Dion sucks

Dion in Somerset Mall sucks. I dont care if you have you have manager discretion and all that but when a shop tells you to go get a better quote and they’ll beat it and when you actually get a better quote that beats their price and they suddenly change their mind, well frankly that just sucks.

So I had a really long day at work and on my way home I though hey, lets buy a phone because obviously I really needed an overpriced Samsung galaxy tab 2.

So here is what happened. I go to Dion in Somerset Mall, ask them how much for a Samsung’s disfunctionally named phone and they say oh, just about R5000 and something. Then the woman tells me , hey, go get a better quote and we’ll beat this one. Must be a Dion worker’s joke they play on their overtired customers.

So I go to the other side of the mall, speak to some overly tired Vodacom worker who gives me a quote in no time at all. With 5 minutes before the shops close I get myself in Dion just for the lady to then look at the quote like a dead lepper’s underpants.

First of all she disses the name of the poorly named phone. Then she goes even further and tells me that ‘Oh, let meeee phone Vodacom and see if they have this in stock’. Otherwise, no you have to go home and look at pictures of phones because if they no have this in stock, you no get phone. Stuff you with greetings from Dion.

So thanks for making myself with no pills run through the mall to get your stupid overpriced phone. Stuff you.

Tomorrow you’ll probably see me in one of those funny clips of a steaming guy that throws random stuff around the shop. That, by the way was an accident.


A blog about minimalism

This website has been a blog, a news site and even at some point a porn site. Now it is my blog ( if you find anything offensive please report it so i can remove it).

I will attempt to blog about minimalism and the way I live minimalistic. I dont follow the own 100 things, I dont count my things but I do try to keep that which is important in my life and remove that which does not benefit.

If you love minimalism then follow this blog.

Cape Epic ends Sunday at Lourensford in Somerset West

The 2010 Absa Cape Epic will come to a end on Sunday in Lourensford. There will be bands including Watershed that will perform at Lourensford Wine Estate as the first cyclists come in from their long journey.

When they cross the finish line they would have completed a 800km offroad terrain.

The Absa Cape Epic usually finishes in Somerset West at Lourensford at the heart of Helderberg around 50km’s from Cape Town.

Nature in Somerset West at Radloff Park

Radloff Park in Somerset West was usually a safe place to walk around and take the dogs for a walk but it seems that its to dangerous now to even to that. I got this photo driving around in Somerset West. The park was empty. Usually a few years ago even in the rain there were people but now its empty. There are loads of people here in the summer doing sport and taking their dogs for a walk but not in the winter. To cold and being alone in the park is to dangerous as I said.

There used to be a skateboard ramp here but that has moved closer to the road and petrol station. The name used to be “the ramp” and a local hang out spot for us long ago.

The oldest church in Stellenbosch

This is the oldest church in Stellenbosch. The writing on the wall of the church says: This church strands on the portion of the braak granted to the Anglican Church in 1851. It was built and occupied in 1852 but only consecrated by bishop Gray on 18 October 1854. It was built b W. Martin and William Shrugg of Cape Town. The building was later enlarged. The first minister was the rev Frederic Carlyon.

History bits: Somerset West

Somerset West was initially bought from local tribes and a cattle post was established here by Dutch soldiers in 1672.

A town developed around the Lourens River (originally “Tweederivier”) and the farm of Vergelegen (Dutch: “remotely situated”), an 18th century farmhouse built in the historic Cape Dutch style by Willem Adriaan van der Stel, governor of the Cape and son of Simon van der Stel, who gave his name to the nearby town of Stellenbosch. Willem Adriaan was later sent back to Holland after being charged with corruption and cruelty towards local farmers. The farm is now owned by a subsidiary of the large mining company Anglo American, who have restored the farmhouse to its original magnificence and continue to produce some of South Africa’s best wines there. The farm is open to tourists.

The town was named Somerset after an English governor of the Cape Colony during the 1800s, Lord Charles Henry Somerset, with the suffix ‘West’ being added after 1825 to differentiate it from Somerset East, another South African town in the Eastern Cape. In the 1830s, Sir Lowry’s Pass, named after later governor Sir Lowry Cole, was constructed to link the town with outposts further east over the Hottentots-Holland mountains.

In the 1960s, the AECI factory between Somerset West and Strand was the second largest dynamite factory in the world. Today the town boasts the largest concentration of millionaire residents in the country