What a view of Chapman's peak

What a great view of Chapman’s Peak. A recent rockfall could mean higher rates to take the famous tourist drives, a controversial building being built but this route still remains one of Cape Town’s most scenic routes. Controversial, dangerous or expensive it still remains one of Cape Town’s treasures.

Strand beach skyscrapers

Did you know that according to some ( because only some people claim this is true) the skyscrapers on Strand Beach is actually changing the wind. That causes the tides to change and gives the reason for stronger tides in the last couple of years in the Strand area.

Do you think this theory is true?

Massive waves in Kleinmond

On a calm day the Kleinmond shoreline might look safe but underneath the water lies a hidden danger many bathers are not aware of…. Tides. Kleinmond has some of the most dangerous tides we can find in the Cape Town area (ok technically Kleinmond is part of the overberg ).

On a rough day though the sea’s danger is obvious, massive waves smash against the sandy beach, sometimes catching unsuspected bathers.

Calm Hout Bay sea

It might look calm but it is Hout Bay seas that sank the MIROSHGA charter yacht this weekend. Calms sees and one of the most beautiful views of Hout Bay but also a reminder that in this ocean of ours is a lot of trouble.

Welcome to China Town

China Town is located in Parow, a massive mall with loads of Chinese goods that arent quite that expensive. Chinese brands are usually frowned upon but where else can you buy solar panels for under R100?