane deur te gee. Hogere Illuminati artiste vanaf die 33e graad Bavariaanse Vrye Messelaars is fel die wereld in gereedheid te bring vir algehele onderdanigheid en kontrole. Om hulle einddoel te bespoedig- is ‘n paar onvermydelike oorloe nodig om rebelle uit te wis wat teen die plan van hulle meester- Jabulon, seun van die lig Osirus- oftewel Baal/Satan staan. Ook in ons eie midde- is daar geheime skadu organisasies van Osirus aan die werk om ons te mislei agter heidinse gode en gebruike aan- om ons subtiel as Goyo…oftewel vee- te kan saamkraal as gemeenskaplike onderdane van die Illuminati. Dit gebeur so subtiel tussen ons dat ons dit nie eers moet agterkom nie.

    Om die rede moet Amerika totaal onder die NWO se Vrye Messelaars wat die bose skot- Albert Pike – daar begin het- val.So moet Iran- wat moontlik ‘n bedreiging in die olievelde mag wees- ook val…en so moet Suid-Afrika ook met sy reserwes- onder die NWO se bestuur val.Die plan- soos voorgeskryf deur die Duitse filosoof- Hagel- is reeds nou besig om sy gang te gaan. De-populasie van die wereld- veral die mansgeslag- is aan die orde van die dag. Daar moet ‘n konflik tussen regs en links wees. Uit die oorlog kom daar dan ‘n “nuwe” siening in die land- ‘n “nuwe” geslag en era word dan gebore.

    Op Tersiere vlak word die skoolkinders nou teen ‘n tempo gebreinspoel deur die Illuminati wat die kinders se onderbewussyne aanval met subtiele kriptiese boodskappe van onderdanigheid, trou, samesyn en gehoorsaamheid aan die “staat.” ‘n Nuwe geslag “Goyo” moet geskep word om aan die nuwe wereldheersers gehoorsaam te wees- en enkele persoonlike sienings, idiologiee en gelowe moet afgebreek- en weer opgebou word. Tersiere instellings moet nou Innisierings instellings word.Alle historiese name, plekke- en kultuur moet saamgevoeg word tot een nuwe nasie, kultuur, geloof…en onderdanigheid aan die “elite.”- wat saam met ander “elites” wereldwyd een leier- een god- Matreya- gehoorsaam sal wees.Om die rede is die Boerevolk ‘n kniehalter vir die swart “elite”- en word daar nou gereeld van “uitwissing” en “black revolution” gepraat uit publieke podiums af- en duistere geheime organisasies tussen die Boere geplant om hulle geloof te draai na keltiese gebruike en ander gode toe. Die “rebelle” moet uitgesif word van die ware nuwe “elite” gehoorsame geslag “boere” af.

    ‘n Mens kan dan nou verstaan hoekom die Boere moet geneutraliseer word- of andersins….uitgewis word. Die swart regime is juis daar geplaas- en Jacob Zuma deurgetrek – ondanks sy hope veroordelings- om juis die voleinding van die bose sirkel deur te sien- en die finale plan met die Boerevolk te voltrek. Die ANC soos hy vandag is- is vir alle praktiese redes die Swart Illuminati in Suid-Afrika. Hulle is die swart “elite”- die handjievol wat alles weet wat gaan gebeur- en moet toesien dat juis dit gebeur. Hierdie “Elite” kry alles wat hulle wil he- en is ook stinkryk- of word stinkryk gemaak oornag.Hierdie “elite”- is net ‘n hierargie wat beskore is vir uitgesoekte lede. Die “staat” bestaan dat uit “robotte”- staats amptenare wat hulle self vereenselwig en trou sweer aan die “elite”- en toesien dat die “staat” volgens die “elite” se denkwyse bestuur word. Om die rede moet net pro-“elite” persone in toesighoudende poste geplaas word.Hierdie “robotte” sweer nie trou aan die Suid-Afrikaanse publiek nie- maar hulle sweer trou aan die ANC “elite.”

    Terwyl die res van Suid-Afrika se reenboog nasie die “Nkosi Sikelele i’ Afrika sing- sing die ANC “elite” hulle eer toe aan die duistere magte van die Illuminati. Dieselfde marionette wat Suid-Afrika bestuur, Amerika bestuur, Engeland bestuur, ens- is almal lede van dieselfde koor- hulle ontvang hulle sangstukke van dieselfde regeerders af. Hulle is banger vir die Illuminati handteerders wat in die skadus hulle vooruitgang monitor- as vir publieke opinie. Publieke opinie kan op die ergste hulle uitstem,- maar wat die skadu-handteerders van die Illuminati wereldheersers aan hulle kan doen- is veel meer.

    Suid-Afrika- soos Amerika en Engeland…staan op die randjie van totale ineenstorting- om onmiddelik na kaputulasie- in die Illuminati se kontrole-program te val. Die ANC- Suid-Afrika se swart Illumntati- gaan toesien dat juis dit gebeur voor 2012- en daarom moet alle Boere en Christene wat waarlik Jesus volg- so gou moontlik vervolg en uitgeroei word. Die 2010 sokker fiasko is nie verniet met al sy “fanfare” en geld deur die Illuminati aan sy swart marionette “geskenk” nie. Daar is ‘n prys aan verbonde….SUID-AFRIKA! Hulle moet voltooi wat ‘n ander 33e graad Vrye Messelaar- ene Cecil John Rhodes…nie voltooi het nie….al meen dit ‘n wit uitwissing. Die Boere- volgens die NWO…is maar net weer-eens “Goyo.” Die priesters van Jabulon het gepraat.

    Boerevolk- dis tyd om wakker te word- ons Verlosser se koms is naby- maar ook so die groot vervolging. Is julle gereed?

  118. jip jy is reg, die sop gaan spat en die einde is naby… die wat dit nie kan sien nie is blind gemaak agv properganda wat die wereld in gestuur word. my volk draai terug na God en begin leer om weer saam te staan, sodra n handjie vol van ons mese iets wil doen oor hoe dinge in die land gaan is dit hulle eie mense wat hulle. planne in die wielle ry…. julle gaan die hardste huil as julle vrouens en kinders. die mag van die sward hand gaan voel… ek se staan saam en begin om iets te doen…. julle kan begin deur vir die DA te stem!! en ja ek glo vas dat ET se dood beplan was. maar die volk is te bang om iets te doen hulle wil maar net sit en wag en kyk wat gebeur…. dis al lankal oorlog mense julle is net te STUPID om dit te sien!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  119. This was hugely entertaining, guys. Sometimes one just has to see how truly mad your neighbour is in order to appreciate the stability and contentment in your own life. In all seriousness though, I cannot believe that people can be this ignorant, hateful and simple-minded. Don’t get me wrong, I am fully aware of the horrible violence that rages in our country, and I am in the process of emigration because I choose not to be exposed to it any further. However, if you really believe that there’s a plot against Afrikaners then you’re wildly delusional. Just because a schizophrenic old oom smoked some funky tabacco after reading the old testament does not mean that anybody has to believe the crap he wrote. No wonder so many people of Afrikaans decent are so embarrassed about their heritage (and that includes yours truly). The ”Afrikaner volk” is widely percieved to be of, shall we say, below average intelligence (or just plain dom) because of this type of idiotic self-obsessed vitriol that you’re spewing. Oh how I look forward to being free of this horrible, narrow-minded little community once I leave SA. In fact, I would be far more positive about staying in SA if all the ”Afrikaners” (not Afrikaans-speakers, mind you – the mad lot of racists who actually think that Apartheid was acceptable) would have the decency to leave 😀 Alas, that is very unlikely and it seems the nation is stuck with them. I’ll never be ashamed of being a South African, and even when I make the move I will keep property here and continue to invest in the country, but to admit that I’m of Afrikaner descent? Horrible. Luckily I am from an enlightened family and though we speak the language, it does not form the way we treat other people or the impact we have on society. I think I shall leave you to your mad musings – it most certainly cannot make you feel good – and continue my research on the actual ”Night of the Long Knives” which was a huge turning point in the progress of Nazi politics in 1930’s Germany. Go and look it up, you will certainly learn more from history and the eventual effect hatred, racism and ignorance had on the world (as well as the fate of the hateful, ignorant racists who perpetrated these acts) than you will from encouraging your delusions on this website. Peace out pallies! (Oh and I was there before 1994, so don’t even go there).

  120. I love that!

    ‘a schizophrenic old oom smoked some funky tabacco after reading the old testament’

    Nicely put. Although it’s a pity you’re leaving…

  121. Ek kan nie glooo jule glo in die POT HOND KAK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Bulshit wat n end moet kry Asb !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  122. DIS NIE K@K, JY VERSTAAN NET NIE, DIE WERELD MOET VERANDER BEGIN BY DIE EKONOMIE, VAT WEG DIE KAPITALISTIES MENTALITEIT VAN EIEGEREGTIGHEID. LEES KROPOTSKIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    You can’t want what we’ve given you and expect us to leave.

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    You on the other hand are more than likely a socialist terrrorist wannabe who has no right even discussing civilised matters with us humans.

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  144. Actually – I’m sure you’ll find that Mandela was jailed for terrorism. you know, organising bombings that killed tons of innocent people. Organising attacks on rival black political parties (thats where the use of pangas and necklacing came about as well.). He was jailed for breaking the laws of South Africa and for being a murderer.

    Sure when he came out things could have been different but as a Christian I do take offence that you would dare to equate Mandela with the Lord Jesus Christ, King of Kings, Lord of Lords, the Word and our Saviour. Mandela is a man and you worship him? Pathetic!

  145. This coming from a kaffir who is probably an ANC cadre, rapist, murderer, thief and who was probably educated in Limpopo… Keep thinking that you’re special buddy and stop stealing my fucking tax money.

  146. Ja; die keuse is altyd tussen persoonlike verantwoordbaarheid of oorgawe aan die kollektiewe breinloosheid wat in verskeie gedaantes na jou toe kom: kommunisme, Afrika neo-sosialisme ens.

    If you feed the black / white hatred, you are only a puppet of that faceless diabolic energy that incessantly wants to deprive you of the option to make your own decisions for a nobler life. In South Africa the violence and destruction is perhaps just more visible; in the US you might have the same enemy in the form of high tech porn on computer screens, or in Europe it might be the preoccupation with group identities and conformism.

    The saying goes: you can’t keep a good man down.

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