The Rand makes the most traded currrencies in the world list

The rand is one of the most traded forex currencies in the world. Surprisingly it ranks number 18 in the most traded currencies worldwide. Forex trading is a multi trillion dollar industry.


# Currency Country Share of trade (%)
1 US Dollar USA 87.0
2 Euro Europe 33.4
3 Yen Japan 23.0
4 British Pound Great Britain 11.8
5 Aus Dollar Australia 8.6
6 Franc Switzerland 5.2
7 Canadian Dollar Canada 4.6
8 Mexican Peso Mexico 2.5
9 Yuan China 2.2
10 NZ Dollar New Zealand 2.0
11 Krona Sweden 1.8
12 Rouble Russia 1.6
13 HK Dollar Hong Kong 1.4
14 Krone Norway 1.4
15 Singapore Dollar Singapore 1.4
16 Lira Turkey 1.3
17 Won Korea 1.2
18 Rand South Africa 1.1
19 Real Brazil 1.1
20 Rupee India 1.0
Others 6.4

Snow in Helderberg and Table Mountain

Snow fell in Cape Town, especially on Table Mountain and Helderberg Mountains. The entire N2 is blocked due to flooding and its freezing cold outside. Sure is winter.

Lourensford river is almost at the level of flooding. This morning the traffic was absolutely horrible. Check out these photos of the snow on the Helderberg and Hottentots Holland mountains.



Is South African blogging dead

There is no better way to say it but the blogging phase in South Africa is finished. I knew a lot of bloggers, a lot of bloggers but now I only know a few that is left. Heck, there are thousands of bloggers in South Africa but not like a few years ago. Today’s bloggers blog for the sake of business, not hardcore blogging like it used to be.

Amatomu, Afrigator and other similar sites are all dead and the internet sounds like a cabin cricket lost in the woods.

How many people do you know that still blogs in South Africa? Probably only a handful.


Mandela in Hospital once again for apparent check up, are they lying again?

Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, well then you are probably the ANC. They are now saying that Nelson Mandela is in hospital again for a check up. Just a few weeks ago they also said he was in hospital for a check up but he was near death.

I think he is getting way to old and obviously when you are that old you are only dying, day by day death is closer. So, Are they lying once again? Is Mandela on the brink of death?

What is the big fuss anyway? I think its because either there’s truth to the Uhuru story that so many people conspired for years about, or its a self fulfilled prophecy in the making.

Something weird is definitely up, why not just say he is busy dying?

A Government that fails to protect a minority, welcome to South Africa

If you read the news you will see that a quote was made by Henke Pistorius, Oscor Pistorius’s father. Now I dont follow the whole shooting thing and it was sad. However, now its starting to get interesting because Henke Pistorius said the following:

“Some of the guns are for hunting and some are for protection, the handguns. It speaks to the ANC government, look at white crime levels, why protection is so poor in this country, it’s an aspect of our society,”

Now we could of said he was looking for some gravity to his son’s court case but this statement is absolutely true.

The ANC government fails to protect white people and not only so, they are very against the white minority here in South Africa.

Guess what their reply was. Yep, they used the good old race card, the same one used when they have no foot to stand on and evidence is building up against them like a mountain.

If anyone is to blame for the shootings in South Africa, especially where innocent people are murdered or shot, it must be the ANC for creating such a violent, hateful society.

Braai time


I’ve had this blog now for 7 years, maybe 8. It started with me testing keywords originally, hence the loads of crap. Then I tried to be a voice for those that didnt know how to raise their own. Now after all this time I’m taking back my blog for my voice. Please follow me as I write about things I find interesting.

Graduate tax coming soon, study to pay your ….debt?

If someone told me a graduate tax was coming to South Africa when I was 20 i’d say they are confused. That was 13 years ago. Now the ANC, if you can at all believe it wants to tax graduates.

Yes. The unbelievable has happened, If you want to graduate you would soon not only pay your learning fees but also a nice sum of fat tax money so the ANC can line their pockets even further.

How about that.

The current delegates at the education and health commission thought the idea out that , graduates must be punished and taxed.

So study hard kids because when you graduate and get that nice reality slap of graduation tax.

must be given to a graduate tax for all graduates from higher education institutions”.

Elder scrolls online set to launch soon – 2013

Sweet. Soon we will be slicing away sweetrolls and dragons while fighting factions and claiming spots as Jarls as the Elder scrolls online just went into beta. Well almost.

If you check online you will see that you can now register to maybe get access to the the Elder scrolls online, the soon to be released online version of the Elder scrolls.

The graphics at the screenshots section looks a bit round. Unlike the crystal clear display of the usual Skyrim,  i hope not this is how the game would look like.

Reminds me a bit of Battlefield Vietnam for some reason, although for the time when BF Vietnam came out it was one brilliant game and I loved it.

The Elder scrolls online is coming closer, just Friday they released a new video and it looks amazing.

Especially the part of the stone blocks falling.

Check it out :

Milnerton Rentals

Why is it that all the flats in Milnerton are either taken or too expensive to rent. Milnerton is in serious need of places to live and rent, in central Milnerton. The places are so expensive and rare its shocking. Its like everyone decided to move to the area.

There is a few “rentals” but these are mostly wooden shacks where you pay R3500 a month for a bit more than a garden shed.

Oh and dont dare to have children, then you are welcome no where even if you have a bit of cash.


So. The Samsung Tab 2 – 7 inch – battery life.

What a great phone. Although i hate Samsung’s greed by not including a default or just a clear piece of plastic over the phone when you buy it, the phone itself is brilliant.

One thing I find totally great is that the Samsung Tab2’s battery lasts for hours longer than i expected.

Batter life is very long especially if you download some power saving apps from Play store. I used the tab for 8 hours solid and still had 30% power left.


Samsung’s unprotected screen is single most annoying product error i have ever found

For years Samsung made phones with screen protectors out of the shop, you know the screen guard that you now have to buy because they are too useless to put one of the new tablets. Oh but hang on they do put a screen guard on, joke is THEY PRINTED ALL OVER IT.

So after opening your Samsung Tablet you now have to go back to the store, pay some more cash for a overpriced piece of plastic because the company that made the phone, ohhh no they cant even get that part right.