I really get annoyed with companies like SAA, Woolworths and places like that, and so do many others. Mostly people think nothing can be done about this but I think something can be done about this. What am i talking about? RACISM.

I think there should be a law when it comes to BEE, if 75% of all people must be black at the workplace that means 25% should be white, coloured or indian or not black then that means there should be a ratio of roughly 1/10 white.

What i’m saying is that if companies like Woolworths are so bent on only employing black people then we maybe shouldnt use our money at those places unless the cashier is white to attend to the 10%, 7% or whatever the real percentage is.

Basically what this means, if i’m walking in to a shop and there are 10 cashiers, i’m gonna use the white one or you going to not get my money.

Sounds racist? Well if it is, that is because our entire government and rule is racist.

If i’m too white for your job, then i’m too white for you to get my money as well.

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