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Codex Gigas

The Codex Gigas is a massive bible or book rather, it comes from the 13th century and the name literally means Giant Codex or Giant Book. Its not only a big book by itself but its the biggest medieval manuscript or book in the world. The book is also known as the Devil’s bible and its not what most people think it is. Mention the “devil’s bible” and people almost want to burn it. The name however comes from a massive image on one of the pages depicting the devil.  Creepy enough the bible also comes from the Benedictine monastery of Podlazice in Bohemia. Today Bohemia is known as the Czech Republic.

The text of the bible is Vulgate written in Latin.

The massive codex has a wooden cover and a leather surrounding. The length of the bible is almost 1 meter long (92cm by 50cm) and a half a meter wide. It weights a massive 74.8kg, as much as a small adult. It contains 310 leaves made from donkey skins. Some pages are lost.

As mentioned earlier the bible is the text of the Vulgate and it does not contain Acts or the book of Revelation.

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Codex Sangallensis

Codex Sangallensis is a collection of medievil era manuscripts or books currently housed at Abbey Library of Saint Gall in St. Gallen, a old city in Switzerland.

Interesting to note in the book:

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Obama is a freemason

Obama, yes Barack Obama is one of the most famous members of the Prince Hall Masons and he is also not only a freemason, he is a 32nd degree freemason. Barack Hussein Obama attended the Scottish Rite Masonic Center in…

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